The Secret To Selling On Instagram Without Spending A Dime?

Here’s how you can sell on Instagram without ever having to spend a single dime.

  1. No links make it harder to sell on Instagram.
  2. Sell directly through posts with a shoppable Instagram.
  3. Add a CTA in your Instagram bio that links to an Instagram landing page.
  4. Post behind-the-scenes content with Instagram Stories.

How do you maximize sales on Instagram?

How to Increase Sales and Make Money With Instagram

  1. Post regularly. Feast or famine won’t keep your fans interested in your content.
  2. Use creative, relevant hashtags.
  3. Don’t just use hashtags.
  4. Find your Instagram “voice.” In business blogging, it was all about developing a brand voice.
  5. Include a clear call to action.

How do you sell on Instagram 2021?

Summary: How to Sell on Instagram in 2021

  1. Optimize your profile and Instagram bio for sales.
  2. Use Instagram ads to reach your target audience.
  3. Start selling through Instagram Stories Ads.
  4. Create Instagram Stories with product links.
  5. Build a shoppable Instagram feed to encourage purchases.

How much do Instagram sellers make?

Influencers with a million followers can earn somewhere around $670 per post, the search marketing website says. A content creator on Instagram with 100,000 followers can earn about $200 per post, while someone with 10,000 followers can make about $88 per post.

Does Instagram take a percentage of sales?

According to their Business Help Center, the selling fee is 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less. And Instagram Checkout can also mean brands lose out on valuable customer data (such as emails) as all communications are handled by Instagram rather than the brand directly.

How do you attract customers to buy your product?

Here are 10 tried-and-true tips to help you attract more customers.

  1. Offer new customers discounts and promotions.
  2. Ask for referrals.
  3. Recontact old customers.
  4. Network.
  5. Update your website.
  6. Partner with complementary businesses.
  7. Promote your expertise.
  8. Take advantage of online ratings and review sites.

How do you attract customers to buy things on Instagram?

How do I get real followers on Instagram in 2020?

  1. Fill out your Instagram bio.
  2. Find your audience through hashtags.
  3. Connect with potential customers.
  4. Post relevant and engaging content.
  5. Publish consistently.
  6. Start a conversation with your followers.
  7. Use Instagram Live.

How do Beginners sell on Instagram?

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Sell on Instagram

  1. Use Shoppable Posts. A big mistake that a lot of beginners make is trying to put links in the description of their photos.
  2. Don’t Slack on the Photo.
  3. Develop a Signature Look.
  4. Use the Right Hashtags.
  5. Create Partnerships with Influencers.
  6. Interact with Your Followers.

How can I sell on Instagram without a website?

But you can still create a simple process without a website. One way to do it is by adding an online order form to your Instagram bio. You can quickly create one using a tool like Getform. You’ll be able to customize the form and link to it right from your Instagram bio.

Is selling on Instagram free?

With no associated cost to sell online with Instagram, it’s a free marketing tool that can be used to expand your reach. And with over 1 billion users, why wait to set up your Instagram shopping page. Let’s read through a few beginner questions and make sure you sign up for your free Ecwid E-commerce store at the end!

How do I accept payment on Instagram?

Instagram now lets you store payment info and buy products directly in the app. The payment feature appears under Settings in the app, with an option to add debit or credit card information, track previous payments and set a pin for extra security.

How much does Insta pay for 1m followers?

Mega-influencers (more than one million followers) make US$15,356 (Rs 11.4 lac approx.) per month. Still, among holders of accounts with between 1K and 10K followers, only 22.99 percent report making money, compared to 68.75 percent of accounts with 500K to one million followers.

How do 1K followers on Instagram make money?

That would be creating sponsored content for brands. Many brands will only offer you free products. But, some companies will pay $10 per 1,000 followers, while others pay over $800 per 1,000 followers. You can maximize the money you make when you publish sponsored photos.

Does Instagram charge for shop?

Is Instagram Shop free? Yes, Instagram Shopping is completely free to use. All you need to get started is a Facebook business page and an Instagram business profile (both of which are free) and connect the two.

Where can I promote my Instagram page?

13 Ways to promote your Instagram Page

  1. Ramp up your content production.
  2. Cross-promote your Instagram posts across other networks.
  3. Focus on people-centric content.
  4. Experiment with branded and industry hashtags.
  5. Tag brands, followers and locations whenever you can.
  6. Publish Instagram content on-site.

How can I increase my followers in Instagram?

10 Ways to increase Instagram followers

  1. Optimize your Instagram account.
  2. Keep a consistent content calendar.
  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance.
  4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content.
  5. Avoid fake Instagram followers.
  6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere.
  7. Post content followers want.
  8. Get the conversation started.

The Secret to Selling on Instagram Without Spending Money

-Selling using Direct Messages:If you’re not ready to commit to a website, consider selling through Direct Messages instead. Your feed will function as a product catalog, with followers able to shop and explore through it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instruct them to contact you via Direct Messages in order to complete the deal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2- Selling in the comments section: There is a somewhat easier way to sell on Instagram without having a website – CommentSold, which automates the process of selling through Instagram comments.

As a result, the app creates an order in the system and takes customers to the checkout page, where they may pay with a credit card or through PayPal.

Some of them will provide you with data not just for how popular individual posts are, but also for how many people found your posts through the use of specific hashtags, which is useful information.

  • On Instagram, you may define and reveal the essential product details
  • All you need is right there. You should always tag up to 5 goods in a single post
  • The products that have been tagged will be displayed in the Shop page of your profile, unless otherwise stated. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Despite the fact that this isn’t necessarily breaking news, there is no official following requirement for selling on Instagram. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A description of the company’s operations ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Completed bio and contact information
  • Having a good-looking profile photo is important. a number of high-quality contributions
  • A slew of hashtags that are relevant. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Have you checked off everything on the previous list? It’s time to make a public announcement about your new page on your personal profile and urge your friends to spread the word about your new Instagram business. Done? Maintain your presence on social media, connect with your fans in meaningful dialogues, and educate them on how to properly utilize your goods. If you want to target your own corporate branding while also taking care of your Facebook ads without losing money, this is the course for you!

Take it one step at a time, and guess what happens?


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Reader Interactions

Comment Selling has swiftly risen to become one of the most popular methods of purchasing and selling things on the internet. Customers who shop on Soldsie or Comment Sold (a Soldsie rival) get access to clothing, electronics, toys, and a variety of other items in a timely and convenient manner. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of comment selling, let me to explain it a bit further before moving on to the greatest ways to make money on Instagram.

What Is Comment Selling?

Customers purchase advertised things on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram by posting “SOLD” in the comment area of a post, which is known as comment selling. Consider the following scenario: you’re browsing through posts made by a local dealer when a jacket captures your attention. By just entering in “SOLD,” along with a possible size or color description, an invoice is generated and delivered to you if you choose to proceed with the purchase.

Clients will not be required to leave your website or disrupt their buying experience because it is quick and easy. This is when the charactersSoldsie andComment Sold come in to play. Please click here!

What is Soldsie and Comment Sold?

These are relatively new applications that allow for the sale of comments in order to make revenue while also facilitating transactions between sellers and buyers. Simply download the app and link it to your Facebook or Instagram accounts, as well as your PayPal account, and you’re good to go. From there, you can use the simple interface to manage your inventory, set prices for items, and schedule delivery schedules for your orders. If you include the term “SOLD” in your comment sections, Soldsie and Comment Sold will automatically generate an invoice for you and send it to the client using the information on their account.

Do It Without Ads

Unless we are determined to selling our goods without incurring any financial obligation, we must do it without the use of Instagram advertisements. Despite the fact that they are beneficial, they will cost you anything from 20 cents to $2 every click. If you’re just starting out and selling shoes out of your garage, this may seem entirely unreasonable for your situation. You’re almost certainly going to go bankrupt before you sell even one pair of flats. As a result, we must devise a strategy for spreading the word about our product in a variety of methods.

Selling For Free Equals All Profits

Besides using comments to sell, here are a few other techniques to increase sales without spending a single penny: – Incorporate a personality into your brand-Consumers are more inclined to conduct business with you if they can associate a face, or a personality, with your company or product. Allow a little bit of your personality to peek through in your descriptions. You will also look less robotic and profit-driven as a result of this, which will increase your reputation for trustworthiness.

  1. When it comes to creating short, temporary content for your Instagram account, tales are a terrific option.
  2. Increasing client engagement is made possible as a result of this.
  3. Incorporating a powerful “Call To Action” into your Instagram article can move potential consumers from a state of casual curiosity to the point of “add to cart” without them even realizing what they’ve done.
  4. Search for and include popular hashtags into your posts by researching which ones are currently trending.
  5. Carry out your study.
  6. With these tools and strategies in mind, you should be well on your way to generating good sales without incurring any more costs to yourself.

The retail world is rapidly evolving, and it is critical that you stay up with the times. The practice of selling has become the norm; take advantage of it and see where it takes you! For further information, please see:

5 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram Without Spending a Dime

When it comes to running a business on Instagram, and you’re looking to discover how to improve sales without spending a dollar on Instagram advertisements or influencer marketing, this piece is for you. Now, this essay is not intended to be a criticism of running Instagram advertisements or paying influencers to promote your products or services on their pages, nor is it intended to be. To be completely honest with you, if you have the financial means, I would recommend that you invest in running Instagram advertisements or paying influencers to promote your product or service.

This essay is mostly intended for company owners who may not have the financial resources to spend on advertising their products or services since they are either just starting out or have not generated enough revenue to justify spending money on advertisements of any type.

Hashtag Marketing

As a company owner, the ability to attract the attention of your target audience is essential if you want to generate sales via Instagram. Getting people’s attention is essential. Getting the attention of potential consumers increases the likelihood of converting them into paying clients. Hashtags are one of the most effective methods of capturing the attention of your target audience in an organic and unexpected manner. With the use of hashtags, you may boost your exposure on Instagram. It is one marketing method that may assist you in announcing your existence to those who are unaware of your existence.

  1. It follows from this that if you do not include a hashtag in any of your posts, only those who are already following your page will be able to view your post.
  2. The objective of hashtags is to make content more discoverable.
  3. In order to get the benefits of hashtag marketing, you must select hashtags that are popular among your target audience members.
  4. If you are a shoe retailer, you should avoid utilizing the 30bg font.
  5. Certainly, they are hot hashtags, but they aren’t trending hashtags in your particular industry.
  6. If you are unfamiliar with the process of performing hashtag research, you should seek the assistance of an Instagram specialist.
  7. Instagram may take action against your page if you use hashtags like these.

Your hashtags must be relevant to the content of your post. Most importantly, never use the same hashtags on several posts at the same time to prevent getting shadowbanned. Ideally, you should have three sets of hashtags that are related to your post.


Not only is content king for SEO, but it is also king for Instagram marketing, according to the platform. It has come to my attention as an expert in Instagram marketing that those who just publish promotional content on their page don’t necessarily generate the greatest sales. The reality is that consumers are bored of seeing the same type of information over and over again. To be honest, the best they can hope for is a “like” button or a comment stating that the product is wonderful. Instagram is a social media medium, not a venue for trade shows.

  1. It is essential that you have a healthy mix of information on your page if you want people to find you and follow you quickly.
  2. Using this ratio, you may determine the type of material you should be putting on your page in order to generate sales leads.
  3. I’ve been using the above recipe for years and have never strayed from it.
  4. No matter what you are offering, there is always a method to educate your target audience about your product or service.

Be Actively Engaging

One approach that I do to win over my followers and convert them into paying customers is described below. Three times a week, I set aside 30 minutes to respond to the postings of my followers on social media. Why? There are other accounts that have just followed me because I have followed them in response. Because of the massive distraction on their feed, some people who followed me have forgotten that they are even following me. So here’s what I do: as soon as I go onto Instagram, I immediately begin commenting on every post that I come across.

  • Leave a comment and go on to the next.
  • My remarks are not limited to the following phrases: “this is wonderful,” “great post,” and “congratulations.” I accidentally drop something that someone will read and I want to find out who it is that dropped it.
  • As a result, what happened?
  • How?
  • They even went so far as to engage with my postings as a result of my engagement with theirs.
  • It is the same level of awareness that you desire that motivates you to run advertisements.
  • Why are you doing this?

Instead of simply following them, you were actively participating in their postings. I just revealed with you one of the most effective sales strategies. They will put this method into action on their page in order to observe positive outcomes firsthand. Let’s take it a step farther.

Instagram Story

Did you realize that Instagram Stories have a higher reach than regular Instagram posts? Yes, it is correct. With your story, you may quickly convert followers into paying consumers. Types of Instagram Stories that are most likely to sell;

  • Introducing a New Product or Service: If you are introducing a new product or service, you can easily utilize your narrative to increase sales. Because you are already aware that Instagram stories only endure for 24 hours, you will advertise your offer with a price that will increase to three times the current price when the story is removed from the platform. This will make your offer appealing since consumers would want to take advantage of the low price in order to avoid missing out on the deal. What is the question and how do you answer it? This one has proven to be successful for my clients several times. Simply post a question about your tale and guarantee that the first person to respond correctly will either win a reward or be entitled to an additional 30 percent discount on a certain product. It is an effective method of infusing a personal touch into your brand. People will be able to join in your tale by engaging with it, and this will increase the likelihood that your story will appear on the explore page. Reduced Offers: Similar to a product launch, you can use your story to announce a discount that will only be available for a limited time period (for example, 24 hours). It might be a Valentine’s Day promotion, a Christmas promotion, or a Black Friday promotion. This will create a sense of urgency in the minds of your followers, and they will be thirsty to take advantage of the offer in order to avoid missing out
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These are the three methods I employ to sell and generate revenue using Instagram stories.

Engagement Group

The term “pod group” refers to an engagement group in another context. Using engagement groups to boost sales for your company is a great idea. For those who are unfamiliar with the term “engagement group” or “pod,” it refers to a group in which members like and comment on each other’s posts in order to increase the reach of the post. The more engagement a post receives on Instagram, the further it travels and the more likely it is to appear on the Explore page. The majority of people join pod groups for this very reason.

  • I’ve already provided an answer to the question.
  • As engagement grows, so does reach, and this allows your post to reach a wider audience as a result.
  • When your post receives the most engagement for a specific hashtag, that post is automatically promoted to the top of the hashtag list for that hashtag.
  • Do you see where I’m going with this?
  • In order to broaden the audience for any of my services, I take advantage of the pod group to which I belong in order to maximize the reach of the post.
  • These are the five most cost-effective ways to increase sales for your company on Instagram without spending a dime.
  • Don’t just think you will immediately get the result as soon as you try any of the strategies.
  • You will need to stay consistent with them to get your desired results.
  • You are free to drop your questions if you have any via the comment section below.

9 Ways to Sell on Instagram for Free

It is possible to sell on Instagram and make a substantial amount of money without investing any money. In case you missed it, here are ten other methods to obtain it. You searched on Google for “how to sell on Instagram for free” and ended up on this page, correct? Congratulations on your accomplishment! You’re going to discover nine different methods to generate a lot of money on this social media network without paying a single penny. Since the introduction of various ecommerce services, such as Instagram Live Shopping and Instagram Guides, selling on Instagram has been quite popular.

In order to improve sales for your ecommerce business, you should use Instagram to promote whatever it is that you’re offering. Are you looking forward to learning something new? Let’s not squander any more time.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Business Profile

Prior to anything else, you should set up an Instagram business profile and optimize it to the greatest extent feasible for success. It is quite important. Why? Because more and more people are using Instagram to look for brands, sales, product reviews, and suggestions, rather than Google, as a source of information.

  • The hashtag #flashsales has been used in over 145k entries. 10 million or more posts with the hashtagdiscount
  • 39 million or more posts with the hashtaggiveaway

These stats are not deceptive. Another reason is that, as compared to a regular Instagram profile, an Instagram business profile provides a slew of additional features and tools that may be used to build your brand. For example, Instagram Shopping, Instagram Ads, Instagram Guides, Instagram Reels Shopping, and Instagram Insights are all popular features on the platform. Tips for developing a successful Instagram company presence that attracts customers:

  • Make use of an Instagram profile photo that is associated with your company. It should be the same photo you’ve used for your other social media pages on other sites. This will aid in the strengthening of your brand’s presence. Choose a username for your Instagram account that is short, identifiable, and easy to remember
  • Include a brief description of your company (no more than 150 characters) in your application. Explain who you are, what you’re giving, and what distinguishes you from the competition. Including an enticing call to action can encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as “buy now” or “download a free Christmas gift guide.” Make sure your call-to-action link is as effective as possible. Make use of trackable link generators such as Bitly to direct them to your store or a promotion landing page. If you want to include a hyperlink on your Instagram page, this is the only option
  • Be sure you use it. Instagram Stories Highlights are a great way to highlight content and offers.

Take a look at the following Instagram business profile forSkirt Society: What the Skirt Society accomplishes really well:

  • Use the same name for your username (@skirtsociety) and your company name (Skirt Society)
  • And Emphasize the advantages of their items, such as “modest, classic, and reasonably priced XS-3X”
  • Display a tempting offer, such as “free delivery on purchases $150 or more” for clients in the United States. “Shop now, wear now, and pay later with @afterpayusa,” for example, would be an effective call to action. Instagram Story highlights are a great way to display new arrivals, customers wearing their items (lovelies), shoutouts, restocks, small business Saturdays, blog entries, and reviews.

See? Skirt Society’s Instagram profile is all about their consumers or what they may expect to receive as a result of doing business with the firm.

2. Set up Instagram Shopping to Sell Products

Instagram Shopping enables you to establish a shoppable Instagram feed as well as a digitized, shared product catalog directly on Instagram, without leaving the app. People can discover more about your items and purchase them immediately from the app (with Instagram Checkout) or they can click through to finish the order on your ecommerce site with the help of Instagram Shopping. Source:@apostolicclothing The following are the main characteristics of Instagram Shopping:

  • Create an Instagram Shop to serve as a personalized digital showroom for your products. Product detail pages show specific information about your product. Product collections are collections of items that have been organized into a certain category. With shopping tags, you can easily include goods from your catalog in your Snapchat stories or Instagram posts. When your consumers use Instagram Checkout, they can finish their transaction without ever leaving the app. For the time being, this function is only available in the United States.

@camillerosenaturals has provided an amazing example. Several of their Instagram images have a shopping bag symbol marked in the upper right corner, indicating that they are for sale. When you tap on the product that has been tagged, you will see additional product data such as: To be eligible for Instagram Shopping, your company must first confirm that the following items are checked:

  • You have a company Instagram account that is active
  • You have an ecommerce website (Shopify, BigCommerce, or another similar platform)
  • A connection is established between your Instagram profile and a Facebook page. You are in the business of selling tangible things that are eligible. You abide by the terms of Instagram’s merchant agreement and business policies.

3. Create Instagram Stories Shopping

Instagram Stories allows you to connect with your followers on a more intimate and informal level than you would otherwise be able to. It provides you with a significant chance to establish trust and improve engagement in a short period of time. Instagram Stories are featured prominently in Mention’s2020 Instagram Engagement Report, which includes several intriguing statistics. Here are only a few examples:

  • Sixty-eight percent of Instagram users check their personal stories many times a day
  • Users spend 19 percent of their time watching Stories from beginning to end. 26 percent of people who watch personal Instagram Stories remark on them or share them with their friends. Users have’swiped up’ on the links to sponsored Stories in 67 percent of cases
  • Four-fifths (44 percent) of Instagram users use Stories to promote products or services.

That’s quite amazing, isn’t it? Here are some of the sales and conversion elements of Instagram Stories that you should keep in mind: Shopping stickers: Place them on tangible items in your businesses to identify them. Each sticker has a different design: a shopping bag icon, a sticker with the product name in either rainbow or grey, and transparent writing. Source:@smashboxcosmetics The fact that your tales may generate traffic to your website regardless of how many followers you have makes this function particularly appealing.

The View Product button, for example, is included at the bottom of each story by @covergirl. Visitors may just tap on the button to be directed to the website. Please keep in mind that in order to use this function, you must have an Instagram business profile with at least 10,000 followers.

4. Establish Partnerships With Instagram Influencers

According to Morning Consult’s The State of Customer Trust 2020report, 69 percent of consumers believe it is extremely essential for companies to deliver consistently on what they promise when it comes to building consumer trust. According to Nielsen’s study, consumers place greater faith in personal recommendations than they do in paid advertisements. What strategies can brands use to earn the trust of their customers? Working with Instagram influencers is one of the most effective strategies.

  • It is because they distribute material in an authentic manner that they have gained a high degree of trust from their audience.
  • Another advantage of using Instagram is that you don’t have to deal with huge influencers like Selena Gomez and pay them thousands of dollars for a sponsored post like you would with other platforms.
  • To reach out to nano-influencers (those with 1k-10k followers) or micro-influencers (those with 100k+ followers), you may give them free items in exchange for posting branded content on their social media accounts if you have a limited budget.
  • Furthermore, micro-influencers are subject matter experts in their field and are more personally committed in their online reputation.

5. Run Instagram Giveaways

Want to provide your followers with a little entertainment while still generating a lot of sales? Enter Instagram contests and freebies. In order to participate in a giveaway, you may encourage your followers to enter a competition in which they must complete a few tasks in order to be eligible to win a reward. Examples include requesting that they publish a video of themselves using your product, utilize your company’s trademarked hashtag, or include the name of a buddy in your post. If possible, the rules should be as basic as possible so that your followers may easily obey them without exerting much effort on their part.

  • Determine the value of your reward. It is not necessary to do something monumental. Providing a discount, a free gift, a free consultation, a book, a sample of your current product, or anything else that is beneficial and relevant to your followers is permissible
  • Nevertheless, Decide how people will participate in your contest and make a plan for it. Simple conditions for entrance, such as “follow this account, like this post, and tag a buddy below,” can be established in two or three sentences. Include the hashtags contest, giveaway, and your brand name in your giveaway post to ensure that it is seen.

6. Offer Instagram-exclusive Offers

Giving their followers exclusive access to bargains is one of the most popular ways firms use exclusivity in their Instagram marketing plan. This is done to reward them for being a member of their Instagram community. Sattwa Skincare (@sattwaskincare) understands the importance of getting off to a good start. The offer is clearly stated in their article, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the offer.

They also provide examples of their work. Furthermore, Sattwa Skincare has limited the offer to “till Sunday evening,” providing fans a little extra incentive to take advantage of the deal before it expires. This is a good example of how to create a sense of urgency by offering a limited-time offer.

7. Show Your Followers You Care

Getting an audience’s attention is one thing; keeping their interest for a longer period of time (and maybe forever) is another. When you demonstrate to others that you are genuinely interested in them and desire to build a meaningful connection with them, they will reciprocate by demonstrating their concern for you. Follow these guidelines to develop strong relationships with your Instagram followers:

  • Communicate with your fans and supporters. You should respond to their comments and mentions, tag them in your images when you re-share their post, and if you can, watch their tales. Sending a direct message to your dedicated followers might help you build a more honest relationship with them. You should use caution while using this strategy since you do not want to appear spammy. When dealing with client concerns on Instagram, be kind and accommodating. Make every effort to handle any bad reviews or comments as promptly, directly, and pleasantly as possible after receiving them. Don’t make your consumers wait for your assistance for an extended period of time. Gorgias, for example, is a customer service platform that allows you to provide your consumers with a seamless omnichannel experience. Gorgias enables your agents to manage Instagram comments, mentions, and messages from a single dashboard, allowing them to reduce distractions, work more efficiently, and spend more time closing transactions.

8. Sell through IGTV

A standalone video-sharing app, IGTV is also an expansion of the current functionality on Instagram, which allows users to upload videos. IGTV enables vertical and horizontal videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes for the majority of Instagram accounts and up to one hour for larger accounts, among other features. When used properly, Instagram TV may provide a fantastic chance to increase engagement, work with influencers, boost sales, and a variety of other benefits. Some suggestions for your IGTV videos are as follows:

  • Make tutorial videos for your customers. In the case of cosmetics, you may develop a series of videos on lip care, or a series on body care routines, or any combination of the two. Organize a question and answer session. It’s excellent for addressing inquiries concerning your shipment, payment, and other related matters. Take a look behind the scenes. You can describe how you obtain components, how you create items, or how your organization is organized and structured. Make use of it to increase the transparency of your company’s brand
  • An event is being streamed. If you’re planning a flash sales event, be sure you broadcast it on Instagram TV.
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9. Sell through Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels enables you to create interactive films, apply effects, and stitch the video together all inside the app’s user interface. It’s a fresh approach to creating entertaining and engaging video content for Instagram. Using Instagram Reels, you can shoot and edit 15 to 30-second video snippets set to music and publish them to your Stories, Instagram feed, and the Reels page on your profile. Instagram Reels is a free app available on iOS and Android. Users-generated content (UGC), new product teasers, and instructional are all examples of how brands are using Reels.

As an online retailer, you should begin producing Reels as soon as possible in order to reach more prospective customers.

Start Selling on Instagram!

Many merchants believe that in order to generate a high degree of return on Instagram, they must make large investments. However, this is not the case. You may start selling on Instagram for free if you follow these nine guidelines:

  • Boost the visibility of your Instagram company profile
  • Create an Instagram shopping account to sell items
  • Create shopping experiences for Instagram Stories
  • Form collaborations with Instagram influencers
  • Hold Instagram giveaways
  • And provide Instagram-exclusive deals. Demonstrate to your followers that you are concerned. Sell through IGTV
  • Sell through Instagram Reels
  • Sell through other social media platforms.

For those of you who are seeking for an Instagram customer service platform to manage client requests, you should consider givingGorgiasa a shot. Sign up for an account to take advantage of a 7-day free trial that includes all of the features. Your customer service experience will be transformed as a result of your partnership with Gorgias.

How to Sell on Instagram Without Spending A Dime

Unlike previous posts on the subject, this isn’t just another guide to selling on Instagram. Instagram Shoppable Posts are a new feature that you may have heard about. If this is the case, If you have a company, I want to share with you something SUPER EXCITING that has recently been available on Instagram and that will assist you in promoting your brand. In late 2017, Instagram began rolling out shoppable posts to US users, and as of today, this feature is available to approved businesses in the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, the Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Ireland, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Malta, Ecuador, Panama, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, and the Czech Republic.

You’ll want to read this page if you live in one of these countries and wish to sell your items DIRECTLY on Instagram.

Shoppers may purchase your goods directly from your online store by just clicking on the tag on the product! What an AH-MAY-ZING feat it is! The following is an example of a shoppable post:

And here’s an example of the whole process of selling on Instagram, from Instagram post to purchase:

1. Your shoppable articles may be distinguished from others by the small shopping bag symbol that appears on the screen. They can click on the product tags that appear on these postings, which look like this: 2. Once a product has been selected and clicked on, a tag with the product’s name and price displays. To learn more about the product, simply click on the tag, and a product page with further information will be displayed: 3. Now, simply click theShop Nowbutton to be taken directly to the product page where you can complete your purchase from the mobile web store.

But before you get TOO excited about shoppable posts, there are a number of things you should know:

  1. Businesses who offer a tangible product are the only ones that can take use of this functionality right now. Essentially, this means that if you provide a service or digital items (like I do! ), you will not be able to sell your products through shoppable posts on Instagram. You must be a resident of one of the countries listed above in order to qualify. If you haven’t previously done so, you’ll need to change your Instagram account to a business profile. In order to take use of this functionality, you must first create a Facebook Shop. I’ll offer some instructions on how to accomplish this below
  2. You’ll need to apply for approval before you can make shoppable articles. I’ll also lead you through the procedure in the section below

So, if you’re still eager, able, and enthusiastic about creating your first shoppable article, let’s get started! Before you can really write your first post, you’ll need to do some preliminary work. However, if you simply follow the instructions outlined below, you will be up and running in no time!

1. Make Sure You Have a Facebook Shop Set Up

It is possible to set up your Facebook store straight using the platforms BigCommerce or Shopify, if you are already using them. You may link your BigCommerce store to Facebook by clicking here. Connecting your Shopify store to Facebook is simple. Just click here. If you don’t want to utilize one of these platforms, Facebook has thorough instructions on how to start up a Facebook store here: Facebook Shop. It is not need to be concerned; setting up a Facebook business is a simple and straightforward operation that will not cost you a cent!

To send a tweet, simply click here.

Once again, this is a really straightforward procedure: Create a product catalogue by going to your Business Manager Settings and clicking on “Add Product Catalogue.” Create a new catalogue by following this step-by-step procedure.

2. Get Approved for Shopping on Instagram

This is another pleasant procedure, although it will most likely take a few of days to complete. You must fulfill all of the requirements listed above in order for your account to be automatically evaluated (residing in one of the approved countries, having an Instagram business account, etc.). Your Instagram account will notify you after your application for shopping has been granted, and you may then begin tagging your images! Here’s some additional information on how to get your company certified for online purchasing.

3. Turn on Product Tagging

Here’s how to make your Instagram account available for shopping:

  1. To access your profile, press the corresponding button. At the top of your profile, click on the Get Startedalert button. If you don’t see the alert in the image above, press the following button: TapShopping
  2. TapContinue
  3. Identify a product catalog that will be associated with your business profile
  4. TapDone

BOOM! You’ve completed your set-up and are ready to sell!

4. Tag Your Posts

Now comes the exciting part! If you know how to tag people in your postings, you’ll be able to tag products with ease, as well. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Choose a photograph and edit it with a caption, effects, and filters
  2. Select the goods in the photo that you wish to tag by tapping them. Enter the names of the goods you wish to tag in the search box, and then choose them from the list that appears
  3. TapDone
  4. sTapShare

That’s all there is to it!

Your content is now complete and ready to be marketed around! Because shoppable articles are still in their infancy, we should expect to see some modifications in the coming months. However, for the time being, here are a few things you should be aware of BEFORE you begin tagging your articles!

  • In both new and current postings, you have the option of tagging products. Each post can have up to 5 tags
  • A carousel post can have up to 20 tags
  • And a single product can have up to 5 tags. Users of Instagram will see your catalogue in whichever currency and language you have set up for it. thus make an informed decision
  • When you tag your photographs, you can either preview them right now or store them for later by selecting Tag ProductsthenPreview Tagged Productsor Save Draft from the drop-down menu. If you remove a product from your catalogue, it will be instantly deleted from any Instagram photographs that have that product tagged. You can’t just sell anything on shoppable posts, and vice versa. Weapons, alcoholic beverages, adult health goods, “unsafe supplements,” and other items are prohibited from being tagged. Visit this page for a comprehensive list of things you may (and cannot) tag. If you want any of this to work, you must be using the most recent version of Instagram! So, if you’re experiencing any difficulties, check that your app is up to current.

So…who’s going to start selling on Instagram using shoppable posts? Let me know in the comments below!

“Is it worth marketing my brand on Instagram?” was a question that was asked once upon a time, not all that long ago. Within a few minutes, the query has transformed into, “how the hell do I advertise myself on Instagram?”. The rationale for this change is straightforward: There are more than 600 million Instagram users, with more than 90 million photographs being submitted every single day on the social media platform. In essence, the secret has been revealed. This is where your target audience is hanging out, which is why you need to step up your Instagram game and ensure that your company is prospering on this most active of social media networks.

  1. Of course, in order to be a success on Instagram and to take your Insta-marketing to the next level and beyond, you must do one simple thing: grow your following.
  2. This means doing everything you can to enhance your visibility so that more people come across your brand and a large number of them choose to follow you by clicking the all-important “Follow” button at the top of your webpage.
  3. Having said that, without further ado, here are seven really basic methods you can adopt to increase your Instagram marketing strategy; tricks that will see your company expand – all without paying a single penny.
  4. There are free Instagram tools available; take advantage of them.
  5. Instagram was purchased by Facebook, which subsequently made it as simple to use as Facebook.
  6. But that’s not all there is to it.
  7. So, if you only do one thing today, make it the conversion of your personal profile to a business profile, after which you may take use of all of the advantages.


As a result of the large number of social media sites that compete for your attention these days, handling this aspect of your marketing has become a time-consuming endeavor.


How can you get more Instagram followers?

They are already worried enough to be following you on some social media platforms, so offer them another opportunity to keep informed.

Because each individual places greater value on a different platform, connecting them all increases your overall reach as a result of connecting them all.

Don’t scare your audience away from your presentation.

While it is important to publish on a regular basis in order to stay relevant, you do not want to post so frequently that you overwhelm your followers, get in their face, scare them away, or cause them to unfollow you.

Some businesses can get away with publishing twice a day, while others may do better with posting every other day or every other week.

Keep an eye on the insights button and pay attention to how your followers respond to find out which strategy works best for you.

Then, when you believe you’ve identified a pattern, begin to limit the amount of observations while keeping an eye on those discoveries.


The nicest thing you can do if someone takes the time to leave a comment on one of your blog entries is to spend a couple of seconds responding to them, even if it is simply to thank them for taking the time to do so.

But don’t just sit around and wait for others to respond.

Use your descriptions to guide readers in the right direction.

Consider the implications of this.

It’s a referral in this case.

The Science and Art of Hashtagging A lot of firms are aware that there is something known as hashtagging, and they occasionally attempt to do so, but they fail to do it correctly.

Given the nature of their products, some brands will have a more difficult time accomplishing this than others.

There are a plethora of reasons why you would want to go ahead and do this.

Individuals will upload and tag photographs of your product in the hopes of having it featured on your profile, and you will benefit from free promotion in the form of further exposure to individuals who would otherwise be unable to find you.

Use Other People’s Content in Your Own Work Creating content is not a simple endeavor.

This is a terrific approach to continually coming up with new material that your followers will enjoy and share with their friends.

Instagram, of course, does not allow you to download photographs directly from their platform.

After you’ve processed that piece of information, all that’s left to do is create a list of other accounts that have a similar feel to the one you want to emulate and then figure out a method to reuse their material with your own unique spin.

How to Bring in New Clients without Spending a Dime on Ads

Let me show you how to bring in new patients and clients without spending a dime on advertising or other forms of promotion. When it comes to growing your physical therapy clinic or business, if you’ve tried Facebook ads and they haven’t worked for you, I’m going to teach you the four things you must do in order to get new clients and patients without spending money on ads.

1) You need to move people from being suspects to prospects to clients.

We have suspects, prospects, and leads in our possession. Suspects are persons who are out there who you know can aid you but who are unaware of your existence. A prospect is someone who is aware of your existence. They may have visited your website or followed you on Instagram, they may be a buddy on Facebook, they may be a member of your group, or they may have done something similar, but they are not prospects. You could have 10,000 Instagram followers or thousands of members in your Facebook group, but how do you convince them to become customers for your company?

Our goal is to interact with them on social media, on a website, or even in the neighborhood by holding a workshop or seminar.

You’ll need to come up with a lead magnet.

We must create a landing page or an opt-in form for them to complete in order for us to receive their information, and then send them an automated email containing the information.

2) Automate your systems.

Afterwards, you’ll want to set it up with something like the pt email engine, which is an email automation software that I’ve pre-loaded with dozens of pre-written emails to help you generate leads, nurture leads into clients, and generate word-of-mouth referrals, as well as fill up workshops and seminars. Due to the fact that you do not control your Instagram followers or members of your Facebook group, we must recruit individuals from all over the world to come into our domain. You are the only owner of your email list.

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To begin establishing trust, I must first provide you with something of worth.

3) We need to make offers to existing and new clients.

Marketers have far simpler time selling to existing customers than they do to new ones. Someone who has previously purchased from you is considerably more likely to purchase from you in the future than someone who has never purchased from you before. Your existing customers must be contacted first, and you must make offers to those who have not yet responded to your offers. If you already have an email list, we’ll need to make offers to those who subscribe to your list. Then we must get out there and not be hesitant to make offers to new individuals on a daily basis, no matter how difficult it may seem.

Physical treatment isn’t always on the table as an option. The offer might be something as simple as “respond back and let me know what’s wrong,” “follow us on Instagram,” “watch this video on YouTube,” or “download this book and receive this complimentary training.” All of these are propositions.

4) We need to pre-frame the client journey.

We want to give them a heads-up on what it is that you want them to do. Your wellness services, your testimonials, and the fact that we will be working together for the next 90 days are all things that we can establish in advance. You will be even more successful if you plan your travel ahead of time, as described above. You’ll get more new clients if you pre-frame testimonials, which will help you create more leads. But how can we ensure that it is consistent? Finally, we can take folks from being suspicions to prospects to leads and finally to clients by utilizing various techniques.

  1. We must have deals and excellent material to attract customers.
  2. After that, provide offers and issue a call to action to encourage them to take action.
  3. It is necessary to automate everything in order to keep it functioning and expanding.
  4. One of the primary means by which we accomplish this is is our CRM, which is thePT Email EngineTM.
  5. It is now something that is open to any of my coaching clients, as well as to folks who aren’t coaching clients but who are ready to begin establishing their own business, for no additional charge.
  6. Please share any information you’ve discovered to be valuable in your business!

If you are ready to launch and grow a Cash PT practice,DM me“Blueprint” to get started!

As an added bonus, whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can assist you in growing your coaching business: It serves as a road plan for starting, growing, and scaling your physical therapy business. -Click Here to Learn More

  1. Participate in our CashPT Blueprint Program and serve as a Case Study

This month, I’ll be putting together a new coaching case study group, and if you’d want to collaborate with me on your client acquisition and scalability strategies. Simply send me a mail with the subject “Blueprint” in the subject line. If you’d want to work directly with me and my team to grow your business to 6 or 7 figures, please contact me directly. Simply send me a message with the words “Private” in the subject line. Tell me a bit about your company and what you’d want to accomplish together, and I’ll send you all of the necessary information.

10 Tips for Increasing Instagram Engagement

Instagram, the “it” social network, has already attracted the attention of 85 percent of major corporations. The number of active Instagram users has increased significantly since Facebook purchased the social media platform around five years ago, with more than 400 million current users who submit 800 million photographs everyday and produce 1.2 billion likes. Perhaps its popularity can be attributed to the fact that visual content is the king of all social networks, that more and more users are accessing social networks through their smartphones (don’t forget that Instagram is a completely mobile network), or to the fact that we have limited time and therefore seek out content that can be consumed in a short period of time.

  1. In spite of this, and contrary to popular belief, simply having an Instagram account isn’t enough.
  2. They must interact with your brand, feel connected, and look forward to your future releases.
  3. This is important because no matter how wonderful your product or service is, without customers, you will not get very far.
  4. A little bit, and even more so if you’re not sure where to begin.
  5. In no way, shape, or form!
  6. As soon as you’ve finished reading this and started putting what you’ve learned into action, you’ll be able to figure out how to get the most out of your publishing on this platform without spending a single penny.

So be ready to discover how to enhance social interaction on Instagram with these 10 simple tactics that are effective. Are you prepared to conquer your Instagram followers? Simply read this post and put out a small amount of time and effort. Let’s get started!

10 Easy ways to i ncrease Instagram engagementand make your audience fall in love with your brand

Consumer engagement is defined as the level of commitment that customers have toward your brand, as well as the extent to which they interact with it. It is accomplished by instilling a sense of loyalty and motivation in your audience, resulting in them falling in love with your brand, supporting it, sharing its values, and feeling like they are a part of it, ultimately leading to them becoming customers and promoting your brand to others. Improving social interaction on Instagram is extremely beneficial, especially if the success of your business is dependent on repeat customers.

Dedicate time to making your Instagram profile attractive

It is not enough to just register an Instagram account in order to increase social interaction; rather, it is critical to have a decent, accessible, full, and visually appealing profile in order to increase your followers’ commitment to your brand. Choose a good profile picture that represents your brand-a good option is your logo, in fact, it’s what the most successful companies on Instagram use-, write an awesome bio explaining what you do and why people should follow you, include a website so you can be found and promote your products and services to further increase traffic (for example, to a blog or landing page), and above all, be creative and original.

According to the following photograph, on the @natgeo, National Geographic’s’Instagram account, they pay attention to even the slightest things.

Additionally, there are other firms, such as Desigual and GoPro, who have some pretty fantastic profiles as well: Extra tip: If you have a private account, you will not be successful; therefore, make sure that your profile is public so that your audience can view your articles, tags, and engage with you before they decide to follow you.

Publish each day and during the right times

It is impossible to increase Instagram engagement if you are not generating material that your target audience can relate to and engage with. It’s no secret that Instagram is a highly visual social network, but it’s the timeliness of the content that makes it so effective. Publish regularly, maintain a visible presence, and, above important, track the periods when your users are most engaged on your website. Given that it is a completely mobile social network, users are more likely to join after work hours and on weekends.

Develop a social media publication strategy and create a publication calendar (you can download one here) in order to know what, how, and when you will be posting to your Instagram account and avoid leaving anything to chance.

And, if you want to take it a step further, you can upload and publish Instagram posts with Postcronin order to have total control over your account and save time when programming.

Interact with your followers on Instagram

Directly connecting with your Instagram followers is one of the most efficient ways to increase social engagement and boost your brand’s visibility. Go to them, make your publications personal, know your audience’s worries and focus on them, engage them in your articles, question them, encourage them to remark, start dialogues, comment. etc. Give them a reason to interact, and they will respond. This will result in a significant rise in participation. To provide an example, on, a website for travelers, a direct request is made on their Instagram post asking their followers to share photos of their travel adventures using the hashtag generated by the company just for the occasion: The brand retweets them, which stimulates conversation, which in turn increases social engagement.

Have you thought about videos?

Instagram is, without a doubt, the most popular social media platform for photographs, but what about videos? Several studies have found that sharing films with followers helps to strengthen the emotional bond between them. However, according to aHighQstudy, this is not the case: 78 percent of consumers watch online videos at least once a week, with 55 percent doing so on a daily basis. Since we’re talking about brands that are doing well on Instagram, we can’t forget about RedBull, which is one of the most well-liked firms on the site and has invested a lot of time and effort into it as well.


Speaking about naming prominent individuals to improve social interaction on Instagram, RedBull is also an expert in this area: in this video, which has had more than 264,000 plays, they name Instagram influencers in the industry who are linked to the post in order to reach more people.

Calls to action!

In our office at Postcron, we’re big fans of calls to action. We enjoy them, are attracted to them, and are aware that they are effective. So, if you want some advise on how to increase the dedication of your followers, employ excellent calls to action and you will accomplish unthinkable things. I’m not sure where to begin. If you like “to go straight to the point,” you may begin by never leaving the descriptions of your publications blank, explaining your postings, and informing your audience what you want them to do in each piece to boost commitment and results.

There’s something extremely basic you can do: express yourself via emotions.

Instagram, after all, is a completely visual social networking site, correct?

For example, the well-known brandDunkin Donuts constantly decorate its social media posts with amusing emoticons for their 888,000 followers (in addition to keeping the “current factor”in mind, as in this post made during the peak of Pokémon craze).

Don’t forget about contests and promote your posts on Instagram

Contests and promotions are quite popular on Instagram, with a large number of participants. These posts are, nevertheless, a great method to increase Instagram interaction and to encourage your followers to contribute their own stuff as well. Invite them to take part in the contest, provide them with compelling reasons to do so, and reward them with prizes. Especially when you build effective campaigns, the outcomes are usually astounding! Extra point of advice: Requesting that consumers post and share photographs of themselves using your items is a wonderful way of increasing social engagement whether running contests or running promotional campaigns.

And if you really want to take it to the next level, choose the finest photographs shared by your followers and share them with your followers, acknowledging and thanking them for their contributions.

The power of Hashtags

Who knows what our life would be like if we didn’t have hashtags. Hashtags were meant to be utilized, and they function really well when they are used. As a result, devote the required time to determining which ones are the most effective and produce the most traffic in your industry, and then employ them to reach a greater number of people. An additional suggestion: Why not go one step further and develop one or more hashtags that are distinctive to your products or business, which you may use on a regular basis or in your promotions?

This will help you enhance social interaction on Instagram and increase commitment from your followers.

Follow your influencers

Did you know that following the most influential individuals in your industry, as well as your own followers, may help you connect more effectively with your target audience? There are a plethora of tools, both free and paid, that can assist you in determining which of your followers are the most valuable, the best, or the most committed to your brand. Examples includeSocial Rank andSprout Social. They can also assist you in analyzing customer comments about your brand, identifying popular hashtags, and monitoring Instagram locations in order to locate and associate yourself with clients who post from regions where your company operates.

This will aid in the discovery of your business by possible clients who are in your immediate vicinity.

As a point of reference, Instagram postings that include a geolocation tag earn 79 percent greater interaction.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why LATAM Airlines is constantly adding new locations to their publications, providing their followers with information on places to visit and breath-taking sights to see, such as:

Show a little heart every once in a while

Every company wants to get interactions, whether they be likes, shares, remarks, or comments and suggestions. However, like with any relationship, it is difficult for them to function if neither party is willing to put up any effort. As a result, don’t only limit yourself to gaining followers who are close to you; instead, display your “true colors” every now and then by likingby double-clicking on the photographs of your followers that you find most appealing. An additional suggestion: Why not share your Instagram photographs on your company’s other social media channels, allowing your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to follow you on Instagram as well?

As a result, convert the rest of your social media accounts become ambassadors for your Instagram account.

And like we always say: measure to improve

To conclude our discussion on how to increase social interaction on Instagram, we have to emphasize the three keys to success: measure, measure, and measure some more! Monitor your activity and assess the performance of your publications on a regular basis. Examine the growth and loss of followers, the most popular articles and the number of interactions you received, the proportion of “likes,” “shares,” and comments, and other metrics. EVERYTHING There are tools available, such as Iconosquare, that can assist you in tracking all of your metrics, making it easier for you to see all of your statistics and make decisions; for example, knowing which day of the week or time of day is best for publishing based on likes and engagement, as shown in the following graphic taken from their site.

Another piece of advice: If you want to increase social interaction on Instagram, assess your most successful articles and keep going in the same direction.

Please share your thoughts with us; we’d appreciate hearing from you.

All of this is possible without spending a single cent!

Maintain tight relationships with your friends while keeping your competition at far.

  • Instagram for Business may help you grow your business. Advertise on Instagram and post adverts that sell in only ten steps by following these instructions.


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