How To Use Reddit To Get More Traffic And Build Your Tribe? (Perfect answer)

Take a look around each subreddit and look for tags people are using. If any of them apply to your post, use them in your submission title. Some subreddits also require tags with posts, so make sure to check the sidebar and FAQ before posting.

How to get more Reddit traffic fast?

  • 11 Insanely Actionable Steps To Get More Reddit Traffic Fast! 1. Keep It Relevant. If you want to get large amounts of traffic from reddit, you have to keep your posts highly relevant to the users. This means that the more that you can tailor your posts to the subreddit that you’re posting in, the better.

How do I get more traffic on Reddit?

11 Insanely Actionable Steps To Get More Reddit Traffic Fast!

  1. Keep It Relevant.
  2. Only Post Great Content.
  3. No Double Dipping.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Address the Concerns of the Community Before They Have Them.
  6. Don’t Ever Let Your First (or second) Post be a Promotion.
  7. Don’t Over-Promote.
  8. Share Your New Posts With Your Friends.

How do I make my community popular on Reddit?

How to Lead a Community on Reddit

  1. Share content regularly: Good content has to be a high priority.
  2. Learn to craft headlines: A good headline can make or break a submission.
  3. Pay attention to the sidebar: The content in the sidebar is important in setting the mood and establishing what this community was all about.

Is Reddit a good source of traffic?

Reddit ranks within the top 25 most-visited websites in the world, and often sees more than one million unique pageviews in a single day. Simply put, if you go about it the right way, Reddit can be a major source of targeted traffic for your website —and ultimately lead to massive conversions.

How do you effectively use Reddit?

Getting The Most Out Of Reddit: 20 Tips, Tricks And Tools

  1. Understand The Subreddit.
  2. Search For A Subreddit.
  3. Create An Account And Subscribe.
  4. Learn How To Style Your Comment.
  5. Follow Some People.
  6. Find New Stuff With The Random Button.
  7. Sort The Subreddit Submission.
  8. Combine Subreddits Into A Multireddit.

How do you get karma fast on Reddit?

How to Get Karma on Reddit

  1. What Is Reddit Karma?
  2. Post Between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. ET on Sunday.
  3. Ask Open-Ended Questions in r/AskReddit.
  4. Post and Comment at r/FreeKarma4U.
  5. Comment on New and Rising Posts.
  6. Always Respond to Keep the Conversation Going.
  7. Stick with Larger Subreddits.
  8. Post Good Content.

How do you make a post go viral on Reddit?

If you want to make your post go viral, you can do the following steps. Write relevant text for your post. Add an impressive image in your post. Timing matters.

How much karma do you need to make a subreddit?

You need around 50 (not exactly, but around that) combined karma to create a subreddit.

Can you make money on Reddit?

You really can make money from Reddit. Reddit doesn’t pay you directly, but it does offer you tons of opportunities to make cash through different subreddits. You can complete tasks and get paid, or you can make money by driving traffic to your business where you can offer visitors a relevant product or service.

How do I grow my Reddit page?

Use detailed and precise descriptions and titles in your community description to help users discover your community organically. Add content to your community, giving visitors something to interact with. Post in user-run communities that welcome promotion of new subreddits, such as r/newreddits or r/promoteareddit.

Is Statista reliable Reddit?

Statista. Statista is not quite a reliable source but you can make it work if you do some additional research. Reddit. Whether you want the latest on a product release or an opinion on a gadget, Reddit is a great source for all things technology.

What is r all?

r/all: This is a less filtered feed of the most popular posts on Reddit. When you’re on r/all, sexually explicit posts are filtered out but other popular Not Safe for Work (NSFW) posts are included. You can also filter communities you don’t wish to see from r/all.

What is r in Reddit?

A subreddit is a specific online community, and the posts associated with it, on the social media website Reddit. Subreddits are dedicated to a particular topic that people write about, and they’re denoted by /r/, followed by the subreddit’s name, e.g., /r/gaming.

What is the Reddit karma system?

Reddit Karma is a score you get when you post and comment on Reddit. Your total Karma is shown on your profile, and when someone clicks on your username, they’ll see a breakdown of Post Karma and Comment Karma. Some people are so good at Reddit that their Karma runs into the millions.

How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Untrained eyes may perceive Reddit as a disorganized and chaotic place filled with a slew of text, links, and folders; indeed, it appears to be unorganized and chaotic to a certain extent. However, with a little practice, Reddit can develop into a fantastic resource for sharing and discovering material from all over the web. credit

What’s Reddit?

Steve Huffman, the current CEO, and Alexis Ohanian, the executive chairman launched the multilingual social news network on June 23, 2005, in Medford, Massachusetts, with the goal of bringing people together via information and entertainment. With the ability to deliver a significant amount of traffic to your website and serve as an excellent source of leads for your company, the Reddit community should be considered. However, you must first learn how to use it to its maximum capacity. This will take time.

Some Major Stats About Reddit

Reddit refers to itself as “The Front Page of the Internet,” which appears to be a fitting moniker given that the site presently has 234 million unique users and receives around 8 billion page views every month. It is the ninth most populous city in the United States. The typical Reddit visit lasts 13 minutes or more, with users casting 25 million votes every day.correct. that’s To top it all off, Redditors are fiercely committed to the platform as well as to their fellow users. These statistics appear to be unbelievable, and the greatest thing is that numbers don’t lie!

Some Details about Reddit

Are you a little persuaded? You now understand that you cannot afford to pass up an opportunity such as the one Reddit is providing. Reddit is a one-of-a-kind meeting place for a diverse group of individuals – the Redditors– who are united by common interests and who come together to debate and curate the greatest stuff available on the internet. As a result, the community is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who spend literally hundreds of hours there, hanging out: reading, posting, discussing, upvoting, and so on.

Furthermore, the majority of Reddit users are from the United States and hold a bachelor’s degree or a higher level of college education.


Subreddits and Reddiquette

On Reddit, there is a wide range of topics to choose from; you can discover subreddits for anything from news to science to gaming to movies to music to literature to fitness to cuisine to image-sharing and much more. And, just to be clear, subreddits are similar to subject categories in the Reddit community. You can’t just go into this community and expect to fit in either. Knowing the “reddiquette” and adhering to its unique regulations is in your best advantage because redditors may be a difficult population to work with.

For example, the Android subreddit prioritizes the posting of material that is beneficial to the whole community. News, rumors, and conversations are all examples of what is meant by this. A table of basic regulations is even included in the margin of the document.


Then there’s the matter of the karma score. Karma is a visual representation of your behavior and profile status. What steps can you take to boost your Reddit karma? Karma points are earned by user interaction; the more valuable comments you write or upvotes you offer, as well as the greater amount of engagement your material produces, the higher your karma will rise over time. Actions such as spamming Reddit with low-quality content, on the other hand, will have a negative impact on your profile karma since other Redditors will downvote it.

Getting Started with Reddit

There are a couple of things you should be aware of before you begin using Reddit for any purpose. First and foremost, you should choose a name that you are comfortable with because you will not be able to change it after it has been registered. To make things even more complicated, keep in mind that everything you publish on Reddit – including all of your comments and upvotes – will be archived for eternity in the archives of your profile page. Furthermore, the karma points you earn cannot be transferred to another account.

How to Use Reddit

In order to get started with Reddit, there are a few things you need be aware of. First and foremost, you should choose a name that you are comfortable with because you will not be able to change it after it has been submitted to the database. To top it all off, keep in mind that everything you publish on Reddit – including all of your comments and upvotes – will be archived for eternity in the archives of your Reddit profile. Furthermore, the karma points you earn are non-transferable to other accounts.

Breathe Life into Your Reddit Presence

Participate in subreddits that you build and maintain your authenticity. This entails creating original and actionable material that raises key topics and responding to user feedback in a thorough and thorough manner. The importance of upvoting cannot be overstated. All important conversations in which you engage, as well as comments that you agree with, should be given an upvote (or just those that entertain you). Subreddit (or a few subreddits) dedicated to your company and make them interesting and useful for others to read.

They have a well-established presence, a large following, and a high level of interaction with their audience.

This will foster a sense of belonging among the followers and assist in converting them into true brand ambassadors for the company.

Engage and Entertain Redditors Like Spotify Does

Spotify has perfected the art of engaging Redditors, and it is worth recognizing that they have done so. For example, once a month, they arrange contests such as This November Playlist Competition, which often run the whole month of November. The principles are delightfully basic and straightforward, and user interaction occurs effortlessly as a result. The contest in November required participants to create a themed playlist of about 8-12 tracks on Spotify and post the link to the playlist in the thread’s comments section.

Every day, other users were able to listen in and upvote their favorite selections. It was announced on November 28th that the winner had been selected, and he will now choose the theme for the next tournament. It’s all about having fun!

Keep Redditors Happy

Don’t be afraid to follow in the footsteps of the most successful companies on Reddit when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Discuss with Redditors their positive and negative experiences with your brand; respond when they express issues; and take pleasure when they laud your company or product. Respond to users’ concerns by identifying and providing useful resources. Just make an effort to keep them pleased. Finally and foremost, keep in mind that it is far easier to maintain an existing client than it is to gain a new customer.

Take a look at Xboxtoo for example.

Post about News and Updates

Keep Redditors informed of any changes, including new products, improvements to existing products, rebrandings, discounts, and anything else that might be of interest to them. Redditors who rely on your subreddit for news will be more likely to pay attention to it in the future.

Host Reddit’s AMAs

IAMAson Reddit receives a great deal of attention, which is not surprising considering the subreddit’s current subscriber count of 13,845,530. Even well-known public personalities such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama have participated in AMAs, but the fact is that you don’t have to be famous or run a large corporation to participate. All you need is a solid concept and the ability to execute it well. Take a look at their upcoming schedule: As you can see, AMAs on Reddit cover a wide range of topics, from those held by microbiologists at Harvard to those sponsored by scientists.

Take a look at it!

Have a Community Manager

Your online presence should include community building, and it should be based on real-time, human engagement where possible. Invest your time and effort if you want to use Reddit, Quora, or any other social media network to further your internet marketing plan. You should engage a professional who is enthusiastic, creative, and who is willing to invest their heart and soul into creating healthy relationships with your followers while also increasing loyalty and trust with them across many platforms.

This profession demands a lot of attention and action on a daily basis.

Wrapping Up

So, what are your thoughts on Reddit at this point? To be completely honest, conducting the research for this piece was a really eye-opening experience for me as well. What are your thoughts? Have you had a positive or negative experience with Reddit? What did you do that resulted in favorable outcomes? This article was also published on Medium.

11 Insanely Actionable Steps To Get More Reddit Traffic

In order to receive huge levels of traffic from Reddit, you must make sure that your articles are very relevant to the folks that are reading them. This implies that the more you can personalize your posts to the subreddit in which you’re posting, the better off you will be. Posting information that is too general in nature should be avoided. This necessitates you conducting some preliminary research on your subreddit in order to determine what types of posts are already popular. There, you may get a sense of your target demographic.

Whether you want to sell a product or get social media followers, you will need to undertake some customer development before you can launch your new website. As a result, you’ll be more in touch with what your audience wants while also saving yourself a significant amount of time in the long run.

2. Only Post Great Content

Only the greatest material should be shared on Reddit! Content that is too short and generic will not perform effectively. It will also be downvoted, and you will lose any important reputation points (karma) that you may have earned as a result of posting it. Only share stuff that is in-depth, unique, well-written, useful, and encourages readers to take action. Reddit readers are going to click on your content no matter where you put it in order to check it out. Which way people vote (either upvote or downvote) will determine the outcome of your contest.

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3. No Double Dipping

Please don’t start becoming greedy on me right away! I’ll confess that the thrill of a large victory is addicting. It’s that moment when you click into your analytics account and notice a significant increase in traffic and realize: “Oh yes, I posted on Reddit –and it only took me 2 seconds!” It’s common for the next natural thinking to be “I should be doing this all of the time!” You might, however, find yourself in serious danger if you do so. Keep away from “hot” regions. This implies that if you have just placed a link in a subreddit, you should give it some time to rest.

4. Have fun

This is maybe the most critical element on the list that eager marketers tend to ignore. This explains why ‘the other guys’ have such a difficult time attracting visitors from Reddit. You must be a regular Reddit member in order to qualify. Remember, you can’t be amarketer; you have to be anredditor in order to participate. You can interact with the rest of the site by clicking on the links provided. Build up a post history that demonstrates that you are a regular user of the site. Increase your karma points by leaving helpful or humorous comments on other people’s posts.

  • In no manner, shape, or form!
  • Users of Reddit are unique in that they are typically quite enthusiastic about the site, which is fascinating.
  • If you have a large number of regular postings, you will be able to prove them wrong!
  • Following the above-mentioned standards has enabled me to accomplish the outcomes I’ve achieved on the site with which I’m currently working.
  • Is it possible to tell me what it required to garner those 1,104 clicks from Reddit?
  • There have been a total of three postings.
  • That’s not a terrible return on investment for only spending 3 minutes on traffic.

Here’s a screenshot of the Reddit traffic I received during my first week of assisting with the promotion of this site. This was based on a single post.Advanced Steps: If you follow these steps, you will be able to maintain a positive reputation on Reddit and get the above outcomes in the future.

5. Address the Concerns of the Community Before They Have Them

Taking the first four steps will get you far, but if you want to take it farther (which I am confident you do), you must go beyond them. The importance of anticipating and addressing the community’s issues corresponds to step 4 on the list. Whenever you post links to your website on Reddit, there will be a large number of individuals who will try to find a reason to down vote your posts, report you to the moderators, or otherwise disparage you. What you need to do is get ahead of them and answer all of their issues before they get a chance to say anything.

  • Text postings may be used to assist you market a product or service.
  • Providing the information is actually beneficial, you may be upfront about the fact that it is yours.
  • There are so many individuals that complain about it because people create poor Udemy courses and spam the entrepreneur subreddit with spam.
  • I managed to garner zero bad comments while employing this strategy, and I was able to make the contentious list since a large number of people were upvoting and others were downvoting, despite the difficulties.
  • I’ll go into more detail about this later.

6. Don’t Ever Let Your First (or second) Post be a Promotion

Even though it should go without saying, if you’re new to a subreddit, make sure to go through a few of the other posts there before you decide to market your own product. Because the previous point was so lengthy, I kept this one short and sweet.

7. Don’t Over-Promote.

Your first instinct may be to believe that if you don’t advertise your site in the same Subreddit over and over again, everything will be great. However, this is another another reddit etiquette violation. Reddit moderators and users will be able to view all of your activity on the site. Not to mention that they have built-in spam filtering capabilities. If you submit links to the same domain name too frequently, you run the danger of being blacklisted. Reddit’s automated spam filters will blacklist your domain, ensuring that it will not appear in any postings from anybody else.

  1. Being ghosted implies that none of your posts are ever visible to anybody other than yourself.
  2. If you don’t take advantage of the system, you’ll be safe.
  3. To cut a long tale short, other individuals began to take over my tasks.
  4. If consumers find something valuable, they will spread the word about it.
  5. What were the outcomes?
  6. And, sure, Reddit is the only public forum where I’ve put the link to this article.
  7. The fact that I personally emailed folks will be credited with roughly 15-30 pupils, in my opinion.
  8. The following is how Google Analytics recorded the amount of traffic that I was receiving: Take note of the great level of participation!

All of the traffic that was sent to my campaign was extremely interested in what I had to offer, which was no small achievement considering the large number of other traffic sources. Procedural Steps

8. Share Your New Posts With Your Friends

No matter how small your team may be, you should still have a group of individuals or a network with whom you can share your material to maximize its reach. If you have any friends (or Twitter followers) who are also reddit users, you should share your new reddit posts with them during this phase. In the event that they enjoy what you submitted, they’ll offer you an upvote, which will catch the attention of other Reddit users and set the stage for your post to become extremely famous. Whenever I make a post on Reddit, I instantly forward it to a couple of my friends who are also active on the platform.

Once it received an upvote, additional Redditors became aware that the post was worthwhile of their time to read.

9. Comment and Reply to Everyone

Greater action on your Reddit post leads to more activity on your Reddit post. This implies that whenever someone comments on your post, you should respond to them in order to double the number of comments. When postings receive a large number of comments, it encourages additional Redditors to click on your post and participate in the discussion. You may even be the first person to remark on a link that you have posted on the internet. I’ve used this strategy in the past to explain the information that I’ve shared and to start a dialogue with other people about it.

The total number of comments is as follows: This appears to be a lot of activity on a single post, despite the fact that 10 of the comments are mine.

10. Be Humble

The majority of individuals consider criticism of their post to be a negative thing. However, you may utilize it to your advantage as one of your most significant assets. Here’s how it’s done: Remember to keep your tone low when you post and respond to comments. Not only will this assist you with item 5 on the list (address the concerns of the community before they arise), but it will also assist you in becoming more proficient at utilizing Reddit to attract visitors and consumers to your website.

If someone criticizes you, utilize their critique to promote more discussion.

According to the Reddit self-promotion standards, “it is completely OK to be a redditor with a website, but it is not acceptable to be a website with a reddit account.” If you execute the steps outlined in this checklist, you will be in compliance with the Reddit regulations.

You’ll be astonished at how much the comments from your audience will assist you in improving your content promotion skills.

Our infographic “cheat sheet” is designed to help you remember the points we’ve made, so you may go to it if you need to remember anything quickly. Download it, share it, print it, whatever you do, just be sure you put it to good use.

11. (Bonus Step) Advertise

If you have a product or service that you would want to see a large amount of traffic to, then ADVERTIZE! Starting off with Reddit advertisements is extremely inexpensive ($5 minimum), and you can send targeted traffic right to an offer for as little as $1 for every 1000 ad impressions you receive. Paid advertisements that I now run receive 1 percent or higher click through rates, when the industry average is 0.2 percent. That’s five times the average click-through rate of Reddit advertising!

I haven’t completed all of my testing yet, but I want to provide a tutorial on the subject as soon as I have some solid data and have had time to fine tune the procedure.

Too Long, Didn’t Read–The Reddit Marketing Cheat Sheet:

Don’t be a “Reddit Marketer!” in the final analysis. Be a member of the Reddit community. Spend an additional 10 minutes every week on the site to acquire a sense for the people who use it on a regular basis. If you follow this approach, you will be well on your way to being a respectable Reddit member who also happens to be the owner of a successful website. You’ll also be well on your way to being able to summon thousands of people to your website on command. If you want to create a company without spending any money, free communities are something you should really consider.

Fans of This Also Enjoyed.

As promised, I’m here with more content creation ideas to assist you in building your own brand. Please enjoy! There are a plethora of platforms available, and not all of them are the best match for every company; nonetheless, the key is to pick the ones that work best for you. Rather than that, I’m going to tell you a little bit about Reddit and how it can be used to help you develop your own brand.

Why use Reddit for Content Creation and Building Your Personal Brand?

As I mentioned in my last piece, being everywhere and all of the time is not required of you. Furthermore, you are not need to be a member of Reddit. It’s only one among a slew of possibilities. Even if you don’t use Reddit, you’ve undoubtedly heard something about it, and it’s possible that what you’ve heard wasn’t all that positive.

  • Redditors are too far out on the edge
  • Trolls may be found in droves on Reddit. The ability to get your material discovered on Reddit is difficult to come by.

These assumptions may have some validity, after all, it is the internet after all. However, they are not the only realities about Reddit that exist.

Some Facts About Reddit

That Reddit refers to itself as “The Front Page of the Internet” is not without cause. According to the most recent statistics, Reddit has more than 430 million active members. That’s more than double the most recent Twitter total of 330 million users! In other words, there are a plethora of opportunities for connecting with your tribe. Not everyone on Reddit is only interested in creating memes. As an added bonus, you won’t be drowning in a flood of unnecessary material, as you would be on many other social media sites.

  1. In addition to painting.
  2. Oh my goodness!
  3. This may be accomplished using the subreddit r/AskReddit.
  4. What exactly is a subreddit?
  5. These subjects might range from the general to the really specific.
  6. Posts featuring photographs do well on practically all social media platforms, and Instagram is no exception.
  7. Instead of ‘likes,’ you receive upvotes or downvotes, much like on Quora.
  8. Create relevant material and post it in the proper subreddits to maximize your exposure.
  9. However, you are welcome to provide links—in fact, you are urged to do so.

Consequently, there is a possibility to bring visitors back to your website! You may even share third-party content—all inside a very specific group/thread, increasing your chances of reaching, or being discovered by, your target audience.

Where Do I Start?

It’s simple to get started exploring Reddit and determining whether or not it’s the perfect platform for you by going to the site’s home page and searching for a topic in the top search box. You will be presented with a selection of numerous options, often known as subreddits. Obviously, you should limit your search to your specific niche. Because of the massive amount of material available on the platform, this will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. All you have to do is stick to the topics or subreddits that you intend to be involved in.

For example, I just searched “Book Covers” and some of the results I got were:
  • Bookcovers has 537 members, Bookcoverdesign has 236 members, BookCollecting has 8,207 members, and BookCollecting has 537 members.

For the time being, the Bookcollecting subreddit has the greatest number of users, so I may want to start there first. However, it’s possible that it won’t be as niche and particular as I’d like when I finally dive in. In that scenario, I’d continue to refine my initial search or look into some of the lesser subreddits to see what they have to offer. This is exactly what you should do as well! When you come across one that appears to be perfectly up your alley, that’s when you may start posting on it.

  • Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous and believe there is a demand for it, you may create your own subreddit.
  • Really, the objective is to get out there and see what you can find.
  • There are plenty different platforms available for you to experiment with.
  • It’s, which I only discovered recently and was astonished that I hadn’t used it before.
  • Like Reddit, Quora, and other networks, you may personalize your feed, or page, based on your interests, and you can curate both your own and third-party information on these platforms.
  • appears to be a pretty helpful platform, and it is available in both a premium and a free edition.
Remember friends, there’s a whole world out there full of opportunities to find your tribe, build your personal brand, and market yourself!

If you have any opinions about Reddit, I’d love to hear them. Are you making use of it? Which subreddits seem to hold the most promise for you? Do you have any recommendations for additional platforms that I might provide you with the scoop on? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

Is Reddit the future of Organic Social Media Marketing?

Reddit has risen to become the most prominent social forum as more businesses see its value as a social media marketing outlet. For small companies, the most significant advantage of this forum is that it successfully directs organic traffic and is a cost-effective solution. How much more popular is Reddit likely to become?

  • Reddit got over 30 billion views every month in 2020, resulting in a total of $919 million dollars in funding raised across eight rounds of investment. Reddit was valued at $6 billion in February 2021, more than tripling its worth from the previous year. Every day, there are 52 million active users on Reddit. More than 150 million unique pages on Reddit are visited every day, according to the site. On Reddit, there are more than 2 billion comments, and the number is growing.
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The platform has made significant advances in becoming a dependable resource for consumers who are interested in specific topics. In general, they bring together a diverse group of strangers who share a common interest in the same subjects. The platform is expanding at an exponential rate and becoming increasingly effective at generating leads. Furthermore, because the core operation of this forum is built on communities rather than a single user, the platform is capable of delivering a large volume of internet traffic with minimum effort.

Join the subreddits that are relevant to your product category and begin to influence the public’s perception of your brand.

Reddit’s Projected Growth in Social Media Marketing

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) The use of movies and images on Reddit has risen in recent years. This has been accomplished through the use of an up-and-downvoting method to identify the postings that are most engaging and important to the community.

  • When websites have videos, 88 percent of people spend more time on those pages. They have noticed an increase in the importance of visual content on their platform. The most popular posts receive a large number of first comments and upvotes

By using graphics, we’ve seen an increase in interaction as well as the potential for viral content. It made it possible for more “fun” photos and video snippets to be posted on Reddit. By providing material that is connected to videos and photos, you will be able to have your articles appear higher in the search results on their site.

Reddit Wants to Get Advertising Dollars and More Engagement

Reddit has made changes to its platform in an effort to make it more visually attractive to their users. They are attempting to attract new types of individuals, as well as younger people, to their platform. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the major social media networks that it is attempting to compete with.

  • Reddit is expected to generate $170 million in revenue in 2020
  • The majority of its revenue comes from adverts
  • It also offers a premium membership that allows users to skip advertisements.

Their standing is strengthened as a result of the creation of organic content. Create more visual material and be helpful on your platform, and you will be able to produce more leads for your marketing efforts. You might also be interested in reading:How to Use Reddit to Unlock Some of the Best Content Ideas

Reddit’s Acquisition of Dubsmash: An Alternative to TikTok

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Dubsmash is a video-sharing application that is comparable to TikTok. It is primarily a platform for short films with audio that is aimed at a younger audience, according to the company. It is the Latino and African American areas where they have acquired the most popularity. They have concentrated their efforts mostly on underrepresented populations.

  • The estimated value of Dubsmash in 2019 ranged from $50 million to $100 million. Despite the fact that Reddit paid an unknown sum to buy Dubsmash, it is widely assumed that they spent more than the estimated price.

Reddit purchased Dubsmash in 2020, making it one of the company’s largest acquisitions to date. In their public statements, they have stated that they are committed to the social media sector and intend to expand. By obtaining the Dubsmash brand. The corporation is attempting to broaden the scope of its social media network. They will also be able to benefit from Dubsmash’s expertise in video production and technological abilities. Reddit had to battle against other social media platforms in order to purchase Dubsmash.

Reddit’s Interest in Bolstering Their Video Capabilities and New Communities

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have attracted a big number of young people to the social media platform. Until recently, Reddit was unable to compete. However, there are some unavoidable statistics to which the platform has to answer, including the following:

  • 73 percent of videos have a running time of two minutes or less
  • According to 94 percent of video marketers, video has assisted in increasing customer comprehension of their product or service. Consumers watch videos with the sound turned off in 69 percent of cases.

By building up the number of users, Reddit has boosted its advertising dollars. For marketers, it’s a great opportunity to engage in different communities and niche groups. If you have content related to videos and images, it will be a great way to generate leads on these platforms.

The Biggest Leverage Point for Marketers Using Reddit

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Reddit features a plethora of subreddits and niches that you may participate in.

If you have a specific interest in a particular issue, you may post organic content on their site and receive some attention as a result of your efforts. Within Reddit, there are a plethora of distinct niches to choose from:

  • The number of subreddits at the time of writing was 2,139,093
  • Each category has a number of subreddits to choose from

Consider the possibility of developing a branded subreddit. You can serve as a moderator and help to establish it as a platform where people can interact with one another. It’s a terrific approach for people to learn about your company and become familiar with it. You must exercise caution while promoting yourself on Reddit; but, if you’ve built up a solid branded subreddit, you should explore providing followers with free instructional information that will benefit them. It will help you promote your brand and establish relationships with casual Reddit commentators if you provide things like downloadable PDFs, instructive webinars, online courses, and eBooks in return for an email address.

Leveraging Content on Reddit’s Platform with External Links

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) The majority of people who visit Reddit are looking for useful information that they can rely on. Using it to connect with one another over important subjects is an excellent method for strangers to meet one another. When writing blog posts, include external links to generate leads and increase organic traffic. For example:

  • When it comes to the top 150 subreddits, posts with external links received an average of almost 16,000 more upvotes than popular posts that are only text-based. The material can direct Reddit visitors to additional articles, videos, and landing pages for a company’s products or services.

Always include links in the context of other useful information whenever you write a post that includes links to other sources of information. People will downvote anything that appears to be spam or that does not benefit the group as a whole. Additionally, you may be interested in reading: Your Guide to Finding Trending Topics for Your Blog.

Commenting on Posts To Build Authority Within a Niche

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Some entries will contain questions that will be answered by other people’s responses. If you can establish a connection with them fast in a post, you will likely receive a large number of upvotes. Additionally, you may direct folks to your website. Here are a number of pointers to help you get your comments rated and acquire traction more quickly:

  • Provide them with a Mini-Guide that walks them through their question step-by-step
  • People should be directed to a more in-depth video or article. Make an effort to be one of the best and most timely responses

A large number of votes will be cast once a truly excellent response is provided. A large number of Redditor will agree with you that your assertion is correct. In every situation when you have a valuable resource, you can use it to attract people to your other platforms and maybe convert some of them into customers or leads.

Comparisons to Other Social Media Platforms

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) As you are probably aware, Facebook is the most widely used and largest social networking site. Obviously, social media marketing is taking use of a much broader platform right now. Facebook has attempted to push Facebook groups, and it competes directly with Subreddits in terms of popularity and reach. They mainly cater to the various interests of people who fall into distinct niches. It has shown to be an effective method of increasing interaction on their site.

  • Facebook has 84 billion daily active users
  • Reddit has 52 million daily active users
  • And Twitter has 84 billion daily active users.

As a business owner or marketer, it is critical that you do not neglect any social media company’s offerings. In an effort to make their platforms more interesting for its users, both Facebook and Reddit are making changes to their platforms. If you have the time and resources, it would be preferable to take use of both channels by starting your own Facebook Group and Subreddit, respectively.

Work to funnel leads into one of these platforms and begin participating in various Facebook Groups and Reddit Subreddits in order to establish yourself as an authority in your area. You might also be interested in reading: How to Make the Most of Social Media Groups for Your Business.

2. vs. Twitter

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Twitter provides a method for sending direct messages to persons who are members of a List. These are Tribes that are used to communicate messages to a certain group of people. There are both governmental and private organizations. The most frequent method of reaching a larger audience is through the usage of hashtags.

  • Daily active users on Twitter totaling 187 million
  • Forty percent of Twitter users have made a purchase as a result of a tweet
  • Reddit has 430 active users from all over the world.

In terms of impact, Reddit is the closest competitor to Twitter. They have a large and loyal following of supporters. Marketers will be able to reuse material in order to reach audiences on a variety of social media channels.

3. vs. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock) Influencers have risen to prominence on social media. They are able to broaden the scope of their brands and their customer base. It has been useful to the platforms since influencers would bring their following as well as a consistent supply of material. Companies specializing in micro-influencer marketing for businesses will find a plethora of chances on Reddit as a result of its popularity. The first ones to take use of this platform will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

  • As of 2021, Instagram had 1.074 billion active users. 689 million people use TikTok on a monthly basis, whereas 238 million people use Snapchat every day.

With the inclusion of Dubsmash, Reddit is making an attempt to get into this market. They will give more attention to making films and photographs a priority in the near future. Higher interaction on their platform will result as a result, and it is a developing trend across all social media platforms.


In terms of social media platforms, Reddit is a great tool for those who want to engage in certain hobbies. Consider making your own subreddit group and tagging it with your own name to make it more personal. If you want to have complete control over your audience, this might be a very effective method of building an audience. Investigate the possibility of utilizing several social media platforms in conjunction with specialist social media management software to consolidate and more efficiently manage messages.

Wesley Cherisien is a motivational speaker and trainer as well as an entrepreneur and technology investor who has written hundreds of articles, books, and training manuals for Fortune 500 companies, consultants, and writers across a wide range of sectors.

You can follow Wesley on Twitter at @wesleycherisien.

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On Reddit, you may achieve your marketing objectives. Increase your reach and reputation by going viral.

The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling Reddit

My favorite spot on the internet is Reddit, which is one of my favorite communities. As an early version of a metaverse, it allows individuals to join together to construct interconnected worlds, each with its own culture and history. That sense of connection is what makes Reddit so special, but in order for the system to function properly, each community must adhere to the one-size-fits-all mold of a subreddit in order for it to be successful. Despite the fact that “one size fits all,” it does not suit anyone very well.

Create a product that addresses the unmet requirements of a certain subreddit and you’ll have a slew of fantastic enterprises ready to be born.

Here I’d want to walk you through the process of starting your own “unbundling of Reddit” business from the ground up.

Step 1: Find a Subreddit

First and foremost, you must identify the most appropriate subreddit.

Consider starting with a search on to check how your favorite subreddits rank based on their subscribers, 24 hour growth, and activity. While browsing, seek for a subreddit that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. It’s expanding at a rapid pace. Subreddits that have increased by 40% or more in the previous 6 months are the most promising (based on long-term growth statistics)
  2. It has reached a critical mass of users (as measured by subscriber growth). It is not necessary to have millions of subscribers – anything in excess of 50K represents a possibility to establish a multi-million dollar enterprise. Beyond that, pay attention to the growth direction rather than the existing size. That’s where the hidden diamonds are, and it’s also where you have a competitive edge. When it comes to finding the appropriate subreddit, go for one that you’re particularly well-suited for. For example, you could be knowledgeable about the subject or have existing contacts in the community
  3. You might be enthusiastic about it. It is critical that you are enthusiastic about the subject matter you chose. You must be able to establish genuine connections with members of the community. Besides, it’s difficult to outperform the competition when you’re devoting your time to something you’re not passionate about. Authenticity is rewarded

Step 1 Example

  1. Throughout this essay, I’ll be utilizing the r/fire command as an example. “Fire” is an acronym that stands for “financial independence/early retirement.” It is a group of people that are dedicated to gaining financial independence so that they may live their lives on their own terms. Here’s what I think of it:
  1. It’s expanding at a rapid pace. It has more than doubled the number of subscribers in the previous seven months
  2. It has reached a critical mass of subscribers. It has around 70K customers
  3. You have a competitive advantage in that regard. I have extensive expertise in the development of some of the largest financial communities on the internet
  4. You are enthusiastic about it. Financial literacy has the potential to transform lives. As with traditional literacy, it opens the door to the world! I wish I had learned more about finance earlier in my career.

Step 2: Join the Subreddit

Now that you’ve discovered the ideal subreddit for you, it’s time to integrate yourself into the community. Immerse yourself in the life of an isolated jungle tribe as if you were an anthropologist. Learn their language as well as their customs and ceremonies. Their memes are now your memes, and vice versa. It’s recommended that you spend 1-2 hours per day on the subreddit. Take note of which postings are receiving a lot of attention from the community (pro-tip: some of the best posts have lots of comments but not a lot of upvotes).

Please share links that are of interest.

Engage in a human-to-human manner – do not spam or use commercial jargon.

The only thing you have to do is build true connections with people and learn from them.

Step 2 Example

The most popular posts on r/fire are success tales from people who have achieved significant achievements. Generally speaking, comment sections are fairly busy, with many individuals providing advise and inspiration to one another. I could engage with the community in the following ways:

  • Ask the question “What will you do in your first year after retirement?” in the comments section of this page. It would allow me to tap into the aspirational aspect of r/fire while also educating me about the members
  • Respond to inquiries regarding how to keep living expenses under control in pricey locations. Some tips and strategies for cutting my expenditures that I’ve picked up over the years that you might find useful
  • Send a link to the Lambda School to a friend. r/fire has a large number of individuals who struggle to save money since their jobs do not pay well. They may not be aware that it is feasible to increase their earning potential without attending college, for example.

Step 3: See What They Want

While you’re out in the neighborhood, keep an eye out for issues that they’re having trouble dealing with. Become accustomed to looking at everything you read through the prism of inspiration. Instead of concentrating on a specific action taken by a member, consider what prompted them to do that particular action. Keep an eye out for recurring motifs. Pay close attention to areas where your business has the potential to make a significant difference. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will be of assistance:

  • What recommendations do they want to hear from you? What exactly is it that they are always whining about
  • What would make it simpler for you to attain their objectives if you were in their shoes

Whatever your suspicions are, make an effort to corroborate them by speaking with others in the community. Collect evidence that either supports or contradicts your intuition until you are secure in your grasp of the situation.

Step 3 Example

I’ve noticed that newcomers to r/fire are overwhelmed by the amount of information available. They’re at a loss for where to begin. It’s so prevalent that asking, “How do I FI/RE?” has become a meme there. I also notice tons of messages from folks feeling disheartened and asking for moral support. The flip side of this tendency is that postings about attaining objectives get a lot of traffic. Those patterns drive me towards two needs:guidance on how to attain financial objectives, and incentive to reach them.

Step 4: Create a Closer Space for Communication ☕️

The communication bandwidth available in the subreddit format is limited. Interactions are nearly never in real time and are practically never one-on-one in nature. They may also be restricted by the norms and regulations of the subreddit in which they are posted. Once you’ve been acquainted with the neighborhood, you may upgrade your Internet connection from dialup to fiber by establishing your own meeting spot. The idea is to have more intimate and direct relationships in this situation. The most effective solutions are typically Discord servers, Slack channels, Instagram pages, or Facebook groups, among others.

Whichever option you select, be sure you curate it as much as possible for the benefit of the community.

Use the subreddit to spread the news about your new place after it has been established.

Make a blog post about it, mention it in comments, and individually invite individuals via private messaging. However, please do not spam. Instead of acting like an aggressive salesperson attempting to meet quotas, act more like a kind host inviting someone into your house.

Step 4 Example

Slack would be my first choice for r/fire. Early retirement is the focus of the community, and it is geared at businesses (thus, SlackDiscord would be my choice). I would build channels for investment, milestones, and saving suggestions, among other things. In addition, I’d build awelcome channel that had connections to the greatest FI/RE information available. To get the ball rolling, I’d personally welcome each and every new member that came on board.

Step 5: Build Something for Them

Now that you’ve come to know the members of the community and had the opportunity to speak with them personally, you’re finally ready to create something for them!

  1. Figure out what you’re going to build. Identifying the requirements of a community is the most difficult element of deciding what to develop, yet you’ve already accomplished this. After that, think about how you might be able to assist with the needs you’ve identified. Try to come up with the simplest item you can construct that will help them address an issue they are experiencing. Because you’re still wandering, think of this as a place to pitch up tent. After determining whether or not the area is suitable for farming, you may begin constructing the city. Make it happen. Once a concept has been refined, it is time to begin construction. (I won’t go into detail on how to develop a product in this article, but if you’re interested, here’s an excellent summary by Michael Seibel. Late Checkout (Late Checkout may also be offered in conjunction with prominent brands on occasion)This is when the space you established becomes really useful. Provide a preview of what you’re producing and solicit input, then incorporate the responses into the final product. Launch it again and again. You may utilize the same method that you used in Step 4 to get the word out about your project.

Step 5 Example

The greatest need I observed among r/fire members was a need for assistance in accomplishing their financial objectives. There is a plethora of information available, yet it may be overwhelming. The “investment checklist” is the concept that I came up with to aid with this. As they accumulate funds, the checklist would instruct users on where to place their money and in what sequence to reduce taxes and maximize interest while building their savings. It would be interactive, in that users could enter their monthly savings amount and other parameters, and then get an estimate of how they should advance in their savings goals.

Building is out of date; co-building is the way of the future.

Step 6: Build on Top of What You Built

You have two really significant resources at your disposal at this point: your space and your goods. The twin boosters on either side of your spaceship are what will propel your spaceship to escape velocity. You now have everything you need to start a successful enterprise. Find chances to build on top of your product in order to do this. There should not be a scarcity of anything. Consider whether it has the potential to develop into a community or marketplace. Include social components in your design.

Iterate, iterate, and iterate some more.

Try to figure out how Discord grew out of the League of Legends community, or how IndieHackers grew out of the bootstrapping community, and see what you can learn.

Step 6 Example

For example, I believe that establishing a FI/RE knowledge center is the best course of action. Alternatively, I could create more useful tools and post them on the same website, such as a savings calculator that tells you how much money you need to save each month in order to reach your retirement goal by a specific year. I could monetize my efforts by developing an online course on how to retire early. The tools would direct visitors to the website, where consumers would learn about the course.

In order to increase the community and bring traffic to the website, I could branch out into podcasts and YouTube. This would produce ad money for me as well.

Bonus: r/manga

My firm belief in the unbundling Reddit strategy is so strong that Late Checkout conducts a weekly unbundling of Reddit scrum, in which we select a new subreddit to unbundle each week. Starting a business can be a joyful and creative experience if you do it right. To access Slideshare, please click on the unbundling picture below. I hope you have found this information to be useful. This article is intended to get you thinking about the plethora of possibilities for unbundling Reddit. The next 18 months will provide a great chance for subreddits to become more independent.

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