How To Set Up Microsoft Bing Shopping Campaigns? (Suits you)

10 Steps to Set Up Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing) Shopping Ads

  1. Step 1: Access the Microsoft Merchant Center.
  2. Step 2: Create Your Store.
  3. Step 3: Verify URL via Bing Webmaster Tools or by Validated UET Tag.
  4. Step 4: Create & Upload Your Product Catalog.
  5. Step 5: Create Your Microsoft Shopping Campaign.

  • How to Set Up Your Bing Shopping Campaigns First things first: Create your Microsoft Merchant Center account. You can do this by logging onto your Microsoft Ads(formerly known as Bing Ads) account, click the “Microsoft Merchant Center” button, and create an account.

How do I create a Microsoft Shopping campaign?

Create a Bing Shopping Campaign From your Microsoft Merchant Center, click Create Campaign. Then click Sell Products. You’ll adjust your campaign settings, like setting priority levels for each of your Bing shopping campaigns. Priority levels can be high, medium, or low.

Does Bing do shopping ads?

Bing Shopping campaigns are similar to those of AdWords. They allow advertisers to display their product ads on the Bing Search Network. They are currently displayed on the right-hand side of the search results page in a grid format. Each ad contains an image, price, product description, and company name.

Does Bing have smart shopping?

In Q3 of 2020, Bing began to invite platform users to test their Smart Shopping pilot. While not everyone has access to this feature yet, Smart Shopping will continue to roll out to additional accounts in the coming months.

How do I add products to Bing Shopping?

To do this go to the tools tab, find Bing Merchant Center and select ‘create store’. A short form to fill out will appear, covering core site details – name, URL, description, contact details and whether you have a secure checkout. Save the form and your Merchant Centre will now be ready.

What is a UET tag?

Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a powerful tool that records what customers do on your website. By creating one UET tag and placing it across your website, Microsoft Advertising will collect data that allows you to track conversion goals and target audiences with remarketing lists.

How do I set up Microsoft Merchant Center?

Create a Microsoft Merchant Center store

  1. From the top menu, select Tools > Merchant center > Manage stores (shopping cart icon).
  2. Select Create store.
  3. Enter your store info, including your Store description and SSL Checkout selection.
  4. You’ll also be asked to verify your site through Domain validation.
  5. Select Save.

Is Bing shopping free?

Key things to know about Product Listings The clicks from the Product Listings section within the Shopping Tab are free and require no payment from retailers. All products need to abide by Microsoft Advertising policiesOpens in new window and Product Ads policies.

Should you block aggregators?

It is recommended that you block aggregators, which are websites that may list your products/services on their website and link directly to yours.

How do I add a feed to Bing?

Uploading Data Feeds to Bing (FTP)

  1. Log in to your Bing Merchant Account.
  2. Go to Tools > Catalog Management.
  3. Select the option Merchant Upload.
  4. Go to View or Modify FTP account settings, and set your FTP details.
  5. Enter the name of a data feed file (without the extension), and click Save.

Specialist Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Agency

Do you require assistance with your Microsoft Advertising?

How it works

The Bing search engine will display your ad above or below organic search results when a user types a search query into the search engine. If the search phrase used matches one of your keywords, your ad will show above or below organic search results on the Bing search engine. By advertising on the Bing Network, you may reach even more people, since your ad will be presented to millions of prospective customers on the Bing search engine result pages and on partner sites such as The Wall Street Journal and InfoSpace, among other places.

Improve these features and you will be able to land the top ad position.

Why you should choose Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads) is a paid advertisement service that allows advertisers to pay to have their adverts show on Microsoft’s search engine. Search phrases activate paid adverts, which display above organic results in the same way that they do for organic results. Paid advertisements increase brand visibility and awareness while driving visitors to a website and, if done successfully, sales or leads. PPC advertising on Bing is a cost-effective strategy to bring in new and existing consumers to your website by targeting them with relevant content.

  • Using the services of a Microsoft Bing advertisements agency, you can create a campaign that targets the most profitable terms while decreasing costs.
  • It is the engine behind Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa voice search, and it is the default search engine on all PCs running most versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which is the most crucial feature.
  • It is possible to create advertisements, organize them into ad groups and campaigns, set a budget for the campaign at the campaign level and on a daily basis, and track the effectiveness of your advertisements.
  • What’s more, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad!

A profit over traffic approach to Microsoft Advertising

We collaborate with our customers to develop and manage successful Microsoft Ads campaigns, utilizing our exclusive profit over traffic strategy to pay-per-click advertising. Our staff has extensive expertise with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, specifically with the Microsoft advertising platform.

We can assist our clients in utilizing the appropriate advertising elements available in the Microsoft Advertising platform in order to generate sales and leads from the Bing search engine, as well as other sources.

Our approach to Microsoft Advertising

We’re not simply a bunch of PPC agency geeks who follow best practices since we’ve worked with some of the world’s most well-known companies. We combine your business insights with our knowledge of paid search and PPC advertising to create a PPC marketing strategy that is best suited for increasing revenue; whether on a combination of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, or even LinkedIn; and that is most effective for increasing revenue.

Bing Shopping Campaigns

However, while conducting a successful Microsoft Advertising (Bing) marketing campaign is not straightforward, our proven profit er traffic method to PPC management simplifies things down into four simple steps: Campaigns and learnings from Google Ads can be imported. Because of the huge volume of traffic that Google receives, we always recommend that our customers begin their advertising campaigns with Google Ads before transferring to Microsoft Advertising. This implies that when the time comes for our clients to advertise on Microsoft Advertising, they will already have a wealth of knowledge to transfer and their campaigns will already be partially optimized for success due to their previous experience.

  1. While there are many similarities between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, the customers on each platform are vastly different.
  2. As soon as we have accumulated adequate performance data from Microsoft Advertising, we will deploy our profit over traffic method to PPC advertising in order to further optimize your Microsoft Advertising account and enhance your earnings even more.
  3. The optimization of landing pages in order to increase conversion rates, the improvement of Quality Scores in order to lower click prices, the creation of fresh ad copy messaging to test, and the identification of new keyword topics are all examples of what may be done.
  4. In order to provide thorough PPC performance reports utilizing our automated reporting APIs, we have put in a lot of effort.
  5. Our PPC performance reports are updated and sent out on a monthly and weekly basis, respectively.

Case Studies

  • A cosmetic surgery company with facilities in Manchester and Liverpool was dissatisfied with the quantity of leads it was receiving from its previous PPC agency. Their belief was that they should be able to generate more leads from their Google Ads PPC account, so they contacted Pepper PPC Agency to see if we could assist them. A variety of cosmetic surgical procedures are available from the client’s practice, including breast enhancement, rhinoplasty, stomach tightening and otoplasty, to mention a few.

From £0 to £21k a month in 7 months for an online butcher

  • An online meat seller situated in Yorkshire who supplies meat to some of the country’s most prestigious chefs, restaurants, and gastropubs approached Pepper PPC Agency for assistance in launching their website and generating traffic that would provide a positive return. Although the customer now offers premium, restaurant-grade meat to companies, she desired to branch out into the B2C market by launching an online butcher website. Pepper had more in mind than just a PPC campaign with this job, since the website needed to be in good working order before the PPC campaign could be lucrative. Our PPC strategy and account structure had to be designed in such a way that it would provide the highest possible profit margins in order for this project to be successful. We also needed to provide guidance on the website’s content and design to ensure that it was conversion-focused and well-positioned to convert traffic into purchases.

Common Microsoft Ads FAQs

  1. No, Bing does not belong to Google. Google is owned by the Alphabet group, and Bing is controlled by Microsoft
  2. Both are publicly traded companies.

Bing Smart Shopping – New Ad Campaigns for E-commerce Success

Marketing Campaigns to Help You Succeed in E-Commerce on Bing Smart Shopping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for E-Commerce Success

As of February 16th 2021, Microsoft Advertising now offers automated Smart Shopping campaigns and supports imported Google Ads Smart Shopping campaigns

Last month, Bing Ads (a division of Microsoft Advertising) introduced its own version of Google’s Smart Shopping campaign type. We have been long-time proponents of the advantages, and in some cases, the necessity, of advertising on Microsoft’s Platform, so this was clearly a source of great excitement for us. For the first time, Microsoft’s automated bidding and targeting technology is beginning to catch up with Google’s technology. We were initially wary of products and features that placed more power in Google’s omnipotent hands, but after witnessing increased conversion rates and return-on-ad-spends for all of our clients, we had no choice but to accept Google Smart Shopping campaigns as part of our overall marketing strategy.

The following are some of the primary advantages of using Microsoft for PPC advertising, in case you still need more convincing:

  • In part because to the fact that there is less competition on Bing, costs per click (CPC) tend to be a little bit cheaper, and conversion rates can be a little bit higher than on Google Ads. Microsoft’s device targeting is superior than Google’s – Microsoft allows marketers to target consumers depending on the type of device and operating system that they use. Advertisers can also choose to just display advertisements to mobile users and to exclude advertisements from desktop users. It is possible that Bing will be more acceptable for some firms – both e-commerce and non-e-commerce enterprises – due to its older and richer audience. It is extremely well suited for business-to-business marketing.

Using Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, we examined the success of four of our e-commerce clients that conduct PPC (Paid Search and Shopping) campaigns across the two platforms. Here’s how they stack up against one another. The dates are from the first of March 2020 to the last of February 2021. Take note that the data presented above compares the performance of Google Ads Smart Shopping with that of Microsoft Advertising standard Shopping performance, respectively. In spite of having a little lower conversion rate and a significantly smaller proportion of the Search Engine pie, Microsoft Advertising manages to outperform Google Ads in terms of lower average click cost (CPC) and a 16 percent greater return-on-investment (ROI).

Microsoft Advertising – initial Smart Shopping results

The dates are from the 21st of February to the 6th of March 2021. Only a few weeks have passed since Bing launched its Smart Shopping initiatives, thus the data is sparse and inconclusive for the time being. So far, we can see that Bing Smart Shopping initiatives have done better in terms of e-commerce conversion rate than other types of marketing. ROI and ROAS are lower than those of ‘Standard’ campaigns, which is due to the lower average order value and little data. However, we anticipate to see variations in performance, similar to those found for Google Ads Standard campaigns vs Smart Shopping ads.

Create your own Bing Smart Shopping campaigns, or import your Google Ads Smart Shopping campaigns for an instant revenue boost

It is highly recommended that you establish Microsoft Advertising campaigns for your clients or for your own company, particularly if you operate an e-commerce firm and are looking to increase your income at a higher rate of return than you can get from Google. And if you own an e-commerce firm or have customers that do business online, you should begin conducting Smart Shopping ads on Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads as soon as possible.

The initial results for our clients have been positive, and we anticipate that ROI and ROAS will continue to rise significantly over the coming weeks and months. To receive a free assessment of your ecommerce site, please include your contact information.

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Bing Ads Agency: Drive High-Intent Traffic to Your Site

Because of the work we’ve done on our campaigns, we’ve seen a big increase in return on investment, which has immediately translated into a reduction in cost per sale by increasing the percentage of visitors who made a purchase while on our site. It is the manner in which Tillison Consulting does its business that we find most satisfactory; we have recommended them to our business connections and will continue to do so. Smiffys Australia’s Web Franchise Manager is John Elston.

Whatever your digital marketing goal, we’ll get you there

Our Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads) professionals develop effective ad campaigns that are distributed throughout Bing and other Microsoft-owned networks, resulting in a substantial boost in website traffic and revenue for your company. We would want to be a part of your success as well.

Get seen across Microsoft’s network

Microsoft Bing currently controls between 15 and 20 percent of all search traffic and processes more than 15 million searches each month throughout the globe. As a Microsoft Ads management firm with many years of successful experience in the digital marketing sector, we’ve seen firsthand the rapid growth of Bing over the years. Bing provides a fantastic chance for SMEs because there is less competition and, on average, a cheaper cost per click than Google Ads, making it a more affordable option.

Our team will do thorough research and design your marketing strategies to achieve the following results:

  • Motivated purchasers should be targeted
  • The most appropriate clicks should be attracted. Direct clients to suitable landing pages
  • Increase sales and return on ad expenditure to their maximum potential

Advertise products all across the web

Bing has launched Microsoft Shopping advertisements, which allow you to market your products to potential buyers who are looking for certain things on the internet. If you currently have a successful Google Shopping campaign in place, Microsoft Shopping is a terrific method to boost your earnings even more.

Delivering results with Microsoft Ads Management

A 32 percent increase in sales was achieved while the cost per sale was reduced by 26 percent. Our Microsoft Ads service assisted Smiffys in increasing sales while while lowering expenditures. We can provide the same service for you.

Microsoft Ads Fundamentals

What to anticipate from our subject matter experts We recognize that every business is unique, and we will always tailor a plan to meet your specific requirements. Before we do anything with your campaigns, we will gain a thorough grasp of your target audience and campaign objectives in order to identify the most appropriate outcome for you. When it comes to advertising campaigns, this is one of the most significant aspects to consider. We will do extensive research from the beginning to the end of the project in order to uncover high intent search phrases that are more likely to convert visitors and provide a high return on investment.

As a Microsoft Advertising Partner, we assist clients in improving the effectiveness of ad groups, segmenting shopping campaigns, and ensuring that keywords are closely matched with one another.

We will assist you in drastically lowering your total campaign expenditures while also raising your conversion rates by implementing conversion tracking through the use of a Universal Event Tracking (UTE) solution.

The ability to make the most of communication channels is crucial for any Microsoft Ads campaign to be successful.

We want to build a long-term relationship with your company by gaining a sense of the direction the company is taking and soliciting input from you on the impact of any changes that are implemented.

Our Microsoft Ads Management Promise

Our Microsoft Ads management services put your company in front of millions of prospective clients, enticing them to your website when they are searching for your product or service on Google or another search engine. A well-structured Microsoft Advertising marketing campaign may also offer visitors to your website at a cheaper cost per conversion than you could get with a Google ads campaign, which is something we’ve discovered as well. Collaboration is one of our most important foundations of success, and we look forward to working together with you to accomplish some wonderful outcomes.

Discover what more we can do to assist you.

Increase traffic to your eCommerce business and sales by implementing a Pay Per Click strategy that has been optimized by our team of Google Shopping Experts.

Our Pay Per Click Specialists can assist you in increasing brand recognition, as well as generating revenue and leads, via the use of successful social marketing campaigns.

Microsoft (Bing) Ads Remarketing for BigCommerce

Feed Requirements for the Microsoft Merchant Center Because Tag Rocket transmits event data to Microsoft in order to better targeted advertising, it is critical to guarantee that the product information received can be matched to the goods in your Microsoft Merchant Center Feed before sending the data.

Variant Products(Products with Options)

While the variation SKU is preferred, any unique value would suffice. ” item group id ” – The BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU* is also acceptable. It is possible to prefix or suffix it with other characters, for example, “P_.”

Non-Variant Products(Products without Options)

BigCommerce Product Id or Product-level SKU* may be found in ” id ” and ” item group id ” It is possible to prefix or suffix it with other characters, for example, “P_”*. The BigCommerce Product ID should be used in the feed if the Product SKU is left blank, because it is a mandatory field. To get to the feed, go to Merchant Center- Feeds- Download Feed and choose it. For further examination, the downloaded.txt file may be imported into Excel as a tab-delimited file. Note 1:Tag Rocket defaults to employ BigCommerce’s Product ID, however this may be modified by modifying the Item Group ID setting in the Tag Rocket configuration.

Purchase Conversion Target for Microsoft Ads It is critical to measure the money generated by ad clicks in order to increase the accuracy of dynamic remarketing campaigns and reporting through Microsoft Ads, as well as the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

To use the Conversion Goals tool, go to Tools-Conversion Goals.

You may have other objectives, but there is only one buying objective that is included in the conversions. Alternatively, you may customize some of the other goal parameters to fit your tastes — here is an example of what we often configure:

Microsoft Bing Ads vs Google Ads

We understand that there was a lot of information to take in at once. We hope that the comparisons of Microsoft Advertising vs Google Ads will assist you in determining which is the best option for your company! Never, ever put all of your marketing eggs in one basket, is our philosophy when it comes to marketing. When it comes to addressing consumers across several media, a multi-pronged strategy is optimal.

  • As a result, if you intend to promote in North America, we recommend that you run Google and Microsoft Ads simultaneously. if you’re looking to get into the US market, Microsoft will make a significant impact in your ability to penetrate the middle-aged population
  • If you are working with a limited budget and can only use one platform, Google Ads is the way to go. Additionally, it provides additional advertising opportunities and has an unrivaled audience reach.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is in a perpetual state of flux. Advertisers must be on top of their game at all times in order to monitor and change bids for maximum efficiency. It is time-consuming and can be difficult if a brand does not have the necessary resources or is unfamiliar with the platforms. Since a result, we propose that you consider dealing with an agency that is a Certified Ad Partner of Google and Microsoft, as they can provide you with knowledge. Take, for example, the television show War Room.

Using real-time modifications, their professionals ensure that the advertisements are constantly operating at their peak levels.

An agency can take care of the technical and difficult aspects of digital marketing, saving you time and money by not wasting your money on ineffective advertising.

Regardless of whether you use one or both channels, Microsoft and Google can help you increase your online visibility and increase conversions.

Bing — Blog

The use of paid search, often known as PPC, has long been seen as a lower-funnel option, and with good reason. Obtaining the number one ranking on Google is a prize that is well worth the effort. Sometimes brands may target their sponsored search advertising at the top of search results for their own branded keywords, other times they will target their competitors’ names, and other times they will target their categories. They get our attention since they are the first result we see, and for many people, that is all it takes to get them to click.

  1. It is critical to appear on the first page of results.
  2. However, while paid search is a wonderful bottom of the funnel (BoFu) converter, how we assess success and pigeonholing paid search entirely as a BoFu approach while disregarding its potential higher in the funnel can cause marketers’ goals to be slowed down.
  3. Keyword strategy for your PPC advertising may be optimized throughout the rest of the funnel, as can your landing page design.
  4. The majority of your PPC spending should be spent on keywords that are targeted at the bottom of your sales funnel.
  5. There’s already a level of curiosity behind the rationale of that search word, regardless of whether it’s generic to your sector or special to your company.
  6. Consider the following scenario: you are a maker of alcoholic beverages.
  7. Because your customers are already familiar with these beverages, the top of the funnel isn’t always about product discovery, but rather about product intent.

Your consumers will be able to discover your items if you use keywords that are optimal for both your budget and discoverability.

If, on the other hand, you operate in a category where product discoverability is likely to be the first step, your top of funnel approach with sponsored search may be a little more complicated to implement.

Your PPC advertisements, on the other hand, can be towards the top of your funnel, if not the very first step.

Instead of focusing on conversions, you might direct your adverts to informational landing sites.

Here, you should concentrate on branded keywords.

Here’s when a sponsored search advertisement will be most effective in increasing conversions.

The number of conversions on your landing pages is more important than the amount of clicks you receive on your search advertisements when it comes to PPC success.

There are a variety of tactics that marketers may use to increase the number of conversions on their landing pages.

It is possible to enhance your conversion rate by as much as 7% by optimizing the load times of these pages.

Additionally, the impression rate—the rate at which your ad is being viewed in comparison to the total number of qualifying impressions your ad may receive—is a crucial parameter to track and analyze.

If your advertisements are not displaying, it may be due to a lack of funding.

Your impression share is low, yet the number of impressions as a whole is large.

Determine which keywords are producing the greatest results and devote a larger budget to those campaigns in order to provide them with as many opportunities to convert as possible in order to maximize your impression rate.

Keep your paid search strategy on track, though, and optimize your advertisements throughout as many phases of the funnel as it makes sense for your company.

In order to get greater conversion rates on your advertising, it is necessary to go outside of the box and consider how paid search fits into your overall campaign plan. To learn more about how Adtaxi can assist you with your sponsored search strategy, contact us now.

How to Set Up Microsoft (Bing) Shopping Campaigns

When used in conjunction with your paid advertising plan, Microsoft (previously Bing Shopping) advertisements may be quite useful. While the amount of traffic on Microsoft is significantly smaller than that on Google, there is also less competition, the cost per click and cost per acquisition (CPC and CPA) are lower, and you may get your items in front of a new audience. Campaigns for Microsoft Shopping are quite similar to those for Google Ads. With these campaigns, you will be able to display your product advertisements on the Microsoft Search Network, which has over 14.6 billion monthly PC searches and 699 million unique PC users throughout the world.

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In addition, we provide recommendations for optimizing shopping efforts as well as frequent blunders you should avoid.

Instructions on how to set up a Microsoft Shopping Campaign Learn how to develop product advertisements for a Shopping campaign.

What are Product Ads in Microsoft (Bing) Advertising?

Advertising using custom photos from your product catalogs (which you build in the Microsoft Merchant Center) are known as product ads. They also include a title, a price, and the seller’s contact information. On Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, Microsoft’s product ads are displayed only at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) and on the right side next to the search results, as opposed to Google’s shopping ads, which appear not only on the search results page but also on Image search, Shopping listings, and Google Search Partner websites.

You may utilize product advertisements to promote your online and brick-and-mortar stores while also acquiring qualified leads if you are a merchant.

Pros of product ads

  • Product advertisements bring in clients at the bottom of the sales funnel. People come across them when they are looking for a certain product and are about to purchase it. Product advertisements display above both sponsored and organic search results, allowing you to receive more visitors. Product advertisements, in addition to displaying a picture, can be more appealing than text advertisements. Product advertisements are less difficult to execute at scale since you do not have to build each advertisement individually.

Cons of product ads

  • When used to market anything other than things that are available for purchase online or offline, you are not permitted to use them at all. Product advertisements do not allow you to bid on individual keywords. The product qualities you set in your Microsoft Merchant Center catalog are used instead of keywords to display your adverts on relevant searches
  • This saves you time and money. In contrast to text advertising, you are unable to offer your phone number, business hours, or other information, which may keep you from making unwanted clicks. Product advertisements, as opposed to text advertisements, allow you to include less information about the product and the shop. Only a small number of countries have product advertisements and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns available, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and India.

How to Create a Microsoft Shopping Campaign

In addition, you are not permitted to use them to promote anything other than things that are available for purchase online or offline. You cannot bid on individual keywords while running product advertisements. The product qualities you set in your Microsoft Merchant Center catalog are used instead of keywords to show your advertising on relevant searches, so you don’t have to. Because you cannot display your phone number, business hours, or other information like that in text advertising, you may be able to save on clicks by not using them.

Only a small number of countries have product advertisements and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns available, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and India.

How to create product ads in a Shopping campaign

If you have previously built Shopping campaigns in Google, then creating the identical campaigns in Microsoft should be a simple process for you to complete. The arrangement is fairly identical to the last one. The Merchant Center and a product stream (referred to as a catalog) are both present, however there are some small distinctions between the two. Let’s go over the steps of the setup procedure.

Step 1. Verify that you own your store

  1. Obtain access to theBing Webmaster Tools. Use the same Microsoft account that you use to log in to Microsoft Advertising to sign in. Complete the About Me, Contact Preference, and Alert Preference sections by selecting Profile from the menu bar. Under My Sites, input your URL and click Add, then fill out the form with your URL information. Choose one of the choices given below to verify your site’s authenticity.

If your URL has been confirmed, you will be sent to the Dashboard.

Step 2. Create a Microsoft Merchant Center Shop

You may establish a catalog of your items on the Microsoft Merchant Center, which will be featured on the Microsoft Search Network. You can include photographs and other information about your products in your catalog. Microsoft Merchant Center feed files that you provide are used to populate the product advertising with inventory. 1. Select Microsoft Merchant Center from the top-level menu bar. 2. Select Create a shop from the drop-down menu. 3. Fill up the form with your store details.

  • Store name: The system will display the store name in the product advertising below the price, if the store is listed in the system. The name of the store cannot be modified once it has been created, and it must be between 1 and 70 characters in length. Validation of the domain: Webmaster Tools or the UET (Universal Event Tracking) tag can be used to confirm your domain name (Step 1). It is necessary for a UET tag to register at least 50 events before you can validate your domain with it
  • Otherwise, the validation will fail. The destination URL is the web page that viewers will be routed to when they click on your advertisement. This URL should be the same as the domain that has been verified. Store Description: This description is provided only for your convenience. It will not be seen in your advertisement
  • Is it necessary to use SSL checkout (yes/no): Check to see if your SSL certificates are still valid. Stores that do not have SSL enabled will be rejected by Microsoft Advertising.

Step 3. Upload your feed

  1. Select Tools from the top menu bar, and then Microsoft Merchant Center from the drop-down list
  2. Choose the shop that you wish to make changes to
  3. Select the Feed Management option from the drop-down menu. If this is your first time establishing a feed, enter the name of your feed here. If you want to create other feeds, click Create New Feed and enter the name of the feed you want to create. Please upload your file. You may manually import your Shopping Feed or use FTP to import it. Also available is the option to automatically download a file from a URL, or import one from a Google Merchant Center account. Schedule automated feed downloads to keep your catalog’s content up to date on a regular basis. Set the frequency of downloads, the day and hour of downloads, and the time zone. You may use this page to start or stop your schedule.

Please keep in mind that after establishing a new feed and submitting a feed file, it may take up to 3 business days for your feed file to be processed.

Step 4. Create your Shopping campaign

  1. Make sure to choose All campaigns from your primary navigation menu on the left. Choose Campaigns from the drop-down menu on the page. Select Shopping campaign from the Create Campaign drop-down menu. In the subsequent phases, Microsoft Advertising will guide you through the process

How to import Shopping campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft (Bing) Advertising

If you already have Shopping Ads campaigns running on Google, you may import such ads into Microsoft. This will save you time because you will not have to develop a feed and set up a campaign from the ground up again.

  1. Importing data from Google Ads is as simple as going to your Microsoft advertising account and selecting Import from the menu at the top of the page. Follow the on-screen procedures to provide Microsoft Advertising permission to import campaigns from your Google Ads account by clicking Sign in to Google and following the on-screen prompts. Continue by selecting the account that you wish to import from Google Ads and then clicking Next Enter the import name, schedule the import, and then click on Start import to begin.

Microsoft supports the vast majority of Google characteristics; nonetheless, we recommend that you read Microsoft’s instructions on which Google feed attributes are supported once they have been imported into Microsoft Bing.

How to customize your import from Google Ads

You can customize the import by selecting Customize import after selecting Google Ads account. This will allow you to choose which items to import, adjust bids, bid strategies, and budgets, associate UET tags, and more. 1. Under Which campaigns and ad groups do you want to import?, select the campaigns and ad groups from Google Ads that you want to import and then click Next. When you select All ad groups in a campaign, Microsoft will import only the ad groups that are currently active. You can also choose to import both active and paused advertising groups by selecting Show paused advertising groups as well.

  1. Select the items you want to import and customize from the drop-down menu under Choose which items to import and the options to set for them.
  2. 3.
  3. The Auto setting will allow Microsoft Advertising to automate the schedule in order to optimize your campaigns if you leave the schedule setting at Auto.
  4. Select ImportImport schedulehistory from the top-level menu bar.

Tips to Optimize Microsoft (Bing) Shopping Campaigns

It is not enough to just create a Shopping campaign in the proper manner in order to properly market your items on Microsoft.

Here are some best practices and pointers to help you maximize your marketing and return on investment.

Set priority levels

For each Microsoft shopping campaign, you may choose different levels of importance. Microsoft assigns three levels of importance to certain tasks: low, medium, and high. Setting the priority of a given campaign to High will result in it being displayed more frequently than other campaigns with a priority set to Low or Medium, for example. Give emphasis to the efforts that are the most profitable and significant to you.

Set higher bids for better-performing products

Keep an eye on the success of your advertising and make adjustments as needed. Set greater bids on the best-performing advertisements in order to acquire more impressions and optimize return on investment (ROI) on those items.

Create custom audiences

Using Microsoft’s audience segmentation tools, you can tell Microsoft exactly who you want to reach and avoid wasting money on individuals who aren’t in your target demographic once the advertisements are up. To create an audience, navigate to Shared LibraryAudience and then pick View Audiences from the drop-down menu.

Set up remarketing audiences

There is currently no way to import remarketing lists from your Google Ads account into your Microsoft Advertising account. As a result, you’ll have to manually create remarketing audiences. To do so, navigate to the Audience area and select Create a remarketing list from the drop-down menu. Keep in mind that you’ll need to configure Microsoft’s UET (Universal Event Tracking) tags before you can use them.

Enable Local Inventory ads for offline shops

If you run an offline business, it makes sense to take use of Microsoft’s Local Inventory functionality. Your advertisements will display for targeted inquiries (cities, states), as well as for searches for “near me.” Providing the actual location of your store is required in order to allow Local Inventory advertisements; the rest of the process is identical to that used for conventional Shopping campaigns.

Use custom labels to better analyze campaigns and improve targeting

Labels allow you to arrange advertising, ad groups, and campaigns in a logical and simple manner. Although labels may not have an immediate impact on your advertisements, they will allow you to enhance your targeting in the future and better evaluate your campaigns.

Use Microsoft ad extensions for Shopping campaigns

Increase the length of your product advertisements to make them stand out from the competition and to supply users with additional information. For example, you might include a call-to-action with Action extensions, average customer reviews for your items with Review extensions, or sitelinks to the landing page with Sitelink extensions to drive more traffic to your website.

Microsoft (Bing) Shopping Campaigns Mistakes to Avoid

Keep these pricey dangers in mind if you are new to Microsoft Shopping advertisements.

Starting from scratch

If you currently run Shopping Ads on Google, you may save time and work by importing your existing feeds and shopping campaigns into Google Shopping Ads.

Lack of feed optimization

Make a thorough outline of all of your product information and avoid using names that are too brief for your items. For instance, consider the following two titles: «Levi’s 501» and «Levi’s 501 Women’s Blue Jeans.» The second one is far more explicit.

Keep in mind that there are several other feed characteristics to consider. Give yourself plenty of time to complete as many fields as possible, such as those pertaining to color, size, material, and other specifics.

Ignoring keywords in titles and descriptions

Increase the number of keywords in your product titles and descriptions to help them rank higher in search results for more profitable search phrases.

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Using wrong images

Follow the image criteria specified by Microsoft. Images must be at least 220 by 220 pixels in size and be free of any type of marking. Make use of as little surrounding whitespace as possible; just around 10% of your picture should be whitespace. Images containing more than 60% whitespace will almost certainly not be approved by the Microsoft team.

Not enabling automatic item updates

It not only saves you time, but it also helps to keep your campaigns protected. Inconsistencies between your site and Microsoft might result in your account being suspended or rejected if there are too many of them. Automatic updates can help to decrease these inconsistencies.

No device optimization

In order to target mobile audiences, you need adjust the bid increases for smartphone and tablet devices in the campaign’s settings (from -100 percent to +100 percent).

Not using negative keywords

However, while shopping campaigns do not employ keywords to activate product advertisements, it is recommended that you use negative keywords in order to avoid your items from appearing in response to irrelevant and underperforming inquiries. When creating your campaign, you might include the most evident negative keywords in your list. Then you should go over your search query report and check for any that aren’t relevant, and add them to your negative keyword list as appropriate.

Starting with a too low budget for Shopping campaigns

Having a budget that is too little can prevent you from reaching your target market successfully. For example, your campaign’s money may be depleted by the afternoon, but your target demographic is more engaged in the nighttime hours. Microsoft suggests devoting 30 percent of your overall budget to Shopping marketing as a starting point for your campaign.

Not using the available Microsoft Advertising reports

Product ad and Shopping campaign-specific reports may be used to track campaign performance. The Shopping report may be found on the Dimensions tab, under the Reports section. The Share of voice report and the Search phrase report are two more reports that are relevant. We hope you found this blog post to be informative, and we will be pleased to keep you informed of new articles on sponsored advertising as they become available. With PromoNavi, you can make the most of your pay-per-click advertising.

Create an account and begin your trial with unrestricted access to all features for 14 days!

Microsoft (Bing) Ads Training

£1,620 for a group of up to 6 individuals Using Microsoft (Bing) advertisements, we will assist you in learning the principles of advertising while also teaching you how to run efficient search campaigns that drive users to take action on your website.

This course will teach you how to integrate your Google Ads campaigns to your Microsoft Ads campaigns in order to take advantage of the efficiency that advertising on both platforms can provide.

At the end of this one day course you will be able to successfully import your Google Ads campaigns to Microsoft Ads and optimise them to suit the platforms requirements.

Over the course of this class, we will work with you to demonstrate how to create awareness for your brand and motivate people to take action by creating, administering, and optimizing campaigns on the Google Display Network. You will leave with an in-depth grasp of how to organize and design a campaign, as well as an understanding of the many strategies you may use to target your audience throughout the internet, among other things.

Find Out More

£1,620 for a group of up to 6 individuals This training is designed for groups of up to six participants.

  • Zoom training in real time
  • Takeaways on slides
  • Actionable theory
  • Follow-up access after the session
  • 7 hours of content

The first paragraph is titled “Introduction.” Google Display Network is the second option. 03. The Purposes and Objectives 04. Account Setup and Configuration Methods of Targeting (No. 05) Ad Formats (No. 6) 07. Your First Political Campaign 08. Competitive Bidding Strategies Optimisation is number nine. tenth and last question and answer

Live Zoom Lessons

Save money on travel expenses and learn from the convenience of your own home or workplace by participating in a live Zoom webinar.

Follow Up Communication

You will have access to us for one week following the conclusion of the course for any inquiries or additional help.

Actionable Sessions

In addition to listening, you will be working within your own Google Ads account, doing tasks as they are assigned to you.

Slide Takeaways

You will receive a packet of material at the conclusion of the day, which will include all of the presentations and takeaways from the day.

Pre-Course Questionnaire

As part of our effort to ensure that you get the most out of the course, you will be issued a pre-course survey to assist us in planning the day’s activities.

Discounts and Offers

We have access to a variety of discounts and offers on additional courses, tools, and software, which will be made available to all attendees during the conference. You will be able to do the following by the conclusion of the course.

  • Make Google Display advertising campaigns and manage them
  • Make use of best practices in your account. Campaigns should be optimized for optimum impact.

Given that this is a practical course, we propose that you restrict the number of registrants to no more than six people for the best results. If you would want to add more persons in the training, the pricing will remain the same, but the instruction will become more theoretical rather than hands-on. For the time being, this specific course has only been designed for a novice audience; however, if you are interested in a more advanced version, please get in contact as we may be offering something shortly.

  1. It is true that in-person training will cost an additional £2,000, in addition to travel and expenses.
  2. We have attempted this in the past, but we have discovered that the training information is then shared across other firms, therefore we have decided to discontinue this service.
  3. Even if the course is being held remotely, it is better if it is divided into two half days to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  4. Our training courses are priced based on the number of people in the group (up to six).
  5. If this is a bit out of your price range, please get in touch so that we can tell you about the mixed group training sessions that we will be holding in the near future.
  6. If you have reached the point where you believe you have learned everything there is to know about Google Ads, our courses may not be the ideal fit for you at this time.

We do recommend that all registrants have access to the following resources in order to get the most out of the course:

  • A laptop or PC
  • Their Google Ads account
  • Google Ads Editor (which is free)
  • And a Google Ads account. They have a Google Analytics account

“Sam is without a doubt our favorite trainer by far! Using strategic thinking in conjunction with practical execution techniques she taught us, we have completely revolutionized our approach to PPC and gained an understanding of the advanced strategies and tactics we can use for our customers. Our PPC and Paid Social offerings have been strengthened as a result of her contributions.” Gareth HoyleMarketing Signals by Gareth HoyleMarketing Signals by Gareth Hoyle “I tried my hardest to get through the material from your great course in a logical manner.

We’ve grown from doing advertisements just in the United Kingdom to currently running campaigns in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, and Canada.” “Sam conducted a full-day training session for our Aira team, and the response from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

Aira Digital is a digital media company.

FacebookInstagram Ads Training

£1,620 for a group of up to 6 individuals

Google Search Ads Training

£1,620 for a group of up to six persons.

Google Shopping Ads Training

£1,620 for a party of up to 6 individuals

bing ads — Blog — Relay PM

Despite the fact that Google is the most popular search engine on the web, a significant number of people use other search engines as well, whether they admit it or not. Bing is one of these search engines. In the event that you’re advertising your products or services online through sponsored search marketing, also known as pay per click (PPC) advertising, you may want to explore employing Bing Ads for a portion of your marketing campaigns. Despite having a smaller user base, there are enough individuals that use Bing to make it worthwhile to utilize it.

Some of the benefits of advertising with Bing are discussed here, as well as reasons why it could be worth your time to try it out for yourself.

1. Cheaper and Less Competitive

One of the most advantageous aspects of using Bing Ads is that it is not used by many other marketers. This implies that there will be less competition for you, and it also means that Bing will charge you less per click because of its lower costs (CPC). If you’re a small business advertising on a tight budget, you’ll likely find it much simpler to keep your spending under control with Bing than you would with Google AdWords, which can be rather expensive at times.

2. Higher Conversion Rates

Perhaps as a result of Bing consumers’ lower level of computer proficiency, greater conversion rates are prevalent with Bing Ad campaigns as well. Users are more likely to click on and convert on Bing Ads than they are on Google AdWords ads, according to research. Consequently, if you are serious about optimizing your conversion rates, you may want to consider utilizing Bing instead of Google as your search engine of choice.

This is a significant advantage since, even if Bing may not generate as much traffic overall, the audience that does view your ad will be more likely to convert or become a client in the end.

3. Better Targeting Features

While Google AdWords offers a wide range of targeting choices as well as alternatives for optimizing and refining ads, there are several areas where the company might make improvements. The good news is that Bing takes up the slack just where many of the Google AdWords troubles are occurring. For example, with Bing, you’ll have far greater control over your campaigns and ad groups than with other search engines. In all areas, you will be able to target location, schedule, language, and network settings to a specific user.

4. More Search Partner Control

With Bing, you’ll also have more control over the search partners that appear in your search results. While Google provides you the choice to show advertising solely on search engine results pages (SERPs) or on SERPs and search partners, Bing gives you the option to pick either one or the other, or both options at the same time. The fact that their advertising perform well on search partner pages but not so well in search engine results might be a significant advantage for businesses.

5. A New Traffic Source

Another reason you might want to consider utilizing Bing Ads in addition to Google AdWords is that it provides you with more possibilities for who you can target with your advertising campaigns than you would otherwise have. Typically, the ordinary internet user selects a search engine and uses it exclusively. Therefore, if you have been running Google advertising for an extended period of time, many consumers would have seen your advertisement more than once. If you want to attract people who are absolutely new to your brand, Bing is an excellent choice because the audiences will have little in common.

Deciding If Bing Ads Are Right For Your Business

While many organizations will prefer to utilize Google AdWords, there are instances in which Bing Ads may be a useful alternative, particularly when used in conjunction with Google AdWords and other advertising platforms. It is important to thoroughly analyze the advantages outlined above before considering whether or not Bing is perfect for you. It’s important to conduct some testing and experiments with both ad networks before making a final decision. Are you in need of assistance with your eCommerce marketing strategy?

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