How To Create Effective Automotive Inventory Ads (aia) On Facebook? (Professionals recommend)

Best Practices for Automotive Inventory Ads on Facebook

  1. Optimize Images.
  2. Set Up Ads From Your Facebook Business Page.
  3. Research Your Audience Thoroughly.
  4. Take Location Into Account in Your Ads.
  5. Set Up Facebook Messenger.
  6. Track Analytics and Leverage User Data.
  7. Create a Catalog.
  8. Implement a Pixel.

How do I set up auto inventory ads on Facebook?

If you are a dealership with a Facebook Page, we recommend setting up your automotive inventory ads from your Page or Facebook Business Suite. Set up automotive inventory ads

  1. Step 1: Create a catalog.
  2. Step 2: Implement a pixel and/or mobile SDK.
  3. Step 3: Connect your catalog and pixel.
  4. Step 4: Create an ad template.

What is an AIA ad?

ast year we announced our enhanced Automotive inventory ads (AIA) to help make ads more relevant to people interested in purchasing a car. When a shopper clicks on an auto dealer’s ad, they’ll land on a dynamic Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on Facebook that’s created using information from the dealer’s auto catalog.

What is AIA Facebook?

In September 2020, Facebook launched On-Facebook Destination Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA). This new ad type allows users to stay within the Facebook platform for their shopping experience. The importance of adopting this new ad format remains a mystery to some.

What is automotive inventory ads?

Automotive inventory ads are a type of dynamic ad that is optimized for people who are in market for a vehicle. Like dynamic ads, automotive inventory ads use your vehicle catalog, Facebook pixel and user engagement on Facebook to show ads to in-market shoppers like your recent website, app and Marketplace visitors.

How do I add cars to my facebook catalog?

To promote your automotive inventory on Facebook, you need to create an automotive catalog with automotive details. Automotive Ads – Create a Catalog

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Automotive Catalog Feed.
  2. Step 2: Create Data Feed.
  3. Step 3: Schedule Uploads.
  4. Step 4: Create Vehicle Sets.

What are Facebook travel ads?

Facebook Travel Ads are a native marketing solution for the travel industry that delivers highly tailored ads across Facebook, Instagram, and various websites within Facebook’s Audience Network. You can use Facebook Travel Ads to reach: People who have visited your website but left before booking.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads For Your Vehicle Inventory

The 24th of October, 2019.

Introducing Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads for your Vehicle Inventory.

If you keep up with the newest developments in car digital commerce, you are most likely already aware of or have heard of Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads (also known as Facebook AIA) for your automobile inventory. Aside from that, you most likely have a slew of queries regarding what Automotive Inventory Ads are and how they might assist you in selling more automobiles. Well… As a result, we want to take the uncertainty out of this issue and provide a comprehensive explanation of what Facebook AIA are and how you can use them to attract higher quality consumers at cheaper costs in a way that is useful to your dealership and marketing budget.

Facebook AIA explained:

Simply said, Facebook AIA are customized advertising that don’t need the manual labor that is often connected with developing individual Facebook advertisements. The advertising are dynamically updated as your inventory changes, ensuring that the ads are always up to date with your current inventory. These advertisements, which take advantage of Facebook’s clever targeting capabilities, place your live inventory in front of individuals who are exhibiting behavioural signs that they are in the market for a car right now.

The real deal:

This is the point at which these advertisements, in conjunction with a professional website, begin to function specifically for you. These sorts of advertisements are able to reach and retarget a larger audience because of the scale at which Facebook AIA operates. They can create customized ads for specific people depending on what they are searching for and then direct them back to your dealership website. Ads are generated by pulling particular information from your inventory feed data, such as a car image and specific vehicle information such as the brand, model, year, and price, and linking them directly to that vehicle on your website.

Once your car has been sold, your advertisements for that vehicle will no longer be displayed on the internet.

Getting started with Facebook AIA

When you join forces with a Facebook Partner that is knowledgeable about automotive retailing and has previous experience with Facebook AIA, getting started with Facebook AIA should be a simple process to do. Dealer Solutions and its team of Digital Marketing professionals, Digipurple, were chosen because they have designed Inventory Search tools and car websites that have been shown to maximize the success you receive from Facebook AIA. We are glad to report that Dealer Solutions is a trusted Facebook Partner, and we highly suggest them if you are interested in starting a Facebook AIA campaign.” Ted Bergeron is the Vice President of Automotive at Facebook.

Then, using machine learning techniques, our team implements our tried-and-true method to reach out to customers who are actively looking for a vehicle as well as retarget car buyers who have previously expressed interest in your available inventory.

To receive a no-obligation consultation on Facebook AIA, simply register your interest today and one of our Digital Marketing specialists will contact you to address any questions you may have.

If you appreciate what we have to say, then you are only a few steps away from taking use of the sophisticated features of Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads, which are now in beta.

Everything You Need To Know About On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads

With the recent release of Click to Marketplace Ads (now renamed to On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads), Facebook has taken the feature out of beta (AIA). These advertisements are displayed in a carousel ad format, similar to that of conventional Automotive Inventory Ads. Nonetheless, with this new Facebook advertising type, auto dealers may direct customers to Facebook’s dynamic and mobile-optimized vehicle detail pages, which are designed for mobile devices (VDP). Despite the fact that these VDPs seem quite similar to your Marketplace listings, they are distinct destinations for your advertisements for both new and used automobiles.

What are the benefits of using On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads?

The following are the advantages of this new ad type, according to Facebook:

  1. Making campaign performance more efficient
  2. Making shopping more frictionless
  3. And providing a more frictionless purchasing experience Built for a privacy-first future
  4. Reaching in-market car customers during their purchase process
  5. And retargeting shoppers who have previously visited or connected with your dealership are some of the features.

Making campaign performance more efficient; making shopping more frictionless; and providing a seamless shopping experience Built for a privacy-first future; reaching in-market car customers during their purchase process; and retargeting shoppers who have previously visited or connected with your dealership are all possibilities.

Is On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads right for me?

Any dealer who desires to market their new or used inventory on social media platforms such as Facebook, Marketplace, and Instagram is invited to experiment with this new ad type. It is tailored exclusively for auto dealers, and it will assist you in reaching your target audience on social media more successfully and efficiently than you could previously. Trying out this new ad type for a few months to see whether it works for your dealership is simple and straightforward. You will require a plan for monitoring and responding to Facebook Messenger talks, which is an extremely critical consideration.

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Interested clients may engage with your dealership after reading the advertisement by clicking on a call-to-action button to talk with you on Facebook Messenger, or they can contact your dealership directly from the advertisement.

It should be noted, however, that the quality of such services can vary significantly, so you should keep an eye on it and audit the process on a frequent basis.

Therefore, it has not yet been widely accepted by the industry as a result of this situation.

Customers that take this technique today will be one step ahead of the competition.

What’s the best approach to On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads?

To determine which campaign generates the most return on investment and value for your dealership, we recommend running a conventional Automotive Inventory Ad campaign side-by-side with an On-Facebook Destination for AIA campaign for at least a few months. Depending on if you achieve better results at a lesser cost with this new ad format, you may decide to limit AIA campaigns to solely On-Facebook Destination after the test time. Each dealer, on the other hand, must analyze the lead format and determine whether or not they will be able to adjust their procedures to this new lead nurturing approach.

As a Dealer Teamwork customer, we will assist you in setting up your Facebook pixel.

The addition of MPOP® offers to the product catalog provides additional vehicle information that most suppliers are unable to give.

An example of finance pricing matching across the whole advertisement Facebook’s video advertising program (VDP) Visit our social media marketing page to learn more about our strategy or join up for a live presentation to witness our marketing automation technology in action!

What are AIA ads?

We introduced our upgraded Automotive inventory advertising (AIA) last year in order to make advertisements more relevant to consumers who are interested in acquiring a car. … The customer will be sent to a dynamic Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on Facebook after clicking on an auto dealer’s advertisement. The VDP is generated using information from the dealer’s vehicle inventory. In the following, how can I make a post on the marketplace as a dealer? For Dealerships, Here Are 6 Steps to Getting Started on Facebook Marketplace

  1. The upgraded Automotive inventory advertising (AIA) that we introduced last year were designed to make advertisements more relevant to consumers who are interested in acquiring a car. … The customer will be sent to a dynamic Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) on Facebook when they click on an auto dealer’s ad. The VDP is generated using information from the dealer’s vehicle inventory. In the following, how do I make a post on the marketplace as a vendor? Getting Your Business Listed on Facebook Marketplace Can Be Done in 6 Easy Steps

Taking all of this into mind, Is it possible for dealers to advertise on Facebook Marketplace? It is only on Marketplace that dealership listings may be found, not on a Facebook Page (unless deliberately shared to a Page). Purchases of automobiles cannot be done directly through Marketplace. The marketplace is just a means of connecting customers and vendors. In addition to the above You may publish an unlimited number of automobiles on Facebook Marketplace. The addition of multiple high-quality photographs to your listing increases your chances of finding a buyer by an order of magnitude.

We recommend taking a photo of the outside from every angle possible for the best results.

Inventory should be added to the Marketplace.

Select + Add a New Listing from the drop-down menu. SelectVehicle for sale from the list. Choose your name/identity and the Facebook Page that you’d want to associate with your listing from the drop-down menu. Include information about your listing as well as photographs.

25 Related Questions and Answers

To make new car listings visible on the Vehicles tab, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Page and click on the Manage Inventory tab
  2. Navigate to the Catalog Listings page. Select the Edit Vehicles Tab from the drop-down menu. Confirm that you wish to display the whole inventory of vehicles on your Page.

How do I post to a business Marketplace on Facebook?

There’s nothing more to do than creating a listing, and you’re good to go! There are absolutely no costs associated with this. Furthermore, setting up a store on Marketplace makes it easy to advertise these items in the future. Share a fresh concept or a new product, and provide a brief description to let customers know you’re experimenting with something different.

Why can’ti post to Marketplace from my page?

– Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the program, if you’re using a phone; – Restart your computer or phone; – Restart your computer or phone; – Restart your computer or phone Re-enter your Facebook account and try again.

How can I sell my car without being scammed?

When selling your automobile, here are some tips to help you avoid frauds.

  1. Meet with consumers in person, ideally with someone you trust, to discuss their purchases. When you communicate with someone online, it is possible that they are on the other side of the country or the other side of the globe. …
  2. Only cash or certified checks will be accepted. …
  3. Think about setting up an escrow account for purchasers who are coming from out of town.

Why are cars so cheap on Facebook?

Cars on Facebook are typically priced so low because sellers employ a variety of strategies to guarantee that their item appears at the top of the Facebook marketplace’s search results page. Because the marketplace is completely free to use, there is a great deal of rivalry amongst vendors.

How fast can you sell a car?

Despite the fact that the average time it takes to sell a car is 2.5 weeks, it is recommended to expect to sell your automobile within 4-6 weeks when dealing with a private party.

How can I sell my car fast?

Five of the most effective ways to sell your car as quickly as possible

  1. Sell it to a dealership for a profit. A dealership will purchase your used automobile if the terms and requirements are met. .
  2. Sell it yourself at a lower cost. .
  3. Offer it to a friend on a private basis. You might also try selling it through an auto salvage yard.

Does Facebook marketplace have an API?

For your sellers, you may submit a request for FacebookMarketplace approval and then track the progress of the request.

How do I use Facebook catalog?

To create a new catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on Catalog Manager. Select Create Catalog from the drop-down menu. Select the inventory type you want to use, then click Next. If you choose Ecommerce (products), you may choose how you want to add things to your catalog by selecting one of the options below: Please select the Business Manager account or the personal account to which your catalog is assigned.
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How do I target a car dealer on Facebook?

Six of the most effective Facebook ad targeting strategies

  1. Test, Test, and more Test. .
  2. Begin with a broad scope of targeting. .
  3. Be Specific by Using Detailed Targeting Techniques. .
  4. Understand the Differences Between Targeting New versus.
  5. Adapt Your Strategy in Light of the Results. .
  6. Experiment with Different Targeting Options

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

If you’re looking at cost per click (CPC), Facebook advertising costs on average $0.27 per click, according to Statista. If you’re looking at cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Facebook advertising costs around $7.19 per thousand impressions (Hootsuite).

Why is Facebook Marketplace so bad?

People just do not use Facebook to make purchases. This is the core fault with the Facebook Marketplace: there are no people there to buy anything at the moment. It is likely that you are on these two websites to purchase or are about to purchase a product if you are shopping on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. Both of these websites are, to the greatest extent possible, “product-oriented.”

Can you sell on Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account?

Selling on the Facebook Marketplace merely necessitates the creation of a personal profile. The Marketplace is for local classifieds, and it allows other Facebook users in your area to browse your products without having to be friends with you on Facebook. … To sell an item on Facebook, go into your account and select Marketplace from the left-hand menu bar.

Why does marketplace say failed to publish?

If you see this problem, the most likely cause is that your Facebook page access token does not have sufficient permissions to publish material. … If you are experiencing this problem, you should reconnect your pages and double-check that you have granted all of the necessary rights when linking your Facebook Page.

Can you sell on Facebook marketplace without a Facebook account?

Selling on the Facebook Marketplace merely necessitates the creation of a personal profile.

The Marketplace is for local classifieds, and it allows other Facebook users in your area to browse your products without having to be friends with you on Facebook. … To sell an item on Facebook, go into your account and select Marketplace from the left-hand menu bar.

Why can I no longer buy or sell on Facebook?

Try logging out of Facebook or reinstalling the Facebook application. Even if you meet all of the requirements for the Marketplace, you may still be unable to access it. To resolve this, try signing out of Facebook and reinstalling the application.

Can I get scammed selling a car?

Depending on the amount involved, it might be categorized as a misdemeanor (with a fine of up to $1,000 and up to a year in prison) or a felony in the state of California. Forgery convictions on the felony level can result in a substantially higher punishment of up to $10,000 as well as up to three years in prison.

Should you accept cash when selling a car?

In general, accepting cash for your automobile is by far the most secure method of ensuring that you receive the full and precise amount you are owed. For added security, you may choose to meet the buyer in a bank so that you may receive the money immediately and deposit it into your account.

When selling a car what is the best form of payment?

When You Decide to Sell Your Car. Obtaining money is as follows: The quickest and most convenient method of collecting payment for your automobile is with cold, hard cash. The buyer may ask for a receipt for the cash he or she has paid. If you supply a bill of sale, this will function as a receipt for the transaction.

Social Media Advertising Solutions

To win, you must advertise at the VIN level. Social

Synchronize Social

Promote your brand as well as your on-lot new and used inventory to local customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with Automotive Inventory Advertisements. This simple and successful VIN marketing strategy attracts buyers’ attention in a highly prominent channel and directs them right into your CRM system.

Facebook Partnership

Say goodbye to manual inventory uploads that consume a lot of time. Sincro’s relationship with Facebook makes it simple to integrate a car catalog into your Facebook profile. Our Facebook API-enabled platform allows you to create and refresh inventory feeds, change templates, and deploy thousands of advertisements in a matter of seconds. We’ll also post your used automobile listings on Facebook Marketplace, if you choose to participate.

Bid PacingOptimization

The bid budget pace is updated on a daily basis by using an additional layer of technology that determines the appropriate cost per click (CPC). You can be certain that your advertisements will receive optimum visibility throughout the month, as well as an ideal return on investment.

DMS Integration

When you integrate your DMS data into your Social Suite campaigns, you’ll be able to track crucial performance indicators such as Cost Per Vehicle Sold, which will allow you to determine the true return on your advertising expenditure in real time. Additionally, use DMS-informed campaigns to sell to consumers, such as Likely Re-buyers, Likely Trade-ups, and lookalike audiences, to increase sales.

Customer EngagementRetargeting

Reach new consumers in your local region by advertising to Facebook’s AIA audience of in-market shoppers, which is exclusive to Facebook. Additionally, website users can be targeted indefinitely based on the kind of automobiles they have seen.

Streamlined Social Landing Pages

Make certain that your shoppers’ browsing experience is optimized to convert them into leads. Social landing pages are loaded within the social platform, providing a seamless ad experience with industry-leading page load speeds to keep the buyer engaged throughout the purchase process.

Do you have a Sincro website? We’ll create your landing page there and direct all of the clicks directly to you!

How ValMark Chevy Grew Car Sales During COVID-19

“We have faith in the Sincro team because they are clever, nimble, responsive, and innovative.” ValMark Chevrolet is owned and operated by Mark Stevenson, who is the general manager and co-owner. “Sincro relieves the dealer of the burden of Facebook marketing by doing the heavy lifting for them. In the absence of Social Suite, it was difficult to put customised inventory advertising on Facebook that were targeted to a pre-defined demographic segment. Now that the process has been automated, the return on investment can be tracked.

Jordan Barrett, Digital Marketing Director – Liberty Automotive

The average number of minutes spent on a website after clicking on an advertisement


After clicking on an advertisement, the average number of minutes spent on the website is:


Page with Vehicle Specifications on the Average The cost per listing is calculated as follows:

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From May through July 2020, the average monthly cost per lead (CPL)* was calculated based on average performance.

Facebook Adds New Tools for Automotive Advertisers

Although it may not appear to be a natural fit at first glance, Facebook is becoming increasingly powerful in the car-buying process, linking consumers to appropriate bargains for their next automobile acquisition. Indeed, according to a Facebook survey conducted last year, approximately half of auto consumers say that recommendations from friends and family are influential when deciding which new brand to purchase, and 77 percent said that posts on social media had prompted them to consider purchasing or leasing a new model.

Three new aspects have been introduced to Facebook’s car advertising capabilities.

  1. On dealership pages, there is a new “Manage Inventory” tab. A streamlined technique for creating automobile inventory advertising (AIAs)
  2. Dealership Pages now have a new “Vehicles” tab, which allows dealers to display their entire car inventory

Auto dealers would benefit from the new alternatives since it will make it easier for them to sell their vehicles on Facebook and optimize their prospects.” Because of these new capabilities, dealers will have less work to do when it comes to creating and managing a car inventory, as well as promoting their automobiles. Dealers can now do the following:

  • Create, maintain, and promote car listings all in one convenient location. This may be accomplished by selecting the “Manage Inventory” tab. Dealers may also access data, like as views and leads, to determine how well their listings are performing. Create advertising to promote inventory in a matter of seconds with only a few clicks: AIA should be established in order to market the appropriate vehicle to the appropriate individual at the appropriate time. The “Manage Inventory” page, which can be accessed from the dealership’s Page, allows dealers to either pick an existing catalog or build a new one by connecting to a third-party source through the “Manage Inventory” panel. Once their catalog is set up, they can quickly and easily produce advertisements by using a template that has already been filled up. Showcase new and used automobile inventory on the dealership’s website for free by following these steps: Vehicles will appear in the “Vehicles” page, which will serve as a new shopping surface on Facebook.”

Again, while it may not appear to be a natural fit for Facebook promotions, the data shows that people are indeed looking for car-related information on the social media platform, and with a variety of Facebook Groups dedicated to automotive appreciation, it makes sense to take advantage of these new options to target potential buyers more effectively. Facebook also made some improvements to its vehicle inventory advertisements in September, and the company is continuing to improve the quality of its automobile listings on the Facebook Marketplace platform.

Craigslist Posting Service for Car Dealers – WizPoster™

We’ve tested six different software packages before settling on this one.

Our cost per lead has decreased by 43 percent, and we are receiving almost twice as many leads through Facebook Marketplace as we were previously. It is not necessary to search any farther if you want to obtain more value out of the money you are already paying.

We have a great tool!

There is no such thing as a simple solution. The consequat sit amet odio vitae posuere is in the middle of the sentence. Id dolorem, congue eget placerat eu, dignissim eros, nec dolorem eros. Sarah SmithMailchimp’s Market Development Manager

Great team!

There is no such thing as a simple solution. The consequat sit amet odio vitae posuere is in the middle of the sentence. Id dolorem, congue eget placerat eu, dignissim eros, nec dolorem eros. Curabitur lacus arcu, sodales in quam sed, commodo efficitur ligula, adipiscing adipiscing adipiscing. Alex T. is the owner of a dealership. “They pay attention to the needs of their clients and execute solutions as soon as possible. Software that is simple to use but has a plethora of professional features.” JERRY F.

The fact that I can recall names is a credit to my memory.” MISS LISA R.

With employees like them on your team, the possibilities are endless.”

On Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads

Last year, Facebook introduced an improved version of the Automotive Inventory Adverts (AIA) in an effort to make ads on the social media platform more relevant to those who are interested in purchasing a car. Facebook immediately realized that there was a possibly better approach to assist dealerships in increasing the profitability of their advertisements through Facebook Ads. In order to address this, Facebook began experimenting and developing what Facebook marketers are referring to as a “On-Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads.” As a top-tier Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner, Click Here was approached by the Facebook team and invited to be one of the early adopters of “On-Facebook Destination” advertisements.

Our Social Media Team was able to gather vital analytics and data from this beta test, which they were able to share with the Facebook Development Team to aid them with the complete launch of this new product.

This is intended to market both new and used inventory while also delivering a more seamless user experience on the Facebook platform.

This was a significant launch, and it translated the same level of success that dealers were seeing with USED marketplace listings to sponsored NEW marketplace listings as a result.

Because of the user experience provided by these new advertising, they have been dubbed “On Facebook VDP Ads.” As opposed to arriving on the VDP page of a dealer’s website, the VDP is housed within the Facebook app.

How do On-Facebook Destination Ads work?

A variety of places across Facebook’s network, including Marketplace, are used to display inventory carousel advertising. When a user selects a vehicle from the carousel, they are taken to an On-Facebook Vehicle Display Page (Vehicle Description Page). On-Facebook VDP pages, similar to marketplace listings, are created by Facebook based on the information included inside the inventory feed. In this section, a user can write a Facebook message enquiring about the car, click to phone the dealership, click to receive driving directions to the dealership, or click to visit the dealership’s website for further information.

  1. For the time being, this is only accessible for dealerships in the automobile industry that have an inventory feed established up with their service provider.
  2. What is the purpose of Facebook Destination Ads?
  3. These include the following: 1) providing a more frictionless customer experience; and 2) providing a more frictionless customer experience.
  4. More information on the advantages of On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) may be found here.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns by following these steps: Driven advertisements to an on-Facebook destination, on average and in numerous Beta testing, lowered the cost per lead by 82 percent and the cost per content view by 17 percent when compared to driving ads to a website destination.

Speak with one of ourSocial Media Expertstoday, or send us an email for more information about our services.

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