How To Boost Your Seo On Duckduckgo? (Correct answer)

  1. Who Uses DuckDuckGo? Since DuckDuckGo doesn’t track or gather information about users, it’s tough to find data about who, exactly, uses the search engine.
  2. A Website Built For Good User Experience.
  3. Earn and Include High-Quality Backlinks on Your Site.
  4. Choose Keywords With Care.
  5. Make Your Location Clear.
  6. Focus Elsewhere, Too.

What is DuckDuckGo search engine optimization?

  • DuckDuckGo uses crowd-sourced sites, traditional websites, and its own web crawler to look for search results. Just like optimization for most search engines, practicing good SEO techniques will serve you well with DuckDuckGo.Quality content, intentional sourcing, and a great website are things that will always make a difference.

How do you do DuckDuckGo SEO?

Here are four pieces of advice to help get your site ranking in DuckDuckGo.

  1. It’s Still All About Users.
  2. Earn Links.
  3. Use A Semantic Search Strategy.
  4. Use Hyperlocal Search Terms, But Keep In Mind That Local Results Are Less Precise.

How can I improve my SEO fast?

34 Ways To Improve SEO Rankings in 2022

  1. Improve your page loading speed. Your page loading time is important for a few reasons.
  2. Produce high quality content.
  3. Optimize your images.
  4. Break up your content with header tags.
  5. Start blogging.
  6. Use outbound links.
  7. Add more than text.
  8. Make sure your site is readable.

Why is DuckDuckGo not as good as Google?

DuckDuckGo is therefore undercutting Google “on price” by not collecting any information, not storing your searches, and not tracking you across the web. This means it can’t sell personalised advertising, and it can’t deliver personalised search results. Also, governments can’t get your data, because there isn’t any.

Is DuckDuckGo illegal?

DuckDuckGo search is completely anonymous, in line with our strict privacy policy. Each time you search on DuckDuckGo, you have a blank search history, as if you’ve never been there before. We simply don’t store anything that can tie searches to you personally.

How do you get traffic on DuckDuckGo?

To optimise for DuckDuckGo, you can follow those strategies:

  1. Get quality backlinks.
  2. Submit your websites to other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
  3. Submit your bang!
  4. Make sure to repurpose your content on other publishing platforms, like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, beBee, Amazon and so on.

Does DuckDuckGo use SEO?

The DuckDuckGo search engine uses over 400 sources to get results for your searches. Just like optimization for most search engines, practicing good SEO techniques will serve you well with DuckDuckGo. Quality content, intentional sourcing, and a great website are things that will always make a difference.

How do I get high SEO rankings?

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.

  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content.
  2. Update Your Content Regularly.
  3. Metadata.
  4. Have a link-worthy site.
  5. Use alt tags.

How can I improve my SEO 2021?

10 Ways to Improve SEO (That Will Boost Ranking)

  1. Use a Program That Integrates With Google Analytics to Track Metrics.
  2. Identify Low-Performing Pages and Refresh Them With New Content People Want to Read.
  3. Ensure Your Content Is Created Around a Primary Keyword and Relevant Secondary Keywords.

How can I get free SEO?

15 Free SEO Tools to Drive Traffic, Clicks, and Sales

  1. Google Analytics. If you’re not yet using Google Analytics, I recommend you start as soon as possible.
  2. Google Search Console.
  3. Ubersuggest.
  4. MozBar.
  5. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool.
  6. WooRank Website Reviews.
  7. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer.
  8. ClickFlow.

Is DuckDuckGo part of the dark web?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that’s also available on the surface web. This search engine is ideal if you want to be more anonymous on the web. DuckDuckGo can be used on the dark web, because it also shows. onion links.

Is DuckDuckGo Chinese?

DuckDuckGo is an American company which is an American origin company.

Why is DuckDuckGo banned in India?

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-oriented search engine site appears to be blocked in India. The US-based DuckDuckGo seems to be blocked days after the government banned 59 Chinese apps in India. The government had said the apps posed a risk to India’s security and were prejudicial to the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

Why is DuckDuckGo Better?

The key difference: DuckDuckGo does not store IP addresses or user information. In fact, in many respects, DuckDuckGo is better. Its search results aren’t littered with Google products and services – boxes and carousels to try and persuade people to spend more time in Google’s family of apps.

Is DuckDuckGo blocked in India?

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has been restored in India after being unreachable for many users there since July 1st, Android Police reported. DuckDuckGo was not on the Indian government’s June 29th list of banned apps.

How To Optimize Your Site To Get DuckDuckGo Traffic

I was experimenting with my blog a few of months ago, looking into the possibilities of increasing my reach beyond Google. Each week, as members of the WordLift team, we conduct various tests to better understand the techniques and tactics that search engines use to favor some web sites over other web pages. In order to determine if there was a method to optimize for a search engine named DuckDuckGo, I decided to dig a little more into the subject (DDG). As I continued to do these trials, I saw that the amount of traffic coming from DuckDuckGo began to increase.

Nonetheless, DDG has risen to 26.1 percent of the vote, compared to the remainder of the vote, which is around 9 percent.

That is not a coincidence.

Why Is DuckDuckGo?

When DDG began as a side project in 2008, it demonstrated that it had the potential to be successful. In truth, it was one of the few search engines that could compete with Google in terms of the quality of search results, and it was discontinued in 2011. It is hardly unexpected that its expansion has accelerated in the previous almost 10 years. Even though it is still a small company compared to Google, DDG is gaining ground: Source:DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo receives over fourteen million inquiries each day on average, according to the company.

Because of this, if you are losing out on the ability to reach an average of more than fourteen million people per day, you may be missing out on a significant opportunity.

DuckDuckGo In A Nutshell

DDG is a search engine that is considerably distinct from other search engines. First and foremost, it does not track its users. The so-called search leakage that occurs when you search through Google or other search engines is prevented as a result. Today, privacy is a key worry, as well as a driving force for the development of DDG. Additionally, I believe that DDG provides a superior experience when compared to other search engines because the advertising you see is depending on the phrases you enter in the search field.

Second, DDG is a search engine that is both traditional and innovative.

The Hybrid Search Engine

In terms of business, DuckDuckGo isn’t the only thing that’s out of the ordinary. In reality, it generates revenue through traditional advertising and affiliate marketing channels. Not just that, but also the way it functions: DuckDuckGo obtains its findings from more than 400 different sources. DuckDuckBot (our crawler) and crowd-sourced sites are among the hundreds of vertical sources providing specialty Instant Answers, as well as DuckDuckBot (our crawler) (like Wikipedia, stored in our answer indexes).

-DuckDuckGo Information Sources In a nutshell, DDG is a combination of crawling and directories that is used to return a result page.

To create its index, DDG instead makes use of more than 400 directories and search engine APIs from other search engines. What about the crawler, dubbed DuckDuckBot, that it employs?

What Is A DuckDuckBot?

DuckDuckBot, despite the fact that it is a crawler, only does certain duties. In truth, it appears that it does not index the internet. At the very least, according to a debate of 2014 posted by @mlissner on Stack Overflow: To put it another way, even while DuckDuckBot searches the web, it does so to complete certain tasks, which only has a limited impact on the DDG index and, consequently, rankings. The second issue that comes to me is, how does DuckDuckGo rank pages on its search engine results page?

How Does DuckDuckGo Ranking System Work?

Staff members at DuckDuckGo provide an answer. Specifically, Gabriel Weinberg, CEO and co-founder of DuckDuckGo, said that the DuckDuckGo ranking system leverages the core APIs, but then adds a layer of intelligence to re-rank, omit, and merge results to create its ranks. In addition, in response to the query “What is the source of DuckDuckGo search results?” Caine Tighe, DuckDuckGo’s Chief Technology Officer, responded to a question on Quora: The ranking is also a bit opaque and difficult to discern/communicate on an individual query basis, as stated on the DDG website: “Because of the numerous criteria involved, the ranking is a bit opaque and difficult to discern/communicate on an individual query basis” (and which change frequently).

Nonetheless, obtaining connections from high-quality sites such as Wikipedia is the most effective method of achieving high ranks (in virtually all search engines).

Quality Backlinks Are The Foundation

Backlinks, in fact, played a role in the development of the internet as we know it today. Despite the fact that search engines, such as Google, are now using artificial intelligence to grasp the context of a query and offer a result that goes beyond keywords. Backlinks are still one of the most important indications for determining whether or not the source of the material can be relied upon. As a result, developing a plan that is focused on obtaining high-quality backlinks is an essential first step.

Submit Your Site To Other Search Engines

Given that DDG makes use of the underlying APIs from other search engines, such as Yahoo, Yandex, and Bing, you need ensure that your website is submitted to other search engines as well. It takes only a few minutes, but it may make a significant effect. Adding your websites to other search engines will increase the likelihood of them being indexed by DuckDuckGo. Continue to submit your website to search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

Submit Your Bang!

Another option to provide consumers with direct access to your website while increasing your chances of receiving traffic is to submit your Bang! That is a fantastic feature since it allows you to have easy access to a certain internet page or category. For example, if you write “!amazon shoes” into the DDG search box, you will be sent directly to the Amazon shoes page.

In a matter of seconds, you may recommend that DuckDuckGo add a boom to a website. Source:DuckDuckGo If your bang is authorized, you will be able to direct more qualified traffic to your website as a result of this.

Repurpose Your Content

Another significant component of how DuckDuckGo operates is that it is based on the sources that are taken into consideration while compiling its index of results. To put it another way, my rationale is straightforward. If you make it into DDG’s index, you’ll be one step closer to being rated. However, while you may not be able to optimize directly for DDG at this time, you may optimize indirectly by ensuring that your material is included in DDG-approved sources. Because DuckDuckGo uses more than 400 sources, you might be able to optimize for a few of them that are complementary to your content marketing approach.

  1. I performed many queries and looked at all of the pages that were returned by the search engine.
  2. Remember to spread the word about your work through other groups, such as Reddit, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow, as well.
  3. As a result, the more you make an effort to reuse your material, the higher your chances of being ranked through DDG are.
  4. However, that is not a typical web page.
  5. This is hardly unexpected given how much organized data is favored by the most prominent search engines, such as Google.

What Is Structured Data?

Google Search puts forth considerable effort to comprehend the content of a page. You may assist us by providing specific cues about the meaning of a page to Google through the inclusion of structured data on the page in question. For example, structured data on recipe pages might include ingredients, cooking time and temperature, calorie count, and other information about the dish. Structured data is a defined format for delivering information about a page and categorizing the page content. Google utilizes structured data that it discovers on the web to analyze the content of a website, as well as to gather information about the internet and the rest of the world in general.

-Google’s internal developers Consequently, structured data assists Google in determining the subject matter of a page or website.

Search engines benefit from structured data because it saves them time and provides data that crawlers can analyze much more rapidly and with a better knowledge of the material.

In reality, it is a lightweight format that enables for the creation of connected data.

For the most part, when you have a piece of content, the JSON-LD converts it into data, which is then connected together. This also helps to the development of a more intelligent web. Tools such as WordLift make it possible to produce structured data in the JSON-LD format in a matter of seconds.

Connecting The Dots

It has been over 10 years since DDG launched as a search engine on the internet. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes privacy, and as of now, over fourteen million average daily requests are routed via it. If you don’t take advantage of it, you’re passing up a fantastic opportunity to generate high-quality traffic for your website. Other than the fact that it is a hybrid engine, DDG is distinct from any other engine in that it provides privacy. To put it another way, it creates its index through the usage of crawlers and other APIs.

Instead, it makes use of other search engines’ core APIs to construct its index.

Furthermore, DuckDuckGo draws information from over 400 sites, some of which (such as Wikipedia) are vertical sources.

  • Obtain high-quality backlinks. Incorporate additional search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex into your website’s submissions. Please submit your bang. Don’t forget to reuse your material on other publishing platforms, such as LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, beBee, Amazon, and other similar sites. Produce structured data in the form of JSON-LD if necessary.

Did you use those tactics to improve the performance of your website? It’s time to duck your head in!

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DuckDuckGo SEO: What You Should Know

During the first week of January 2021, DuckDuckGo achieved a significant milestone by exceeding 100 million searches per day for the first time. That raises the question of whether or not you are optimizing for DuckDuckGo. User acquisition and website traffic generation by DuckDuckGo have been conducted in the background. Over the last couple of years, I’ve conducted my own study and experimentation to determine what it takes to rank highly in DuckDuckGo search results results. It’s important to recognize that there is no silver bullet or simple solution before continuing on with this article.

We’ll get to it in a minute or two, though.

Why We Should Care About DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo was the subject of my investigation, which began in 2018, at a time when data privacy worries were already on the increase. Because of antitrust lawsuits filed against some of the world’s largest corporations, such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google, consumers are paying closer attention to their privacy practices. Advertisement Continue reading farther down this page. In tandem with the rise in public awareness, a growing number of searchers are expressing concern about how their information is being gathered and shared.

  1. In fact, the way DuckDuckGo manages data is what has distinguished this search engine from the competition from its inception.
  2. It does not follow you around with advertisements or trace your movements over the Internet.
  3. Approximately 57 percent more queries were made on DuckDuckGo in 2020 compared to the previous year, according to the search engine company.
  4. In comparison, there were around 48 million searches in December of this year.
  5. Advertisement Read on for more information.
  6. According to, DuckDuckGo’s search market share in the United States was 1.61 percent in 2020.
  7. When I was examining numerous websites, I realized that some, if not all, were receiving a significant amount of traffic from DuckDuckGo at a rapid pace of growth.
  8. DuckDuckGo’s organic traffic statistics for 2019 and 2020 are shown in the table below.

The overall proportion of organic traffic from DuckDuckGo accounted for around 2 percent of total traffic for this particular website in 2020, however the number of sessions was roughly 2.5 times more than it was in 2019.

What We Should Know About DuckDuckGo

With more than 400 sources, DuckDuckGo claims to be able to deliver results that are as accurate as possible. These sources range from crowdsourced websites to its own crawler, DuckDuckBot. DuckDuckGo prioritizes privacy over everything else, therefore it does not know where the searcher is situated when performing a search. Advertisement Continue reading farther down this page. Through the use of a GEO:IP lookup, it is possible to get an approximate location information. According to the DuckDuckGo blog, this is how it works: “When you use the search button, your computer sends a search request to us, which we then process.

Example: If you choose to allow a site to share your location information with them, this information will include your approximate position.

Continue reading below for more information.

How to Approach SEO for DuckDuckGo

In addition to the usual SEO strategies, there is limited information available on optimizing for DuckDuckGo in general.

1. Attract Quality Links

Don’t roll your eyes at this piece of advice. DuckDuckGo has provided this information directly. I grabbed a snapshot of this information when I first came across it a couple of years ago, and I feel it is still relevant. There is an excellent resource for link building available at Search Engine Journal, which you can use to reference for this specific DuckDuckGo tip: Link Building for Search Engine Optimization: A Complete Guide. Advertisement Read on for more information. Below SEMrush, SpyFu, Ahrefs, and Majestic are just a few of the tools available to assist you in identifying and vetting link chances.

2. Know What the Searcher Might Query

Because DuckDuckGo takes a privacy-first approach, it is possible that searchers will alter the way they perform their inquiries. Consider the following scenario: If I am aware that DuckDuckGo will not be able to pinpoint my specific location but I still want a local result, I may include a geo-qualifier in my query. For a complete understanding of your visitors who come from DuckDuckGo, you will need to conduct extensive keyword research. Seed Keywords, SpyFu, SEMRush, and SE Ranking are just a few of the tools that may assist you in understanding how people are looking for your products or services.

3. Optimize for Bing

Isn’t it true that we’re talking about DuckDuckGo? As an example, below is a quote from DuckDuckGo’s Help Pages that mentions Bing: We already know that DuckDuckGo gets its information from Bing, so let’s make sure we’re following the best practices for this search engine as well. Advertisement Continue reading farther down this page. Due to the fact that it has a sizable portion of the search industry, this is something that you should be performing in any event. Think about it: how many times have you reviewed your XML sitemaps?

Bing Webmaster Tools, in addition, may be used to examine the health of your website, monitor crawl and indexation performance, and find opportunities for optimization enhancement.

The SEO Reports provided by Bing might also be useful at this time. Additional information on Bing SEO can be found at 5 Ways SEO for Bing Differs from SEO for Google (in English).

4. ClaimUpdate Apple Maps Listing

If you haven’t claimed your Apple Maps listing yet, you may do so by visiting. Once you have claimed your business, you will need to fill out some basic information, such as the following:

  • Name of the business, address, phone number, hours of operation, categories, website, and social media accounts are all required.

Advertisement Continue reading farther down this page.

Keep DuckDuckGo on Your Radar

When it comes to optimizing for DuckDuckGo, there are no magic bullets or secret sauces to be discovered. Instead, you must concentrate on obtaining high-quality connections, doing user-centric keyword research, and optimizing your site for the search engines that DuckDuckGo employs. Essentially, it comes down to making sure that all of your SEO ducks are in a row (sorry. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use this terrible joke). For further information, please see the following:

  • DuckDuckGo has expanded its search results to include quick answers. There are 17 excellent search engines that may be used in instead of Google. According to 42 SEO experts, the following are the most important SEO trends for 2021:

Credits for the image All screenshots were captured by the author between May 2018 and January 2021.

DuckDuckGo SEO – The BASICS of DuckDuckGo Search Marketing!

You may have heard of DuckDuckGo recently — a search engine that places a strong emphasis on providing its customers with privacy and a tracking-free experience. The entire premise of DuckDuckGo is that the search engine does not monitor or keep any information about its users’ browsing activities over an extended period of time. So, how does this search engine function, and how can marketers make use of it to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns? What is the strategy behind DuckDuckGo’s SEO marketing?

Search engine traffic is the most important source of internet traffic in the world, accounting for more than half of all internet traffic and accounting for over 40% of all online income worldwide.

And how does this relatively new search engine compare to Google or Bing, and how does SEO change for DuckDuckGo against the other search engines?

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo isn’t a brand-new service at all. The search engine, which was launched in 2008, currently receives over 2 billion searches every month. “No tracking, no ad targeting,” they state as their purpose emphatically. Many web browsers express dissatisfaction with the way Google, which is well-known for tracking how people use its search engine and collecting data on search activity, has operated and developed its search engine over the years. Nonetheless, DuckDuckGo claims that their private search engine provides users with everything they would expect from the other prominent search engines while remaining completely private.

In 2013, they received less than 2 million searches per year; by 2018, they had received 21 million queries; and today they claim to receive more than 2 billion searches every single month (the true amount is hard to know for certain without tracking user-based data).

Their stated annual income is around $26 million, which is derived through paid-ad alternatives that are similar to pay-per-click advertisements on Google and Bing.

Is DuckDuckGo SEO worthwhile?

It’s possible. Compared to other search engines, DuckDuckGo SEO is rather ambiguous, and there isn’t as much information available on how this search engine analyzes and ranks webpages as there is for other search engines. Furthermore, as compared to other search engines, DuckDuckGo has a significantly lower search audience. Although it has grown in recent years, its search market share in the United States is still a modest 1.7 percent, compared to Google, which has around 88 percent of the market, and Bing, which – despite the financial might of Microsoft – has just about 6.7 percent of searches.

  • Despite its limited market share, it has experienced remarkable growth in recent years.
  • Additionally, it has a bigger market share in mobile search than Bing (1.66 percent and 1.15 percent respectively).
  • DuckDuckGo overtook Google in the second quarter of 2019 in terms of the proportion of organic searches conducted on mobile devices – indicating that the company’s mobile use has also increased.
  • Finally, the United States accounts for more over a third of all traffic.
  • As an added bonus, whatever search engine optimization work you undertake for Google or Bing is also search engine optimization work you do for DuckDuckGo!
  • Therefore, if you are already involved in search engine optimization for these engines, investing in DuckDuckGo marketing and SEO may be a good investment.

DuckDuckGo SEO lessons from Bing and Google

The search engine itself, as well as how it sources and ranks its results, must be examined in order to fully comprehend how SEO for DuckDuckGo works. For search results, DuckDuckGo draws on more than 400 sources, including rival search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google, as well as third-party websites. Bing and Google, on the other hand, keep their own independent “indexes” and calculate their own ranks, which distinguishes them from Yahoo. Indexing bots are used by them to develop and update their indexes.

You’re already half way there if you’re currently conducting SEO for these platforms, which might be a significant benefit.

As a result, the optimal DuckDuckGo SEO approach will be the same as any other SEO strategy you employ for other search engines.

On-page SEO best practices can help you enhance your rankings and traffic across all three main search engines by optimizing your website for search engines. These are the fundamentals of search engine optimization:

  • Content that is of high quality and authority
  • Performing keyword research and optimizing content depending on keywords Meta data optimization, which includes optimizing the titles and descriptions of search results
  • Internal linking and backlink profiles are also important considerations. Site structure and website design that is user-friendly
  • Improvements in technical SEO and user interface (UX)

Attracting quality backlinks

According to the search engine, this is one of the probable algorithmic ranking singles that it may employ. There is little information available concerning the ranking and search-sorting algorithms that the engine employs. Links from other websites are one of the most essential SEO ranking factors – and it appears that DuckDuckGo is no exception. In order to be successful in DuckDuckGo marketing, you must keep the following points in mind. You’ll also need to be aware that there is no genuine approach to obtain backlinks manually or in a short period time.

The practice of purchasing backlinks, fabricating them, leveraging personal blog networks, or otherwise attempting to cheat is a surefire method to get your website penalized by Google for having a poor backlink profile.

However, there are legitimate methods of obtaining backlinks, such as:

  • Identify, develop, and optimize high-quality, honest, and distinctive content that is designed to meet the needs of your clients. Complete on-page SEO to assist in improving the ranking of content in search results. There is the possibility of a feedback cycle in which the better your SEO, the better you rank, the more backlinks you receive, and so on. Other inbound marketing tactics, like as social media, can help you increase the number of times your content is shared.

Because DuckDuckGo SEO is known to rely on Bing and Google results, it is beneficial to understand how inbound links for those search engines are constructed. In comparison to Google, the amount of links appears to have a bigger impact on ranking in Bing, and exact-match anchor text appears to have a greater impact in Bing. Therefore, connections to your site that have anchor text containing keywords that you want to rank for will be more valuable than other links. Google, on the other hand, is distinct in that it values high-quality links above a large number of links.

Keyword optimization

The search engine DuckDuckGo appears to have a high-tech grasp of term context and semantics, similar to Google and Bing. This means that for DuckDuckGo SEO, semantic search tactics and a knowledge of term “search intent” will be critical components of success. Here’s what it implies in practical terms. Search engines used to be limited in their ability to give results based on pages that were found to match the precise wording of the search query. Now that search engines have advanced to the point where they can grasp closely related terms, synonyms, conjugations, and distinct (but semantically similar) keywords, they have become more intelligent.

Perform keyword research to determine the keywords that are valuable to your business (both head-keywords and long-tail keywords), optimize your on-page content with relevant keywords, and incorporate LSI keywords where appropriate to increase your search engine rankings.

The notion of search intent marketing is becoming increasingly essential as organizations recognize the importance of search psychology in terms of improving return on investment.

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How DuckDuckGo’s local results are different

DuckDuckGo’s primary disadvantage for consumers is that its local search results are significantly less exact as a result of its privacy-first philosophy. The fact that their search is fully anonymous means that they do not keep IP addresses or other identifiable browsing information in their server logs, which means that users do not have “sessions” or search history when they are using DuckDuckGo. Despite the fact that they do not keep this information or utilize it to establish a user profile, they do use a browser’s shared location information (if available) or your IP address to get an approximate location of where you are.

Google/Bing will not provide the same results for searches that are vague, but have a local purpose, as they will for Google/Bing inquiries that are specific to a location. Searches such as:

  • DuckDuckGo’s primary disadvantage for consumers is that its local search results are significantly less exact as a result of its privacy-first approach. Users don’t have “sessions” or search history when using DuckDuckGo since their search is entirely anonymous and they don’t save IP addresses or other identifiable browsing information in their server logs. However, despite the fact that they don’t keep this information or utilize it to establish a user profile, they do use a browser’s shared location information (if available) or your IP address to estimate your approximate location. Google/Bing will not provide the same results for vague, but locally focused inquiries. Consider the following search terms.

This indicates that local-focused SEO for DuckDuckGo will be more heavily relied on keywords and content in the future. Especially for firms where local SEO is vital, if you want to rank well, you’ll have to put in more effort than you would think. Keyword research that is focused on local search queries and content that is tailored to the local area can help your business rank higher in these results. In addition, you’ll want to incorporate local-keywords into your on-page SEO approach – specifically, meta title tags and meta description tags.

Google’s My Business location results make this mainly superfluous, however for local results on DuckDuckGo, it may be beneficial to provide your NAP (name, address, and phone number) (name, address, phone-number).

Maps results

They get their map results from Apple maps, which is similar to how DuckDuckGo gets their local SEO results. A excellent technique for getting your business to appear locally for searches in this area is to improve your website so that it shows on Apple Maps as soon as possible. Apple’s “Small Business” site, similar to Google’s “My Business,” provides marketers with the ability to manage their brick-and-internet mortar’s presence in the same way.

Meta data optimization

Business owners should also adhere to Google and Bing best practices when it comes to optimizing meta-data on their website. Meta data is one of the most frequent SEO methods, as well as one of the most significant, because search engines utilize it to determine what a webpage is about and what keywords it should rank for. Meta data is also one of the most difficult to create and maintain. If you want to rank high on DuckDuckGo, your method should be similar. Follow recommended practices for optimizing title-tags in order to target the most lucrative search keywords possible for your website.

The fact that it is not feasible to have different meta data for each platform means that everything you write for one will be utilized on all of them.

Write your title-tags in a natural manner, including your target keywords and your branding, and keep them under 60 characters in length.

  • The target keyword 1 | The target keyword 2 | The brand
  • Branding is one of the target keywords for number twelve. Target Keyword 1 (as well as Target Keyword 2). Keywords to Target: 1, 2, and 34 | For Sale
  • Include target keywords in a sentence | branding
  • Including target keywords in a sentence

Whenever someone searches for something, the meta description displays directly beneath the title. Neither Google nor any other major search engine – including DuckDuckGo – considers meta descriptions to be a ranking factor. These are just descriptions of your page that are intended to inform human readers about it.

A frequent SEO tactic is to put a keyword in the meta-description as well, in order to increase click-through-rate, however the only guideline to follow is to keep meta-descriptions under 160 characters in length (in order to prevent them from being truncated).

Content marketing and DuckDuckGo SEO

If there were a holy trinity in SEO, backlinks and meta-data would be the first two, with content as the third and final member. Construction and optimization of content for your website is essential if you want to rank well on any search engine – and because DuckDuckGo draws its results from a variety of sources, you’ll need high-quality content for DuckDuckGo SEO just as you would for other search enginecontent techniques. In this section, you may find information on Google’s webmaster rules for developing SEO-optimized content:

  • Make your website informative and useful, and develop pages that summarize your material succinctly and accurately
  • Examine the terms and phrases that searchers would use to locate your pages, and make certain that your site incorporates such words and phrases as much as possible
  • When employing a content management system, be certain that it generates pages and links that search engines can crawl and index. Allow Google to crawl any site assets that have a substantial impact on page rendering, such as CSS and JavaScript files that have an impact on the comprehension of the pages, in order to better comprehend the contents of your site. The Google indexing system generates a web page exactly as a user would view it, including graphics, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • This includes images, CSS, and JavaScript files. Don’t mislead your site visitors by creating pages that are primarily intended for visitors rather than search engines. You should avoid using techniques to increase your search engine results. Consider if you’d feel comfortable describing your actions to a website that competes with you, or whether you’d feel comfortable explaining your actions to a Google employee. Another effective test is to raise the question, “Does this benefit my customers?” Do you think I’d do anything like this if search engines didn’t exist?”
  • Consider what distinguishes your website as distinct, valuable, or interesting. Make your website stand out from the rest of the competition in your sector.

These are the best basic practices for writing and creating content, which is the most important first step for SEOoptimized content marketing with any search engine – including DuckDuckGo – and is the most important first step for SEOoptimized content marketing with any search engine – including DuckDuckGo. Keyword research should be the first step for any business, followed by other steps. It is most effective to utilize content-focused SEO for DuckDuckGo marketing when the material is produced forEAT and to assist consumers in achieving their objectives.

Indexing health and crawlability

Getting your website or pages into DuckDuckGo presents a somewhat different problem than getting your website or pages into other search engines – mostly because DuckDuckGo does not manage a distinct, segregated search database. The information in its index is a compilation of findings from hundreds of additional sources (including Google and Bing). Because its results are derived from other platforms – such as Google or Bing – you’ll have to rely on tactics that are commonly employed for optimizing a website for these search engines.

Because it is well known that DuckDuckGo’s index is heavily reliant on third-party search results – a solid method for DuckDuckGo SEO in this case is to follow Bing’s indexing guidelines (which are largely the same as Google’s, but they are not identical):

  • Set up your website for Bingbot using a sitemap and robot meta instructions to assist search engines in understanding the structure of your website
  • Do not obstruct resources that are required for Bingbot to comprehend the website or to deliver a good user experience (for example, make sure that JavaScript is renderable by Bingbot). Make sure to upload URLs or sitemaps to Bing directly using Bing’s Webmaster Tools, or submit your sitemap to Google’s Search Console.

The fact is that search engines can index and rank websites as long as they can be presented correctly by the search engine. In addition to proper site construction, mobile friendliness, JavaScript renderability, 404-redirects, and site-load metrics, all of these factors can help to enhance your site’s crawlability and, ideally, your DuckDuckGo SEO ranking.

Mobile friendly SEO

Because the majority of DuckDuckGo’s visitors are on their mobile devices, it is a good idea to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile SEO. The process of optimizing a website for mobile search is time-consuming, but it’s becoming an increasingly vital area of marketing for businesses. More than three-fifths of DuckDuckGo’s queries are conducted on mobile devices, and the search engine is the third most popular choice on mobile devices, surpassing even Bing. Text that is not too small, proper meta viewport tags (with the device-width property, which can assist in making the page fit mobile phone screens), avoiding content that is too wide, and having buttons that are too close together are all important considerations for mobile friendliness for user-friendly search engine optimization.

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool may be used by businesses to find out more about the mobile usability of their website.

Optimising your website for Google and Bing is the first step in developing a successful DuckDuckGo SEO strategy.

Learn how to improve the search performance of your website and how to increase your online success by utilizing smart SEO services. For additional information, please contact our team, or read our client testimonials to discover how we do it.

How to Optimise Your Website for DuckDuckGo SEO

DuckDuckGo, a popular search engine, achieved an incredible milestone in January 2021 when it quietly passed the 100 million daily search mark. This raises the question of whether or not your website is appropriately optimized for DuckDuckGo visitors. When you’re new to search engine optimization, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information available. However, optimizing a site for DuckDuckGo isn’t that unlike from optimizing a site for Google. But, before we get into the specifics of how to optimize a website for DDG, it’s vital to understand the factors that have contributed to the search engine’s increasing popularity.

The privacy practices of DuckDuckGo were essential in helping the firm take the spotlight as antitrust charges against Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other famous companies mounted.

According to the corporation, it never keeps or distributes user data, such as location information or search history, with third parties.

There is a generic advertising targeting policy in place at the firm that is non-intrusive and safe.

How to Optimise Your Site for DuckDuckGo?

In order to obtain results for each search query, DuckDuckGo consults approximately 400 sites. The search engine gathers information from a variety of sources, including traditional websites, crowd-sourced platforms, and independent web crawlers. The same way that practicing good SEO strategies for Yahoo, Google, or Bing will help produce quality results, practicing good SEO techniques for DuckDuckGo will help deliver quality results. Human-friendly information is promoted by the search engine, as is content that is optimized for robots.

Optimise User Experience

DuckDuckGo is focused on providing people with a simple, web tracker-free, intuitive user experience that they can rely on and that they can trust. The search engine should favor well-built, high-quality, user-friendliness websites that offer great material and include relevant internal connections as well as informative backlinks, since this is only logical. When it comes to optimizing your website for DuckDuckGo SEO, a pleasant user experience is essential. But what really constitutes a positive user experience?

  1. A sufficient number of headers, bullets, and paragraphs must be included in the material to make scanning it simple. The website must be simple to navigate, both on desktop computers and on mobile phones. Pop-ups and other distractions must be kept to a minimal in order to allow readers to concentrate on the relevant information.

You may unintentionally hurt your search engine rankings if you don’t optimize your website to provide a fantastic user experience.

Don’t Forget to Include High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for DuckDuckGo, just as they are for Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

Increase your website’s score by including high-quality links into your website’s content on an organic basis. In other words, a website that receives links from high-quality sources would outrank a page that has a poor backlink profile.

The Benefits of Keyword Optimisation

Keywords are a critical SEO strategy, especially when considering the continuously changing nature of search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Google, and Bing, among others. Keyword research tools such as Google Analytics, AnswerThePublic, and Ubersuggest are used to find longtail keywords that are relevant to the content you are creating. Best results are obtained by including these phrases naturally throughout the text, headings, and subheadings. However, while keywords are an important aspect of any SEO plan, it is important to avoid jamming random keywords into the text in the hopes of ranking higher for each individual search phrase.

You will see an increase in organic traffic to your website once you have mastered the art of naturally weaving keywords into the content of your webpages.

Focus on Content

Quality copywriting, together with backlinks and keyword integration, is the Holy Trinity of DuckDuckGo SEO efforts. While optimizing the content for any search engine is essential for enhancing your ranking, webmasters must be more attentive when optimizing for DuckDuckGo since the search engine gets information from third-party sources. Here are a few simple tips that may be used to improve your content marketing efforts.

  1. Creating an information-dense website that has well-optimized, high-quality material is essential. Pay attention to the user’s search behaviors and ensure that the site’s content corresponds to the queries
  2. To assist web spiders in indexing your site, create XML sitemaps, provide adequate breadcrumbs, and include CSS and JavaScript scripts. Ensure that every page is written primarily for people rather than robots
  3. Concentrate on things that distinguish your site from others or that offer value

Mark Your Location Clearly

DuckDuckGo, in contrast to Yahoo, Google, and Bing, does not collect information about your IP address. In order to assist the search engine rank your site for location-specific queries, it’s critical that you specifically state where you’re located on your website. If you want your company to appear in local search results, don’t forget to add hyperlocal keywords in your content. For example, while searching for “best restaurants around me,” DuckDuckGo might not always provide the most relevant results.

See also:  How Backlinks From Different Page Locations Are Worth More (or Less): Not All Backlinks Are Created Equal? (Question)

Unfortunately, your personal information becomes a byproduct of this.

Another thing that will significantly improve the performance of your website is the translation of your website into the local language.

Focus on Promoting Yourself on Multiple Platforms

As previously stated, DuckDuckGo draws information from more than 400 sources, including independent websites and crowd-sourced platforms, to provide its results. As a result, it is beneficial to ensure that your website is optimized for the whole internet, rather than just individual search engines. DuckDuckBot is an autonomous search engine that searches the internet and indexes websites. DuckDuckGo, in contrast to search engines such as Yahoo or Bing, does not accept URL submissions. As a result, webmasters must make certain that the site is highly displayed on the internet in order for crawlers to quickly locate and index the platform on a regular basis.

If you want to rank highly on DuckDuckGo, you must have content-relevant sites such as Word of the Day, Urban Dictionary, and Ask Different that link to your website.

The Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo SEO

Although DuckDuckGo has experienced rapid growth, Google continues to be the clear leader in the worldwide search market share. Users’ privacy, on the other hand, continues to be a source of worry, and this is one area in which DuckDuckGo excels. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of DuckDuckGo SEO, read on.

Differences Between Google SEO and DuckDuckGo SEO

The SEO services provided by DuckDuckGo and Bing are slightly different from those provided by Google, despite the fact that most search engines provide pretty linear SEO services. Backlinking is a good example of this. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that prioritizes high-quality resources over backlinks, despite the fact that all three search engines prioritize backlinks. The same restrictions apply to Bing as they do to Google. In reality, Bing Webmaster Tools are built on the creation of high-quality backlinks, which are critical to the company’s search engine optimization ranking strategy.

  1. The algorithm assembles items in a way that is comparable to how people learn a foreign language.
  2. Google does this work by analyzing the content and identifying relevant context surrounding the subject matter in question.
  3. Along with traditional SEO tactics, SEO for DuckDuckGO must incorporate repurposed material due to the fact that the DuckDuckGo search favors rapid responses in addition to hyperlinks.
  4. As opposed to Google, which greets customers by assaulting them with customized ads, DuckDuckGo’s non-invasive advertisements make a significant difference in terms of overall usability.
  5. Aside from safeguarding its customers’ personal information, DuckDuckGo also offers an intriguing feature known as Bangs, which are ingenious shortcuts that give search results for related searches as quickly as possible.


If you’ve been working hard to build your company for a long enough period, you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t rely on a single source of revenue” at least a million times. Despite being clichéd, this piece of advice serves as a good SEO guidance. Despite the fact that Google is the most used search engine on the world, it is not the only one. With a respectable market share, DuckDuckGo search is worth paying attention to. If you overlook DuckDuckGo SEO, you’re knowingly sacrificing income streams.

The sooner you get the hang of it, the sooner your website will begin to receive organic traffic from Google.

In order to avoid overcomplicating the optimization process by attempting to recreate the wheel, the following steps are recommended: While every search engine has its own set of quirks and features, understanding the fundamentals of a few key areas may be extremely beneficial to even the most inexperienced webmaster.

As a result, it is wise not to put all of your eggs in one basket. The bottom line is that every search engine strives to give the same results – useful information combined with a user-friendly experience.

DuckDuckGo SEO: 4 Steps to Rank Your Website (and Break Your Google Obsession)

As search engine optimization professionals, we are head over heels in love with Google. Every algorithm update is tracked by us. We make educated guesses about potential new features and opportunities. Page 1 rankings are always being monitored attentively. It’s also a logical conclusion. After all, Google continues to be the most popular search engine in terms of traffic. However, this intense single-mindedness may be too much for certain people. Consider your own interpersonal ties. Yes, you would like your partner to be interested in you as well.

That’s over the line, to say the least.

5 Facts About DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that, while smaller than Google and Bing, has gone a long way in its ten years of existence and is developing rapidly. That implies that there are some intriguing SEO chances available. The following are some important facts concerning the search engine: 1. It was established in the year 2008. DuckDuckGo was formed in 2012, making it about ten years younger than Google, which was started in 1998. 2. It places a strong emphasis on the security of personal information.

  • No information about your searches is tracked or saved, and no personal information is collected or shared with third parties by this site.
  • 3.It derives most of its income from two sources.
  • DuckDuckGo is headquartered in Mountain View, California.
  • It still still has a modest part of the market.
  • Keep in mind, however, that even a market share of less than 1 percent represents a significant portion of the whole market, especially when taking into consideration the company’s growth rate.
  • It is expanding at a rapid pace.
  • That amount marks a significant rise over the 16 million searches conducted in the same year in 2010.
  • As a result, you’re undoubtedly wondering: if DuckDuckGo is different from Google, what precisely must you do differently in order to succeed at DuckDuckGo SEO?
  • The good news is that you do not have to.

Having said that, there are some SEO chances that are exclusive to the platform that you should be aware of. Simply follow these four simple steps to get your site optimized for DuckDuckGo and start ranking!

1) Refresh Your Local Keyword Strategy

DuckDuckGo does not generate search results based on a user’s geographic location because it is a privacy-focused platform. While this choice contributes to the anonymity of users, it has a number of repercussions from the standpoint of search engine optimization. For starters, it implies that the local search results are not very reliable. You’ll have to put in some extra effort if your company is a local one so that it appears in DuckDuckGo’s search results for that area. NOTE: Local SEO is most effective for businesses that have physical stores, offices, or that cater to a specific region, such as small towns and cities.) If you just conduct business online, this part will not be as significant to you.) What you need to do here is create a list of your most significant or profitable keywords; these are the ones on which you should concentrate your efforts in order to rank higher in DuckDuckGo.

In the event that you have aMonitor Backlinksaccount, you can access your keyword list and quickly see which keywords you are already performing well for and which ones require further attention.

Take advantage of a risk-free 30-day free trial to see how it works for you!) Then, to assist your keywords rank higher in local search results, include appropriate regional variants in your keywords.

For example, if you’re marketing a company based in Toronto, Canada, there are various geo-specific keywords you should consider include in addition to your primary keywords.

  • North York (for example, “pizza restaurant north york”) is a city area.
  • Rather of referring to a nearby suburb, the area code 416 refers to the city of Toronto (for example, “greatest pizza 416”).
  • City Slang and Abbreviations: The abbreviation “TO” is commonly used by locals (for example, “best TO pizza”).

Using the examples below, you can observe the change in search results when geographical keywords are included or excluded from the search phrase “best pizza.” In the first search, which was conducted without the use of geographical keywords, you can see that the organic results aren’t at all tailored to my geographic location in Toronto: However, if you combine the primary search with a geo-specific term, the SERP results are far more relevant to my location:

2) Build High-Quality Backlinks

Yes, backlinks are important in DuckDuckGo SEO as well. However, while the firm does not disclose much information on their ranking algorithm, they do note that “getting links from high-quality sites is the most effective strategy to achieve excellent results (in virtually all search engines).” But how can you tell whether the backlinks you’re receiving are of excellent quality? The finest SEO strategy is a blend of factual data and your own best SEO intuition. Using Monitor Backlinks to watch your backlink profile and offer you with an up-to-date list of all your backlinks, as well as vital quality metrics about each one, is a good idea for data collection and analysis.

To determine whether or not these are high-quality backlinks, you must take into account the following information:

  • In the domain authority, there is a lot of power. In terms of quality, Moz’s Domain Authority is a reliable measure on a scale from 0-100. Publications with a high Domain Authority, such as the Wall Street Journal, have a 94.

While backlinks of that type are hard to come by, any referring websites with a Domain Authority of 50 or above are wonderful additions to your link profile to have.

  • Trust in the Flow. Trust Flow is a website quality indicator developed by Majestic to measure website quality on a scale ranging from 0 to 100.

For a domain to be considered high-quality, you should observe a Trust Flow score of 40 or above, according to the trust flow algorithm. The value of do-follow links is greater, however many respected magazines, such as Entrepreneur, exclusively utilize no-follow connections. These sorts of links are still beneficial in terms of driving traffic and developing brand recognition. Nevertheless, facts and figures alone do not reveal the complete story. Make sure to use your discretion and to take into account the following qualitative factors:

  • Relevance. Check for consistency between the website that is supplying the backlink and your own website.

Considering that both companies are in the marketing business, for example, a backlink from Monitor Backlinks to Neil Patel’s blog is relevant. On the other hand, a backlink from a bank or a home remodeling firm to Monitor Backlinks is more beneficial. That would be completely irrelevant.

  • Placement. The finest backlinks are “editorial,” which means that they are naturally placed inside a piece of content. And it would be much better if the connection was discussed in some way.

A backlink hidden in the footer or some other inconspicuous location, on the other hand, signals a lower level of quality.

  • Framing. In general, if a hyperlink is written in a good manner, the user is more likely to convert when they arrive at your website.

Where to Get Endless Backlink Ideas

How can you gain additional high-quality links now that you know how to ensure that your links come from high-quality websites? Once you’ve harvested all of the low-hanging fruit, such as Google backlinks, the most straightforward method of discovering new backlink sources is to follow the backlinks of your rivals. Check out who is referring to your rivals and then go out and obtain those connections for yourself! When your rivals engage in link building activities, Monitor Backlinks automatically records their activity and displays all of the links they’ve gotten in a list that looks identical to your own: Tracking the backlinks of big industry leaders and famous websites can provide you with a plethora of new backlink ideas, which you can use to your advantage.

3) Optimize for DuckDuckGo’s “Instant Answers”

Finding and providing the definite answer to a search query is the very essence of successful searching. In addition to arriving on Page 1 of the DuckDuckGo search engine results page, you may take use of the company’s “Instant Answers” function. Here’s an example of how it looks in practice: What is the best way to get your company’s name and website listed in an Instant Answer? DuckDuckGo retrieves information from a variety of sources, including Wikipedia, Crunchbase, GitHub, wikiHow, and the Free Dictionary.

You may learn more about the Instant Answer API by visiting this page (although, regrettably, you will no longer be able to actively contribute to this feature from a development viewpoint).

4) Set a Realistic Resource Allocation

If you want to be successful in SEO, you must be willing to put in the necessary time and resources. Despite the fact that DuckDuckGo is developing quickly, it is still a long way behind Google and Bing/Yahoo. As a general guideline, you shouldn’t be spending more than 5-10 percent of your entire SEO efforts on DuckDuckGo, according to the company. There are, of course, some instances in which it may be beneficial for you to place a greater emphasis on the search engine, such as if privacy is fundamental to your company’s principles or the nature of your product itself (e.g.

DuckDuckGo is an essential platform to investigate for SEO purposes for most businesses, but it should still be considered a secondary priority to Google.

With that stated, there are several chores that can improve your search engine rankings, so it’s always a good idea to prioritize things like writing high-quality content and developing high-quality links at the start of the process.

DuckDuckGo SEO Wrap-Up

Google is a mature search platform that deserves to get the majority of your attention and resources. However, if you truly want to stand out from the throng, you need pay close attention to DuckDuckGo as well. It may be a little search engine when compared to Google, but it is developing quickly, serves to a significant segment of privacy-conscious users, and is easy to optimize for! Bruce Harpham specializes in helping enterprise software firms develop more quickly through content marketing.

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