How Much Do Bing Ads Cost? (Best solution)

Retail advertisers’ average cost per click is $1.24 on Bing but less than a dollar on Google.

The average cost per click on Bing across all industries is $1.54.

Industry Average CPC (USD)
B2B Services $1.16
B2C Services $1.78
Careers & Employment $0.75

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How do I make money with Bing Ads?

  • Another form of ads that you can use to make money in Bing are the Product ads. From the Bing Merchant Center, you can create custom shopping campaigns. They let you add custom images and a price listing with the image. They attract more people and have better conversion rates.

Are Bing Ads expensive?

Bing has lower cost-per-click. In terms of cost-per-click (CPC), ReportGarden found that the average CPC for Bing was $7.99 whereas Google’s was $20.08. Since there’s less overall traffic occurring on Bing, CPC is typically less expensive.

How do I advertise for free on Bing?

Let’s jump in.

  1. Step 1: Create a Bing Ads account. Go to the Bing Ads website and click on the Sign up now button in the top right corner.
  2. Step 2: Import your Google Ads campaign (optional) At this point, you’ll have two options:
  3. Step 3: Research the best keywords.
  4. Step 4: Create your first campaign.

Is Bing better than Google?

Compared to Google, Bing has a significantly better video search. This is a huge difference between these two search engines. Bing places related images and searches on the right side of your online search results, whereas Google places them at the bottom.

Is Bing ads cheaper than AdWords?

The average cost-per-click on Bing Ads can be up to 70% lower compared to AdWords.

Are Microsoft ads free?

Are Microsoft ads free? No, Microsoft ads aren’t free, but they can be affordable for small businesses that want to reach a specific demographic. An account with Microsoft Advertising is free to create, and you can set your advertising budget as high or low as you’d like.

Is Bing Places for Business free?

Bing Places for Business is a free Bing service which empowers businesses to claim existing Local Listings, or add new ones, in order to manage the accuracy of information we display about you to customers.

Why is Bing hated?

Some don’t like Bing’s algorithm and find its search results to be of lesser quality. Others dislike Microsoft’s tactic of forcing Bing on them as the default search engine with no easy way out. Or, like the Apple vs. PC debate, some people dislike Bing simply because it isn’t Google.

Does anybody actually use Bing?

Many people think that nobody really uses anything else, but people do actually use Bing and you could be missing out on search traffic. According to recent studies in 2019, almost half of the US population use Bing, with around 36% of the US using Bing exclusively.

Does Bing track you like Google?

Popular search engines like Google and Bing track your searches and other online activity. Google’s search feature is no different.

What is better than Google ads?

For e-commerce businesses, alternatives to Google ads are sixads, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram advertising. For B2B businesses, alternatives to Google Ads are LinkedIn, Bing Ads, Infolinks. For businesses with a low budget, alternatives to Google Ads are sixads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads.

Can you advertise on DuckDuckGo?

To advertise on DuckDuckGo, please visit Microsoft Advertising. By default, when you sign up for a Microsoft Advertising account, your ads should automatically enter rotation into all of Microsoft Advertising’s distribution channels including DuckDuckGo. Click Ad distribution.

Is Bing Ads PPC?

The Mechanics of Bing PPC Ads Essentially, PPC works in the same way it does on Google Ads: You bid on keywords. Your ads show up when a person uses the keyword you bid for. You pay Bing when the person clicks on your website.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Bing? Bing Advertising

In this list, Bing is one of the rivals. As the world’s second-largest search engine, it clearly has value for marketers, particularly in terms of its pay-per-click advertising platform (PPC). Using Bing advertisements, you may develop ad campaigns that will appear on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and other Microsoft platforms and internet domains, including social media. Prior to planning and executing campaigns, however, it is critical that you thoroughly grasp how the platform works and how it may help your company.

If you require assistance in putting up a Bing ad campaign, please email us or phone us at 888-601-5359 for immediate assistance.


The majority of our consumers are really pleased with our results. Request a Proposal now! Website design firm WebFX has assisted us in expanding our digital footprint not just in Central Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, but also throughout the entire United States of America.

How do Bing ads work?

Bing Ads is identical to Google AdWords in terms of ad format and goal, as well as in terms of functionality. Bing advertisements, like AdWords, are auction-based and based on keywords. When you run advertisements on Bing, you build bids based on specific keywords that you want to target. If your bid is successful, your ad will display for that term when consumers search for it on search engines. When a visitor clicks on one of your Bing adverts and is sent to your website (this is known as a pay per click (PPC) model), you will be charged the amount of your bid price.

You will, however, continue to be charged for clicks even if visitors accidentally click on the ad or do not purchase anything from you.

How much does it cost to advertise on Bing?

It’s possible that the cost of advertising on Bing will come as a nice surprise. Compared to Google, Bing had a cost per click that was 33.5 percent lower in 2014 than it did in 2013. Despite the fact that Bing is growing, Google is still the most popular search engine, which is one of the reasons why the cost of advertising on Bing is now less expensive. Bing is used by fewer individuals than Google, both for search and advertising purposes, according to statistics. This is excellent news if you’re thinking about selling advertising on the platform since it implies there will be less competition.

The cost per keyword is determined by the keywords you wish to use to activate your ad as well as the amount of money you are ready to spend.

Consider the term “lawyer,” which was the most costly on Bing in 2015, with a price tag of $109.21— but regardless of the cost, it’s still an average of 33 percent less expensive than advertising on Google, according to the search engine.

Tips for running cost-effective Bing ads

Advertising on Bing might be expensive, but the results can be worth it. When comparing Bing to Google, the cost per click on Bing was 33.5 percent cheaper in 2014. The fact that Google is still the most popular search engine, despite the fact that Bing continues to expand, is one reason why the cost of advertising on Bing is now less expensive. When it comes to search and advertising, Bing receives less clicks than Google. As a result, there will be less competition for you if you are contemplating placing advertisements on the site.

This is determined by the keywords you want to use to trigger your ad and the amount of money you’re willing to spend on each keyword.

Consider the term “lawyer,” which was the most costly on Bing in 2015, with a price tag of $109.21—but regardless of the cost, it’s still an average of 33 percent less expensive than advertising on Google, according to the search engine.

1. Research your audience thoroughly

It is more than likely that a well-executed campaign will pay for itself in terms of new clients. However, in order to accomplish so, it is necessary to conduct market research. When your consumers and potential clients are looking for information, where do they go? In the absence of Bing, there is little sense in advertising in that area.

A Partner Businesses Trust

Website design firm WebFX has assisted us in expanding our digital footprint not just in Central Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic, but also throughout the entire United States of America. Take a look at the Case Study. However, if they are, you’ll need to figure out how they go about looking for items and services similar to yours. What kinds of words and phrases do they employ? What elements play the most significant roles in their choice to purchase? And how are you going to write copy that will appeal to them?

2. Select your keywords carefully

Bing keywords differ not just in terms of price and demand, but also in terms of efficacy. Depending on your region, services, goods, and industry, you may be able to save money on Bing advertising while also achieving better results if you employ focused keywords in your advertising campaigns. Consider the following scenario: you’re launching a campaign to recruit candidates for a graduate degree program. To save money on keyword bids, you may target keywords such as “online business degree” or “Boston business school” instead, which have a lower cost and get equivalent impressions.

However, you should not only hunt for keywords with huge numbers of impressions, but also for keywords that are related to qualified leads, as previously said.

Instead, use long tail keywords that are exclusive to a certain place to achieve a more tailored result.

3. Use Bing ads features to prevent overspending

Set a budget and choose negative keywords to increase your chances of success. Maintaining the presence of untargeted and disinterested readers on your site and preventing them from increasing the cost of your campaign Ad groups may be used to group together terms that are related, and the Bing advertising platform can be used to target viewers based on their demographics, geography, and other criteria. Basically, don’t try to appeal to everyone by casting a wide net and appealing to everyone.

4. Don’t forget to add yourself to Bing for free

Using the Bing toolbox and submitting your URL is completely free of charge. Even if your website is easily accessible on Google, it is possible that you will not be able to locate it as quickly on Bing, particularly if your website is relatively new. Simply include your website in the search engine results will not result in a high search engine rating, but it will ensure that you are not completely overlooked.

Want to start advertising on Bing?

When it comes to bringing in new customers, advertising on Bing may be a very profitable strategy. However, in order to get the most out of every dollar you spend, you must have a sound marketing approach. There are several measures you can take to manage your efforts and get the most return on your investment, from making sure you have excellent content on your website to making sure you use keywords effectively to launching the most successful campaign possible. The ability to manage and analyze Bing campaigns can assist you in generating even greater success over the long term.

However, if you want to begin utilizing Bing to attract new clients to your company, WebFX can assist you in this endeavor.

Get in touch with us right now to chat with a strategist!

How Much Do Bing Ads Cost?

Throughout the years, Bing has played a significant role in the search engine and internet environment. If Google is unable to locate the information you want, Bing is typically the next best alternative. Bing has its own sort of advertising, which, if used appropriately, might aid in the success of your marketing goals for the next year. This page contains all of theBing ad information you’ll need to get started and understand how to take use of advertising platforms to your benefit. We’ll also assist you in navigating the charges and provide a clear picture of how much money you’ll be spending while running campaigns.

The Cost Will Vary

Similarly to the pricing of many digital platforms, the cost will vary based on the sort of advertisement you choose to run as well as your present financial situation. The cost-per-click (CPC) model also plays an important role in the allocation of advertising budgets. With each click, advertising on Bing has the potential to save you a significant amount of money. A click on Bing costs around 33-42 percent less than a click on AdWords, which is a significant savings for businesses on a limited budget that yet want to see a positive return on their marketing spend.

In reality, it will be strongly influenced by the market and the keywords that are targeted. Bing advertisements will always be less expensive when compared to other advertising options, such as Google Discovery Ads.

Get the Most Out of Your Advertisements

It is critical that you be able to maximize the return on your advertising expenses, regardless of how much money you plan to spend. See what ideas and methods you can employ to increase your brand’s exposure and sales by following along with this guide!

Research Your Audience

It’s critical for you to make certain that the correct audience is being addressed. Otherwise, all of your efforts and investments will go unnoticed or will be discarded by prospects who have no genuine need for your goods or services. If you intend to sell luxury goods, for example, it is critical to target individuals who have more disposable income and, in certain cases, those who are older. Those who are significantly younger or who are in school on a restricted budget would not necessarily be the best candidates for your marketing efforts.

Be Selective in Keyword Choices

Keywords make all the difference when it comes to your audience being able to locate and respond to your ads. Make certain that you are not only looking for popular keywords, but also for keywords that are deemed unique for your target market as well. For example, if you have items or services that are only available in a specific region of the United States, such as New York City, it would be helpful to incorporate this information in your advertising campaigns. If your items are available to everyone across the country, focusing on a specific market in a city like New York isn’t required.

Prevent Overspending

Make careful to employ features on theBing platform that do not cost more than your budget allows you to spend. Also, avoid focusing on a large number of people at the same time. Because specialized clients do not have the same shopping tools available to them as the general public, niche marketing has been demonstrated to be more effective than mass marketing in attracting customers.

Add Yourself to Bing for Free

Remember to always include your website on the Bing platform for free when running any type of advertising for the search engine. No matter what results are gained as a result of using the platform, it is always a good idea to maximize the amount of exposure your firm receives.

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Final Thoughts

Please let us know what you think about the total prices of Bing advertising in the comments below. We anticipate that your company’s requirements will account for a significant portion of the budget, given the wide range of expenses. A great deal of creative and logistical control is available to you, ranging from determining the cost-per-click rate to determining the amount of time the advertising will appear.

Bing Ads vs. Google Ads: The Pros & Cons of Each Platform

The question of Bing Ads vs. Google Ads is frequently asked when discussing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In addition to that:

  • Which social media network has the most reach
  • Are you looking for something that is less priced, has more targeting possibilities, and will generate more conversions and revenue?

While many pay-per-click (PPC) marketers consider the two platforms to be rivals, they really function best when used together. Bing advertising should not be overlooked despite the fact that Google has unquestionably captured the majority of the search industry.

Instead of thinking on Google Ads against Bing Ads, marketers should consider Google Ads plus Bing Ads. Examine the interaction and dynamics between these two major advertising platforms, and, more significantly, how they may be utilized most effectively in conjunction with one another.

The difference between Google Ads and Bing Ads

The underlying premise of both systems is the same. Both are pay-per-click advertising systems that are intended to assist businesses in reaching specialized audiences, driving traffic, and increasing revenues. At the same time, each platform has its own set of features and perks that distinguishes it from the others and gives it a competitive advantage. Before we get into the specifics of each platform, let’s take a look at what makes them different.

Google Ads

Google Ads is made up of two advertising networks: Google Display Network and Google Shopping Network.

  1. Advertising on the Search Network: Advertisers produce text advertisements that appear on the search engine results page (SERP), as seen in the example below. Advertisers develop display advertisements that show on a large number of websites all across the internet, known as the Display Network.

Bing Ads

The search engine Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, has three search engines — Bing, Yahoo, and AOL — which means that when you advertise on one platform, your ad will be viewed on all three. Users may now access campaigns across all of Bing, Yahoo, and AOL owned and controlled websites, as well as a variety of partner websites, including:

Bing Ads vs. Google Ads

Compare the display URLs, description text, keywords, and click-through rate of Google and Bing Ads to discover how they stack up against one another in some fundamental features.

Display URL

Google and Bing both put display URLs beneath the headline of the advertisement. Bing uses strong style to draw attention to their display URLs. Google Ads, on the other hand, does not:

Description text

In previous versions of the search engine, Google allowed for two independent description lines with a maximum of 35 characters each, and Bing allowed for one line of up to 71 characters. For a longer description area, both Google and Bing now allow for a maximum of 80 characters.


Both Google and Bing include a keyword research tool, as well as broad match and negative keyword targeting options, among other features. The most significant difference between the two platforms is that the volume of traffic for keywords is far smaller on Bing.

Click-through rate

With the availability of financial reporting on Yahoo and Microsoft, Bing adverts tend to have greater click-through rates (CTRs) in the commerce and financial services search verticals. This is due to the fact that they provide a wide range of shopping and financial resources, and advertising in those search verticals on those platforms reach highly-interested prospects, gain greater interaction, and have a better click-through rate (CTR). Neither reach nor cost were included in this list, which are two of the most important considerations when selecting an advertising platform.

Reach: Bing Ads vs. Google Ads

It’s well-known that Google has dominated the search engine business, and as a result, it has a bigger search volume and a broader audience reach than its competitors. They are not, by any means, the only search engine worth your time and money. The Bing network is also expanding at a rapid pace. Look at the figures for example:

  • Currently, Bing holds a 34 percent market share of the desktop search engine industry globally. It is estimated that 5.4 billion searches are made on the Bing Network each month, with 136 million unique searchers using the Bing Network.

Most crucially, Bing Ads reach 63 million searchers who would otherwise not be reached by Google AdWords campaigns. Bing Ads generates over $1 billion in revenue annually, thus not using them is a significant loss of revenue. Along with enhanced visibility, Bing allows advertisers to target a more mature and well-educated demographic. Almost 40% of the Bing Network’s users are between the ages of 35 and 54, according to the pie chart, while approximately three-quarters of Bing users are above the age of 35: Aside from that, almost one-third of the Bing Network has a household income of more than $100,000, with over half of the Network having a family income of $75,000 or more: While AdWords may reach a larger audience and have more search traffic, Bing allows you to reach an even larger audience – a specific demography of clients — and create even better results than you would get from AdWords on its own.

Cost: Bing Ads vs. Google Ads

What Bing lacks in terms of volume, it more than makes up for in terms of performance. However, despite the fact that costs vary by sector and by individual advertiser, one particular digital marketing firm discovered that Bing spent just 20 percent to 35 percent of the equivalent of an AdWords campaign, which was: This is achievable due to the fact that Bing PPC has far less competition for advertising bidding. As a result, clicks are less expensive, and marketers get more for their money. According to ReportGarden, the average CPC on Bing Ads is $7.99, whereas the average CPC on Google AdWords is $20.08: In fact, when compared to AdWords, the average cost-per-click on Bing Ads may be as much as 70% less expensive per click.

It’s vital to keep in mind when comparing the expenses of each advertising platform because Bing and Google don’t always receive the same amount of traffic.

Bing PPC, on the other hand, can create more sales at a cheaper cost per click if the proper traffic is directed at the campaign’s landing page.

More benefits with Bing PPC

Bing Ads isn’t only about having a larger reach, targeting a more mature and higher-earning audience demographic, having less competition, having a cheaper cost per click, and maybe having a greater return on investment. There are further advantages to consider.

Import your Google Ads campaign

After registering for a Bing Ads account, marketers will have the opportunity to immediately import their current Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads, if they so want. Your campaign is up and running in minutes with only a few clicks, saving you the time and effort of starting from scratch:

Increased granular control

At the ad group level, Bing allows for more precise targeting than Google. Google allows advertisers to customize their campaigns by configuring network, location, language, ad scheduling, and ad rotation parameters at the campaign level, but ad groups are limited to the variables that are available at the campaign level. Bing Ads, on the other hand, enables for changes to be made at the ad group level as well as the overall campaign level. Bing also allows marketers to set various ad campaigns to different time zones, which is a feature that AdWords does not currently provide.

Improved device targeting

Because of the limitations of Google AdWords’ mobile ad targeting, Bing Ads outperforms Google AdWords when it comes to device targeting.

Advertisers may target particular audiences depending on their device type and operating system using Bing Ads. You may also choose not to display campaign advertisements on desktop computers if you are just interested in reaching mobile consumers.

Sitelink extensions

Bing PPC, like AdWords, provides marketers with the opportunity to provide additional information that may entice search visitors to click through to their website. These additional links might include everything from price information to demos, content downloads, free trials, and more. Because sitelink extensions are not guaranteed to appear in every paid search ad, when they do appear, they attract the user’s attention even more because the total size of the ad is significantly greater than that of the other ads in the SERP list.

Greater transparency

When it comes to revealing information about its search partners, Bing is very open and transparent, allowing marketers to know precisely where their traffic is coming from. The software generates thorough data on the effectiveness of each search partner in a campaign, including information on all metrics, from impressions to conversions, and displays these results in real time.

Higher engagement and conversion rates

Advertisers can know exactly where their traffic is coming from thanks to Bing’s complete transparency in revealing information about its search partners. The platform generates complete data on the success of each search partner in a campaign, providing information on all metrics, from impressions to conversions, for each search partner in the campaign.

The benefits of Bing Ads certification

Customers of Bing Ads can earn a Bing Ads Accreditation by completing a training course followed by an accreditation exam (on which they must score at least 80 percent). This program is similar to the AdWords certification scheme. The ability to show this emblem after earning it might be extremely valuable when closing new business. The Hallam Internetmarketing firm is an example of a company that has achieved Bing Ads certification. See the member badge in the lower right-hand corner? Advertisers that become Bing Ads Accredited Professionals get a variety of perks, including the following:

  • An official member badge can be used on websites, business cards, stationery, resumes, and other marketing materials to demonstrate your expertise in Bing Ads
  • The inclusion of your company in the Accredited Professional membership database
  • Bing Ads accounts that have been updated to incorporate social networking networks and sharing sites
  • Resume-building

So, should you use Bing or Google ads?

Hopefully, by now, you’ve realized that the most effective digital advertising approach is to use both channels at the same time, if your budget permits it. While Google AdWords may be the most well-known name in digital advertising, Bing is an excellent tool for supplementing your PPC strategy and filling in any holes in your online presence. When Bing Ads is used in conjunction with your AdWords advertising, you may broaden the reach of your efforts to include new and unique areas. Moreover, despite the fact that Google has a bigger search volume, Bing has superior placement, less bidding competition, and, on average, a cheaper cost-per-click than Google.

Once you’ve created appealing ad campaigns using Bing Ads and Google Ads, you can provide an appropriate post-click landing page from ad to post-click landing page with Instapage – the web’s most powerful post-click automation tool — by using both Bing Ads and Google Ads.

Small business advertising costs

Advertising with Microsoft for small companies is a cost-effective approach to reach new consumers at a time when they are actively looking for your products and services. The process of setting up a Microsoft Advertising account is simple and free, and there are no startup or maintenance fees. You choose the budget that works best for you —from a variety of daily options— and then use advertising that can be personalized based on geographic region, device, and keyword to target the people who are most likely to purchase them to get the most out of your marketing expenditures.

The fact that you are not invoiced until someone clicks on your ad is independent of your spending budget.

However, your cost per click (CPC) for each ad varies depending on a variety of factors and is determined through an auction process among all of the advertisers participating in the campaign.

How to pay

Choose the type of payment that is most convenient for your small business. Examples include:

Save money with Microsoft Search Network trends

Make the most of every advertising dollar by following the latest industry trends information gathered from the Microsoft Search Network audience of 117 million unique searchers and 7.2 billion monthly desktop searches to maximize your advertising ROI. Our advertising tools assist you in optimizing your advertisements so that the value of every dollar you spend increases over time as a result of better understanding your consumers and providing them with what they want. Start by investigating how customers in your industry use the Microsoft Search Network, including the time of their queries, the devices they use, and their geographic location.

Get started with Microsoft Advertising

Begin your journey with the rising number of entrepreneurs all around the world who have successfully established their small companies through paid search advertising on the Microsoft Search Network. To get started, sign up for a Microsoft Advertising account.

Bing Advertising: How Much Do Bing Ads Cost?

Aden Andrus is a young man who grew up in a little town in the United States. The 11th of January, 2018 If you’re looking for paid search advertising, Microsoft’s Bing search engine (which includes Bing Ads) is sometimes referred to as “me too” answer to Google’s dominance. However, just because Google obtains 63 percent of all internet search traffic does not always imply that it is the only search engine worth paying attention to. It’s safe to assume that the remaining 37% of search traffic is going someplace.

Other search engines, such as Yahoo and AOL (yep, AOL is still in business), account for another 12 percent of all queries, which just happen to be part of the Bing Ads network.

I would never recommend that marketers forsake AdWords in favor of Bing Ads, and I would never recommend that they do so.

The question is, what do you do with the 35% of visitors that you can get with Bing Ads? Is it worthwhile to make an effort to promote to them? In order to address this question, we must first examine the relative expenses of Bing advertising versus Google advertising in further detail:

Bing Ads vs Google Ads

To be quite honest, there’s a good reason why Bing Ads comes across as a “me too” product. It is, in essence, true. Interestingly enough, the two platforms are so similar that the first option you see when creating a new Bing Ads account is to “Import from Google AdWords.” Similarly to Google AdWords, Bing Advertisements is a pay-per-click (PPC) network where marketers place bids on keywords in the hopes that their text ads would appear for relevant searches, be clicked, and result in new business.

This raises the question of how much you should expect to pay for Bing advertising.

The Cost of Bing Advertising

That said, the good news is that Bing advertising is far less expensive than Google advertising. Bing Ads clicks were 33.5 percent cheaper than AdWords clicks in 2014, according to a study by Wordstream, which examined the cost-per-click (CPC) for various clients on both Bing and AdWords in 2014. AdGooroo ran a similar analysis and found that the cost-per-click (CPC) for Bing Ads was 42 percent lower than the cost-per-click for AdWords. When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense.

  • As a result, the majority of online advertisers at the very least experiment with AdWords.
  • Supply and demand are the only factors that determine the outcome from there.
  • For example, bidding on the term “mesothelioma” on Bing Ads in 2015 would cost you a stunning $109.21 per hit, according to the company.
  • Is there a moral to this story?
  • It goes without saying that registering for accounts with both platforms and examining the bid amounts each platform advises for a specific keyword is the most straightforward approach to compare the prices of Bing advertising versus Google advertising for your particular market.
  • The fact that Bing and Google do not always receive the same amount of traffic should be taken into consideration when comparing the expenses of advertising on Bing and Google AdWords.
  • As a result, we have had clients who have paid more for a sale or lead on Bing Ads than they do on AdWords in some cases.

The converse is also true, and we have had clients who have received better leads and made more sales as a result of their Bing Ads traffic while paying a lower cost per click—which is a win in anyone’s book.

Managing Bing Advertising Costs

However, the good news is that you have more influence over the amount you spend for a click on Bing Ads, a conversion, or a sale than you may imagine. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of your Bing advertising budget:

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1. Do your homework

Who is more likely to use Bing: a tech-savvy millennial or a Baby Boomer who has reached the golden age of retirement? If your target audience isn’t using Bing, Yahoo, or AOL, then using Bing Ads isn’t going to do you any good. The same can be said for audiences who tend to use the default web browser on their Microsoft PC (we’re looking at you, Baby Boomers), in which case Bing can be an excellent choice. Whatever you choose to do will be determined by your target audience and how they interact with the internet.

If you are utilizing terms that your target audience does not utilize to search for what you are offering, your advertisements will suffer, regardless of whether you are using AdWords or Bing Ads.

2. Pay attention to your traffic

Although you may transfer your AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads, this does not imply that they will perform identically to their AdWords counterparts. As previously stated, Bing and Google have quite diverse user bases, which means that they will respond to your advertisements in very different ways. Your Bing Ads audience may be enthusiastic about a certain offer that your AdWords audience appears to despise. On a landing page with a fantastic conversion rate for AdWords traffic, traffic from Bing may convert badly, and vice versa.

So you can’t just copy and paste what you did on Bing Ads and AdWords and expect the same results on both platforms.

Don’t make broad generalizations about success across platforms.

Even if your Bing Ads campaigns and ad groups have the same names, ad copy, and keywords as their AdWords counterparts, you must treat them as separate campaigns if you want to get good results from both platforms.

3. Run a tight ship

Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads provide a plethora of capabilities that may be used to keep tabs on your ad spending. A good place to start is by establishing budgets that will allow you to achieve your company objectives. But you can also employ a range of automated rules to guarantee that your campaigns perform properly. Finally, a well-crafted negative keyword list will prevent your advertising from being displayed to disinterested audiences and will prevent you from incurring additional costs as a result of irrelevant clicks.

According to our research, most sponsored search accounts waste 76 percent of their ad spend on these irrelevant clicks, making this a very effective strategy to keep your Bing advertising expenditures under control.


Bing advertising is a terrific approach to broaden the reach of your sponsored search advertisements on the internet. Even better, you should anticipate to spend 33-42 percent less per click on Bing Ads than you would on AdWords, which is a significant savings over time. As a result, if your target audience is active on Bing, Yahoo, or AOL, including Bing Ads into your advertising strategy may be a wise decision for you. Having said that, Bing Ads is similar to AdWords in that it requires time and effort to produce strong results.

The use of Bing Ads is a fantastic opportunity for many organizations, and I would be delighted to assist you in making the most of it.

What was the difference between your costs and your AdWords costs?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

The Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) for Small Businesses

Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads) is a search engine marketing (SEM) platform that is both economical and simple to use on Bing, a Google competitor and a Microsoft subsidiary. Despite the fact that Microsoft Advertising is not the most popular search engine, it receives more than 1 billion unique visitors every month from all around the world. Investing in Microsoft Ads will allow you to diversify your advertising efforts and capitalize on pay-per-click advertisements that are targeted to a specific audience.

How Microsoft Advertising Works

Any successful search engine marketing plan targets certain terms that search engine users may use to discover a product, service, or solution to meet a need or want in a given market. Microsoft Ads allow you to concentrate on the keywords or phrases that are most associated with your company, and they assist people in finding you by displaying advertisements at the top or bottom of search results. You may select the terms that are most relevant to your objective by using the keyword research tool provided by Microsoft Ads.

You’ll select a daily advertising budget and make bids on keywords that interest you.

The position of your ad in search results (top or bottom, first or second, and so on) is determined by how much money you paid for a keyword and how much competition there is for that phrase.

How Much Microsoft Advertising Costs

Microsoft Ads are not subject to a defined price. The price of an advertisement is determined by the demand for it. In other words, if your term is popular and has a high search volume, the beginning bid is likely to be greater than if your phrase is less popular and has a lower search volume.

A single click on an advertisement may cost cents or hundreds of dollars. Depending on the industry, your cost-per-click (CPC) may be lower or more than average.

Bing Ads Average CPC by Industry


Reasons to Advertise With Microsoft

It is possible to achieve the highest return on investment by spending your advertising money carefully (ROI). Rather of pouring all of your advertising expenditures into a single search engine marketing campaign, it may be a smart idea to distribute them over numerous search engine advertising platforms, such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, as well as social network advertising platforms. Bing may not be as well-known as Google, but it has a loyal following among a more specific demographic.

And that large a share of the market translates into more than 1 billion unique visitors every month who might be exposed to your advertisements on the Microsoft Ads platform.

Microsoft Ads vs Google Ads

Microsoft Ads and Google Ads are quite comparable in terms of their platforms. Setting up an account to advertise on Google is quite similar to setting up an account to promote on Microsoft Advertising. For each of these services, you must bid on terms, and the winning bidder receives first position in an auction for that search phrase. There are some significant distinctions between the two that may persuade you to allocate more of your advertising money to one or the other.


The competition on Microsoft Ads is far lower than on Google Ads, despite the fact that both PPC networks require you to only pay for what you can afford. The average cost per click (CPC) for Microsoft Ads is approximately 33% cheaper than the average cost per click for Google Ads. Despite the fact that Google advertising expenses are normally greater, there is a wider audience on the site. As a result, the disadvantage of using Microsoft Ads is that the volume of visitors is lesser, but you will reach a different audience.


Google attracts a larger number of individuals in the United States who exclusively use Google for searches, while 62 million people use both Bing and Google for searches, compared to 66 million who solely use Bing for searches. Given that Bing is part of the Microsoft family of goods, the integration will assist to increase those figures. As a result, Bing is more likely to be used by consumers of Microsoft goods. And the demographics of those users are a little more specialized than the demographics of Google’s consumers.

The average age of Google users is between 18 and 44 years old.


Due to the fact that the Microsoft Search Network encompasses more than just Bing, your advertisement may appear on platforms other than Bing. MSN, Yahoo, and AOL are all part of the network. Besides these, there are a number of additional third-party websites and platforms owned by Microsoft that may be relevant. Google Ads appear in search results through Google and Google’s search partners, such as YouTube, and are targeted to specific users.

Aside from that, there’s the Google Display Network, which allows your display ad to be displayed on third-party websites that are relevant to your keyword or topic of choice.

Who Is Microsoft Advertising or Google Ads Right For?

The use of both advertising networks is possible for any and all small businesses and sectors; however, you may discover more success with particular demographics using one over the other. Luxury items and financial services do well with Microsoft Ads (Yahoo Finance and Investing is a popular finance and investment destination), and your advertising expenditures go farther on Bing than they do on Google because of the reduced level of competition. If the appearance of your ad has an impact on your choice, keep in mind that each ad on Bing results pages has a little label next to it that distinguishes it as a paid advertisement.

Microsoft Ads vs Facebook Ads

If you’re attempting to determine whether to promote your small business using Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads, you should keep in mind that search engine marketing (SEM) takes a somewhat different strategy than social media marketing, but both have the same end objective of discovery and conversion in mind. When deciding between one or the other, or both, there are significant distinctions to consider.


The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook Ads across all industries is around $1.72, which is just slightly more than the CPC for Bing Ads. Prices are comparable across industries, thus pricing isn’t the best predictor of which platform to choose for your advertising budget.


The best approach to choose between Microsoft Adverts and Facebook Ads comes down to your target demographic and how your ads appear on the platform in question. Utilizing Microsoft Ads, your advertisement appears when a person searches for anything that is particularly associated with your sector, business, and keywords. An ad on Facebook appears for a specific audience based on their interests and demographics, and it does not appear as a result of a search—users will see it as they browse through their feed or on the side of the social media site as they scroll through their feed.


As previously stated, Microsoft’s advertising network comprises MSN, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as third-party websites. In addition to the news feed, marketplace, video feed, and right column of Facebook’s social media platform, Facebook advertising will also display in the feed of Instagram’s social media platform, as well as in the shop and browsing sections.

Who Is Microsoft Ads or Facebook Ads Right For?

A Microsoft Ad is preferable for small companies that provide a demand, such as a service or a common product, that consumers actively seek out by advertising on Microsoft’s website. Social advertisements on Facebook (and Instagram) are more effective for businesses that provide items or services that people could be interested in but aren’t aware of. The goal of social media advertising is more about discovery than it is about targeted search. Try this tip: Are you having trouble deciding between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

How to Create a Microsoft Ad in 6 Steps

The process of creating your first Microsoft Ad campaign is straightforward, and you may do it in as little as six steps. After creating a Microsoft Advertising account and selecting your keywords, you may proceed to setting up your campaign and determining your budget. You can manage your daily budget from your account, as well as create additional campaigns and track the progress of each campaign. Starting off with Microsoft Ads is straightforward, but if you lack the necessary time to commit to administering your advertising campaigns, you may outsource the task to a third-party service provider.

Hibu is a Microsoft Advertising Select Partner with extensive experience in search engine marketing campaigns. It can assist you in selecting the most appropriate keywords and maximizing your return on investment. Here’s how to get your Microsoft Ads campaign up and running:

1. Create a Microsoft Advertising Account

To sign up for Microsoft Advertising, go to theMicrosoft Advertisinghome page and click the button in the upper right corner of the page. If you already have an account, you’ll be requested to log in to your account. Otherwise, you may establish a new account by providing an email address, a name, and a birth date, and then confirming your email address with a one-time code sent to your email address. After that, answer a few questions about your company and your objectives. When running a brick-and-mortar store, you may wish to employ Microsoft Ads in order to increase foot traffic; however, online companies are more likely to desire to increase site visitors.

2. Choose Keyword Themes

Using a keyword theme in Microsoft Advertising, you may target consumers that are interested in the items or services you provide. As an example, if you own a cookie-shipping business, you may consider using themes such as cookies delivered, ship cookies, cookies by mail free shipping, fresh made cookies online, and bakery online buying to attract customers.

3. Write Your Microsoft Ad

To create your first ad, Microsoft Ads gives you with a form that you can fill out. It includes a character count beneath each field, so you’ll know when you’ve reached the maximum number of characters. Your second description line, like Google Ads, has a character restriction of 90 characters. Once you’ve finished writing your ad, Microsoft will invite you to include your company’s phone number. It contains tracking information, so you can see how many calls you received as a result of your advertisement in your dashboard.

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4. Set Your Budget

Microsoft Ads provides an estimate of how well your keywords and industry will perform in the future. It then makes an educated guess about how many clicks you would receive based on the typical click-through rate. You have the freedom to establish your advertising budget at any level you like. The amount you input represents how much you’ll spend on a daily basis; the monthly maximum is displayed underneath the box.

5. Add Payment InformationGo Live With Your Microsoft Ad

After that, include your company’s name and address information. On the following screen, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. You may only make payments here using a credit or debit card, and you have the choice of prepaying or paying after the fact. As a result, your credit card will be charged either before you spend advertising money on the platform or after someone clicks on one of your adverts.

6. Monitor the Success of Your Campaigns

Microsoft Ads just underwent a significant redesign of its user interface. The overall appearance is more contemporary and sleek than in the past. The statistics of your ad campaigns may help you understand what is working and what isn’t in your search engine marketing campaigns. You can make changes to your SEM campaigns, raise or decrease your budget, and develop new campaigns. In addition, Microsoft Advertising customers may utilize a keyword planner to determine the most appropriate terms for a particular campaign.

You may use a number of demographics to target certain places and languages, as well as omitting terms from search phrases, to improve your results (negative keywords). Also included is an estimate of the cost per click (CPC) for certain keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, Microsoft advertisements aren’t free, but they may be reasonably priced for small businesses looking to target a certain group of people. An account with Microsoft Advertising is completely free, and you have complete control over how much money you spend on advertising, whether large or little. One approach to market your business for free is to include your firm in the free Bing for Business directory, which is available online.

Is Bing better than Google?

Despite the fact that Bing and Google are both major search engines, they are beginning to place a greater emphasis on local companies and search results. Google has a larger market share and is the world’s most popular search engine; Bing is the runner-up in terms of popularity. In terms of user base, Google has a more broad user population, whereas Bing has a more focused user base, often consisting of individuals with higher incomes and older age ranges. Making certain that your company is listed in both search engines’ business directories (which is completely free) is just one example of local advertising ideas.

Is Bing ads the same as Microsoft ads?

Yes. Previously known as Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising is the new name for what was previously known as Bing Ads. The Microsoft Advertising Network consists of four websites: MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and Bing, and adverts can appear on these four sites as well as third-party websites that have collaborated with Microsoft to display their content.

Bottom Line

Businesses may sign up for a free account on Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads) to advertise on the company’s advertising platform. To make an advertisement, first create a Microsoft Advertising account, then define goals and keywords, design an advertisement, choose a budget, then run your advertisement. Companies who specialize in luxury goods and services, as well as the financial industry, will find Microsoft advertisements to be an excellent resource for reaching audiences between the ages of 45 and 64 who have an average yearly income of $100,000.

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Are Bing Ads Worth it? Do Bing Ads Work?

However, while many people are familiar with and enjoy Google’s search and advertising services, Bing’s Microsoft Advertising is a vital complementary PPC marketing platform that should not be overlooked. You could be questioning whether or not Bing advertisements are worthwhile. Do Bing search advertisements perform better than Google search ads? The quick answer is yes, but there is also the possibility of. The correct response is dependent on the requirements of your company. Despite the fact that many businesses concentrate their advertising efforts on Google, there are several methods to broaden your reach and optimize development potential by utilizing Bing Ads.

In terms of desktop search, Bing is the second most extensively used search engine, which means that paying attention to how people use it might help you broaden your marketing reach across an often overlooked platform.

As an added bonus, because Bing advertisements may be seen throughout the company’s entire advertising network, marketers can target highly targeted consumers across the web.

Not only will we go over the essentials, such as reach, pricing, and conversion rates, but we’ll also go over some of the unique features that distinguish Bing advertising from other marketing platforms and help it stand out as a marketing platform in general.

What are Bing ads?

The underlying premise behind Bing advertisements is nearly identical to that of Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform that is aimed to assist you in reaching a targeted audience, increasing traffic to your website, and increasing your income. It is available in English and Spanish. Bing advertising appear in the SERPs in a largely similar manner as Google ads, and the length of their titles and meta data is almost the same. Bing advertising operate on an auction system, similar to Google’s, in which marketers may bid on the right to display relevant adverts to users who are looking for specific keywords.

  • Because of its continued success, this type of search advertising has remained one of the most popular forms of online advertising.
  • Businesses may reach a larger number of prospective consumers by using Bing search advertisements.
  • Reach Given that Bing is owned by Microsoft, when you advertise using Bing advertisements, you are also advertising on other Microsoft-owned websites such as Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and several other partnered sites.
  • Despite the fact that Bing only accounts for 6% of the worldwide search engine market share, Bing advertisements reach a total of 63 million consumers.
  • In addition, Bing receives 936.5 million unique visitors every month from throughout the world and processes around 12 billion searches per month.
  • In addition to increasing your general exposure inside search engines, Bing advertisements allow you to target a broader and more precise audience with your marketing messages.
  • Bing is also responsible for 34% of all desktop searches in the United States, and it has a monthly search volume of 500 million in the country.

Bing’s audience share by gender demonstrates that they have nearly equal numbers of male and female users, indicating that you have an equal potential to target either in your marketing approach.

If you are selling to a more mature audience, though, you should look at Bing marketing in greater depth.

Consequently, if you want to begin targeting older clients who have a higher level of discretionary expenditure, Bing advertising are an excellent approach to do so.

Approximately 51 percent of Bing users are married, and 45 percent have children who are still living at home with their parents.

Depending on your target population, employing Bing advertisements can assist you in contacting people who are not currently being reached by your existing marketing techniques, hence increasing your overall reach.

Cost Despite the fact that paid advertising budgets vary by sector, Bing advertisements are often quite reasonable (though, affordability is mainly determined by your budget).

Others disagree.

However, for many businesses, these decreased prices imply that clicks are less expensive and that you receive better value for your money.

To summarize, it is possible to double your advertising budget by employing Bing advertisements; however, this is dependent on your sector, and we do not propose putting all of your eggs in one basket with Bing only to double your budget.

In the event that there is a possibility to increase your reach while spending less of your advertising budget, it is possible that you will want to begin putting part of your dollars toward Bing Ads.

If you’re still unsure whether Bing advertising is worth the effort, get advice from a professional team to learn how targeting crucial keywords on the Bing platform could benefit your company’s bottom line and bottom line results.

Because PPC advertisements are customized and you have the flexibility to create your own budget, you may spend as much or as little money as you desire.

The fact that Yahoo and MSN provide financial reporting resources and advertisements in those verticals allows them to access a highly interested audience, resulting in better engagement and click-through rates (CTRs).

This is yet another area in which campaign effectiveness is connected to the competence with which a campaign is maintained, adjusted, and administered, as well as the use of data to fine-tune your ad campaigns.

Again, these conversion rates are an average across all industries, so yours may be greater or lower based on your own situation and needs.

With the Conversion Goals Page, customers may keep track of conversions, conversion rates, revenue, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and money generated from advertising expenditure.

Bing’s Advertising Targeting Capabilities are a powerful tool.

Bing ads are available in a variety of languages.

Marketing or advertising to specific individuals or businesses is made possible with the LinkedIn profile targeting feature.

You may target users based on their device type and operating system, as well as allocate various time zones to separate campaigns, thanks to Bing’s device targeting feature.

You may also opt not to display your advertising on desktop computers in order to concentrate your efforts on mobile consumers.

So Is Bing Advertising Worth It?

The underlying principle behind Bing advertisements is nearly identical to that of Google Ads in terms of functionality. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising from Microsoft is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform that is meant to assist you in reaching a targeted audience, increasing website traffic, and increasing income. When viewed in the SERP, Bing advertising are nearly identical in appearance and duration to Google ads, with the exception of the length of their overall title and meta data. Using an auction system similar to Google’s, Bing advertising allows marketers to show relevant advertisements to consumers who are looking for the terms they want to advertise on.

Because of its continued success, this type of search advertising has remained one of the most popular forms of internet marketing.

The Bing search ad platform allows advertisers to reach a broader spectrum of prospective customers, but the ad platform also allows marketers to target specific terms relevant to them.

By employing Bing’s advertising alternatives, you are able to cover any holes in your advertising campaigns that may have been left by just relying on Google’s advertising options.

This is a considerable amount of lost revenue if you are not using Bing ads.

The fact that Bing is continually expanding and developing, despite the fact that its market share appears little when measured in terms of users, should be noted.

Demographics Bing is the second most popular search engine in the United States, accounting for 30% of all searches conducted within the country’s borders.

Using Bing advertisements as part of your marketing plan is a good idea if you are advertising your items locally or mostly to buyers in the United States.

It is possible that if you are promoting items to millennials, Bing ads may not be the greatest location to enhance your advertising approach when it comes to age and Bing advertisements.

Most Bing users are between the ages of 45 and 54, with around one-third of users earning $100,000 or more per year in their household.

The amount of married users and users with children who use Bing is likewise rather high, as well.

Because of the use of Bing advertisements, you will have even more options to broaden your audience and reach more families.

We propose that you evaluate the areas where your present approach may be weak in terms of reaching your intended audience and that you consider implementing Bing advertisements into your plan in order to improve it.

Numerous people believe that the reduced prices are directly tied to the fact that Bing has a significantly smaller portion of the worldwide search market share, which means that there is less competition for term placement.

Clicks, on the other hand, are less expensive in many businesses as a result of the reduced prices, and you receive greater value for your money.

However, this is dependent on your sector, and we do not propose putting all of your eggs in one basket with Bing merely to quadruple your marketing expenditure.

If there is a potential to broaden your reach while spending less of your advertising budget, you may want to consider directing part of your dollars to Bing Ads to see if your results improve.

If you’re still unsure whether Bing advertising is worth the effort, get advice from a professional team to learn how targeting crucial keywords on the Bing platform could benefit your company’s bottom line and bottom line.

It is entirely up to you how much you spend on PPC advertisements because of their customized nature and the option to create your own budget.

The fact that Yahoo and MSN provide financial reporting resources and advertisements in those verticals allows them to reach a highly interested audience, resulting in better engagement and click-through rates.

Once again, the ability to manage, alter, and operate a campaign with skill, as well as the ability to use data to fine-tune your ad campaigns, is required for success in this field.

Because these conversion rates are averaged across all sectors, the figure may be greater or lower depending on your particular industry.

With the Conversion Goals Page, customers may keep track of conversions, conversion rates, revenue, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and income from ad expenditure.

Advertisers may target their ads with the help of Bing.

The LinkedIn profile targeting and device targeting features of Bing advertising, on the other hand, are what really set it apart.

If you are involved in account-based marketing, this is highly beneficial.

Alternatively, you may opt not to display your advertisements on desktop computers in order to concentrate your efforts on mobile visitors.

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