Best WordPress Themes For Blogs You Should Consider Using? (Solution)

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

  • #1 – Extra Review — The Best for Most Standard Blogs.
  • #2 – Olsen Review – The Best WordPress Theme for Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs.
  • #3 – Newspaper Review — The Best for Breaking Stories.
  • #4 – Akea Review — The Best for Minimalist Style.
  • #5 – Pearl Review — The Best Corporate WordPress Theme.

What is the best WordPress theme for bloggers?

The Best WordPress Themes For Blogs to Consider:

  • Newspaper – Best for most.
  • Divi – Best WordPress page builder.
  • Astra – Most Popular.
  • Authority Pro – Best industry experts.
  • Soledad – Best for online magazines.
  • Foodie Pro – Best for food blogs.
  • Writing – Best minimalist design.
  • Thrive Theme Builder – Best custom WordPress Theme.

Which theme is best for personal blog?

25 Best WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs in 2021

  1. Rosemary – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme.
  2. Malina – Personal WordPress Blog Theme.
  3. Hemlock – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme.
  4. TinySalt – Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme.
  5. Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme.

Which free WordPress theme is best for blogging?

Let’s take a look at some of the best free WordPress themes that you can install on your site.

  1. Astra. Astra is a fully customizable and free WordPress blog theme.
  2. OceanWP. OceanWP is one of the most popular free WordPress themes.
  3. Hestia.
  4. Bento.
  5. Go.
  6. Blocksy.
  7. SiteOrigin Unwind.
  8. Hemingway.

What is the best WordPress theme to use?

That being said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress multipurpose themes that you can use to build your website.

  1. Astra. Astra is among the most popular and fastest loading WordPress multipurpose themes.
  2. Divi.
  3. OceanWP.
  4. Ultra.
  5. Spencer.
  6. Indigo.
  7. Hellomouse.
  8. Parallax.

Is Divi theme good for blogging?

Divi is an excellent theme for blogging. You can create your own blog and post layouts to create a unique design to make your blog stand out.

What is the best WordPress theme for a food blog?

10 Best Food Blog Themes for WordPress: It Can’t Get Any Tastier Than This!

  • Foodie Pro.
  • Divi Theme’s Food Recipe Landing Page.
  • Cookely.
  • Sprout & Spoon.
  • EasyMeals.
  • Fresh.
  • Tiny Salt.
  • Julia. When a strong passion for cooking and WordPress comes together, the result is Julia.

Is WordPress good for personal blogging?

While WordPress is a full-featured content management system, when people think of blogging platforms, it’s the first solution that springs to mind – and for good reason. Firstly, WordPress’ editing options and blog management features trample all over the competition.

What is a blog theme?

A WordPress theme is a folder of files that work together to create the design of your site. A theme includes template files, stylesheets, images, and possibly JavaScript files. All those files change how your blog posts and pages are displayed. You can even create your own custom themes for a unique web design.

What are good topics to write about in a blog?

120 best blog niche ideas to write about

  1. Finance. Money management is something everyone is concerned with, from the adolescent working to get their first credit card to the entrepreneur wanting to exponentially grow their personal savings.
  2. Business.
  3. Marketing.
  4. Sales.
  5. Design and development.
  6. Technology.
  7. Education.
  8. 8. News.

Is Astra theme is good for AdSense?

Astra is known for being fast loading, ideal for SEO. It is also flexible, can be customized to fit AdSense ads and there is a theme for almost every niche.

Is Astra theme good?

Astra is without doubt one of the best free WordPress themes around. The theme lets you easily import dozens of professional-looking website designs, and there’s a good selection of free plugins that extend functionality.

How do I use a WordPress theme on my blog?

Login to WordPress and navigate to the Tools section in your left hand sidebar then click on Import. You’ll then arrive at this screen where you can import your Blogger content. Authorize WordPress to access your Blogger account.

Which WordPress theme is best for SEO?

13 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2021

  1. Divi. Divi is a best-selling WordPress theme that has been built with SEO in mind.
  2. Sydney. Sydney is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme for creating business websites.
  3. SEO Crawler.
  4. TheGem.
  5. Pofo.
  6. Schema.
  7. Genesis.
  8. X.

What is the best theme 2021?

Our Pick of the Best WordPress Themes for 2021

  1. Astra. Astra is a sleek and modern multipurpose theme.
  2. Divi. Divi bills itself as the “most popular WordPress theme in the world” and it’s easy to see why.
  3. Ultra. Ultra comes from expert theme builders Themify.
  4. DEEP.
  5. Avada.
  6. OceanWP.
  7. Hestia.
  8. Salient.

What is the best selling WordPress theme?

Top 23 Most Popular WordPress Themes 2021

  1. Divi. Divi is the flagship WordPress theme from the Elegant Themes team that can help you create any type of website with WordPress.
  2. Newspaper. Newspaper is one of the bestselling news and magazine-style themes for WordPress.
  3. Astra.
  4. Kalium.
  5. Sydney.
  6. Uncode.
  7. TheGem.
  8. Pofo.

The Best WordPress Themes For Blogs 2022 (Free and Paid): Quick Guide

First and foremost, while starting your own blog, you’ll need to select the most appropriate blog topic, correct? After everything is completed, you should concentrate on providing excellent content for your readers. Start a blog now if you haven’t already by following my step-by-step instruction here: How to Start a Successful Blog in 15 Minutes. So, what’s the next stage in this process? Your WordPress blog will, without a doubt, need to look fantastic! That is exactly what I am here to assist you with today.

Yes, you have the ability to customize the appearance of your blog.

The following are some of the top WordPress themes for blogs that we’ll be discussing in this post:

  1. The Divi Theme
  2. The Avada Theme
  3. The X Theme
  4. The Genesis Framework
  5. And more free themes

Let’s get this party started! Here are a number more related posts that you might find interesting as well:

  • A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes. Blog Hosting Review: How to Choose the Most Appropriate Blog Hosting Service
  • The following are 8 tips for starting a successful blog TODAY:

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme may be thought of as a pre-made design template that can be customized to your liking. A theme is essentially a collection of files containing code that allows you to customize the appearance of your blog without having to know how to write code yourself. It goes without saying that you want to pick a WordPress theme for your site that includes the following features:

  1. Features that are simple to use and are suitable for beginners
  2. Design tools that are completely customisable
  3. Automatic responsiveness across a wide range of screen sizes
  4. If you have any questions, you may reach out to customer care at any time of day or night.

In order to determine which WordPress theme to utilize, you must first recognize that each theme is distinct from the others. Depending on who is responsible for the theme, you will see a distinct set of modification tools and choices. With that said, all you have to do now is choose a WordPress theme that has the tools and settings you desire, such as the following:

  • Converting the menu bar’s structure (horizontal to vertical, centered to left-aligned, etc.) to a different layout. Adding your company logo
  • Changing the colors of your menu, footer, and other static components is something you should consider.

According to the theme you chose, you may have less customization choices accessible than you would expect at first glance. In your WordPress admin area, under AppearanceThemesAdd Themes, you will discover a large number of WordPress themes to choose from. I understand how overwhelming and scary the world of WordPress themes for blogs might seem at first. There is just a plethora of options to pick from. If you want to learn more about how to choose the best WordPress theme for your site, read my post on how to select the perfect WordPress theme for your blog step-by-step.


Some themes may be quite close to what you’re looking for.

As a result, it’s critical to select a theme that is extremely user-friendly and easy for beginners.

Should I use a paid WordPress theme?

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.

WordPress themes that are provided for free do so for a very good purpose. They have the following:

  • Limited customization possibilities
  • Insufficient customer service
  • And a lack of tools to make blogging simpler and faster for you.

That is something you simply cannot avoid, believe me when I say this. Developing the ideal WordPress theme is a significant undertaking. I understand how much effort goes into it because I work as a web developer myself. It takes a full team of developers to create a new WordPress theme from the ground up, and they must come up with user-friendly features and tools that really operate. Professional designers and developers, it goes without saying, do not work for free on their projects. So, even if there are a few excellent free themes accessible, keep in mind that they are subject to some restrictions.

What will you get with a paid WordPress theme?

For those who want total control over the appearance and customization of their blogs, I propose that you invest a few dollars on a popular, premium WordPress theme like Twenty Twelve. Not only will your blog appear and feel more professional, but you’ll also save a significant amount of time since you won’t have to worry about cryptic problems or features that aren’t present. After all is said and done, I believe that you will eventually upgrade to a premium theme anyway. Once your site begins to gain popularity and receive a significant amount of traffic, a well-chosen premium theme will make life much simpler for you.

Thank you very much!

Which WordPress theme is best for blogging in 2022?

Do you recall the scene in The Last Crusade where Indiana Jones was deciding which Holy Grail to use? As the 1,000-year-old knight explained, although the genuine Grail will provide you eternal life, the counterfeit Grail will take it away from you. “But select wisely,” he advised. And that’s also kind of how it works with WordPress themes, to some extent. (Ha!) Make the right choice, and your blog will exist in perpetuity without a hitch. If you make a bad decision, you’re doomed from that point forward.

  • But you understand the gist of it, don’t you?
  • It hasn’t always been a pleasant stroll in the park.
  • That is why I decided to write this essay to share my own personal experience.
  • Here are a few examples of subjects with which I’ve been involved thus far:
  • Avada
  • Twenty Twenty
  • Genesis
  • Sydney
  • GeneratePress
  • Divi Theme
  • Hello Theme
  • Avada
  • X Theme

Some of these items are still in my toolkit to this day. In the case of a number of others, I just wanted to burn them on fire and toss them down a perilous, lethal ravine after a couple of hours of conversation.

For the time being, allow me to take you through a couple of my favorite WordPress blog themes. I’m confident that you will discover the appropriate theme for your blog on this site as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments area!

1: Divi Theme

Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme is an exceedingly user-friendly and intuitive theme that is also quite powerful at the same time. It’s been my number one suggestion for quite some time, and I use it for the majority of my personal projects as well. Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy Divi: If you’ve never used WordPress before or if you’re a seasoned site designer, Divi will meet your needs. With Divi, I’ve created two blogs: Blogging Explorer and my code blog. (And I just adore it!) Despite the fact that Divi offers a plethora of advanced customization options, the fundamentals are quite simple and quick to grasp.

  • While blogging, you may pick up new Divi techniques as you go along — it’s all about learning by doing, after all.
  • Elegant Themes provides exceptional customer care to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.
  • Have a question regarding Divi’s features?
  • What’s the best part?
  • There is absolutely no risk in giving it a go.

Pros of Divi:

  • The fact that Divi is user-friendly and intuitive is one of its strongest points. Despite the fact that it is a strong theme, it comes with an extremely user-friendly builder and customizer so you will feel like a pro in a matter of days
  • Customization tools that are extremely powerful: You ask for it, and you will receive it. Whatever it is that you want to customize, Divi makes it simple to do it. Don’t think about all of the problems you’ve experienced with WordPress themes in the past. Divi will essentially complete the task for you
  • Design templates that have already been created: You are not required to develop your blog from the ground up. For your convenience, Divi comes with more than 100 pre-made, professional layout packs that you may use as blog templates. Access to 80+ more premium themes (such as Extra, which is ideal for blogs as well!): Purchasing Divi grants you access to all of the other WordPress themes developed by Elegant Themes. That works out to $1.02 per theme. Add-ons and plugins that are really useful: When you acquire a Divi license, you will have complete access to the entire plugin library of Elegant Themes, including the Divi Builder. Increasing blog traffic is made possible with the usage of social sharing plugins like as Monarch and Bloom, as well as e-mail marketing software. Support and assistance to customers: The quick and courteous Elegant Themes helpdesk will solve your difficulties if you are unable to find an answer to your query in the complete and extensive documentation
  • If you are unable to find an answer to your question in the thorough and extensive documentation
  • Updates and new features on a regular basis: Elegant themes frequently releases new, innovative features for the Divi theme. Their addition makes it much easier and faster to generate even more appealing blog entries and web pages.
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Want to create a professional-looking blog design in a couple of minutes? Check out this tutorial. Make use of the 100+ plug-and-play website design kits to instantly appear as a professional blogger.

Cons of Divi:

  • There is a cost associated with this theme: the Divi Theme costs $89 for a one-year license. When it comes to value for money, Divi is in the middle of the pack when it comes to WordPress themes. The cost of a lifetime license is $249, however I recommend that you start with the yearly subscription plan. Having purchased a license, you can upgrade at a later date at a discount equivalent to the amount you paid at the time of purchase.

Is Divi the right theme for me?

Whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced one looking for a reliable, powerful WordPress theme to use right away, Divi is the theme for you. With Divilets, you can completely personalize your blog to your liking. Both novices and more experienced WordPress bloggers will find it to be a great resource. When it comes to using Divi, the interface is so user-friendly that you can begin modifying the style of your blog in minutes. However, like with many WordPress themes for bloggers, you will need to devote some time to get familiar with Divi from the ground up, step by step.

Overall, no other premium theme even comes close to the quality of Divi.

2: Avada

When I initially started using for my websites and blogs, I used the Avada Theme as my starter theme for the platform.

At the time, Avada was already a terrific WordPress theme for blogging, but it lacked a few customization tools that I need at the time. That’s why I made the slow transition to Divi.

Pros of Avada:

  • Company with a good reputation: Avada is available for purchase from ThemeForest, whose customer care is exceptionally nice and responsive
  • A plethora of personalization options: Avada allows you to personalise your website in any way you desire. Using Avada, you will have no trouble customizing each and every part of your blog
  • In fact, you will have no trouble doing so.

Cons of Avada:

  • Avada is more sophisticated than Divi: If this is your first blog, learning Avada from scratch will take a little longer than learning Divi from scratch. However, once you get started, Avada is a wonderful theme to work with. Refund policy is quite strict: It’s important to note that ThemeForest does not offer a money-back guarantee. As a result, before purchasing Avada, be certain that it is precisely what you want.

3: X Theme

When I first started writing, the X Theme was my go-to WordPress theme of choice for a time. X is a strong theme with even more deep customization options than Divi, although it’s a little less user-friendly than the latter. In 2017, there was a significant upgrade that entirely altered the theme and made it more sophisticated. In spite of this, the X Theme is a very adaptable theme, albeit it may take some time to learn about all of the capabilities you will require.

Pros of X Theme:

  • Extremely granular customization tools: Similar to Avada, theX Themelets allows you to edit each and every aspect of your blog separately. Unlike the customization options in Avada, the ones in X Theme may be difficult to navigate and can even seem overwhelming at times. If you’re familiar with other WordPress themes for bloggers, you shouldn’t have any problem with X
  • Nevertheless, if you’re not familiar with other WordPress themes for bloggers, you should have no issue with X.

Cons of X Theme:

  • The following is a little more complicated than Divi or Avada: It will take a little longer for you to learn the fundamentals. However, after you have done so, X will do wonders for the style of your site
  • There is only one license and one website: Unlike the Divi theme, which has an unlimited license, you can only use the X Theme for a single website or blog. When launching a second blog, you’ll need to get a second license for the X Theme
  • Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase a third license for the theme.

4: Genesis Framework

Genesis is a complete foundation for modifying the WordPress platform. But first and foremost, a word of caution: Genesis is NOT a beginner’s game. Not at all. When I first started working with WordPress, I made the mistake of experimenting with Genesis too soon. Despite the fact that I believed I was doing a fantastic job, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! My website appeared to be of high quality, but this was mostly due to chance. Despite the fact that I’m a web designer who knows how to code, it took me a long to figure out how to correctly use Genesis.

The Genesis Framework theme, on the other hand, would not be my first choice for WordPress.

Pros of Genesis Framework:

  • Page loading speed:Genesis is well-known for its loading speed. When compared to most other premium themes, your pages will load much more quickly. Therefore, you will have fewer impatient visitors who will abandon your blog because it is loading too slowly. As a result, once your blog begins to grow and attract more traffic, you should consider switching to Genesis in order to retain those visitors on your site.

Cons of Genesis Framework:

  • Cost: To begin, you must purchase the basic framework, which costs $60. However, you will also need to purchase a Genesis child theme, which will cost an additional $50–60. Again, I’d recommend starting with Divi and one of the pre-made design templates to get you up and running. The amount of money and time you save will be enormous. Complexity: As previously said, theGenesis Frameworkis not for the faint of heart. If you decide to utilize it, you should consider hiring a professional WordPress designer to make your blog seem just as you want it to

5: Free themes (e.g. Twenty TwentyTwenty Eighteen)

WordPress themes are no different than anything else in life in that you get what you pay for. Yes, using a free theme to learn how to use WordPress is totally acceptable when learning the platform. On order to build a successful blog, I recommend investing in a high-quality premium theme right from the beginning of your journey. As I previously stated, free themes do not allow you to customize your blog in the same manner that premium themes do. It is likely that you may run into difficulties if you attempt to construct your blog from the bottom up.

Pros of free themes:

  • There is no need to make an investment: In the event that you are not prepared to make a financial investment in your blogging business, a free WordPress theme might help you save money. However, keep in mind that every firm must make investments in order to recoup their initial investment at some time. Treat your blog as if it were a company that you were trying to generate money from. It is more likely than you think that those $60 will pay for themselves.

Cons of free themes:

  • There are just a few customizing options: If a theme is available for free, why would anyone bother to put forth the effort to make it more customizable? Making the decision to choose a free theme implies that you will have less tools and possibilities for customizing the look and feel of your site. There is insufficient customer service: Almost certainly, while you’re just getting started, you’ll have queries concerning the WordPress theme you’ve chosen. Keep in mind that free WordPress themes for bloggers do not provide adequate customer care to assist you in your endeavors. There is no certainty that updates will be made: The producers of free themes have the right to discontinue the release of new versions at any moment. And, of course, they are free to do as they like. In contrast, if you’ve constructed your blog utilizing a free theme and there aren’t any updates for it, you’ll find yourself working overtime in order to move to a different theme.

Final thoughts: The best WordPress themes for blogs in 2022

  • Make use of the Divi Theme or the Avada Theme. in the event that you’re a complete newbie who wants to get your blog up and running as soon and easily as possible
  • If you’re strapped for cash and don’t want to commit to a long-term commitment, go for a free theme. You should useGenesis Frameworkif you are a skilled web designer or if you want to engage a professional to develop your blog for you.

Spending too much time picking your first WordPress theme is not a good idea, as a general rule. If you’re not sure, go withDivi as a safe bet. For more than 50 WordPress blogs and websites, I’ve used it, and I’ve never had a problem customizing and creating them the way I intended them to be. Even when I was new to WordPress, Divi was simple to understand and operate, even for someone who had no prior knowledge. If you haven’t already, check out my Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Blog in 15 Minutes for some pointers on getting started.

The following are a number of useful posts you might find interesting:

  • Why Should You Start Blogging? 12 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog RIGHT NOW
  • The Most Useful Blogging Resources for Newcomers.

If you like this essay about the best WordPress themes for blogs, please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!

Specifically, what WordPress theme have you been using? P.S. If you found this post useful, please share it with others so that they may benefit from it as well. Thank you very much, you’re fantastic! Best of luck with your blogging! Mikke is a neologism that refers to a person who is not a person.

17 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs in 2022

Look no further if you’re seeking the greatest WordPress themes for blogs. In this post, we’ll go through our top selections for the best WordPress themes for blogging, including both free and premium options. A blog might be intimidating to begin with; you’ll need to establish a website that looks amazing and has all of the functionality you want, which can be challenging if you’ve never done so before. Of course, you’ll have to compose blog entries as well. But don’t be concerned. In the event that you choose WordPress to build your website, you can use a WordPress theme for blogging to give your site a professional appearance in a matter of minutes.

Then all that’s left is for you to do is start writing!

Take a look at our comprehensive guide on how to start a blog for step-by-step directions on how to get started with WordPress.

It’s possible that you’re wondering: How do I pick a theme for my blog before we get into the list of the best WordPress themes for blogs?

How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Blog

Consider the following considerations while selecting a WordPress theme for your blog: 1. The theme should be easy to customize 2. The following are the most significant aspects of every WordPress theme: A mobile-friendly WordPress blog theme will ensure that your blog appears amazing on any mobile device. This is critical in today’s world, as many individuals access the internet through their mobile devices. Choosing a cluttered theme with a slew of superfluous features will only serve to slow down your website and divert the attention of your visitors.

  1. In the future, you can always downloadWordPress plugins to add the capabilities you want for your website.
  2. It is important to study the reviews of a WordPress theme before attempting to use it.
  3. You might think of your blog’s brand as the specific sensation and impression you wish to leave on your readers.
  4. When selecting a WordPress theme, keep your blog’s identity in mind.

Alternatively, are you able to quickly and simply alter the theme to match your company’s branding? These are all key considerations to have in mind before committing to a WordPress blog theme. Knowing what to search for, here are the 17 best WordPress themes for blogs in 2020 to get you started.

Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Are you trying to figure out which free WordPress theme is the most suitable for blogging? Astra is the correct answer. It is now being used by over 700,000 individuals and is considered to be one of the top free WordPress themes for bloggers on the market. One of the most significant advantages of Astra is that it comes with hundreds of beginning templates, allowing you to set up a blog website in minutes. Bloggers that write about fashion, lifestyle, cuisine, travel, fitness, religion or any other topic will find beginning templates that are ideal for their blogs, among many other topics.

  • Additional features include more site and blog layout possibilities, additional color customization options, improved typography, extensive WooCommerce integration, and more.

The Pro edition of Astra is available for purchase for $47.

2. OceanWP

OceanWP is another another of the greatest free WordPress themes for blogs that you can find. As a result, it is one of the most rapidly expanding WordPress themes, with over 2 million downloads to its credit. With OceanWP, you can import any of their creative example sites with a single click, allowing you to quickly and easily give your site the precise appearance you desire in seconds. In addition to blogs, they provide demo sites for music sites, photography sites, freelance websites, and a variety of other things to choose from.

  • Fully responsive
  • Page load time is lightning fast. Ready for the eCommerce world
  • Translation and RTL capabilities are available.
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3. Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes is a premium WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes. In contrast to other WordPress themes for blogs, Divi is more than just a theme; it’s also an easy-to-use website builder, which helps it stand out from the crowd. With Divi, you can utilize their drag-and-drop builder and visual editor to manage every single feature and detail on your site, allowing you to create a site that is totally tailored to your specific requirements. A large number of free layouts are also available to its customers, making it simple to get started.

Other characteristics are as follows:

  • Built-in split testing
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • And 24-hour support are all included.

Divi is available for as little as $89 per year.

4. Revolution Pro

Studiopress’s Revolution Pro theme bundle is a simple blog theme that places the emphasis on your fantastic content. Using Revolution Pro, you can create a theme with a single click, and you can edit the theme’s settings, colors, and content all while viewing a live preview of your changes. WPForms is also pre-installed with this theme, which is a nice bonus. WPForms allows you to effortlessly construct contact forms, newsletter forms, survey forms, and other forms to include on your website.

  • Multiple layout possibilities
  • Advanced Gutenberg support. WooCommerce integration is available.

Revolution Pro is available for purchase for a one-time charge of $129.95.

5. Hestia PRO

One-page WordPress theme Hestia PRO from Themeisle is a sophisticated design ideal for creating a blog. In addition to being developed for speed, Hestia PRO is WooCommerce-ready, SEO-friendly, and it has a live customizer that is super simple to use. Hestia PRO also has a library of ready-made beginning sites, allowing you to quickly and simply construct a blog that is completely consistent with your brand.

Hestia PRO also includes rapid assistance and video lessons, which are really useful if you ever run into difficulties when creating your site. Other Hestia PRO features are as follows:

  • Blog customization choices
  • Homepage that is completely configurable
  • Slider and video header are included.

The price of this WordPress theme begins at $69.

6. Elegant

A gorgeous, multi-purpose WordPress theme, Elegant by Themify is available for purchase. Your content will stick out on the page because of the clean, basic style and gorgeous font used. Elegant is an excellent choice for bloggers, artists, authors, photographers, designers, and those wishing to showcase their work. Among the many features of this WordPress theme are its responsive design, a robust drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to completely modify any page, different layout possibilities, image filters, and more.

  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Social media icons
  • Automatic theme updates
  • And more.

Furthermore, it includes a built-in WooCommerce capability (as well as a separate WooCommerce add-on), allowing you to sell things from anywhere on your website. Selling things on your blog is an efficient method of generating income from your site. Elegant is a premium theme that costs $59 to purchase.

7. Letterum Pro

Letterum Pro is a beautiful, minimalist, and content-focused WordPress theme that’s best suited for bloggers and content creators, but it’s also suitable for other types of websites. Additionally, it has different site header templates, multiple blog post layouts, sortable front page sections, and fully bespoke post choices. In addition to being fully responsive and extremely adaptable, Letterum is also one of the most popular WordPress themes for blogs available right now. Other characteristics are as follows:

  • The ability to receive lifetime updates
  • Free installation
  • And personalized assistance.

Letterum Pro is available for purchase for $39. also offers a free version of theLetterum theme, which you may get here.

8. Indigo

Indigo byWPZoomis one of the greatest WordPress themes for travel blogs available today, according to the theme’s creators. However, because this blog theme is entirely adaptable, it may be used for any specialty, including fashion, cuisine, sports, and other activities, among others. The Indigo theme comes with a variety of layout choices, including a featured slider, recent articles (which may be hidden), featured category widgets, a sidebar, and a sticky navigation menu. Indigo also provides a variety of other one-of-a-kind widget alternatives.

Indigo also has the following features:

  • Updates on a regular basis
  • 1 year of support and updates
  • WooCommerce support
  • 1 year of updates and support

Indigo is a reputable brand with 75,000 consumers, and it is available for $69.

9. Color Blog Pro

Color Blog Pro by Mystery Themes is a vibrant, cheerful, and trendy blog theme that is perfect for any occasion. This theme comes with a variety of various layouts for blogging websites. Additionally, it has hundreds of theme choices that allow you to tailor the theme to your specific requirements without having to touch a line of code. Color Blog Pro also offers several other unique features, such as:

  • Design features including as responsiveness, unlimited color selections, several header styles, WooCommerce compatibility, and more are included.

Color Blog Pro is available for purchase for $55.

Mystery Themes also offers a free version of the Color Blog theme (with only the most basic functionality), allowing you to test drive the theme before purchasing it.

10. Didi

Didi, by Anariel Designs, is one of the best WordPress themes for fashion blogs on the market today. It’s also a great fit for lifestyle and beauty blogs, among others. The attractive, minimalistic style of this WordPress theme draws all of the attention to your written content, which is ideal. Didi offers a variety of pre-made homepage templates from which you may pick, all of which are easily customisable. Furthermore, the Live Preview function allows you to see the changes you make to the theme in real time as they are being applied.

  • Design for mobile devices
  • Translation and RTL capabilities are available. Code that is optimized for search engines
  • Support and documentation are provided as quickly as possible.

With Anariel Designs, you can get started for as little as $59, which grants you access to all 18 of their premium WordPress themes, including Didi.

11. Memory

Memory is a stylish and attractive WordPress theme for bloggers that is very fashionable and easy to customize. Memory comes with seven pre-built samples that are simple to install, allowing you to have the blog appearance you desire in seconds. There are also a plethora of layouts and customization choices available, such as various post styles, a sidebar layout, list and grid styles, featured content sliders, advertising banners, and other useful features. The following are included as standard features: The Memory theme is available for purchase for $49 for personal use.

12. WOW Blog

WOW Blog, a WordPress theme developed by AcmeThemes, is another excellent choice for blogs of any sort or topic. The simple, understated design makes it simple to personalize to reflect your individual style. Some of the more significant characteristics are as follows:

  • Tool for customizing in real time
  • 10 or more custom widgets
  • Options for the header and footer
  • There are a variety of color possibilities. Integration of social media platforms

WOW Blog is a completely free theme. However, for $44, you may subscribe to the pro version, which includes more capabilities.

13. Minimal Magazine

Atlantis Themes’ Minimal Magazine is a free WordPress blog theme that can be downloaded and used on any website. This versatile theme is also ideal for news websites, periodicals, and a variety of other sorts of websites. The following characteristics are included:

  • Flexible header
  • Threaded comments
  • Ready for translation Personalized color and background selections, among other things

Upgrade to the premium edition of Minimal Magazine for $45, which includes more layouts, pre-made templates, and more customization choices.

14. Swift Blog

Swift Blog, developed by ThemeInWP, is another another of the greatest free WordPress themes for blogs available today. Lifestyle, fashion, travel, cuisine, fitness and other bloggers of all types will like the playful and elegant design. With a responsive layout, the theme is search engine optimization (SEO) compatible with WooCommerce, and it is translation ready. You may also easily change the logo and title of the website. Other characteristics are as follows:

  • Options for social profiles
  • Social sharing
  • Footer widgets
  • And more.

In order to have access to more powerful features such as enhanced customization capabilities, different layout options, and Instagram direct feeds, you may subscribe to the pro version for $49.

15. Magazine

The Magazine WordPress theme by ThemeShopy is a perfect choice for blogs and news websites.

It is fully customizable. The blog post area, newsletter section, testimonials section, and other features are all included in this modern and professional-looking theme. This theme also offers the following features:

  • There are more than 100 font choices, advanced color selections, custom page designs, responsive design, and more.

The Magazine WordPress theme by ThemeShopy is available for purchase for for $39. Additionally, all of ThemeShopy’s premium themes are available for purchase for $99 USD.

16. Kale Pro

Kale PRO is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for food blogs. Kale PRO is a minimalistic style with simple yet attractive lettering that draws the viewer’s attention to your mouthwatering food photography. The following features are included with the Kale PRO WordPress theme:

  • Built-in advertisements
  • Recipe shortcode generator
  • Template for the recipe index that is unique
  • Custom fonts and colors
  • There are several blog post display choices, as well as many other features.

Aside from that, the theme is totally responsive and SEO-optimized. The Kale PRO theme is available for purchase for $35. There’s also a free version you may use to get a feel for things.

17. Inspirin

Inspirin is a lovely WordPress theme created by FameThemes that is ideal for bloggers, authors, and marketers. Because of the beautiful typography and clear design, the attention is drawn to your excellent content. Inspirin has a lot of useful characteristics, such as:

  • Theme customizer
  • Custom theme widgets
  • Custom page layouts
  • Page performance optimization
  • And more features are available.

Inspirin is available for purchase for $49, which includes one year of expert customer support. That’s all there is to it! We hope you found our post about the best WordPress themes for blogs to be informative and entertaining. Instead of having to sift through hundreds of WordPress themes, you should be able to quickly select a great-looking, well-built WordPress theme that’s appropriate for your blog without any difficulty. Moreover, if you haven’t yet purchased web hosting for your site, have a look at our recommendations for the finest blog hosting providers.

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Best WordPress themes for blogs in 2022

A popular online activity, blogging is one of the most widely practiced – it seems like wherever you look, and on every website you visit, there’s a blog tucked away someplace. When it comes to expressing yourself and putting your thoughts down on paper to be shared with others, blogging is an excellent choice, and if you’re using the popularwebsite builderand optionalweb hostingsolution that isWordPress, you’ll know that it has a plethora of themes that cater to this specific activity. If you’re thinking about entering into this strange and beautiful world, we’ve picked five websites that we believe are absolutely worth your time.

  • Also, have a look at our overview of the top web hosting services.

Baskerville 2 is the second installment in the Baskerville series (Image credit: Baskerville 2)

1. Baskerville 2

+ Straightforward+ Simple+ Simple to use+ Free Baskerville 2 is a wonderful theme to use as a starting point for your blogging endeavors. Even with the default setting, you can easily add text, photos, and videos to your sites, as well as make pages that look good. A custom menu is positioned immediately below the header, making it simple to organize your blog into parts that are easy to find and browse through. In line with what you’d expect from a modern theme, it’s entirely responsive and looks excellent on any screen size.

Baskerville 2 includes three different page templates.

There are other options for customizing your site, like adding galleries, changing the size of the header, and adding a logo. The best part is that Baskerville 2 is completely free to use, which is ideal if blogging is still just a hobby for you for the time being.

Hemingway was a writer who lived in the United States during the early twentieth century (Image credit: Hemingway)

2. Hemingway

+ A contemporary appearance+ Easy to understand and utilize

Reasons to avoid

– Only a little amount of customization Hemingway is another another free choice. This is a pretty simple theme with only a handful of modification options, but its objective is to present your blog in a clean and uncluttered manner, while providing the reader with a good amount of white space to browse through. Your site will look beautiful on any device, thanks to its responsive and retina-ready design. It also comes with a fully configurable full-width header that includes support for parallax scrolling to make your website look new and fresh.

It’s free to use.

3. Hestia Pro

+ Options that are visually appealing+ a large number of various sorts of websites are supported Although Hestia Pro is marketed as a one-page theme, it is actually considerably more adaptable than that description suggests. It is intended to function well with blogs, for example, which is why it has been included on this list. You have the opportunity to change the design on the fly, and one of the features we particularly appreciated was the ability to include parallax photos or videos in the header to make the website more aesthetically appealing.

  1. You may, for example, change the section headings on each page and select various headers for each of them as needed.
  2. Rather than complicating things, everything is centered around WordPress’ own Customiser, which is also compatible with other page builders to provide even more customisation choices.
  3. When purchasing the Business option, you will be able to install this theme on up to three more sites, with each site costing $99 per installation.
  4. OceanWP is an acronym that stands for Ocean Water Power (Image credit: OceanWP)
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4. OceanWP

+ The core theme is completely free. There are a plethora of customizing choices. OceanWPis another another blogging theme that claims itself as being completely free, which it is in a sense. The fundamental functionality is. Over 3.6 million times have been downloaded to date, making it one of the most popular WordPress themes available. In addition to blogs, it is a completely responsive and retina-ready theme that is now promoting its e-commerce features, among other things. Another wonderful feature of OceanWP is the large number of demos that are accessible – choose the one that you want to use on your site and apply it in a matter of seconds.

You’ll find the occasional free demo, and all of the ones we’ve seen so far have been quite well done, but if you’re hungry for a “pro” demo, you’ll have to fork over the cash.

Business for 6 ($87 per year) or Agency for 50 ($143 per year) are the two options available if you work on more than three locations. If you despise subscriptions, there is also a one-time lifetime payment of $177, $356, and $580, depending on your preferences.

Typology (Image courtesy of MEKS)

5. Typology

+ Simple+ Minimalist+ Elegant+ A wide variety of customizing options are available. If all you’re interested in is text and you don’t care about things like visuals or video, then Typology could be the theme for you. Its emphasis, like that of Hemingway’s above, is on constructing a simple website that puts your words first and foremost on display. However, if you so like, you may also include photographs and video, which will only serve to enhance the appearance of the page rather than detract from it.

Typology also includes features like as multi-author post support, 404 page customization, and e-commerce connection, among others.

You can try all of this for free for seven days, or look at some real-life examples on the company’s website.

The Best WordPress Themes For Blogs – 2021 Review

Do you want to get to the bottom of things right away? Newspaper and CheerUp, in my opinion, are the greatest WordPress themes for blogs. Given that there are more than 30 million blogs in the United States alone, you need the finest WordPress theme to ensure that your site stands out from the crowd. You have the potential to be a fantastic writer. When your blog’s design is poor, though, visitors will cease to visit it. Furthermore, if you master the theme, it will benefit your SEO and organic reach.

The Top 10 Themes for WordPress Blogs

  • Newspaper
  • CheerUp
  • Kale
  • Stockholm
  • Jevelin
  • Editorial
  • GoBlog
  • Flat
  • WPVoyager
  • Vixen Blog

I go into depth about each of these ten themes, including their cost and which ones are the greatest matches for your business.

1. Newspaper

Newspaper is a premium WordPress theme that can be purchased. It will set you back $59. And, sure, it is absolutely worth every penny. The design is professional and up-to-date in appearance. This theme’s name is a little deceptive, but it is incredibly adaptable, as you can see in the screenshot above. It is a common choice for magazine and newspaper websites, but may easily be tailored to match a review website or blog. You may use this theme regardless of what category or niche you’re in since it will fulfill your demands.

  • You may simply alter more than 100 different items on a page using the drag-and-drop editor provided by this program.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy or know how to code in order to do this task, which makes this theme a great choice for almost anybody to use.
  • It is possible to use a grid design to draw attention to certain pages, categories, and tags in the theme.
  • Fast page loading rates are provided by the newspaper, which is AMP ready.

The Newspaper WordPress theme is mobile-friendly and adheres to search engine optimization best practices. In my opinion, it’s one of the most adaptable WordPress themes available, and I’d suggest it for any type of blog.

2. CheerUp

CheerUp is a WordPress theme that is extremely flexible. Even while it can be used for practically any type of site, it is specifically built for bloggers who are a little more tech-savvy than the ordinary WordPress user. When it comes to webmasters’ unique sets of tools, widgets, and plugins to enhance their WordPress sites, this theme is designed to operate seamlessly with them. As a result, if your site makes extensive use of add-ons, this is unquestionably the best solution for you. CheerUp is available in a total of 12 distinct patterns.

  • This will assist to guarantee that your blog stands out among the other websites that use the same theme as yours.
  • Some of the most popular categories are as follows: Once you’ve chosen and customized a design, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of different styles for your posts.
  • You can choose to include a cover picture at the top of your blog or to leave it off entirely.
  • CheerUp has the capability of being connected with social media platforms.
  • As an added bonus, this theme supports AMP and is search engine optimized, as well as having quick loading times and being very responsive.

3. Kale

TheKaleWordPress theme, as its name says, is intended for food bloggers and food writers. This template, in contrast to the other possibilities we’ve looked at thus far, is completely free. If you’re a blogger in this particular field, you’re probably aware of how tough it can be to distinguish yourself from the crowd. This theme might provide you an advantage because it reduces the amount of clutter on your site while still allowing you to display your photographs. While this theme is meant for all things relating to food, cooking, and recipes, it is adaptable enough to be used for blogs in the fashion business as well — notably given the fact that both categories are very photo-focused.

Furthermore, with Kale, all YouTube videos are instantly responsive.

Installing the theme is straightforward, and you can be up and running in minutes.

4. Stockholm

Modern, clean, and on-trend. When I think about the StockholmWordPress theme, all of these phrases spring to mind. As a blogger, you must make it simple for your website visitors to access your material, navigate about the page, and interact with your writing in order for them to be successful. The Stockholm theme might assist you in accomplishing all of these objectives. The fact that it is so adaptable makes it a top pick for blogs in every genre. To get started, choose from one of the simple yet attractive designs and modify it to match your individual requirements.

This theme will improve the overall look and feel of your website, and will benefit you in areas other than your blog.

It contains layouts that are specifically created for ecommerce stores, restaurants, and architectural projects. So, if your site fits into one of these three categories, I strongly advise you to check into this possibility. Stockholm is available for purchase for $59 USD.

5. Jevelin

This solution appeals to me since it is adaptable enough to be used by bloggers in a wide range of sectors. The following are some of the most popular categories available on the JevelinWordPress theme:

  • Education
  • sFoodDrink
  • sPortofolio
  • sFitness
  • sPhotography
  • sEvents
  • sMedical
  • sFinance
  • sBeauty

Education;sFoodDrink;sPortofolio;sFitness;sPhotography;sEvents;sMedical;sFinance;sBeauty; Including one of these layouts on your site will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your content. Nobody will visit your pages and think that they are uninteresting or uninteresting. This is another theme that you have to pay for. It will set you back $59.

6. Editorial

Because the EditorialWordPress theme is designed in a magazine-style layout, it is ideal for bloggers who wish to highlight their material with featured photos on their website. This style also makes it easy for you to prioritize your greatest work since it allows you to see everything at once. With Editorial, you’ll have access to a live editing function that will allow you to simply move pieces around and view all of your changes in real time as you make them. Consider using this theme if you have a large amount of blog content but don’t know how to organize it.

This theme also includes a large number of widgets, which allow for further customization.

Another wonderful advantage of Editorial is that it is completely free, and it comes with unlimited free assistance.

7. GoBlog

TheGoBlogtheme is a basic, minimalistic blogging theme that is ideal for bloggers who wish to keep their website design as simple as possible. This theme appeals to me since it accommodates eight distinct post forms. It is quite simple for you to include audio and video material in your blog articles and other publications. This will eventually assist you in developing a successful video blog. In terms of responsiveness, GoBlog is excellent on desktop and mobile platforms. You may also include sliders below the headers, which are ideal for introducing material into a paragraph.

The GoBlog theme is available for purchase for $54.

8. Flat

Flatis a stylish WordPress theme that is now in style. If you want your blog to be bright, modern, and colorful, this is a good alternative to explore. You should also become familiar with the most popular website color schemes currently in use. In order to ensure that every interaction and engagement are fully responsive and attractive, this theme makes use of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. As viewers browse through your information, you can employ a variety of transition effects to draw their attention.

  • Flatis a WordPress theme that is now in style. Consider using this theme if you want your blog to be strong, trendy, and bright. You should also become familiar with the most popular color schemes for websites currently in fashion. In order to ensure that all interaction and engagement is completely responsive and elegant, this theme makes use of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. As consumers browse through your information, you can utilize a variety of transition effects to draw them in. Some examples are as follows:

Flat also includes more shortcodes as well as the ability to create custom post kinds. The drag-and-drop builder is unquestionably the most useful feature of this theme. It simplifies the process of customizing content blocks for everyone, regardless of their technical or design abilities. Because it can be utilized on the front end of your website, you will be able to view precisely what your visitors will see as they navigate through your site. In addition to being well optimized for search engines, this theme is an excellent choice for bloggers of all types.

In contrast to other themes that aren’t updated on a regular basis, Flat assures that it will always be compatible with the most recent WordPress versions.

Flat is available for purchase for $59.

There is also a developer option available for $69 per year. If you are presently using another WordPress theme and would like to convert to Flat, they will give you a 50 percent discount off your purchase. It’s a tempting proposition that should be considered.

9. WPVoyager

Likewise, WPVoyageris a $59 theme that is designed particularly for travel blogs. The reason for this is that the theme is completely connected with Google Maps, allowing your material to be presented in a map perspective, as demonstrated in the picture above. Your website’s blog entries will be organized in a unique way thanks to this method. Visitors may explore for blogs by simply travelling to various locations of interest on the map provided. It’s the ideal answer for travel bloggers who want to document their trips by taking a lot of images along the way.

  1. Allow me to give you an illustration.
  2. The post’s subject is “5 Reasons You Should Visit Budapest,” and the city of Budapest is depicted on the map in the header.
  3. Within the city, there are now five locations that have been designated.
  4. You will see the blog in a more typical manner as you scroll down the page and away from the map.
  5. When it comes to my WordPress site, if I were in this industry, I would surely pick this theme.

10. Vixen Blog

TheVixen Blogtheme is a clean, elegant, and visually appealing design. This design has been given a more feminine feel. Using this WordPress theme, you can easily establish a visually beautiful blog, even if you have no prior design or development knowledge. It’s completely responsive on both the frontend and the backend of the website. Vixen Blog is optimized for search engines, designed for readability, and has an Instagram feed function that is compatible with the platform. As a result, integrating your blog with your social media strategy will be simple for you.

An extended license, which costs $2,200, is also available.

The Top WordPress Themes For Blogs in Summary

There isn’t a single blog theme that works for everyone. Because your blog is one-of-a-kind, it’s critical that you pick a theme that complements your aesthetic and meets your requirements. Some of the most popular themes are geared toward certain niches, such as travel, photography, or culinary blogs, among others. Other alternatives include themes that are bold, contemporary, and current, while others are more minimalist in their approach. There are premium themes, free WordPress themes for blogs, and licenses designed specifically for developers available to choose from.

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