Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes You Should Consider Using? (Best solution)

Here are our top picks for the best ecommerce WordPress themes in the market:

  • Our pick: Astra. The best overall ecommerce WordPress theme.
  • Runner-up: Divi. Divi offers a similar set of features to Astra’s, but comes in a slightly different package.
  • Budget pick: Astra or Neve Shop.

Which WordPress free theme is best for eCommerce?

24 Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2022

  1. Botiga. The perfect theme can make all the difference to your online store.
  2. Sydney. Trust is a key metric among many customers, and for good reason – it directly impacts whether you make a sale.
  3. Neve.
  4. Zigcy Lite.
  5. Estore.
  6. Astra.
  7. Open Shop.
  8. GeneratePress.

What is the best theme to use in WordPress?

That being said, let’s take a look at the best WordPress multipurpose themes that you can use to build your website.

  1. Astra. Astra is among the most popular and fastest loading WordPress multipurpose themes.
  2. Divi.
  3. OceanWP.
  4. Ultra.
  5. Spencer.
  6. Indigo.
  7. Hellomouse.
  8. Parallax.

Which theme works best with WooCommerce?

Check out our handpicked list of the best WooCommerce themes below and pick a theme to start your online store.

  1. Astra WooCommerce Theme. Astra WooCommerce Theme is a fast and lightweight WordPress eCommerce theme.
  2. Neve.
  3. OceanWP.
  4. Divi.
  5. SeedProd.
  6. Ultra.
  7. Online Shop Pro.
  8. Outfitter Pro.

What is the best theme for WordPress 2020?

15 Top WordPress Themes to Use in 2020

  1. BeTheme: Responsive, Multi-purpose WordPress Theme.
  2. Total Theme.
  3. Avada.
  4. TheGem: Creative, Multi-Purpose, High-Performance WordPress Theme.
  5. Uncode: Creative, Multiuse WordPress Theme.
  6. Houzez: Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme.

Is Astra theme good?

Astra is without doubt one of the best free WordPress themes around. The theme lets you easily import dozens of professional-looking website designs, and there’s a good selection of free plugins that extend functionality.

Does WooCommerce take a percentage of sales?

WooCommerce Payments has no setup charge and no monthly fees. You pay 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction made with U.S.-issued credit or debit cards. For cards issued outside the U.S., there’s an additional 1% fee.

What is the best theme 2021?

Our Pick of the Best WordPress Themes for 2021

  1. Astra. Astra is a sleek and modern multipurpose theme.
  2. Divi. Divi bills itself as the “most popular WordPress theme in the world” and it’s easy to see why.
  3. Ultra. Ultra comes from expert theme builders Themify.
  4. DEEP.
  5. Avada.
  6. OceanWP.
  7. Hestia.
  8. Salient.

How do I choose a WordPress theme?

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Choosing A WordPress Theme

  1. Do make a list of the features you want ahead of time.
  2. Don’t choose a bloated theme.
  3. Do choose a responsive theme.
  4. Do keep color in mind.
  5. Do consider buying a premium theme.
  6. Don’t choose a theme with a font that’s hard to read.
  7. Do test the theme thoroughly.

What is the most versatile WordPress theme?

31 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes 2022

  1. Sydney Pro. If you’re looking for a high quality yet fully customizable multipurpose theme, you can’t go wrong with Sydney Pro, the premium version of our free Sydney theme.
  2. Divi.
  3. Hub.
  4. Total.
  5. TheGem.
  6. Brisk.
  7. X.
  8. Qwery.

How do I choose a WooCommerce theme?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the right WooCommerce theme for your site. WooCommerce: How to Choose the Right Theme

  1. Know Your Features.
  2. Check Responsiveness.
  3. Avoid Theme Bloat.
  4. Optimize for Search Engines.
  5. Include Social Proof.
  6. Create a Customizable Checkout.

Are all themes compatible with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce will work with any theme by default but adding some extra support for the plugin so that it better fits your theme is very easy to do.

Do I need a theme with WooCommerce?

While WooCommerce works with all WordPress themes, choosing a theme built specifically for online stores ensures design continuity between pages, posts, and products.

How do I choose a WordPress theme 2021?

How to Choose a WordPress Theme in 2021

  1. Pick a Lightweight WordPress Theme.
  2. Look for Something That You Can Make Your Own (Via the Customizer)
  3. Remember That Themes Are for Design, Plugins Are for Functionality.
  4. Check Responsive Design (No, REALLY Check It)
  5. Consider the Developer’s Support Policy.
  6. Check the Reviews.

Top 5 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes – 2022 Review

Do you want to get to the bottom of things right away? ArtemisorVitrine is the best ecommerce WordPress theme available. For ecommerce businesses, selecting the most appropriate WordPress theme is critical. In the end, the theme you choose will have a direct impact on your conversion rates. The best ecommerce WordPress themes are distinguished by their professional designs that are optimized for shopping and conversion. As a subject matter expert in this field, I’ve narrowed down and reviewed the top five WordPress themes for ecommerce sites available.

The Top 5 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes

Artemisis is a fantastic alternative for ecommerce stores who sell their items using the WooCommerce platform. This theme will elevate the appearance and professionalism of your WordPress website. Artemis is characterized by a contemporary design that is incredibly adaptable. A large number of layouts and style options are included with the theme, and you have the opportunity to showcase what is most important to you on your homepage. You may use this space to highlight notable goods, unique collections, discounts, and other special offers.

You may start with a pre-built template and modify it to meet your specific requirements and design preferences.

  • Consider the following scenario: you sell anything that is one-of-a-kind, such as bicycles or watches.
  • I really like that this theme allows you to include videos in the product gallery.
  • In addition, the theme is fully responsive and includes the Slider Revolution plugin for free, allowing you to effortlessly construct a slideshow or presentation of your items.
  • Without being redirected, visitors may continue shopping after adding products to their shopping basket.
  • Increased average order value for your ecommerce business is made possible by the use of these elements.
  • By clicking on one of the products, the image enlarges and displays a brief description of the product rather than forwarding the customer to another landing page on the website.

Artemis is a beautiful, dynamic, and generally one of the greatest ecommerce WordPress themes money can buy. It is available for purchase here. According to my estimation, the $59 price tag is well worth the money spent.


If you want your ecommerce store to stand out from all of the other cookie-cutter designs out there, I’d highly recommend theVitrine WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. Because it is so simple to use, this is one of the best ecommerce WordPress themes available. With a single click, you may import and install a demonstration. The installation and setting of other themes are complicated and time-consuming, making them unsuitable for novice users. With Vitrine, you won’t have to worry about it.

  • The Ajax functionality of this theme is also complete.
  • The theme also has a plethora of customization possibilities for the add-to-cart feature.
  • Rather of placing your most critical call-to-action (CTA) at the top or bottom of the screen, where it may be hidden or out of sight, the sticky button guarantees that it is always visible.
  • The use of blogs to create organic traffic to your website and keep people coming back is a terrific strategy to increase sales even if they aren’t constantly purchasing.
  • Vitrine understands this and has created styles that are tailored exclusively for ecommerce blogging.
  • Instead of having to download a separate social network WordPress plugin for that exact function, there is an Instagram feed plugin embedded into the platform.
  • To ensure that future marketing efforts are directed towards your website visitors, you should encourage them to follow you on social networking platforms.
  • Rather of loading all of the photos at the same time, they will only be loaded when the user scrolls down their screen.
  • (You also want a large number of photos.) The Vitrine WooCommerce WordPress theme is available for purchase for $40.


If you’re looking for a contemporary and basic theme for your ecommerce website, Halenato is a great choice. It is possible to showcase the best goods on the site since the layouts are quite straightforward. The layouts supplied by Halena remind me of the layouts found on high-end websites. However, this does not imply that you must price $10,000 for a watch in order to make advantage of this concept. By utilizing Halena, you can change any ecommerce site into one that is stylish and classy in appearance.

It is unquestionably not a conservative or conventional subject matter.

With all of the configuration choices available, I’m confident that you’ll be able to come up with a design that you’ll be delighted with.

You have total control over the appearance of your product pages as well as any extra landing pages. Using the theme, you can design an About Us page that will attract more visitors and generate leads. Halena offers four distinct product layout designs to choose from.

This theme has a thorough ajax product filter that is easy to use. A side menu provides clients with the ability to narrow down their searches by picking several qualities and filters from a list. One of my favorite elements of this theme is the one-of-a-kind lookbook that comes with it. The way it works is as follows: Consider the following scenario: you have an ecommerce website that sells apparel. Display photographs of models wearing various items of clothing and allow website readers to click on certain articles of clothing that catch their interest are both options.

What if you don’t know how to code?

In Halena, there is a visual page builder that is easy enough to utilize for anyone, regardless of technical ability.


Shoptimizer is geared for both speed and conversions, which are two of the most critical factors for any ecommerce website to take into consideration. This plugin is one-of-a-kind in that it is constructed in a distinct manner. As opposed to following the most recent design trends, the developers studied data instead. After conducting research on the most successful ecommerce websites on the Internet, they developed themes that adhere to the best practices. The first and most important best practice is to move quickly.

  • It also produces a vital CSS file that, from the perspective of your website users, allows information to be loaded almost immediately.
  • After that, a cart that is devoid of distractions.
  • By reducing unnecessary clutter and processes from the checkout process, you can lower your shopping cart abandonment rates while simultaneously raising conversion rates.
  • The title, product thumbnail, price, and add to cart buttons remain at the top of the page in plain sight as users navigate down a product page to find out more information about the product.
  • I’m referring to items like the following:
  • Review of the product by customers, availability, return policy, shipping choices, and safe checkout badges

All of these factors contribute to the credibility of your website and raise the possibility that visitors to your website will make a purchase. You may also use FOMO and scarcity to your advantage on your product pages. This theme has an option for a sales countdown timer, as well as a live availability tracker that updates in real time. These persuading strategies can assist you in increasing your conversion rate. The theme is designed to be user-friendly, making it simpler for you to reach as many clients as possible, especially those who have impairments or disabilities, thanks to its accessibility features.

This ecommerce WordPress theme is available for buy for $99.

Advice: If you wish to purchase this theme, add it to your cart but do not complete the purchase straight away. Because I had kept it in my basket for a couple of minutes, a popup appeared, offering it to me for $49 instead of the original price.


You’re a business owner, not a web designer, so keep that in mind. Hugor is aware of the fact that not all ecommerce webmasters are talented in the design department. Some website owners just want to sell their products without having to deal with the technical aspects of their websites. If this describes you, you’ll want to have a look at the Hugo WordPress theme, which is available for purchase. Hugo’s layouts are fairly easy in comparison to other options. If you wish to make any adjustments, you may do so by dragging and dropping elements into the page.

  1. Instead of spending days or weeks putting together your ecommerce store, you can have it up and operating in no time.
  2. You may select from a variety of color schemes to match your company logo and ensure that you’re appealing to the appropriate demographic with your design.
  3. It’s ideal for first-time WordPress users or ecommerce shop owners who aren’t bothered with small design issues.
  4. If you’d prefer to spend your time selling rather than fiddling with endlessly customizable aspects on your website, this is the finest ecommerce WordPress plugin for you.

The Top Ecommerce WordPress Themes in Summary

The most effective ecommerce WordPress themes for online retailers are particularly created for this purpose. They’re designed to increase conversions while also serving as a showcase for your merchandise. Every one of the topics on my list has something that distinguishes it from the others. So take the time to go over each theme and choose which one best suits your ecommerce site’s requirements. With confidence, I can assure you that whichever theme you pick, it will improve the overall appearance, layout, and performance of your ecommerce website.

Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes You Should Consider Using

Since the early 1990s, the word “ecommerce” has been used to refer to online shopping. Even though ecommerce is one of the most prominent phrases on the internet, not everyone is as acquainted with the term as they should be, and this is a problem. So, what exactly is electronic commerce? “E-commerce” refers to the purchasing and selling of things and/or services through the internet, which is referred to as “e-commerce.” Creating your own online store is one of the most effective methods to differentiate yourself from the competition and assist clients in finding exactly what they are searching for.

Disclosure: This material is reader-supported, which means that if you click on some of our links, we may get a profit from the vendor.

Despite the fact that it appears to be quite tough, it is not so.

You must choose a theme that is both visually appealing and appropriate for your company’s image.

Something that makes sense in terms of organizing your company’s operations. If you want to start selling online, this article will assist you in selecting a WordPress eCommerce theme that will benefit your business and offer you with everything you need to succeed.

1 – Flatsome Review – The best for practical maintenance of e-commerce stores

The design of Flatsome is intended to make e-commerce more convenient for users on both sides of the screen. This is one of the factors that contribute to it becoming the most popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest. This adaptability makes it simple to use and especially handy for making rapid modifications to the site, listing new goods, or even doing a complete makeover. It is available for free on the WordPress website. Flatsome’s design is focused on user-friendliness, and it is updated on a regular basis to ensure that everything is up to current.

  1. It has fewer design possibilities than Divi and Astra, which both have more over 300 customisable layouts.
  2. Fast loading times and an intuitive design, on the other hand, contribute to a favorable user experience as a whole.
  3. They say that, owing to Live Page Builder’s responsive builder and huge library of elements to create and edit, you don’t need any coding skills to get the most out of their theme and that you can get started right away.
  4. For $59, you can receive access to all of the features of a normal licensing package.

2 – Post Review – The Best for Niche E-Commerce Facilities

Porto features an e-commerce-oriented design and comes with over 20 pre-built demos to assist you in the creation of your site. It also categorizes its design alternatives by industry, making it simple to select the most appropriate one for your company without having to go through a long list of layouts. A number of portos have the same appearance. In other words, if you are looking for something truly unique, this model may not be for you. Nonetheless, the designs that are accessible provide every website a practical and clean appearance that is ready to be used in any e-commerce industry.

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Personalized headlines, rapid product previews, and product page customisation help your advertising stand out from the competition.

Porto also provides an extensive library of documentation and responsive support to ensure that your site is up and running as quickly as possible.

A simple and responsive theme will also encourage buyers to spend more time on your website. With support for Retina technology, you will have no trouble viewing high-quality photos while using Porto on a Mac or PC. This theme is available for purchase on ThemeForest for $35 for a normal license.

3 – Shopkeeper Rating – Best for ecommerce stores with blogs

Shopkeeper is primarily concerned with e-commerce, and it places a high value on increasing conversions and sales for your shop. With complete product pages that include descriptive text, user reviews, photos, and similar items, you have all of the tools you need to attract people to your business. Shopkeeper is an excellent choice for novices and those who do not wish to spend a significant amount of time developing their website before beginning to sell their items. If you choose this theme, you won’t have to bother about coding because it comes with ready-made layouts for the homepage and individual product pages.

  • Also included are drag-and-drop pages as well as a range of design options to make it simple to construct the e-commerce site you want with Shopkeeper.
  • As an example, you may need to disable the ability to make purchases in the future.
  • When your site is in directory mode, people may still browse through your items and their descriptions, as well as read the blog posts on your site.
  • It is available for purchase for $59 for a complete license and includes everything you need to amaze and convert website visitors.

4 – Halena review – The best for ready-made e-commerce stores

Halena is a good choice for those who like a basic, no-frills shopping experience. It provides a large number of pre-made templates, which means you won’t have to perform the majority of the work involved in setting up your store. Despite its basic look, Halena has a variety of unique features that distinguish your store from the competition, such as B:

  • Overview
  • Product display choices
  • Lookbooks
  • Shopping cart
  • Invoicing and order follow-up
  • And Contact information.

Despite the lack of front-end equipment, Halena nevertheless provides a wide range of customizing choices. You may customize progress bars and price tables, as well as step counters, button kinds, and call to action placements across your site. The built-in Google Maps tool will be useful if you have physical locations and want to let clients know where they can locate your business. In exchange for just $59 for a normal license, Halena will take care of everything. The theme also contains the WPBakery page builder as well as a drag-and-drop content editor, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly design your website from start to finish.

5 – OceanWP review – the best for improving eCommerce sales

The OceanWP theme is a responsive, fast-loading theme that includes e-commerce functionality, built-in SEO, and multi-language translation. You won’t have to worry about adding additional e-commerce capabilities because they are already included. Ocean WP also works nicely with other page builders, such as Beaver Builder. This WordPress eCommerce theme has a built-in shopping cart popup that has been shown to enhance conversions by an average of 8%. When you combine it with a floating add-to-cart bar, which boosts conversion by an average of 5 percent, you have the recipe for greater sales just by selecting the correct theme for your website.

Ocean WP is also well regarded for the quickness with which it loads.

Live demos are another tool that allows you to provide your consumers with a more in-depth understanding of your items. Before purchasing the premium version of the OceanWP theme, you may test drive the free version. If you opt to purchase, you may pick between three different levels:

  • A lifetime license for one site costs $39. A lifetime license for three sites costs $79. A lifetime license for 25 sites costs $129 a year or $519.

Unfortunately, when you advance to a higher level, you do not receive any further benefits. You will be charged extra if you wish to use the theme on more than one website.

6 – Astra Review – Best global personalization for e-commerce

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes, and it is used for a variety of purposes other than e-commerce. Together with numerous page builders such as B. Elementor, it offers many features for performance, design, layout, and many other aspects of website development. From bespoke and responsive typefaces to SEO integration, you get it everything with the free edition of the software. When you upgrade to the Pro edition, the true magic starts to happen. It includes all of the e-commerce capabilities that are missing from the free edition.

  1. Custom functionality, such as B.
  2. You may also construct a catalog or a comprehensive portfolio using the different gallery choices available.
  3. You can also use it to develop custom layouts on a whole website or on a single page by using the display conditions feature.
  4. As a result, Astra provides three different levels of reimbursement:
  • Astra Pro is available for $47 per year or $249 for a lifetime license
  • The Mini Agency Bundle is available for $169 per year or $499 for a lifetime license
  • And the Agency Pack is available for $249 per year or $699 for a lifetime license.

More than 20 beginning templates, personal assistance, training, and unrestricted access to the website are all included with the Pro level of membership. When you upgrade to the Mini Agency level, you’ll receive access to over 55 beginning templates as well as all of the capabilities of Astra Pro. Additionally, you will receive a WordPress portfolio plugin as well as a page builder add-on of your choosing. At the agency level, you receive access to all of the mini-agency capabilities as well as the ultimate plug-ins for Elementor and Builder Beaver, so you don’t have to make a decision between the two platforms.

The SkillJet Academy is one of the most amazing of the agency’s products, and it is maybe the most stunning of all.

It takes a bit more time and effort to develop Astra than some of the other WordPress e-commerce themes available.

7 – Divi Review – Best shop design features

When it comes to designing your WordPress e-commerce site, Divi is an extremely adaptable theme with over 1,000 layouts. When you purchase Divi from Elegant Themes, you will also have access to their other products, which include Extra, Bloom, and Monarch, among others. In the case of Divi, there is no free version and there is just one paying level.

This theme allows you to personalize your store design more than any other theme available for purchase for $67 a year or $187 for life. It even has a design that is geared for e-commerce. Divi has features such as the following:

  • Advanced code adaptation
  • Filters and effects
  • Animation
  • Partitions
  • Shadow
  • Style elements
  • Advanced code adaptation

In order to make your website more consistent with your business image, there are several customization options available. Even better, it includes useful tools that will benefit both you and your consumers. If you choose Divi, you won’t have to spend hours rebuilding your site because of its multi-selecting and bulk editing tools, copy and paste style options, expandable styles, and speedy editing. Product layouts may also be created with the help of WooCommerce plugins, which will help your products become more popular.

It may also be used in conjunction with other Elegant Themes products, such as B.

As an added bonus, Divi has a comprehensive Quick Action Help section that guides users through video lessons and walks them through all of their website’s options so they can make the most of their website.

Try it out and see how many different options you come up with.

What I looked at to find the best WordPress theme for eCommerce

Choosing a WordPress e-commerce theme is more than simply a question of preference when it comes to appearance. This has an influence on the SEO of your website as well. With over 11,000 WordPress themes to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Once you’ve determined exactly what you need for your online store, you can decide which theme is the greatest fit for your company before making a final decision. Yes, you may download free themes, but in the majority of circumstances, you will want to invest in premium themes.

You should also pay attention to some characteristics that are common to all themes, such as usability, visual aesthetics, and search engine optimization ranking.

To put it another way, buyers should be able to locate what they are looking for in three clicks or less.

Charging speed

A study by Marketing Dive found that 53 percent of people abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load completely. The download speed has an impact on the user experience as well, therefore sluggish downloads result in lower user satisfaction ratings. You might not believe that the theme has anything to do with the loading speed of a page, but it does. Before you make a purchase, inspect the way the photos and items are displayed, and consider methods to enhance it so that it adheres to the three-second rule.

Convenience for mobile devices

As more and more people purchase using their smartphones and tablets, it is becoming increasingly crucial to provide them with a convenient shopping experience. Than reported by Sweor, 85 percent of respondents feel that a website should have a similar or better appearance and function as a website that is accessed using a desktop computer.

If your store is not optimized for mobile devices, your consumer base will suffer a big decline. Not to mention the fact that Google now considers mobile-friendliness when determining search rankings. Before purchasing a theme, make sure that the mobile version of the theme is functional.

Safety features

As much as your consumers care about safety, you should care about it, too. Additionally to the security safeguards provided by your hosting provider, some WordPress e-commerce themes provide extra security elements that are not included by default. Trust is built between you and your consumers when you have a secure e-commerce site, which means that these characteristics can only be beneficial to your company’s success.


There is no WordPress theme for e-commerce that is appropriate for all businesses. Decide on the one that best matches your items, your market segment, and your own tastes and requirements. First and foremost, read my suggestions and reviews. Here’s my whole list of top options for your consideration:

  1. It’s flat-out the finest option for convenient internet buying
  2. The city of Porto is the finest place to start a specialised e-commerce business. Shopkeeper is the finest choice for e-commerce shops that also have blogs. In terms of pre-built internet stores, Halena is the most suitable solution. OceanWP is the most effective plugin for increasing e-commerce sales. Best for general flexibility of e-commerce, according to Astra-Best
  3. Divi is the ideal platform for designing online stores.

If you wish to consider your customer’s experience, you need also consider your own experience. Consider the pros and cons of each feature before making your final decision on a WordPress theme for your e-commerce website.

  • A significant volume of SEO traffic may be obtained using SEO. In order to observe tangible effects
  • Material marketing – our team develops incredible content that is shared widely, resulting in increased links and visitors. Affordably priced media — successful paid techniques that generate a measurable return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress theme for online shopping.

What is the best theme to use in WordPress?

A responsive theme is the most effective theme to utilize with WordPress.

What is the best theme to use with WooCommerce?

A responsive theme is the most appropriate theme to use with WooCommerce. Ecommerce WordPress Themes for FreeEcommerce WordPress Themes for 2021Best ecommerce WordPress Themes WooCommerce theme that is the finest in the business WordPress themes for blogs that are the best WordPress ecommerce theme with a shopping cart Examples of ecommerce websites built using WordPress People are also looking for, Feedback, privacy options, and more. What Search is and how it works best ecommerce wordpress themes free, best ecommerce wordpress themes 2021, best ecommerce theme for woocommerce, best wordpress themes for blogs, wordpress ecommerce theme, free wordpress ecommerce themes with slider, best ecommerce wordpress themes 2021, best ecommerce theme for woocommerce, best wordpress themes for blogs, wordpress ecommerce theme, free wordpress ecommerce themes with slider, best ecommerce wordpress themes 2021, best ecommerce wordpress Examples of ecommerce websites built with WordPress and woocommerce themes This website makes use of cookies to guarantee that you have the best possible experience when visiting our website.

10 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes for 2021 – SitePoint

As more consumers turn to online purchasing, small companies and merchants have been under increasing pressure to develop their own ecommerce shops in order to remain competitive. Good news is that WordPress makes it simple and quick to set up an ecommerce site for your products. If you have the WordPress plugin and theme installed, you can quickly and easily create a complete ecommerce store. Having said that, WordPress has 11,000 themes, the majority of which are found on Theme Forest. So, how can you choose which one is the most appropriate for your company?

How to Choose the Ideal WordPress Theme

Before you do anything else, you should be aware of the variables to take into consideration while selecting a WordPress theme. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Compatibility with WooCommerce

In order to determine whether a theme is compatible with WooCommerce, the first step is to examine it. A theme designed exclusively for ecommerce shops allows you to construct seamless home or product pages in seconds, although most WordPress themes can accomplish this.


When selecting a theme from among hundreds of options, mobile compatibility is an important consideration. Customers will enjoy a seamless user experience whether they are surfing on different platforms such as smartphones, tablets, or personal computers.


Consider using a theme that is visually consistent with the design and feel of your company. Some themes have an exquisite appearance, while others have a more contemporary appearance. Additionally, there are themes designed specifically for grocery stores, fashion businesses, and craftsmen – so select the choice that is most appropriate for your particular type of company.

SEO optimization

If your website is not perceived positively by Google, you will not get a large influx of visitors. Many themes, to their credit, provide built-in SEO elements like as quick loading speeds, simple navigation, headers and subheadings, and meta descriptions, among other things. Keep in mind the elements that influence the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. You will have difficulty drawing more clients to your shop if you do not do so.

Browsing behavior

Consider your own browsing and purchasing activity, as well as the behavior of your consumers. How advantageous would it be to have high-quality product images on display? Choose a theme that allows you to display huge product images and incorporate features such as zoom and carousel for simple product evaluation. Do you want to concentrate your efforts on increasing conversions? Select a theme that includes a distraction-free checkout option as well as strategically placed call-to-action buttons.

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Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Which theme should I choose? Listed below is a selection of our top ecommerce themes for small companies, decorative shops, online brick-and-mortar stores, and retail stores. We are confident that you will discover a theme that will meet the demands of your company. Small companies on a tight budget may wish to start with a free WordPress theme to save money in the beginning. Our collection of the top free intuitive WordPress themes with tight integration with WooCommerce is designed to assist you in getting started.

1.Storefrontby WooCommerce (Demo)

We’ll start with the most popular WordPress theme for WooCommerce users: WooCommerce. The storefront is created and maintained by the WooCommerce development team. This implies that it can interface with WooCommerce extensions, display an ecommerce-focused home page, and adapt to significant WooCommerce upgrades, among other features. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It is possible to display product categories (such as bestsellers, most recently added, most often seen, featured, and on sale) on your home page using WooCommerce
  • Because it was created specifically for WooCommerce, it is always up to date with the most recent WooCommerce releases. adaptable layouts, a clean design, and improved SEO performance are all features of this platform. Storefront extensions may be purchased to add features such as reviews, mega menus, price tables, product sharing, a parallax hero, and a blog customizer to your business. 25+ pre-built templates for ecommerce enterprises of all shapes and sizes


Ashe focuses on highly visual components to entice people to stay on your website and continue browsing. Promo boxes, banner advertisements, the featured slider, and the header background may all be customized by users.

This makes it an excellent choice for firms in the culinary, tourism, and fashion industries who want to draw attention to their products. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • For $29, you can get lifetime theme upgrades, security updates, new features, and premium support
  • There is also a free version. It offers an attractive and completely responsive layout, as well as support for the WooCommerce shop (storefront). It makes use of the WordPress Live Theme Customizer to allow users to make real-time changes to colors, page layouts, fonts, and backgrounds. It shows promotional boxes with eye-catching pictures and bespoke links, as well as banner advertisements at the top of the page.

3.Envo Marketplace(Demo)

Envo Marketplace is a WordPress WooCommerce theme that is both speedy and contemporary. Users may create a range of ecommerce stores appropriate for a variety of industries, including fashion, technology, sports, home décor, jewelry, and furniture, with just minor customization. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It allows you to import demos with a single click. It has a super-fast load time of 537ms, which helps to optimize SEO results. This theme is compatible with major page builders like as Elementor, KingComposer, Beaver Builder, and SiteOrigin. ITH WooCommerce Wishlist as well as YITH WooCommerce Compare are both compatible with this plugin. A responsive design theme that is SEO-friendly and translation-ready
  • It is also mobile-friendly.

4.Big Store(Demo)

Designed for businesses that offer clothing, electronics, gadgets, decorative presents, and furniture, Big Store is an ecommerce website theme that is highly recommended. It offers an easy-to-use customization panel that is completely responsive to a wide range of mobile devices, including tablets. On top of that, you have the option of adding additional sections as well as different header and footer layouts. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It has a one-minute set-up time. It comes with a live customizer. In addition, it features a strong integration with WooCommerce. Code that is SEO-friendly, as well as being translation-ready
  • It includes multisite support, which allows you to utilize different WordPress themes on a single website
  • It is SEO-friendly
  • And it is free. In addition to a commercial, premium version that includes lifetime upgrades, an unlimited domain licensing, lifetime one-to-one premium support, and premium starting demonstrations, it also offers an open source version. It includes pre-made templates for a variety of businesses, including gyms, grocery stores, shoe stores, online marketplaces, medical shops, bakeries, and more.


Astra is a popular ecommerce theme for WordPress shops that is easy to customize. The drag-and-drop builder and complex style choices are available to users in addition to the 150+ beginning templates available. It makes use of Vanilla Javascript, which consumes less than 50KB of resources and allows for quick loading times starting at 0.5 seconds. This ensures unrivaled performance. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It is compatible with the Gutenberg text editor. Header and footer creation is simple and easy, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality. A search engine-friendly theme with code integration is included with the package. Its commercial features include all of the Astra Pro features (such as greater customization capabilities and a better user experience), one-on-one assistance, intensive training, and limitless website usage
  • And it is available for purchase. Pre-built websites are available in the most complete collection available, with over 150+ templates that may be imported immediately. It contains a visual theme customizer that allows you to change the layout parameters


Neve is a free WordPress theme that is both lightweight and fast to load. Because of its smooth interaction with Gutenberg and other popular page builders, you can easily construct a professional-looking website (such as Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder and Visual Composer). You will definitely get on Google’s good side if you choose this theme because it is not only fully responsive but also AMP compliant. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It includes more than 80 basic websites that are ready to be imported. Every month, new designs are added to the collection
  • Neve takes less than 1 second to load when using the default WordPress configuration. Google PageSpeed Insights gives it a perfect score of 100
  • It likewise got a perfect score on Yahoo! It enables you to personalize the header and footer of your website as well as control the website layout choices. It is possible to select from a variety of website layout alternatives and edit or remodel the header and footer
  • The result is that webpages are rendered as native AMP pages, which satisfy search engines.

Commercial WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Premium WordPress ecommerce themes often have more customization options to improve user experience. On top of this, you can improve site security and get in touch with reputable developers for customer support. Below are some of the premium themes which can offer these benefits to your ecommerce store.


Jevelin is a multi-purpose theme that is ideally suited for businesses in the wedding, photography, fitness, and ecommerce industries. Mega menus, slideshow presentations, contact forms, and custom widgets are some of the ways you may customize your website. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It is available for purchase for $59
  • Website installation may be completed in a single click. With a completely responsive theme, a built-in WooCommerce plugin, and ecommerce features, it is an excellent choice. In addition to lifetime upgrades and six months of support from Shufflehound, it has several more commercial features. Unique page layouts and templates, including more than ten portfolio possibilities, are included in this theme’s design. You may simply build slideshow presentations, video-based sliders, and mobile-friendly animated text with the Slider Revolution plugin, which is included with the theme. It has more than 40 custom shortcodes that are SEO friendly and RTL optimized
  • It also includes a blog module.


Tonda is a beautiful theme that can be used to display your items in a fashionable manner. This package includes six home pages and nine inner pages that you may edit to provide your consumers a more immersive experience on your website. Ceramic businesses, internet retailers, beauty salons, and artists are the greatest candidates for this design. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It is available in a commercial edition, which costs $75. Among its commercial features are future updates and six-month support for Select-Themes
  • It also offers a free trial. A wide range of ecommerce features, such as dropdown cart widgets, quick-view functionality, a shop locator, a pop-up newsletter, order tracking, and a user login widget, are built in. Compatible with Elementor, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, WPBakery Page Builder, and
  • It is also compatible with other WordPress plugins. Multiple shop list layouts are supported, as well as shop list filtering features
  • And It contains parts with video backgrounds and parallax effects. It also has a widget for Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds, social icons, blog lists, and a picture gallery
  • It is also compatible with mobile devices. WPML plugin compatibility, SEO optimization, and translation readiness are all included.


Flatsome is filled with gorgeous layouts and is designed for speed, all with the goal of providing an outstanding user experience. You may create any type of ecommerce site with the help of a big element library and an easy-to-use Live Page Builder.

Also included is a wide library of prefabricated layouts or sections, as well as elements and mockups that can be easily added to your store with a single click from the Flatsome Studio. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • Its commercial edition is available for purchase for $59
  • This package gives you access to Flatsome Studio, which has more than 300 premade layouts and sections. It comes with an infinite number of product page layouts, a real-time custom product page builder, a built-in header builder, and a variety of product grid styles
  • And An off-canvas or cart dropdown option, a built-in wishlist, a built-in fast view, and catalogue mode are all included in the software. Because of its clever image slow loading and adaptive image capabilities, it loads pictures instantly. Sliders and banners may be created using the slider and banner system that is built in. MailChimp and Contact Form 7 are both supported as integrations. Full RTL support, a mobile-friendly design, and SEO optimization are all features of this website. It always has the most up-to-date versions of WordPress and WooCommerce installed


The Savoy website features a modern, simple style that will help you showcase your items to their greatest advantage. Customers can browse easily whether they are on a desktop computer or a mobile device thanks to built-in AJAX capability. Savoy is one of the greatest WordPress themes for individuals who want to create a specialized ecommerce website because of its extensive connection with WooCommerce. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • It is available for purchase for $59
  • It offers a simple installation process that includes a one-click import
  • It includes galleries and sliders that are touch-enabled. It includes a completely AJAX-enabled shop (no further plugins are required)
  • In addition to free updates and access to a specialized support team, it includes: Additionally, it includes sophisticated header, footer, and blog settings. In addition, it makes it simple to incorporate ecommerce aspects such as product quick-view changeable grid configurations and various single product layouts
  • A featured product video
  • And expanded product descriptions
  • And more. A page builder with more than 40 different elements, 900+ Google Web Fonts, and Adobe Fonts integration are all included. It has a responsive, mobile-friendly layout
  • It is also customizable.

A Bonus Theme

Because you’ve made it this far, you’ve earned a bonus theme!


It is possible to create any form of eCommerce website with CiyaShop, which is a multi-purpose WooCommerce WordPress theme. If you want the very minimum of customisation, select from over 90+ entire ecommerce site examples and 260+ preconfigured components that are ready to use right away. Users can create anything they want in an instant, even if they’re creating an ecommerce store for the first time, thanks to the feature-rich possibilities of this platform. Here are some of its most noticeable characteristics:

  • Its commercial edition is available for purchase for $59
  • A selection of predefined, ready-to-use layouts as well as a live customizer for creating responsive pages are included with the package. In addition to lifetime upgrades and six months of support from UX-themes, the theme’s commercial features include: For consumers’ convenience, it provides a product request form as well as product quick view functionality. The custom size guide is included to assist consumers in selecting the appropriate size for the goods they wish to purchase. It has a rapid product filter that allows users to filter items by characteristic, category, price, and rating
  • It also has a product search feature.


There you have it: a list of the top eCommerce WordPress themes for small enterprises and organizations. Regardless of whether or not you have previous web design expertise, the pre-made templates, sections, and elements included in these themes will allow you to quickly and easily create your own ecommerce site. In addition, the themes on our list are compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to quickly and easily add ecommerce functionality to your website. This collection of themes should assist you in creating the ideal ecommerce website for your organization.

9 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes: Curated And Conversion Ready

Are you looking for the finest WordPress eCommerce themes? Even though there are many other lists out there with 40 or more possibilities, we opted to be a little more picky with this one. Isn’t it true that quality overtakes quantity? In addition to pictures of the main store page, we’ll also include screenshots of the cart and checkout pages so that you can see how each theme handles those critical areas of the user experience. Even if you don’t pick one of these themes, you’ll still be able to utilize ourHeroic Knowledge Base orHeroic FAQsplugins to give your customers with excellent customer service (sorry for the self-promotion, but we have to keep the lights on!) Starting with a brief overview of what makes a strong WordPress eCommerce theme, we’ll go into a more in-depth examination of each theme.

What Makes A Theme One Of The Best eCommerce WordPress Themes?

Choosing a solid WordPress eCommerce theme is more than just looking for a visually appealing theme that has the words “WooCommerce compatible” in the feature list. Aside from the aesthetics of the design, there are certain specific aspects that you should pay attention to in order to make your business as effective as possible:

  • Performance. It is critical for all websites to load quickly, but the stakes are especially high in the world of eCommerce. A single 100 millisecond delay may reduce your store’s conversion rate by 7 percent, and even mobile users expect eCommerce sites to load in under 3 seconds, according to Akamai. Mobile-friendly. Speaking of mobile, did you know that, according to estimates from eMarketer, mobile sales now account for the vast majority of all eCommerce transactions? Yes, your theme must function properly. mobile friendly
  • Basket and checkout pages have been optimized These pages may make or break your conversion rate, depending on how they are designed. It is preferable if they are clear of distractions, unless they contain trust seals or other conversion-boosting information. Features that are conversion-friendly. Look for elements that can help you increase your conversion rate, such as sale countdown clocks or potential for cross-selling opportunities.

We made an effort to ensure that every theme on this list had as many features as possible, despite the fact that not every theme on this list does.

1. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer is a CommerceGurus eCommerce product that has been enhanced for performance.

It is important to note that this topic largely stresses two major concepts:

As an owner of an eCommerce business, those two issues should be near and dear to your heart, which is why this theme has been included on our list of the finest eCommerce WordPress themes.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • Performance optimization, including nice details such as automated minification (you can check all of the theme’s performance data on the sales page for the theme)
  • Checkout page that has been optimized for conversions. Additionally, you can choose to hide the theme’s header and footer as well as its sidebar on the checkout page to remove any potential distractions
  • The option to incorporate your return policy and free shipping immediately below the add to cart button, for example, is a good example of smart microcopy. The functionality to request a callback is available. This one-of-a-kind feature is an excellent choice for high-value products where shoppers may like to ask inquiries before making their purchases. Product information is stuck on the scroll. Additionally, when visitors scroll down the page, a smart and unusual function “sticks” crucial product data to he top of the page. Trust badges that are integrated. Displaying trust badges on your shopping cart and checkout pages is a simple process. Timers for sales. Increase the sense of urgency by including a countdown timer or a limited supply indicator on the product page. Elementor was used to create the core pages. This allows you to alter them using a simple drag-and-drop editing interface
  • Cart page with a slide-out feature. The use of a convenient slide-out cart allows customers to quickly check their shopping cart without having to reload the page
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Shopping Cart Page

The following are some important points to consider:

  1. Simple steps at the beginning of the process to inform clients of their current position in the process
  2. Trust badges are located behind the checkout button. Microcopy at the bottom that is clever (free delivery, simple returns, and so forth)

Checkout Page

For example, here’s a screenshot of the default checkout page (keep in mind that you can also conceal the header, footer, and sidebar for a really distraction-free checkout experience): Another good detail is the customer testimonial that appears beneath the trust badges on this page. That is another another excellent method for increasing conversions.

Shoptimizer Price And Demo

Shoptimizer is available for purchase for $99. Download ShoptimizerView a Demo

2. Astra

Astra is a lean, mean multipurpose theme that’s particularly popular among those who create WordPress sites for customers on a regular basis. Despite the fact that it is a versatile theme, it features a fantastic dedicated WooCommerce integration, with many of possibilities for customizing the appearance of your business. It’s quite simple to personalize and make your own. Alternatively, you may start with one of the many included demo sites to get a jumpstart on your project.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • A fantastic performance. According to InTidy Repo’s extensive examination of more than 100 WordPress themes, Astra was the third quickest theme, behind only ultra minimalist themes in terms of speed. Customizer options that allow you to customize the appearance of your product page
  • Filtering that occurs outside of the canvas. Users may access advanced product filtering with a sidebar slide-in. A short look at the product. While I’ve heard conflicting opinions on whether or not fast view is a good thing, Astra offers the feature. Checkout is a straightforward two-step procedure. A less complicated checkout process implies less friction. Checkout without being distracted. It is simple to activate distraction-free checkout mode in WordPress simply by checking an option in the WordPress Customizer.

Shopping Cart Page

The layout of Astra’s cart is straightforward, which guarantees that nothing distracts your customers:

Checkout Page

The checkout procedure is also straightforward (again, this is a good thing!) and goes as follows: With the distraction-free mode, you can also conceal the main menu and add progress icons for the two-step checkout process.

Astra Price And Demo

There is a free version of Astra available on; but, if you want the most advanced WooCommerce capabilities, you’ll need the Pro edition. The Pro edition is available for purchase for $59 USD. Demonstrations of AstraView are available.

3. Newspaper

Newspaperis a beautiful, responsive WordPress theme that has been designed specifically for blog or online store owners, as well as newspaper and magazine websites, among other things. The Newspaper theme by tagDiv is completely frontend editable, and it is powered by the tagDiv Composer page builder. It also includes various one-click installable prebuilt store websites that may be customized.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • Amazingperformance. Layouts that are lightweight, responsive, and retina-ready
  • Several eShopready pre-built websites that may be customized to your specifications
  • You can drag and drop WooCommerce Shortcodes on your product and category pages, making them more versatile and customizable. Product page layouts that are both visually appealing and easily modifiable on the front end
  • Pages for categories that are visually stunning and fully configurable. Product archive templates that may be utilized to create any sort of page design are also available. Advanced product filtering is a fantastic approach that assists people in finding the things they require in a short period of time
  • Product search layouts are extremely effective tools for matching users’ searches with the appropriate goods. Selling store based pages are contemporary templates that function as landing pages for the items that are being sold. Pre-made design layouts are available in a gallery of over 1500 designs. tagDiv Cloud Library
  • Header and Footer Builder
  • TagDiv Composer, a one-of-a-kind frontend page builder
  • TagDiv Composer, a one-of-a-kind frontend page builder It is simple to monetize through the insertion of advertisements. WPML is completely compatible

Shopping Cart Page

There are just two columns in the shopping cart, each of which displays product and pricing information as well as the quantity and amount of things purchased, coupon codes, and the total cost of your purchase before you proceed to the checkout. In addition, there is an option to update the cart once the item’s number has been changed:

Checkout Page

The checkout page in the Newspaper theme is clear and uncomplicated to use. Here you may check your order, insert discount codes, choose a payment method, and include the billing information, as well as any extra information:

Newspaper Price and Demo

Newspaper is available for purchase on ThemeForest for $59, which includes free lifetime upgrades for a single site as well as six months of free technical assistance. Demonstration of obtaining a newspaper

4. Monstroid 2

In addition to extensive WooCommerce compatibility, Monstroid 2 is a popular multipurpose theme by Zemez available on the TemplateMonster marketplace. It may be used to construct an eCommerce store.

Several importable example sites (referred to as “skins”) will be provided, all of which are developed using Elementor for simple drag-and-drop modification. If you’re looking for something that can be used in nearly any eCommerce specialty, this is the platform for you.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • The Elementor page builder allows for simple visual drag-and-drop modification of more than 100 importable example sites and 1,000 total themes. Elementor integration with JetWooBuilders, so you can use Elementor to develop your single product and shop archive templates
  • JetWooBuilders integration with Elementor integration
  • JetMenu and JetElements are pre-installed, allowing you to utilize Elementor to create custom headers, footers, mega menus, and other elements. When the symbol is hovered over, the cart is shown so that consumers may readily check their purchases. There’s also an option for immediate payment

Shopping Cart Page

Monstroid 2 comes with a variety of various shop templates, but for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll be utilizing the Marronis fashion store template. An eye-catching checkout button and a good modern design complete the shopping cart’s aesthetics:

Checkout Page

The checkout page of this example site has a single-column design that is clear of distractions:

Monstroid 2 Price and Demo

Monstroid 2 is available for purchase at TemplateMonster for $95 USD, which includes lifetime upgrades for a single website. Demonstration of Monstroid 2View is available.

5. WoonderShop

A mobile-first eCommerce theme, WoonderShop is similar to Shoptimizer in that it places a strong emphasis on conversion optimization via the use of features such as a built-in cross-sell widget and a distraction-free checkout. In addition, the visual Customizer and the integrated SiteOrigin Page Builder make it simple to personalize. After seeing the demonstrations, you’ll notice a lot of parallels to Amazon (it never hurts to take a cue from the King, right?).

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • With default Google PageSpeed scores in the upper 90s, there is a strong emphasis on performance. Customers that purchase on their phones will enjoy a positive shopping experience thanks to responsive design. Search autosuggest to assist customers in finding the appropriate goods
  • A built-in cross-sell widget that allows you to display related items or products that are commonly bought together
  • Allowing consumers to complete their transactions without being distracted, with the opportunity to incorporate trust badges
  • Distraction-free checkouts so that you don’t lose customers at the last minute
  • AJAX product filters are built-in to remove the need to reload the page. SiteOrigin Page Builder, which allows for simple drag-and-drop editing.

Shopping Cart Page

The purchasing cart page is straightforward and uncomplicated. Another example of mobile-first design can be found in the large buttons used to modify the amount of an item:

Checkout Page

There is an excellent urgency-increasing feature on the checkout page that displays a countdown timer for how long the visitor’s cart will be reserved. You’ll also find the trust badge option at the top of the page, as well as a phone number right there in case consumers have any problems with their purchases. On the bottom of the page, you’ll see a space for microcopy, which we weren’t able to include in the screenshot:

WoonderShop Price And Demo

The pricing of WoonderShop is $79. Demonstration of WoonderShopView is available.

6. Cosmetro

Cosmetro is a WooCommerce theme powered by Elementor that is geared at the beauty and cosmetics industry, while it may easily be adapted to any other niche where the aesthetic works well. The fact that all of the example material was created using Elementor means that you can simply alter everything using a simple drag-and-drop technique. You may also construct giant menus and other crucial locations using the included Elementor add-ons, which are included with the theme.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • A total of nine different eCommerce-focused example sites, all designed with Elementor for simple drag-and-drop modification
  • And Product wishlists, comparisons, quick view, and other features are available through dedicated integrations. Checkout page with a single column that produces a clean, basic, and distraction-free experience
  • For simple customization, there are over 100 premium Elementor widgets available, including the JetElements and JetMenu plugins. Display cart when the symbol is hovered over to allow consumers to quickly verify their basket and proceed to the checkout

Shopping Cart Page

Throughout these examples, we’ll be referring to the regular Cosmetro demo site; however, alternative importable demo sites are available inside Cosmetro. The shopping basket page features a clean, simple style with a few stand-out buttons, such as:

Checkout Page

Cosmetro, like the Monstroid 2 sample that we showed you, has a single-column checkout structure that is designed to be distraction-free:

Cosmetro Price and Demo

Cosmetro is available for purchase on ThemeForest for $59, which includes lifetime upgrades for a single site. Demo CosmetroView is available for download.

7. Flatsome

We’d be remiss if we didn’t put Flatsome on our list, given that it’s the best-selling WordPress eCommerce theme on ThemeForest right now.

It has generated over 77,000 sales while keeping a 4.80-star rating out of a possible 5. Many users like Flatsome’s versatility – it comes pre-loaded with hundreds of pre-built demonstrations as well as a custom page builder – and it is easy to use for beginners as well as experts.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • Design that is designed for mobile devices to provide an excellent mobile purchasing experience
  • Customers will be able to discover the proper goods thanks to live search
  • Product page layouts are virtually limitless, allowing you to get the appearance you want. Account pages that be visually appealing so that consumers can manage their orders
  • Built-in wishlist functionality (which should go without saying! )
  • Product quickview feature built in (however, as previously said, product quickview is not always a good idea)

Shopping Cart Page

You could delete the bottom widgets from the shopping cart if you desired a more distraction-free approach: The shopping cart is a tad cluttered.

Checkout Page

The checkout experience appears to be satisfactory, but you could consider removing the following bottom widgets (which are not shown in the screenshot):

Flatsome Price And Demo

Flatsome is available for purchase for $59. Demonstration of FlatsomeView is available.

8. Latest

The latest is the eCommerce theme from Array Themes, a fantastic theme store that produces some of the cleanest-coded themes you’ll find elsewhere on the internet. Similar to other Array Themes themes, it offers a clean and uncluttered style with plenty of white space. If you want a light, airy feel as well as clean, performance-optimized code, this one will be a perfect choice for you.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • Fast load speeds and strong cross-browser compatibility are two benefits of clean coding. There are AJAX category menus so that users may browse more goods without having to leave the website
  • Design that is user-friendly on mobile devices, having numerous of buttons that are simple to tap
  • Cross-selling made simple with a built-in related items category. There is an upsell option in the cart. It performs an excellent job at providing you with the opportunity for an upsell without being overly distracting

Shopping Cart Page

The cart page is straightforward and uncluttered, with the sole addition being a single product upsell at the bottom. Another thing to note is that mobile users will have no trouble tapping the amount buttons:

Checkout Page

However, it would be wonderful to have some built-in locations for trust badges on the checkout page, which is similar to the previous one:

Latest Price And Demo

The most recent version of Latest is available as part of the $89 Array Themes club. View the most recent version

9. Shopkeeper

On ThemeForest, Shopkeeper is another another one of the most popular e-commerce themes available. Despite the fact that it is not as popular as Flatsome, it has been purchased over 23,000 times and has a stellar4.62 star rating out of 5 on Shopkeeper has a more creative, modern appearance, which makes it a fantastic choice for shops who have that sort of branding in their branding. It’s also adaptable and keeps things as simple as possible in order to put the emphasis on your items.

Key eCommerce Functionality

  • Because of the WordPress Customizer and the built-in page builder, it is simple to customize. If you wish it, you may use the built-in product quickview. The ability to create a wishlist is built in. Cross-selling is made easier with the aid of the related items widget. Product video integration, which is useful for displaying your items in a more thorough video format
  • Product video integration
  • Cart and checkout that are simple and distraction-free to increase your conversion rate

Shopping Cart Page

As you can see in the example above, Shopkeeper provides a straightforward cart page that is devoid of distractions:

Checkout Page

In a similar vein, the checkout page is rather easy as well:

Shopkeeper Price And Demo

The cost of a Shopkeeper is $69. Demonstration of ShopkeeperView

Which Of These Best eCommerce WordPress Themes Is Right For You?

So, which of these themes do you think you should go with in the end? Now let’s go through a few more scenarios. If you’re a design nerd who prefers conversion-friendly layouts and want a WooCommerce theme that’s built to convert straight out of the box,ShoptimizerandWoonderShopare probably your best choices, respectively. The various pre-built demonstrations of Flatsome,Monstroid 2,Cosmetro, orShopkeepermight be more to your liking, on the other hand, if you’re more concerned with a theme that’s versatile and easy to customize.

After everything is said and done, while all of these themes should be rather speedy to load, Astra, Shoptimizer, and Latestappear to be the absolute quickest WooCommerce themes available on the market today.

And if they require assistance, aknowledge base created using Heroic Knowledge Baseis an excellent addition to any of these theme options.

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