Best Contact Management Software You Should Consider Using? (Best solution)


  • HubSpot – Best free contact management software.
  • Bigin – Best for simple contact management.
  • Pipedrive – Best for visual contact management.
  • Zendesk – Best for reporting and analytics.
  • Salesforce – Best scalable contact management software.

What is the most popular customer relationship management software?

Best CRM Software

  • Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM caters to sales teams with capabilities like sales enablement, performance management, automation, lead and contact management, and team collaboration.
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • HubSpot Sales.
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • SAP Sales Cloud.

What is CRM contact management?

Contact management is the process of recording contacts’ details and tracking their interactions with a business. Such systems have gradually evolved into an aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which allow businesses to improve sales and service levels leveraging a wider range of data.

What does contact management software do?

Contact management software typically allows you to make entries for each of your contacts. This can include contact information such as a name, phone number, email address, or company. The tools organize this information in a way that makes it easy for you to find the entries again. The data may also be searchable.

How do you maintain a contact database?

CRM Data Management Best Practices

  1. Avoid Incomplete Contact Records.
  2. Have Standardized Data-Entry and Naming Conventions.
  3. Run Regular Data Audits.
  4. Enter Data in Real-Time.
  5. Only Import Essential Contact List Data.
  6. Ensure Data is Formatted Correctly Before Contact List Importing.

What is an example of CRM software?

What are some examples of CRM software? Customer relationship management (CRM) software is any tech solution that helps businesses manage communications with their current and potential clients. Leaders in the CRM software industry include Salesforce, Zoho and HubSpot.

What CRM tools do you have experience using?

The Ultimate CRM Tools List

  • 1) HubSpot. HubSpot is a producer of digital marketing software.
  • 2) Salesforce Sales Cloud. Salesforce Sales Cloud is focused on supporting sales opportunities.
  • 3) Zoho CRM.
  • 4) Infusionsoft.
  • 5) Hatchbuck.
  • 6) NetSuite CRM+
  • 7) Infor CRM.
  • 8) LeadMaster CRM Services.

What is a contact management strategy?

What is contact management? Contact management is the process of leveraging a dedicated software program that easily stores and sources customer contact information, including names, contact histories, and email information.

What is the easiest CRM to use?

Best easy-to-use CRM. If you need an easy-to-use sales-focused CRM, the popular Pipedrive is a smart choice. While the platform offers plenty of flexibility, its singular goal is to help salespeople sell. You won’t find other apps such as marketing or service features to distract you.

What is contact database management?

A contact management application tracks your business contact information. It is a database for the communications you make daily, including names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. You can use a contact manager to easily organize and find all the information linked to business communications.

What is a customer contact management system and why is it important?

Contact management is essential for keeping digital records of customer data. Contact management is the process of storing and tracking data on customers and leads. In addition to providing quick access to customer data, investing in contact management can help you grow and diversify your customer base.

What is the most important tool needed to facilitate an email contact management strategy hubspot?

Contact Database Health Database health is one of the most important pieces of your contact management strategy.

Does Outlook have CRM?

Microsoft is giving small to midsize businesses (SMBs) a new sales and marketing tool with the release of Outlook Customer Manager, a customer relationship management (CRM) application within the Microsoft Outlook email client. Outlook Customer Manager essentially turns Outlook into a smart sales inbox.

How do I maintain customer database in Excel?

How to create a customer database in Excel:

  1. Enter the name of the database field (column headings).
  2. Enter data into the database. We are keeping order in the format of the cells.
  3. To use the database turn to tools «DATA».
  4. Assign the name of the database. Select the range of data – from the first to the last cell.

What is CRM database?

A CRM database is a customer relationship management tool that collects every interaction that a business has with its customers in one place and then makes all of that information available to the company in one customizable dashboard.

Why database is important in business?

Database systems are very important to your business because they communicate information related to your sales transactions, product inventory, customer profiles and marketing activities. Databases help to make your business stronger, raising your ability to increase your profits.

The 12 Best Contact Management Software Tools in 2021

Benjamin Franklin is credited as writing the following in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Le Roy in 1789: “Except for death and taxes, nothing in this world can be predicted with any degree of certainty. as well as a centralized repository for client contact information that is beneficial to sales teams of various sizes, sectors, and organizational structures” It final half of the remark, to be honest, may have been a little shaky in its execution, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate. Customer and prospect contact information may make your sales activities significantly easier and more effective if you have easy access to and analysis of it.

“Contact management software” is a catch-all word that refers to any type of software that helps you to track prospect, customer, and vendor contact information as well as communication between them.

It’s a resource that may help you boost your sales efforts by simplifying and optimizing procedures such as outreach and lead qualifying, among other things.

Best Contact Management Software

Here are some of the finest contact management software for small businesses, followed by a list of the top free and paid alternatives accessible for every type of organization.

Best Contact Management Software for Small Business

In this section, you will find some of the finest contact management software for small businesses, followed by the top free and paid alternatives accessible to any firm.


The cost: Plans start at $15 per user/month. In addition to contact management tools and capabilities, ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform. ActiveCampaign’s contact management capabilities are integrated with your customer lifecycle — the process begins with reaching and engaging your audience, then continues with nurturing and educating them, followed by converting and closing them, and finally, assisting them in growing their business. Create a contact list in order to begin the process of contact management, which will be required by the software.

ActiveCampaign will invite you to create segments for your consumers, which will allow you to target and customise content for each section individually.

As an added bonus, ActiveCampaign includes case studies so that you may learn about the ways in which other businesses that are comparable to your own are utilizing the software’s contact management features and how they segment their clients.


Starting at $35 per user/month, there are several pricing options. Freshworks is a customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management solution that assists you in managing and nurturing your contacts in order to build strong and long-term connections with them. It saves you time by automating the entry of contact information and by providing 360-degree views of individual consumers. You can conduct calls or send emails without having to leave Freshworks while it monitors your sales activity, maintains your sales duties and appointments, and helps you to manage your sales tasks and appointments.

Freshworks may be integrated with Google Workspace, allowing you to access Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other Google services from one place.


Starting at $79 per user/month, there are several pricing options. Keap is a customer relationship management (CRM) and sales and marketing platform that also includes a client management solution for small enterprises. Every piece of client activity and communication is stored centrally, and the tool takes care of the rest by automating follow-ups, contact record generation, and contact record modifications. In addition, the contact data that is kept in Keap may be used to customise your communications with contacts (such as forms, emails, and sales follow-ups), allowing you to do so much more swiftly.

There is also a large range of additional business tools and software that can be integrated with Keap to ensure that all of your data is current and available from a single spot.

Best Free and Paid Contact Management Software

  1. In addition to HubSpot CRM Platform and Zoho Contact Manager, there are Bitrix24, Streak, Pipedrive, Nimble, Nextiva, and Nutshell.

1.HubSpot CRM Platform

Price: There are free and paid subscriptions available, with the most affordable being $45 a month for two users. The contact management capabilities included within the HubSpot CRM platform are intended to reduce friction in your sales processes, simplifying your sales efforts and providing your agents with more time and flexibility to complete transactions. The platform works in a similar way to the free edition of the CRM in that it automatically enhances your contact records with information from over 20 million companies.

Other contact management essentials, such as prospecting tracking tools, meeting scheduling, and live chat, are included with HubSpot (which both your sales and service teams can benefit from).

As your company grows, your contact management system may expand with it in a smooth manner (along with a host of other features and tools that are ideal for your sales, marketing, and service teams).

2.Zoho ContactManager

Price: There are free and paid options available, with the cheapest starting at $15 a month for 15 users. Because of its simplicity, Zoho ContactManager adds value to your business. It is simple to use without losing power or capability. It enables you to keep track of your contacts in a consolidated address book while also providing a thorough picture of any conversation you have with those individuals, all in one place. Inboxes are accounted for, and emails, tasks, and notes that are personal to individual contacts are easily accessible.

It is completely free to utilize the most basic version of the platform, which has a capacity of 500 contacts for a single individual user.

That model is especially well-suited for small firms, startups, and independent contractors. Furthermore, the premium subscriptions offered by Zoho provide greater flexibility and functionality.


Price: There are free and paid subscriptions available, with the cheapest being $17 a month for two users. Unlike other contact management platforms, Bitrix24’s contact management software has a feature set that goes above and beyond what you could anticipate from a platform of this nature. A centralized database for gathering and managing prospect and customer contact information is among the main contact management tools offered by the system. Additionally, the technology automatically tracks and records all phone calls that representatives make or receive.

If you’re looking for a free contact management solution that includes features that aren’t often included with other contact management software, Bitrix24 may be worth exploring.


The cost: There are both free and paid options available, with the cheapest plan costing $17 per month for two users. There are a number of advanced capabilities available in Bitrix24’s contact management software that go above and beyond what you may expect from a platform of this caliber. A centralized database for gathering and managing prospect and customer contact information is among the main contact management tools offered by the software. All phone calls made or received by salespeople are automatically logged and recorded by the program as well.

It’s worth exploring Bitrix24 if you’re looking for a free contact management solution that includes features that aren’t often seen in other contact management programs.


Monthly plans beginning at $12.50 per user/month. Pipedrive CRM is primarily a sales-oriented application, and its contact management features reflect this fact. The contact management capabilities are intended to facilitate hard sales through the use of data and automated processes. Through the collection of intelligent contact data and the automatic pre-qualification of leads, they provide a new level of insight and intelligence to a company’s sales operations. Platform tools can gather web-data about your connections from internet sources such as LinkedIn, which can then be used in other applications.


Starting at $25 per user/month, there are several pricing options. Because of Nimble CRM’s contact management capabilities, you can access all of your contacts – whether they are on mobile devices, in the cloud, or on your desktop — in one place, in one relationship manager. When a prospect or client is added to Nimble’s prospecting tool, all of their contact information and company data are instantly shown. This includes any emails, social interactions, messages, notes, and calendar events that you may have shared with them.

A total of more than 100 app integrations are available on the platform, which works flawlessly with Google Workspace and Office365. If you want to stay on top of your contacts, how you approach them and where they could fit into your broader sales strategy, this is the solution for you.

7.Nextiva Customer Relationship Suite

Starting at $25 per user/month, there are several options available. Because of Nimble CRM’s contact management capabilities, you can access all of your contacts — whether they are on mobile devices, in the cloud, or on your desktop – in one place. When a prospect or client is added to Nimble’s prospecting tool, all of their contact information and company data are instantly shown. This includes any emails, social interactions, messages, notes, and calendar events that you may have had with them in the past.

A strong and adaptable tool for keeping track of your contacts, how you communicate with them, and how they could fit into your broader sales strategy.


Starting at $22 per user/month, there are several options. All of your company’s customer knowledge and data is housed in Nutshell, which serves as a centralized repository. It serves as a central repository for you and your team to store and reference customer contact information, call notes, and email exchanges with customers. Because of the tool’s contact management architecture, which is combined with its sophisticated sales automation technologies, you can optimize your sales process while also effortlessly qualifying leads.

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Choose Your Contact Management System

No matter how large or small your company is, what products or services you offer, or how your sales staff is organized, you will inevitably have contacts that you must track and manage. If you haven’t already made the investment in contact management software for your company, you should seriously investigate some of the solutions provided in the preceding section. And remember, there is nothing in life that can be guaranteed, with the exception of death, taxes, and high-quality contact management software that makes the lives of salesmen simpler.

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7 Best Contact Management Software Tools for Any Business in 2022

In the age of data and internet communication, contact management software has emerged as a critical tool for businesses. A firm cannot exist unless it has customers. Having the ability to communicate with them effectively is really important in the market. No matter what sort of business you are in, contacts are the lifeblood of your operation. It might be discouraging to call a prospect who appears to be ready to close the deal only to discover that they are completely unaware of your product.

When a sales team is set to clinch a deal with a client, this is a common occurrence.

A common point of agreement among sales professionals is that it takes several stages to convert a lead into a client, and that if a prospect does not know who you are, they are unlikely to purchase from you.

When it comes to managing your contacts, the right contact management software is essential.

How to choose the best contact management software for you

There are a plethora of excellent possibilities available in the business; nevertheless, the difficulty is determining which one is the best. When shortlisting your alternatives for the finest contact management software, keep an eye out for the following characteristics:

  • Good contact organization– Businesses typically have a large number of different connections to manage – contacts that have been made for a variety of different causes and with a variety of various results – and it is important to manage these contacts effectively. Most of the finest contact management software should allow you to categorize your contacts and group contacts that are similar in nature. The ability to work with a team– These days, it is unusual to have just one person responsible for all of your company’s contact management needs. Your contact management software must be flexible enough to accommodate various employees from different parts of the business who will all be participating. Incorporation within your existing sales processes– In the majority of corporate situations, effective contact management leads to increased sales. In order for your tool to be effective, it must connect with your whole funnel and make the present state of your lead generation obvious. Contact profiles and customization– If your contact management software does not have the ability to customize contact profiles, it will only have the most basic information about a contact. A decent program will enable you to create complete profile pages for your contacts, where you can include a variety of different information. Ease of use– When you consider the quantity of consumers a contact manager has to deal with, it can be daunting at times. In order to do this, the program itself must be simple to use – especially for someone who has never worked with a tool like this before. In order to avoid losing track of your contacts, which might result in a loss in sales volume, you should use this method. Automation– For most sales teams, automation is a valuable resource that is frequently overlooked. Automation features can keep track of when you communicated with a customer and can record that information for you. It becomes easy to keep track of when you need to contact the customer again in this manner.

Best contact management software in 2022

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about contact management software, let’s take a look at seven of the best solutions available. The Nimble platform allows you to create a contact database and access it via email, mobile devices, web browsers, and office productivity software. The customer relationship management system (CRM) will handle the whole sales process, establish contacts, and is connected with social media platforms. It is considered to be one of the best contact management software solutions for small organizations.

  • Having learned all about contact management software, let’s take a look at seven of the greatest solutions available today. Develop your contact database and access it via email, mobile devices, browsers, and office suites with Nimble. Using a customer relationship management system (CRM), you may manage the whole sales process, establish connections, and interact with social media sites. It is regarded as one of the best contact management solutions for small companies. Features to look out for include the following:


  • User fees are as follows: $25 per user per month (paid monthly)
  • $19 per user per month (billed yearly)


Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management system that also includes contact management. Lead tracking, information synchronization, and sales activity monitoring are all possible with this tool across channels. The smart contact data will search for online data through LinkedIn, saving time and ensuring that no important facts are missing throughout the process. The following are the main characteristics:

  • Pre-qualification of leads with only one click, based on email addresses
  • Integration with Gmail
  • Dashboard that is simple and straightforward to use
  • The automation of administrative operations that are repetitive in nature
  • Activities can be tailored to meet individual needs. Tool for integrating emails
  • Create an infinite number of contact management pipelines. Tool for reporting on sales and anticipating sales


  • In addition to the Essential plan, which costs $12.50/month per user paid yearly and $12/month billed monthly, the Advanced plan costs $24.90/month per user billed annually and $23 billed monthly
  • And the Enterprise plan costs $24.90/month per user billed annually and $23 billed monthly. The Professional plan is available for $49.90/month per user billed yearly and $47/month billed monthly
  • The Enterprise plan is available for $99/month per user billed annually
  • And the Personal plan is available for $49/month per user billed monthly.

You may also be interested in:

  • Best Employee Scheduling Apps: 10 Must-Have Tools for Effective Human Resource Management in 2022 How to Choose the Best Wix Pricing and Plans: Which One Should You Choose and Why In this article, I’ll explain how to raise your rates without losing clients in the process.


Bitrix24 is a fantastic solution for controlling the sales funnels that your consumers travel through when shopping with you. It allows you to manage numerous sales funnels at the same time and even automates them so that you don’t have to worry about updating them manually. An all-in-one CRM may handle everything from contacts to sales management to project management to marketing to team communication. The program gathers information from mobile chat applications, social networks, and landing pages in order to compile a list of contacts.

  • Choosing between two CRM options: a simple CRM with deals and contacts but no leads, and a Classic CRM with leads. Provides a blend of customer relationship management and social networking features
  • Free domains and hosting are provided through a visual website builder. CRM pipeline management, booking, and scheduling, as well as a reporting capability are all included. Permission management on a role-based basis
  • Lead distribution that is governed by rules
  • Online artists, small enterprises, and beginners will benefit greatly from a free plan.


  • A free starting tool that may be used by up to 12 people
  • A basic plan for 5 people that costs $39 per month billed annually
  • A standard plan that costs $79 per month invoiced annually
  • Professional package allows an unlimited number of users for $159 per month, payable annually

4.HubSpot CRM

In the event that you are seeking for a more efficient technique to manage leads and arrange customers, HubSpot is a one-stop shop that can handle everything. With an intuitive dashboard and a transaction flow that can be followed to assess success against a predetermined goal, the all-in-one marketing suite can be used by any size business. Each functionality that the sales team might possibly need is included. Principal characteristics:

  • Contact records from Outlook, Gmail, and online forms may be imported. Records that are automatically updated
  • A maximum of one million contacts and corporate information are supported. Dashboard that is simple and easy to use
  • Tracking of emails
  • Small organizations may take advantage of a free CRM plan.


  • Plan for two users is $45 per month
  • Professional plan for up to five users costs $450 per month
  • And Enterprise plan for twelve users costs $1,200 per month.


Monday is a contact management program that is reasonably priced and suited for freelancers. As a project management tool, it helps you to keep track of your sales, communicate with your marketing contacts, and manage incoming support requests. The following are the main characteristics:

  • It is simple and straightforward to use
  • It may be applied across many departments. Leads from an email list can be tracked
  • Contact management templates that have already been created
  • Customization to a high degree Web forms that may be shared
  • Plan that is completely free for up to two people
  • There are no limits to the number of boards you can have.


  • Unlimited users are free
  • Basic plans are $8 per month per user
  • Standard plans are $11 per user
  • Pro plans are $15 per user per month
  • Enterprise plans are based on a tailored quote.


Bigin by Zoho CRM is an excellent choice for individuals who do not want extensive functionality and who frequently utilize spreadsheets.

It’s straightforward, maintains track of all of your contacts, and features a single, basic UI to keep things simple. It is designed specifically for small enterprises and is available at a reasonable price. The following are the main characteristics:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder that is simple to use
  • Create pipelines that are completely customized. Assign tasks to your team members. Pipelines may be filtered and seen. The ability to be adaptable
  • Flowchart generator
  • Integrated telephone capabilities
  • The ability to integrate with seven third-party applications that have been pre-built


  • One user, 500 contacts, one pipeline, and three processes are included for free. In addition to up to 50,000 contacts, numerous pipelines, and 25 processes for $7 per user each month, there is also a Business plan available.


If you are a fan of Gmail, you should give Streak a try. A Chrome Extension that will function in your email is available. There will be no need for a stand-alone tool. It provides a great deal of versatility in terms of how you may utilize it. It syncs with Gmail and Google Sheets, which provides additional comfort and functionality. The following are the main characteristics:

  • Simple integration with the Chrome browser
  • Works in the inbox
  • And is cost effective. Customization on a large scale
  • The ability to view all interactions in a timeline view
  • The ability to create custom views Create a project pipeline for each project. Mail merge, Zapier integration, email sharing, and thread splitter are all features available.


  • Solo: $15 per user per month for up to 5,000 contacts
  • Pro: $49 per user per month for an unlimited number of contacts
  • Enterprise: $129 per user per month for data validation and prioritization of support requests.

What’s next?

The specific contact management software that you select will be determined by the requirements of your company as well as the types of interactions that you intend to handle through the application. Whatever you select, it is always a good idea to test out a few different options – especially those that are available as free trials – before making a final decision. Which contact management software did you decide to use and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below! … Don’t forget to sign up for our crash course on how to make your WordPress site faster.

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The 7 Best Contact Management Software – 2021 Review

Do you want to get to the bottom of things right away? BiginorStreak is without a doubt the greatest contact management software for the vast majority of users. Contact management software is a contemporary approach for organizations to arrange contacts based on their requirements, hobbies, and classifications, and it is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to storing information such as names, phone numbers, emails, and company information, contact management software may be used to keep information such as sales history or open quotations.

The Top 7 Best Contact Management Software

  1. For the most part, Bigin is the best overall contact management software, whereas Streak is the best contact management software for Gmail users. Pipedrive is the best contact management software for sales teams on the market today. Maximizer CRM is the best custom contact management software available today. Metrilo is the best contact management software for ecommerce sites
  2. Nutshell is the best contact management software that is simple to use.

After studying the best contact management software available on the market and evaluating hundreds of solutions, I’ve limited the list down to the top seven options to take into consideration. I go into detail about the features, benefits, cost, use cases, and potential negatives of each one in the sections below.

1 –Bigin— Best Overall Contact Manager Software

  • Free for the first 500 contacts
  • $7 per user per month for the complete set of capabilities
  • Fields and dashboards that are customized
  • Simple automation across all plans

Begin for nothing. Our top-ranked app, Bigin, is distinguished by its ease of use, extensive feature set, and reasonable pricing point. It’s a simple-to-use contact management that allows for extensive customization, making it ideal for small organizations. I like how well this program caters to the needs of small-to-medium-sized teams. Everything is laid up in a visually appealing and intuitive manner. This ensures that whomever picks up the ball knows just how to introduce themselves into the conversation with a lead.

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In addition, you may use basic automations to do the same functions for manual actions, triggers, and one-click workflows, among other things.

You’re restricted in a few of significant ways.

As a result, it’s rather streamlined.

However, if you are just in charge of a tiny pool on a single pipeline, Bigin can be of assistance. However, it is the single priced plan that truly impresses me and merits the title of “best overall.” What you receive for just $7 per user each month is a small sample of what you may expect:

  • 50,000 contacts, 5 pipelines, and two free data backups each month are included. Custom fields, list views, and dashboards are all available. More choices for automation
  • Integrations with Google and Microsoft Office 365
  • For an extra $1 each month, you may add 10,000 more contacts.

Most other contact management tools offer far less flexibility for the same pricing point, so this is a significant advantage. Everything you need to save the correct information about your contacts may be customized to your specifications. As a result of incorporating this information into the software’s automated capabilities, you will have a complete database that is constantly up to date. You can get started with Bigin right now by signing up for the free plan. This straightforward yet powerful program may make a significant difference in your contact management and, consequently, your sales.

2 –Streak— Best Contact Management Software For Gmail Users

  • Starts at $15
  • Is free for basic usage
  • May be added immediately to a Gmail account
  • Comes with a 14-day trial.

Begin for nothing. If you use Gmail or G Suite as your primary way of communication, Streak can help you streamline your approach by providing contact management capabilities. This easy-to-use program may be integrated immediately into your existing Gmail profile. Around the world, it is utilized by more than 750,000 individual users and enterprises. Instead of jumping back and forth between a spreadsheet and your email account, Streak helps you to manage your contacts, tasks, and workflows from a single point of reference.

When you send emails to contacts, you can use Streak to automatically enhance the information connected with each of them, such as their names, firms, and other details—all while keeping your emails on track.

In addition, the program is reasonably priced:

  • Depending on the plan, Solo costs $15 per user per month, Pro costs $49 per user per month, and Enterprise costs $129 per user per month.

There’s also a free plan for basic use, which is ideal for individual users and contact lists that aren’t too large. For the first 14 days, you may try any premium plan for free.

3 –Pipedrive— Best Contact Management Software For Sales Teams

  • Starts at $12.50 per month
  • Includes sales CRM and two-way email sync
  • Includes a 14-day free trial.

Begin for nothing. Pipedrive is a contact management system that is specifically designed for selling. Its features assist sales teams in tracking performance, forecasting revenue, and prioritizing offers. Managing the whole history of phone conversations and emails for each contact is simplified with the program. Everything is arranged in a visual chronology, allowing you to easily review the most recent interactions before following up with a lead or prospect. Once a contact has been added to your list, it is possible to associate them with a certain contract.

  1. Custom reports allow you to automate monotonous operations and get useful insights into your business.
  2. Customize templates and send batch emails to large groups of individuals, such as lead segments, with the help of the program.
  3. This provides you with the ability to follow up with leads at the most appropriate time of day.
  4. The contact map tool, which is another interesting element of the Pipedrive contact management solution, is still another cool function.

Using the Google Maps interface, you can filter contacts by city, state, and nation, making it easier to find people you know. Consider the following price points for Pipedrive as a starting point for comparison:

  • Fundamentals costs $12.50 per user per month
  • Advanced costs $24.90 per user per month
  • Professional costs $49.90 per user per month
  • And Enterprise costs $99 for each user per month.

All of the pricing shown above are based on a one-year agreement. The Enterprise plan requires a minimum of 10 users. A total of 90,000 firms in 179 countries rely on the software’s reliability. For the first 14 days, Pipedrive is completely free.

4 – Maximizer CRM — Best Custom Contact Management Software

  • Starting at $40 per month
  • Shared address book
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • 30-day free trial
  • And more.

Obtain a variety of quotes. Maximizer CRM is a contact management and customer relationship management system that is all-in-one and easy to use. Personalization of client communications is made possible with the use of the software. Make use of this application to manage conversations, simplify your data, and reply to leads at the most opportune moment possible. When using Maximizer CRM, every contact, document, and interaction can be handled through a single common address book. The ability to view a comprehensive history of every encounter allows you to keep all of your sales, marketing, and customer service teams in sync.

  • Automatic email recording
  • Automatic phone logging
  • File tracking
  • And more options are available. Multi-level security
  • An audit trail
  • Last contact dates
  • An integrated calendar
  • Form field validation
  • And other features.

One of my favorite features of Maximizer CRM is the ability to keep track of the connections that have been made between your contacts. A relationship chart is a fantastic tool for quickly understanding the link between contractors, subcontractors, and subsidiaries. CRM software from Maximizer is offered as a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

  • Salesforce Cloud CRM Live is $65 per month for one user
  • On-Premise CRM is $40 a month for one user
  • And Financial Advisor CRM is $70 per month for one user.

When compared to other comparable applications, the pricing points are significantly higher here. Maximizer CRM, on the other hand, is much more than a simple contact management tool. For the first 30 days, it is completely free.

5 – Metrilo — Best Contact Management Software For Ecommerce Sites

  • Price: starting at $99
  • Features include ecommerce analytics, advanced contact filtering, and a 14-day free trial.

Obtain a variety of quotes. Metrilo is a customer relationship management system (CRM) designed specifically for online firms. Along with contact management, the program has an integrated email marketing capability to help you reach out to customers. Metrilo is mostly concerned with data analytics. Using this feature, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on with your ecommerce site in real time. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), revenue, performance, sales funnels, and more without the need for any complicated setup.

Metrilo makes it simple to categorize and segment consumers depending on their activity.

Contacts may be filtered based on the following criteria:

  • Revenue, orders, most recent purchase, last active, sessions, locations, and personal tags are all included.

Metrilo makes it simple to recover abandoned carts, send welcome emails, and manage drip campaigns because it is a fully integrated email marketing platform. As a whole, the application is much more than a straightforward contact management system. A one-stop shop for building your ecommerce business, it has everything you need. However, due to the fact that it has so many features, the program is priced correspondingly.

  • Premium — $249 per month
  • Essential — $99 per month
  • Pro — $165 per month

A one-year contract is required to obtain these rates. The ecommerce CRM’s Pro plan is where the most of the contact management features are located, and it is also where the majority of the ecommerce CRM’s features are found. Currently, email marketing is only available on the Premium subscription tier.

You may not want to use Metrilo if you are not interested in the ecommerce analytics capabilities. You can find a more economical contact management system that does not include these additional capabilities elsewhere. Metrilo is available for free for 14 days.

6 – Nutshell — Best Easy-to-Use Contact Management Software

  • Starts at $19 per month
  • Includes team collaboration tools and pipeline management
  • Includes a 14-day free trial.

Obtain a variety of quotes. Nutshell is a feature-rich customer relationship management system that includes capabilities for sales automation, pipeline management, team communication, and more. It’s surprising how easy it is to use such a powerful and feature-rich piece of software. Nutshell will automatically pull information about a new lead into your contact management application each time you add a new lead to your database. Information about them, such as their social media profiles, work title, location, and other details, will be added as soon as possible.

  1. You’ll be able to log all conversation information for each contact from your phone or desktop device after you’ve set up Nutshell and are fully functional.
  2. In a nutshell, Nutshell is ideal for those of you who wish to avoid doing repetitive activities.
  3. There are two plans to select from: the Starter and the Professional.
  4. For the first 14 days, you can sample any one for free.

7 – Nimble — Best For Social Media Marketing

  • From $19 per month, you may use social prospecting, automatic profile development, and a 14-day free trial.

Obtain a variety of quotes. Nimble is used by more than 140,000 professionals across the world to manage their connections. It’s a sales-focused CRM that has directly assisted in the facilitation of more than 10 million transactions. The program is ideal for organizing connections and keeping track of all of your communication history in an one place. My favorite Nimble feature is the social profile matching and enrichment function, which I have used several times. The program compares social profiles for contacts and companies, and then automatically enhances those contacts with the information contained inside each profile, according to the settings of the user.

  1. The specifics often contain information about where they work, where they’re from, their professional background, their industry, their title, and other pertinent information.
  2. Nimble’s insights will assist you in identifying new prospects and categorizing new contacts in the most effective way.
  3. There is only one plan available, with prices beginning at $19 per user each month.
  4. Nimble is available for free for 14 days.

How to Find the Best Contact Management Software For You

Discovering the most appropriate contact management software for your individual requirements may be difficult when there are so many alternatives to select from.

I’ve made it lot simpler for you to go through this process. In your search for contact management software, there are a number of considerations that must be taken into consideration. This is the approach I took in order to narrow down the list of the best software in this guide.

CRM Functionality

The majority of customer relationship management software includes some form of contact management solution. However, CRM capability is not available in every contact management solution. Numerous possibilities on my list are also CRM solutions, which is ideal for those of you who don’t currently have a CRM system in place. However, if you’re satisfied with your current CRM and only want basic contact management features, there’s no incentive to upgrade. CRM solutions will, in the majority of circumstances, be more expensive than traditional contact management software.

Communication Tracking

A contact management solution is included in nearly all customer relationship management software. However, CRM capability is not available in every contact management solution. e.g., Numerous possibilities on my list are also CRM solutions, which is ideal for those of you who don’t currently have a CRM system in place. For those who are satisfied with their current CRM and only want basic contact management features, there is no need to upgrade. A CRM system will almost always be more expensive than traditional contact management tools in the majority of circumstances.


Using modern contact management software, you can automate time-consuming processes. Consider the following scenario: you meet with a new prospect in person but only obtain their name and phone number. A number of contact management solutions will take that information and use it to automatically get extra information about that individual from the internet. As a result, you’ll have access to their employment history, present position, email address, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and other relevant information.

Lead Management

The vast majority of contact management software is designed to help salespeople close more deals. Consequently, if you fall into this group, you need make certain that the software you choose provides features for managing your leads. Pipeline management and extensive segmentation capabilities would be important elements to look for in a pipeline management system. Some software, such as ecommerce contact management, caters to a specific market segment. In this situation, leads would be managed automatically depending on factors such as behavior and sales history.

The Top Contact Management Software in Summary

You and your team are forced to rely on memory when engaging with customers and sales leads if you do not have contact management software. Handwritten notes or digital notes can be used as an alternate method. At a large scale, this is practically hard to control.

The finest contact management solutions include CRM (customer relationship management) tools, which allow you to track communication with the people on your list and make adjustments as needed. These characteristics are essential for sales teams in order to turn leads into long-term clients.

The Best Premium and Free Contact Management Software

Keeping track of clients is as important as ever for businesses of all sizes. For future connections with these ever-important consumers, the capacity to collect customer information is critical to success. Fortunately, there are a variety of helpful tools available to make this a simple procedure. The enormous number of free contact management software options available is designed to make your life as simple as possible. With the help of this type of software, client connections may be stored in what is effectively a highly functional address book.

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There is a vast selection of this sort of software available to pick from.

We’ve divided this list into two sections to make it easier to see the many alternatives.

The Best Premium Contact Management Software

Funner CRM is the first of these customer relationship management products. It is designed to assist teams in resolving typical frustrations like as inefficient processes and cluttered inboxes, which make keeping track of clients tough to manage. It accomplishes all of this in a single, straightforward, and dynamic application. Lead capture forms, centralized lead processing, and a variety of other capabilities are available with Funnel CRM, among other things.


Among these customer relationship management systems is Funner CRM. It is designed to assist teams in resolving typical frustrations such as inefficient processes and cluttered inboxes, which make keeping track of clients tough to do. The program accomplishes all of this in a straightforward and dynamic manner. Lead capture forms, centralized lead processing, and a host of other useful tools are available with Funnel CRM.

3) Insightly

This program is particularly popular among users of Microsoft Office 365. The software, which is primarily targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises, has more than 1.5 million users globally. These are dispersed over a wide range of industries, including communications, media, manufacturing, and others. The user-friendly interface is well-known for being simple to navigate. It contains a variety of helpful features, including to-do lists, mass email management, and user account administration.

4) Pipedrive

This customer relationship management and contact management system is an excellent tool for firms to design sales strategy and manage deals. A entire history of conversations, both with team members and with consumers, may be easily viewed through its user-friendly interface.

It organizes everything into a convenient and visually appealing timetable, which aids in the streamlining of each procedure involved. In addition, Pipedrive is a cloud-based program, which means that it can be accessed and utilized from any web-connected device.


AllClients offers a plethora of features that make it a fantastic marketing and customer relationship management solution. Contact management, contact filtering, autoresponder emails, and excellent workflows are just a few of the highlights of this software’s extensive list of wonderful features. All of this revolves on abrilliant’s customer database. AllClients contains a slew of additional capabilities in addition to its core functionality. Among the many options are video emails, team collaboration tools, contact management systems, client records, calendars, and more.

6) Affinity

With its self-described ” relational intelligence platform,” this software is primarily targeted at enterprises in the fields of venture capital, sales, fundraising, and real estate development. It assists users in compiling a customer list, which includes contact information, based on prior engagements. This one-of-a-kind program accomplishes this through the use of machine learning and is at the forefront of this type of capability.

7) Maximizer CRM

This all-in-one solution enables users to tailor their communications with customers and other stakeholders. Users may take use of the amazing interface provided by Maximizer CRM to assist manage interactions, simplify data, and reply to potential prospects as quickly as possible. By utilizing a wonderful shared contact book, which can be modified and enlarged by the entire team, the program assists in accomplishing this goal. One of the most useful features of this customer relationship management software is the ability to trace the relationships between contacts.

8) vCita

This program enables for the management, archiving, and cataloging of leads, clients, and other contacts in a structured manner. Lead generation, scheduling, and invoicing are all made exceedingly simple and straightforward by the sophisticated capabilities that are made available through the system. Everything, from customer history to payments and bills, is seen from a bird’s-eye perspective. When you combine this with excellent team-working capabilities, vCita becomes a genuinely formidable option.

9) Nutshell

Nutshell takes pride in having a user interface that is both simple and powerful. This cross-platform app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, makes collaboration a snap. There are several add-ons for the current business world, including Slack, Gmail, the Google suite of products, Office 365, MailChimp, Twitter and many more useful tools. This software is primarily intended for use by small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs).

10) Nimble

This one-of-a-kind software solution is designed to take advantage of and leverage the advantages of social networking. It consists of a social prospector tool as well as a social profile matching tool for matching social profiles. When Nimble is utilized in combination with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it can make full use of its capabilities to turn leads into sales.

Custom fields, two-way email synchronization, phone logs, activity monitoring, forecasts, and reports are just a few of the fantastic features available.

11) ebCard

ebCard is a company that provides a fantastic platform and interface for contact data, and then leverages that data to turn leads into revenue. The distinction between them and other comparable suppliers in the market is that they collect various contact information from a variety of different sources. This broadens the audience’s reach and increases the likelihood of lead conversion. This software company’s typical clientele consists of medium-sized B2B companies in the information technology industry.

12) Salesflare

This straightforward yet powerful CRM software is an excellent tool for automating data collecting in order to develop more successful interactions with prospects and convert them into customers more frequently than before. The user-friendly design makes the task straightforward, and the overview tools make keeping track of a complicated issue a piece of cake. It intelligently assesses a situation and makes recommendations on what steps should be performed next, effectively becoming an extension of the team’s efforts.

13) Pipeliner

This customer relationship management software is particularly developed to help organizations communicate with customers more effectively. Its highly adjustable interface makes it simple to make fast adjustments, and its data visualization techniques make it simple to comprehend what is being displayed. The simplicity of Pipeliner is one of its greatest assets. It simply takes a few hours of practice to become proficient in all aspects of it. This does not imply that Pipeliner is a simple piece of software; rather, it is a robust CRM solution that will work for the majority of firms.

14) Card Scanner by Covve

A challenge to Covve’s engineering team to come up with a novel approach to business cards resulted in the creation of this fantastic software. Card Scanner was the answer they came up with. This smartphone application allows users to easily scan business cards and have the related information immediately transmitted to a database of their choosing. With many languages pre-programmed into the software, networking and connecting are no longer hindered by language hurdles of any kind! Business card exchanges done in this manner are an excellent paperless method for professionals – you will only only need to carry one card in your wallet or purse!

The Best Free Contact Management Software

This straightforward yet smart program gives a consolidated address book, as well as sophisticated tools to go along with it. This includes the option to see a complete history of all of your communications with persons who are listed in your address book. With the straightforward UI, you can send emails, assign assignments, and write notes to any individual contacts.

Gather all of the information you’ll need and put it to good use to enhance the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Users can accumulate up to 500 contacts in the free edition of the application. This is a great option for small enterprises, freelancers, and new businesses.

2) Pobuca Connect

This cloud-based solutionis a fantastic approach to compile an address book and share connections with coworkers and business partners alike. Using a straightforward design and robust capabilities, Pobuca Connect is a superb tool for organizing a company’s leads into a highly effective database of contacts.

3) Hubspot CRM

It is possible to import contacts and data from Outlook and Gmail with a single click into this fantastic free CRM software solution, which then organizes it all into a single amazing database. Once these contacts have been added, they will be immediately updated if any changes are made to their original address books, and any sales will be automatically registered as well as the contacts. When you use HubSpot CRM, it will automatically import pertinent information from over 20 million organizations, ensuring that your contact information is always up to date.

4) Really Simple Systems

All of the tools a user might possibly want to handle everything from customer information to sales and leads are included in this solution. Although the free version may allow up to two individuals and one hundred firms, customers that want greater capacity can subscribe to a subscription plan.

5) Bitrix24

The capabilities of this contact management software are significantly more extensive than those of many other platforms in this area. Not only does it include all of the characteristics that one would anticipate from this sort of software, such as a central database, but it also adds additional functions. For example, it includes automated logging and recording of phone conversations, as well as automatic logging and recording of emails, and all of this may be configured to just apply to select contacts if the user so desires.

6) Streak

Streak is another another excellent free CRM software that connects seamlessly with Gmail and other popular email clients. With a single click, you may store contacts and their information, and a simple timeline view allows you to see all of the action that has occurred. This includes phone conversations, tasks, notes, and other activities. Because this timeline may be altered and seen whatever the user wishes, information is available in any way that is feasible.

7) Vtiger CRM

Cloud-based or on-premises, this highly adaptable CRM solution may be utilized in any environment. Given the fact that it is free and open-source, this software is more adaptive and versatile than many of its competitors. In addition to sales automation, marketing automation, and customer care are some of its specialties. It is also capable of directly integrating with Microsoft Outlook. The standard version is completely free and provides a plethora of essential features that will appeal to the majority of users.

8) CiviCRM

Despite being free, this program is highly customisable and extremely user-friendly. Some of its most useful features include online fundraising tools, grant tracking, case management, and a variety of other functions. These are mostly aimed towards non-profit organizations and other similar organizations. It is entirely compatible with popular platforms and applications, like WordPress and Drupal, among others.

Users who are already familiar with these systems will find it to be a breeze to use as a result of this. It is also open-source, which means that it is always being worked upon and is more adaptable than many other products in the same field of expertise.

Contact Management Software – a Necessity for Most Businesses

Contact management software has evolved into a need for businesses of all sizes and types. In particular, as more firms shift online and remote working becomes more commonplace, this is becoming increasingly true. For businesses and organizations of all sizes and sorts, keeping track of their connections and organizing them properly is critical to their success. Fortunately, as we have seen, there are now more free solutions available than ever before that can do these fundamental functions flawlessly for the vast majority of small and medium-sized organizations.

Among other things, this might include email newsletter campaigns, customer assistance platforms, and other such initiatives.

In an era where relationships are more important in business, communication and customer knowledge are absolutely king, as we have seen.

Some consider CRM to be more sophisticated than content management systems (CMS), despite the fact that the latter is frequently simpler in its design and functionality.

It is critical to thoroughly evaluate what exactly the demands of your company are before deciding which software is best for you in order to make the choice process easier.

Once you have decided which software solution to utilize from our lists of free and premium software solutions, a smart next step would be to look for additional tools that will meet your company’s demands and budget.

Amelia is a potential that is a leader in the business and one that we would strongly recommend you consider.

  • Increase the number of events and appointments you keep track of
  • Use search and filter tools to help in decision-making
  • Improve the efficiency of the signup and sales processes. To make reservations, utilize a booking widget that has been specifically built to serve as a personal assistant. Payments are collected in a single window that is integrated
  • Emails and SMS messages are generated and sent on a regular basis by using an automated system.

Amelia is an excellent addition to many of the customer relationship management software solutions that we have mentioned in our list of recommendations. This well-known and widely-used WordPress plugin assists in automating a significant portion of the day-to-day work of operating a business, so alleviating much of the stress and aggravation associated with much of that everyday labor.

The advice in this article are intended to get you started on the path to expanding the reach of your company while also making your workflow more efficient! If you enjoyed reading this post on free contact management software, you may be interested in the following articles:

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