6 Best Instagram Analytics Tools To Track Your Success? (Question)

6 Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success

  • Iconosquare.
  • Sprout Social.
  • Keyhole.
  • SquareLovin.
  • Minter.io.
  • SocialRank.
  • Conclusion.

How do you track success on Instagram?

10 Simple Ways to Measure Your Instagram Marketing Success

  1. Likes. Likes are the most obvious metric — since the number of Likes a post gets shows how much your fans enjoyed the content.
  2. 2. Comments. Watch the posts that get the most comments.
  4. Engagement.
  5. Clicks.
  6. Mentions.
  7. Photos.
  8. Times.

What are Instagram analytics tools?

Use these Instagram analytics tools to become a power user

  • Sprout Social.
  • Iconosquare.
  • Phlanx.
  • TapInfluencer.
  • Curalate.
  • Union Metrics.
  • Bitly.
  • Keyhole.

What metrics should I track on Instagram?

7 Instagram Metrics You Should Track to Measure Performance

  • Follower Growth Rate.
  • Engagement Per Follower.
  • Website Traffic.
  • Link Clicks.
  • 5. Comments Per Post.
  • Instagram Stories Engagement.
  • Reach.

What are metrics used for?

Metrics are measures of quantitative assessment commonly used for comparing, and tracking performance or production. Metrics can be used in a variety of scenarios. Metrics are heavily relied on in the financial analysis of companies by both internal managers and external stakeholders.

What is the best social media analytics tool?

Top 10 Social Media Analytics Software

  • Sprout Social.
  • Zoho Social.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Semrush.
  • Meltwater.
  • Agorapulse.
  • Falcon.io.
  • Sprinklr Modern Sales & Engagement.

How can I increase my followers in Instagram?

10 Ways to increase Instagram followers

  1. Optimize your Instagram account.
  2. Keep a consistent content calendar.
  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance.
  4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content.
  5. Avoid fake Instagram followers.
  6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere.
  7. Post content followers want.
  8. Get the conversation started.

How do you increase engagement on Instagram?

How to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

  1. Engage With Your Audience Through Instagram Stories Stickers.
  2. Create and Share Relatable Memes.
  3. Create Saveable Graphics.
  4. Share Valuable Information in Carousel Posts.
  5. Include Call to Actions In Your Captions.
  6. Let Your Personality Shine Through on Instagram Stories.

How do you track engagement?

If you have a high engagement rate, the actual number of likes and shares and comments is irrelevant. How to track it: STEP 1: Add up a post’s total likes, comments, and shares. STEP 2: Divide by your total number of followers and multiply by 100 to get your average engagement rate percentage.

What are engagement metrics?

The Engagement metric measures the effectiveness of your posts and how much you are connecting with your fans. In Facebook, engagement metrics are calculated based on the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks your posts are generating.

What is average Instagram reach?

What is the average monthly reach per post on Instagram across all accounts? The average monthly reach rate on Instagram is 3,117.

What should be higher reach or impressions?

In general, your impressions will always be higher than your reach. Additionally, your impressions can sometimes be close to the number of followers you have — especially if your content has been posted for a while.

What should I fill in for Instagram verification?

Fill in the application form.

  1. Your legal name.
  2. Your “known as” or working name (if applicable)
  3. Select your category or industry (for example: blogger/influencer, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, etc.)
  4. You also need to submit a photo of your official government ID.

The 8 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (And Metrics to Track)

Setting goals, implementing the plan, analyzing and refining the approach are the four components of every effective strategy. Instagram analytics are designed to help social marketers with the analytical side of this equation. Good Instagram analytics tools assist you in determining whether or not your efforts on Instagram are paying off. You can discover what is effective and what is not. Then you go on to the refining phase of the plan, when you alter your efforts in order to better your results and return on investment.

Bonus: Obtain a free social media analytics report template that outlines the most critical metrics to monitor for each social media network.

Instagram analytics tools

Using an Instagram Business or Creator account grants you access to the Instagram analytics software that is embedded into the platform. In the meanwhile, if you’re still using a personal Instagram account, you may follow our step-by-step steps to convert to an Instagram Business account. With this native analytics feature within the Instagram app, you can gain insight into your account’s performance, including reach and interaction with your followers as well as your use of Instagram advertisements.

Despite the fact that Insights is a fantastic free Instagram analytics tool, it may not be the finest Instagram analytics software for professional social marketers.

2.Hootsuite Analytics

Instagram analytics may be tracked in greater depth using Hootsuite Analytics than with Instagram Insights, which is included with the platform. Hootsuite is the source of this information. For the record, we may be prejudiced, but here are some things that the Hootsuite Analytics dashboard can accomplish that Instagram can not:

  • Show you information from a long time ago
  • A historical perspective may be gained by comparing measures throughout various time periods. Determine the optimal publishing period based on historical engagement, reach and click-through statistics
  • Custom reports can be generated and downloaded. Examine particular post performance using the metrics of your choice
  • Keep track of how long it takes your account to respond in customer service interactions. Sort Instagram comments according to their emotion (good or negative)

More information about Hootsuite Analytics may be found here:

3.Hootsuite Impact

In case you want an even more in-depth analysis of your performance, this tool may be of use. Hootsuite Impact enables you to compare analytics across several social media accounts in a single dashboard. It also delivers a complete return on investment analysis for both organic and paid Instagram traffic. Remember how we stated at the beginning of this article that refining your plan is an important element of using analytics to better your business? In accordance with your unique objectives, Hootsuite Impact may make customized advice for optimizing your approach.

Request a demo by filling out this form.

4.Creator Studio

This is another another Instagram business analytics tool that is unique to the platform. Creator Studio, on the other hand, is a standalone application that runs on your computer rather than on your mobile device. Creator Studio provides you with access to the majority of the same analytics as Instagram Insights, but only for a seven-day period at the time of purchase. Obtainable from: Creator Studio In Creator Studio’s statistics, the Calendar view is particularly useful since it allows you to know at a glance when you last shared something on Instagram.

In fact, we’ve written a comprehensive blog article on how to utilize Creator Studio, which talks you through all of the many ways you can use it with your Instagram Business or Creator accounts.


Start with Iconosquare’s Instagram audit for business accounts to get a feel for the platform. This free Instagram analytics tool gives information on your reach, engagement, likes, saves, and other metrics, among other things. Moreover, it gives information on how your Instagram stats compare to the overall average rates on the platform. Source:Iconosquare In addition, Iconosquare provides a free trial of their professional dashboard. It includes all of the normal metrics, such as engagement rates, follower statistics, Stories data, and so on.


Keyhole is a company that specializes in Instagram hashtag analytics and keyword monitoring, in addition to all of the standard Instagram statistics. Source:Keyhole It may be used to track promotions, user-generated content, and Instagram contests in real time, as well as to analyze the effectiveness of branded hashtags. Additionally, when working with influencers, it’s a handy tool for tracking Instagram stats.


Phlanx is a free, simple-to-use Instagram engagement calculator that is available to anybody. The fact that you may use it to verify your own account as well as someone else’s is a convenient feature. So you can use it to pre-screen potential influencers and brand ambassadors before contacting them directly. All you have to do is key in any Instagram handle to view the total number of followers, the engagement rate, and the average number of likes and comments received on each individual post.

8. Facebook Ads Manager

You should use Facebook Ads Manager if you’re conducting sponsored ads on Instagram. It’s a valuable resource in your analytics toolkit. It gives information on the performance and expense of all of the advertisements you put on the Facebook family of products, which includes Instagram. Instagram Insights can provide you with information about the performance of your Instagram promotions; however, in order to conduct a thorough cost analysis, you’ll want to include Ads Manager as well. Instagram Insights can provide you with information about the performance of your Instagram promotions.

How to see your Instagram analytics

Within the Instagram app, you can see all of your Instagram analytics by going to this location. (Remember that in order to view analytics, you must have a Business or Creator profile.)

Instagram account analytics

  1. Navigate to your profile page in the app. To access the menu, select themenu symbol in the upper right corner. TapInsights
  2. View your content summary, which includes the number of accounts reached, the number of content interactions, the number of total followers, and the amount of material shared.

Instagram is the source of this information. You can choose whether to examine these Instagram analytics for the past 7 days or the last 30 days by selecting the appropriate option from the top menu.

Instagram followers analytics

Select Your Audience from the overview page by scrolling down to the bottom and clickingSee All. You’ll see a summary of your following growth, followed by specifics on the demographics of your target audience. You’ll find a wealth of important information on this screen, including the following about your target audience:

  • Top 5 places (either in a city or in a country)
  • Age range (as a whole or split down by gender)
  • Gender
  • Most active times (as a whole or broken down by hour or day)

In addition to keeping track of your follower growth stats, this information is useful for determining when to publish on Instagram and for guiding your content marketing approach.

Instagram post analytics

When you are on the overview analytics screen, go down to Content You Shared and click the right arrow next to the amount of posts you have made. A list of all of your posts will appear, organized according to the measure you specify. The default statistic is reach, but you can customize it to include a variety of other metrics, such as comments, following, and shares, among others. Added bonus: You’ll also receive a free social media analytics report template that outlines the most critical data to track for each social media network.

You may pick from timeframes ranging from 7 days to 2 years, and you can filter results by post type (photos, videos, carousel posts, or all posts).

Instagram is the source of this information. This will bring up a little pop-up window that will display the overall number of likes, comments, saves, direct message shares, profile views, and reach for the post in question. Instagram is the source of this information.

Instagram Stories analytics

From the overview analytics screen, scroll down toContent You Shared and then click the right arrow next to the amount of Stories you’ve shared with others. You can see reach, impressions, and other metrics in the same way that you can for your posts. You may also examine stats related to exits, forwards, and other Stories-specific metrics on this page. You have the option of seeing a time span ranging from 7 to 30 days. Instagram is the source of this information. For additional information, we’ve written a whole blog article to assist you in making the most of your Instagram Stories statistics.

Instagram Reels analytics

In Instagram Insights, the Reels statistics will be included in the Reach breakdown as of May 2021, if they have not already been. To get to it, choose Accounts Reached from the overview page by tapping the right arrow next to it. You will be able to examine how your Instagram Reels performed in comparison to other sorts of content over the previous 7 or 30 days in this section. The Reels part of this section also provides a list of your best reels. Source:Instagram To access insights that are particular to Reels alone, scroll down to Reels in the Insights overview page and press the right arrownext to the number of Reels you want to display.

Opening a specific Reel from your profile and tapping the three dot symbol in the bottom right of the screen followed by tapping Insights will provide you with information on how well the Reel is performing.

Instagram Live analytics

Instagram’s Insights feature now includes Live metrics, thanks to a May 2021 upgrade. The Live Insights feature may be accessed by going to the overview analytics screen, scrolling down to Live, and clicking the right arrow next to the number of streams. Here you will find statistics about Live broadcasts, such as the number of accounts reached, the peak concurrent viewers, comments, and shares. Source:Instagram

How to access Instagram analytics on desktop

The ability to navigate through analytics on your phone is useful for rapid, on-the-go tracking of your Instagram stats, but it is less useful when trying to analyze your data or build a social media report. Fortunately, you can also view your statistics on your PC by using Hootsuite Analytics and Hootsuite Impact, which are both free services. Start by navigating to your Hootsuite dashboard and selecting theAnalyticsicon on the sidebar. Choose your Instagram Overview (if you haven’t previously, follow these instructions to link your account).

Important Instagram metrics to track

Do you get a feeling of being overwhelmed?

With so much information accessible, it can be difficult to determine which data points are the most important for your company’s success. Here, we’ll go through the Instagram metrics you should be tracking in order to achieve the objectives that are important to you.

Account metrics

How to determine engagement rate: Take the average of all posts and divide it by the number of comments. This statistic serves as a starting point for determining how effectively your content is engaging with your audience and motivating them to take action. Keep in mind that as you earn more followers, this proportion will frequently decrease. Most analytics programs will calculate this figure both for your account as a whole, and also for each of your posts individually. It is possible that you will receive a different proportion from different calculators since some experts believe that the number of impressions is a better comparison than the number of followers.

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Follower growth rate

How to calculate follower growth rate: Divide the number of new followers by the number of existing followers to get a percentage of 100. If you don’t keep track of your followers’ progress over time, your follower count is just a vanity measure. The fact is that no other Instagram statistic has as much of an influence on organic reach as this one does represents a significant loss of potential. (If one of your objectives is to raise exposure of your company, see our recommendations for gaining more Instagram followers for more information.)

Website referral traffic

The amount of visitors that visit your website as a result of their Instagram account. If you want to maximize the return on your Instagram investment, keeping track on the flow of visitors from Instagram to your website is essential. In order to track website traffic from Instagram, there are three basic methods:

  1. Keep track of the amount of individuals that visit your website using the link in your bio
  2. Keep track of how many people are swiping up on your Instagram Stories
  3. Incorporate UTM parameters into your hyperlinks. It is possible to acquire data from everyone who has copied and pasted the link into their browser, sent it to a friend, or been suggested by an influencer.

We propose that you have a look at Hootsuite Impact if you want to track consumer movement throughout the purchase experience but don’t want to deal with the complexity.

Individual post metrics

To determine post engagement rate, divide the number of interactions by the total number of followers (or impressions). Engagements (such as likes, comments, and saves) on Instagram demonstrate that you are interacting with your followers. According to some social media experts, comments are more important than likes since they require more work and may reflect a greater degree of interest.

Post comment rate

What is the formula for calculating post comment rate? Post comments divided by total follower count (or impressions). 100 A People who like your article are rather simple to come by, however those who leave a remark on your post are worth your time to pay attention to. If your objectives include increasing customer loyalty or nurturing existing connections, tally comments separately from overall interactions and make an effort to increase that number particularly. Advice from the experts: Compare comment numbers with message sentiment in your social listening platform to determine not only whether or whether your content is resonating, but also how it is doing so.


The total number of times your post was served to Instagram users is displayed here. Your ability to promote your account and content is shown by the number of impressions a post receives on Instagram. Are you using the most appropriate hashtags?

How do you cross-promote effectively? Have you considered boosting your blog through the use of paid advertisements? Keep an eye on this particular figure. This is especially true if your objective is to raise awareness at the beginning of the sales funnel.


The total number of unique accounts that saw your message in its entirety. The amount of followers you have has an impact on your organic reach, but it is not the complete picture. Also, how entertaining your material is has an impact on how well you rank. The more interesting and engaging your information is, the more likely it is to be seen. Therefore, it is critical to understand how the Instagram algorithm functions.

Instagram Stories metrics

Stories engagement may be calculated as follows: total actions x total reach x 100 Add up the number of answers, profile visits, and sticker taps you receive on your Stories to get an idea of how well they are performing. These favorable contacts can provide valuable information about what you’re doing properly. Check out our guide on Instagram Stories statistics for a more in-depth explanation.

Completion rate

In order to get the completion rate of a Story, multiply the number of individuals who watched the last Story segment multiplied by the number of people who viewed the first Story segment multiplied by 100. Individuals that stay on your Story for the entire duration suggest that your material is resonating with your audience. Keeping a watch on all of the navigational data for any possible negative feedback is also a smart idea. For example,

  • Watch the Story again (a.k.a., viewers want to watch the Story again—is it moving too quickly? )
  • Forward (also known as skipping it—is it boring? )
  • Next Story (a.k.a., skip you—areyouboring?)
  • Exit (a.k.a., they returned to TikTok, which was painful)

This is excellent feedback for people who don’t mind receiving a little rough love from their peers. Make use of this knowledge to improve your performance on Instagram Stories.

Reels metrics

What is the formula for calculating Reel engagement rate? Reel interactions divided by total follower count (or views) divided by 100 Add up all of your Reel’s likes, comments, shares, and saves, and then compare that amount to either your follower count or the total number of people that watched the Reel in question. While the number of followers will give you an indication of how interesting your Reels are for your entire audience, the number of viewers will give you a better notion of how well your Reels do against one another in this metric.

Live metrics

How to measure live engagement rate: Live interactions divided by total number of followers (or accounts reached) divided by 100 Combine all of the comments and shares from your Live broadcast, and then compare the amount to either your follower count or the total number of accounts reached by the Live stream.

Instagram Ads metrics

How to determine the click-through rate of an advertisement:Clicks X 100 Impressions Even while the click-through rate is a crucial measure to track, it’s vital to realize that a greater rate isn’t necessarily what you’re after. Especially if you’re paying for each click, you’ll want to be certain that your ad language accurately qualifies potential customers so that only those who are truly interested in your company click through to your website.


This is the ultimate objective for many firms in the ecommerce and business-to-business sectors.

You’re trying to sell your goods, sign up a new lead, or collect an email address, among other things. With the help of Hootsuite Impact, you can keep track of these actual results.

Cost per result

Calculating the cost per result is as follows: The total amount spent divided by the number of results (for a specified time period) What was the total cost of each of those conversions for you? Pay attention to this figure to ensure that you don’t end up paying more for a conversion than it is worth. This information may be found in the Facebook Ads Manager. Hootsuite is a time-saving tool for managing your Instagram presence: Our complete range of social media analytics tools allows you to schedule posts and Stories in advance and track the results of your efforts over time.

Get Things Started With Hootsuite, you can easily track Instagram metrics and produce reports.

Try it risk-free for 30 days.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Marketers are still seeking for clear statistics for their Instagram accounts, despite the fact that Instagram is a significant social media network, which we all know about. In order to get better outcomes on Instagram, it is necessary to have a thorough awareness of the procedures that lead to such results. You may strike it rich once in a while, but in order to maintain consistency, you must establish a significant presence. Instagramanalytics toolscome into play in this situation. Good Instagram analytics tools will not only assist you in tracking and evaluating your previous success, but they will also assist you in creating customised content that is geared to perform as well as in developing a strong Instagram strategy for the future.

  • Let’s get started!
  • Instagram analytics tools that are completely free: 1.Instagram Insights – Native App (iOS and Android) 2.Pixlee B.
  • HypeAuditor, Crowdbabble, Sotrender, Sprout Social, and Fanpage Karma are among the tools available.
  • 17.Socialbakers 18.Quintly (19.Talkwalker) 20.Quintly 20.Keyhole 21.Locowise Brandwatch Analytics is number 22 on the list.

1. Instagram Insights – Native App

You’ll be able to view free Instagram statistics using the Instagram app once you’ve converted your account to a business profile. The native Instagram business analytics tool provides basic insights on your audience’s gender, age range, and geography, as well as which posts and stories they view and engage with the most. It also provides impressions, reach, profile visits, and website hits for your audience. To access insights from your business account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile and fill in the blanks. The bar graph icon may be found in the upper-right corner of the screen
  2. Tap it. Select Insights and experiment with the information offered.


With Pixlee, it’s all about delivering an authentic marketing experience to customers.

This free Instagram analytics tool helps you to keep track of your best-performing material while also discovering fresh content ideas and influencers to follow. Instagram analytics app also features a robust reporting tool that gives in-depth performance information for users.

3. Smartmetrics

With the help of this Instagram analytics program and tool, you can learn more about your followers, including how to identify, categorize, and comprehend them. It also provides you with insights into your Instagram data as well as a thorough hashtag investigation. The following are the primary advantages of Smartmetrics:

  • An in-depth excursion into the identification, categorization, and comprehension of your Instagram followers is offered by this Instagram analytics software and service. You’ll also get some interesting insights into your Instagram data, along with a thorough hashtag analysis. The following are the most significant advantages of Smartmetrics.

4. Later

In addition to helping you refine your content, Later’s Instagram analytics may also help you raise your interaction rates and generate traffic to your profile. This Instagram reporting tool provides you with two options: you may select for the free plan, which grants you access to a basic summary of your account as well as the top 5 performing posts; or you can upgrade to the paid plan, which grants you access to additional features (in the past 30 days). Alternatively, you may subscribe to one of the premium plans and toggle between four separate tabs, which include Overview, Audience, Post Performance, and Story Performance, among others.

5. Snoopreport

Snoopreport allows you to track the activity of your rivals’ followers on social media, allowing you to learn about what they are talking about, who they are following, and what they like and don’t like about your competitors. Using this Instagram analytics tool, you can see which posts are the most popular and which ones are not, as well as which strategies are working and which ones are not.

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics and social media management application that provides a wide range of information. Beginning with a free audit of your activity from the previous seven days up to the preceding month, it assists you in quickly improving your Instagram account. What you may simply obtain by utilizing Iconosquare is as follows:

  • Usage of tags and filters as well as distribution and density
  • Growth history, engagement sources, and the most popular media
  • Distribution and density data. an examination of your followers and followers’ analyses

Using Iconosquare, you may capture screenshots of the reports you are working on. Instagram analytics app also allows you to build a cover photo from the last 50 photographs you’ve uploaded to your account.

7. Sociality.io

Using Sociality, you can manage all of your social media accounts, create content with ease, and gain precise competition analytics to help you make the best decisions possible in real time. The following are the primary app advantages:

  • Posting statistics that are extensive for both you and your competitors. deep insights into your content marketing plan keyword research on a variety of social media networks, including Instagram

8. Minter.io

Minter.io is an Instagram analytics tool that provides you with information on the gender of those who read your posts. The geographical location of your followers will also be shown to you. You can also use this Instagram analytics tool to keep track on the popularity of the hashtags used by your rivals. It is simple to export any Instagram statistic data to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to better understand the data you are receiving from the app.

9. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is a social media platform that provides an all-in-one solution. This reporting tool not only allows you to evaluate, publish, and keep track of your material, but it also allows you to benchmark your content against other rivals. A mobile-friendly version is included, and the company recognizes the value of personalisation and automation in digital marketing.

10. Socialinsider

Socialinisder is a social media analytics, benchmarking, and reporting software that does it all in one place. Socialinsider provides in-depth Instagram statistics and insights into Instagram Stories. With this analytics tool, you can track and measure the Instagram key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your company. Reach and impressions may be tracked with one of the top Instagram analytics tools, such as this one.

You can also look into Stories statistics, hashtag analysis, interaction rate per post, and the optimum time to publish on the social media platform. You will be able to do the following using Socialinsider:

  • Carry out an Instagram audit
  • Monitor Stories metrics
  • Enhance your reach and impressions by developing performing Stories
  • Comprehend the usage of branded hashtags
  • Carry out an influencers investigation
  • Obtain a study of Instagram’s rivals
  • Instagram accounts may be compared side by side
  • Instagram reports can be created

With Socialinsider, 32,213 brands and agencies have already developed 35,929 social media competitive reports. Do you want to give it a shot? Start your free trial by clicking here.

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11. HypeAuditor

The goal of HypeAuditor is to help you build your Instagram account naturally. It provides you with valuable insights on developing a successful long-term plan. This Instagram analytics tool also assists you in targeting the appropriate audience by gender, nation, and city, as well as filtering influencers based on their level of quality.

12. Crowdbabble

Instagram analytics tool Crowdbabble allows you to keep track of your competitors’ campaigns and analyze how they are evolving. It is available for free. You may also locate relevant and important people who may be interested in your product or service using this technique. You will be able to do the following using Crowdbabble:

  • Keep track of the progress of important KPIs
  • Learn which kind of content are most effective for your target audience. delve deeply into the specifics of your reports

13. Sotrender

Sotrender is an Instagram monitoring tool that assesses the effectiveness of your Instagram posts by tracking how many people see them. It demonstrates how well your material is performing in the market and how well it is being received by the public. After analyzing the data, Sotrender can show the information in a fairly straightforward manner, and you may send the information to others by e-mail if you choose. You can do the following with Sotrender:

  • Obtain information in addition to that supplied by Instagram
  • Obtain a comprehensive picture of which material works best
  • Create customized reports
  • Assess your rivals by tracking their performance activities
  • And get advice on how to make data-driven judgments

14. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an Instagram analytics tool that allows you to measure the performance of your posts on Instagram and also shows you which hashtags are performing well in the market. It is free to use. With Sprout Social, you can determine whether or not your posts, photographs, and videos are generating the level of client interaction that you need for your business. Additionally, you may compare your Instagram performance to that of top rivals.

15. Fanpage Karma

In addition to helping you improve your posts, Fanpage Karma also tracks and analyzes your Instagram marketing initiatives, as well as measuring your brand performance against the performance of top rivals.

16. Union Metrics

It is possible to determine the most appropriate hashtag for increasing your interaction rate and growing your audience with Union Metrics, an Instagram analytics tool. It also allows you to keep track of your competitors’ performance as well as your own share of voice in the industry in which you operate. The research tool is the most significant advantage – it combines strong searches with historical data to identify audiences, find appropriate content, and plan campaigns, among other things.

17. Socialbakers

Socialbakers serves as a central location for all of your social media profiles. By utilizing it, you may capture a comprehensive picture of your audience’s activity. Competitive content analysis, inspiration, and effective team collaboration may all be found in one one convenient location. The following are the primary advantages of using this Instagram analytics tool:

  • Persona mapping, engagement tracking, extensive reporting, and integration with Google Analytics are all included.

18. Quintly

Quintly is an analytical tool that has the appearance of a customisable dashboard on the screen. It includes all of the widgets you’ll need to keep track of the metrics that are most important to you. Because it is simple to set up and does not need extensive technical knowledge, this analytic tool has several significant advantages over its competitors. Followers on your profile and on your rivals’ profiles may be tracked using this platform’s Instagram analytics, which includes extensive follower information for both profiles.

You may examine your Instagram content, as well as the interactions created by your photographs and videos, as well as information on filter selection.

19. Talkwalker

Talkwalker takes you deep into the customisation of your brand on Instagram and provides you with real-time statistics and insights to give you a better understanding of how your post is performing. You can do the following using Talkwaker:

  • Possessing access to historical data that goes back up to two years allows you to see patterns and make improvements to your articles. the ability to obtain reports created by the analytic tool – these reports are accessible in a variety of forms

20. Keyhole

With a suite of optimization data, Keyhole’s Instagram analytics software examines how to develop the most popular posts and when to publish them. By utilizing Keyhole, you can improve your content strategy, gain insight into the methods of your rivals, and automate your reporting.

21. Locowise

Locowise provides you with both quantitative and qualitative data, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your campaign as well as the success of your rivals. Select the profiles of the rivals you wish to research, and the Instagram analytics tool will provide you with information on the amount of traffic their posts are getting on Instagram. You may use Locowise to evaluate the pace of growth of your rivals’ Instagram accounts and posts, as well as your own.

22. Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is a social listening product that can be transformed into a powerful Instagram analytics tool.It collects, monitors, and analyzes billions of data points from all social media platforms, including Instagram, in order to provide meaningful insights about your brand’s online presence.It recently added a powerful feature – an artificial intelligence technology called “Iris” – that allows you to discover insights from social platforms faster and more intelligently.

23. Squarelovin

If you use Squarelovin, you’ll get access to in-depth Instagram data on your posts and growth, which can be split down into months, days, or even minutes. With the help of this Instagram analytics tool, you can better understand your engagement and have a better understanding of how to communicate with your active users on the platform. It also assists you in optimizing your content strategy by advising you on when to publish photographs, which hashtags to use, and when you will receive the most response from your audience.

24. Rival IQ

In addition to tracking your social media performance, strengthening your social strategy, and keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing, Rival IQ is a social media marketing analytics tool that lets you track your competitors’ social media success. This analytics tool collects data from your Instagram posts and Stories, as well as a wealth of information on your followers (like demographics, adds and removes, and follower online times).

Final thought

A good data control system offers you the power to make better judgments and to excel at your Instagram strategy and tactics. These Instagram analytics tools make it simpler and more efficient to be in the right location at the right time and to respond in accordance with those circumstances. What are some additional good Instagram analytics tools that you are familiar with? Articles that are related:

  1. The engagement rate on Instagram has decreased to its initial values since 2019, as seen by the 102,700,573 posts. in the year 2021, develop a successful Instagram marketing strategy
  2. Here’s a comprehensive list of Instagram metrics that every marketer should be familiar with.

The Best Instagram Analytics Tools

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth than Instagram’s own stats, this list is for you.

Why do you need to analyze Instagram?

If you’re still not convinced that you require an Instagram analytics solution, allow us to provide you with a few compelling arguments. First and foremost, Instagram is extremely popular. This platform claims a user base of 1.08 billion people to advertise to, which is something you should not overlook. That’s a significant number of prospective consumers and individuals to reach with your message. Second, because so many people post so frequently on Instagram, it provides you with insights into global trends from all around the world.

In addition, without a suitable tool, all of this data and information will remain unused and unorganized.

Instagram’s entire usefulness can never be realized until you have an analytical tool to collect the data you require and organize it appropriately before visually displaying it. You’ve been persuaded, aren’t you? Let’s have a look at the resources.

The best Instagram analytics tools

Why not start with the metrics that are already included? Instagram Insights is an analytics tool that can be found within the app itself. It is free to use (and is currently the only way to access it, you can get there from a browser). Although it is not particularly in-depth, it is nevertheless beneficial for getting a brief glimpse of your overall performance. In addition to viewing the impressions and engagements you’ve received recently, you can compare your posts using a variety of analytics to rapidly identify your most effective content.

There is a constraint, though, in that you may only see posts that are more than two years old.

  • Increased reach and engagement, likes, profile visits and phone calls, comments and shares, website hits and product openings

You may also obtain some demographic information about your target audience, such as the most populous cities and countries, age ranges, and gender. There’s also some basic information about when your followers are online. This is a good place to go if you need some fast figures and it is, of course, absolutely free of charge. If you want to compare performance over a longer period of time, this is not the best option.

2.Brandwatch Consumer Research

In addition to being a social listening solution, Brandwatch Consumer Research can be transformed into a sophisticated Instagram analytics tool. It may be used to collect information on the following topics:

  • Hashtags that are specific
  • Owned business accounts versus non-owned company accounts

In other words, you will be able to track and analyze any postings, including those with the hashtags you designate. Consumer Research dashboard and chart components will allow you to detect new trends, significant influencers, and what material is effective in your business by analyzing data. Setting up your platform channels will provide you with precise insights on your own account, while tracking non-owned company accounts completes the picture by providing an additional piece of information.

Overall, you’ll be able to observe how the individuals in your target audience post on and engage with Instagram, as well as what your rivals are up to and how your own activity fits into the mix of things.

Request a demonstration right away.


Quintly is a dashboard tool that integrates with a number of social media platforms. It has a baseline dashboard that can be modified with widgets to meet your specific requirements and track the metrics that are important to you. Instagram analytics for followers, both for your profile and for those of your rivals, are provided by the program, along with comprehensive follower data for both. You may examine your Instagram content, as well as the interactions created by your photographs and videos, as well as information on filter selection.

Quintly also offers coverage for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There is a free Facebook analytics tool available, as well as a 14-day free trial for Instagram and other social media platforms. Paid plans begin at €129 per month after that.


Socialbakers offers a free Instagram analytics tool that you may use to track your progress. You may construct your own dashboards, and while there are many different areas to look at, the time period available with the free edition is very constrained. You may view your most popular posts, the most often used hashtags and tagged accounts, as well as basic statistics like as the number of posts and followers. You may monitor impressions, reach, and interactions, as well as other metrics. The fact that you can create your own dashboards is a huge benefit, and the user interface is straightforward and easy to browse.

Socialbakers is available for $20 a month per profile, and it allows you to connect profiles from a variety of networks, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.


Squarelovin is an extremely in-depth tool for a free analytics platform, and it does an excellent job at it. Recent postings and growth data are displayed, as is a monthly analysis of your posts, as well as a history of your posts broken down by year, month, day, and hour. There are tabs that display engagement with your images, as well as average and top postings, as well as an optimization page that displays the best and worst times to publish your photos. You can also manage your Instagram account from within the app, uploading photos to albums and like and commenting on other people’s posts, among other functions.

5.Union Metrics

Union Metrics offers a free account checkup that includes information from the previous month. It is created utilizing a couple of the algorithms from their premium analytics platform, which is available for purchase. Despite the fact that the report isn’t exhaustive, it accomplishes a few things really well. The emphasis is on selecting a few metrics and articles to compare with your average, which will assist you in identifying any trends or themes. You may refresh the report once every 24 hours, which will allow you to compare the performance of recent postings to the average.

An interactive graph displays the times you have posted over the previous month, and the most effective day and hour to publish is presented, along with data on how much higher interaction that time generates when compared to your average time is displayed.


For a limited time, Union Metrics is offering a free account review that covers the previous month. Some of the algorithms from their premium analytics platform are used to compile the report. Despite the fact that the report isn’t exhaustive, it does a few things really effectively. Picking out a few metrics and articles to compare them with your average can assist you in identifying any trends or themes that may exist. Once every 24 hours, you may reload the report to see how newer postings perform in comparison to the overall performance of the site.

An interactive graph displays the times you have posted over the previous month, and the most effective day and hour to publish is presented, along with information on how much higher interaction that period receives compared to your average.

The same treatment is applied to hashtags, which are displayed on a scatter graph in order to compare the number of likes and comments received each post in the same category.

9 Instagram analytics tools to master performance

As far as third-party marketing tools are concerned, Instagram used to be a black hole. Now fast forward to 2019, and the landscape has shifted. When it comes to Instagram tracking applications and tools, companies on the platform are spoiled for choice. From social listening to engagement analytics, businesses on Instagram are spoilt for choice. Finding the most appropriate Instagram analytics tools, on the other hand, might be difficult. A stable, long-term solution is difficult to discover because of the platform’s recent spike in popularity, as well as the platform’s regular updates to its API.

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In order to help you understand your important marketing KPIs on Instagram, we’ve put together a complete list of Instagram analytics applications and tools that you can use in conjunction with your other social media management tools.

Or perhaps Stories and user-generated material are of interest to you.

Whatever your objectives, the following collection of free and commercial Instagram reporting tools can assist you in stepping up your data-tracking game as soon as possible.

Use these Instagram analytics tools to become a power user

  1. Sprout Social, Iconosquare, Phlanx, TapInfluencer, Curalate, Union Metrics, Bitly, Keyhole, and Instagram Insights are some of the tools available.

1.Sprout Social

However, while we may be the ones providing you this list, there is no disputing the strength of Sprout Social’s excellent Instagram analytics tools. While Sprout provides you with straightforward Instagram scheduling and publishing options, it also helps you interact with your followers by providing real-time monitoring. Additionally, Sprout gives you the ability to easily examine Instagram data at both the post and profile level. In addition to interactive graphs and stats, you can dive even deeper into your Instagram data with the help of Sprout.

  1. Do you want to see which posts have had the most interaction throughout particular timeframes?
  2. Interested in seeing how your video content compares to the competition?
  3. With Premium Analytics, you can delve headfirst into your Instagram insights and uncover patterns within the metrics that mean the most to you and your business.
  4. Whether you’re looking at hashtag trends to inform future content or assessing team performance to improve operations, you can do it all at scale by tracking everything from follower growth to interaction across many products, brands, and locations at the same time, all in real time.
  5. Additionally, Sprout delivers long-term insights on your Stories rather than the two-week snapshot Instagram provides natively.

With Sprout’s unified solutions, you can also see how your IGTV views and comments relate to the rest of your Instagram feed, allowing you to compare and contrast these data in one convenient location.


Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool designed specifically for agencies and companies with many profiles on the platform. Similar to Sprout, the platform’s features include a competitive hashtag and growth tracking, which are both exclusive to it. Iconosquare, in addition to providing a comprehensive analytics platform, now provides a free Instagram audit for company profiles. This tool guarantees that your profile is “complete” and adheres to the platform’s best practices by checking that all of your information is correct.

When you consider how competitive Instagram has become, it never hurts to get a “second opinion” on your online presence from a third party.


Phlanx is a plain Instagram report, in contrast to some of the more in-depth Instagram reports on our list. Instagram’s engagement calculator, developed by Phlanx, evaluates the engagement rate of every particular Instagram account. Despite the fact that the tool is touted as being for influencers, any personal or corporate account may be linked to the platform. The engagement rate of a post is computed by dividing the number of likes and comments it receives by the number of people who follow the account.

In order to identify accounts with false followers or to determine whether or not an influencer’s posts are garnering authentic interaction, tools such as Phlanx are quite useful.


While we’re on the subject of influencers, Instagram analytics applications may be used to discover and track down social media influencers in real time. TapInfluence is a company that accomplishes just that. To assist marketers in finding the best match for their influencer campaigns, TapInfluence uses a software that analyzes a database of more than 50,000 influencers. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can search by industry or particular categories depending on what they’re seeking.

It saves a tremendous amount of time when screening influencers to have all of this information in one location.


The explosion of social selling through user-generated content (UGC) highlights the necessity for Instagram analytics solutions that keep you up to date on your best-selling merchandise. Consider the following example: you’ve undoubtedly come across a “Like2Buy” bio link, haven’t you? These links are provided by Curalate, a company that curates user-generated content in order to assist marketers in selling their products directly through Instagram. The trackable “Like2Buy” link allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their social media marketing.

In addition to finding your most useful content, social selling tools like as Curalate also evaluate the direct revenue results from your Instagram ads.

6.Union Metrics

In addition to tracking owned media and industry trends, Union Metrics also provides a sophisticated marketing intelligence platform to assist clients. Besides taking use of Union Metrics’ comprehensive feature set, companies may also benefit from the platform’s free Instagram Account Checkup service. The checkup generates a complete report that includes your most popular hashtag, a study of your most loyal followers, and an average post engagement score for each post. It’s always a bonus when anything makes it simpler to evaluate your social media presence for free.


In addition to being extremely valuable real estate, your Instagram bio is also extremely valuable real estate, as demonstrated by Curalate. Tracking your bio link is an absolute requirement if you want to keep track of the performance of your social media marketing. This is true regardless of whether you’re attempting to sell things or merely generate traffic to your web page. For young companies and established brands alike, Bitly is a tried-and-true link-tracking tool that can be used on Instagram to track links.

Using Bitly, you can split out your bio click links and utilize it in conjunction with Google URL builder to provide a detailed performance report on the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The majority of Instagram reporting tools examine historical performance, but it’s also beneficial to analyze real-time data as well. Keyhole delivers real-time hashtag monitoring for Instagram, which is ideal for social media contests, brand promotions, and other marketing activities that use hashtags. Keyhole is available for both iOS and Android. Additionally, in addition to showing the number of times a hashtag has been used, Keyhole also displays other information such as the top posts that contain your hashtag, the most engaging posts, and associated hashtags.

The image below is a screenshot from Keyword’s hashtag word cloud, which can be used to help companies generate ideas.

9.Instagram Insights

Finally, don’t forget about Instagram’s native reports, which are available for free. Impression counts, engagement, reach, and top posts are just a few of the data included in Instagram Insights reports. This information may be broken down over a period of a few months or even years, which is critical for determining historical performance. In addition, you’ll have access to follower analysis and demographics, which will allow you to determine the gender and age distribution of your audience, as well as the geographic location of the majority of them.

It’s possible that you have a certain audience in mind that you’d like to reach, but the only way to fully tell who’s engaging with your posts is to check at the statistics on Instagram.

In an era where more and more businesses are investing in sponsored social, measures like these can help you avoid flushing your advertising dollars down the toilet.

Put another way, marketers have a wealth of information at their disposal to measure the efficacy (or ineffectiveness) of their Instagram advertisements. And with that, we have come to the end of our list!

Ready to try today’s top Instagram analytics tools?

Businesses no longer have to second-guess their Instagram presence since those days are over. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now able to optimize their Instagram posts for interaction thanks to the abundance of Instagram solutions available today. Want to get more likes and comments on your posts? Interested in learning which hashtags can help you reach the most number of people? With the aid of Instagram analytics solutions like as Sprout, you have all of these data points and then some at your fingertips and then some.

Is there anything more you’re searching for when it comes to Instagram statistics?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools To Track Your Success

Instagram, the most popular social media site, has cracked the code on how to keep its users addicted on a continual basis. New toys and unique features are constantly being added to the app’s repertoire, and these may be used into virtually any marketing approach. Instagram has taken over the internet, with over 1 billion users globally and an average of 28 minutes per day spent on the app, Instagram has effectively taken over the internet. That is a significant number of individuals, as well as a significant amount of time for companies to reach and connect with them.

While Instagram does not make things simple for personal accounts, switching to a Business Profile allows you to access far more useful information about your audience, your reach and interactions, as well as the overall success of your material.

Furthermore, it assists you in identifying the appropriate audience, refining your approach, and reaching new audiences.

1. Instagram Insights – Native App

If you’ve created an Instagram Business Profile (which I’m assuming you have already done), you’ll be able to see free Instagram statistics immediately from the Instagram application. The native Instagram business analytics tool provides basic insights into your content, such as impressions, reach, engagement, and top posts, among other data, to help you improve your business. It also gives information about your target audiences, like as the gender, age range, and location of your followers, which is highly useful if you want to know with whom your content resonates and who your content is not.

  • Assuming you’ve previously created your Business Profile on Instagram, you’ll be able to view free Instagram statistics right from the app if you’ve set up your Business Profile. The native Instagram business analytics tool provides basic information about your content, including impressions, reach, engagement, and top posts, among other data. It also gives information about your target audiences, like as the gender, age range, and location of your followers, which is highly useful if you want to know with whom your content resonates and who your material does not. Instagram Insights may be accessed by following a few easy steps, which are detailed below:

Instagram Insights is a terrific location to start learning about your Instagram stats – and it’s completely free to use!

To get more comprehensive and in-depth information, I recommend paying for social media analysis tools.

2. Instagram Creator Studio

In addition to Business Creator Studio, which supports Instagram and Facebook, there is also Business Creator Studio. Instagram Creator Studio, in contrast to Instagram Insights, which is meant to function on both mobile devices and desktop computers, is exclusively compatible with computers. Using Creator Studio, you may obtain Instagram insights by following the steps below:

  • Visit Business Creator Studio and pick the Instagram symbol from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  • Select Insights from the left-hand navigation bar. Access Instagram insights for your audience or activity to get a sense of where you stand

It is just for a seven-day period that you will have access to the most basic general activity and audience analytics available in Creator Studio.

3. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a social media analytic, benchmarking, and reporting application that tracks and analyzes social media activity. This all-in-one platform delivers extensive Instagram analytics, allowing you to measure and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your business. Get detailed information on your Instagram reach, impressions, engagement rate per post, and other metrics, as well as information about your Stories, hashtags, and the optimal time to publish on Instagram.

  • Conduct an Instagram audit
  • Track the performance of your Stories
  • By generating Performance Stories, you may expand your audience and make more impressions. Branded hashtags should be monitored and understood. Conduct an investigation into influencers. Make a comparison between your Instagram account and others. Instagram accounts may be compared side by side
  • Download Instagram reports that are ready to be customized

4. Iconosquare

It was first developed as Statigram in 2011 for the purpose of collecting performance information regarding Instagram profiles. With Iconosquare, you can now monitor and automate your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, among other social media platforms. The following are the main features that Iconosquare offers:

  • Engagement, impressions, and the reach of postings are all on the rise right now. Instagram statistics that are absolutely necessary
  • Instagram Stories insights
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Competitor research

In addition, Iconosquare provides a free Instagram audit for business profiles, which records your most recent 30 posts on the platform.

5. Buffer Analytics

Buffer is a software application that is separated into three tools: analytics, publishing, and client interaction (or consumer engagement). It includes the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The following are some of Buffer’s Instagram analytics features:

  • Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns
  • Create and distribute reports
  • You will receive advice on how to increase your audience’s reach, engagement, and purchases.

Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns; create and distribute reports You will receive advice on how to increase your audience’s reach, engagement, and revenue.

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