4 Easy Ways To Generate Ecommerce Sales From Instagram? (Solved)

If you’re looking to generate eCommerce sales from Instagram, then here are 4 ways to do so.

  1. Batch your core Instagram marketing efforts, automate and repeat…
  2. Make it effortless for your followers to BUY from your business.
  3. Boost your Instagram sales with contests and user-generated content.

How do I generate ecommerce sales on Instagram?

Find out how Instagram can drive sales for your business with the nine easy steps below.

  1. Switch Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account.
  2. Use Tools for Selling with Instagram.
  3. Use Visually Appealing Photos.
  4. Showcase Your Customers by Posting User-Generated Content.
  5. Use Hashtag Research to Increase Your Reach.

How do you turn Instagram into sales?

Here are 11 tips to increase your visibility and sales on Instagram.

  1. Craft Stunning Images. Imagine your average Instagram user scrolling through her feed.
  2. Run Contests.
  3. Leverage Video.
  4. Give Exclusive Content with Stories.
  5. Respond to Comments.
  6. Join Instagram Pods.
  7. Use More Hashtags.
  8. Use Your Links Wisely.

How can I market my product on Instagram?

How to Market on Instagram

  1. Switch to a Business Profile ASAP.
  2. Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools.
  3. Post Product Teasers That Will (Gently) Urge People to Buy.
  4. Create Sponsored Ads.
  5. Use Instagram Stories.
  6. Partner With Influencers For a Wider Reach.
  7. Collect User-Submitted Photos.
  8. Come Up With an Interactive Branded Hashtag.

How do you do online sales?

17 Strategies For Increasing Your Online Sales

  1. Understand your target audience.
  2. Use analytics to learn how customers find your store.
  3. Find your unique selling proposition.
  4. Simplify customer experience.
  5. Focus on customer service.
  6. Provide a chat feature on your website.
  7. Create a simple checkout process.

How do you get brand collaborations on Instagram?

The critical steps to building an engaged audience are:

  1. Create an enticing bio that makes people want to know you better.
  2. Post regularly and engage with your commenters.
  3. Use 10-15 relevant hashtags on each post.
  4. Use captions to add context to your posts – tell their story.
  5. Only post high-quality images.

What are 4 general ways to increase sales?

If you want your business to bring in more money, there are only 4 Methods to Increase Revenue: increasing the number of customers, increasing average transaction size, increasing the frequency of transactions per customer, and raising your prices.

How do you attract customers online?

Ten Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Online Small Business

  1. Introduction.
  2. Become findable online.
  3. Improve your online presence.
  4. Create a single domain name and social identity.
  5. Perfect your online introduction.
  6. Stake an online home base.
  7. Build an online media center.
  8. Get active across social media.

How do you generate sales?

Use the following lead generation strategies to generate sales leads for your business.

  1. Ask current customers for referrals.
  2. Work with your network to identify sales leads.
  3. Engage with sales leads at networking events.
  4. Revisit closed and lost opportunities.
  5. Find sales leads on relevant social media networks.

5 Easy Ways to Generate Ecommerce Sales From Instagram

Unsplash image courtesy of Alexander Shatovon Instagram shopping is the newest marketing channel that ecommerce companies are experimenting with right now. Because of its visually appealing design and a plethora of business-friendly features, the platform makes a superb ecommerce sales channel. There are a variety of methods for generating ecommerce sales on Instagram, ranging from tagging items directly in your posts and Stories to building an Instagram Shop. In this piece, we’ll go over five of the most successful techniques to increase ecommerce sales through the use of social media platforms like Instagram.

Let’s get this party started.

It contributes to the development of confidence in your brand as well as the increase of client loyalty for your company.

Influencers, like website personalization, may also provide a personal touch to your campaign since their audiences identify with them and relate to them.

  1. There, you may provide a link to your website, which can help to increase traffic and sales.
  2. All things considered, there are several methods in which Instagram influencers may assist you in driving traffic from Instagram to your ecommerce website.
  3. You may do this by utilizing tools such as trendHERO, which can assist you in delving further into the audiences of the influencers.
  4. Instagram permits select qualifying business accounts to include shopping tags next to goods that are highlighted in their posts if they meet the requirements.
  5. This allows customers to simply click on the product they are interested in and be sent immediately to the website where they can purchase that thing.
  6. This simplifies the purchasing procedure on Instagram and helps companies increase their online sales.
  7. Visit this page to learn more about Instagram’s qualifying criteria.

With the launch of your Instagram Shop, you can take your social media entrepreneurship to the next level.

Using Instagram Shops, in fact, is one of the most effective ecommerce sales strategies that you can do.

The first option necessitates the approval of your Instagram account and allows customers to make purchases directly from the platform.

In addition, your website’s performance should be improved so that it opens quickly, and you should do so by optimizing your website for mobile visitors as well.

In the case of a gaming website, for example, you must employ anark server hosting, which provides a better user experience for your visitors.

This link will take people to your Instagram Shop, where they will be able to purchase a variety of various products that you will have available.

Each of these photographs correlates to either a product or a blog post on their website, with a direct link to that product or blog post.

It’s preferable since it makes it easier for your Instagram audience to locate the items featured in your Instagram posts.

Making an Instagram Shop might thus assist you in increasing ecommerce sales for your organization.

This makes it simple for people to purchase a product from your Instagram Stories if they like it.

However, this is not the only method in which Instagram Stories may assist you in increasing your ecommerce sales revenue.

This is a fantastic approach for using Instagram to increase sales conversions.

For those seeking immediate results and with a high enough budget, sponsored advertisements on Instagram are an excellent option to consider.

But if you’re just getting started, a professional Instagram advertising expert can assist you in developing efficient Instagram ad campaigns to help generate sales for your ecommerce business.

Instagram Stories adverts, which run in between various user Stories and appear to be native content, may also be used to generate additional revenue.

It is possible to contact this highly engaged audience with targeted Stories advertisements, which can then be used to generate purchases.

This will provide them with a compelling cause to click on the CTA or swipe up to see your product landing page.

Image courtesy of Instagram Finally, I recommend that you combine these advertisements with other Instagram features in order to get greater results and sales.

However, although each platform has its own set of features, the WordPressecommercecombination allows for more customizability of your online business.

If you haven’t looked at using Instagram as an ecommerce sales channel yet, you’re losing out on a major market potential.

This, along with its visually appealing design and highly engaged consumers, makes it an excellent platform for driving more purchases.

Make use of this post as a jumping-off point to begin selling on Instagram and generating more revenue for your company. Is there anything more you’d like to know about how to make more revenue with Instagram? Please post your questions in the comments section below.

5 Ways to Generate eCommerce Sales from Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular social media network, with more than 1 billion monthly users, 25 million of them are business profiles, making it the most popular social media network. Instagram has become a popular platform for brands to market their products, stay in contact with their customers, and communicate their brand message to millions of people. And things appear to be going well, as polls have revealed that 60% of Instagram users have discovered new items as a result of their participation in this incredible network.

  • However, with over a billion monthly users, we can confidently conclude that no matter what industry you are in, you will undoubtedly have a lot to gain by building an Instagram page for your company or organization.
  • While Instagram authorities have indicated that they do so in order to ensure that its viewers only see the best of the best, business pages are none too pleased with this practice.
  • Fortunately, when done correctly, Instagram marketing may provide a positive return on investment, since you will end up generating more money from sales than you spent on advertising.
  • If you’re not sure where to begin, have a look at the following suggestions, which can assist you in increasing sales on your Ecommerce websites through the use of your Instagram account.

Polish your Instagram Business Account

The first and most important thing you should do is change your personal profile to a corporate profile. Business accounts have far more credibility and appear significantly more professional than personal accounts, but simply putting the name of your company on the account is not sufficient. You must make certain that you attend to every single detail that transforms a rudimentary account into a well-put-together and professional reflection of what your company represents on social media.

  • Identifying information and a picture Everything about your page should be named with your company’s brand name, nothing more and nothing less. This is how people will discover you and identify your profile when they search for you online. In addition, your profile photo should be one that people can quickly identify, such as your company emblem. When the season changes or a particular event that is significant for the company comes up, you may update it, but try to keep it consistent, as it will be seen when you remark or when your post appears in people’s feeds. The author’s biography The bio area of an Instagram account is one of the most significant sections since it is the only location where you may include a direct link to your website. Sure, there are other ways to direct viewers to a specific page, which we will address later in this post, but the most effective approach to get your website in front of as many people as possible is to include a link in your profile description. Maintain clarity and conciseness in your bio writing, and keep the message you want to convey in mind throughout the process. Including a key phrase, a few lines about what distinguishes your business from the competition, and the location of your physical store, if you have one, are all important pieces of information to include in your bio section. It is also advised to link to other social media accounts, as well as to include the hashtag you want people to use while discussing about your company.

As an example, here’s how Callpage, an ecommerce business, uses their Instagram account profile to convey their primary features and drive more visitors to their website:

  • Features such as highlights are accessible to users for the first time in a few recent upgrades. Users may now save the articles that they enjoy the most, arrange them into highlights, and keep them on their account indefinitely after they have been posted. Highlights appear beneath your bio and directly above the rest of your photos on your profile, and you can use them to highlight the most significant milestones in your brand’s journey, such as product launches, awards you are attending, or anniversaries
  • They can also be used to showcase your brand’s personality.

Be Creative with the Content

Create content on Instagram that attracts new followers and encourages them to interact with your company is the goal of the platform. As studies have shown, more than 90 percent of the information we absorb is visual, and considering that Instagram is predominantly comprised of visual material, you may simply take advantage of this fact to your benefit. When it comes to the kind of material you may generate on Instagram, there isn’t a lot of wiggle space because the platform is primarily focused on images, videos, and stories.

We will go through each one of them individually so that you can have a better understanding of how you may utilize them to your advantage:

  • Photos When it comes to purchasing, images are more influential than product descriptions or customer reviews for the majority of consumers. Only if consumers like the way a product seems will they go to read the remainder of the information about that product. Instead, people will immediately scroll through it without pausing to consider their options. This is why you should always make sure that you only share high-quality photographs that not only demonstrate how amazing your items are, but also demonstrate how they may be utilized. If all you do is publish product photographs, it will come off as a sales tactic, and visitors will be turned off by it. People respond better to material that captures their attention and tells a compelling tale, so don’t use your Instagram account to actively sell items, but rather to communicate with others and build trust with your followers instead. If you are successful in this endeavor, sales will follow in no time. Make a compelling case for your items by weaving them together into an unified narrative
  • The rest will follow. Videos and IGTV are two of the most popular social media platforms. Instagram also allows you to upload videos, which you can use to demonstrate your items in action, provide client testimonials, or create short adverts. Ensure that you captivate viewers from the very first seconds of your video when you publish it, since consumers’ attention spans tend to shorten if their interest is not captured within a few seconds. Films of any length may be preserved on Instagram TV (IGTV), and some marketers have taken use of this capability to create a series of videos that are released on a regular basis. For example, you might create a series of behind-the-scenes movies that demonstrate how your items are manufactured or that discuss the history of your company. People will become accustomed to turning to your channel if they are interested in viewing the rest of the narrative if you post them on a weekly basis.
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Honest Company, a natural beauty and baby care business, integrates IGTV and user-generated material to create their films in the following ways.

  • Stories You should utilize stories as much as possible because of one very essential reason: you may put a link to your website, business blog, or a specific product in a narrative that people can reach by swiping up on the story. Consequently, whenever you publish about the creation of a product, simply attach a link to the product in question and watch sales increase. It is possible to utilize Instagram stories in a variety of ways to engage with followers and encourage them to interact with your company. In order to get started, you may provide user-generated content by sharing tales in which your company has been referenced on social media. Create surveys, ask people questions, or arrange a Q & A session using stories, which is quite popular with followers since it allows them to discover more about your company. Captions Though captions are included in the photo-uploading procedure, we opted to address them individually because they are far more significant than you would initially believe they are. It is possible to include a call to action in your captions, which encourages visitors to visit your website, as well as hashtags that are linked to your business or descriptions that complete the message that your photo is attempting to portray. Not to worry if you are experiencing writer’s block
  • You can simply find the top writing services to assist you with all of your written material, including captions and product descriptions. As a result, you will have more time to devote to other vital parts of your business that can enhance sales. Followers should be engaged. Instagram has a 10 percent sales conversion rate and a 90 percent user engagement rate, but in order for it to happen, you must employ a few tactics. Marketing professionals refer to them as engagement tactics, and for good reason. A strategy is a plan of action that produces long-term effects, and if you stay in touch with your followers, the advantages will continue to accrue for several months. Let’s have a look at how some of these tactics perform: Hashtags Branded hashtags are one of the most effective methods to interact with your fans on social media. For example, consider the usage of branded hashtags by corporations like Coca Cola, Red Bull, and Dove, which aim to start conversations and encourage user-generated content. You may then share posts that other people upload on your stories or directly on your account with your friends and followers. This demonstrates to people that you appreciate their participation and exposes you to an altogether new pool of prospective followers. As a result, we arrive at. The content created by others is referred to as user-generated content. The fact that it exposes your business to a fresh group of individuals who may or may not have heard of you previously makes this one of the most effective marketing tactics available today. Encouragement of user-generated material will not only result in more visibility, but it will also demonstrate to your consumers that you appreciate them and recognize how vital they are to your company. By making them feel like they are a part of the process, you will create trust and increase sales, which will be especially beneficial if you conduct campaigns that require people to share photographs or videos of themselves using your items with others. Q A’sQ Q A’sQ Q A’sQ The exposure provided by a session may be quite beneficial to your brand, as people will learn more about who you are and what your experience has been like thus far. You may invite your fans to send in questions, which you can then answer in stories, and then save the complete video collection as a highlight reel to share with others. A wonderful alternative for explaining your benefits and unique selling offer, especially if you’re operating in a highly technical niche such as log management or cloud computing.

Instagram advises the following method for using its Live function to answer users’ queries and engage the audience: You will have a better chance of receiving feedback and learning what people enjoy about your brand and what they think may be improved. Once again, this will aid in the development of a strong consumer base.

  • Giveaways and contests are popular these days. Promotional freebies and competitions are two of the most popular methods of engaging consumers and increasing sales. This will allow you to offer something back to your most loyal customers while also increasing your visibility. It takes little effort to run an effective social media campaign that encourages people to share photos or tell stories in order to win a discount coupon or a gift. More followers on your page will result in more revenue as a result of the campaign
  • Broaden your audience More followers equate to greater visibility, which results in a far more effective method of increasing sales. Affiliate marketing and partnerships are two of the most effective methods of gaining access to a completely new pool of prospective followers who will be at least a little inquisitive about your company’s products and services. How can you take advantage of affiliate marketing? What precisely is affiliate marketing and how can you utilize it to your benefit? People used to place their faith in celebrities or members of the media who had their names connected with numerous companies in the past. Influencers have shown to be a far more real and trustworthy source of recommendations over time, since their followers relate to them on a much deeper level than they do to celebrities or public figures. Contact influencers in your target market based on the sort of items you sell and explore the possibility of collaborating. The most advantageous aspect of affiliate marketing is that it provides a high return on investment. There are several methods for accomplishing this, however I will go into depth about the most common influencer marketing options available: Consumers seek suggestions from their favorite influencers when they are in the market for a new product, according to recent statistics. Providing a short review of your product will not only demonstrate how your product works, but it will also generate curiosity and, as a result, expose you to a broader variety of consumers or potential customers. In order for real reviews to appear less like advertisements and more like actual opinions, you should ask for evaluations that not only laud your items but also mention any shortcomings. You may give influencers with multiple URLs that their followers can view in order to track the campaign’s progress, and you will only be charged for what you really receive
  • This will allow you to only pay for what you actually get. Coupons and promotional codes Another method of increasing sales is to provide influencers with a discount code that has been designed just for their followers. This method also has the advantage of being much easier to track the return on investment. You can track how many sales a certain influencer has made and reward them accordingly. You won’t be charged for anything you don’t receive, and you may use this information to determine whether future partnerships are worthwhile.

As an illustration, consider the following collaboration between fashion blogger Meganellaby and the jewelry designer Monica Vinader:

  • Takeover of the Instagram account Some firms have worked with influencers and enabled them to take over the brand’s Instagram account for a period of time. Influencers will post about the day and time they will be taking over your Instagram page and will ask their followers to become a part of your community through their posts. This will pique people’s attention and encourage them to participate. You may have a Q&A session, a “follow me around” series, or, if an important event is approaching, allow the influencer to take people through it through the medium of storytelling. Posts from affiliates The most straightforward sort of influencer marketing is a sponsored post in which they promote your product. Generally speaking, this is the most popular sort of affiliate marketing you will find on Instagram, and influencers will most likely charge you a fee for each post you make. Prices can range from as little as $20 per post to as much as several thousand dollars each post, depending on how many followers they have. You may either discuss the sort of post you want them to publish with their followers and come up with an idea jointly, or you can let them pick what would work best for their audience. Instagram Advertisements that are paid for Paid advertisements, as we discussed at the outset, are another another means of gaining awareness and showcasing things online. Created ads are simple to do and are not as expensive as you would believe they are. The reason we saved this for last is that, if an advertisement is not exceptionally eye-catching or entertaining, people are more likely to go through it. To promote a post on Instagram, all you need to do is make sure your account is set to business mode and then head to the Business Manager area to begin creating your future advertising. You may provide your objectives, demographics for the target audience, as well as a timeframe and budget, in this section. A lot of people wonder how much money they should spend on advertisements, but the answer is totally dependent on your budget and the length of time you want the advertisements to run. You may launch a test campaign for a short amount of time to observe how it performs and determine whether or not it is worthwhile to invest additional money.

Bottom Line

Sales can be generated on Instagram without spending a lot of money, but you will need to put in some effort to figure out what approach would work best for your company and how to implement it. You may enhance sales by using one or more of the tactics listed above, while simultaneously engaging with clients and building a constant following base. By combining tales and photographs with well-written and interesting captions, you will be able to shape your brand’s image and attract individuals who are interested in your product or service.

15 Simple Instagram Hacks to Drive More Ecommerce Sales

Because we live in an era of social purchasing, ecommerce businesses can no longer afford to ignore social media platforms. Customer recommendations are highly trusted by 83 percent of customers, and online shoppers utilize social media to find new items and read customer evaluations on a daily basis. Despite the fact that Instagram isn’t the most apparent social media network for ecommerce firms, it offers a significant amount of sales potential right now. Instagram has become into a formidable marketing tool in recent years.

Throughout this post, I’ll discuss why brands should utilize Instagram for their ecommerce efforts, as well as provide the top 15 Instagram tips that can help you generate more sales.

Why should you use Instagram for ecommerce?

It’s no surprise that 25 million companies utilize Instagram for promotional purposes, given that it’s one of the fastest-growing social networks with the most engaged user base. Furthermore, Instagram purchasing is becoming increasingly popular, which indicates that ecommerce businesses see significant potential in this social media network. Listed below are the four most important reasons why you should utilize Instagram for your ecommerce business:

1. A great number of people are active on Instagram

The greater the number of individuals you can reach, the greater the number of prospective clients you can obtain. According to one source, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million people visit this platform daily, and 64 percent of these users are under the age of 34.

According to another claim, Twitter has 1 billion monthly active users, 500 million people access this platform daily, and As a result, Instagram is an excellent alternative for ecommerce businesses looking to reach a larger audience.

2. Users want to interact with brands

People nowadays spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes each day on the network, according to statistics. As a result, it’s no surprise that individuals prefer Instagram as their primary means of communicating with the companies they like and support. Is there any evidence required? The fact that 90 percent of Instagram users follow at least one company in-app indicates that they are prepared to connect with companies, get product information, and make purchases on the platform.

3. People discover new products in-app

Instagram is a visual platform, which makes it ideal for ecommerce firms who want to use it as a storefront where they can sell a range of things. Given that the majority of people are visual learners, it’s no surprise that 83 percent of users browse through the stream in order to find new things. In-app product discovery increases the likelihood that users will purchase a product that meets their requirements and wants since consumers may discover new things while they are using the app. The chance to convert interested followers into paying consumers is a significant opportunity for ecommerce firms.

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4. Instagram has a variety of ecommerce features

As a result of the introduction of in-app shopping, Instagram has evolved into a fantastic sales engagement platform, offering a variety of tools that make it simple to drive sales, such as clickable links, product tags, shoppable stickers, and in-app check-out. Companies may use these ecommerce capabilities to highlight their items and give followers with relevant product information. For Instagram users, this also implies the ability to learn more about fascinating choices without having to leave the app altogether.

Check out the next section for a collection of Instagram techniques to increase ecommerce sales.

1. Set up Instagram Shopping

Instagrammers find new things in-app, therefore if you assist them in making a buy online, they are more likely to finish the transaction. Businesses will be able to take use of ecommerce capabilities like as product tags, shoppable stickers, and in-app checkout as a result of the advent of Instagram shopping. Simply said, ecommerce firms now have the chance to build a shop on Instagram, allowing interested followers to learn more about the items and purchase them directly from the platform. It is critical that you set up Instagram shopping and display your items as soon as possible.

However, if you’re currently utilizing one of the finest ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, connecting a product catalog to your business profile is a simple process.

Once you’ve linked your catalog to Instagram, you’ll be able to showcase your items while also providing product information and pricing. Here’s an illustration of what it appears to be:

2. Optimize your bio for search

When someone visits your Instagram profile, the first thing they will see is your bio description. For brands, it functions as a visit card, allowing them to inform potential buyers more about their firm, explain the relevance of their goods, and boost organic website traffic (despite the fact that they are limited to only 150 characters). Aside from that, it might assist you in increasing the number of clients that view your profile. How? Instagram optimization for search engines! Using relevant keywords in your bio increases the likelihood that your target audience will come across your profile while browsing for relevant things to purchase.

3. Share a discount in the bio section

Who else would like to save money when they go shopping? Because the majority of online buyers are looking for bargains and specials, promoting discounts on social media is one of the most effective strategies to enhance client acquisition and retention. In fact, 40 percent of buyers follow firms on social media in order to be notified of special offers. You could include your unique deal in your Instagram profile to enable more people become aware of it and give them a compelling incentive to become a follower of your account.

4. Use story highlight albums for product navigation

Users have a wide selection of things to pick from when scrolling through Instagram. As a result, it’s no surprise that people prefer to buy from companies who put time and effort into enhancing the shopping experience for their customers. That is to say, you must make Instagram buying more convenient for your followers if you want to increase purchases. One of the most effective techniques is to utilize Story Highlight albums to guide customers through the product navigation process. Because these albums display just below the bio area, it is much easier for visitors and followers to identify goods that are relevant to them.

For example, on their official Instagram profile, JCrew offers five Story Highlights albums, which are as follows: You may build additional albums where your visitors can get information about related items in order to improve the customer experience.

  • New arrivals
  • Items on sale
  • Editor’s choice
  • Seen on you
  • Product categories
  • And more.

5. Show your product from different angles in one post

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, but many customers are hesitant to purchase things they haven’t had a chance to test out first. It is critical to exhibit your items from a variety of perspectives in order to alleviate potential purchasers’ concerns. What is the solution? Instagram carousel posts are a thing! According to Hootsuite’s research, carousel posts receive 1.4 times the reach and 3.1 times the engagement of ordinary posts. Furthermore, because this post type allows you to add up to ten photographs or videos in a single post, it provides you the option to showcase your goods in a straightforward manner.

The following method is used by big businesses like Adidas Originals to assist their clients in making a purchase choice when they find new goods on Instagram: Related Reading: How Facebook Messenger Marketing Can Aid in the Growth of Your Organization

6. Add product information in posts or stories

When buying online, the majority of buyers want to be able to quickly and easily obtain product information. If you sell things on Instagram, it’s critical to include product tags or Instagram product stickers that allow your followers to learn more about the items they’re interested in without having to leave the platform. When readers scroll through your feed, they will see a little shopping bag symbol in your post, which indicates that it contains a product tag. Once your followers touch on it, they will be able to see product titles and prices, as well as browse these things on your website, if you have one.

Because Stories is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, buyers are encouraged to act quickly.

7. Set up a countdown sticker for product launches

Instagram Stories have a daily user base of 500 million people. Instagrammers are particularly fond of the stuff that is only available for a short period of time. When done correctly, tales may assist you in creating excitement about your product and possibly generating sales. Because Stories are only available for a limited time period, they motivate individuals to take action as soon as possible. In the case of a new product launch, it’s a good idea to announce it in Stories and include a countdown sticker so that interested followers may subscribe to it and receive a reminder when your product becomes available for purchase.

8. Hide hashtags and geotags in Instagram stories

It is no secret that Instagram users are constantly discovering new things on the social media network. But do you realize that they are searching for a certain term or a specific area under the explore tab in order to obtain relevant information to their needs? Hide hashtags and geotags in your Stories to make it easier for others to locate you. While maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your image while overlaying hashtags and geotags, you can also appear on the explore page and attract more clients who are interested in a specific term or region by doing so.

9. Share product recommendations with your followers

When it comes to finding items that fit the requirements and desires of current clients, it might be difficult. Consumers want to receive product suggestions, which means that the era of ecommerce personalisation has here in full swing. When you educate your followers about items that can address their consumers’ issues, they are more likely to see your business as a viable alternative when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. It’s the best time of year to produce gift guides and give product suggestions because most customers desire recommendations from companies throughout the Christmas shopping season.

As a result, if you provide excellent suggestions to your consumers, they will be more willing to spend money on such things.

In order to communicate with your followers and supply them with highly-personalized solutions, you should create a store quiz and advertise it on your Instagram.

This will further motivate your customers to spread the word about your business on social media. You may witness the value of personalisation for yourself by taking a quiz, as demonstrated in this case study with Doe Lashes and Klaviyo.

10. Give away brand freebies or gift cards

People enjoy receiving free gifts, which is why social media contests are popular among their followers. You may gain more followers and enhance user engagement by hosting an Instagram giveaway. This is one of the most effective strategies to develop brand loyalty and trust among your followers as well as invest in Instagram growth. Choose brand freebies or gift cards as rewards so that victors may have a taste of your items before becoming paying clients.

11. Create quick replies for direct messages

People want to be certain that your product fits their requirements and desires, especially with the diversity of choices available on the market. Whether you believe it or not, Instagram has evolved into a valuable customer service tool. Do your consumers communicate with you using direct messages? You want to turn interested consumers into paying clients, don’t you? Create a system for timely responses. This tool allows companies to avoid entering the same replies to the same questions over and over again, allowing your consumers to receive a quick response within the application.

Not all consumers choose to send direct messages in order to receive customer support.

To summarize, having a knowledge base on your website provides an excellent means of keeping all essential information about your brand, product and specialized themes in one convenient location.

12. Talk about your products with Reels

It is critical to reach more individuals on Instagram who do not already follow your company in order to acquire new clients and produce more revenue. Why? Not all of the clients who want to buy your items are already following you on Instagram, so you must work to make your material more visible to them. Instagram reels are here to help you out: they are a short-form video content tool that allows users to publish 15-second movies on the social media network. Short, interactive material is popular on social media, so it’s no surprise that marketers are making the most of Instagram reels to promote their products.

If you have a public profile, your reels will be seen on the explore feed, allowing you to reach a larger audience with your content.

Here’s how Jonak went about it: Source

13. Feature your satisfied customers

Your clients’ satisfaction is the lifeblood of your company’s success. Today, 82 percent of individuals check customer evaluations before making a purchase decision on the internet, demonstrating that social proof is important. The ability to display pleased customers on your profile is critical for providing potential consumers with feedback and encouraging them to make a purchase from you. When customers post images or videos of your items on social media and tag them with your brand, it is likely that they are pleased with the quality of your products.

Here’s an illustration of how this method is put into action: Interested in receiving more photographs of delighted customers?

Because it has been scientifically proved that individuals like to emulate the acts of others, your followers will be more inclined to take photographs of themselves with your product if they see that other pleased customers have done so and that your company recognizes and appreciates their efforts.

14. Ask influencers to add product tags

Word-of-mouth marketing is highly crucial these days, especially in an environment where sponsored advertisements bombard people from all directions. Increasingly, marketers are collaborating with specialized influencers to reach out to their target audiences as well as promote their products, since modern buyers place as much faith in influencers as they do in friends and family. The good news is that According to social media influencers, Instagram is the top platform for brand partnerships, with 78 percent of them stating that it is the finest platform for influencer marketing.

For example, ecommerce firms may collaborate with influencers that have creator accounts and encourage them to include product tags in their posts, as shown in the following example: Users follow influencers and pay great attention to the suggestions made by these individuals.

15. Promote branded content in ads

Posting on Instagram alone was sufficient to reach your target demographic in the past. Those days are long gone. Instagram provides a competitive environment for businesses because of its high sales potential. Unless you are doing expensive advertising efforts, it is tough to stand out from the crowd these days. Advertizing on Instagram offers a wide range of features to assist companies in meeting their goals. In addition, 2 million advertisers demonstrate the value of sponsored advertisements.

If you want to increase ecommerce sales, you may work with specialized influencers to generate branded content advertisements.

Ready to drive more ecommerce sales with Instagram?

Instagram has grown in popularity in recent years, and it is now a valuable marketing tool for businesses looking to raise brand recognition, establish brand loyalty, and generate more ecommerce sales. Instagram now provides a variety of ecommerce capabilities, such as clickable links, product tags, and in-app checkout, that assist shoppers in discovering and purchasing things on the social media network.

With the Instagram hacks listed above, you can bring attention to your items while also converting your Instagram followers into paying clients.

Add a product recommendation quiz to your Shopify store

15 percent to 45 percent increase in the average order value is recommended.

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How to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram

Braden Leibowitz is the founder ofSEO Optimizers, a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, California, which specializes in search engine optimization. He is also the founder of Bosmol.com, a news blog focused on social media. From 2007 until the present, he has been active with search engine optimization and online marketing. He has been featured on a number of notable websites, including SocialMediaToday, Examiner, Business2Community, and others. His expertise and passion have elevated him to the status of a well-known social media influencer on a variety of platforms.

Interested in turning visitors into consumers and increasing revenue for your company?

Did you know these interesting Instagram facts?

  • Every month, more than 500 million individuals regularly use Instagram, like 4.2 billion posts every day and interacting with one another. Use this link to send a tweet
  • Users have shared more than 40 billion photographs to far, with an average of 95 million videos and photos being posted in a single day. Instagram has 77.6 million users in 2015, according to the company. Instagram accounts generated an estimated $1.53 billion in total mobile ad revenue in 2016, according to the company. According to a survey published by eMarketer, Instagram is expected to generate $2.81 billion in revenue in 2017. Additionally, 48.8 percent of firms utilize Instagram as a marketing tool in 2017. It is projected that this number would increase to 70.7 percent by 2017, according to eMarketer’s projection.

The question is, how does Instagram function for your ecommerce business?

  • It entails the creation of high-quality and unique images of items that are both more appealing and more engaging than generic photographs. It provides consumers with convenient mobile access to your items’ online purchase pages
  • A wider audience is attracted, which increases your reach, aids in the improvement of your brand positioning, and increases engagement. All of the items listed above work together to aid people in their purchasing decisions, resulting in significant income for your company.

The use of Facebook alone to market products and services is no longer sufficient for many businesses these days. In order to reach their business and marketing objectives, they are also including Instagram into their social media marketing initiatives. When it comes to turning passive shoppers into active consumers, whether you are a startup or an established business searching for ways to enter deeper into the market, entice more people to buy your products or services, and generate a strong brand value, Instagram is the solution.

1. Switch Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Instagram has announced the addition of a new feature to its platform: business profiles. The function will be available starting today. Switching your personal Instagram account to a business account is now possible, and this is the first step in launching an Instagram marketing campaign. This feature provides a professional-looking profile and allows you to import your contact information from Facebook while still preserving Instagram’s shoppable links and other features. Every week, it will also provide you with information on the number of times your posts have been seen and clicked on.

Follow these three steps to do this:

  • Make your way to your account settings and select the option that says “Switch to Business Profile.” Log into your Facebook account using the app, but make sure you have administrator permissions for the Facebook page you’re logging into. You will be prompted to pick the Facebook page with which you would like your business page to be associated. You will be prompted to retrieve at least one piece of contact information for your Instagram business page after you have picked the Facebook page from which you want to link. Customer service phone numbers or email addresses are examples of what is meant by this.

An example of an Instagram business page is shown below:

2. Use Tools for Selling with Instagram

Use the three successful selling tactics listed below to increase your sales on Instagram.

Creating a Clickable Storefront

Selling will become easier for you as a brand as a result of selling software solutions that transform a single link into a clickable shop that displays all of your available items.

With the aid of a popular tool like as Yotpo, you may connect many goods with a single image. A customer may now visit a store and utilize the “purchase now” button to make their purchasing experience more convenient thanks to your bio link.

Hashtag Selling

The usage of hashtags on Instagram is another another method of promoting things for sale. Using Inselly is a convenient method to accomplish this. This way is identical to the storefront link method, but it includes the Inselly hashtag, which is a new function in the program that has been implemented. When things are marked as buyable items, Inselly allows users to locate and purchase them more quickly using Instagram’s platform, which is how it works.

3. Use Visually Appealing Photos

Focus on providing your viewers with a wonderful visual experience by uploading interesting material in the form of visually appealing photographs. This will help you to increase the value of your brand. How Nike used a high-quality, focused photograph to display one of their goods is seen below: Please keep in mind that the suggested image size for Instagram is 1080 x 1080 pixels, and the word limit for captions is 2200 characters. An other method of increasing traffic and attracting customers to your online business is to watermark photographs with your domain name.

The image has a watermark of the website, which directs viewers to the appropriate page for further information.

Make careful to keep this in mind while choosing your domain name.

The value of your article is enhanced with a caption that is powerful, clear, and captivating.

4. Showcase Your Customers by Posting User-Generated Content

Encourage your users to contribute to the creation of content for you. Afterward, request permission from them to publish images of themselves wearing the things they purchased from your company on their social media accounts, and then do so on your own account. Other users will be motivated to make purchases as a result of your efforts. Your sales may increase as a result of using this type of reference marketing method. In order to promote their businesses, several fashion-based web portals are incorporating this into their social media campaigns as a promotional tool.

5. Use Hashtag Research to Increase Your Reach

Simply sharing beautiful photographs on Instagram is not enough, especially if you want to achieve a specific business goal. Every image must be accompanied with hashtags that are related to it. The use of hashtags on Instagram aids in the cataloging of various types of photographs and items. If you use the proper hashtags, your items will be noticed by a bigger group of people, and more particularly, by the individuals who are interested in your products. Using unsuitable hashtags, or too many of them, on the other hand, might have a detrimental influence on your marketing approach.

When you search for a hashtag, such as #artstudio, the top postings that contain this hashtag are displayed in the search results page of the search engine.

When your Instagram post is shared on Facebook, the hashtags associated with it are instantly published on Facebook as well. Users who are searching for such hashtags using Facebook’s Graph Search will be more likely to find your content as a result of your usage of hashtags.

6. Ask Influencers to Review Your Products

Influencer marketing is a common method of marketing online in order to generate sales leads. It works in the same manner as word-of-mouth marketing does. When you use this strategy with Instagram, you will have access to individuals from many niches throughout the world. For example, culinary influencers who share their recipes with food enthusiasts, fashion influencers who flaunt their flair, and so on. When a brand interacts with an influencer or blogger, the brand’s image becomes more strong and recognizable.

Featured in the image above is an Instagram influencer who wore an outfit from Express Runway and encouraged her followers to learn more about the business and its goods.

Follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of influencer marketing for your company:

  • Examine how your rivals are utilizing influencer marketing to promote their products or services to consumers. You may also think about brands that don’t deal in things that are similar to your own. As a result, you will have a thorough awareness of current market conditions. Allow your influencers to make the decisions about what material to share because they are more knowledgeable about how to keep their audiences engaged. Create an inspiration board that they will use to guide their efforts on the campaign
  • Select relevant influencers that have a large following on social media
  • Make use of the material created by your influencers on your product page to improve the overall appearance of the page. Users who are looking at items on your website will become acquainted with these influencers.

7. Ask Influencers to Share Promo Codes

Once you have identified the most appropriate influencers for your brand promotion, you can approach them about include promotional codes for your items in their postings. Because of this, they will have greater interaction with their audiences, allowing you to optimize your sales and attract more targeted clients. Consider this Instagram post from a brand influencer who is promoting the company by notifying their followers about a promo code, “Karlee15,” that provides a 15 percent discount on footwear purchases.

8. Use Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is a fantastic tool for marketers to leverage. It has the potential to increase the conversion rates of your website, propelling your brand to the next level of success. Here are a few interesting statistics regarding Instagram advertising to keep in mind:

  • Instagram guarantees that your advertisements are seen and that you reach the most engaged audience possible. According to Forrester data, people are 58 times more likely to engage with branded material on Instagram than they are with branded content on Facebook, and 120 times more likely to connect with branded content on Twitter. Instagram’s ad recall is 2.8 times higher than that of other social media platforms. This suggests that advertisements on Instagram are more memorable than advertisements on any other medium. In general, trips to Instagram take an average of 192 seconds, which is far longer than visits to any other social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

9. Run a Contest

Run competitions and giveaways, as well as provide discount coupons to your followers, to increase your conversions and profits. It will assist you in increasing the amount of followers you have and improving interaction on Instagram. Contribute to the contest with visual and written contributions. You can start with a teaser campaign, such as “Coming soon,” “Sale commencing in 2 days,” and so on, until your offer is officially launched. For instance, the company Topshop notified its followers of an offer for a free gift with every transaction.

Another example is Gables Carving, which announced a contest utilizing a relevant image and the conditions for participation in the content, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Michael Kors Case Study

Michael Kors, a high-end American luxury fashion company with around nine million Instagram followers, included an Instagram strategy into its marketing plan in order to generate more leads and rank among the most-searched companies on the platform. At the end of 2014, the brand recorded a 20 percent increase in sales in North America and a 73 percent increase in sales throughout its online site. Read the case study in its entirety here. The brand’s InstaKors campaign, which garnered such a positive response from its fans, was instrumental in achieving this remarkable result.

The first step was to create an account by providing an email address and an Instagram handle.

As a result of your education on how Instagram marketing strategy may help to the success of your company, it is time to put these nine tactics into action.

Keep track of how your articles are performing, which ones are the greatest, which ones connect the most with your target audience, and how people are acting in order to continually improve on your ideas and perform better.

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