How To Use Linkedin’s Social Selling Index Like A Pro? (Correct answer)

Here’s what adds up to your score and ways to improve them.

  1. Establish your professional brand. Complete your profile with the customer in mind.
  2. Find the right people. Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools.
  3. Engage with insights.
  4. Build relationships.

What is a good social selling index?

What is a good SSI score? In general, we’ve found that industry leaders should aim to have an SSI score above 75, with 80+ indicating they are using LinkedIn quite effectively.

What is a good SSI score on LinkedIn?

What is a good LinkedIn SSI score? Although 100 is the highest score you can achieve, many salespeople set a realistic aim of around 70 to 80. At this level, you’ll be outperforming many of your peers across the four different areas.

How do I use LinkedIn with SSI?

The SSI is calculated using the following 4 elements within your LinkedIn account:

  1. LinkedIn Personal Brand. Establish your professional brand by completing your profile with the customer in mind.
  2. LinkedIn Connections. Find the right people on LinkedIn.
  3. Engagement with your Network. Engage with insights.
  4. Relationships.

Why is social selling index important?

Social Selling Index (SSI) is a tool that measures our capability with regards to selling a brand or product via social channels. Having a sense of our SSI allows us to become better marketers and salespeople and observe how successful we are with engagement.

How do I improve my social selling index?

12 Ways To Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score

  1. Search smartly.
  2. Find the right people.
  3. Use Lead Builder.
  4. Engage with insights.
  5. Share company content.
  6. Publish your own posts.
  7. Connect with your prospects.
  8. Grow relationships within your accounts.

How do you increase establish your professional brand?

What You Can Do to Build Your Brand?

  1. Complete your profile with your persona in mind.
  2. Like and comment on the content your current company posts and shares, as well as that of your current prospects.
  3. Congratulate people on their accomplishments.
  4. Post your own content.

How often does LinkedIn SSI update?

To help quantify the value of social selling, LinkedIn created what is known as the Social Selling Index (SSI) – a score ranging between 0 to 100 that measures your social selling skills and execution. Your SSI score is updated daily and is measured in the following areas: Creating a Professional Brand.

How do you create a professional brand on LinkedIn?

5 Key Steps to Build Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

  1. First Things First: Optimize Your Profile.
  2. Targeted Connections vs LinkedIn Open Networker.
  3. Quality over Quantity: Don’t Just Post to Post.
  4. Set a Goal: It’s Time to Use LinkedIn Publisher.
  5. Know Where You Rank and Why it Matters.

Why is LinkedIn SSI important?

LinkedIn describes its SSI score as “ the first-of-its kind social selling measurement ”. It awards 25 points maximum for each of these ‘pillars’: Establishing your professional brand. Finding the right people.

How do I see my LinkedIn rating?

Find out how you rank on LinkedIn Log in to your LinkedIn account, and hover over ‘Profiles’ and click ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’. From that page click on the ‘How you rank for profile views’ tab at the top of the page. Or if you are feeling really lazy, just click this link here to see how you rank.

What is 1st LinkedIn?

1st-degree – People you’re directly connected to because you have accepted their invitation to connect, or they have accepted your invitation. You’ll see a 1st degree icon next to their name in search results and on their profile. You can contact them by sending a message on LinkedIn.

Complete Guide to use LinkedIn’s SSI Like a Pro

This essay is all about LinkedIn’s well-known social selling index, which you can read more about here. If you keep an eye on your news stream from time to time, you will almost probably find posts regarding the SSI in it. These are either persons who claim to have received a high score on LI’s SSI or those who exhibit a complete lack of understanding of the score, in my opinion. I’ll admit that when I first saw the score, I was a little perplexed. It is my hope that this post will assist you in better understanding what the Selling Index is and how it might be beneficial to you.

‍ What Is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?

The Social Selling Index is a tool from LinkedIn that allows you to track and measure your own actions on the site. The dashboard displays how strong your personal brand on LinkedIn is in terms of interactions with others, engagement on the site, and the quality of your connections, among other metrics. As a result of the score, LinkedIn attempts to determine how probable it is for you to be successful in your social selling initiatives. A higher score indicates a greater possibility of success.

Where to find the SSI?

  1. Out of the Sales Navigator, go to “Admin” and then “User Reporting”
  2. Public Version: Just scroll down to the bottom of this page

How To Track Your SSI Performance

It’s simple: go to the “Weekly social selling index” in the middle of your dashboard and click on it. What you’ll discover here is a line chart representation of the previous seven weeks (49 days). This index keeps track of your prior achievements. When you go back over the years, you can see how your score has evolved. Generally speaking, increasing your level of activity will result in a higher score. However, please be advised that I have never witnessed a spike in the stock market of more than a few percentage points in a single week.

That’s also what I’ve heard from coworkers and acquaintances who have taken use of the SSI to their benefit.

See Yourself Compared To Others- LinkedIn’s Benchmark

Your sales performance may be gauged against that of others in your network and industry using LinkedIn’s Selling Index. When you sign up with LinkedIn, you are immediately assigned to a certain industry. You will be compared on the basis of your answers. Some people have complained about being classified to the incorrect or somewhat erroneous industry. You might just attempt to update your current position on your profile to see if it makes a difference. Consider the following example from my own account: somewhat above average Update: A few months later, I’ve been participating more in postings and growing my network.

How You Perform Compare To Your Network

Here’s an example: I have an SSI that is just slightly higher than that of my network peers, but I still have a lot of space to grow (lazy sloth). If you look at my personal network, you might claim that I’m just a little bit more active and optimized than most of the individuals in it.

In addition, you may have noticed that you have the ability to examine the various colored chart parts to determine where your peers are performing better or worse than you. ‍

How You Perform Compare To Your Industry

The Marketing and Advertising industry, to give you an example, has an SSI that is significantly lower than the national average. This is intriguing to me, but it is not really helpful in terms of figuring out how to enhance my performance. What would be really beneficial is to observe what others do in order to achieve a higher score, i.e., to create stronger relationships on LinkedIn. Signing up with inlytics is one approach to find out exactly what is going on. We are presently developing a machine learning system that will compare you to other people in your sector to determine your competitiveness.

Register today, since this feature will be available soon.

What To Do With This Information?

To be quite honest, I don’t make much use of the SSI benchmarking feature on LinkedIn. Benchmarking is intriguing since it allows me to evaluate how I compare to others, but it does not immediately assist me in improving my performance. Doing one thing might be beneficial: determining where the majority of individuals in your network are better than you – you might gain some valuable insights for yourself in this way (checking out which part of the pie-chart diagram is higher on average than yours and then search a way to improve just that).

What Is A “Good” Social Selling Score?

This is a question that is frequently posed. Of course, what is “good” for you and what is not is always a matter of personal preference. If you had to ask me, I’d say that for active LinkedIn users, a score between 0 and 30 is below average (not so good), 31 to 50 is normal, 51 to 70 is above average, and anything over 70 is really good indeed. Some persons are able to get a total score of 90 or above. I would expect that the profile has been exceptionally well tuned in this case. In this infographic, I explain what I consider to be a decent SSI score.

1 Viable Alternative To LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

On a regular basis, people inquire about this subject matter. To be sure, what is deemed “good” for you and what is not is always a matter of personal preference. In my opinion, for active LinkedIn users, a score between 0 and 30 is below average (not very good), 31-50 is medium, 51-70 is superior, and anything above 70 represents excellent performance. Some people are able to achieve a total score in excess of 90 points in one sitting. If the profile is exceptionally highly tuned, I would think that it is in this case.

  • The heatmap of the material
  • Detailed post statistics, such as the industries and occupations people are from
  • In-depth profile insights, among many other things

With that said, let’s look at the SSI alternative. We present a detailed (and completely free) checklist that will provide you with several suggestions on how to boost your LinkedIn profile. It may be found on your analytics dashboard under the heading “Profile.” Here’s how it works: Sign up for free and tell us what you think about the site (in-app feedback). Specifically, we’d like to discover how we might improve depending on your unique requirements – and we can’t do that without you!

In exchange for your cooperation, you will receive a free account (There are paid plans too, but yours is staying free). Interested? Sign up for a free account by clicking here. Checklist for the analytic profile (free) ‍

How to Use LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index Like a Pro

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is consistently underappreciated. It is not always straightforward to assess how environmentally responsible you are on the site, though. This is where LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index comes in. This useful indicator informs you about how environmentally responsible you are as a social seller while also showing areas where you may make improvements. The information in this text will cover all you need to know about the software program, including how to use it correctly and how to enhance your score.

What Is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn, which was launched in 2014, analyzes how environmentally conscious you are when it comes to social selling on the network. When calculating your SSI, LinkedIn takes into consideration four factors:

  • Creating a personal mannequin
  • Finding who we are becoming
  • Participating in insights
  • And establishing connections are all examples of what we may do.

Each subject is worth a total of 25 points. Complete all of them, and you’ll receive a high grade as a result. There are a range of factors that contribute to the need for a high Social Selling Index. For starters, a high score on the platform can help you advance more quickly in your career. Even while the LinkedIn algorithm does not directly take your SSI into account when assessing the reach of posts, all of the actual individual components that go into calculating your SSI allow you to reach a larger audience overall.

LinkedIn gives information to back up a handful of those assertions yet another time.

Furthermore, 78 percent of them outsell their counterparts who do not utilize social media.

How to Uncover Your LinkedIn SSI Ranking

Locating your SSI on LinkedIn is a basic process. If you’re already connected into LinkedIn, simply click on the link below to check your score in real time. Find out what your Social Selling Index is. It is also possible to access your SSI using Product sales Navigator by going to Admin and clicking on Individual Reporting (if applicable). The following are the most important dashboard statistics to pay attention to:

  • Your total SSI score, as well as the scores for each of the four components
  • How your SSI relates to the product or service you are advertising
  • How it compares to the rest of your neighborhood

We’ll go into the specifics of what each of these measures signifies in the next section.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index Metrics

As previously said, LinkedIn uses four components to construct the Social Selling Index: building a personal mannequin, discovering our own becoming, participating in insights, and developing relationships with others. Nonetheless, what does any of those measures truly indicate about anything? Here’s all you need to know about the subject.

Establishing a Non-public Mannequin

For this measure, LinkedIn appears to be looking at how complete your profile is as well as the frequency with which you publish content material materials on the network.

Do you have a logo, a complete job history, and proposals ready to go with your proposal? How many posts are you writing each week, and what kind of feedback and ideas are you receiving on those posts?

Discovering the Correct Of us

This statistic is narrowly focused on Product sales Navigator, making it difficult for prospects who are free of charge to obtain a high score in this category. For LinkedIn, this means using the company’s gadgets to discover what we’re becoming, reaching out to them effectively, developing strategies and automating processes to make the process more efficient.

Partaking With Insights

Using current content material materials, are you disseminating them? If this is the case, you will most likely not receive a very high score on this measure. The more content material resources you share, as well as the more views, likes, and suggestions it obtains, the higher your score is going to be.


The last statistic is all about the management of the local community. It is a measure of how frequently and efficiently you reach out to others around you.

How to Use LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

Neighborhood administration is the final metric to be considered. A measure of how frequently and efficiently you reach out to those who are in the same boat as you.

Measure Your Non-public Mannequin

Checking your SSI is an excellent way to have a better understanding of the effectiveness of your personal mannequin and to take concrete efforts to enhance it. In any event, what is measured will be controlled, and it is likely that you will not be aware of how far you are behind your peers until it is pointed out to you explicitly. Because each improvement leads in a higher score, SSI further gives a mechanism for gamifying the approach, making it more likely that you will really follow through with the plan.

Decide Areas for Enchancment

Chances are high that you believe you are crushing it on LinkedIn, but it is possible that you are not generating enough new connections or providing enough good content material materials. Each technique, your SSI may only point out areas that need to be improved.

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Use It as a Benchmark

The most straightforward application for your SSI is as a benchmarking software tool. As a result of the software program’s automated comparison of your profile to various of us in what you are advertising and your neighborhood, a short check will reveal where you now stand. It is also possible to utilize your own score to keep track of your progress and development as a social seller. That’s exactly what Microsoft did with their product sales representatives in the first place. Product sales Navigator provided them with a median SSI of 48 as soon as they started onboarding prospects into it.

That improvement left a lasting effect on the listener.

How to Improve Your SSI

There is almost always one element you can change to increase your SSI score, no matter what your score is. I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most straightforward ways for increasing your SSI and increasing your effectiveness on the site.

Fill out Your LinkedIn Profile Absolutely

The first and most important thing you can do to increase your Social Selling Index is to completely fill out your profile on social media.

There is a great deal to do correctly right here, therefore included below are some launching points to get you going.

  • Complete your profile by uploading a photo, entering your work title, writing a helpful, keyword-rich description, describing your education and skills, and soliciting solutions from colleagues and customers Include samples of your work throughout the highlighted half of the presentation

You’ll be surprised at how much your SSI score may improve simply by completing your profile completely and properly. Caution should be exercised, though. You don’t want to provide too much information in your profile that it becomes illegible. At any moment when you’re adding information to your profile, ask yourself whether or not the information would be beneficial to anybody else.

Be a part of With the Correct Of us on LinkedIn

To be successful on LinkedIn, you must have a large network of contacts. Keep in mind that, although quantity is crucial, so is the high quality of the product. As a result, you shouldn’t send invitations to people you don’t know. Instead, you’re devoting your time to figuring out what is going to happen to us. This implies those who:

  • You know us personally
  • We are thought leaders in your industry
  • We work in your industry on a regular basis
  • We are among those who you buy from or promote to

The greater the level of cohesion in your community, the more likely it is that it will be stronger. Discover the people who are becoming part of us by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s improved search efficiency. Even though some of the options are only available to premium account holders, even free account holders may use filters to find associated individuals to join with in order to enhance their SSI score. It is also possible to discover relevant connections under the heading “My Network” and “People you may be familiar with.”

Publish Top quality Content material materials Targeted for LinkedIn Clients

One of the most effective methods to enhance your SSI courses is to provide high-quality content material resources on your website. Improve your personal brand, build relationships, and engage with a diverse range of potential customers by participating in this activity! Quality content material resources can be found in the form of LinkedIn posts, or you may discover a way to experiment with other more effective approaches.

Engage With Your Neighborhood and Previous

Having a large neighborhood is vital, but so is being a member of that community. You must maintain regular contact with a significant portion of your community in order to keep the algorithm you’ve developed for establishing long-term connections up to date. Don’t just send out connection requests to a large number of folks. Take an aggressive stance and begin to make adjustments to thought leaders in the field of what you are pushing. Engagement with their content materials should be done mindfully, and a look at should be taken to initiate a dialogue.

On the platform, conversations have become more important than they have ever been.

The more actively involved you are, the higher your SSI score will be, and the more discussions you will have as a result.

Use Product sales Navigator

In order to boost the adoption of Product sales Navigator, one of the numerous reasons why LinkedIn promotes the SSI is to increase brand awareness. The fact is that it is not possible to go anywhere close to 100 without using the paid-for subscription service.

If you are already a Product sales Navigator customer, you will want to take use of as many of the devices’ features as possible. In particular, make advantage of the stored search function to streamline the process of identifying linked people with whom to network.

Social Selling Index FAQs

What does a good LinkedIn SSI score look like? A score of 70 or higher on the LinkedIn SSI is excellent. A score between 40 and 70 might be deemed acceptable, however a score below 40 is considered bad. How can I find out what my SSI ranking is? Simply click on this URL to be taken to the SSI site page on LinkedIn. What is the significance of the SSI score? In order to enhance your influence on the platform and ensure that you are doing what you need in order to develop into a successful social seller, a high SSI score would be advantageous.

The Social Selling Index is updated as frequently as once a day on LinkedIn.

In order to compute the Social Selling Index, LinkedIn takes into consideration four lessons: creating a personal mannequin, learning who we are becoming, participating in insights, and developing relationships.

Social Selling Index Conclusion

The Social Selling Index on LinkedIn provides insight into how well you’re utilizing the site. Due to the importance of social selling across a variety of B2B businesses, this sort of concept is critical to understand. It’s also a technique for examining how you compare to your competitors’ products and services and identifying areas for improvement. You will discover a method to ship your SSI hovering with a little more effort invested developing your profile, growing your area, and attracting the attention of your platform friends.

So, make yourself available on the market and begin to make LinkedIn perform more effectively for you.

The Complete LinkedIn SSI Score Guide

Having a strong social selling presence on LinkedIn, have you ever pondered how to calculate your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) and what levers you may utilize to improve your LinkedIn SSI score? No longer will you be perplexed. The secret ingredient for upgrading your sales process and achieving a flawless 100 out of 100 LinkedIn Social Selling Index score is right here in this article! Significant changes have occurred in recent years, and with the anticipated increase of distant selling in 2020, social sales training is at an all-time high.

A successful B2B sales organization cannot be managed in the 21st century without the usage of LinkedIn — and an SSI score is a valuable signal that sales professionals should not ignore while prospecting for new business on the social media platform.

We have a lot to cover, so please be patient.

What is the LinkedIn SSI?

We cannot overstate the value of being a social seller, regardless of whether you utilize LinkedIn or Sales Navigator as sales prospecting tools. The social selling platform LinkedIn has surpassed all other prospecting tools for sales professionals, and sales leaders are shifting away from traditional methods such as emails, cold calling, and outreach initiatives in favor of social selling. SSI Score is a wonderful measure of B2B prospecting, lead generation, and outbound sales performance. Before we get into the meat of the article, I’d want to briefly explain what it is.

LinkedIn itself would provide a helpful evaluation of where you are in relation to your competition and how you compare to them.

LinkedIn SSI Score Measures

When it comes to sales leaders and business owners, as well as social media experts and influencers, a social selling score is a point system ranging from 0-100, with 100 representing the model score we all aspire to achieve and zero representing the fact that you have a long way to go before becoming a social selling trailblazer. But don’t be discouraged; having a Social Selling Index Score of zero does not rule out making tiny improvements to your social selling efforts in the future. To improve your LinkedIn SSI Score, follow the advice provided in this post.

LinkedInSocialSellingSSIScoreSales To send a tweet, simply click here.

Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profiles

For the first few years following its launch, LinkedIn was primarily utilized as an online resume repository. A platform with a user interface similar to Facebook, where businesses could browse for their next employee and potential workers could present themselves in the most professional manner possible. In the year 2021, LinkedIn is widely employed as a social selling platform, according to industry experts. It is essential that your LinkedIn profile, in addition to include vital elements such as a customized banner, an engagingLinkedIn headline, and a professionalLinkedIn photo, also contains the keywords you want your potential customers to use to discover you.

  1. Selling has become increasingly important for long-term success, and it is via keyword-centric material contained in your LinkedIn profile that your qualified prospects will assess whether or not connecting with you will be worthwhile of their time.
  2. It measures your success in developing your brand, connecting with B2B buyers, building connections, and gaining insights from your customers.
  3. So, what do you want your Social Selling Index score on LinkedIn to be?
  4. Why?
  5. Salespeople with a higher SSI generate 45 percent more opportunities than their counterparts with a lower SSI, and they are 51 percent more likely to reach quota, according to LinkedIn.
  6. Unfortunatley, according to our State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn survey, just 5 percent of those who responded had a LinkedIn SSI of 80 or above.

Although this may not have a direct impact on outreach or outbound prospecting techniques, the higher the score, the simpler it will be to demonstrate to management that target accounts are being engaged and that your sales team’s social selling abilities are where they should be at any given time.

This metric’s availability has the advantage of allowing you to control your score and respond by taking appropriate actions.

In the event that things are heading in the incorrect way, make modifications from what isn’t working to what is!

If LinkedIn takes note, it is likely that your sales prospects will as well.

I want to share it with you so that you may put it into practice as well! This is an excellent essay. Click to share on LinkedInSocialSellingSSIScoreSales Click to share on Twitter

How to Increase Your SSI on LinkedIn

Knowing how LinkedIn determines your score is the quickest approach to increase your performance. The score is divided into four sections. The SSI is generated based on the four elements listed below in your LinkedIn profile:

1. LinkedIn Personal Brand

Filling out your profile with the consumer in mind will help you to establish your professional identity. By writing informative pieces, you may establish yourself as a thought leader. Here are some SSI recommendations for LinkedIn:

  • Add a backdrop banner to your page. While LinkedIn cannot determine whether a product is a good one or not, your customers can. It is not enough to just upload any banner
  • It must be branded and professional in appearance. Include a professional photograph that is up-close and in which you are making eye contact with the person who is viewing your online profile
  • Make your Headline more than just your title and company name by customizing it. Vengreso suggests that it contain information about who you are assisting and how you are assisting them. Complete your Featured section from the perspective of your target audience. Instead of concentrating on your résumé, take advantage of this chance to provide value. Please provide your contact information as well, so that you may be reached quickly if necessary. Fill in the blanks in your job description with not just the tasks you perform, but also the experiences your clients have while working with you and your organization
  • And Video, PDFs, and other valuable material should be included in your Featured and Experience sections to provide more value to your readers. Make sure to include your professional email address and three website links in your Contact Information section.

2. LinkedIn Connections

On LinkedIn, look for the ideal individuals to connect with. By utilizing time-saving search and research tools, you may identify better potential prospects in less time.

  • Perform a Boolean search on LinkedIn for the stakeholders you want to reach
  • View the profiles of your current and 2nd-degree contacts, as well as those in your extended network.

3. Engagement with your Network

Engage with new perspectives. Discover and share updates that are worthy of conversation so that you may begin to create relationships.

  • Publish material in the newsfeed and in groups
  • Like, comment on, and share the content of others. Make posts that are unique
  • When you have LinkedIn Premium, send an InMail. Respond to the notifications you get

4. Relationships

By engaging and developing trust with decision-makers through the rightsales message, you can build trusted connections and strengthen your network.

  • Sending connection requests to new individuals via a personal message is a good idea. Send out welcome notes to all of your new acquaintances. Participate in the activities of your relationships.

This 4-page book contains all of the secrets of each of the four components, as well as ALL of the triggers that might cause your LinkedIn profile score to go up or down, depending on the situation. Download the SSI guide from LinkedIn by clicking on the link below! Your SSI score is a straightforward method of determining your level of involvement on LinkedIn. For our customers, we propose that they establish a baseline and verify it on a regular basis, perhaps weekly or monthly, in order to measure their progress over time.

LinkedInSocialSellingSSIScoreSales To send a tweet, simply click here.

How to See Your LinkedIn SSI Score

“What is my SSI?” you’re most likely wondering. You may simply click on the SSI LinkedIn URL provided here and you will be on your way!

What do you learn?

  • You’ve received your LinkedIn SSI score
  • Your score in each of the four 25-point categories, which add up to a total of 100 points overall
  • You will also find out how you stand in relation to your “Industry” and inside your “Network.” Your score might fluctuate on a daily basis.

The following is how your SSI will appear: Finally, having access to your Social Security number is really great. Maintain focus on what is most essential, which is having more discussions with the appropriate individuals, rather than being obsessed with the score. What does frustrate me, though, is that I had a score of 99 two years ago, and LinkedIn chose to modify the algorithm to make it more difficult to get to 100, and now I have a 92! Can’t you see that you’re not moving my cheese? Here is my previous SSI score, which I am attempting to get once more: In order to engage and convert your sales funnel, you no longer need to send individual emails to every single person in your sales funnel.

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Leaders: How can your teams do more with LinkedIn?

As part of our discussion on how to implementLinkedIn Profile Makeoversfor your sales staff at scale, I conducted an interview with my buddy and Co-founder Kurt Shaver. If you are a member of Linkedin, I believe you will find it to be really beneficial!

Learn how to boost the number of sales conversations you have with our LinkedIn Training program as well! And if you’re not sure where to begin upgrading your LinkedIn profile, you can download our FREE guide by clicking on the link below.

How To Really Increase Your LinkedIn SSI Score To 70

I have conflicting feelings about LinkedIn’s SSI score (Social Selling Index). I believe it is a really brilliant technique that LI has devised to keep you on the platform, but I can’t deny that people who obtain better scores have more opportunity to advance in their careers. (This supports the assertion made by LinkedIn that individuals who obtain a score of 70 or above see 45 percent more prospects and are 51 percent more likely to meet sales objectives.) I love logging into LinkedIn and seeing that I’ve been promoted to the’social leader’ level.

As described by LinkedIn, the SSI score is “the first-of-its-kind social selling measuring system.” It awards a maximum of 25 points for each of the following ‘pillars’:

  • Developing your professional brand
  • Identifying the appropriate individuals
  • Engaging with insights
  • And establishing connections are all important tasks.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that your score is a fairly accurate indicator of your social success. The majority of us are familiar with the fundamentals, such as optimizing your LinkedIn profile, refraining from spamming our networks, and joining relevant groups. The following information, on the other hand, can help you improve your LinkedIn SSI score from mediocre to “all-star.”

SSI Pillar 1: Establish Your Professional Brand

Some of the most apparent suggestions are listed in LinkedIn’s own SSI support section:

  • Fill out all of the profile fields, including the headline, summary, and work experience. Make use of a photograph
  • Increase the number of recommendations you receive (after all, it helps prove your skills). Make an offer to assist others
  • Educate your followers by sharing high-quality, useful, and relevant material with them.

And here are a few less apparent suggestions:

  • Include high-quality multimedia content that positions you as a thinking leader. Take, for example, SlideShares, published work, and videos (which receive three times the engagement of text-only articles)
  • Write long-form pieces on your professional expertise or industry trends that are relevant to your audience. (This is surprising, but it may be done to stimulate the creation of native’mini blogs.’)

In addition, here are some other optimization tips that we’ve observed to be effective:

  • Make use of a backdrop cover in addition to a profile photo. Endorsements should be relevant to the product. If your professional brand isn’t clearly defined, you run the risk of diluting your reputation. has an excessive number of abilities Consider pinning your top three abilities on your lapel so that others will know what to recommend you for
  • Long-form blogs are a great way to attract new followers. The reason for this is not immediately apparent, but we believe it is because LI wanted to show true connection with what you do

SSI Pillar 2: Find The Right People

People frequently feel that simply locating and engaging with others is sufficient (the more, the better). LinkedIn, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of identifying better prospects more quickly and with the appropriate technologies. LinkedIn isn’t a naive company. This pillar increases the adoption of Sales Navigator by incorporating ranking elements such as the following:

  • Perform advanced account searches
  • Save leads
  • Make use of the Lead Builder tool
  • And much more.

However, there are a few suggestions that everyone may put into action:

  • Advanced persons searches should be carried out. Make use of the advanced search function to narrow down the results and do Boolean searches to find the ‘perfect folks.’ Take a look at other people’s profiles. Don’t just look for people and connect with them or send them messages! Demonstrate that you’re conducting thorough research
  • View the profiles of your third-degree connections (also known as a “prospecting view”)
  • Take a look at who has visited your profile. Because these are promising opportunities, failing to acknowledge them sends the wrong signals.

There are also a few of curveballs thrown at this pillar, including:

  • LinkedIn looks at the amount of days you’ve been active on the site, whether it’s or Sales Navigator. (This may be at conflict with the most effective way of prospecting for you.) Increase the number of people who see your incoming profile. It’s a little unexpected, because that’s how your prospects are discovering you.

You’re probably already familiar with the fundamentals that will assist you in establishing trust and engagement:

  • Follow relevant industry or issue hashtags (for example, #SocialSellingFinance)
  • Join relevant groups (and participate in discussions with them)
  • Posting comments on and sharing other people’s posts is encouraged.

Many individuals believe that these suggestions are just for the purpose of discovering shareable material and creating a spirit of give-and-take. This pillar, however, is also influenced by them as a ranking element in their own right. In reality, the following are some of LinkedIn’s engagement factors:

  • Similar to how you offer likes, comments, and reshares, similar to how you receive likes, comments, and reshares Using other people’s material as your own
  • Several organizations have joined forces. Your inMail or connection request response rate is measured in milliseconds. Make it personal and relevant to your audience. It is possible to request introductions from your second-degree contacts, or to seek for mutual interests by watching their activity.

This may appear to be a significant amount of work, but it can be completed in as little as 10 minutes every day. The key is to include it into your daily routine. (See how we do it at Tribal Impact for an example.) To learn more about our 10 Minute Coffee Cup Routine, click here.) LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a touch tricky. Because of the insights provided by Sales Navigator, your connection acceptance rate will be significantly greater. The following rating variables are included that you cannot complete unless you are a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscriber:

  • The accounts you’ve stored on your computer
  • In Sales Navigator, research views are defined as the sum of account page views plus homepage scrolling.

People are often taken aback by this: surely, if you’re not engaged in social marketing, it doesn’t matter who you’re linked to?

Unfortunately, this is true. The following factors contribute to your final score:

  • The total number of connections is shown. The total number of interconnections (or links)
  • Vice President-level position with strong ties Connections inside the organization (with other personnel)
  • Acceptance rate of connection requests that have been submitted.

You may significantly enhance your LinkedIn SSI score in as little as 10 minutes per day, with apparent results within a month after starting. But keep in mind that social selling is about far more than just LinkedIn. And, maybe most crucially, you have the option of taking it offline as well!

LinkedIn Social Selling Index: Here’s How To Use It Well

Within a month, you will see a significant improvement in your LinkedIn SSI score if you spend only 10 minutes each day improving it. But keep in mind that social selling encompasses far more than just LinkedIn and other professional networks. But maybe most crucially, you have the option of taking it offline as well!

What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

You may significantly enhance your LinkedIn SSI score in as little as 10 minutes per day, with apparent results within a month. But keep in mind that social selling is about more than just LinkedIn. And, maybe most crucially, you can use it offline as well!

Social Selling Index LinkedIn: what is it for?

Using its bright and airy images, as well as your rating out of 100 presented in bold text, LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index allows you to understand where your profile falls on the social scale of your professional network, allowing you to improve your overall performance. The following four areas are subject to the rating system:

  • Develop your professional brand
  • Locate the appropriate individuals
  • Exchange information
  • And establish relationships.

You will be able to evaluate your online presence on LinkedIn based on your performance in these four categories. The Social Selling Index is simple to use and straightforward to comprehend. In a professional environment that is always changing and in which people play an increasingly essential role, Social Selling, also known as modern selling, emerges as a reference for those seeking to advance their careers. You must be outgoing, intriguing, interested, and innovative in order to rally people and encourage them to stay in touch with one another.

Social Selling Index LinkedIn: how do I get my score?

The LinkedIn Social Selling index is straightforward to locate. For your Social Selling Index, simply click here to see the data. To proceed, you must first be signed into your LinkedIn account. Before envisioning yours and beginning to study it, you need first visualize yours. You will also have a greater understanding of what we are talking about.

LinkedIn Social Selling Index: Take it literally?

The UI is bright and colorful, and it encourages players to take on new challenges. Every day, you’ll aim to beat your previous day’s score as much as possible. It’s important to remember, however, that this index is only the outcome of an algorithm. In other words, it does not accurately represent the specific thoughts of your interlocutors, people with whom you contact and who observe your personality as well as your work through their own eyes. You are no longer a student, and it is not your teachers who are responsible for assigning a grade to you.

The Social Selling Index on Linkedin is a good sign of future success.

However, while it can easily come across as ego-stroking on days when the graphics are at their best, it can also come across as making you feel as if you are worthless in the LinkedIn market on days when the graphics are at their worst.

Using the LinkedIn Social Selling Index wisely can turn into a positive asset for your company.

For this reason, in order to receive a perfect score of 100/100, you must purchase a Premium account. Rest confident and put your credit card away as soon as possible; an 80/100 Social Selling Index is already outstanding!

How to become a great Social Seller?

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for facilitating communication. And the Social Selling Index is evidence of this! Four major axes of your strategy are determined by this factor: the strength of your professional brand; your social network; the interchange of information; and the quality of your interpersonal interactions with others. We have seen that the Social Selling Index of LinkedIn is not representative of your workload and is ultimately only a number calculated by an algorithm that has no understanding of the significance that your career represents in your eyes, but it is nevertheless very useful and strongly recommended to use it to increase your visibility, credibility, and legitimacy in order to find relevant prospects who, thanks to your skills, will become your customers.

As you watch your Social Selling Index LinkedIn curves grow and your rating change to a crescendo, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and drive.

It is also for these reasons that you have chosen to begin on the wonderful and exciting journey that is social selling.

Complete your LinkedIn profile

You can do this by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes. What kind of show would you want to see? You must distinguish yourself, design, include keywords, and, most all, add a personal touch to your profile. Nothing sells and attracts more than a great narrative, a real anecdote, or a distinguishing characteristic that distinguishes a person from others. Be a source of inspiration. You are not a member of Linkedin for no reason. You have genuine added value, genuine skill, an amazing product, and a service offering that is tailored to your individual needs.

Make certain that your profile is completely filled out, including an image.

Target your dream prospects.

Consider the issue of relevancy. Make use of the research tools supplied by LinkedIn to identify the individuals who will be most likely to comprehend and support your initiatives. Consider joining groups that bring together people with similar interests, being curious, and looking for people who believe in you.


Curiosity and exploration of web-based material are encouraged. There are a plethora of options. Consider your options, check your sources, educate yourself, and then share your discoveries on LinkedIn. Your findings will urge you to pause and contemplate, and they will motivate you to continue your efforts indefinitely. This is how you can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Your ability to confront individuals will also allow you to lead them to a place of contemplation and dialogue.

Maintain a thirst for new information, develop connections between one piece of content and another, and weave a common thread across your activities so that everything you provide has a genuine backstory.

Get in touch.

Build strong relationships with people, be transparent, and show real concern for their well-being. Your connections will be built on healthy and stable foundations, and people will be able to promote your talents, or will check your profile more frequently in order to hear from you, or will give you new opportunities as a result of these partnerships. We can compare social selling on LinkedIn to baking a cake: if the cake is beautifully done, looks fascinating, tells a narrative, draws attention, and is exceptionally delicious, we can predict that it will sell quickly.

  1. By investing in it, you are putting your heart and soul into it, and this strategy in and of itself always pays off.
  2. However, with common sense, participation, and appropriate decisions, the virtual world of LinkedIn may be transformed into a window that leads to actual outcomes, due to the use of Social Selling.
  3. A huge number of them were discussed in this article, but if you want to know more about them, know that I train in the fundamentals and subtleties of social selling, which is not only crucial in the growth of your business, but is also formative and enlightening.
  4. So, what’s your final score?

LinkedIn Social Selling Index: 5 Things Need to Know For Sales Solutions

The original post was made on June 12, 2020. The most recent update was made on June 22, 2021. If you want to distinguish yourself as a genuine “selling star” rather than a mediocre sales performer, it’s time to invest some effort into raising your LinkedIn Social Selling Index(SSI)score and learning how to take use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn and others. LINKEDIN SOCIAL SELLING INDEX: 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR ULTIMATE SALES SOLUTIONS LINKEDIN SOCIAL SELLING INDEX: 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR ULTIMATE SALES SOLUTIONS LINKEDIN SOCIAL SELLING INDEX: 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR ULTIMATE SALES SOLUTIONS

What is a LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) Score?

Informally referred to as “The LinkedIn Social Selling Index,” your SSI score is a number that was designed to demonstrate how well you are exploiting your LinkedIn profile for sales and marketing possibilities. It assigns a score to your efforts on a scale ranging from one to one hundred. During the course of a year, according to LinkedIn, social selling professionals with higher LinkedIn social selling index scores were able to close 45 percent more sales than their peers with lower LinkedIn social selling index scores.

Sales professionals that take advantage of social selling chances outsell their counterparts who do not use social media at all by a factor of 78 percent. We’re off to a good start!

1 The Content Strategy

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from today, it’s that your content strategy may make or break your social selling score on LinkedIn, so plan accordingly. Successful social sellers combine textual material with a slew of eye-catching visuals to bring their message to life on social media. As a result, while developing a content strategy, be sure to maintain it diversified, instructive, instructional, and inspirational at all times. Posting about your current and previous projects is also a wonderful method to bring attention to your abilities, services, and goods on social media.

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This will assist to increase engagement and enthusiasm about your business, so encourage them to offer their thoughts.

2 Growing Your Network Should be Part of Your Routine

Making social selling and expanding your network a part of your regular life and routine with the individuals in your business is something you should be aware of and do. Seriously. Ideally, you should do this shortly before your workout, but after you have finished brushing your teeth. (After all, priorities are important, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to put their workout on hold for a few minutes in order to create more LinkedIn connections?) Apart from spending this time making new contacts and communicating with people, you should use this opportunity to catch up on what’s going on in the online world and think about how those developments could effect your sector and your target market.

  1. Respond to comments, replies, and queries on your social media feeds Engage in conversation and interaction with your friends’ postings
  2. Investigate your profile readers and the “people who visited this profile” section for any probable relationships.

You may complete this task while enjoying your morning cup of coffee, while standing in line for a burrito, or even during your lunch break!

3 Be Personable and Be Specific

Putting your message out there is only one of the equation when it comes to social marketing. It will be necessary to be industry-specific and personal if you intend to be serious about developing your professional brand and reaching your sales goals as well as your sales quota. Isn’t it true that warm, pleasant conversation is far preferable to chilly, aloof communication? Nobody wants to be confined to a room with a blank wall. A brief introduction of yourself and a series of questions is a good approach to get the discussion moving in the correct direction and begin learning how you can best assist your contacts.

In addition to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there are a variety of other tools available to assist you in taking use of this tactic.

4 Team Effort=Team Results

Change begins with you, but what if you could persuade someone else on your team to join you in your social selling endeavors? Working to enhance your score while also taking advantage of chances can result in you making progress twice as quickly! Your lead generation will suddenly double, and you’ll be working twice as many chances, and you’ll be making twice as many sales as you were previously. It is highly recommended that you invest in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you want to take your business to the next level.

Additionally, you may provide targeted coaching and training to your team members in order to encourage change and progress in their capacity to close sales and land new opportunities.

5 Be Patient and Consistent

Finally, but certainly not least. It takes time and dedication to establish yourself on LinkedIn and improve or maintain your social selling score, but being patient and consistent are two essential ingredients in achieving success in this endeavor. In order to achieve the greatest traction and get the most bang for your buck, you must ensure that you are persistent and actively trying to identify prospects on LinkedIn, raise your SSI score, and close the sales you are attempting to generate.

  • Are you ready to take on the challenge?
  • In other words, a higher LinkedIn Social Selling Score score has no effect on the number of sales you can make, your performance, or the number of leads you generate.
  • Is my Social Selling Index score visible to other LinkedIn users when they view my profile?
  • It is only you and others who have access to your account that can see what you have scored.
  • The importance of having a high LinkedIn social selling index score is that it indicates that you are on the correct route.
  • Are you ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level?
  • Are you ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and take your social selling to the next level?

How to increase your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

What is your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn and how important is it to you? Is it a purely self-centered metric, or do you believe it to be so? Many individuals believe that it is either one or the other, and this is frequently true in their thoughts. So it’s just a simple instrument for “self-satisfaction”? Or is it a good tool for analyzing your performance on LinkedIn that you can use? In this essay, I’ll provide you a basic understanding of what is ssion LinkedIn, how to increase it, and, most importantly, the significance of ssion LinkedIn for your B2B prospecting.

What is the Social Selling Index?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index, or SSI for short, is a one-of-a-kind metric of the professional social network that determines where your profile appears in the LinkedIn ranking system. Briefly said, if your LinkedIn profile has been carefully constructed, is well-optimized, and your engagement on this social media network is of high quality, you should reasonably expect higher results and as a consequence, an excellent SSI score. It is described as a “unique measure of how successfully a firm or individual applies the four pillars of prospecting on LinkedIn, measured from 0 to 100” by LinkedIn itself.

Appartement de petite taille: As noted in the introduction, marketing and digital professionals are divided on the utility of the Social Selling Index and whether or not it is actually beneficial.

If any of your Social Selling Index pillars are lacking, you will be able to see where you need to make improvements in order to improve your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Many marketing experts, including those at LinkedIn and other companies, assert that profiles with a high SSI score would perform well. the most effective outcomes on LinkedIn (Does LinkedIn feature their profiles more prominently? ) According to LinkedIn, this is true:

  • Profiles with a high SSI score generate 45 percent more possibilities than profiles with a low SSI score. (50)
  • Seventy-eight percent of these profiles outperform salesmen who do not utilize social media.

Furthermore, you will discover further information on the significance of social media networks for your B2B purchase here. We shall cover the following topics in this article:

  • Dismantle the International Space Station (ISS) and its four supports
  • Provide examples of the benefits of receiving a high score
  • How to increase your Social Selling Index in as little as a few minutes each day

Structure of the LinkedIn ISS: The 4 pillars

The International Space Station (ISS) is broken down into four pillars. Provide examples of the benefits of receiving a high score. Improve your Social Selling Index in a few of minutes per day;

  • Establishing your professional brand
  • Locating the appropriate individuals
  • Exchanging information
  • And developing connections

Establishing your professional brand; locating the appropriate individuals; exchanging information; and developing connections are all important.

1. make your own professional brand

Starting with the basics is essential to building a strong professional brand, so make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized for the audience you want to reach through this social media platform. You will achieve excellent results if you have a professional profile photo, a banner image that is appropriate for your business, a snappy slogan, a personalized summary, your background, and recommendations, among other things. The next page contains all of the information you need to create an optimal LinkedIn profile.

What exactly is the purpose here?

Here are some brief pointers on how to complete the necessary stages before launching your LinkedIn campaigns:

  • You’ve improved your profile
  • Make use of a variety of visual aids: Visuals such as images or infographics
  • Articles, videos, and presentations
  • Obtaining recommendations and endorsements to boost your chances of getting found in search engines
  • And presentations. Posts with original material should be published! (For example, if you want to embed a video, don’t use a You Tube link, but rather embed a movie from a native file)

“Social Selling Strategy in Business-to-Business?” is a more in-depth discussion of this issue.

2. Find the right people

Finding the proper people with whom to establish a positive working connection is a critical component of attaining compelling results in your campaign for high-quality lead generation on LinkedIn. To be effective at “connecting” with and starting a dialogue with your target audience, it is necessary to first define your target audience and, consequently, your personas before proceeding. You can use the following methods to find high-quality leads who fit your target:

  • Joining LinkedIn groups
  • Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to locate prospects based on job change notifications, prospects that are similar to your customers, search filters, and other criteria (a must-have)
  • And using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to track down leads. Regular and advanced searches on LinkedIn are available
  • LeadIn, for example, allows you to run automated and tailored campaigns on LinkedIn.

In order to achieve these “targets,” it is required to develop effective strategies of approaching them after they have been identified. First and foremost, in order to prevent being banned from LinkedIn, make use of a secure automation program that operates in compliance with social networking laws! You will not have to connect with your prospects one by one, nor will you have to create a unique message for each connection for each prospect, if you use this tool to connect with them. You’ll need to come up with a “different” message by using a tailored strategy, such as a personalized icebreaker, to stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, the key phrase is to be proactive, locate the most suitable leads for your activity using connected criteria, follow-up with them, maintain the connections that have been established, and above all utilize an automated tool to save time and increase efficiency!

3. Exchange information

Once you’ve established your professional brand and begun communicating with the appropriate prospects, the next stage is to expand your network by making a mark on the community in which you’re interested. What is the best way to go about it? Once again, by taking the initiative! On this pillar of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index, they assess your engagement by looking at how many times you share, respond, or comment on member posts that are related to your business. Along with the same analytics that are linked with your own postings, regardless of whether your material is engaging or not.

targeting a specific audience is a terrific approach to naturally attract industry experts who you want to interact with on a more personal level.

So you’ve realized that, through this technique (inbound marketing), the prospects you’re looking for will come to you.

4. Build relationships

Building trusting connections with decision-makers and opinion leaders in your industry who are on LinkedIn is the final pillar of the ISS, and it is the one that you should focus on. So, one final criterion that will determine whether or not you are successful in achieving pillar 23 by increasing your network with always relevant prospects is as follows: Conclusion: To increase awareness of your own professional brand and that of your activity while also establishing relationships, the most effective technique continues to be to provide high-value-added information for free in order to draw your target audience’s attention.

In order to enhance your friendship, you should next contact him via LinkedIn message and phone him.

What is the importance of the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score?

The introduction said that, while an improved SSI LinkedIn score is not a guarantee of increased sales, LinkeIn has discovered that there is a strong correlation between your requests to be placed in touch with your target and an increase in sales as a result of using LinkedIn. It is critical to remember that your SSI does not imply a rise in the likelihood of your business becoming successful. In order to assess this, you must track its progress in connection to the evolution of the number of qualified prospects, your sales, and the calculation of yourKING.

  1. When prospecting on LinkedIn, for example, when your conversion objective is to acquire an appointment for demonstrations, you are meeting the definitions of the four pillars of ISS.
  2. What is the value of a “good SSI score”?
  3. When it comes to standing out on LinkedIn, the more competitive the industry, the higher the SSI score required; conversely, when the industry is less competitive, an average SSI score may already be considered extremely strong.
  4. For the sake of simplicity, the greater your SSI, the better.
  5. (Thanks, Captain Obvious) You will adjust your concentration in order to improve your score in the weakest pillar, for example, if your lowest score is in the pillar “Find the appropriate people,” you will adjust your focus to improve your score in that pillar.
  6. As you concentrate on action campaigns to strengthen each pillar, your SSI will rise in line with it, and LinkedIn will make your profile stand out even more!

For the uninitiated, LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a measure that the social media network uses to track your commercial performance as well as the general health of your profile. Founded on four pillars:

  • Conceive and develop your professional brand: Create a thorough profile and demonstrate to your network that you are the expert they require to solve their problem. Find the appropriate people: With the use of powerful research tools and a well defined target upstream, you can identify prospects in less time. In order to build new partnerships, it is important to exchange knowledge. Take part in public debates about your industry. The development of trusting connections with your qualified leads will help you to expand your network.

Your LinkedIn SSI will improve as long as you are actively prospecting and generating leads on the social media networking site LinkedIn. You can also use products such as Sales Navigator and secure LinkedIn automation solutions such as LeadIn to grow your SSI in a more effective manner. If you automate key outreach chores on LinkedIn (for example, issuing connection requests, follow-up messages, connecting with prospects, and so on), you will be able to raise your SSI far more quickly while also generating leads on autopilot.

Be consistent and rigorous in your LinkedIn marketing efforts, just like you would in any other business endeavor.

(It is completely free.)

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