How To Create A Facebook Contest That Grows Engagement And Audience? (TOP 5 Tips)

Let’s dive in.

  1. Plan an engaging question.
  2. Design a stunning photo and a catchy copy text for promotion.
  3. Decide on a prize that is truly valuable for your customers.
  4. Write T Cs following Facebook guidelines.
  5. Promote the competition on your website and in all marketing communication.
  6. Celebrate the winner.

How do I create a best Facebook contest?

10 Tips for Running an Effective Facebook Contest

  1. Understand Facebook’s contest guidelines.
  2. Know what you want to achieve.
  3. Pick a relevant prize.
  4. Choose your contest type.
  5. Lay down the rules.
  6. Make it easy to enter and share.
  7. Ensure your contest is mobile-friendly.
  8. Boost with Facebook ads.

How do you make a facebook contest go viral?

How to Create a Viral Facebook Contest

  1. Decide on the Goal of your Contest.
  2. Create a Contest Entry Type.
  3. Build a Giveaway Landing Page that Converts.
  4. Make Contest Social Posts For All Channels.
  5. Review the Contest Post.
  6. Publish The Contest Posts.

How do I promote a giveaway on Facebook?

How to Do a Facebook Giveaway: 7 Steps

  1. Step 1: Set Your Goal.
  2. Step 2: Choose a Prize.
  3. Step 3: Decide On a Giveaway Theme.
  4. Step 4: Set Your Facebook Giveaway Rules.
  5. Step 5: Build and Publish Your Facebook Giveaway Page.
  6. Step 6: Promote and Share Your Giveaway.
  7. Step 7: Follow Up.

How do you run a successful contest?

How to Run a Contest: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Know your Goals and Target Market.
  2. Choose your Contest Type, Details and Prize.
  3. Build your contest.
  4. Promote your contest.
  5. Track your results.
  6. Post-Contest Follow-Up.
  7. Learn and Repeat.

Can you boost a contest on Facebook?

Once the post is published on your Facebook Page, click the “ Boost Post” button below the publication. Follow the instructions to choose your audience, set a budget and a duration for this boosted post.

How do you get people to enter a contest?

Answering the question: “ what’s in it for them? ” is the first step in capturing people’s attention and building virality into your contest. Explicitly describing the prize that they’ll have a chance at winning is your way of enticing people to enter. Offer an irresistible prize that plays to the needs of your audience.

Do Facebook competitions work?

It works like this: When people enter your contest, you give them an extra chance to win every time they share your contest form with a friend and the friend enters. It’s a win-win, since people who refer friends increase their chance of winning and you increase the number of people who enter.

How do I run a 2021 Facebook contest?

How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest

  1. Set Contest Goals. A Facebook contest must have a well-defined goal to help your business.
  2. Choose a Prize.
  3. Pick a Contest Type.
  4. Write Contest Rules.
  5. Build a Contest Landing Page.
  6. Publish and Promote Your Contest.
  7. Communicate with Participants.
  8. Announce the Winner Properly.

How do I run a Facebook Like and share competition?

How to Run a Facebook Like and Share Contest

  1. Define Your Contest Goals.
  2. Pick a Contest Prize.
  3. Write Your Contest Rules.
  4. How to Do a Like and Share Contest on Facebook with RafflePress.
  5. Promote Your Like and Share Contest.
  6. Pick a Contest Winner.
  7. Release a Winner Announcement.
  8. Analyze Your Results.

How do you promote a giveaway?

Here are 9 easy steps to promote your giveaway:

  1. Email Newsletter.
  2. Update Your Website.
  3. Branded Hashtags.
  4. Recruit Influencers.
  5. Blog.
  6. Get on Social Media.
  7. Sponsored Ads.
  8. Start a Marketing Campaign.

How do I start a social media contest?

Follow these steps to run a great contest regardless of the social media platform you choose for your competition:

  1. Set Clear Goals.
  2. Choose a Social Media Platform.
  3. Decide What to Give Away.
  4. Determine the Contest Rules.
  5. Promote Your Social Media Contest.
  6. Monitor Contest and Announce Winner(s)
  7. Evaluate UGC and Results.

How do you structure a contest?

8 Steps to Running a Successful Contest

  1. Step 1: Set a Goal.
  2. Step 2: Decide on a Prize.
  3. Step 3: Build Your Contest.
  4. Step 4: Create a Promotion Plan.
  5. Step 5: Test and Publish Your Contest.
  6. Step 6: Use Email Autoresponders to Contact All Entrants.
  7. Step 7: Measure and Analyze the Results of your Contest.

How do you promote a social media contest?

Social Media Contest Ideas (With Examples)

  1. Ask them to tag a friend or share to win.
  2. Ask them to showcase their creativity.
  3. Ask them to get on camera.
  4. Ask them to share their opinion.
  5. Ask them to contribute and be featured.
  6. Ask them for laughs.
  7. Ask them to vote.
  8. Ask them what they know.

How to Create a Facebook Contest that Grows Engagement and Audience

Facebook is the most popular social media site on the world, with about 3 billion active monthly users, making it the largest on the planet. As a result, it is an effective avenue for achieving your company’s goals and objectives. Regardless of the circumstances, the most crucial aspect of effective advertising and marketing is to identify your target audience and meet them on their preferred platforms of communication. Despite the fact that not everyone appears to be on Facebook, one thing is certain: it remains the most popular social media network on the planet.

The Facebook contest function, in particular, is a Facebook advertising and marketing feature that generates a significant amount of revenue.

Why Ought to You Create a Facebook Contest?

Despite the fact that Facebook competitions have been around for a while, they continue to be one of the most successful tactics for developing a vibrant audience and generating tremendous interaction with your product. Some of the reasons why you should think about holding a Facebook contest are listed below.

1.Lengthen Your Attain and Enhance Followers

One of the most significant benefits of running Facebook competitions is that they are a fantastic way to broaden your audience’s exposure. In the end, creating a contest that your target audience participates in results in your contest and model being demonstrated to their networks. You will get more followers as a result of your increased reach, which is an added bonus.

2.Enhance Model Consciousness

Another compelling reason to use Facebook competitions in your social media advertising and marketing strategy is that they are an effective approach to raise brand awareness among your target audience. Whether you market your Facebook contest organically, through sponsored promotion, or through a combination of the two, it is guaranteed that you will reach people who would not otherwise have been reached. Because of this, more people will become aware of your company and its products, increasing your brand awareness.

3.Get Extra Engagement

Facebook competitions garner more interaction than standard posts for the simple reason that they are a well-liked kind of interactive content material on the social media platform. Individuals prefer interactive content material over static content material, with 66 percent of entrepreneurs reporting increased engagement rates as a result of including interactive content material into their marketing initiatives.

4.Offers a Knowledge Assortment Avenue

Data-driven advertising and marketing strategies are more effective than traditional methods. This is due to the fact that information helps you to have a better knowledge of your audience, allowing you to build campaigns that are more tailored to their needs. The usage of a Facebook contest is advantageous in this situation since it provides an opportunity to obtain information about your audience members. Regardless of whether the competition is in the form of a quiz or just an engagement-based contest, you will still come away with a treasure trove of information at the end of the day.

They’re an excellent way to increase interaction and build a fervent following for your company’s products or services. Furthermore, they are an excellent method of increasing brand and product awareness, which in turn helps to enhance sales.

How to Create an Efficient Facebook Contest

As a result of your understanding of the value of Facebook competitions, let’s have a look at how to construct an effective contest. Not all Facebook competitions are made equal, as you can see here. An understanding of how to build one that will entice your target audience to participate is critical to the success of any marketing effort. A few tips to help you along the way include the following:

1. Decide Your Objectives and How to Measure Outcomes

The first step in designing a successful Facebook contest is to identify the goals and objectives for the competition. What kind of prize would you like to win as a result of your Facebook contest? There are several business and marketing objectives that may be achieved by a contest, some of which may include the following:

  • Market research, brand awareness, information collection, crowdsourcing product development, launching a new product, building an e-mail list, driving sales, and collecting user-generated content are all examples of what you can do.

Establishing the goal of your contest is critical because it makes it simpler to develop a contest that is most likely to be successful in the long run. Additionally, it assists you in determining which key performance indicators (KPIs) should be used to evaluate the success of your contest before you begin. Examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) that you should employ include:

  • Variety of members
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Number of new followers obtained
  • Number of clicks in your contest
  • Number of e-mail sign-ups
  • Amount of money earned

You’re ready to start planning your Facebook contest now that you’ve determined your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. Choose the Sort of Contest You Need to Run

You’ve come up with a compelling reason for holding a Facebook competition. In order to achieve stated goals, the next step is to choose the type of Facebook contest that will be most beneficial to the campaign. There are three types of contests that you may conduct on Facebook that are particularly noteworthy:


These are the only kind of Facebook contests available, and as the name implies, they include the giving away of a reward to the lucky participant or participants who enter the competition. The majority of giveaway competitions demand participants to interact with a post (such as by like, commenting, or sharing) in order to be eligible to win.

Photograph Contests

Photograph contests are a fantastic way to increase engagement and collect user-generated content material for your various advertising and marketing campaigns and initiatives. These frequently consist of picking a theme for your contest and requesting your audience to submit photographs (preferably while use your product) that are consistent with that theme in order to win.

Referral Promotions

The design and administration of referral campaigns are a little more time consuming, but they are the most successful means of generating leads for your company. Contributors must share (or recommend) your contest with a good friend or members of their community in order to be eligible for the prize drawing. A successful Facebook contest helps you to align your advertising and marketing objectives with the appropriate type of content material. You must first understand your audience and the kind of contests they enjoy in order to make an informed decision.

3. Decide the Contest Guidelines and How You’ll Run It

Each contest seeks criteria to control how participants enter the contest.

When creating your Facebook contest, you must give careful attention to how you will distinguish your contest from others’. As an illustration:

  • What steps need members complete in order to be eligible to enter
  • Will you allow a certain amount of entries
  • Is the tournament available to participants from all countries? What can be grounds for disqualification in a sporting event
  • Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement?

Please keep in mind that you’re not running a contest simply for the sake of running one. You’re running your contest in order to make money for your company. As a result, the groundwork you provide for your challenge should make it easier to accomplish your goals. They should be in sync with your goals and expectations. It will even be determined how you will conduct your Facebook contest and what type of information you will collect based on the principles you choose. Examples of how you would conduct your contest include the following:

  • Creating a funnel in which participants are required to enter their e-mail addresses or other information
  • Incorporating a Facebook Messenger bot to direct clients to an opt-in web page, where they can complete all of the essential actions to be entered into the competition
  • In order to register their involvement in your contest, participants must engage with you. Depending on your preferences, this might include everything from tagging friends to following your account and anything in between.

In addition to establishing standards for entering the competition, you must also choose how the tournament’s winners will be compensated for their participation.

4. Select the Proper Prize

One of the most fundamental components of a successful Facebook contest is the reward that you are offering as a draw. The following are characteristics of an appropriate prize:

  • Customized. Your supply should be something that your target audience is anxious to get their hands on. It should not attract those who are not part of your target demographic
  • It should be product-related. In order to ensure that your contest contributes to the growth of your company, your reward should be related to your primary business. To give an example, in the event that you are a dentist, offering cutlery as a reward will not make it any simpler for you to find your ideal consumer. There is a specific level of ache. Recognize the pain points that your excellent consumer is experiencing and provide a proposal that addresses each one of them. In doing so, you will be able to guide members to your various product offerings.

It is critical to choose the greatest reward for your contest in order to ensure higher engagement rates for your participants. It also guarantees that the vast majority of users match your excellent buyer profile (ICP).

5. Design Your Facebook Contest Web page

Because there is so much stuff written on Facebook, it is possible for people to miss your contest as they skim through their news feeds on their smartphones. Your design should be optimized for visibility if you want to increase the chances of your contest being viewed by more people. A few tips to make it simpler to accomplish this goal are listed below:

Write an Consideration-grabbing Headline

Customers will see the headline as the very first thing they see on your website. Make it stand out from the crowd by use descriptive words. Additionally, make certain that it portrays a picture of the benefits of being awarded the reward.

Make investments In Skilled Photos

Invest your money in professionally taken, attention-getting images. Pictures can be effective in preventing customers from scrolling down the page. They’re also effective for communicating your point in a short amount of time.

Write a Temporary however Detailed Description

Provide clients with all of the information they require in order to become enthused about the contest. In addition, your description should provide information on how to enter the tournament. The usage of bullet components is one of the most straightforward ways to style your explanation.

Use a Easy Kind

Make it as simple as possible for people to enter your contest at your events. You should keep forms as simple as possible and avoid asking for too much information if you are using them. Complicating the sign-up process will have a negative impact on your conversion rates. There is one exception to this rule, and that is if you are offering a substantial prize that is well worth the time and effort.

Design a Distinguished Name-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) should not only be distinct, but it should also be obvious as to what the next step is that has to be performed. In addition to these best practices for creating an effective Facebook contest web page, you may also think about alternative SEO options. A common example would be the usage of a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency.

6. Promote Your Contest

It is critical that you build your Facebook contest viewers and increase interaction with your model as a result of your contest.

In order to do this, it should be seen by as many people as possible. As a result, a promotion strategy should be included as part of the process of developing your Facebook competition. The following are a few examples of Facebook content material promotion ideas that you might employ:

  • Paid advertisements: Natural attainment can only take you so far. Paid advertisements: In order to reach a larger audience, consider using Facebook adverts to promote your contest. To market your contest to folks who have already viewed your content, you may also employ retargeting techniques. Include it in your e-mail checklist with the following words: Promote your Facebook contest to your e-mail list in order to ensure the greatest amount of participation. Additionally, it assists you in keeping your subscribers interested
  • And Dissect the sentence using other social media outlets, such as: To spread awareness about the contest, use your various social media channels to spread the word about it.
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Having your contest in front of the appropriate audience will likely result in a high number of people entering it.

7. Select and Announce the Winner

All good things come to an end, including your exciting Facebook contest, which was a highlight of my day. You want to bring it all to a close by picking and announcing the winner. The following are the options you will have when it comes to picking a winner:

  • Choosing a title at random: Because it is impartial, choosing a title at random is one of the finest methods. Make it simple by utilizing tools such as the Random Title Picker and the Remark Picker. Selecting the most qualified candidate: This method works best when you have certain criteria for your contest. But be sure to explain how you arrived at the winner and why you chose him or her in the first place.

When you’ve selected a winner, you must make the announcement on your Facebook business page as well as any other channels that you used to advertise the competition. If you are able to make it a Facebook Live event, you will receive additional points.

8. Observe Up After the Contest

Choose the winner of your Facebook contest isn’t the most difficult task in the world. The ultimate goal is to grow your company. That is why you need to have a follow-up strategy in place. This may be accomplished most effectively by sending out an e-mail to members in which you offer them a discount on your product in exchange for their participation in your contest, which they would appreciate. Make an effort to develop a relationship with the people who participate in your contest, and you will have the opportunity to convert them into repeat customers.

Facebook Contest: FAQs

How can I increase the number of people that participate in my Facebook contest? Individuals like stuff that has been specifically created for them. To increase participation, make sure you already know who your target audience is and design a contest that is specifically tailored to them. What is the best way to determine whether or not my Facebook contest was a success? Set goals for your competitions and decide on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure the efficacy of your contests at all times.

The use of a Facebook contest to achieve many different business and advertising and marketing objectives may be quite cost-effective if done correctly.

How can I ensure that my Facebook contest is seen by a large number of people?

Make sure to promote it across all of your various networks and platforms.

Facebook Contest Conclusion

Are you looking for interactive content that will make it easier for you to grow your audience and promote interaction with your product or service? A Facebook contest is then something you should think about running. With additional benefits like as lead generation, an increase in sales, and much more, including them into your online advertising and marketing strategy is a no-brainer. If correctly executed, your Facebook contest may be a fantastic way to get an advantage over your competition and gain market share.


How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest: Ideas, Tips, and Examples

Facebook is used by more adults in the United States than any other social media network. However, the more popular Facebook becomes (it has about 2.3 billion monthly active users as of 2019), the more difficult it becomes for marketers to gain attention. As engagement on social media decreases and the volume of postings increases, marketers want relevant, engaging content that stands out from the crowd. For example, a contest on Facebook may be held. The use of competitions to accomplish your Facebook marketing objectives is a low-cost (and often even simple) method of achieving quantifiable results.

That being said, there are a variety of ways in which Facebook contests should not be conducted, ranging from irritating to outright unlawful.

In this article, we’ll show you how to organize and run a contest that will delight both your audience and your analytics. Bonus: You can get a free eBook that shows you how to convert Facebook traffic into sales in four simple stages using Hootsuite’s marketing automation software.

Facebook contest rules

The regulations for Facebook contests change on a regular basis, so it’s important to remain on top of things. For example, Facebook used to demand that competitions be conducted through third-party applications, but now allows you to run contests directly through the platform, saving you time and money. Say, for example, a regular post from your company’s Facebook page. (Have you created your company’s Facebook page yet? Now is the moment to act.) In addition, several popular forms of contests are no longer permitted on Facebook.

1. You are responsible for running the contest legally

In other words, Facebook will not assist you in avoiding infringing state, provincial, or federal regulations if, for example, you unintentionally conduct a lottery instead of a contest on your page. A hint: a lottery is any contest in which players are forced to pay money in order to participate, such as by purchasing a product.

2. You are responsible for obtaining from participants “a complete release of Facebook” and an acknowledgement that Facebook has nothing to do with the contest

A landing page is a tried-and-true method of storing all of these requirements, notices, and consents in one convenient location. Landing pages provide a variety of other advantages, which we’ll discuss further below.

3. Requiring people to use their personal timelines or friend connections to participate is not allowed

The old regulations are no longer applicable in this situation. It used to be typical practice for contest organizers to ask participants to tag a friend or share a post on their Facebook page. That is no longer the case! Here’s what Facebook has to say about it: “Promotions may be handled on Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, or within Facebook applications.” The use of personal Timelines and friend connections for promotion administration is prohibited (examples include “share on your Timeline to enter” and “share on your friend’s Timeline to gain additional entries,” as well as “tag your friends in this post to enter.” (Source:Facebook) Having said that, the advantages of these most recent adjustments exceed the disadvantages.

The majority of people found those behaviors to be extremely inconvenient.

So, to summarize what is permitted against what is not: Ok:

  • Like this post
  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Like this post Like the comments on this post (i.e., vote with your like)
  • Make a post on the timeline of this Page
  • Send a message to this page
  • Share this post on your social media accounts
  • Make a list of your buddies
  • Spread the word about this post on your friends’ Facebook pages.

One gray area is asking people to like your Facebook page, which is a gray area. Despite the fact that technically this isn’t against the rules, it is not encouraged due to the fact that there is no easy method to trace down the individuals who have done so. Having said that, you may encourage individuals to like your Page while also entering through a less questionable mode of entry.

Facebook contest ideas and examples

So, if our objective is to cut through the nonsense and offer people what they want in order for them to love us, what does a good contest look like in practice? It is dependent on your company’s objectives. Do you want to improve the number of likes and shares on your posts? Or is it awareness along with impressions? Alternatively, perhaps you wish to increase traffic to your website. Certain sorts of contests can be used for both promotional and educational purposes. That example, they can concentrate on one of the aforementioned objectives while concurrently collecting user-generated material for your social media calendar, soliciting comments from the public, or generating high-quality leads for your sales staff.

Taking into consideration the following contest types, pick one that best supports your aims. 1.


A giveaway is, without a doubt, the most straightforward type of contest to operate. The presence of a desirable prize inspires others to take action in the direction of your choosing. It is possible to do a basic action such as like a post or a more involved activity such as creating a video. To thank Absolut supporters in the United Kingdom, the company offered away an all-expenses-paid Coachella weekend. This certainly seemed like the ideal award, at least until the boycott demands for the event began to circulate.

Meanwhile, in order to target a somewhat more precise demographic, this hunting business offered free a huge number of plastic geese—indeed, an abnormally large quantity of plastic geese—to customers.

Consider this: if your geese fullbodies are enticing enough, people will want to spread the word about you on their own initiative, without your involvement.


If you want to spice things up, consider making your gift an all-day affair. Not only will it enhance the likelihood of winning, but returning to your Page numerous times will increase audience retention, ensuring that people remember all of the new good impressions they have about your company. Kettle Brand provided freebies on a daily basis for four days to commemorate the holiday. They encouraged visitors to leave comments specifying their favorite flavor, and on each of the four days, a winner was picked at random to receive either a case of their favorite flavor or, on the fourth day, a year’s supply of the flavor of their choice.

), they get away with it since it’s written in rhyme and is only a recommendation, not a necessity.

Rex Specs, on the other hand, created a similar Christmas countdown.

Brainy contests

You know what folks are crazy with these days and ages? I’m in a good mood. Trivia, skill-testing questions, riddles, and quizzes are all available. Anything that can make a difficult world seem comprehensible for a single pleasurable second is acceptable. A prize combined with a sense of success increases the likelihood of people clicking on your contest. (And in other situations, you may even be able to bypass the award entirely.) One such topic was posed by National Geographic to build anticipation for the second season of their show Genius by asking a difficult question.

The National Geographic Society, in exchange, promised a lavish—but nerdily specific—reward: a jam-packed week in Spain (guided tours of the Alhambra and individual flamenco lessons, anyone?)

Photo contests

There’s a solid reason why photo contests are so popular. Not only do they increase the amount of activity on your Page, but if you have the necessary agreements in place, you can also utilize them to produce user-generated content for inclusion in your marketing calendar. Several hundred newborn images were sent to Johnson’s Myanmar in exchange for some bespoke tins, most of which were already branded with the company’s logo and placed in the company’s special Facebook Frame. Bonus: You can get a free eBook that shows you how to convert Facebook traffic into sales in four simple stages using Hootsuite’s marketing automation software.

  1. Meanwhile, Kellogg’s held a contest in 2014, in which they requested for consumers’ innovative Eggo creations, extending the use of this “versatile canvas” of foods beyond the morning table.
  2. (Did they put together a cookbook?
  3. While Kellogg’s certainly got the social activity (and probably the sales as well, given the size of the cash prize), we’d want to solicit photos that could be used in our social media feeds now and in the future.
  4. As an example, Skies Magazine does not even provide a reward other than public acknowledgement for their work.
  5. A weekly contest is held on the company’s Facebook page, in which followers may vote for their best photo.
  6. Consider these instances of social media contests that resulted in outstanding user-generated content for further inspiration.

Creative crowdsourcing contests

This is a squandered opportunity:But, Demi, what should my reaction be about this? Consider this: If you’ve already persuaded folks to put up the effort to write a word or two, why not challenge them to make those words meaningful? By soliciting input on a new product name or suggestions for improvements, you may gain valuable insight into your company objectives. With one scone, you can feed two birds! In fact, even if you do not have any urgent queries for your clients (and believe me, you have), encouraging your audience to think imaginatively is more enjoyable for them.

Additionally, if you are able to add a photo of a baby animal, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Popularity contests

This is a type of contest in which the people have the authority to determine the winner, rather than depending on a random number generator like When the contest is really inventive, this feature comes in handy since it allows contestants to vote for their favorite contribution by Liking the appropriate comment, photo, or blog post.

There is a benefit to this approach in that it encourages sharing without expressly demanding it. Suppose I want to call the duckling Cage Pooper, I’ll have to urge all of my friends to look at that post and vote for my remark stating that Cage Pooper is the best name for the duckling.

How to run a Facebook contest: 5 tips and best practices

With your Facebook contest, you’ve definitely thought about what you can provide your audience and what you can ask for in return, and you’ve probably come up with a few ideas. Here are some recommended practices to bear in mind while you work out the specifics of your agreement.

1. Target your goals

This contest should directly complement the objectives of your Facebook marketing strategy if you’re going to invest many days—or even weeks—on organizing, advertising, administering, and customer service. Before you begin, consider the following examples of aims and goals from which to draw inspiration:

  • Brand awareness may be raised by increasing the number of impressions
  • Customer affinity can be raised by increasing the number of interactions (likes, shares, comments, and responses)
  • Increase the number of people who click through to a landing page on your website to increase traffic to it. Obtain user-generated material for use in future marketing campaigns. Obtain feedback from the target population on products or services
  • Gathering email addresses will help you identify potential leads.

Then, once you’ve narrowed down your exact objectives, it’ll be much easier to decide out what type of contest to run, as well as the specifics of how you’ll conduct it. Furthermore, because Facebook contests are very quantitative, you will be able to demonstrate your return on investment (ROI) thereafter.

2. Know your audience

You want to attract people who will be interested in your brand rather than folks who are interested in high cash awards (a.k.a. everyone). This is sometimes referred to as the “Don’t Give iPads Away Rule.” Decide on a prize that would be of interest to your ideal consumer. If you have a flagship product or service that you are proud of, this is frequently a good choice since contest participants will self-identify as individuals who are interested in what you have to offer. Yes, people may prefer your product when it’s free, but after they’ve visualized themselves as winners, they’ll have a greater respect for its worth.

  • Avoid selecting a reward at random if you want to broaden the appeal of your contest by delivering a more interesting incentive.
  • What are the values that they identify with?
  • The importance of this is magnified if you’re encouraging individuals to contribute user-generated material because when we’re talking about their brand, things get more personal.
  • For one final point on knowing your audience, you might want to try geo-targeting your postings so that you don’t upset supporters who reside in ineligible locations.
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3. Keep it simple

Because mobile devices account for the great majority of Facebook users, you should design your contest experience to work on a number of devices and operating systems. (I enjoy sending test links to my mother, who is the happy owner of the sole living Blackberry Playbook in the world.) Maintain as little effort as possible on your landing page if one is required for your contest.

Form weariness is a genuine phenomenon. Greedy forms that request information such as zip codes, salary ranges, and your boss’ phone number will result in user drop-off or outright dishonesty on your part.

4. Or make it hard

Creating a high barrier to entry (i.e. anything that requires more than two clicks) can deter the half-hearted and noncommittal from submitting their information if you are trying to filter out low-quality leads or content. If your objective is to collect genuinely excellent user-generated content, then it is possible to make the award stand out from the crowd. If you are breaking the Don’t Give Away iPads Rule by, oh, giving away iPads, then asking people to write a narrative (or, more practically, a review), snap a photo, or produce a video makes sense.

5. Promote your contest

Finally, in order to aid your contest in gaining the traction it need in order to achieve critical mass, make use of your other marketing channels to your advantage. Remember to post about it, promote it in your newsletter, push it through your proprietary app, and so on, whether your contest is limited to Facebook alone or is running simultaneously across all of your social networks. Aside from that, depending on your contest’s commercial objectives, it may be advantageous to promote your contest as a paid Facebook post.

(Having stated that, you will be charged for each lead.) You can effectively manage your Facebook presence by utilizing Hootsuite.

Today is the first day to try it for free.

19 Ways to Create a Facebook Contest Promotion Strategy – Woobox Blog

You’ve probably done it yourself: designed a contest with the perfect reward, only to receive little to no participation. Creating a Facebook giveaway is only half of the game, as many people believe. Constructing a contest promotion plan can help you garner the attention your campaign deserves. To be honest, organic reach on Facebook isn’t the most effective method of advertising. The average organic range of each post is around 6.4 percent of the overall number of likes on the page. As a result, only 64 people may view your post for every 1000 likes it receives.

If you want to maximize your chances of success, you should definitely engage buyers across numerous platforms in order to raise the number of entries into your Facebook contest.

What is a Facebook Contest Promotion Strategy?

A contest marketing plan comprises a list of ways to communicate with your audience as well as the techniques you’ll employ to establish a relationship with your target audience.

In a nutshell, an effective promotion plan is one that makes use of all available platforms to direct people to your Facebook contest. For example, your marketing mix may comprise the following elements:

  • You may do a Facebook Live video to introduce your contest
  • Including a video in your blog article is a good idea. On Twitter, there was a clip of the video

How to Create a Contest Promotion Plan

Once you’ve developed your marketing plan and established your objectives, it’s time to devote your efforts to promoting your Facebook contest. Make a list of all the channels you’ll use to reach your target audience. Among the most popular (and least expensive) methods of expanding your audience and attracting newcomers are the following:

  • Website of the company
  • Email list of subscribers
  • Social media profiles
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Micro-influencers and bloggers
  • And networking contacts

Promote Your Facebook Giveaway on Your Website

Regardless matter how much traffic you receive, there will always be some people who visit your website but do not visit your Facebook page as a result. Please don’t allow those users lose out on your wonderful giveaway opportunity. Instead, use each visit as an opportunity to promote your limited-time gift to as many people as possible.

1. Update Your Website Popup

Increase the number of entries in your Facebook contest by including an exit popup on your website. In the following example, provided by Printful, a popup on the Invision website offers customers the chance to win a t-shirt.

2. Write a Blog Post

Blog entries increase website traffic by providing SEO juice and serving as additional material for social sharing. Furthermore, firms that blog receive two times the amount of traffic from their email as those who do not. When marketing a Facebook contest, consider including a blog post that contains the following information:

  • Distribute specifics regarding the items or services that you’re giving away
  • Tells a tale about how one of your prizes was of assistance to a member of the audience
  • Provides a listicle with all of the many methods to use the things you received in your giveaway

Always include a call-to-action at the conclusion of your blog article that connects readers to your Facebook giveaway contest. Add your blog article or two to your social media planner and share them across a variety of sites as soon as you have them.

3. Display a Notification Bar

Notification bars, sometimes known as floating bars, are a great non-invasive approach to draw attention to your offer without being too bothersome. Inspire readers to take action by including a clear call-to-action and a link to your contest. A countdown or timer may be available depending on the program you’re using, which might help to build anticipation. Hello Bar and Mailchimpboth provide completely cost-free plans for the creation of notification bars.

Incorporate Your Email List

Is everyone on your email list active on Facebook on a regular basis? Perhaps this isn’t the case. Increase the number of views and sign-ups by employing email marketing. Keep in mind to add a call-to-action that will redirect the recipient to your Facebook contest registration page. Additionally, don’t forget to encourage your devoted followers to forward your email to their friends.

4. Deliver a Heads-Up Email

Keep it brief and to the point with an email that seems personalized. Why is your contest of interest to the person who sent you the email? What is the advantage or assistance that your gift provides to your email subscriber?

5. Send a “Last Chance” Email

Make use of the sense of scarcity by sending out a quick email to participants just before your contest finishes. Consider it a nice reminder, while also playing on the fact that your contest will finish in 24-hours and you don’t want your devoted subscriber to miss out on the opportunity.

Post Your Facebook Contest on All Social Platforms

The audience that each social media network attracts may differ from the other, which is why it’s crucial to promote your Facebook contest on many platforms.

It is possible to save time by integrating your promotion with Woobox. Personalize your message and image for each unique social media network in order to achieve the greatest possible outcomes.

6. Create Twitter Posts

Because a tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes on Twitter, you can publish more often than you can on other social media platforms. Create a few different Twitter-sized photos, and then schedule your posts to go live at various times throughout the day to get the maximum impressions possible.

7. Share an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories are expanding at a rate 15 times faster than the feed-based sharing of photos and videos. You may upload photographs of your rewards, play music, and broadcast your live stream. In addition, you may tag other accounts and incorporate more interactive material in your post. Instagram Stories may be used to advertise contests for companies with more than 10,000 followers by including links within your story.

8. Include Your Contest in Instagram Highlights

The disadvantage of Instagram Stories is that they are only available for 24 hours. Instead, utilize the Instagram Highlights tool to preserve your posts so that you can access them later. This places your giveaway in a prominent location in your profile and makes it simple to convert clicks into contest sign-ups for your next contest.

9. Update Your Instagram Bio

By upgrading your bio to include a contest link as well as material that serves as a call-to-action, you can maximize the amount of traction you receive from each profile visit.

10. Post in Facebook Groups

The number of Facebook group members has surpassed one billion, with 200 million of these users belonging to relevant groups. High levels of involvement are found in meaningful groups; as a result, the user’s social experience is enhanced. Make use of groups to your advantage by following the rules of the group and sending out tailored messages. Consider posting a message in groups such as:

  • Neighborhood associations
  • Industry or niche-specific associations
  • Organizations that share gifts

In this case, a user shared a link with a group named Woobox Sweepstakes Giveaways Only, which was created by another user. With thousands of members, it is feasible to build a new following of individuals who have never heard of your company before.

11. Change Your Profile Image

Change the profile picture or cover photo of your company’s Facebook page to attract the attention of Facebook users. This is a great approach to liven things up and raise awareness about your contest without breaking the bank.

12. Hold a Facebook Live Event

As a result of the fact that live videos receive six times the number of interactions as conventional videos, they appear higher in the newsfeed. You may take advantage of this by presenting a live video while promoting your Facebook contest. Even better, you may do it a second time when the contest draws closer to its conclusion.

13. Design a Pinnable Image

Pinterest generates 3.8 times the amount of sales generated by the average digital campaign, which is why few businesses can afford to ignore this social media channel. This social media site is all about inspiration, so show off your festive mood by uploading an attractive photograph to it. In addition, Pinterest links are clickable, and users may search for content using hashtags.

14. Create a YouTube Video

If you’re currently making videos for social media or want to expand your YouTube profile, consider include this platform in your overall marketing strategy.

YouTube allows you to reach a younger audience since it is the second most popular social media network, with 1.9 billion members, and it is the second most visited website in the world.

Leverage Your Loyal Fans

Your most loyal customers are those who are already enthusiastic about your product or service. They may choose to share your content on social media, send a link to your blog through messaging applications, or write a review of their experience on review websites. Do not be scared to reach out and establish a connection with loyal customers who are eager to assist their favorite businesses in need.

15. Connect With Brand Ambassadors

Keep track of who likes, shares, and comments on your content. Before beginning a new Facebook campaign, reach out to your existing fans to gauge their interest. Explain to your brand ambassadors how your giveaway would benefit them and why you wanted your dedicated Facebook fans to be the first to learn about your Facebook competition. Other useful hints are as follows:

  • Provide a URL and a picture that will make it simple for your brand ambassadors to disseminate information about your contest
  • Encourage referrals by asking your loyal customers to forward your email or social media post to their friends and family.

Reach Out to Micro-Influencers and Bloggers

Consumers enjoy sharing fantastic offers with their friends, but strangers are more likely to believe material that originates from people who appear to be ordinary. Make use of this to your advantage by reaching out to a diverse group of individuals who may be interested in sharing your material.

16. Find Bloggers in Your Niche

As a result, bloggers in a range of genres share competitions and giveaways from a variety of businesses because they provide material that their audience wants. To achieve the greatest results, establish a relationship with each blogger before asking them to promote your Facebook contest on their blog or social media profiles.

  • Identify and compile a list of blogs who run competitions or review items that are similar to those in your field. Increase your relationship with them by spreading their content and tagging their brand. In the case that you are planning a giveaway, send an email to bloggers informing them of the event.

17. Nurture Relationships With Micro-Influencers

Few small company owners have the financial resources to court high-profile influencers. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, appear to be more down-to-earth, may have local ties, and have a seven-fold higher engagement rate on Instagram than influencers with bigger followings. Begin by completing the following steps:

  • The process of compiling a list of prospective micro-influencers in your specialty or geographic location contacting micro-influencers and delivering benefit-driven messages to them Influencers should be rewarded with free items or entry into your promotion.

Network with Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and Business Owners

Even in the digital era, the importance of networking cannot be overstated. Please spread the word about your Facebook giveaway to your friends, family, and coworkers. Inform them of your appreciation for their assistance, as well as the reasons why your Facebook contest is worth sharing. Additionally, by collaborating with other businesses, you may broaden your reach.

18. Partner With Other Businesses

Reach out to other company owners and establish connections with them. Then offer to share an upcoming promotion in return for them publicizing yours. You may even think about having a Facebook giveaway that everyone can participate in. In this case, numerous firms teamed together to present rewards from five separate businesses, each of which was unique.

19. Tag Your Tribe

Please consider including the names of any friends, coworkers, or family members who you believe may be interested in your giveaway. You can do so in either your first post or the comments section below. Because you already have a relationship with them, it’s simple to tailor your message while also rewarding them for referring others to your business.


Let the lack of organic reach on Facebook not deter you from reaching your objectives.

Using a Facebook contest marketing technique, you may increase your engagement level and click-through rate by cross-promoting your offer to a larger audience.

Get Help from Woobox Support

Do you want some assistance avoiding these classic Instagram comment giveaway blunders? For assistance, call 1-360-450-5200 or email [email protected] between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday, or visit the Woobox Help Center.

23 Proven Steps for Running a Successful Facebook Contest

Running a successful Facebook contest for your company is not something that happens by accident. It necessitates meticulous preparation and advertising. But. If you use them correctly, they may be a valuable complement to your overall marketing plan. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed firsthand the advantages of this approach. With just one monthly Facebook contest, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Increase the level of involvement. Bring in new connections, and increase the visibility of your page.
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And the good news is. You have the ability to do so as well! The following are the 23 steps that we’ve tried and found to be effective. If you want to organize the finest Facebook contest possible, here’s how to do it! Is it possible to find the Exact Formula for Conquering Facebook Marketing? Here’s Your No-Fail Strategy for Success!

23 Proven Steps For Running A Successful Facebook Contest

More than simply rewarding current customers with prizes, running a contest has many benefits. Creating a well-designed contest is not a one-time occurrence. It feeds into your entire marketing strategy and aids in the achievement of certain objectives. You must be familiar with and grasp the contemporary marketing funnel in order to truly comprehend what you want to get out of a contest. Making the transition from getting clients to engaging them will be a significant gain for your company. Don’t just throw up a contest with a shaky foundation.

“The best marketing contests do one main thing: they focus on leads instead of likes.”Click to Tweet

Because of this, you have a significant amount of worth in contests. In most situations, I’m referring to email addresses when I say “leads.” Getting folks to sign up for your regular email subscriber list is like inviting them into your home, figuratively speaking. The people who will read your material and participate in your events are those who are in your target audience. From there, you can begin developing a client profile and supplying them with the information they require. Promotions with the purpose of increasing likes have their place, but in the majority of situations, they do not result in the generation of solid, qualified leads.

  • More Facebook friends
  • More business recognition
  • New emails and leads
  • User-generated content
  • Crowdsourcing for product development
  • More engaged and loyal fans
  • And more engagement and loyalty. Sales that are completed immediately
  • Awareness of a new product or event
  • Improved understanding of your supporters’ preferences
  • Increased traffic to your e-commerce website

2. Know Your Target Market

When it comes to identifying their target market, one of the most common mistakes firms make is casting a wide net. It’s important to remember that marketing to everyone translates into marketing to no one at all. Because there are so many different demographics and groups of people, you must determine who your product is most suited to serve and target. By focusing on certain demographics, you will receive higher-quality entries for your contest. These will be those who are really interested in your goods or service.

Knowing your target market allows you to conduct more than one contest, each one aimed at a distinct set of people. Using distinct themes and messaging, for example, if your followers are divided between men and women, you may conduct two separate contests for men and women, respectively.

3. Choose the Type of Contest

On Facebook, you may participate in around 15 different sorts of contests. Sweepstakes, picture competitions, and referral promos are the top three marketing strategies for all organizations, in general. Each one has its own set of benefits. When it comes to starting a contest, sweepstakes are a terrific choice, while picture competitions are a great way to engage your audience. Referrals, while more complicated, are an excellent technique to produce new leads for your business.

4. Sweepstakes

These contests are fantastic since they are quite simple for people to participate in. In fact, some organizations receive so many qualified leads from sweepstakes competitions that they conduct them on a monthly basis, creating a sense of anticipation among their target demographic. If you’re hosting a sweepstakes contest, it makes sense to add a pop-up asking participants to like your Facebook page as part of the entry process. People will not be turned away since they will always have the option of not like the page and still being able to participate in the contest if they so want.

5. Photo Contest

Photo competitions are a fantastic source of new visitors. After participants have uploaded their images, you may set up the contest in such a manner that others can vote on the photos they think are the most appealing. The contestants frequently share their entrée with their network, requesting votes from everyone they know. As a result, your company will receive significant exposure. Some firms even select two winners: one from the images submitted and another from a random voter selection.

Another excellent idea is to invite customers to upload photographs of themselves using your product.

These types of photographs are also ideal for usage as user-generated material.

6. Referral Promotion

Referrals are a great source of fresh qualified leads for your company, and they are free. In the case of a mascara brand, everyone who recommends five friends to their business will receive a free mascara from the firm. Those five individuals must also enter by recommending five additional individuals. This is a brilliant piece of marketing! Instead of sending out an advertisement to those who are completely disinterested in cosmetics, this technique encourages people who are already interested in makeup to recommend others who they believe may be interested in the same thing.

7. Determine The Budget and Choose Appropriate Prize

If you want to boost the value of your competitions, you should give away something that is relevant to your company’s operations. To give away, you can give away a gift card to your company, a product that you offer, or a lifetime membership to your content. After all, if your hair salon is giving away an iPad, you will receive entries from people who are interested in receiving a free iPad, not necessarily at your salon.

Furthermore, after the contest has concluded, those individuals will no longer be interested in anything else relating to your company.

8. Choose the Contest Entry Method and Guidelines

You may build your contest in a variety of ways, and there is no one “correct” method to go about it. The important thing is to select the structure and entrance technique that are most compatible with your objectives. Also, make an effort to keep it as basic as you possibly can. To get people to like your page, ask them to give an email address, ask them to answer a question, or upload a video, you may use the following options:

9. High Converting Promotional Page Tips

If you want to design a promotional page that generates a large number of qualified leads, consider the following suggestions:

  • Create a headline that will catch the reader’s attention. Use phrases like “ultimate,” “free,” “amazing,” and “major” since they tend to work the best for you. Make use of a professional-looking image (rather than one found from a Google search)
  • Create a succinct description, such as: What is the nature of the promotion? What is the procedure for entering? If there is a lot of information to convey, use bullet points. Display a conspicuous call-to-action button, such as the ENTER key
  • Consider utilizing a countdown clock to increase the sense of urgency. Create a straightforward form: In general, unless the reward is really valuable, only ask for a name and email address. Anything else will have a negative impact on your conversion rate.

10. Determine Your Contest Time Frame

Decide how long your contest will be open for entries. Making use of a seasonal time frame, a limited offer, and a rapid marketing will always increase the likelihood of a conversion. A month is the typical duration of a contest, but two weeks may be sufficient for your promotion if you believe there will be enough participants within that time period. The goal is to keep it going for long enough for people to hear about it from their friends and come in. If you’re a well-known company, you may even conduct promotions that are only valid for one day, capitalizing on the public’s feeling of urgency.

If this is your first contest, start with a month’s worth of entries.

11. Contest Ideas: Like to Win Contest

Because it is so simple to like a post or photo, a like to win contest produces a great deal of interaction. Consider running this sort of contest if your objective is to increase interaction rather than gather email addresses for your list. It’s ideal for tiny promotional items. Users might be asked to “like” a post, a photo, a video, or a status update by using the “like” button. Then, in order to select a winner, choose someone who expressed interest in the post at random.

12. Comment to Win

Because it’s so simple to like a post or photo, a like to win contest produces a lot of interaction. Consider running this sort of contest if your objective is to increase interaction rather than earn email subscribers. You may use it to give away smaller items. A user can be asked to “like” a post, a photo, a video, or a status update by asking them to click “like.” To determine a winner, choose someone who liked the post at random from among those who shared it on social media.

13. Like and Comment

You may have the best of both worlds by asking your fans to like AND comment on your post in order to be eligible to enter the contest. This way, you’ll receive both engagement and involvement from your audience. However, because you’re asking more of your followers to participate, make sure to offer away something more substantial. Remember, the greater the amount of work your followers must expend in order to enter, the greater the reward.

14. Caption Contest

Photo caption competitions are enormously popular these days. They are generally amusing, and they are a terrific way to inspire your followers to think beyond the box.

Post a hilarious photo and ask for captions from your followers. You may even solicit suggestions from your followers for the name of a new product. In addition to providing them with a sense of ownership in your product, this will produce ideas for you.

15. Fill-in-the-Blank Contest

This is the most simple contest in which to participate. Create an unfinished statement and ask your audience to fill in the blanks. Perhaps something along the lines of “Oreo cookies make every day a little “. Because it is simple for individuals to participate, you will receive a large number of entries. All they have to do is come up with one clever phrase. This sort of event is generally rather entertaining, and it is excellent for increasing participation. If you’re not feeling particularly creative and are having trouble coming up with the ideal fill-in-the-blank, simply take a look inside Post Planner for some inspiration.

16. Q A Contest

Ask your followers a question you believe they will be interested in answering, and encourage them to submit the proper response. A second option is to ask your audience to select between two options. One method to accomplish this is through the items you carry, as this will provide you with a great deal of vital feedback from your target demographic. You can also utilize entertaining pop culture subjects such as “Batman vs. Superman – who would win?” or “Batman vs. Superman – who would win?”

17. Crowdsource Contest

People are enthusiastic about providing comments. Make use of this opportunity by asking them a question. There are several approaches that may be used to do this. You may crowdsource things by asking your followers to help you select a new logo, book title, or book cover, or even decide on the topic of your next blog post, among other things. Your followers will feel as though they were involved in the decision-making process, and you will be able to use their input to improve your marketing efforts.

18. Promote Your Facebook Contest

You must get your contest in front of as many people as possible, and the following are some suggestions on how to properly market it:

  • Send out e-mails to your contacts anticipation should be built before to the commencement of the event. You can provide subscribers an extra entry and send emails to certain demographics
  • However, this is not recommended. Make a campaign hashtag and write a blog post about the contest. In addition, attempt to get other bloggers to write about the campaign. Provide other promoters with the script code so that they may incorporate it into their own websites. Post Planner makes it simple to schedule and send out promotional content on Facebook and Twitter.

19. Ways to Promote the Contest

During your campaign, share new content on Facebook and your other social media platforms twice a day, at least. Mention that it is only available for a short period and is only available to fans. Don’t forget to include high-quality photographs of the reward in your submission. Don’t lose out on the possibility to cross-promote your contest on all of the other social media platforms where you are present. You may also create a Facebook advertisement to reach your target demographic.

20. Monitor and Tweak your Contest

Always make decisions based on data. Review your contest’s results throughout and after it to determine what is working and what is not. To gain a better understanding of your audience, keep track of any surges in traffic that occur at various times or from different platforms. Perhaps they are more involved on Instagram, or perhaps they are more active in the evening.

You may use A/B testing to evaluate which elements are working the best and make adjustments as needed. Don’t forget to make adjustments if anything isn’t working properly. Here are a few key performance indicators to keep an eye out for:

  • Participant count, likes and shares, new emails, new Facebook fans, product sales, and so on.

21. Post-Contest and Follow-Up

Although it may appear that the purpose of a contest is to get people enthusiastic about a prize, the true value comes from being able to follow up with each and every contestant that enters. As a result, even if the contest is ended, your work is not. You may send out an email to participants to provide them extra opportunities to interact with you and your material. Give them a consolation reward, such as a discount voucher, and employ drip email marketing to keep your brand’s name in front of more people.

Instead, give that connection time and attention.

22. Notify the Winner

Following the selection of your winner, publicly congratulate them on Facebook so that others can:

  1. Check to see whether there was in fact a genuine winner
  2. Inspire them to become enthusiastic about the next campaign you run by reminding them that the next person featured may be them.

23. Other Ways to Follow Up

There are a variety of methods for staying in touch with and following up with contestants. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make a blog entry about it
  • Send follow-up emails to those who have responded
  • Share value with them and invite them to your next campaign if it is appropriate. Inviting them to visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter
  • Mention any new or limited-time offers

Final Thoughts

Including Facebook competitions in your marketing initiatives is an important aspect of a successful plan. People enjoy receiving things, thus holding competitions will result in greater participation from followers. Furthermore, involvement broadens your reach, exposing your firm to a whole new set of customers. You will have the opportunity to develop new contacts, improve sales, and drive traffic to your website from that point. So go ahead and get started right now. I’d be interested in hearing how your contests play out!

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