How To Attract Top Talent With A Linkedin Company Page? (Solution)

3 Ways Executives Can Use LinkedIn to Attract Top Talent

  1. Create an effective executive profile:
  2. Control your privacy confidentiality:
  3. Efficiently connect with the people that matter:
  4. Leverage your network to source top talent:
  5. Identify who in your network can tell you more:

How do you attract top talents to a company?

Attracting Top Talent to Your Company

  1. Create a talent pipeline.
  2. Advertise what sets you apart.
  3. Leverage your internal team.
  4. Stand out as an employer of choice.
  5. Create brand awareness through social media.
  6. Education and community outreach.
  7. Host an open house or job fair.
  8. Create a great experience for candidates.

How do you attract employees on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps to use LinkedIn to hire the top talent:

  1. 1.1. Create a Company Profile.
  2. 1.2. Post Job Openings on LinkedIn.
  3. 1.3. Create a Group and Stay Active.
  4. 1.4. Use InMail to Reach Candidates.
  5. 1.5. Use an ATS to Post Jobs and Screen Candidates.

How do you attract top talent to your company in 2021?

Recruiting Strategies: How to Attract Top Talent in 2021

  1. Consider Your Employer Brand.
  2. Tap Into Diverse Talent Pools.
  3. Recruit From Within.
  4. Start an Employee Referral Program.
  5. Reach Out to Former Employees.
  6. Offer Flexibility.
  7. Lead With Compassion.
  8. Leverage Technology in the Hiring Process.

How do you source on LinkedIn?

If you want to search resumes on LinkedIn and find strong candidates faster, there are a few important steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Narrow down your job requirements.
  2. LinkedIn Advanced Search—use People Search.
  3. Enter parameters benefitting your job requirements.
  4. View profiles of prospects and narrow your criteria further.

How do companies attract new employees?

9 Effective Ways to Attract Employees to Your Business

  1. Create a consistent message.
  2. Develop an employer brand that reflects your business.
  3. Define your company culture.
  4. Treat your current employees with respect.
  5. Offer competitive benefits/perks.
  6. Network with potential talent at virtual and in-person industry events.

How do you attract employees today?

The Great Talent Migration: Four Ways To Attract And Retain

  1. Make Flexibility > Perks.
  2. Adopt An “ABR” (Always Be Recruiting) Mindset.
  3. Re-Think The 9-to-5 Workday.
  4. Know Your “Talent Net Worth”

How do you attract employees at 2021?

The Top 3 Tips for Attracting New Talent in 2021

  1. Offer remote work or flexible hours. Being able to work remotely from home and having the freedom and flexibility to manage their own schedules is quickly becoming expected by top talent in most industries.
  2. Broaden the scope of your search.
  3. Focus on skills and experience.

What is talent sourcing?

Talent sourcing refers to the process of identifying, researching, generating, and networking with potential job candidates in order to convert individuals into job applicants.

How do I write a better source on LinkedIn?

Top Recruiters Share Their Favorite Sourcing Hacks

  1. Use tree ring sourcing to start with a narrow search of ideal candidates and expand if necessary.
  2. Look through your co-workers LinkedIn connections to find referrals.
  3. Use calendar “chunking” to get more out of your day.

What is deep sourcing?

I.e. Information gathering; tactical planning; channel development; creation and development of talent communities. Deep Sourcing: Micro managing these talent communities to maximize their potential. Making individual contact with and introducing the prospects to the specific organization we are working with.

How to Attract Top Talent on LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn to Find and Hire Top Talent Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Are you looking for new talent on the social media web? For the most majority of recruiters these days, the answer to that query begins and stops with LinkedIn. When Facebook was first introduced in the early 2000s as a clumsy networking tool, it was hailed as “the most significant advancement in social networking for business.” LinkedIn presently adds two new users per second, bringing its total user base to more than 200 million individuals globally, according to the company.

Jason Smith, senior vice president at recruiting agency KNF T Staffing and Resources, recently told The Boston Globe that LinkedIn has become a “must have” in his profession.

The widespread use of LinkedIn by recruiting managers may be both a gift and a burden.

Sorting through dozens of possibilities, on the other hand, may be both difficult and annoying, particularly since many LinkedIn members are already working.

Get Your Employees Talking About Your Company

According to LinkedIn, the most popular activity on the site is browsing through member profiles and professional profiles. Inviting your current employees to participate in a debate about your business culture is an excellent approach to give prospective employees a behind-the-scenes peek at your workplace. Inform your present employees as well as potential candidates when you are looking to fill a job at the organization. Thus, they will be able to network for you through LinkedIn (as well as Facebook and Twitter).

  • Fill in the blanks with examples of how people operate at your organization and what it’s like to be a part of the team.
  • You may also post job openings on this website.
  • Create an option for email notifications that will notify candidates of job vacancies as positions become available.
  • Find and engage with candidates who are not interested in working.
  • 20% of LinkedIn members are active, indicating they are actively seeking employment, with the remaining 80% consisting of job holders who are not actively seeking employment.
  • It is not sufficient to just post a position on LinkedIn and assume that the most qualified individual would apply automatically.
  • Once again, your present employees may be a tremendous asset in the search for new talent.
  • Fill out the summary area of your LinkedIn profile with information about your abilities and the characteristics that distinguish you from other organizations.
  • Look for employees on other social media platforms with whom you can establish a connection and who have relevant expertise for the position you’re trying to fill.

Generally speaking, this information is available for free, and it may help you find better fits for your open positions (as well as provide you with insight into the candidate’s personal character).

Highlight Impact in the Job Description

Quality prospects are unlikely to leave a present employment unless they have strong reasons to do so other than a wage increase. According to Roulades, passive applicants on LinkedIn are 120 percent more likely than active candidates to wish to make a difference at their place of employment (current and future). In the job description, emphasize the importance of the position’s influence – explain to potential prospects why this task is important or how it will allow him or her to make a difference.

  1. Make a list of the characteristics that prospective candidates should possess, and make sure that you include them in the job description.
  2. When recruiting online, it’s critical to interact with potential workers by demonstrating the human aspect of your organization.
  3. According to Roulades, one method is to create job titles that are excessively crazy.
  4. If a job seeker is seeking for a position in the sales area, he or she will not intentionally search for terms such as “Kick-Ass Seller.” By using simple, more conventional job titles, LinkedIn’s algorithms can put their power to work for you and match your position with qualified candidates.
  5. When a software business posted a job description for an office manager, they went a bit far, and the result was hilarious.
  6. Instead of attempting to be web 1.0 and failing terribly, use your firm’s voice to communicate your corporate culture.

13 Strategies For Attracting Qualified Candidates On LinkedIn –

LinkedIn is one of the most effective recruitment platforms available today. Due to the fact that roughly 45 million LinkedIn profiles are read each day, it is not unexpected that recruiters have turned to this valuable resource as a primary source for drawing new prospects and clients to their organizations. As a business, LinkedIn is no longer an optional tool; it has become an essential recruitment tool. If you are not an active participant, you will be left behind in the competitive recruiting environment of today.

Listed below is the actionable advice you require to identify eligible prospects on LinkedIn:

1. Build Recruiter’s Personal Brands

For today’s recruiters, it is essential that they think and behave like marketers in order to create their brand and attract the most qualified applicants based on their industry reputation.

LinkedIn is a critical tool for building a professional identity, and it all starts with these personal profile requirements:

  • Headlines that catch the reader’s attention and professional summaries Links to your company’s website as well as your other social media profiles
  • Profile images that are professional
  • Recommendations from other users
  • And more. Their certificates, credentials, and talents are described in detail.

In your role as CEO, it is your responsibility to offer your recruiters with the resources they require in order to create great personal profile pages, which are the first step in leveraging the power of LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

2. Measure Their Success

Following the establishment of a recruiter’s profile on LinkedIn, they may begin to pay attention to what is happening next. If you want your staff to explore further and convert their pages into great recruitment resources, simply establishing a profile and walking away won’t cut it. The ability to access data-rich analytics is one of LinkedIn’s most valuable advantages. What can be measured can be modified, and knowing the significance of metrics is the first step in your recruiters’ ability to use their profile pages for the purpose of attracting applicants.

As a result, you should encourage your recruiters to set development goals for themselves in order to reap the maximum value from maintaining their pages and expanding their networks.

3. Build Your Company Brand

In the same way that recruiters must promote themselves on LinkedIn, CEOs must advertise their companies as an umbrella for the personal brands of their recruiters. Similar to what your recruiters accomplished for their personal pages, your firm requires a page of its own, with the following objectives in mind.

  • When speaking to your target audience of job searchers and clients, you should: Identify and describe your firm’s specializations and areas of competence The creation of valuable content and social media postings to entice followers to interact with your company

One of your recruitment team members who is devoted and has a solid understanding of data and analytics should be in charge of evaluating the effectiveness of your corporate profile page, which should be measured by the number of followers, user interaction, posts watched, and new leads. Furthermore, your analytics will provide you with crucial insights into the performance of your competition as well as demographic information about your followers. These indicators are essential for optimizing the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool for your organization.

4. Engage Candidates Through Recruiter’s Personal Pages

In the process of building your recruiter’s brand, creating a personal LinkedIn profile page is a vital step. However, the work does not stop after the page is published. That is only the beginning of the story. To engage with their followers, your recruiters must cultivate those connections as established leaders, which they may do by posting status updates on their own profile sites. The following are the two primary candidate engagement streams on LinkedIn that your recruiters should pay special attention to:

Balanced Content

Status updates provide your recruiters the opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries, concentrating on the fields in which they specialize. This entails providing relevant articles and other educated information on a regular basis for followers to read and incorporate into their own knowledge base. Content should be multi-dimensional in order to appeal to candidates’ diverse learning styles and methods of absorbing new knowledge.

Visual posts, video material, infographics, and presentation slides uploaded to a social media platform are all examples of powerful and engaging content that they may share with their followers.

Interaction with Connections

As the name implies, social media is intended to be just that: social. It is possible that your recruiters aren’t taking full use of the possibilities for candidate relationships since they are posting updates without communicating with other users. Encouraging your recruiters to connect with their networks will go a long way toward developing a strong presence as an authority on industry-specific knowledge and generating a strong presence as a thought leader on those subjects. Specifically, for your recruiters, this means include certain followers or prospects in their status updates in order to reach out to niche audiences that are interested in specific material.

5. Build Your Firm’s Presence Through Company Status Updates

Company status updates represent a tremendous chance for your company to lay the groundwork for developing a strong brand presence in the recruiting industry. The types of information that you may put on your company’s LinkedIn profile are virtually limitless in terms of their variety. Encourage your users to like and support your material by directing them to your corporate page administrator, who will submit content in accordance with the parameters outlined below for effective posts:

  • Get specific – Directly address your core candidate groups with material that is relevant to their interests. Make use of a variety of media channels, such as video, image-rich posts, presentation slides, and videos
  • Use numerous media channels Post material on a regular basis that is relevant to each of your company’s target audiences. Make use of your current material — Look to your corporate newsletters, blog postings, and social media feeds for ideas on how to repurpose content for your LinkedIn audience. Maintain a sense of novelty by include a variety of various sorts of material, ranging from essays to brand marketing pieces to reporting on current industry trends. Enhance its digital friendliness by composing shorter pieces that are brief and to the point. Pay attention to how you can distinguish your articles from those of your rivals by analyzing their pages and avoiding duplicate material
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It’s time to start recruiting now that your recruiters and your firm have rock-solid profile sites that are content-rich and engage your target audience.

6. Evaluate the Market

Passive individuals who are gainfully employed yet approachable when it comes to discussing new employment options may be found in droves on social media sites such as LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn statistics, 85 percent of the professionals in their network are accessible, which means that they are eager to hear from you about relevant job vacancies even if they are not actively seeking employment themselves at the moment.

7. Get Schooled in Searches

Your recruiters must understand the art of doing the right search in order to succeed. Candidates should be sought after by your recruiters, who should be familiar with how to utilize basic search features to either widen, narrow, or advance your search based on various factors. The ability to profit from your own network, save your results, and join specialized groups that target the demographic you’re searching for are all possible with advanced searches.

8. Grow Your Talent Pool

Your talent pool is a collection of warm prospects that are prepped and eager to start working for you. Having a small pool of qualified prospects to draw from saves you from having to reinvent the wheel with each search and keeps relevant candidates at the fingertips of your recruiters.

Having access to higher-quality applicants helps your recruiters to focus their efforts on a smaller number of high-potential individuals. This allows them to respect the candidate’s time while yet remaining visible and available to job searchers who are part of that core set of candidates.

8. Master In-Mail Techniques

After your recruiters have identified groups of individuals, they will be able to interact with them directly through direct contact. Make use of the following suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of reaching out to prospects on an individual basis:

  • Attract their attention by explaining why you choose to contact them in particular. Demonstrate exclusivity– Demonstrate why they are a good fit for your company. Maintain a conversational tone– Brief and pleasant messages are the most well-received. Pay attention to what they have to say
  • Find out what interests them. Discuss the opportunity rather than re-posting the job description — candidates are already aware with your offers or can locate further information on your company website if you choose to do so. This is your opportunity for genuine participation rather than business as usual
  • Make use of good timing– Weekends are not the best times to reach out to someone. During the greatest outcomes, try to schedule your appointment for a weekday morning. Having patience is important since being aggressive will turn candidates off from future interactions with your recruiters
  • Provide a call to action– Be extremely clear about what the next steps are and who is in charge of the ball
  • Include a conclusion. Test your outreach– It will take some time and effort for your recruiters to perfect their LinkedIn in-mail method. When your recruiters test multiple techniques in a systematic manner, they can observe what works for them and adjust what isn’t working.

10. Create a Brilliant Job Description

A excellent job description is more than just a list of responsibilities and expectations, as every recruiter in your organization is well aware. The devil is in the details when it comes to attracting the greatest prospects to your job postings:

  • Use a straightforward title and leave the creative thinking to the explanation
  • To make your writing more readable, write in a conversational tone. Highlight the implications of the stance for your firm as well as the industry as a whole
  • Make it user-friendly on mobile devices

11. Post and Promote to Targeted Candidates

If you don’t get your post in front of the correct people, it’s not going to do you any good. You must follow up with the top search matches, target their outreach through their search parameters, and increase the reach of your employment opportunities through social media platforms in order to get your job openings seen by the greatest talent. The greater the number of targeted, high-quality prospects who read your posts, the greater the likelihood that your company will be successful in using LinkedIn to make successful placements.

12. Measure Your Firm’s Success

Your recruiters will gain valuable insights into key information by monitoring the activity of your job. This knowledge will impact the way your recruiters utilize LinkedIn in the future. You can discover the following things via targeted analytics:

  • Your recruiters will get valuable insights regarding your job’s activity by tracking it. This information will help change the way your recruiters utilize LinkedIn in the future. You can learn the following things using targeted analytics:.

13. Create New Leads

If your recruiters know where to look, they will be able to locate you for your next excellent job in no time. A competent recruiter isn’t satisfied to rest on their laurels when they’re constantly on the lookout for fresh leads, both for their customers and for potential prospects. When it comes to discovering new business for your company, career pages, accessing alumni pages, utilizing search alerts, and keeping track of who has visited your recruiters’ profiles are all excellent places to start.

LinkedIn As a Powerful Recruitment Resource

The professional networking site LinkedIn is much more than a basic social media platform; it is a goldmine of information for both recruiters and job seekers. Create a platform for prospects to engage with your recruiters and a showcase of your recruiters’ abilities within the job placement business to help them make more professional contacts and secure more employment chances. With the ability to concentrate their efforts on targeting key categories within the LinkedIn talent pool, the possibilities for job-candidate matches are virtually unlimited.

About TrackerRMS

When used in conjunction with TrackerRMSrecruitment agency software, LinkedIn will quickly become one of your company’s most effective resources for finding people and matching prospects with openings. To learn more about incorporating our recruiting software into your company’s strategy plan for matching candidates with job openings and achieving success in every match, please contact us online.

How To Use LinkedIn To Hire Top Talent For Your Company

Hanson Cheng contributes a guest blog post. LinkedIn has almost 740 million users spread across 200 countries, making it a vast pool of highly qualified professionals. LinkedIn may not be as popular as social media platforms such as Facebook or TikTok, but it is extremely effective for professional networking. It is without a doubt the largest and most reputable platform for serious professionals who want to progress their professions but don’t have time to watch cat videos on the internet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hire full-time employees or freelancers, flexible telecommuters or employees who are physically present in the office; LinkedIn has you covered. Here’s how to utilize LinkedIn to find and hire top-tier employees for your organization.

1. Have A Solid Company Profile

It’s not only about assessing potential workers when it comes to attracting great talent. Candidates want to discover if a possible employer is a fraud or a legitimate company, whether it is dull or interesting, whether it is out of date or current. When they first discover about your organization, their first port of contact is your LinkedIn profile. Exceptionally talented individuals are choosy about who they work with, and if your website does not impress them, they will not even bother to apply.

  • A visually arresting header picture that will halt users in their tracks
  • A fascinating company description that succinctly summarizes who you are and what you do is essential. A link to your website, so that consumers may visit it to learn more about your company
  • Here are a few employee testimonials to give you an idea of the business culture. Users are drawn in by a dynamic video that is immediately engaging. Simple, conversational tone that avoids dull, pointless commercial jargon. a consistent supply of new, fascinating material that encourages participation
  • And

Here’s an example of a well-written page from Panda Docs.

2. Create An Enticing Job Description

You should develop an enticing job description if you want to recruit the top of the best people to your organization. Unfortunately, many recruiters don’t put much consideration into their job descriptions. As a result, they are unable to attract the cream of the crop candidates. Become a savvy recruiter. Construct an enticing job description that will cause prospects to leap at the chance to work with you. Let’s take a look at the four essential elements of a compelling job description. Humans are self-centered creatures.

  1. Other work advantages, such as bonuses, health insurance, a career path, paid time off, professional development, a wellness program, meal supply, and so on, should be piled on top of the income until the candidate drools in delight.
  2. Describe what it’s like to be a part of your team.
  3. It is human nature to desire to be a part of something greater than oneself.
  4. Gifted individuals want to collaborate with companies that have a defined objective and whose values they embrace.
  5. Why?
  6. Because people are naturally interested, and if you withhold certain delicious details, the fascination will compel them to reach out and seek answers on their own initiative.

3. Leverage InMail

Isn’t it true that up to 87 percent of professionals who use LinkedIn are open to new employment opportunities? Did you know that? If you’re doing a recruiting effort, this is encouraging news. Don’t be afraid to send an InMail to someone you believe would be a good fit for your position. It’s likely that they’d welcome the opportunity to consider any proposals that may assist them progress their careers. People are aspirational and seek to advance up the business hierarchy. They are looking for work in a passive manner and will gladly quit their current position if a fantastic chance presents themselves.

  • That’s all there is to it.
  • By combining InMail and email, our colleagues over at Marketer Hire have achieved considerable success.
  • This accomplishes two objectives.
  • Some people only check their InMail messages once or twice a week.

Additionally, by incorporating a second communication route, you ensure that your message reaches the prospect in question. Second, because email is more personal than a direct message on a public platform, you will receive a response far more quickly.

4. Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter provides an advanced search option that can assist you in finding the appropriate individuals more quickly and efficiently than ever before. From $100 a month and above, you may utilize the service’s talents to find A-list players to represent your company or organization. You can do the following with LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • Seek for prospect profiles outside of your own network
  • Make a note to yourself to follow up with possible workers. Candidates may be found using more than 20 sophisticated search parameters, such as present or previous employers, seniority level, job titles, and years of experience, among others. Send up to 25 bulk InMails to reach a greater number of prospects in less time. Interact with a large number of users from a single account
  • Obtain suggestions for someone who meets your requirements and is willing to hear from you
  • You’ll have access to proven outreach templates that you can customize
  • Employers can collaborate more easily if candidate profiles are shared with recruiting managers.

The following is an example of the type of information you may discover inside LinkedIn Recruiter.

6. Scout Out LinkedIn Communities

LinkedIn Groups are another another resource for finding top-tier experts to fill your job opportunities, and they are free to join. However, you should begin by establishing a solid foundation of consistent payments first. By doing so, you position yourself as a brand that is visible, cool, and competent in its field. In any group, the cream always rises to the top, no matter how large or little. Yes, job postings should be posted to see if anyone is interested. Having said that, there are other, more subtle methods of locating top-tier employees.

  1. People that submit great specialized material that get likes and comments are the ones to target. Keep an eye out for people who are willing to go the extra mile to assist their fellow group members. Take note of users who are highly recommended by their peers since they possess something unique

Once you’ve determined who you want to contact, make contact with them.

LinkedIn: A Rich Talent Pool For Smart Employers

The professional networking site LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding qualified employees. Premier talent is the driving force behind great businesses, as well as their best-kept secret. They will elevate the status of your organization to a whole new level, therefore you should leave no stone unturned in your quest for them. Make use of LinkedIn’s convenient free and premium tools to find and employ great talent for your organization right now.

11 Ways to Get Your Company Noticed on Linkedin

LinkedIn differs from other social networking services in several ways. What is the reason behind this? LinkedIn is designed specifically for business-to-business networking. In this environment, your workers and fans actively want to develop personal relationships with your brand. Organizations shouldn’t underestimate the power of using LinkedIn to create business outcomes, improve brand recognition, and promote their career possibilities as well as their company culture and values, all while informing existing and future consumers about their goods and services.

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Making a compelling LinkedIn page that your target audience and potential workers want to connect with requires time and resources, which must be allocated accordingly to ensure success.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn page for your company, you can get one up right now by clicking here.

Why is LinkedIn such an effective recruiting channel?

It’s vital to remember that LinkedIn is not a social networking site in the traditional sense. Despite the fact that it is sometimes lumped in with social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is actually a professional networking site. As a result, its principal goal is to provide a convenient platform for organizations and applicants to network in one location.

Because of LinkedIn’s broad recruitment and targeting tools, it has become vitally essential for firms seeking to target both passive and active prospects, particularly in white collar positions.

Top ways to improve your LinkedIn company profile

No matter if your target audience is looking for your company or industry on LinkedIn directly, or whether they are searching for subjects connected to your company or industry on a search engine, a well optimized corporate page will assure exposure. To optimize their firm’s LinkedIn profile for search and generate traffic to their page, every successful organization has taken advantage of keywords, links, and relevant material. Using keywords to optimize your page means include terms across your page that best describe who you are and what you do.

Sites like as Moz and SemRushprovide excellent insight into how your company ranks online and will offer suggestions on which keywords to utilize to optimize your company’s web pages and other marketing materials.

The most basic technique is to include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your website, company blog, and any other marketing materials you may have available for distribution.

Public posts on LinkedIn will display in Google’s search results if they are visible to the public.

2.Engage Your Employees

The most valuable resource you will have when it comes to establishing an audience on LinkedIn will be your staff. In the case of LinkedIn, workers have an average of 10 times more first-degree connections than a corporate page has followers, according to the social media platform. Companies that actively interact with their workers through employee advocacy programs are 58 percent more likely to recruit top talent to their organization, which comes as no surprise given the research. Employers may help their companies by adding their employment position to their own LinkedIn profiles and following your company page.

According to LinkedIn, postings that include a picture receive 98 percent more comments.

This has the potential to significantly increase your reach.

3.Ask questions

The longer your post generates answers in the comments area, the longer it will be visible on the LinkedIn timeline and the greater the amount of exposure it will receive in the search results. The greater the number of eyes, the better. Asking a question will help you to engage with your network. This question will not only appear in the LinkedIn feeds of your followers, but if any of your followers respond, their responses will display in the feeds of their followers as well.

Make sure any questions you ask are relevant and linked to your sector so that your audience is more likely to respond.

4.Share employees Success

When an individual performs admirably at work or achieves a significant milestone, let the world know! Send out news about your employees’ accomplishments to your company’s followers, whether it’s about them succeeding in a project, writing an article, or getting recognized in the press themselves. Give a shout-out to that employee by include their name in the post. Individualized postings will be more likely to be shared by employees, resulting in your corporate page gaining significantly more visibility and reaching more like-minded individuals in their network.

5. Use hashtags

Using hashtags in your postings is a great method to guarantee that your LinkedIn profile is seen by as many people as possible. In this case, your article will be seen by individuals who search for that phrase on LinkedIn, increasing the likelihood that they will engage with your material. Even while you have the freedom to use as many hashtags you like, it is advised that you limit yourself to no more than five for the highest engagement rates.

6.Sponsor Your Best Content

If you see that a certain piece of content is performing well, you may increase its reach by sponsoring the piece of content. The use of LinkedIn text advertisements, sponsored InMail messages, and video are all effective methods of reaching a larger audience. Text, graphic, and video advertising are all pay-per-click or pay-per-impression, and they’ll display on the LinkedIn homepage, profile pages, and inside groups if you’re interested in promoting your business. Sponsored InMails allow you to reach your target audience’s LinkedIn inbox in the same way that email marketing does, without spending any money.

When it comes to picking your audience and how to reach them, LinkedIn’s sponsored content gives you the ability to be quite specific depending on your objectives.

7.Choose Brand Ambassadors and Become active members of LinkedIn groups

Participating in LinkedIn groups on a regular basis can assist to increase the number of views and followers on your company’s profile. Selection of firm employees to serve as brand ambassadors on behalf of the organization is essential. The goal of this is to elevate your organization to the position of industry leaders. These ambassadors should be a diverse group of individuals with differing levels of expertise and who work in a variety of different roles within the company. The most crucial characteristic shared by all of your ambassadors is their ability to communicate favorably and successfully convey your company’s values, culture, and mission.

This is a fantastic opportunity to establish contacts with other individuals and firms in your sector, particularly those who are not part of your direct professional network.

This will recommend a number of groups that are connected to your page and the material you are interested in engaging with.

You may also start your own LinkedIn group, which is a fantastic method. Begin by encouraging your followers to join the conversation and then continue the dialogue by asking questions. INSERT-CTA

8.Use showcase pages

Showcase pages function in the same way as a subdomain of your corporate page. Using these focus pages to draw attention to key items or service offerings inside your company might help you grow your customer base. Individual highlight pages that users are interested in can be followed by other LinkedIn members. As a result, building these kinds of relationships is quite beneficial. Nurture this audience by providing them with regular updates and thorough information on topics in which they have expressed an interest.

9.Respond to every comment on your posts (within reason)

Engaging with folks who leave comments on your postings can have a significant beneficial impact on the image of your company. Take, for example, organizations like as Dell, who have benefited from the usage of Glassdoor. Their recruitment marketing campaign has benefited by responding to as many Glassdoor evaluations as possible, and they have made it a central element of their plan.

10.Learn with LinkedIn analytics

Is it difficult to understand why your post engagement and reach are excellent one day and disappointing the next? If you publish in the morning or after office hours, you will most likely receive the greatest amount of likes and comments on your posts, according to LinkedIn’s study. Despite the fact that this is not always the case for everyone. Fortunately, LinkedIn provides thorough information, allowing you to determine which days and hours are most productive for your company. The type of material your audience wants to connect with will also become obvious over time as your audience grows in size.

If you want to advertise your posts, the analytics will help you better target your audience.

11.Host an event and promote it on LinkedIn’s event platform

After tantalizing users with the prospect of an events function for more than a year, LinkedIn officially introduced its events platform last month. The functionality may be similar to that of Facebook events, which makes the process of putting up events straightforward. Even sponsoring monthly gatherings, where workers may invite their LinkedIn network for drinks and pizza after office hours, is a wonderful approach to develop active professional communities while also recruiting top-tier talent to your company.

Engaging with potential candidates online is an effective recruitment marketing approach since it allows you to establish a true connection with them.

This is where Occupop can be of assistance!

What is Occupop?

Occupopis is a smart recruiting software solution that was created with your hiring requirements in mind. Post jobs to more than 20 employment channels at the same time, including your LinkedIn profile, job boards, and social media networks. Our artificial intelligence system can even assist you in sending emails, filtering CVs, and scheduling interviews.

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7 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page More Attractive

In order to succeed in business, you must have a dynamic and actively performing LinkedIn company profile. When it comes to attracting the most qualified people for your company, LinkedIn is a valuable resource to have. These days, businesses are aware of the power of this social media network from the standpoint of marketing and brand awareness. As a result, many of them have LinkedIn sites that are a little more professional looking than the inflated “About Us.” Despite the fact that LinkedIn is not as flashy as Instagram or as widely used as Facebook, it is still a useful tool.

It is essential for businesses to maintain an active LinkedIn corporate profile in order to attract top-tier prospects and influence prospective clients.

Here are seven practical measures that can assist you in improving and expanding your company’s LinkedIn presence:

Complete the LinkedIn Company Page Basics

Obtain all of the necessary information before creating your LinkedIn company profile so that you can turn it into a valuable marketing resource for your firm. This implies that your page must have the following information:

  • Detailed company information, including industry, firm size, and business/company type
  • A corporate logo (300 300 pixels preferable) and slogan
  • An external website link
  • And contact information. Description of the company (250 to 2,000 characters), using industry keywords

Company name and home page URL; external website link; company data, including industry, company size, and business/corporate type; company logo (300 300 pixels preferable) and tagline; company description; Use industry-specific keywords in your company description (between 250 and 2,000 characters).

Use branded imagery for your updates

As a result, you must have invested significant time and resources in building a visual identity for your company; now is the time to show it off. It is important to incorporate your organization’s logo and brand colors into all of your updates in order for your page to have a professional appearance and to stand out among the other 30 million company pages on LinkedIn.

Make the most of your Showcase Pages

Utilizing your LinkedIn Showcase pages may be quite beneficial in order to advertise and popularize your current endeavors, goods, or even campaigns, as they provide your most recent efforts with a unique voice of their own. The benefit of doing so is that it not only gives your LinkedIn page a stronger digital presence, but it also ensures that each of your business ventures has its own dedicated page, which you can use to attract your specifically targeted audience—something that is extremely useful when recruiting top candidates for a specific job or team.

Utilize Career pages to attract great talent

Making use of your LinkedIn Showcase pages may be quite beneficial in order to advertise and publicize your current endeavors, goods, or even campaigns, since they provide your most recent efforts with a unique voice. The benefit of doing so is that it not only gives your LinkedIn page a stronger digital presence, but it also ensures that each of your business ventures has its own dedicated page, which you can use to attract your specifically targeted audience—which is extremely useful when it comes to recruiting top candidates for a specific position or team.

With the use of industry-specific keywords, these pages may be marketed and optimized in the same way as your own.

Establish your LinkedIn Company Page branding strategy

For example, if the material on your company’s LinkedIn profile is disorganized and appears to be failing to generate consistent interaction, the first step you should take is to develop a branding plan for your organization. Thought leadership—the dissemination of perceptions and viewpoints on industry trends and news, product how-to, and articles reflecting your company—is distinct from the strategy you have in place for lead generation, which involves distributing upper funnel and lower funnel content, such as tip sheets and case studies—and requires a different approach.

Write precise and crispy updates

LinkedIn recommends that you keep your updates concise and snappy. This refers to writing that is 150 characters or less in length, that includes a piece of attention-grabbing information or fascinating data, as well as hashtags that are relevant and linked to the writing. Other characteristics of a worthwhile update include the use of a call-to-action, the insertion of a high-quality image (with a resolution of 1200627 pixels) that is relevant to the message and is branded, as well as the inclusion of a vanity URL that allows you to measure the amount of visitors.

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Look for best practices for content engagement

It might be difficult to boost the amount of engagement on your postings. Engagement is essential for growing your network and gaining access to influential people, thought leaders, and talent. The following are examples of best practices for increasing engagement levels on LinkedIn:

  • Content that is interesting and often distributed, such as SlideShares, infographics, eBooks, case studies, how-to articles, attention-grabbing photos, and branded postings
  • Prefer to produce tailored updates rather than general updates. The elements that affect your target audience include things like location, job function, seniority level, and other factors. Furthermore, after making the necessary modifications, publish material that is engaging to your target audience. Create your own, non-stock photos, complete with statistics and information that is shown immediately in the image. With the help of free visual tools, you may create excellent presentations as well as charts, graphs, banners and other visual material.

A visually appealing LinkedIn profile may be quite useful in helping you tap into other people’s networks. It makes it simple to identify and recruit top-tier talent. Consider your LinkedIn corporate page to be an extension of your organization’s overall brand. Consequently, you will very probably learn more beneficial strategies to influence your networks, rivals, and future workers.

How to create and optimize a LinkedIn company page with 8 top tips

LinkedIn now has a whopping 30 million organizations listed on it, which is an incredible number. And it implies that your organization, too, needs to have a presence on LinkedIn, the corporate world’s favorite social networking site. However, how do you go about creating a LinkedIn corporate page? Also important: how can you tweak it to increase your company’s visibility so that you can recruit the best possible employees? This simple article provides guidance on how to construct and enhance your LinkedIn company profile in a short amount of time.

Why do you need a LinkedIn company page?

Because LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media network in the business sector, building a corporate page will help you to increase your social media engagement.

Strategic postings may serve to enhance brand recognition, and a well-designed corporate page can aid in the recruitment of top prospects. The following are the primary benefits of having a LinkedIn corporate page:

  • In order to raise brand recognition, LinkedIn corporate pages may be used to share information and introduce new services. Having a LinkedIn corporate profile can also help you to gain more visibility on the world’s most popular professional social networking website. In terms of branding, having a business page will also help you to bring all of your employees together under a single brand name, since they will link the employer on their resumes to the company page on your website. The ability to communicate and interact with your audience is made possible with a corporate profile on social media. Having a presence on LinkedIn rather than Facebook may make more sense for certain sorts of businesses, such as B2B enterprises or businesses that provide services primarily to professionals. Attracting highly qualified candidates: However, posting job vacancies on the largest professional social media network is only one of the advantages of using this platform. You may position yourself as an intriguing place to work through your LinkedIn company profile, which will attract top people who will want to collaborate with you.

How to create a LinkedIn company page

It is simple to set up a corporate page on Facebook. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the Work icon to get started. Create a Company Page: This option is located at the bottom of the menu. After that, choose the form of business that best suits your needs. If your firm has fewer than or more than a hundred employees, you may pick between Small and Medium to Large alternatives. In the meanwhile, we’ll return to the Showcase pages later on. To complete this section, fill in the fields with the name of your firm, the URL you want other LinkedIn users to use to discover your company on LinkedIn, and the URL of your company’s external website link.

  • Include your company’s logo (300 x 300px is the recommended size).
  • Keep it short and to the point; the character limit is around 180 characters, including spaces.
  • Congrats!
  • However, we are only getting started.
  • You may change the overall appearance and feel of the page from this section.
  • You would have already entered the URL of your website and your company logo in the previous stage; thus, proceed by entering a company description by clicking on the button.
  • This description should be succinct and cover your firm’s goal, the items you provide, and the reasons why people should connect with you and your organization.
  • Cloud computing, e-commerce, and retail are examples of industries in which you may specialize in goods and services such as cloud computing.
  • As a result, when visitors look at your company page, they will be able to see where you are located on the map.
  • Consider it a call-to-action (CTA), pushing visitors to your page to do the desired action.

You’ve covered all of the essentials! Now, let’s put some of these suggestions into action to make your company page stand out from the throng.

Tips for optimizing LinkedIn company page

The following suggestions can assist you in taking your company’s Facebook page to the next level:

1. Add featured hashtags

Did you know that you may use up to three prominent hashtags in your post? You may use featured hashtags on LinkedIn in a similar way to how you would use distinctive branded hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Individuals can share material that includes these hashtags, and you can publish stuff that includes these hashtags in your feed as well.

2. Post content to boost engagement

As with every social media network, content is the most important factor in increasing your reach. Short, easy-to-digest films are extremely effective, and Teleperformance is an example of a company that does it right.

3. Create a jobs section

Adding a jobs section to your company website provides a number of advantages for your business. By advertising positions on LinkedIn, you are dramatically increasing page activity since candidates will investigate your firm by looking at your page, which will result in increased page activity. Furthermore, it provides you with an opportunity to introduce your firm to a large number of new consumers. Finally, it is an excellent method of attracting top-tier talent. A plethora of material is available to candidates on Deloitte’s website, including anecdotes from successful applicants.

4. Create showcase pages

Demonstration pages are redesigned versions of corporate pages. They are particularly useful if you have a collection of items or a distinct brand identity within your primary brand. Adobe is an example of this type of organizational structure. Adobe is the most well-known brand, yet it is primarily targeted at enterprise-level customers. The company’s Creative Cloud solution is aimed at young creative workers. Adobe’s LinkedIn profile includes links to the following related pages, which may be found by searching for “Adobe on LinkedIn.” These are all examples of showcase pages in their respective categories.

Create a new Company Page if necessary.

Fill up the blanks with the information you know about yourself.

Please keep in mind that it is critical to link this Showcase page to your firm.

5. Is SEO important for LinkedIn company pages?

Yes! In the same way that Google crawls any other website, your LinkedIn company page is crawled by Google. Optimizing your tagline with the appropriate keywords will increase your chances of getting seen on Google search results pages. Whatever SEO technique you choose for your website, be sure to apply it to your LinkedIn corporate profile as well!

6. Add featured groups

Please keep in mind that you cannot follow individual individuals, groups, or hashtags on LinkedIn if you are a corporation.

You may, however, include up to ten highlighted groups on your company page in order to provide people with additional information about your brand.

7. Check out the competition

LinkedIn produces an annual list of the top ten corporate pages that it believes are the finest in the world. Take a look at the list for this year. You’ll see that the great majority of the methods outlined above were executed by these businesses. Look for a brand that works in a comparable niche to your company and do an objective analysis of their website page. What exactly does this company excel at? And what kind of content may you put on your own company’s webpage?

Take your LinkedIn activity to the next level with Metigy

It’s essential to have a social media content plan in place if you want to use LinkedIn to promote your social presence, raise brand recognition, and attract potential prospects, according to the experts. It is no longer sufficient to publish the odd update on new recruits or a photo from a corporate event on social media. It is necessary for you to go the additional mile. LinkedIn operates in the same way as any other social networking platform. Users are looking for material that is entertaining, succinct, and interactive.

You may take your LinkedIn content strategy to the next level with the help of a separate social solution.

Top Five Ways to Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile

Jasmine Agyemang contributed to this article. Because of the epidemic, there has been a huge rise in online consumption in the last year, which makes sense. But did you know that building a strong LinkedIn profile for your company’s leaders might really have a positive influence on your company’s bottom line? Using LinkedIn, which has more than 700 million members, leaders can develop trust and recruit top talent while promoting their company’s purpose and values to a growing network of connections.

Do you need some pointers on where to begin?

  1. Begin with a professional-looking profile image. Your profile image is one of the first pieces of material that anyone sees when they visit LinkedIn. Having a photo on a profile increases the likelihood of people connecting with and trusting it. Photographic profiles on LinkedIn are seen 21 times more frequently and receive 36 times more messages than accounts without photographs. Remember, the photograph does not have to be an expensive headshot
  2. But, it should be of excellent quality and professional appearance to be considered. Additional benefits include having a high-quality cover photo that is indicative of your company’s brand and enhancing your profile.
  1. Make your “about” portion of your profile as meaningful as possible. Writing a clear, short overview of your specialities and experience gives your profile more substance and context. Executives should include keywords that are relevant to their expertise (for example, change management, content strategy, diversity and inclusion, and so on), as well as provide a glimpse into their passion for or interest in the field or industry in which they work (for example, change management). Don’t pass up the opportunity to tell your narrative, which will provide insight into who you are (professionally, of course), as well as what you do.
  1. Compile a list of relevant work experience, volunteer activities, and educational pursuits. Make certain that your career information is up to date and consistent across all of your past positions. When updating career information, it’s critical to link your current job to your company’s LinkedIn page, which takes visitors immediately to your company’s profile, increasing awareness of your company’s profile. If you want to create a profile that stands out, include any volunteer activities, educational experience, and talents that are relevant to your field of expertise.
  1. Publish smart content and interact with your network to build your brand. You shouldn’t just sit back and watch your social media feeds
  2. You should interact with your network by leaving comments on posts, writing recommendations for colleagues, and encouraging others to do the same for you. The fact that 45 percent of upper-level workers read postings on LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity to contribute thought leadership linked to your expertise with interested audiences.
  1. Join groups on LinkedIn to learn more about your industry. LinkedIn groups are a fantastic resource for keeping up with the latest industry developments. Additionally, these organizations may be advantageous when it comes to recruitment because they allow you to network with other peers and experts in your sector. Involving yourself and your company in groups allows you and your company to increase the visibility of your brand and potentially drive more traffic to your company’s website by posting material inside the group.

When used appropriately, LinkedIn can assist leaders and businesses in engaging with workers as well as customers, while also raising brand recognition within the appropriate target markets. Furthermore, because LinkedIn is an owned channel, it allows leaders to curate and share their own stories, while also benefitting the organization through increased exposure and shown competence, which helps to enhance brand recognition, reputation, and the bottom line overall. Do you require assistance in developing a strong LinkedIn profile?

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