Build Your Tribe: How To Get More Instagram Followers? (Solved)

Interact with your audience That means that you need to be social on the platform, if you want your Instagram follower count to go up and to get more likes per post in the long run. If people know you’re ready and willing to talk to them, based on what they’ve seen you do with others, engagement will increase.

Is there any trick to increase instagram followers?

Make your bio as interesting as you can to get more Instagram followers with some of these tricks: Add relevant hashtags to make it easier for people to find your profile. Include your website URL so people can learn more. Choose words carefully to describe your brand using as little space as possible.

How do you get 1000 followers on Instagram naturally?

How to Gain Your First 1,000 Followers on Instagram

  1. Create and optimize your profile.
  2. Designate a content creator.
  3. Follow photography and editing best practices.
  4. Set a regular posting schedule.
  5. Curate some of your content.
  6. Use a consistent, platform-specific brand voice.
  7. Write engaging, shareable captions.

How do I get more followers on Instagram 2020?

How do I get real followers on Instagram in 2020?

  1. Fill out your Instagram bio.
  2. Find your audience through hashtags.
  3. Connect with potential customers.
  4. Post relevant and engaging content.
  5. Publish consistently.
  6. Start a conversation with your followers.
  7. Use Instagram Live.

How do you make a tribe on Instagram?

Search hashtags to see Instagram’s suggestions of other more specific hashtags. While you’re commenting on their posts, you’ll probably start seeing other people showing up frequently on the same accounts. Follow, like, and comment on those accounts too, and before you know it, your tribe is developing!

How can I get followers naturally?

10 Ways to increase Instagram followers

  1. Optimize your Instagram account.
  2. Keep a consistent content calendar.
  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance.
  4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content.
  5. Avoid fake Instagram followers.
  6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere.
  7. Post content followers want.
  8. Get the conversation started.

How do you gain Instagram followers for free?

How to grow Instagram followers for free and boost popularity

  1. Use apps like GetInsFollowers.
  2. Follow other users with similar interests.
  3. Respond to the comments of others.
  4. Get your family and friends to support your account.
  5. Ask people to follow you in your posts.
  6. Have accounts with lots of followers tag you in their posts.

How much money does 1k Instagram followers make?

Many brands will only offer you free products. But, some companies will pay $10 per 1,000 followers, while others pay over $800 per 1,000 followers. You can maximize the money you make when you publish sponsored photos.

Is it hard to grow on Instagram?

Instagram has grown so much to the point where there are too many creators to the audience available. That’s why it’s difficult attracting people into your account, and why the competence is much higher. And this also explains why so many people grew so quickly on other social media platforms such as TikTok.

How do you get 10K followers on Instagram?

10 Tips to Get 10K Instagram Followers Without Buying Them [A Business Guide]

  1. Experiment to find your voice.
  2. Stay on brand.
  3. Be active.
  4. Don’t follow for follow.
  5. Be real and honest.
  6. Don’t brag too much.
  7. Publish timely content.
  8. Identify influencers and interact with them.

How do you build community followers?

How to Build an Engaged Social Media Community

  1. Make sure your business is easy to find.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Solve the problems of your followers.
  4. Be generous.
  5. Listen to your audience.
  6. Be honest.

How do you build relationships with followers on Instagram?

How to use Instagram to deepen relationships with your followers

  1. Encourage users to comment.
  2. Use Instagram stickers to encourage messages.
  3. Respond to direct messages promptly.
  4. Post consistently.
  5. Post when your followers are active.
  6. Test different Instagram post types.
  7. Go live.
  8. Use relevant hashtags.

How do you create a tribe on social media?

How to Grow Your Social Media Tribe

  1. Provide social currency.
  2. Be generous without always thinking WIIFM (What’s in it for me).
  3. Write guest posts where appropriate.
  4. Socialize online.
  5. Join an organization.
  6. Find a cause.
  7. Get out and meet people in real life.

Building Your Tribe of Followers on Instagram — Serpstat Blog

You must be aware of the kind of material that will resonate with your target audience. The first step is to get to know your target audience and to understand their mentality and frame of mind. For example, is your target audience mostly comprised of internet shoppers? Perhaps we can infer that they have a purchasing attitude or that they are prepared to do online shopping transactions. You may then modify your plan to better suit that attitude, which will in turn encourage people to purchase your items or services.

What you write about might be about which items are superior or a review of a specific product.

When this has been accomplished, the next step is to generate material that is both interesting and useful.

If it wasn’t there, no one would care to look at it or follow you about.

  1. You must first capture their attention before you can attempt to sell them anything.
  2. It is necessary to research the type of platform that Instagram is.
  3. This will give you a better sense of the kind of material you want to publish and what would be interesting to your target audience before you even start creating it.
  4. On top of that, all of the stuff that you publish should be beneficial and valuable to your audience as well.
  5. If you are successful in doing so, more and more people will want to follow you because they will be unable to get enough of what you are giving with them.

How to Find Your Tribe on Social Media — Humble and Whole

In order to develop a community that is resonant with your business, you must first ensure that you are speaking with the appropriate audience. If you find slow to non-existent growth and little participation on your social media networks, it is possible that your target audience is not present. It is far more likely that you will establish a meaningful community, make an effect, and generate more revenue when your social networks are attracting the appropriate individuals. Knowing the pain areas and problems that your ideal client or reader is experiencing, as well as having a clear knowledge of her interests, are critical components in finding your tribe.

What issues or difficulties are preventing her from achieving her full potential?

Whose opinion is she more likely to follow?

There are a variety of approaches and strategies you may employ to locate your tribe on social media.

First and foremost, though, is this: No matter whatever platform you use, you must make certain that your bio or profile properly explains who you are, who you assist, and what type of information your audience can anticipate from you.

Finding Your Tribe on Pinterest

Pinterest, in contrast to the other social media networks, is primarily a search engine. In order to attract your tribe on Pinterest, you must first harness the power of SEO, which stands for search engine optimization (search engine optimization). In other words, the purpose of using Pinterest is to have your material appear in the search results for a topic that is relevant to your company’s operations. What steps will you take to make it happen? The keywords you choose on Pinterest have a lot of power, so use them wisely.

  1. Are you ready to get traction in your business?
  2. Check out ourRescue My Marketing Intensive for more information!
  3. Make use of the Pinterest search box to see which subjects are currently popular!
  4. Consider the case of a food blogger who works for a company that promotes healthy eating habits.
  5. Using group boards on Pinterest is an additional method of discovering your tribe on the platform, in addition to SEO tactics.
  6. Pins to group boards provide you with the opportunity to reach an audience that might otherwise not have been exposed to your material.
  7. You can learn more about one of our favorite Pinterest group board tools by reading Finding Your Tribe on Social Media: The Ultimate Guide.

Finding Your Tribe on Instagram

After you’ve determined the interests, challenges, and aspirations of your target audience member, think about the other Instagram accounts that could pique her interest. They could have anything to do with your specialization. Consider the following scenario: if you are a yoga instructor, you may discover that your ideal client is also interested in nutritional health and wellbeing. Perhaps there is a vegan specialist on Instagram that your clients would be interested in following. Make a list of three to four accounts that are complementary to your brand and are likely to capture the attention of your tribe.

Identify user profiles that correspond to your target audience member and follow them to see how they engage with one another.

Finding your tribe on Instagram may be accomplished by looking for hashtags that are relevant to your brand.

Connecting with your tribe may be accomplished by searching for the hashtag millennialmom on social media.

Create a list of 5-10 hashtags that characterize your target demographic and spend 20-30 minutes a day exploring those hashtags, following, and communicating with other Instagram users that share your interests.

Finding Your Tribe on Facebook

It’s possible that we’re alone in believing that Facebook is the most effective tool for finding your tribe, mostly since there are Facebook groups for virtually any passion and specialty. Because Kleneice and I are in the business of providing social media strategy, we are members of several Facebook groups for bloggers and businesses. In fact, being a fly on the wall in these forums and listening in on the hardships and issues that bloggers and entrepreneurs are encountering has inspired the majority of our blog material and service ideas.

  • Someone recently asked an audience of new bloggers what skin care subjects she should blog about, and we thought it was a great idea.
  • Consider the number of comments she would have received if she had posed similar question in a Facebook group devoted just to skin care products.
  • It will become much easier to develop material that you are confident will be enjoyed by your audience.
  • Interact!
  • Consider the group’s policies and determine whether or not you are permitted to advertise your blog articles or freebies.

Finding Your Tribe on Twitter

Hashtags are used to determine the visibility of your posts on Twitter, similar to how Instagram does. Take a look at the Twitter feeds of the people who are influential in your niche. What hashtags are they use, and what are they saying? What hashtags are currently popular in your field? Using Twitter chats to not only discover your target audience, but also to network with them and communicate with them in real time, may be a very effective strategy. A Twitter chat is a conversation that takes place around a certain topic or theme, and it may put you in direct contact with people who would be a perfect match in your tribe.

Similar to looking through influencers’ followers on Instagram, searching through influencers’ followers on Twitter is a wonderful approach to locate individuals that might fit in with your tribe.

Given the fact that trends in sectors are always shifting from one season to the next, it is critical to perform ongoing research in order to connect with your tribe.

P.S.Are you a business owner in the health and wellness field who is having difficulty attracting clients? Then you’ll want to check out our free video series, 5 Days to Consistent Clients, which will help you get started.

How to Assemble a Loyal Tribe on Instagram

How did they amass a million followers on Instagram, you might wonder? Clearly, there is a distinction between the “I share pictures of my beer on the weekends” accounts and the professionals. What exactly is the significant difference? You might argue it’s all down to chance, but the truth is that quality and consistency are key factors. Consider the case of Foster Huntington and his 1 million followers: @fosterhunting He took the dreams of every skater and transformed them into a reality, all while documenting the entire process on Instagram with stunning pictures.

Each post garnered between 15k and 25k likes, as well as hundreds of comments from devoted fans.

Then Foster put it all together in a lovely hardback coffee table book that he sold on Kickstarter for a little cost.

In order to cultivate a dedicated tribe of followers who will pay attention every time you sound the horn, one must first establish trust.

If you build it, they won’t always come.

It was shortly after reading Seth Godin’s book Tribes that I experienced the most significant shift in my worldview. I had always believed that if you had a high-quality product, a visually appealing website, and effective branding, you will be an immediate success. This “if you build it, they will come” mindset, which has been advocated by the Field of Dreams, frequently leads in dissatisfaction because it ignores a critical element of the puzzle: the tribe itself.

Without the tribe, you don’t have a business.

In his book, Seth argues that only two things are required to form a tribe: a common interest and a means of communicating with one another. Tribes are groups of individuals who are tied to one another, to a leader, and to a common cause. Human beings have lived in tribes for millions of years, and they have remained in one group or another. A tribe may be formed with only two things in mind: a common interest and a means of communicating with one another. The fact of the matter is that Instagram has risen to become the most effective tool for discovering and communicating with others who share your interests.

Using simple hashtags such as vanlife, he was able to immediately connect with others who were looking to leave their routine office jobs in order to chase their dreams.

Nature vs. Nurture

It’s important to remember that individuals do not naturally wish to consume. They are developed out of a desire to connect with others. Attracting people’s attention to this need is the most natural method to build a devoted tribe, even though the urge for purchasing would have to be fostered over time. Pay close attention to the possibility of finding a small, but devoted group of people who share your interests. Based on our experience creating and administering the Instagram account for the successful outdoor media brand Seneca Creek, we’ve put up a few pointers for you.

  • Don’t be afraid to create lengthier material in your posts, as long as the subject is appealing and the writing is of high quality. If copywriting is not your strong suit, inspirational quotes are an excellent alternative
  • Nonetheless,
  • While using free tools such as Gramblr to plan posts might be beneficial, don’t underestimate the importance of spontaneity in your life. Everyone should know that a genuine person is behind the feed. We’re not talking about blogging while intoxicated, but rather about responding to live events as they inspire you. Instagram stories allow you to effortlessly capture and chronicle these events in short video clips
  • While like, commenting, and following on related accounts is crucial, the usage of automation has diminished the importance of these interactions. Finally, it can take some time to create an engaged tribe on Instagram
  • However, well-thought-out, deliberate comments can help mitigate this issue. Be patient, but don’t put off your participation in the game any longer. Due to the fact that this network does not appear to be going away anytime soon (600 million members as of December 2016), the investment is well worth the effort.
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4 Ways to Build a Loyal Tribe on Social Media

A lot of the time, individuals forget that social media is all about building relationships with others. The mere word “social” in social media should convey this message, but far too many individuals lose sight of the fact that it is all about growing your tribe and community and instead become obsessed with the numbers game. With numerous Instagram profiles with over 100,000 followers, I’ve fallen into the trap of believing it is all a numbers game and a competition to see who can achieve 10 thousand followers first, then 100,000, and finally the next milestone of numbers.

In an interview I had with Peter J Bone, the founder of the 1 million [email protected], we discussed how participation and community are more important than numbers in terms of success.

Instead of 10,000 followers who don’t care about your work or know what you’re about, it’s preferable to have 1000 followers who are devoted, committed, and supportive of your work and of what you do.

Maintain contact with them and learn as much about them as you can while also improving in your own knowledge and understanding of them.

1) Make sure to reply to their comments

Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to the comments others leave on our social media postings, whether on Facebook or Instagram. However, the folks who took the time to write something on your article should be the ones with whom you connect and express your gratitude for taking the time to do so. Instagram also includes a function that allows you to like their comments, so go ahead and show some love to your followers by like their comments or by visiting their profile and commenting on their page as well as on your own.

While none of us has the luxury of spending our whole day commenting on other people’s accounts, if you put in the time and effort to get to know your followers and reach out to them on a daily basis, those followers will be the ones that remain loyal to you and consider you to be their tribe.

2) Check your Direct Messages (DM’s) and reply to them

A lot of individuals forget that they have received direct messages from other people and that they should check their inbox from time to time. It’s critical to check your direct messages (DMs) not only so that you can stay in touch with those who have reached out to you, but also because it may lead to the formation of significant commercial ties and collaborations. I’ve met a number of individuals through social media, and they’ve all been quite helpful to me in my career and personal life.

Given that social media is a fantastic connecting and networking tool, I recommend that you use it to connect not only with your followers, but also with other people you’d like to get in touch with because it’s sometimes easier to connect with someone through their social media than it is through their email.

3) Use a hashtag that your tribe can use

In the course of creating multiple Instagram accounts, I’ve observed that utilizing a hashtag early on in your social media game will encourage your followers to utilize that hashtag as well as help you build a tribe around that particular hashtag. To provide an example, suppose you’re a motivational speaker and you want your audience to use your hashtag anytime they think of or see anything that inspires them. The greater the number of people who use your hashtag, the more visible your social media presence will be, and the greater the likelihood that you will be able to build a tribe and a movement around your hashtag.

4) Publicly Appreciate your Followers

Take the time to acknowledge and thank your followers by name from time to time, especially those who have made significant contributions to you and your organization. Those simple acknowledgements go a long way toward expressing gratitude to someone who has been active and contributing to your organization, whether or not you are aware of it. In the event that you publicly acknowledge and thank them on social media, they will be extremely grateful and pleased that you even recognized them and took the time to express your gratitude in public.

I hope you will put these four suggestions into action in your business and among your followers, and that you will place a strong emphasis on increasing the quality of your group and followers rather than the quantity.

), it is also important to note that you take the time to delve deeply into your audience and cultivate your followers and fans to become superfans and loyal supporters of you and your movement, rather than simply growing in numbers.

To that end, take the time to say thank you or respond to a question they may have asked in your comments or direct messages, because one reply or one interaction can make all the difference between having 1000 followers who love and support you and having 1000 followers who don’t even know who you are or what you do.

I spoke with Peter J Bone, who has recently surpassed 1 million followers on Instagram and maintains the mentality of treating each follower as though they are valuable and important.

Additionally, you may see some of the ways I connect with my fans on my personal Instagram account, @ray.ahn, which you can follow. In addition, you may subscribe to my emailshere to receive the newest interviews and social media advice.

10 Proven Tactics to Attract More Instagram Followers (2022 Update)

Instagram has quickly risen to become one of the most popular social media platforms available. Because of the image social network, models have began their careers and businesses have amassed massive consumer bases. Are you able to do the same? Yes, you absolutely can, and we’ve got the ideal case study to show it to you. Nathan Chan startedFoundr Magazine as a side project in 2013 and has been publishing it since since. Twelve months later, he’d amassed a following on Instagram of more than 500,000 followers.

Foundr has a reputation as a serious entrepreneurial journal as a result of this endeavor.

He provided us with his 5-step approach for gaining more Instagram followers, which we’ll go over in more detail below.

Let’s go to work on the stepping.

1. Utilize your bio

Your account and bio will need to be created when you first start out on the site. You’ll want to make certain that you’re utilizing your bio link properly. Due to the fact that Instagram only provides you with one clickable link, it is valuable real estate. It’s tempting to direct Instagram users to your website’s home page, but doing so would mean passing up opportunities to gather information and build longer-lasting relationships with your followers. Create a landing page for your Instagram followers that includes an offer.

Alternatively, it may be a special deal — for example, a 10 percent discount on your best-selling product.

Foundr alters its bio link on a regular basis, but it always has the same purpose in mind: to increase the number of people who subscribe to its email list.

Nathan has put this to the test repeatedly and has discovered that concise information and a simple opt-in are key.

Update: If not a landing page, include clear contact details

As of August 2019, Foundr’s profile includes a YouTube link as well as physical address information:

Update2: Check out Highlights too

Using Stories Highlights, you can create curated channels on your home page that feature the best bits from your stories.This is an excellent way to segment your content into different streams, and it also provides a compelling reason for your followers to visit your profile time and time again, and to see your links.

2. Have a solid content strategy

If you want to be successful on Instagram, you must first figure out what to post.

Foundr has several fundamental guidelines for content development, which are as follows:

  • Consistency is key. Identify a recurring theme for your account
  • Everything revolves around aesthetics. Incorporate videos into your posts (this is the sort of material that garners the highest interaction on Instagram).

Here’s how you can incorporate these concepts into your own writing.

Be consistent

Maintain a consistent message and post frequently. Foundr has only missed one day of posting on Instagram in the last 18 months. They’re really pleased with themselves for this achievement. A snowball effect has been described by Nathan in relation to Instagram. It is said that the more you publish, the faster you grow. On any given day, he publishes between six and eight new posts, in addition to replying to comments and conversing with other users. The payoff is a very high rate of interaction on the part of the audience.

This type of hands-on marketing has shown to be quite effective.

Instagram postings must be sent manually, as opposed to other social media platforms.

However, there are applications such as Later and Curate that allow you to prepare posts and receive notifications when it is time to publish them.

Update: You can now automate Instagram posts

Communicate your message in a consistent manner, and post frequently. Foundr has only missed one day of posting on Instagram in the last 18 months, according to the company. They’re really pleased with themselves for this accomplishment. Instagram, according to Nathan, has a snowball effect on users. It is true that the more you post, the faster you grow. On any given day, he publishes between six and eight entries, as well as replying to comments and connecting with other users on the site. When you do this, you’ll see a significant increase in interaction.

A great deal of success has been achieved via this type of hands-on marketing.

Instagram postings must be sent manually, unlike other social media platforms.

But there are programs available that allow you to plan your posts and be reminded when it’s time to push the submit button, such as Later and Curate.

Have a theme for your account

Companies must also maintain consistency in their communication. Whatever your sector, the interests of your target audience must be reflected in the content of your account. According to Nathan, your theme should be designed to reflect the lifestyle that your consumers desire. Foundr is a magazine aimed towards aspiring entrepreneurs under the age of thirty. They consider engaging material to include quotations and motivating visuals that “elicit some type of emotional response.” They offer ideas from well-known business professionals as well as quotes from film and television figures in order to elicit feedback from their followers.

Aesthetic is everything

Instagram is primarily a visual social media network. You must have visually appealing material in order to get recognized. The most effective accounts have a distinct color pattern and a constant range of themes. But what happens if you don’t have a good camera? Annie Leibovitz is not a photographer for everyone. Because Foundr does not even have a full-time graphic designer on staff, they rely on stock photography for the majority of their visuals. Instead, they employ software such as Wordswag, Phonto, and Typorama to make quotation visuals.

These tools make it simple to generate the types of content that Instagram users are interested in seeing. Simply by typing in some text and clicking on few buttons, you can simply transform words into images:

Use video

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is mostly visual. It is necessary to have visually appealing material in order to stand out from the crowd. Accounts with a distinct color design and a constant subject matter are the most effective. The question is, what if you don’t take particularly good photographs. Annie Leibovitz is not a photographer that everyone can be. Due to the fact that Foundr does not even have a full-time graphic designer on staff, they rely on stock photography for most of their images.

With the help of these tools, it is simple to develop the kind of content that Instagram users are interested in.

Update: Get into Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, a feature that was introduced in 2016, has become quite popular. Because your Stories are only available for 24 hours, they don’t appear to be the most effective format for marketing. Don’t let this thinking restrict your options. For starters, Stories appear at the top of consumers’ news feeds. As a result, while your posts may not surface for a large number of followers, your Stories have a far better chance of appearing. (Spoiler alert: there are techniques to improve your performance in Instagram’s algorithm.) In addition, corporate users may put links in their Stories, which is a nice extra feature to have.

Finally, they provide you with the opportunity to take some risks and experiment with diverse topics without feeling like everything has to be flawless.

3. Do things that don’t scale

Make sure to perform things that can’t be automated — and do them manually – while your account is still developing. A personal touch, especially when you’re just getting started, helps to give your profile a voice. Some strategies are as follows:

  • Investigate hashtags to discover what others are talking about
  • Comment on other users’ posts to directly engage with them. Make sure to include your name in your comments so that people know who they’re talking to. Participate in discussions on competing pages
  • Make every effort to react to each and every remark while your account is still relatively tiny.

As an example, the startup Foundr just opened a Snapchat page. While it is still in its early stages, Nathan personally replies to each and every communication they get. “When you treat your community as if it were gold, it will return in droves,” he says. Working with influencers is another of Nathan’s preferred methods of gaining traction. While there are several excellent tools for finding influencers on an automated basis, outreach does not scale. It is necessary to establish personal ties.

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4. Use shoutouts

During the webinar, Nathan was unequivocal in his statement that “creating alliances is critical to expanding your business.” This is especially true on social media, where a message from a well-known figure might reach thousands of new followers. So, what is the best way to create connections?

Pay for a shoutout

If you have the resources, try hiring influencers to work on your behalf. Nathan provided a PowerPoint with those who were interested, which showed the pricing for various Instagram influencers: You might make direct contact with influential people. Make a list of people to contact, make proposals, and be prepared to bargain. There are also a slew of organizations and applications cropping up all over the place to act as middlemen. They match paying clients with eager influencers based on relevancy, and they do so at no cost.

Additionally, the software Influential, which allows you to launch sponsored influencer campaigns directly from your phone, might be used.

offers are made to social media influencers who construct a campaign and submit it to the appropriate authorities for approval. Here’s all you need to know about putting together a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Ask for a “share for share”

Nathan’s preferred free way for working with influencers is to use a tool like this. Give someone else’s Instagram material in return for them sharing yours by offering to share theirs. A whole new group of people can see your material as a result of this. Keep in mind that this is a realistic goal. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers yourself, don’t bother approaching accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. Work with people that have the same number of followers or a few hundred more than you to ensure that you both get a fair deal.

Offer free stuff

Even if you don’t sell a product or service, you may court influencers by providing them with freebies. Nathan used the example of Morris Motley, a high-end men’s hairdressing business in Melbourne, to illustrate his point. A free haircut was given in return for an Instagram post from well-known fashion influencer Nick Wooster, who accepted the offer. Obviously, this isn’t a ground-breaking notion. Add influencer marketing to your armory by providing something of value — such as time, shares, products, or money – to your target audience.

5. Embrace analytics

Track your progress with analytics tools and identify areas where you are falling short of your objectives. Foundr, in particular, keeps track of their follower growth, the return on investment (ROI) on their influencer campaigns, and the number of people who share their Instagram material. They accomplish this with the help of the following tools:


SocialBlade assists them in tracking the growth of their accounts. It collects data from social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch and displays it in visually appealing graphs. It’s also completely free.


SocialRank informs them of the identities of their highest-ranking Instagram followers. This allows them to locate influencers who are already familiar with them, making it easier for them to select the most appropriate partners.


Iconosquare is used by the magazine to determine the most effective times to publish on Instagram. The tool also provides you with information on how well your content is working as well as your overall engagement rates.


In addition, Minter provides them with precise demographic information about their fans. It provides them with information on the gender and geographic location of their followers, as well as information about which material works best on Instagram.

Bonus tips toget Instagram followers

That was Nathan’s masterstroke of a strategy. It’s what propelled Foundr to more than a million followers in a relatively short period of time. But, just in case you’re still eager for more, here are a few more mouthwatering recommendations.

6. Seriously, double down onInstagram Stories

In the last section, we explained that Stories display at the top of your followers’ newsfeed. Good Stories, on the other hand, may be found quickly by individuals who are not yet following you.

The reason for this is that the location tags and hashtags that you put in your Stories may actually be utilized to search for content. As a result, your Stories may be included in the Explore parts of the site at some point.

7. Avoid theshadowban

This is more of a “don’t do” list than anything else. In case you weren’t aware, Instagram maintains an up-to-date list of hashtags that are not permitted. When you utilize one of these in your article, your post will not display in search results since it contains a keyword. As a result, reusing those 30 tags over and over again is quite dangerous. Furthermore, we’ve demonstrated that hashtags aren’t a particularly effective approach to enhance interaction in any case: The usage of relevant, targeted hashtags in your content is still a sound strategy.

More information about theshadowban may be found here.

8. Keep working on your off-Insta game

T. Loren of Later is the source for the following quote: Spend part of your time attempting to advertise your Instagram account in other areas on the internet, rather than attempting to explore every possible strategy to hack the algorithm and optimize your material,” says the author. Taylor is referring to a little of old-fashioned public relations work on his part. Always say yes when asked to participate in an interview or provide a quotation for an article. “You need to get your brand name out there in every way you can, and not just on Instagram.” You never know who is reading or listening to your content if it’s in a tiny magazine; they may have a lot more engaged readership than a large publication.

That’s the key to success!

9. Run a contest or two

One more thing that we didn’t cover in the Masterclass is this one. Social media contests are a wonderful tool for many businesses to promote interaction while also acquiring new followers for their accounts. The easiest method is to reward people who share and ask their friends to join by offering incentives to them. This will get you new followers, and it will not cost you a lot of money to do so.

10. Use the full range of Instagram features

This one came from our great Instagram hacks webinar with Later, which was all about killer Instagram hacks. Taylor informed us that the Instagram algorithm truly identifies accounts that make use of all of the platform’s capabilities, which we found to be true. Yes, it is a cunning little robot with a lot of brains. Consequently, if you want more people to see your material in their news feeds, you must experiment with a variety of various tools and features. That entails making use of Stories, Highlights, video, and carousel posts, among other things — practically everything we discussed before.

That’s all there is to it!

With the help of this strategy and a little hard work, you’ll see a significant increase in your following in no time.

11 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram, how I love thee. Given that Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users (in comparison, the population of the United States is around 325 million), it is undoubtedly a well-liked social networking platform. The ability to attract a larger Instagram following may result in increased sales for your company, more views on your blog, and a more cohesive community for your brand. However, how on earth can some people amass thousands of Instagram followers is a mystery. (Extra bonus: this amazing tool assisted me in taking my Instagram to the next level.) Today, I’m going to share with you 11 actionable techniques that can help you increase your Instagram followers.

  • (She now has over 800,000 followers!) She recalled that in the beginning, she would spend hours each night admiring other people’s images on Facebook.
  • Go through a person’s account and like 5-10 photographs on their page.
  • This helps to get your name out there and makes it easier for other people to find out about you.
  • What methods do you employ to find consumers in your niche?
  • Overall, be genuine and avoid being spammy – nobody has time to waste on junk mail.
  • Creating a theme for your Instagram account, I’ve discovered, is quite beneficial.
  • I hope people get the impression that it is colorful, creative, and full of love, like I do.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, make every effort to keep with it!

DIY Studio, Wonderforest, and Jessica Safko, to name a few!

) It’s not called social media for nothing, after all!

Instead of leaving generic remarks such as “nice clothing,” strive to give real comments and queries that will inspire them to submit more photographs in the future.

Start by creating a hashtag that is exclusive to you (be sure it isn’t being used already!) and encouraging people to use it.

For example, A Beautiful Mess encourages its fans to use the hashtag #ABMLifeIsColorful on all of their bright and joyful photographs to spread the word.

), you will be able to repost photographs from your followers (as long as you give them full credit, of course!).

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Download it now!

To get the workbook, simply click on the link provided below.

Do you have any suggestions?

Inviting people to follow you is an excellent idea.

If you want to work with other Instagrammers, you could even try a loop giveaway.

In fact, many users have stated that they prefer watching Stories over the unending “scroll” of their feed Make your Stories as unique as possible.

Inquire about things.

Experiment with different filters and Boomerangs.

People are more inclined to do something if you ask them to do it, no matter how easy the request may appear to be.

If they enjoy your shot, ask them to “like” it by clicking on the “like” button.

Inviting your followers to tag a friend is a great way to increase engagement.

If you put your concept out there, it will motivate your followers to act on it as a result of your efforts.

It should be geotagged!

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, geotagging your images simply means that you tag them with a location.

Re-examine your images to discover which ones received the most likes and comments — and, of course, which ones received the least.

What strategies can you use to include more photographs like these in your feed?

If you have a blog, a Twitter account, or a Facebook page, you might believe that your followers are already following you on all of your social media platforms.

Share a fast tweet or Facebook post inviting people to follow you on’ll get more followers than you think if you do this.

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To “take over” another Instagrammer’s account for the day as a guest contributor, reach out to another Instagrammer in your specialty.

Alternatively, you might create an Instagram challenge with daily challenges. Finally, consider entertaining and innovative methods to collaborate with other users. In related news, here’s what I learned from hosting an Instagram challenge (with six tips for starting your own!)

How have you grown your number of Instagram followers? Share a story with your favorite Instagram tip and tag @melyssa_griffin so I can find it!

Insta-stories, how I love you! Given that Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users (in comparison, the population of the United States is around 325 million), it is clearly a popular social networking platform. The ability to attract a larger Instagram following may result in increased sales for your company, more views on your blog, and a more cohesive community surrounding your brand. Some people, however, have thousands of Instagram followers, and it is unclear how they achieved this feat.

  • To help you boost your Instagram followers, I’ve put up 11 practical suggestions.
  • (She now has more than 800,000 followers!) Every night, she would spend hours admiring other people’s images, she recalled from the beginning of her online career.
  • Take a look at someone’s Instagram account and like 5-10 of the photographs.
  • Additionally, it allows other users to discover you, which aids in spreading your name.
  • What methods do you employ to locate customers in your specialized market?
  • Be genuine and avoid being spammy – nobody has the luxury of time to waste.
  • Creating a theme for your Instagram account, I’ve discovered, is quite helpful.

As for Formine, I hope that it comes off as cheery and creative while still being warm and kind.

Following your decision on a theme, make every effort to keep with it.

Atelier DIY, the Wonderland, and Jessica Safko are all featured!

) For nothing, social media is referred to as “social media.” Responses to the comments you get, as well as your own remarks on other people’s work are encouraged.

Create a unique hashtag (make sure it isn’t currently in use!) and invite people to use it to start a conversation about it.

According to A Beautiful Mess, fans are encouraged to tag their bright and cheerful photographs with the hashtag #ABMLifeIsColorful.

), you will be able to repost photographs from your followers (as long as you give them full credit, of course!

Referred to as: The Best Instagram Hashtags for Getting Noticed and Shared Hint, hint, here’s all you need to know.

My free workbook includes my development tracker, inspirational questions to get you thinking about your Instagram’s goal and purpose, and tactics for identifying better, more effective hashtags.

This is something you genuinely desire.

You might want to consider holding a contest if you have anything to give away.

You may request that folks share an image with you and tag you in it.

Alternatively, you may ask them to use your hashtag on their own photos.

Instagram Stories, believe it or not, are fast gaining in popularity, with more than 400 million daily users now using the app.

Make your Stories as original as possible.

Inquire further.

Filters and Boomerangs are great for experimenting with.

People are more inclined to do something if you ask them to do it, no matter how easy the request may appear to be to you.

To see if they agree with your snapshot, ask them to click on the “like” button on your photo.

To get more likes on your posts, ask your fans to tag a friend!

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It is likely that if you put your concept out there, it will spur your followers to act on it.

Mark it with a GPS coordinates.

Geotagging your images, in case you were wondering, is the process of assigning a specific location to a photograph.

Revisit your photographs and note which of them garnered the most likes and comments — along with those that drew the least attention.

So, how can you get more photographs like that to appear on your Instagram account?

Your readers may believe that if you have a blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page, they are already following you on each of these social media platforms.

If your fans on other social media platforms discover your Instagram account, they are more likely to follow you on Instagram.

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You may gain a significant amount of followers quickly by participating in Instagram Story takeovers.

Finally, come up with entertaining and innovative methods to cooperate with other members of your community. Related:What I Learned From Hosting an Instagram Challenge (Plus 6 Tips to Help You Host One of Your Own)

Best Instagram Hashtags To Gain Followers And Build Your Tribe — Holistic Genius

Instagram. On a personal level, you like the visually appealing images, and Instagram is quickly becoming the dominant social media platform for businesses. Because Instagram has over 700 million active users every day, if you aren’t already on board, you might want to consider doing so. While having a cohesive feed is important, as are other insider tips (which we will cover in more detail later), the strategy behind growing your following on Instagram is much more complex than simply using hashtags.

When it comes to developing a successful Instagram strategy, it is important to understand both the ART and SCIENCE that goes into it, as well as how your company fits into the overall picture.

It all boils down to communities when it comes to attracting more views from the proper individuals to your blog, your website, or your most recent YouTube video.

Tips For Using Hashtags

According to the rules, you can use up to 30 (yes, thirty) hashtags per photo. That is a significant number of hashtags, and you do not want to appear spammy or desperate by using too many in your article. When it comes to hashtagging, there are a few principles I follow:

  • Utilize one to five relevant hashtags in the description of your photo. (I use more if the post is more of an instablog lengthier article.) List the remaining hashtags that are RELEVANT AND SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS CATEGORY in the comments section below. You do not have to utilize all 30 (you want them to be related to the subject or else people would come to your photo and wonder “why am I looking for this?” and not follow you
  • Make use of both generic and specific hashtags. However, what many people fail to realize is that while it’s excellent to come up with your own unique hashtag, if no one is looking for it, you won’t be able to draw people to your feed. Instagram, or any other social media strategy, must comprehend the notion of QUALITY VS. QUANTITY in order to be successful. Both are necessary for the expansion of your company, which means that statistics do matter. The fact of the matter is that herd mentality may bring a lot of business your way. Group think is a natural human condition that, when amplified by the right individuals, may attract the right people to you and your herds just by virtue of the buzz that is created around you and your herds. However, just creating a buzz will not guarantee high-quality results. This is why developing a successful strategy for your company is unique and must be tailored to your specific needs
  • Create a basic list of hashtags that are related to your brand and category that you may wish to utilize in the NOTES section of your smartphone. This way, you may copy and paste the text every time you post something on Instagram and tweak it to make it more relevant to the photo in question. So, for example, I have a page of hashtags for health-related articles, fashion-related posts, business-related posts (such as business blogs), lifestyle-related posts (such as lifestyle blogs), and so on – all of which are relevant to my area.

Hashtags To Use

The use of the proper hashtag can help you build a community of Instagrammers who are interested in the sort of material you are posting. When constructing your lists, make sure to follow these rules to guarantee that only high-quality followers are drawn to your page.

  • Are you sure that makes sense for that particular image? Is it attracting folks who are really interested in what you are promoting? It’s important to choose a tag that’s popular and searched for by the community you’re trying to reach. Keep in mind that this is a push/pull tactic, so employ both popular and unique tags

Here is a generic list of business categories based on common business categories. Of course, you should conduct your own research and ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your brand, your client profile, and that they are based on a strategy with an end goal in mind before posting.




Fashionfashionistafashionbloggerfashionblogootdoutfitofthedayoutfitpoststylestylebloggerstylefilelookbookfashiondailystreetstyle instafashionstylish







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The Ultimate Guide to Launching an Instagram Contest

Are you looking for a more effective strategy to energize your following base? For companies, running Instagram competitions is a terrific way to build some immediate buzz, enhance brand awareness, and increase consumer interaction. When done correctly, these competitions may provide your business with an instant viral boost while also allowing you to develop some very good user contributed content. A engaging enough contest may energize your followers while also encouraging them to engage their own followers.

So, in order to help you be a rockstar on your next campaign, we’ve put together this handy guide to assist you avoid making a mess of conducting Instagram competitions.

Plan Your instagram Contest

A clear end objective should be established at the beginning of every marketing effort, and your contest is no exception. Having specific objectives will assist you in defining and maximizing the potential of your contest. What exactly do you intend to accomplish? What factors might contribute to the project’s success? Among the most prevalent objectives are: Engagement with customers and followers Increase the number of people who follow you. Increase your brand’s awareness by gaining more likes.

Contribute to the creation of user-generated content

Create a theme for your contest

Your contest should be timed to correspond with a certain subject, brand message, or marketing campaign, for example. You may conduct a straightforward “like to win” campaign, or you can encourage your followers to engage more actively, resulting in the creation of some truly unique user created material. Consider asking followers to contribute a photo that is related to the brand but is in a unique, entertaining, or amusing tone to raise awareness of the company. People taking images of themselves using your product in strange settings is a common example.

One of the most crucial things to ensure is that participants are showing and discussing either your brand or product in some way or another.

Research your target audience and competitors

It is much easier to specify with pinpoint accuracy which new clients or followers you want to pursue and how to effectively target them when you have a well defined audience. For the sake of this campaign, we will not be constructing full-blown client personas; instead, we will concentrate on the aspects that are most significant. As a starting point, consider the following questions about the people that you want to reach out to: What are their areas of interest? What kinds of hashtags do they use on a regular basis on Instagram?

It is a good idea to look at your competitors’ items or products that are in the same market as you while trying to identify new clients.

That are the people who support them? Which of their images receives the greatest number of likes and comments? Iconosquare is a fantastic tool for obtaining crucial information about your Instagram followers, hashtags, and rivals, as well as for researching your own brand.

Choose yourhashtags

For your Instagram contest to be trackable, you’ll need to choose a unique hashtag that participants may use in the description of their post. In addition to assisting you in tracking down the Instagram photo, it may also assist non-followers in discovering your contest. Make use of the research you conducted in step 2 to assist you in selecting some hash tags that will generate the maximum interest in your business. Avoid using more than two or three hashtags each post, and always include a hashtag that contains your company’s name or logo.

Here are a few illustrations: abcwidgetsummerabcwidgetweekendiloveabcwidgets

Choose a contest prize

Every contest requires a reward, and if you ask me, it should be a badass prize. Decide what will generate the greatest amount of contact in order to meet your development objectives. What would be the most exciting thing to share with your target audience. Make an effort to be imaginative here. Even while giving away t-shirts, stickers, and free items is a nice touch, including some unique swag with your Instagram contest may help it stand out from the competition. Consider giving away tickets to a baseball game or a personal tour of your business, together with a personalized gift crafted specifically for the recipient.

Consider your prize carefully, then be generous with it.

Create your contest guidelines

In order to keep your followers focused on the work at hand, any contest you create should have some clear parameters in place. Make a decision on what you want people to publish and what they should not post, as well as contest rules and eligibility requirements. Some examples of selection criteria are as follows: How to enter the contest– Detailed instructions on what individuals should do in order to enter the contest. IE. Do you like this photograph? Do you want to share this with your followers?

Is the contest going to last 24 hours, a week, or a month?

Why not use this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone?

In general, the greater the number of images, the better, as it indicates greater awareness of your brand.

Create your contest artwork

We’ve arrived to the most exciting portion of your contest. When you have access to all of the fantastic, simple-to-use tools available, there should be no reason why you can’t come up with some killer visuals for your contest. Your picture should feature only the bare minimum information about your contest and its rules and regulations. It should be as clear, uncluttered, and uncluttered as possible to be effective. Don’t be concerned if your company does not have an in-house designer. Fortunately, there are a plethora of tools and applications available today that make it simple to produce high-quality artwork.

You can also useLegendandGIFshare to create some really beautiful motion graphics. If you prefer to work on a computer, try out Canva. Whatever your personal style, you’ll be able to whip up a professional-looking design in minutes with these tools.

Promote your contest

The moment has come for you to publish and promote your contest to the maximum extent possible now that you have finalized all of the specifics. Spread the word about your contest on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, via email, on your website, on your blog, and wherever else you can think of. Make contact with influential people. Influencers are individuals that have a significant amount of power or following within your target audience. Find a few influential people and ask them if they would be willing to promote your contest to their respective audiences.

  1. It should be promoted to your email list.
  2. You don’t have an email list, do you?
  3. Yesterday.
  4. If you prefer to make them yourself, or if you utilize a service to do it for you, such as Votigo or GleamorTint, the process is a little more complicated.
  5. Install a widget on your website.
  6. Take a look at Instansive, Snapgram, or Websta.

Monitoring your contest

Sure, you could certainly just post it to your account and wait for the mentions and likes to start pouring in, but you need also consider how you will track and analyze the replies you receive. It might be a little laborious and time-consuming to do this from within Instagram itself, though. Listed below are a few tools that can assist you in launching and tracking your Instagram picture contest: It is possible that Iconosquare is the single most popular (and free) program that is completely dedicated to tracking Instagram activity.

SUMMALL– A social monitoring and metrics tool that is extremely user-friendly with a really nice UI.

According to them, they are “the world’s best social analytics, hands down.” While I am unable to remark on whether they are genuine or not, their instruments are of the highest quality.

Selecting your winners

Once the event has concluded, make sure to choose a winner as soon as possible. Your audience has been waiting eagerly to find out who has won, so make sure you announce the winner as soon as possible. Once you’ve chosen a winner, make sure to feature him or her on all of your social media outlets as well as your website. It’s a terrific method to make your winner (as well as your merchandise) stand out. You could also include the runners-up, or you could go over and beyond and award them with a tiny consolation gift.

Here’s another piece of advice: Instruct the winner to post a photo of the reward to their own social media accounts as soon as they receive it. This will provide you with an additional small brand boost at no further cost.

Rinse and repeat

After you’ve completed your first contest, I’m confident that you will have gained valuable experience. Take note of what worked and what didn’t work, and utilize that information to design your future contest strategy. Make a point of holding contests on a regular basis. Your audience will adore you as a result of it.

Now over to you.

What has worked and what hasn’t worked for you in your contests thus far? Do you have any suggestions? Please share them in the comments section below.

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