4 Ways To Increase Your Traffic With Stumbleupon? (Question)

Now let’s learn how you can get more StumbleUpon traffic for your website.

  1. Get Organic Stumbles.
  2. Share Content with Su.pr on Other Networks.
  3. Build a Following Base and Share Content.
  4. Use StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.

How do I get traffic on StumbleUpon?

How to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

  1. Step One: Set Up a StumbleUpon Profile & Connect with Others:-
  2. Step Two: Use StumbleUpon to Scroll the Web:-
  3. Step Three: Share Your Own Content:-
  4. Invest Consistent Time:-
  5. Add Stumble Buttons to Your Website:-
  6. Build Community:-
  7. Share Content with Your Followers:-

How do you use Stumble Upon?

: to find or learn about (something) unexpectedly I stumbled across/on/upon this book by chance. We stumbled onto/across the ruins of an old fort. They stumbled on/upon a bizarre plot. He stumbled onto the truth.

What is the app stumble upon?

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking and rating site where people can “Stumble” their favorite web pages, write reviews and share their discoveries with their followers.

Is there anything like StumbleUpon?

1. Mix: StumbleUpon’s Official Alternative. In a Medium post, StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp said they were encouraging current users to move to its new platform, Mix. Mix even lets you import all your current StumbleUpon favorites, interests, and tags.

What write away means?

1. To send a typed or handwritten request by mail. Typically followed by “for something” or “to someone or something.” We’ll have to write away for the component we need, as there’s only one manufacturer in the region and he doesn’t have a phone or email address.

What does its uncanny mean?

1: seeming to have a supernatural character or origin: eerie, mysterious. 2: being beyond what is normal or expected: suggesting superhuman or supernatural powers.

What does it mean to trip over your words?

To have difficulty saying something clearly or correctly; to stutter or stammer while trying to say something. The actors tripped over their lines and talked over each other constantly. They really needed more time to rehearse. He tried asking her on a date, but he was so nervous that he kept tripping over his words.

Is mix as good as StumbleUpon?

You can also choose to follow people that have similar interests to yourself, save pages you find interesting, and more. While a button similar to the original “Stumble” feature would be a welcome addition, Mix is close enough to StumbleUpon to capture the essence of the site.

Who is the founder of StumbleUpon?

As we expected earlier today, eBay has confirmed an all cash $75 million acquisition of social discovery service StumbleUpon.

What is StumbleUpon Pinterest?

Pinterest is for people who know what they want while StumbleUpon is for people who want to see something new. Pinterest only deals with photos and videos while StumbleUpon can link to any page.

Is mix a good website?

Mix has a consumer rating of 1.32 stars from 15 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Mix ranks 35th among Social Shopping sites.

How to Increase Traffic With Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is not as well-known as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, and as a result, it is sometimes disregarded as a source of traffic for blogs and websites. With an Alexa ranking of 723 in 2016 and an estimated 12 million users, Stumbleupon, often known as SU, frequently surpasses rival sites such as Delicious and Reddit, according to industry estimates (according toStatcounter). What causes this to happen? When anything is placed on the StumbleUpon platform and a user likes or “stumbles” upon that piece of material, that piece of content is added to the SU lineup of recommended content.

Furthermore, StumbleUpon is not popular in the same way that many other social networks, aggregators, and bookmarking services are.

Just a couple of occasions having your page stumbled on can result in thousands of additional page views.

We’ll go through four techniques you may utilize to improve your traffic using SU in the sections that follow this.

Solid Content

Just a brief note before we get started. Bill Gates famously stated in 1996 that “content is king,” a statement that was accurate at the time and is still true now. The most straightforward method of obtaining traffic from StumbleUpon (or any other source) is to create excellent content. There is just no getting around that. Providing poor articles or mediocre material on your sales and product information websites will almost certainly result in them being ignored. The like button on SU is a double-edged sword, as people may just as quickly bury your work as they can catapult it to the top of the screen by pressing the button.

It is a good idea to start by going to StumbleUpon’ssearch tool and typing in your specialty or sector to see what comes up.

  • Content marketing lists are a mainstay of the industry, and according to CopyBlogger, they will always be effective. Infographics— Infographics are popular on social media, and StumbleUpon is no exception in this regard. Look around to find which ones are the most popular
  • You may have noticed an increase in the number of videos on Facebook and other social media sites in recent years, and there is a reason for this. 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video-based by 2017, according to Cisco estimates. The following kind of posts are very popular: how-to instructions, which give a high degree of value to their readers and receive a great deal of attention

There is nothing revolutionary to report here; everything that works well on social media in general will most likely perform well on StumbleUpon as well. Following that, we’ll walk you through four concrete techniques to enhance your traffic using SU.

Focus On Getting Organic Stumbles

It is via their analytics dashboard that the majority of bloggers and website owners discover the usefulness of StumbleUpon. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. This is most often the result of an unanticipated rise in traffic volume. This is an excellent illustration of how interesting stuff may be discovered with little more than a single stumble. Recently, the website Fotor.com published a blog that had amusing results from a picture caption contest. Six months later, a user with only a few hundred followers thought it hilarious and shared it on Twitter.

  1. This is the power of an organic stumble multiplied by a factor of ten.
  2. Create a profile, fill in a few information, and provide a link to your website or blog in the profile description.
  3. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll want to include a stumble button on all of your articles.
  4. This website also contains integration recommendations for those who are having difficulty with WordPress or Drupal integration.

It comes down to this: you want your material to be easily discoverable. Make this a priority, and the likelihood of your material being discovered will skyrocket significantly higher.

2. Share Content on Su.Pr and Elsewhere

SU has its own URL shortening system, which goes by the name of Su.pr. Using Su.pr to enter content or shorten a URL is possible after registering and logging into the StumbleUpon system. Su.pr also gives you the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Post your URLs to your Twitter or Facebook profile (with the option to have them automatically shortened)
  • Plan and manage your social media posts
  • Obtain advice for the most effective posting times
  • Check out the statistics and graphs that show how well your postings are doing
  • Distribute your work to the entire SU community if possible. Draw attention to the most important pages on your website.

Post your URLs to your Twitter or Facebook profile (with the option to have them automatically shortened). Manage your posts by scheduling them in advance. Learn about the best times to post on social media. Analyze the performance of your postings with reports and graphs. To reach the whole SU community, you should broadcast your work. The most important pages on your website should be highlighted

3. Share Content and Build a Group of Followers

In a perfect world, we would start off with a huge number of engaged followers with whom we could immediately exchange material from the get-go. As we all know, this is never the case from the beginning. It will take time, dedication, and the appropriate plan. What is the best way to go about it? Begin by following people and sharing material – in other words, by being involved in the community. Follow a few stumblers, but keep in mind that SU does not have the same follow back strategy that many people use on social media sites like Twitter.

Find Others Who Share Your Opinions In terms of improving your blog traffic on WordPress (or any other website, for that matter), we can do more than merely pray for a positive outcome, though.

There are two basic methods for accomplishing this:

  1. Find other people who are posting on the same topics or sharing the same views by using the search tool and entering a few relevant keywords. Make a small list of users who are a good fit for you. When you click on each stumbler’s profile, you’ll see an indicator in the right-hand corner of each profile that indicates how closely your interests match theirs.

Use this percentage as a barometer to determine the possibility that someone will follow you back to your location (and therefore how much energy to invest). Naturally, this is not a perfect method, but the bigger your percentage, the better your chances. Do you prefer a more straightforward approach? Try a fast Google search forsite:stumbleupon.com/stumbler/ “follow me” twitter, which should bring up a list of Stumblers who have linked their Twitter account to their StumbleUpon profile. Follow them on Twitter and offer them a pleasant direct message or tweet.

  1. Getting your name out there might be half of the battle.
  2. Be Active If you’re wondering, “How can I increase the amount of visitors to my website?” StumbleUpon might be the jolt of energy you’ve been looking for.
  3. Any SU user will tell you that the “recommendation engine” on this platform is the most valuable feature of it.
  4. Its operation is straightforward.
  5. The more active you are in the topic area of your niche, the greater the chances are that you will be discovered and followed by others.
  6. When you begin to participate in the SU environment on a regular basis, the ecology actually comes to life.
  7. This useful plugin, which is available for Chrome and Firefox (with more browsers available), is your best buddy.

The number in red reflects the number of new or unread posts you have on your computer.

Like, stumble, remark, or write the individual a personal letter to express your appreciation for what they’ve shared.

Traditional wisdom holds that it is dangerous to like or stumble your own posts, yet you must first stumble your own writings before you can share them with your audience.

Once you’ve gotten over your initial stumbling block, you may click the information button on the taskbar whenever you’re on that particular page.

If you have a high number of followers, you should be aware that sharing huge chunks of material with all of them may cause the system to become unresponsive.

It is possible to separate them into sections to prevent this from happening, but be cautious when using the publish button; pressing it numerous times may result in you accidentally sending someone a post 10 times. To say that was annoying would be an understatement.

4. Try StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Feature

It’s possible to use SU’s paiddiscovery option if you don’t have time to establish a community or wait for organic stumbles or are simply unsatisfied with the results you’ve received so far. StumbleUpon advertisements will drive targeted traffic to your website for a nominal fee, regardless of how successful your site is. This appears to be a promising method of increasing website traffic for marketers. Members of StumbleUpon’s premium discovery service can choose from three different tiers of membership.

  • Moderate— Enables basic reporting and interaction with Google Analytics, as well as demographic targeting. Standard—Allows for the prioritization of content streams, as well as comprehensive reporting and targeting capabilities. Priority service for content streams is guaranteed, as is access to the complete suite of reports and Google Analytics integration.

Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead and launch your campaign, you’ll need to follow these five steps to get it off the ground.

  1. To begin, you’ll need to enter the URL that you want visitors to be sent to when they arrive. It’s important to include utm parameters in your URL so that you can measure performance metrics later on with Google analytics. If any of this is confusing to you, there is a fantastic lesson available here
  2. Second, you’ll need to choose a topic for your paper (or topics). StumbleUpon can make educated guesses based on the information you supply, or you can choose (up to a maximum of ten). Following that, you’ll want to tailor your content to your target demographic. In this case, you have the option of relying on SU’s algorithm or manually entering demographic and device information. Next, figure out how much money you’re willing to pay on priority placement. Paid discovery allows you to gain a leg up on other users who are pursuing the same audience. Determine how much time you are willing to devote to this activity each day. Ad scheduling is also very crucial. If desired, this may be set up to run on autopilot, or it can be completed manually. A timetable might assist you in keeping track of your advertising expenditures.
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Finally, return to your dashboard and click on “account information” to make a contribution to your campaign using PayPal or a credit card. Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the subject, we can go to the core of the topic. Is it worthwhile to pay for discovery? In this case, there isn’t a single solution since there are just too many variables at play. However, we can provide you with a few nuggets of knowledge to aid you in your decision-making process. The Unfavorable News Paid discovery on StumbleUpon is comparable to paid discovery on Google, with one significant distinction.

  1. As a result, people are less likely to be interested in your information.
  2. Users of StumbleUpon are well-known for being a bit click-happy, and when they arrive at your site, they may be in the mentality of simply clicking through to the next thing on the list.
  3. Because of SU’s unique capacity to attract avalanches of attention, you may only only a small number of stumbles to get a positive return on investment when employing sponsored discovery.
  4. By paying close attention to these facts, you can establish whether the cost of sponsored discovery is validating itself in the form of an increase in traffic volume.
  5. This is especially true when addressed with care and within the context of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.


StumbleUpon.com is an enticing source of prospective traffic that is often overlooked by marketers and advertisers. You may use the four strategies mentioned in this article to drive more visitors to your website, whether you’re just getting started or planning a return trip to the university. Is StumbleUpon proving to be successful for you? What techniques have you employed? Please feel free to add your opinions to the discussion in the comments section. Do you like this incredible blob of mouth sounds that has been transformed into symbolic pixels?

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How to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

Shanna Mallon of Straight North contributes to this piece as a guest author. Would you like to utilize StumbleUpon to boost the amount of visitors to your website? StumbleUpon has now been decommissioned. They’ve made the switch to mix.com. It may be preferable for you to utilize it or another social media network such as Pinterest. Another alternative is to experiment with other traffic sources, such as SEO. Everyone speaks about the importance of leveraging social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest to generate referral traffic, but what about StumbleUpon?

One thing is clear, despite the fact that numbers alter over time: StumbleUpon is not a bookmarking service to be overlooked.

StumbleUpon may be used to enhance website traffic in three simple stages, along with a few basic principles.

Three Steps to Getting Started With StumbleUpon

If the concept of utilizing StumbleUpon is unfamiliar to you, don’t be discouraged: it isn’t difficult. To get started with the site, follow these three simple actions.

Step One: Set Up a StumbleUpon ProfileConnect with Others:-

To make advantage of StumbleUpon, you must first create an account. Click “Join for free” at the upper right corner of StumbleUpon.com to sign up for a free account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to create a profile, link social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook, and choose your preferred subject areas. Because this is a social networking site, you will have the opportunity to connect with other users. Follow persons with whom you have established relationships on other social media platforms; follow anybody who comes onto information that you find interesting.

Step Two: Use StumbleUpon to Scroll the Web:-

Utilize StumbleUpon on a daily basis to get the most out of it. If you enjoy a website, click the “thumbs up” button; if you dislike a page, use the “thumbs down” button. Click the “Stumble” button to skim through information that other users have saved on the network.

Step Three: Share Your Own Content:-

Making discoveries on your own is an important part of using StumbleUpon. Add the “StumbleUpon” button to your browser’s toolbar by clicking here. Then, if you come across blog articles or infographics that you enjoy, simply click on the StumbleUpon icon to add them to your network of friends. This is also the method via which you will begin advertising your own work. Along with the stuff you share, make sure to draw attention to your own posts and images.

4 Quick Tips to Use StumbleUpon to Increase Website Traffic

What should you keep in mind once you’ve created your StumbleUpon account and started using it on a daily basis is the following: What overarching concepts should serve as a guide for your work? Take a look at this.

1. Invest Consistent Time:-

Use StumbleUpon on a frequent basis if you want to get the greatest results.

Rather than signing in once a month, attempt to set up regular time to look through and submit information on a regular basis.

2. Add Stumble Buttons to Your Website:-

Another strategy for increasing your site’s visibility on StumbleUpon is to make it simple for your existing readers to promote it on their own blogs. StumbleUpon buttons should be placed on your website to encourage users to stumble across your content. When they do, they assist to market your brand to a larger audience and to drive new visitors to your website. Taking this step may be quite beneficial in increasing website traffic, as demonstrated by a research conducted by BrightEdge Technologies, which found that sites with social share buttons received seven times the number of shares as sites without.

You might place it at the top and bottom of the list for better results.

3. Build Community:-

People who follow you on Stumble Upon should be followed back in kind. When you come across friends, follow them. Visit the Discover Others page to find users who share your interests and follow them as well.

4. Share Content with Your Followers:-

When you’re scrolling through material on StumbleUpon, the top menu bar provides you with options for sharing the information you’re now looking at. Click on the icon that reads “Share this page with anybody, including through Twitter or LinkedIn” in the upper left of your pages if you wish to promote them. When used properly, this is a really effective method of promoting your products. Just be cautious not to over-share, or you will anger your connections and lose followers.

Your Thoughts:-

Your opinion on StumbleUpon is important to me. Have you ever tried it out before? What strategies do you employ to increase website traffic? Fill up the blanks with your thoughts in the comments section below.

AboutShanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon works as a writer for Straight North, an Internet marketing organization based in Chicago that specializes in search engine optimization, site building, and other forms of online marketing. Straight North may be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Increase traffic using StumbleUpon efficiently

You are here: Home»Blogging Tips»How to effectively generate traffic to your website using StumbleUpon It is possible that this article contains affiliate connections to Amazon. In my capacity as an Amazon Associate, I receive a commission on eligible purchases made by you at no additional cost to you. STUMBLE UPON is a terrific social media platform with over 25 million members, and by utilizing StumbleUpon effectively, you may turn it into a significant traffic source for your website. Users of StumbleUpon are looking for high-quality websites that will engage them with interesting material and beautiful images.

StumbleUpon is presently the most popular traffic generator in the United States.

In your browser, you may offer a thumbs up to photographs, movies, blog entries, websites, or anything else that you find interesting and want to share with others.

When not utilized appropriately, one may do additional harm to themselves as well as to people they are visiting and stumbling into, with implications such as the inability to post any articles, photographs, or websites, as well as the suspension or even the banning of one’s own account.

The following are the steps to take in order to manage your StumbleUpon account:

  1. Creating a StumbleUpon profile is simple. It is simpler for other Stumblers to locate you when you use your own name and a personal photo rather than a blog and a logo. It also helps to keep your account from appearing spammy while making it more personalized. Remember to pick as many interests as possible that are directly relevant to your own blog, niche, and personal hobbies when SU asks for your feedback on your favourite interests. When you are browsing, SU will display you content that are relevant to your interests (using the SU toolbar). Randomly stumbling across these subjects is incredibly vital in order to maintain your account looking engaged and not spammy at all times. Make a list of what interests you in a range of areas, because SU will only display articles that they believe you would enjoy based on the interests you’ve selected
  2. Posts are being submitted. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you may begin posting content that you find interesting. You are welcome to upload your own work, but please make sure that it is not the sole stuff you provide. That is a piece of spam! Please submit one of your posts for every ten others’ posts, just to be on the safe side. When submitting a post, you MUST complete all of the following steps: Choose an appropriate topic that accurately portrays what is on your post
  3. Select a large number of tags that are all absolutely connected to your post
  4. And include a brief description of your article. They’re significant since they A. make your article accessible to other stumblers via search and B. the subjects and tags must be relevant to your content in order to prevent seeming spammy or irrelevant. One mistake means just one chance to make it right! Any submissions received after the first have no significance, therefore make sure you complete it flawlessly or you will be effectively deleting that post, as described above. There are two methods for submitting a post:
  • If you are using an SU toolbar, you may communicate using the thumbs up button. Through the use of an SU button on your blog

Despite the fact that there are two ways to submit a post, only one will be able to inform you whether or not the post has been posted with 100 percent accuracy, and that is through the Thumbs up feature. Some SU buttons display the amount of clicks they have received, but this is not a guarantee that the post has been successfully published. Any click on that button will be recorded, even if the visitor merely closes the page without completing the submission process shortly after the click.

If a post has not yet been submitted when the thumbs up button is selected, a second window will appear, enabling you to input subjects, tags, a description, and finally submit the post after it has been submitted.

WARNING: Any thumbs up on a post that has not yet been submitted will be considered invalid.

Following the creation of your account, you must complete the following steps:

  1. The following stage involves visiting other websites with the assistance of the orange Stumble button. While you click on that option, SU will direct you to a page based on the interests you specified when creating your profile on the site. Give a thumbs up if you enjoy the content that SU is displaying for you. If you don’t like it, you may either do nothing or give the post a negative rating. If you give a post a thumbs up, StumbleUpon learns that you are interested in similar topics, and the post that you gave the thumbs up to will continue to be shown to other stumblers who have similar interests in the topic that you gave the thumbs up to. The more the number of thumbs up, the greater the exposure for that content. If you don’t do anything, nothing occurs, and you’ll be taken to another page based on your interests the next time you press the SU button. When you thumbs down a post, it not only informs SU that you are not interested in that particular sort of content, but it also prevents that post from being shown to other people who share your interests. An unfavorable vote might effectively destroy a post
  2. Using the SU toolbar quickly and accurately. As previously indicated, when you give a thumbs up to websites and postings that you enjoy, you may notice that a second window opens immediately after you push the Thumbs up button. There has been no discovery or submission of that particular content to StumbleUpon by other stumblers at the time of this writing. This is your opportunity to set things right for the author of that blog article. Follow all of the procedures outlined above for subjects, tags, and description, and you’ll be ready to hit the submit button. Once that is completed, you may securely return to the original window and give that post your Thumbs Up. You will not see the second window any more because you have just published the post. Additionally, the post will move up in the SU ladder due to the fact that it will be seen to other stumblers as well. Congratulations
  3. However, when you push the Thumbs up button, please make sure that the thumbs up button turns orange, or else your attempt will be completely ineffective. After your thumbs-up have been registered, you may continue stumbling by hitting the orange Stumble button on your keyboard. Make sure you stumble on every post for which you have given a thumbs up in order to get that post into the SU circulation. Make until the Stumble button has fully loaded before clicking it
  4. You’ll know it’s finished when you’re presented with a new page or post. Adding interests to your list is done automatically. Once a particular amount of posts within the same interest/topic have received Thumbs Up, you may be prompted to choose whether or not to have that interest/topic added to your list of interests inside your account. That is accomplished by the use of a small grey window located just under the thumbs-up button, which appears after you have given the thumbs-up
  5. The practice of following other stumblers, particularly those who follow you, is highly advised. Stumblers with a large number of followers, shares, and thumbs up have a better level of authority on StumbleUpon
  6. Be extremely active on StumbleUpon. It simply takes a few minutes every day that you must set aside for stumbling onto things at random. In SU, the more active you are, the more your authority will become
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This is followed by a series of site visits, facilitated by the orange Stumble button. While you click on that option, SU will direct you to a page based on the interests you specified when creating your profile on their website. A thumbs-up is appropriate if you enjoy the content that SU is displaying. There are no consequences if you don’t like it, and you can just ignore it or thumbs it down. If you give a post a thumbs up, StumbleUpon learns that you are interested in similar topics, and the post that you gave the thumbs up to will continue to be presented to other stumblers who have similar interests in the topic to which you have given the thumbs up.

  • In the absence of any action, nothing happens, and you are redirected to another website based on your interests when you press the SU button once again.
  • In this case, a thumbs down may be the end of the thread.
  • Utilizing and understanding the SU toolbar You may notice that, as previously said, when you give a thumbs up to websites and postings that you enjoy, a second window will open immediately after you have clicked on the Thumbs up button.
  • This is your opportunity to set things right for the author of that blog article, if anything went wrong.
  • It’s safe to return to the original window and give that post your Thumbs Up after this is completed.
  • Congratulations; however, when you push the Thumbs up button, please ensure that the thumbs up button turns orange, otherwise your attempt will be completely ineffective.
  • Remember to stumble every post you gave a thumbs up to in order to get it into the SU circulation system.
  • Adding interests to your list in a fully automated fashion.
  • A little grey window appears directly beneath the thumbs-up button, which appears after you have given the thumbs-up; this is how it works.
  • Be extremely active on StumbleUpon; Stumblers with a large number of followers, shares, and thumbs up have more influence inside the site.

Only a few minutes each day are required to be set aside for stumbling into things unexpectedly. In SU, the more active you are, the greater your influence will become;

How To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic With StumbleUpon

Although you may be familiar with the term “StumbleUpon,” you may not have utilized it because you are unsure of its purpose or what it can achieve for you. I’ve found this to be true with many of the bloggers I’ve spoken with, so I wanted to share my little secret with you: StumbleUpon is frequently one of the most important sources of blog traffic for me. Do you think I’ve gotten your attention yet?

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking platform where users may “Stumble” their favorite web pages and then share their discoveries with others via social media. When it comes to the customer, it is a location where they may organize their bookmarks as well as find new and intriguing information depending on parameters that they provide. Perhaps they might like to look at websites that deal with jewelry or meal preparation. It is quite simple for users to search for and discover stuff that has been considered valuable by other Stumblers.

Your blog will be seen on StumbleUpon by a vast network of individuals who are literally seeking for it.

Getting Started With StumbleUpon

You may build a personal profile on StumbleUpon, just as you do on any other social networking platform, by providing a user name, profile image, and a very brief explanation of who you are. It is possible to follow other users and see what they are interested in, but it is pretty much the extent of your social engagement with other Stumblers. When you join up, you may pick from a list of interests – as few or as many as you like – so that you can get a wide range of topics in your feed, or something more tailored, depending on your preferences and preferences.

StumbleUpon is intelligent, and it will learn more about you over time depending on the sorts of things you “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” in response to.

You may change your interests at any moment by adding new ones or removing those you no longer desire.

Using and Navigating StumbleUpon

Using the website does not have a standardized or recognized method of operation. You may do anything from just finding new websites and giving them a “thumbs up” if you like what you see, to contributing to the community by directly linking to material from websites you find interesting and useful. The flexibility to add a page is something I truly appreciate. If you have a blog or website, you may upload pages straight from there, and you can be as specific as selecting a few categories in which the page would suit best.


By clicking on the bright orange “STUMBLE” button, as seen in the above image, you can “stumble” onto new sites. Clicking on the thumbs up icon indicates that you enjoy a page. This indicates that you enjoyed the material, and StumbleUpon will use this information to show you related sites in the future. That particular page will also be saved in the “Likes” section of your profile.

The thumb down icon can be used to express dissatisfaction with a website for whatever reason you choose. There are a variety of reasons you might offer such as having seen the page previously, it not being rated appropriately, the page not loading, and so on.


Creating lists of your favorite things will help you manage your interests. Clicking on the little drop down flag in the StumbleUpon dashboard will take you to the appropriate page. It will urge you to either make a list or save the page you are now on into a list that you already have created for yourself.

Important Rules

If you’re going to use StumbleUpon, there’s one guideline you should follow: don’t merely stumble your own content. StumbleUpon will penalize you for self–promotion, and you will discover that by uploading your own content to the website, you are actually decreasing the amount of traffic the website receives. Instead, make it incredibly easy for people to stumble onto your piece by including some form of social sharing plugin on your website. I personally prefer Monarch, although there are a plethora of excellent free plugins available for this purpose.

  • The StumbleUpon Toolbar for Firefox, the StumbleUpon Toolbar for Chrome, the StumbleUpon Toolbar for Safari, and the StumbleUpon Toolbar for Internet Explorer

All of these toolbars make it simple to Stumble posts on the internet. I have the Chrome extension loaded, and it has proven to be really beneficial.

The Do’s and Do Nots

  • DOLike posts and websites that you are interested in
  • DOContribute to the site by offering reviews and comments on items you liked or disliked
  • DOLike posts and websites that you are interested in
  • DOAdd pages that you believe are amazing and that include material that you found interesting or useful. DO NOT use Stumbleupon to promote yourself or your business. DO NOT DIRECTLY ASK PEOPLE TO SUBMIT YOUR POST TO STUMBLEBUG. (If you want to, you may inform them that this is an option!)

How Is This Increasing Traffic?

I understand why you would be reluctant. It’s a lot of effort, isn’t it? But believe me when I say that it’s well worth the extra small amount of effort. Participate in the site’s activities and, on occasion, write a blog entry to express yourself. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by the outcome. Every time someone comes across your content, you’re acquiring new visitors. It informs StumbleUpon that your outstanding material is worthy of being shared with others every time they give you a thumbs up.

Have you been stumbling about lately?

The Ultimate guide to increasing your traffic with StumbleUpon

I understand if you’re a little wary. You realize how much effort is involved, don’t you? But believe me when I say that the work is well worth it. Participate in the site’s activities and, on occasion, contribute a blog article. What you’ll find out will astound you! The amount of traffic you receive increases with each new visitor who discovers your content. It informs StumbleUpon that your outstanding material is worthy of being shared with others each time they give you a thumbs up. Views and traffic increase as the number of thumbs up rises.

Have you been having a hard time with it?

  • Postings that are educational
  • How-to tutorials
  • And posts that are controversial

If you do any of the following, you will not receive much traffic from StumbleUpon:

  • Write brief, largely filler entries to fill up the gaps. Write mostly about your company or brand, as well as the items and services that you provide to your customers. Posting on a regular basis is discouraged.

According to @lilachbullock, the ultimate approach to growing your traffic with StumbleUpon. To send a tweet, simply click here.

Build a strong following

If enough people stumble onto a post and enjoy it, it has a good chance of going viral on StumbleUpon. In reality, all it takes is for one person to discover a wonderful piece of content and begin sharing it, and if the article is of sufficient quality, it may result in a significant increase in traffic. If you want to ensure that enough people notice your articles and like and share them, you should begin by creating a significant following, just like you would on social media. The importance of having followers who have similar interests to yours is more important than having a large number of followers on StumbleUpon.

It is also important that your followers are active users who are genuinely interested in discovering great content and sharing it with their network, rather than merely having a large number of followers. There are a variety of methods for identifying stumblers, including:

  • Find your pals using social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Browse through other stumblers’ hobbies, lists, or the entire community of 25 million stumblers
  • Browse through some of our favorite stumblershere. Check to see if anybody else enjoyed the stumbles you enjoyed
  • Investigate profiles to find out if anybody else shares your hobbies

The content

When it comes to StumbleUpon traffic, the material you create is unquestionably the most important aspect to consider. That’s why so many blogs see significant increases in traffic as a result of StumbleUpon, even if they’ve never used the service before, and some have never ever heard of it. However, they produced a fantastic piece of content that people were eager to read. For this reason, I would offer the same advice that a new blogger or social media novice would receive–create useful, relevant material.

  • Those are the sorts of articles that receive a large number of stumbles, likes, and eventually, visitors.
  • Try to create pieces that are of genuine value – whether it’s an instructional post or one that has an extensive list of fantastic resources, constantly ask yourself whether what you’re writing will be of benefit to someone in some way before publishing it.
  • It’s also important to remember that it’s not only about having well-written blog entries or articles.
  • According to @lilachbullock, the ultimate approach to growing your traffic with StumbleUpon.

Build your profile

I explained before that in order to receive greater results from StumbleUpon, you should aim to grow your following base. This is still true today. A good profile – similar to Pinterest in this case – is the greatest approach to get a large number of followers and ensure that they remain your followers. Similarly to Pinterest, where it is necessary to keep your boards fresh and continuously updated, it is necessary to publish outstanding information as frequently as possible on StumbleUpon in order to provide your fans with a compelling reason to continue following you.

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It will very certainly result in your account being suspended, not to mention the fact that other users will be put off by it.

Not only on StumbleUpon, but also elsewhere, this is typically the trinity of content categories that generates the most clicks, reads, and shares.

Optimizing your website for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon provides a variety of features that you may integrate into your website, including:

  • Badges, which make it simple for your readers to share your content on StumbleUpon
  • And
  • Widgets, which assist in driving more traffic to your most valuable and engaging content
  • StumbleThru is a pretty amazing tool that will assist stumblers in navigating through the material of a given website depending on their personal interests, and it is available for free. Consequently, they will be given a personalized tour of your website, during which visitors will only be shown material that they are likely to find of interest to them. A StumbleThru on your website is not straightforward to set up
  • All you have to do is add your domain at the end of the path shown below. Remember that this will only work properly if there are enough pages from the website in the StumbleUpon index
  • Otherwise, it will fail.

Whether you intend to use StumbleUpon or not, I believe that including at least a badge on your website may be quite beneficial in generating more traffic back to your site. In this way, even if you are not actively utilizing it, someone may come into one of your articles, resulting in a significant increase in traffic with little or no effort on your own. According to @lilachbullock, the ultimate approach to growing your traffic with StumbleUpon. To send a tweet, simply click here.

StumbleUpon AdsPaid Discovery

If you want to expedite the process and receive a large amount of traffic quickly, StumbleUpon allows you to convert your material into traffic-generating advertisements. In addition to sharing whatever form of content you choose, whether visual or textual, you can pay to ensure that more people see your post, which will ultimately result in more traffic being sent to your website. First and foremost, you must select your target audience based on their age, gender, device, and geographic location: You may then fine-tune your targeting by selecting relevant interests and interest bundles, such as: After that, you may choose your campaign’s spending budget.

  • It is self-service, pay as you go, and you can control your spending budget. There is no minimum spend and you may quit whenever you choose. The Managed option, which starts at $10k a month and includes a dedicated account manager, is also an option. Premium service, which starts at $50k per month, includes the following features: account management services, including a dedicated account manager who will assist with the design, implementation, and monitoring of the campaign, as well as premium advertising options such as sponsored pages that consumers will view first thing in the morning

The self-service option is best suited for publishers, bloggers, and other small businesses, whilst the Managed and Premium solutions are better suited for large corporations. Once your ad campaign is launched, StumbleUpon will utilize their recommendation engine to match your ad to the most relevant audience possible, ensuring that the amount of engagement you receive is maximized. One of the most interesting aspects of StumbleUpon’s advertisements is that they reward you with free visits back to your website when people interact with your material – and the more people connect with your content, the more free visits you’ll receive.

To send a tweet, simply click here.

What to do with the traffic

When it comes to StumbleUpon traffic, one of the challenges that many bloggers have found over the years is that they are not always repeat consumers. The amount of visits to a certain post will increase dramatically for a few hours, and then it will vanish completely. While it is exciting to see large numbers in your Google Analytics, most people would want to see more real outcomes, such as opt-ins, purchases, or repeat visitors to their site. So does this imply that the traffic you receive through StumbleUpon isn’t worth your time and effort?

  1. StumbleUpon can assist you in building a strong, loyal reader base, as well as increasing the number of subscribers and comments on your blog or website.
  2. You may be able to generate a significant amount of traffic in a short period of time, but if you want greater results, you must put in the effort.
  3. If you follow these steps, you will see an increase in traffic, more shares, more comments, and an increase in subscribers.
  4. It’s a fantastic source of traffic as well as a fantastic supply of material, and, to top it all off, it’s a lot of fun to use.
  5. In addition, their advertising alternatives are worth considering if you have high-quality content to back it up, as your material is the real advertisement – and why would people want to read or watch something if they don’t find value in what they’re seeing?
  6. Given that Facebook is making it virtually tough to get material into news feeds, and that other social networks are making it more and more difficult to make your content stand out, this is a particularly good alternative for increasing traffic.

Are you familiar with StumbleUpon? Or have you noticed any increases in traffic as a result of it? Any other suggestions for generating more visitors that you might share? Please let me know in the comments area, and please pass the word along to others.

How to Quickly Boost Blog Traffic from Stumbleupon, 7 Ways

StumbleUpon was shut down in July of this year. StumbleUpon has been replaced by Mix, another content curation platform. More information on Mix may be found at: Do you think the world needs more sites like StumbleUpon? Since the inception of the Mostly BloggingStumbleUpon group*, it has been 18 months. I’m delighted to inform that the group is still going strong. Is it still possible for the site that was once dubbed “the darling of the business” to generate significant blog traffic? Absolutely!

This data-driven piece, provided in case study format, will demonstrate to you the unassailable statistics thatStumbleUponworks for bloggers in order to increase their page visits in an effective manner.

What is StumbleUpon?

Known as a content curation platform, StumbleUpon has the ability to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website or blog. There are millions of articles to be discovered on that website. In accordance with Quora, the site has more than 15 million members. The website StumbleUpon is utilized by 0.4 percent of all websites, according to statistics from 2017. It is the site’s policy to promote the material that you have previously written. You have the potential for tremendous exposure, which will result in big traffic for you.

  • It is debated whether or not there are consequences for stumbling your own links.
  • According to what I’ve heard, the ratio is 30 to 1.
  • It is recommended by TheLivingForNaptimeblog that you stumble ten others for every one of your own that you share.
  • This is the same as saying you enjoyed the article.
  • It merely indicates that you do not wish for the site to display items like this in the future.
  • However, there is evidence (according to things I’ve read) that the site really penalizes you if you stumble your own links on the site.
  • Of sure, there will be a decrease in traffic!

Stumble Upon Case Studies

Known as a content curation site, StumbleUpon has the ability to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and blog. On the website, you may find millions of articles. According to Quora, the platform has more than 15 million users registered with them. The website StumbleUpon is utilized by 0.4 percent of all websites, according to statistics from the year 2017. Sites like this one promote the material you’ve previously created. Big exposure for you has the potential to result in massive traffic for you.

  1. The links you provide must be stumble upon by other people before you can obtain significant amounts of traffic.
  2. As long as you promote (stumble) the links of others, some individuals believe you may advertise your own link on the site as well.
  3. The number of articles produced by other people that you stumble (share to SU) for every article of your own is 30.
  4. By pressing the thumbs up button, you make a stumbling block.
  5. In contrast, giving an article a negative rating does not always indicate that you detest the piece of writing itself.

This does not excite you. Although there is evidence (pieces I’ve read) that the site penalizes you when you stumble your own links, this is not the case. What is the ramifications of this action? For what reason, you would wonder?

How to Receive Blog Traffic from StumbleUpon

  • People in myBlogger Collaboration group can stumble your links if you invite them to do so
  • MyStumbleUpon group exists solely for the purpose of allowing you to request that others stumble your links. StumbleUpon Blogger Adventures will stumble your links if you reciprocate by stumbling the URLs of everyone in the daily thread
  • Join Facebook groups that allow members to exchange links in order to have their links stumbled.

Many additional stumbling groups are likely to exist on Facebook, as well. Just use the search box on Facebook to find out. Suggest that you type inStumbleUpon + group. In the opinion of bloggerAnna Nuttall, reciprocal threads are to blame for all of the traffic she has experienced recently.

  • When I ask them, ThePost and Sharegroup on Facebook stumble my links, which I find strange. You request that your post be shared, and then you share someone else’s post. Alternatively, you can stumble your own links and then stumble another 30 links that are not your own. You should have a StumbleUpon sharing button on your webpage. This will encourage visitors to stumble your links because it will be more convenient for them to do so this way. Your blog post link may be stumbled directly from your blog rather than copying and pasting your URL into a website and manually adding it
  • Here’s whatMainy, a blogger, is up to:

Is it possible to publish a request at the top of all of your blog pages and have it work? Observe that this post on January facts and data, which was prepared only two days earlier, has already earned 56 stumbles.

How to Use StumbleUpon

It’s a lot of pleasure for me to engage with readers outside of the blogosphere. We track one other down and follow each other to our destination. Do you have any recommendations for individuals to follow? It appears that I am not being followed by anyone! GASP! From Jen, via of Practicalbydefault When asked how individuals may follow each other on StumbleUpon, Kesavan responded with a detailed explanation.

Mostly Blogging StumbleUpon Group Updates

Ryan Biddulph, a well-known writer and novelist, has joined ourStumbleUpon community.


Blogger Matt believes in StumbleUpon so much that he’s written a blog post detailing all of the reasons why in his post, StumbleUpon Referrals. StumbleUpon is described as “simple and crucial” by Matt. According to Matt, “I’ve been quite pleased with the amount of traffic that has been produced thus far.” Gary Jefferies, an author and blogger, states that SU is his number one traffic referrer. In the words of theBatches of Beautyblog, “StumbleUpon is unquestionably an incredible traffic generator.” This is something that many bloggers are underestimating.” To paraphrase, “If your material is being stumbled, then Stumbleupon may be a terrific source of exposure for you as a blogger,” says Tots100.

In order to receive a few hundred visits on StumbleUpon, you do not need to have an extremely popular contribution.

SearchEnginePeopleagrees that the site not only generates more traffic than Reddit, but also generates three times the amount of blog traffic that Reddit does on average.

Additional Benefits from Using StumbleUpon

Finally, there are extra advantages of adopting SU. Increasing the amount of visitors to your blog is only one of them. According to blogger Kathleen Maclean, the added exposure you receive in front of such a large audience might help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Additionally, you may discover new blogs to read. As a blogger who conducts research before publishing a piece, you will find this site useful for finding blogs that you may credit in your posts. Because of these factors, the website is an excellent resource for you.

I’m curious about your experiences using StumbleUpon.

Has it resulted in more traffic for you?

If not, do you intend to give the site a try and have other people stumble your links if you don’t already? Note*With the assistance of Michael Rios, I established the StumbleUpon group. He boosted my StumbleUpon group, and I promoted his Reddit community in exchange for him.

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