10 Link In Bio Services To Try For Social Media? (Perfect answer)

Top Link in Bio Tools

  • Later. Later is an Instagram scheduling tool used by top brands like MeUndies, USA Today, and GQ.
  • Shorby. Shorby is a tool for creating mini landing pages for social media bios.
  • Tap Bio. Tab Bio is another streamlined link in bio tool.
  • Feedlink.
  • Linktree.
  • Milkshake App.
  • Sked Link.
  • elink.

What is the best link in bio for Instagram?

The best Instagram link in bio tools compared

  1. Shorby. Shorby is what we use to optimize our own Instagram bio.
  2. Pallyy. Pallyy is the best Instagram bio link tool when it comes to overall features and value for money.
  3. Tap. Bio.
  4. Linktree. Linktree is a direct competitor to Shorby.
  5. Lnk. Bio.
  6. Linkin.
  7. ShortStack.
  8. Thrive Architect.

What is the best bio link?

Linktree Linktree is perhaps the most well known bio linking tool. It allows users to create optimized landing pages and use them to post links to the pages they’d like their audience members to visit. It also has a function that allows you to share your links on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

What’s link in bio on Instagram?

What does “link in bio” mean, and how do you find a link in someone’s bio on Instagram? In our Instagram bio, the “link in bio ” is directly beneath the emoji. So if someone writes “link in bio” they are referring to a url at the end of their profile’s bio that will take you to a website outside of Instagram.

What is a bio Link website?

Your link in bio becomes an Insta website where your followers can connect with all of your offers. Designed for the mobile Instagram browser, the app allows your followers to browse through your content, in the same way, they swipe Instagram Stories.

Is URL Bio free?

Link in bio: the easy (and free) way to drive traffic from Instagram.

What is a smart bio?

Smart. bio allows you to link each of your Instagram posts to a url as well as set a few permanent links at the top. The layout is so clean and so much easier to navigate than other options I’ve tried and it’s forever-free.

What is like2b Uy?

Like2Buy is our link in bio solution, where your fans can browse your shoppable Instagram feed, read your stories, make a purchase, or take any other action you wish. Like2Buy is an Instagram storefront that performs. Like2Buy was the first solution to bring shopping to Instagram – and it’s still the best.

What is better than Linktree?

Campsite – Customizable free Instagram landing page for adding unlimited links.

  • #1 – Shorby. Shorby might be the closest to Linktree among all the alternatives here.
  • #2 – Pallyy.
  • #3 – Tap.
  • #4 – Lnk.
  • #5 – ShortStack.
  • #6 – Leadpages.
  • #7 – Milkshake.
  • #8 – Linkin.

What is bio in Facebook?

Your Facebook profile bio is the information that you share in the static parts of your Facebook Page. It’s going to convey key business information that users need to know. Your Facebook bio also gives you a chance to optimize your Page itself to rank well in Facebook’s organic search engine.

How do you write a bio link?

How to put a link in your Instagram bio

  1. Edit your Instagram profile. Go to your profile and tap on the “Edit Profile” button.
  2. Add the URL in the Website field. In the “Website” field, enter the URL you want to add to your bio.
  3. Save the changes. Tap on “Done” and that’s it – you now have a link in your Instagram bio.

Where is the bio on Facebook?

The bio is that area just below your profile picture.

11 of the Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram

The Instagram bio link is one of the elements that causes confusion among marketers and content providers. There is just one link allowed in your Instagram bio. Previously, if you wanted to make a change, you had to keep exchanging links every time you launched a new marketing campaign. However, you are no longer required to do so. You can do a lot more with only one link, believe it or not. The use of link in bio tools might assist you in optimizing that single link. These tools might assist you in developing a more effective Instagram marketing plan.

Link in bio tools also allow you to promote many links at the same time.

But first, let’s talk about why it’s important for your company to optimize its bio link.

11 of the Best Link in Bio Tools for Instagram:

According to Instagram’s one link in bio policy, you are prohibited from using more than one link in your bio or from including links to individual posts. Every time you wish to advertise a new blog article, campaign, or product, you must manually swap the bio link on your profile. The fact that most artists and marketers encourage their followers to “check out the link in bio” is one of the reasons behind this. But, thanks to the Instagram tools included in the bio, you no longer have to be concerned about it.

Each one, on the other hand, operates differently.

  • So, what kinds of campaigns are you planning to run? When it comes to product promotion, linking to your website content, a campaign and landing pages are all important considerations. If you’re advertising items, how long do you expect the promotions to last? What type of promotional content do you plan to offer on your website? How many things do you need to advertise
  • How much time do you have
  • Are the links intended to boost interaction with your website or site visitors to your site? What is your financial situation?

These questions will assist you in selecting the most appropriate tool for your company. The following are some of the most effective link in bio tools from which to choose:

Best Link in Bio Instagram Tools

Try some of the top link in bio tools for Instagram to see which ones work best for you.


LinkFolio is a link-in-bio solution for serious influencers and companies that helps them build their online presence. FamePick, a well-known influence marketing agency, was responsible for its creation. LinkFolio functions as an extension of your brand, allowing you to share URLs to other assets while also assisting you in monetizing your brand through affiliate marketing. It provides two distinct advantages to content developers. The first of them is Collab Me, which allows you to offer services to your audience while charging them directly through LinkFolio’s invoicing system.

The second benefit is having access to over 3000 different brands.

In addition, LinkFolio provides:

  • There is no limit to the number of URLs. A fully customisable interface that allows you to personalize your LinkFolio page
  • In addition, Folio-lytics, a web analytics tool that allows you to see how many people are using your LinkFolio links and which URLs are receiving the most attention (together with demographical audience information), is available. The creation of cross-links to other social media platform accounts A built-in contact form with the purpose of generating leads
  • A collection of influencer marketing industry reports on the top Instagram businesses and posts, as well as historical data, is available at FP insight.

LinkFolio is accessible for free, as well as three paid options, the most affordable of which is the Basic plan for $5/month and the most expensive of which is the Business plan for $50/month.


Feedlink by EmbedSocial serves as a landing page that is both online and mobile-friendly, and it compiles a clickable Instagram feed in an one location. To maximize the potential of your Instagram account as a sales and distribution channel, use this tool to tag each photo in the feed with an individual link. Here’s what you receive when you subscribe to Feed Link:

  • A landing page that is mobile-friendly and functions flawlessly on all devices
  • And Because of its AMP form, the Instagram bio link page loads really quickly. A shoppable landing page that directs visitors to product pages where they may purchase the product
  • The creation of a reusable link that may be used in different social media networks
  • Option to change the feed page without having to change the URL in the bio all over again
  • Increased traffic, conversions, and money generated through the use of your Instagram profile

Feed Link is a free feature that is included as part of the EmbedAlbum platform’s capabilities. When you use photographs from a single source, it’s completely free. Pricing levels range from $19 per month to $99 per month, based on the number of sources and extra services included in the subscription.


When you use Linktree, you can optimize your landing pages by include connections to websites that you want your visitors to visit. These might include any social media sites, blogs, your internet store, and other similar platforms. Additionally, the application allows you to post the URL on other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitch.TV. Paid versions are available for $6 a month and allow you to use your own logo instead of Linktree’s. You may do the following with the premium plan:

  • You may add an unlimited number of links. Obtain a breakdown of the traffic to your website through links
  • Colors, typefaces, and button styles may all be customized. Your signups will be stored immediately in Mailchimp or Google Sheets. The Facebook Pixel allows you to retarget website visitors on Facebook and Instagram. Using icons, you can effortlessly link to all of your websites and social media channels. Scheduled posts will include time links that will go up at specific times. Access to high-priority assistance


It is possible to include several links in Shorby that direct your followers to your website, blog, social media networks, online store, affiliate links, and other destinations. It gives you the ability to:

  • Add movies, backdrops, dynamic avatars, and symbols to your page to make it more personal. Rich links, text blocks, GIFs, and attention-grabbing headlines should all be included. As many times as you like, you may swap, add, or modify links. Utilize analytics to assist you in tracking your traffic
  • Increase interaction by linking to other social accounts, which will improve engagement across all platforms. Audiences can be retargeted on third-party websites such as Clickbank or Amazon. In order to enhance sales, you may retarget customers who have clicked on the customized links with advertisements.

Shorby provides a 5-day free trial that does not need the use of a credit card. Plans start at $9 per month and go up to $99 per month, depending on the services you wish to have available.

5.Sked Link

Sked Link allows you to direct followers to specific pages on your website, such as blog articles, email subscription signups, goods, and more. Users can choose between three different plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Included among the Basic and Pro features are the following capabilities:

  • You may create your own themes or pick from current ones
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google Metrics
  • Include UTM parameters
  • Change links
  • And get link analytics.

If you pick the Enterprise plan, you will be charged a bespoke amount for hosting your Sked Link on your domain name. They may even include more complex integrations if they like.


Lnk.Bio enables you to construct a mobile-friendly landing page that contains all of your links in one place. On the free plan, you can include as many links as you like, as well as photos to accompany those connections. The following features are included in the premium versions ($0.99 per month and $9.99 for a lifetime plan):

  • A personalized URL
  • Link statistics and analytics
  • Email assistance
  • An unlimited number of links

Link statistics and analytics; email support; an unlimited number of links; a custom URL

7.Link in Profile

A unique feature of Link in Profile that distinguishes it from other link in bio tools is that it allows you to include links to Instagram photographs in your bio. Your followers will then be able to utilize these links to drive traffic to your web page. It collects material from your feed and directs readers to connected content by displaying a certain photo on the page. The cost of Link in Profile is $9.99, with a 30-day risk-free trial available. Some of the characteristics are as follows:

  • A landing page that is dedicated to your business
  • Management with zero effort
  • It is possible to have your Instagram name and profile image displayed on a branded landing page. Links to Etsy store pages or affiliate links that are enabled for commerce
  • Statistical and analytic techniques

8.Milkshake App

The Milkshake app allows you to create an Insta website (also known as a basic website) on your smartphone. Your link in bio is transformed into an Instagram website where your followers may learn more about all of your offerings. The app, which was created for the Instagram mobile browser, allows your followers to browse through your material in the same manner that they do when they swipe through Instagram Stories.

Your followers will be able to access all of your brand’s content and items once they click on the Milkshake link in your bio. You can do the following with the Milkshake app:

  • Instagram Stories: Include a link to your Instagram website. Cards (pages on your Instagram website) and themes may be customized to meet your specific requirements. Use data and insights to your advantage Using a link, you may invite your followers to send you emails. They have the ability to compose messages to you when they click on the Email link. Invite your fans to call or message you by posting a link on your website
  • Customers will be sent to a purchasing page on PayPal if you include a Buy button. You can do this for certain items or services
  • Nevertheless, it is not recommended.


There are a number of paid features in Campsite that will help you handle the problem of having only one link in your Instagram bio. You can do the following using the tool:

  • You may add an unlimited number of links. Change the title and include a succinct introductory paragraph
  • The fonts and colors used on the landing page can be customized
  • Obtain access to analytics
  • Add social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others to your profile. Links should be archived and restored. Schedule when links should become active or when they should cease to display
  • It is simple to switch between numerous Campsite accounts. Connect Google Sheets with Mailchimp
  • Retarget visitors using Google AdWords and Facebook Pixel
  • And more.

They provide a free account, but if you want additional features, you can upgrade to a Pro account for $7 a month instead.


Connecting your followers with additional links and material is made easier with ContactInBio. Text, contact forms, photos, videos, and other media are examples of what is available. You may personalize your user name, and the link in your bio makes it simple for customers to get in touch with you. With a free plan, you get access to the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor is provided. An option to include a contact form, as well as social network links
  • The ability to customize links, texts, and color
  • A personalized profile URL
  • And the ability to customize links, texts, and color There are several topics
  • Analyses of hyperlinks
  • Having the ability to link numerous accounts and switch between them with a single click
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Businesses may subscribe to their premium plan for $7 per month, while agencies can subscribe for $28 per month. With the subscription plan, you will have access to extra features such as:

  • Integration with Mailchimp and Facebook Pixels
  • Email registration and collecting
  • Video and image uploading
  • Branding
  • And more.

11.Tap Bio

Tapping into your Instagram bio allows you to personalize and brand mini-websites that contain all of the links that you wish to publish on your account. The platform has an intuitive user interface that allows you to develop landing pages just for your mobile followers. This link in bio tool makes use of cards, which act as an extension of your landing page once they are loaded. Each card may perform a separate function, allowing you to emphasize several links without sacrificing the convenience of having a single call-to-action.

  1. Tap Bio’s Basic account is completely free, and it grants you access to one profile as well as one card to which you may add one unique link.
  2. You will be given four cards on which you will be asked to share four links.
  3. If you have more than four connections, you might consider upgrading to the Gold plan, which costs $12 per month.
  4. Also available is the option to delete their “Friends of Tap Bio Card.”


If you want to incorporate more than one link in your Instagram bio, then one of these tools may be the answer to your problems. You may utilize them to construct marketing campaigns on Instagram that will resonate with your target demographic and generate sales. The finest link in bio tool for your brand, on the other hand, will be determined by your use case and budget. The tool you use should make it simple for you to achieve your Instagram marketing objectives. Giving one of these tools a try will allow you to break free from the constraints of having only one link in your Instagram bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Instagram link in bio function, you may link to other information and sites on your website. You may use this sort of technology to construct marketing campaigns on Instagram that will resonate with your target demographic and increase your brand awareness.

To assist you in optimizing your connections, the following are some of the greatest tools available: Feedlink by EmbedSocial, Linktree, Shorby, Sked Link, Link in Profile, and Tap Bio are some examples of feedlinks available.

How does the pricing of Tap Bio work?

The Tap Bio Basic account is completely free, and it allows you to access one profile and one card at a time. If you require additional cards, you may subscribe to their Silver or Gold plans. The Silver package, which costs $5 per month, provides four cards that may be used to distribute four links. You will also be able to see analytics for your links if you subscribe to this plan. The Gold plan has a monthly fee of $12. When you subscribe to this plan, you will be able to utilize three distinct Instagram accounts and get access to an unlimited amount of cards and metrics.

How does the Milkshake app work?

You may create an Instagram website from on your mobile with the Milkshake app. It will then be possible to access all of your content and items using the URL in your Instagram bio, which will turn into an Instagram website. You may also include a buy button, which will link your followers to a PayPal purchase page if they click on it.

Is Lnk.Bio expensive?

If you compare Lnk.Bio to the majority of the other top link in bio solutions for Instagram, you will find that it is significantly more economical. Its most costly plan has a one-time charge of around $24.99 per account for its most expensive plan. With this package, you will have your own personalized URL as well as the possibility to remove the Lnk.Bio logo from your website. Other comparable tools often cost around $10 per month on average.

How do I pick the right link in bio Instagram tool?

Begin by determining the kind of campaigns that you will be launching in the future. When advertising items, for example, you should determine how many things you will need to advertise and how long the promotions will last before you get started. Second, consider if the links will be utilized to increase interaction with your brand or to drive more traffic to your website. Last but not least, keep your financial situation in mind. Overall, the most effective tool for your brand will be determined by its intended usage and budget.

10 Link in Bio Services to Try For Social Media

If you’ve spent any time on social media, particularly Instagram, you’ve almost certainly seen your favorite influencers post a “link in bio” and even use the hashtaglinkinbio to promote their products. What exactly does the word mean, and how may it benefit your Instagram marketing efforts? It’s not just an odd trend; pushing consumers to click on the link in their profile can be a powerful tool for driving traffic from social media to your website, product pages, and other areas of your business.

What Does “Link in Bio” Imply?

Initially, Instagram only permitted users to include hyperlinks in one place: their bio. However, this has since changed. Customers from social media platforms such as Instagram were having a difficult time finding their way to your website. Instagram customers began employing the term “link in bio” on their posts to direct followers to their bios in order to find the link they were referring to in their post. For example, a blogger may submit a picture and a tiny fragment of a recent blog post, followed by the words “Read more in my newest blog post.linkinbio” or anything similar.

The hyperlink in bio characteristic, on the other hand, is still utilized by many customers because it makes it easier for clients to locate the most recent content. Additionally, it’s popular on a variety of other applications and platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

How to Add a Link in Bio to Your Instagram Profile

  1. Participate in one of the various instruments available from the list provided below. For example, if you want to send clients to a landing page, there are a lot of free tools available
  2. But, if you want to track hyperlinks, you need use a subscription model
  3. Add URL hyperlinks to the landing page of your website. Examples include your podcast, certain blog entries you’ve discussed in posts, sales sites, and so on. Copy and paste the hyperlink from your smartphone into the bio section of your Instagram account. Go to your profile and then click on “Edit Profile” to make changes. Include a link to your website in the “website” section.

Why Ought to I Use Link in Bio Instruments?

Instagram is a powerful tool for developing your model, communicating with your audience, and generating gross sales and revenue. Use it wisely, because you only have one link to direct customers away from your Instagram profile. However, the good news is that there are a variety of technologies that can be used to transform that one hyperlink into a traffic-generating behemoth. A hyperlink in bio device, as an alternative of referring to your individual home web page or a single web page, should be used to direct clients to a landing web page that highlights all of your most important content material, including as blogs, downloads, and even your e-mail lists.

Replace your content material is made simple by the tools available to you.

High Link in Bio Instruments

The question is, how can you turn your single Instagram bio link into a powerful traffic-generating tool? Utilizing hyperlinks in bio-instruments is one method. These tools allow you to make the most of your single Instagram bio and, in certain cases, track analytics such as the number of clients who click on the hyperlinks you provide in your profile. Let’s have a look at some of the best instruments now available on the market.

1. Later

MeUndies, USA Immediately, and GQ are just a few of the high-profile brands who use Later to schedule posts on their Instagram accounts. In addition to scheduling and analytics choices, they also give a Linkin.bio gadget, which assists in driving clicks and determining what type of content material your consumers are interested in. When you use Linkin.bio, your single Instagram hyperlink is transformed into a mini-website for your business. Spread the word about your products, downloads, or any items that you want to advertise.

Price: Later’s Free Without End plan includes a “lite” version of Linkin.bio that is free to use.

2. Shorby

MeUndies, USA Immediately, and GQ are among the high-profile companies that use Later to schedule Instagram posts. In addition to scheduling and analytics choices, they also give a Linkin.bio gadget, which assists in driving clicks and determining what type of content material your consumers are interested in reading or watching. In only a few minutes, Linkin.bio can transform your single Instagram link into a mini-website for your company. Spread the word about your products, downloads, and any items that you want to advertise.

Clicks are also tracked by Linkin.bio, which helps you understand which topics and hyperlinks are generating the most interest. Later’s Free Without End plan includes a “lite” version of Linkin.bio at no additional cost. Plan prices start at $15 per month for a paid subscription.

3. Faucet Bio

Tab Bio is yet one more simplified hyperlink in the bio-technology gadget. If you don’t need the scheduling and analytics features of Later, Faucet Bio is a dependable alternative that works well. Create customized playing cards that feature URLs, images, photographs, or statements that you want your clients to view with Faucet Bio’s online tool. Their website, like Shorby’s, is geared for mobile devices, so it seems a little barren when viewed on a desktop computer. Nonetheless, they make use of their website to demonstrate exactly how the item operates.

For starters, they provide a reliable free plan that is easy to use.

It’s also quite simple to set up and take care of.

4. Feedlink

Feedlink is a feature of Embed Social that generates a clickable URL that is filled with connections to product sites, landing pages, and other relevant pages on the internet. It may be utilized on sites other than Instagram, such as your podcast, YouTube, and other similar services. Embed, like the majority of social networking tools, offers a number of various pricing tiers with a variety of possibilities. Feedlink is included in all plans, however expensive plans include extra features like as automated Facebook sync, Twitter albums, responsive and light-weight field mode, and other structural options.

5. Linktree

Linktree is the pioneer of the hyperlink in bio. This technology converts a single hyperlink into a landing web page with clickable buttons that direct visitors to your most important information. Product pages, collections, videos, e-mail signups, downloads, and other resources may be linked to from your website. The acquisition of cash is also possible through Linktree, which is advantageous for organizations seeking to raise funding for projects or for content providers want to monetize their content material.

Price: They provide a free plan with limited features; their Professional plan starts at $6 per month.

6. Milkshake App

Milkshake enables you to quickly and easily establish a website to be used as your bio links right from your smartphone. The mini-site may be used to introduce your company, provide services or products, or advertise your YouTube channel, podcast, or most recent blog post(s). Unlike other hyperlink in bio instruments, Milkshape allows you to design a totally customized web site, rather than just a list of hyperlinks as is the case with other hyperlink in bio instruments.

It’s also quite simple to utilize right from your phone’s interface. Similar to an Instagram narrative, each and every website has “cards” that buyers may swipe through to learn more about the product. Customers using IOS and Android devices will not be charged.

7. Sked Link

It is one of the features available through the Instagram app Sked Social, which is an all-in-one tool for organizing your feed, producing updates on a regular basis, and evaluating follower behavior. Simple to use, Sked Link allows you to distribute links to current content, fresh blog articles, and other platforms. Sked may not be the ideal alternative if all you need is to build a link in your bio web page, as the premium plans are somewhat pricey in comparison. The Sked Link add-on, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all things Instagram.

8. elink

When you only need to add a hyperlink to your bio, Elink is not your best option because it is a full-featured gadget with a lot of features. However, it has a great deal to offer, including a bookmark manager, an email publishing generator, content material automation, and a website builder, among other things. There are also a large number of integrations with various systems like as Gmail, Intercom, Mailchimp, and Aweber. If you are looking for a content material and touchdown web page design device rather than just a bio gadget, elink may be a good option for you to consider.

9. ContactInBio

To put it simply, Contact in bio is a micro-landing page development tool that helps connect followers with information from all over the internet. Create links to your blog, products, and other platforms to help you build your brand across several platforms and mediums. Customers may also add forms, make payments, and even schedule appointments all from one spot with ContactInBio. Websites are completely configurable, allowing you to change fonts, add music, and do a variety of other things.

10. Campsite

The camp’s mission is to eliminate the “one link problem.” According to their website, you can construct a beautiful and simple social landing page in as little as 5 minutes using their template. An intuitive user interface, a wide range of customization options, and excellent analytics are all provided by them. The Professional plan includes additional features such as an email sign-up form, the ability to use your own domain name, and the ability to add unique images to your hyperlinks. Price: Free plan with restrictions (which includes Campsite branding); premium options are $7 per month.

Link in Bio Often Requested Questions

It may be found at the bottom of each Instagram bio, on the very last line.

What doeslinkinbio imply?

This statement informs followers that the content material mentioned in a certain post may be found in the consumer’s profile. It is commonly utilized on social networking platforms, notably Instagram, because the majority of users only receive one link.

Why ought to I optimize the hyperlink in my bio?

Optimizing your Instagram bio link may aid you to bring more people to your website, increase sales, and build a closer relationship with your followers.

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What’s a hyperlink in bio web page?

A hyperlink in bio web page is a landing page that is used as the bio hyperlink on Instagram and that has connections to a variety of different pages on a website. Additionally, this landing page may be used to disseminate recent blog pieces, increase email subscribers, advertise your podcast, and other functions.

What are the perfect free hyperlink in bio instruments?

The most appropriate gadget will differ depending on your requirements; nevertheless, Later, Faucet Bio, and Milkshake are all excellent possibilities. Later offers a free plan that includes features such as a link in the bio, scheduling articles, and more. When you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of Later, you may choose Faucet Bio, a simplified bio linking gadget that offers a free plan. It is possible to make a mini-website right from your smartphone with Milkshake, which is a free software for iOS and Android.

Link in Bio Conclusion

Are you having difficulty standing out on social media or developing a successful Instagram strategy? A connection in the bio device can be of assistance. By making it easy to direct clients from social media to other platforms, such as your website or e-mail list, these tools aid in the development of deeper connections and the increase of sales from social media platforms. An Instagram or TikTok account without a link in the bio device will not be effective for your business. There are a large number of free instruments available, so there is no reason to wait.

What is it about it that you are particularly enthusiastic about?

The 9 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools For 2022: Reviews & Pricing

Need a way to publish more than one link from your Instagram bio? Check out this article. Because Instagram now only allows you to link to a single URL in your bio and does not allow you to link from each posts, it is not very useful for individuals who have a lot of amazing stuff to share with their followers and followers. Throughout this piece, we’ll look at some of the top Instagram bio link solutions available on the market, so you can expand your Insta reach while also providing your followers with access to even more excellent material.

The best Instagram bio link tools – summary

  1. Shorby– This is our preferred option, as well as the most complete Instagram bio link tool available. Create landing pages for social media, gather leads, and increase sales revenue. Pallyy is the best Instagram marketing tool available, and it includes a bio link option. It includes features such as scheduling, research, comment management, analytics, and other features. Tap Bio– A one-of-a-kind bio link tool that allows you to design slides that direct your devoted fans to your most recent and finest Instagram photos. JotURL– An instagram link in bio tool that includes URL shortener features with personalized branding
  2. Linktree is one of the most established and widely used solutions on the market. Tracking links, using pre-designed themes, and automating link scheduling are all possibilities. Linkin.bio is the most advanced tool for embedding an Instagram link in your bio. Re-creates your complete Instagram profile and allows you to include various links across the account. Lnk.bio– The simplest bio link tool available, which also includes a straightforward page builder. Campsite– Yet another really easy tool that includes a landing page builder and a color scheme editor, among other features. It is designed to be similar to Instagram stories, and it allows users to’swipe’ through material. There are several personalization choices available with Milkshake.

1 – Shorby

Using Shorby, you can optimize your Instagram bio link to the greatest extent possible. It may be used to create social media landing pages and to generate leads for your business. Another one of its most noteworthy features is the ‘SmartPage’ page builder, which allows you to design one-of-a-kind landing pages that include all of your most vital links. As a result, when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, they are sent immediately to your landing page, which has further links and allows them to explore the other stuff you have to offer.

Moreover, tracking pixels may be added to it, allowing you to measure the success of your links and retarget repeat visitors across other channels, such as Google Ads and LinkedIn. The following are the main characteristics:

  • ‘Rich Links’ that are visually appealing and encourage users to click
  • Color palettes, background pictures, buttons, and other elements can be customized
  • To use in your Instagram bio, create a personalized shortlink. Create a QR code using this generator. Showcase blog entries, eCommerce goods, YouTube videos, and SoundCloud tracks on an one page. ‘Click to Call’ capability in the Messenger application
  • Support for custom domains
  • Weekly statistics on the amount of clicks, engagement rates, and new traffic are provided
  • And Only pay for genuine clicks, not for clicks generated by bots.

Starting at $15 per month for five Smart Pages, pricing plans are available (Bio Links). It is necessary to purchase a more costly plan if you want capabilities such as Google Analytics tracking, team members, or a custom domain. You may try the service for free for five days, and you can cancel your subscription at any moment.

2 – Pallyy

With Pallyy’s easy-to-use link in bio tool, you can easily construct an unique landing page with your Instagram bio link. Pallyy is ideal for individuals who want a feature-rich link in bio tool, as well as other key capabilities for Instagram marketing. Customize buttons by changing their color, corners, adding an image, and enabling dropdown functionality.Use your landing page to promote your blog, products, videos, and other social media platforms – then check out Pallyy’s analytics to see how well your link is performing.In addition, Pallyy allows you to schedule posts to Instagram (and other social networks), manage comments, and view reporting and analytics among other things.

Important features include: It is one of the most comprehensive Instagram marketing solutions accessible, and it is quite economical.

  • In the bio tool, there is a connection with several features. Instagram stats that are in-depth
  • Blog entries, videos, pictures, and other social media profiles are shown. Instagram social media messages may be scheduled and monitored
  • Social media communications on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be scheduled in advance. Dashboard for reporting that is tailored to your needs

One easy fee of $15/month per social group, which includes all services and a 14-day free trial period. Do you require more than 5 social groups? You may take advantage of volume-based pricing. More information may be found in ourPallyy review.

3 – Tap Bio

Tap Bio provides you the opportunity to construct a mini-site of slides that directs your followers to your most recent Instagram posts or other social media sites such as Twitter or YouTube, among other things. And the greatest part is that the landing page maker that assists you in creating your mini-site is also mobile-optimized, ensuring that your viewers on the go never miss a thing. This link bio tool, which is based on what Tap Bio refers to as ‘cards,’ allows you to build things such as a basic call to action, connections to other information, and even an extra profile that branches out into other social media networks.

The following are the main characteristics:

  • For linking followers to further content, there are several card alternatives. Your Instagram account’s behavior is being tracked by statistics
  • The ability to link more than one Instagram account at the same time
  • It has the appearance of an Instagram story, which is familiar to followers and simple to access
  • It functions similarly to an Instagram story. Card with an email registration form for the purpose of growing your email list
  • This is a Twitter card that pulls in your Tweets automatically. Include links that allow visitors to contact you directly via phone or email. Retarget individuals using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google AdSense

Plans start at $0/month and include 1 profile card plus one extra card, as well as one Instagram account. Additional cards are available for purchase. If you want access to additional credit cards and Instagram profiles, you’ll have to pay extra for the monthly plans that are more expensive. Take a look at our Tap Bio review.

4 – JotURL

JotURL is more than just an Instagram bio link generator; it is also a comprehensive marketing suite that allows you to monitor and track unique branded links in order to improve and increase your online visibility. JotURL’s InstaURL feature allows you to transform that drab Instagram bio link into a tiny landing page for your company, allowing you to showcase your content, goods, and services to your target audience in an engaging way. With its straightforward drag-and-drop design, you can quickly and simply add text, numerous CTAs, and buttons without any difficulty.

In order to have a better understanding of which links convert, you may filter your data by term, campaign, date, and source, among other criteria.

Due to the fact that this platform also functions as an industry-leading URL shortener, you can construct branded shortlinks and overlay calls to action in order to promote your own resources. As well as a slew of additional sophisticated features. The following are the main characteristics:

  • Create tiny landing pages for Instagram and other social media platforms. View in-depth metrics
  • Create branded shortlinks
  • And much more. Various InstaURL pages may be managed across multiple Instagram accounts. Make use of projects and teams to better organize your content and link exchanges. Support for UTM tracking links for campaign tracking

Pricing: There are three premium options available: Growth, which starts at €9/month, Pro, which starts at €69/month, and Business, which starts at €169/month. On yearly plans, you may save up to 20% off the regular price. The higher your plan’s tier, the more services and use you’ll get for your money.

5 – Linktree

Linktree is one of the most established bio link tools on the market, and it continues to be a popular choice among users today. Because of this, you have the ability to connect with all of your audience members, regardless of where they are located, allowing them to find your amazing content and learn more about what you have to offer. Instagram bio link tool is available in two versions: for free and for a fee. The free edition has less features than the paid version. However, you will benefit from features such as the ability to connect anywhere (e.g., online stores, articles, video material, social postings, and more), a drag and drop page builder for organizing content, and even nine pre-designed themes to assist you in maintaining brand consistency.

You may also integrate the Facebook Pixel into Linktree to retarget visitors on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Ads, and Google.

  • Option to join up for a newsletter through email
  • Link style to draw attention to priority links
  • Link scheduling, both on and off
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of links
  • Linktree may be shared offline by scanning a QR code. Each of your links will now have an image or symbol associated with it. Views, clicks, location, referrer, devices, and click-through rate are all tracked in detail
  • Complete statistics are provided. Custom Terms and Conditions for email and SMS links
  • Button and font design
  • Custom Terms and Conditions for website links

The pricing for features such as limitless links, offline access via QR code, pre-designed theme choices, and sensitive material warnings starts at $0 per month for an indefinite period of time. It is necessary to acquire the premium plan for $6/month if you want more in-depth capabilities such as analytics, customisation, and third-party integrations, among others.

6 – Linkin.bio

In addition to being an advanced bio link solution, Linkin.bioby Later also helps you expand your Instagram reach to a whole new level. Rather than allowing you to add an infinite number of links to your website, this tool only allows you to add a single link to your page. But don’t worry, you can build a limitless number of links to include throughout your Instagram photos. This link bio feature provides you with the chance to intertwine links across your Instagram account, ensuring that users are always receiving more of what they’re interested in from your account.

When you use Linkin.bio, your consumers can shop directly from your online store within your Instagram feed, rather than having to leave the social media platform, enter your online store, and complete their purchases there.

  • Articles, merchandise, video material, and other types of information may all be linked to from a single Instagram post. Create a landing page that is optimized for mobile devices and attracts customers to purchase
  • In your Later account, you may keep track of clicks, pageviews, income, and sales. Google Analytics uses UTM tracking to track visitors. In your Instagram bio, use a personalized URL
  • Posts can be scheduled using Later or links can be added after a post has been published. Create a seamless connection between your Shopify store and your website. Social media packages that contain profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are also available.

Costs:Pricing plans begin at $0/month for an indefinite period of time and include 1 social set, 30 posts per social profile, and 1 user. If you wish to have more social settings, posts, or users, you’ll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

7 – Lnk.bio

Lnk.bio is a bio link tool that is simple to use and provides only the functionality that are necessary to complete the task at hand. It features a straightforward layout and has an easy-to-use page builder that makes the process of creating landing pages a breeze. That being said, this straightforward tool has a one-bio link restriction, which restricts its application to individuals who do not require a large number of features. With Lnk.bio, you may create a URL that is unique to you. As an additional benefit of connecting your Instagram account with the tool, elements such as your name and profile image from your Instagram account are instantly pulled over to your landing page, ensuring consistent branding across all of your marketing channels.

Once you’ve created a landing page, you may include as many links as you like on it to drive traffic. The following are the main characteristics:

  • Cross-link all of your social profiles in order to maximize interaction across all of the platforms where your target audience hangs out. You may access the tool from any web browser at any time – no program installation is required. You may schedule links to go live at any time you desire. a pixel for external analytics
  • Custom backdrop images and color schemes that are tailored to your company’s identity
  • Dashboard for managing connections that is simple to use

Pricing:Pricing levels begin at $0 per month for an infinite number of links to a random URL. Access to a personalized URL as well as limitless links, link scheduling, link tracking, and an external analytics pixel is available for $.99 per month. Aside from that, there are two one-time payment plans available: $9.99 and $24.99, which include a few extra features and are ultimately more cost efficient in the long term.

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8 – Campsite

It is easy to use Campsite, which is an Instagram bio link tool that comes with a user-friendly landing page editor built into it. This tool, like some of the others I’ve discussed, allows you to have an infinite number of links on your personalized landing page. Additionally, you have the option of customizing the page to reflect your company’s branding in terms of color and font style. When using Campsite, you may either allow the tool to retrieve your Instagram photographs for you, or you can generate your own personalized images, replete with connections to your social media accounts.

The following are the main characteristics:

  • Scheduling links
  • Sharing links with followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even by email
  • Link scheduling Make use of your own unique domain name
  • Image carousel on a slide show
  • Campaigns may be tracked using UTM parameters. Integrate with third-party applications such as Mailchimp and Google Sheets. With animation, draw attention to important connections. Utilize the stunning photos provided by Unsplash.

The pricing options start at $0/month and include basic features like as unlimited links, link pinning, and a single slide carousel. Additional features can be added at any time. The premium account, which costs $7/month and includes additional capabilities such as a custom domain, numerous carousels, email integration and tracking data, is required for these functionalities.

9 – Milkshake

Milkshakeallows you to convert your single Instagram link bio into a free Instagram website that directs visitors to all of the fantastic information you have to offer. Your online shop, other social accounts and websites, as well as a variety of other resources, are all accessible. If you wish to build directly from your mobile device, it is accessible as an app in the App Store or Google Play store. And, to top it all off, the layout of your Instagram website is identical to the interface of Instagram stories, making it both visually beautiful and intuitive to use.

  • Users may engage with your material through the usage of swipe functionalities. Color and picture customization are recommended for your ‘cards.’ Make use of campaign data and insights to improve your campaigns
  • Use integrations with email and instant messaging to engage with people on a new level. Include buttons that take customers directly to your sales page. You may create up to five Instagram websites at the same time. Maintains constant sync with your modifications without requiring you to alter your bio link

Finding the best Instagram bio link tools

Please don’t allow the limits of Instagram’s one bio link prevent you from reaching a larger audience or sharing your greatest content with your most dedicated followers. Instead, make use of one of the several Instagram bio link solutions that are now accessible on the market. Creating landing pages that include connections to your greatest content, videos, photographs, and other social accounts provides you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and stand out in the Instagram world. In fact, by providing your fans with more content than they have ever received before, you only increase your chances of getting to the top.

If you have an easy to use Instagram bio link tool, whether it includes features or not, you can lead people to wherever you want without having to worry about them. Readings related to this article:

  • Your Instagram bio links are better off using one of the best Linktree alternatives available. 11 of the most effective Instagram marketing tools for increasing your audience size

We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links. A business and technology writer with years of expertise providing high-impact material for small organizations, Lindsay is a resource for small company owners. Because of her previous teaching experience, she has a natural ability to simplify down complicated concepts. In addition, he is a member of the Startup Bonsai editorial team.

The Top 10 Link in Bio Tools You Should Be Using

These are the top ten links in bio tools that you should be using. Does your social media marketing strategy include the usage of a link in bio tool to aid in the promotion of your brand? In any case, you should! Using link in bio tools is highly vital and beneficial for any company attempting to drive site traffic and sales through social media platforms — and finding the ideal solution for your needs is critical. In the bio section of several popular social media networks, such as Instagram and TikTok, you are only permitted to include one URL.

  • Because there is only one link accessible, you are unable to advertise more than one product or piece of information at the same time.
  • The question is, how can you handle many marketing efforts at the same time.
  • With the help of the link in bio tool, you can include a URL in your bio that takes your followers to a landing page that contains a number of links.
  • After that, you can direct your Instagram followers to interact with your company on all of these additional channels as well as on Instagram.
  • It is possible to ensure that you do not miss any marketing possibilities by optimizing your bio link.
  • Here are the top ten social media marketing tools that you should be utilizing for your company’s social media marketing.


Url.biois jam-packed with capabilities that are beneficial to businesses. Using this link in bio tool, you may create an unlimited number of links to your customized landing page. In order to help them stand out, you may “animate” the links, or you can prioritize the connections that are most relevant to you. Additionally, you can personalize your landing page by selecting different colors and themes. You can also pick how you want the landing page to be put out. Remove the url.bio logo from your profile, submit a profile photo, provide connections to your other social networking networks, and schedule your links to go up at specific times.

Finally, you can examine how your clicks, views, and click-through rate have changed over time, as well as how these metrics have changed. If you want to make your url.bio link trackable with Google Analytics, you can also include UTM parameters in it.


Url.bio is a completely free service.


With Lnk.bio, you can easily create your own personalized landing page and show various links to your followers. Lnk.bioallows you to create an infinite number of links and to include links to your other social media profiles. Logging into Lnk.bio on any browser or device allows you to make changes to the landing page at any time. The landing page is stylish and smart, and you may make changes to the links at any moment. Lnk.bio also places a high value on security, relying on the official Instagram API and never requesting your Instagram login credentials.

You’ll be able to get detailed metrics and statistics for each of them individually.


Lnk.bio offers eight different payment options for enterprises and agencies, including:

  • There are several levels of Pro: free
  • Monthly ($.099 per month)
  • Lifetime ($9.99 per lifetime)
  • Pro — whitelabel ($24.99 per lifetime)
  • Agent ($1.99 per month)
  • Agency ($4.99 per month)
  • Business ($9.99 per month)
  • Premium ($49.99 per year). There are also several levels of Agent.


This well-known platform offers a plethora of beneficial services for businesses. The theme of your landing page may be customized, and you can construct a custom URL with as many links as you’d want to use. Incorporate the URL into your Instagram bio and keep a watch on the data it produces. Because Linktree is a widely used link in bio tool, it is probable that your followers are already familiar with the site. However, there are certain disadvantages to using Linktree. The bulk of the customization features and metrics accessible with this tool are only available with the premium plan.

Additionally, Instagram’s spam filter has previously identified Linktree links as spam, resulting in the removal of Linktree links from user profiles.


The free plan at Linktree provides you with an infinite number of links, a limited number of theme options, and the opportunity to add your own profile photo. In terms of statistics, you’ll be able to see the total number of times your link has been seen over the course of its existence. You’ll need the Pro plan, which costs $6 a month, if you want access to all of the other features, which include extensive analytics, customization choices, and the ability to schedule links, among other things.


Campsite is a connecting tool that was created for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Campsite allows you to create an endless number of links and customize the colors and fonts to meet your company’s logo. As an added bonus, you can integrate your Campsite profile on your website and connect to it from your social media accounts. You can also pin the most significant link at the top of the list and archive links to recover them later if necessary. In addition, if you choose the subscription plan, you will have access to additional features such as analytics, integrations, animated links, bespoke pictures, and stock photography.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to using Campsite. Unlike some other link in bio tools, this one does not enable you to include movies in your bio. Furthermore, on the free account, you may only upload photographs that are already in your Instagram feed.


The campsite offers two different plans: one that is completely free forever, and another that costs $7 per month.

Linkin.bio by Later

Linkin.bio is a tool developed by Later to assist you in increasing online traffic to your website. Two alternatives are available to you while using this tool: You may construct either a landing page that contains a list of links or a landing page that contains an Instagram grid where each photo is clickable. (You can even add several links to a single photo and connect your Shopify store to tag goods in your articles! Later records and analyzes the data from this landing page, including simple statistics like as clicks and pageviews in addition to more extensive metrics such as your Shopify sales.

Unfortunately, this is reflected in the price, which is unfortunate.


Later’s Premium subscription ($19 per month) includes access to Linkin.bio Lite for no additional cost. Lite provides you with one link per post, as well as analytics, but there is no Shopify connectivity. With a Shopify integration and more, Linkin.bio Standard is a more sophisticated plan that can cost up to $192 per year if purchased in full.


With the help of Contactinbio, you can construct a microlanding page for each of your social network profiles. A contact form, some text, and music services are all available on the free plan. You may also add connections (including links to your other social media accounts and any payment links, such as PayPal or Stripe), alter the look of the page, add a contact form, some text, and music services. Contactinbio’s premium plan includes additional features such as movies, photos, an email registration form, and more.


Contactinbio offers a free plan as well as a Premium plan, with the Premium plan costing $7 per month in addition. Agencies may upgrade to a higher tier plan, which costs $28 per month and allows you to manage up to five accounts at the same time.

Sked Link

Sked Link, developed by Sked Social, is an Instagram bio tool that assists you in making the most of the single URL you are permitted to use. Create your own shoppable bio link by putting up a collection of CTA buttons and rearranging the links anyway you see fit. Alternatively, you may use the Gallery function to post an Instagram grid that can be clicked on. You may also personalize the landing page to ensure that it is consistent with your brand, albeit Sked does not provide as many customization options as rival bio tools.

Finally, Sked takes pleasure in loading your landing page faster than other platforms, ensuring that consumers do not become impatient and abandon the website altogether.


Due to the fact that Sked Link is part of the larger Sked Social program, in order to utilize it, you’ll need to be a member of Sked Social.

After a seven-day free trial, the cheapest plan is $25 per month, with options ranging up to the Enterprise level, which costs $260 per month, and everything in between.

Tap Bio

Tap Bio is a simple tool that allows you to optimize the link in your Instagram bio, despite the fact that it does not have as many complex capabilities as other programs. Tap Bio works by presenting you with a variety of cards that you may personalize. Then your followers may swipe through the cards to visit the numerous links and webpages that you have created. Tap Bio provides readymade layouts for the cards that you can customize, and the site also records some basic metrics.


Tap Bio is available for free, or for a monthly fee of $5 – $12, you may access extra features and cards.

Milkshake App

Using Milkshake, you can quickly and easily design a gorgeous landing page that compiles all of your important links into one convenient location for your followers to browse. Milkshake works in a similar way to Tap Bio in that it lists your connections in cards that viewers can swipe through, similar to how they would swipe through Instagram Stories. Make each card unique by personalizing the design and including your information. Input the URL into your bio and check out the insights to see how well it is performing.

Milkshake does not have a PC version; instead, it is exclusively accessible as an app for iOS devices.


Milkshake is completely free to use.

Link in Profile

You may either utilize the dashboard of this program to add a link to yourLink in Profilelanding page, or you can put a link into the caption of your Instagram post. Create a branded landing page with these links (as many links as you’d like) and include commerce links to increase your chances of selling more products. Then you may look at your traffic sources to see how well the product is performing overall.


A free 30-day trial is available through the link in the profile. Following the trial period, the Personal Plan will cost $9.99 per month.

Choose the Best Link in Bio Tool

Link in bio tools may go a long way toward ensuring the success of your Instagram marketing efforts. And, with so many alternatives available, it’s now easier than ever to select the exact equipment that meets your needs and fits your budget. Take advantage of the most appropriate link in bio tool for your requirements and take your Instagram marketing to the next level!

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