10 Backlink Analysis Tools That’ll Help You Understand Your Link Profile? (The answer is found)

Let’s check them out!

  • Ubersuggest. When it comes to reaching page one of the Google search results, there aren’t many things more important than your backlink profile.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Linkody.
  • cognitiveSEO.
  • Kerboo.
  • LinkResearchTools.
  • Majestic SEO.
  • Monitor Backlinks.

What are backlink analysis tools?

Backlink analysis is a comprehensive review of a website’s backlinks to analyze the site’s performance and identify issues that could affect its search engine ranking. Backlink analysis is like the SEO version of going to the doctor for a check-up.

How do you analyze a backlink profile?

What are the elements of a thorough backlinks analysis:

  1. Total number of links.
  2. Number of unique domains.
  3. Linking domains vs total links.
  4. Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.
  5. Fresh/incoming links.
  6. Page performance.
  7. Link quality*

Which tool gives backlinks data?

As an SEO professional, my favorite backlink analysis tool to use is Ahrefs. Not only do I use it regularly, but I have found that Ahrefs provides the most current and comprehensive backlink data in comparison to similar tools, and its interface could not be more user-friendly.

What are backlink profiles?

A backlink profile is the collection of links that direct visitors to your site. In addition to the number of backlinks, a backlink profile also details other link characteristics such as: Types of links. Anchor text (i.e. the clickable text with the hyperlink)

How do you analyze a link?

Link Research Tools

  1. Ahrefs. Analyze your own sites and get a quick summary of any URL, for free.
  2. Analyze Backlinks. See all the backlinks of your site or your competitor’s site.
  3. Backlink Finder.
  4. Backlink Watch.
  5. Bing Webmaster Tools.
  6. blekko.
  7. BuzzStream.
  8. Google Webmaster Tools.

How many backlinks are there?

The number of backlinks needed goes up at a faster rate than the difficulty ranking. For example, if a keyword has a difficulty of 10 you probably need about 10 backlinks to rank. But if it has a difficulty of 50 you may need 100 backlinks to rank.

What is a backlink gap analysis?

Backlink Gap is another SEMrush tool that can provide valuable insights that will help a business grow its online presence. Use these two in tandem for competitor analysis, and you’ll have actionable insights that can help your clients grow.

What are inbound links?

Inbound links, also known as backlinks, occur when another website links back to your site. Google views inbound links as an indicator that your site has high-quality content, making these links one of the most important elements in search engine optimization (SEO).

How do you get rid of bad backlinks?

The process of removing bad backlinks is relatively simple, if time-consuming:

  1. Understand what makes a backlink ‘toxic’
  2. Use a tool to identify all bad links pointing to your website.
  3. Contact the webmaster and request removal.
  4. Create and submit a ‘disavow’ file to Google to ignore those links.

What are the best backlinks?

Backlinks Most Advantageous to SEO

  • 1) Editorial backlinks.
  • 2) Guest blogging backlinks.
  • 3) Backlinks in business profiles.
  • 4) Backlinks from webinars.
  • 5) Free-tool backlinks.
  • 6) Acknowledgment backlinks.
  • 7) Guest post bio backlinks.
  • 8) Badge backlinks.

What are the tools and methods we would use to generate backlinks organically?

When used the right way, one or more of these could have a big impact on your web site’s rankings.

  • Ubersuggest. Backlinks remain one of the most critical parts of Google’s algorithm.
  • Check My Links.
  • Broken Link Builder.
  • ContentBird.
  • Pitchbox.
  • Whitespark.
  • Monitor Backlinks.
  • Linkstant.

Where do I find backlinks?

How to Get Backlinks

  1. Find Backlink Opportunities with Top Referral Sources.
  2. Use Outbound Links to Form Partnerships.
  3. Use Google Search Console Reports to Get Backlinks.
  4. Spy on Your Competitors.
  5. Find Broken Links to Build Backlinks.
  6. Create High-Quality Content That’s Link-Worthy.
  7. Publish a Skyscraper Content.

What are SEO backlinks examples?

Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. If someone links to your site, then you have a backlink from them. If you link to another website, then they have a backlink from you. For example, these words link to YouTube, so they now have a backlink from us.

What are the different types of backlinks?

8 Different types of backlinks you need to know about

  • Guest Blogging Backlinks.
  • Editorial Backlinks.
  • Relationship-based Backlinks.
  • Acknowledgment Backlinks.
  • Free Tool Backlinks.
  • Badge Backlinks.
  • Comment Backlinks.
  • Press Release Backlinks.

What are website backlinks?

Links on websites other than your own that go back to a page on your website. Backlinks are also called inbound links because they represent another website’s traffic coming to your own site. The quality and quantity of your backlinks can help you rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing.

15 Best Backlink Analysis Tools: Improve Your Backlink Profile Now

Did you know that Google receives more than 1.2 trillion searches every year on its search engine? And, among other things, a strong backlink profile is required for your website to appear prominently on Google’s first page of results. However, link building without conducting a thorough backlink analysis might be detrimental rather than beneficial. Backlink analysis is the foundation of search engine optimization; it tells you all of the backlinks you have received as well as the origins of those connections.

In this way, you will be able to determine whether your website has the potential to rank well in search results.

  • Produce high-quality content that high-authority websites could find useful in linking to. Make use of backlink analysis tools to examine your own backlinks as well as those of your rivals in order to uncover potential link-building chances. Begin by producing guest posts for high-authority websites in order to get high-quality backlinks to your website. Companies who have a blog obtain 97 percent more links to their websites than those that do not.

You may also make advantage of backlink checking software. Do you want to discover what tools you should employ? Find out more in the next section. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, I will receive a profit on the sale (without any extra cost to you).

What are the Best Backlink Analysis Tool?

Are you ready to have a peek at our collection of tools? Are you ready to find out how you compare to your competition in terms of profitability? For those of you who are looking to establish a strong backlink profile, here are some fantastic backlink analyzing tools to consider:


Image courtesy of SEMrush Semrushis an all-in-one backlink analysis tool that may assist you in developing a successful content marketing plan for your website or blog. It incorporates cutting-edge capabilities such as link audits that may provide your company a significant competitive advantage. Semrush also allows you to examine the sorts of backlinks that are pointing to your website. Knowing this can assist you in determining whether or not a link will add any weight to your domain. Keeping an eye on the ratio of nofollow to follow links will allow you to concentrate your link-building efforts on obtaining more dofollow connections.

You may also uncover relevant industry sources and determine whether any websites are interested in referring to your material by using this tool.

  • The Semrush analytics report can provide you with insights into the strategies of your competitors. It assists you in doing a thorough link analysis and displays the different sorts of backlinks you have
  • You may look at the Domain Authority of links pointing to your website and those of your rivals, among other things. Using it, you can keep track of the geo-location of your backlinks.


Image courtesy of Serpstat Serpstat is a growth hacking tool that may be used in PPC, SEO, and content marketing campaigns. If you want to generate money from your website, this is an excellent backlink analyzing tool to use. Serpstat provides you with access to a list of anchors, as well as referring pages and domains, among other things. You may also keep an eye on your own page as well as the pages of your rivals. Examine their link-building strategy and the instances when their backlink numbers altered.

You may also locate pages that receive the greatest number of links. Interested in learning more? Learn more about it by looking at its characteristics. Characteristics of Serpstat

  • It allows you to examine all of your backlink data in one location, as well as keep track of your rivals’ backlink tactics. Serpstat’s SEO tools may also assist you in identifying sites that receive the greatest number of backlinks.


Image courtesy of GrowthBar GrowthBar is a backlink analyzing tool for SEO that was developed by Growth Marketing Pro and is one of the finest available. When you run Google searches, it presents you with SEO details about every website and phrase you enter. Search for keyword recommendations, backlinks from your rivals, Google Ads data, and even Facebook Ads data with this tool. GrowthBar takes care of all of your SEO backlinking requirements directly from the search engine results page. Furthermore, it is more cheap than 95 percent of the instruments now available.

Exporting any backlink list to a CSV file is also an option.

  • The domain authority of any website may be found directly in the Google search results
  • Access the backlink information for your own domain
  • Follow the backlinks and domain authority of your competition
  • This can help you identify opportunities. A CSV file containing hundreds of backlinks may be exported for simple examination. You may try it out for free.


Image courtesy of LinkAssistant This backlink analysis tool provides you with a list of your backlinks that has been divided into categories for your convenience. On this screen, you can discover which pages drew the most backlinks and which connections are most likely to result in a penalty. SEO SpyGlass from LinkAssistant provides access to an infinite number of backlinks, domains, campaigns, and exports. What’s more, the finest thing is. You may begin utilizing SEO SpyGlass for free and for an infinite number of assessments right away.

They can also grab connections straight from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other sources using their SEO SpyGlass software.

Interested in learning more?

Features of the LinkAssistant

  • Get access to historical data and see how your backlink profile has evolved over time. Determine which material on your website resulted in which backlinks to your website. A report detailing all of your backlinks, referring websites, profile changes over time, and the ratio of nofollow to dofollow links will be delivered to you. Domain comparison may be used to keep track of rivals.

5.Traffic Travis

Image courtesy of Traffic Travis SEO pros may use Traffic Travis to boost their link profile and search rankings. It is a feature-rich tool with a lot to offer. With the help of this backlink analysis tool, you can locate high-quality sites and create high-quality connections. With Traffic Travis, you can do a comprehensive SEO health check on your website and identify any errors that may be affecting your ranks in search results. You may also keep track of your ranks and identify areas where you need to put in more work.

  • It assists you in identifying good link chances and constructing a strong backlink profile, among other things. Traffic Travis allows you to track and evaluate the link-building efforts of your rivals. You may learn a lot about link behavior, failures, and achievements from your rivals.

6.Rank Signals

Image courtesy of Rank Signals Rank Signals is a backlink analyzing tool that is quite handy. It assists you in discovering the backlinks of your rivals, identifying fresh link chances, and improving your link profile. Rank Signals Characteristics

  • It assists you in conducting competition analysis so that you may determine the most effective links of your rivals. This tool assists you in identifying spammy and harmful connections. In the Rank Signals Link Explorer, nofollow links are identified and labeled as such.


Image courtesy of Ahrefs Ahrefs can assist you in increasing your search traffic, researching your competition, and monitoring your backlinks and other SEO metrics.

This backlink analysis tool offers you with all of the capabilities you might possibly want in order to track your backlinks and keyword performance. What is it about it that makes it so popular? Find out more about it by reading its characteristics. Ahrefs Characteristics

  • Discover the reasons why your rivals are ranking highly
  • Additionally, it gives you with suggestions on how to outrank your competition. Additionally, it may assist you in keyword research and the discovery of backlink chances
  • And It may also assist you in doing competition analysis and online monitoring tasks.

8.Majestic SEO

Image courtesy of Majestic Majestic (previously known as Majestic SEO) is the world’s largest link index database, as well as a specialized backlink analysis tool, both of which are available free of charge. It has two link indexes: 1) the historic index and 2) the current index. 2) A new index has been created. The historic index is updated once a month, whereas the current index is updated once a day. Spectacular Characteristics

  • If you wish to boost your backlink profile, Majestic offers a plethora of tools to help you accomplish this. The Majestic search engine is beneficial to SEO specialists, business owners, developers, and media analysts, among other people. Its Site Explorer feature allows you to thoroughly investigate a website or URL. Furthermore, its Backlinks History Tool assists you in determining the amount of backlinks pointing to a domain.

9.Monitor Backlinks

Image courtesy of Monitor Backlinks Monitor Backlinks is one of the most effective backlink checking tools available. This is an indispensable backlink tool for SEO professionals, marketers, and business owners. Features for Monitoring Backlinks

  • These SEO tools assist you in link development, which may help you increase the amount of visitors to your website. Monitor Backlinks can assist you in recovering your important lost links
  • Nonetheless, it is not recommended. Tracking keyword ranks over time and analyzing the impact of backlink adjustments on your rankings are two of the many features of this tool.


Image courtesy of cognitiveSEO Search engine optimization specialists and organizations use this backlink analyzing tool to boost the ranks of their clients’ websites. With this backlink tool, you can boost the amount of traffic that comes to your website while also keeping track of the backlinks that point to it. It also gives you with a thorough review of your marketing strategy as well as valuable insights into your company’s operations. CognitiveSEO Characteristics

  • As a result of CognitiveSEO, you may evaluate and optimize your link profile
  • In real time, it provides you notifications for any new links that you have acquired. There is a 14-day free trial available from cognitiveSEO. This backlink checker tool also assists you in evaluating the link strategies of your rivals and identifying potentially profitable link chances.
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11.SEO SpyGlass

Image courtesy of SEO SpyGlass SEO SpyGlass’s SEO tools assist you with backlink research, link cleansing, and competition analysis, among other things. It is possible to find all links to a domain using their comprehensive backlink index, SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, which is accessible through this backlink analysis tool. SEO SpyGlass has a number of useful features.

  • It protects you with very effective and technologically sophisticated safety measures
  • You have the ability to design backlink reports that are straightforward and appealing. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Backlinks that generate traffic can be identified.

12.Backlink Watch

Image courtesy of Backlink Watch Backlink Watch is one of the greatest backlink analysis tools available, and it may help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Backlink Watch Has a Number of Features

  • This backlink checker tool displays the anchor texts of all of your backlinks
  • It is free to use. Backlink Watch also gives pagerank and displays a list of all of your outbound connections
  • Moreover, It has a nofollow flag that may be used for incoming links
  • Additionally, it displays the overall number of outbound connections on a page.

13.Moz Link Explorer

Image courtesy of Moz Explorer of Hyperlinks Link Explorer is one of the greatest backlink checker tools available, and it is used by many marketing experts to examine their links. With the aid of Link Explorer, you can create a powerful backlink profile for your website. Interested in learning more? Let’s take a look at some of its most important characteristics. Features of the Link Explorer

  • With the help of this backlink checker tool, you can identify domains that connect to your website. Examine the backlink profiles of your rivals to identify potential link-building possibilities. Identify websites that connect to you and your rivals that have a high Domain Authority.


Image courtesy of OpenLinkProfiler OpenLinkProfiler is one of the most effective backlink tools available, and it may assist you in developing a powerful backlink profile. OpenLinkProfiler has a number of features.

  • This backlink checker tool assists you in identifying links to your website that may be possibly detrimental. When you use OpenLinkProfiler, you may study the backlinks of a website without having to pay for the service
  • It enables you to identify pages that generate the greatest amount of links
  • And When a new link is detected, you will receive email notifications from this tool.


Image courtesy of Linkody Linkody is a dependable tool for backlink evaluation. It is the quickest and most accurate method of tracking your link building efforts for your clients or for your company’s website. Linkody’s Characteristics

  • It provides you with insights into the link-building methods of your rivals. Linkody is a tool that quickly and simply detects low-quality or spammy links. An extensive range of metrics are used to examine your connection profile. Furthermore, it watches and monitors your backlinks around the clock

Bonus Tool:Kerboo

Image courtesy of Kerboo Kerboo is one of the greatest backlink checker tools accessible on the market at the present time. Many companies, agencies, and SEO specialists rely on this tool to help them boost their link profiles and search engine rankings. Kerboo Characteristics

  • In addition, Kerboo eliminates any spammy links from your website and makes certain that they do not resurface in the future. The ability to merge numerous link data sources into one complete picture of the linkages is available. This tool assists you in gaining a better understanding of any link-related challenges or possibilities.


Q1. What exactly is backlink analysis, and why is it important? A.Backlink analysis is the process of evaluating the quality of all of the backlinks you have obtained, as well as the origins of those backlinks, over time. It is the cornerstone of SEO and provides you with an indication of your website’s capacity to rank well in search results by providing you with a baseline of information. For an accurate picture of your position versus your top competitors, you should also look at the backlinks of your most important competitors.

  1. Meanwhile, examining the backlinks of your rivals might assist you in identifying possibilities to develop high-quality backlinks.
  2. What is a backlink checker and how does it work?
  3. You may use it to find out who is connecting back to your site and to locate the most popular material on your site.
  4. This can assist you in identifying potential sites from which you may be able to obtain high-quality backlinks.
  5. How do you go about performing a backlink analysis?
  6. Analyze the total number of backlinks, the number of unique referring domains, anchor text variants, new links, and the overall quality of the connections in step two.
  7. Step 4: Identify unfavorable links by checking for surges in the number of links or links from spammy websites.

To determine what you can do to improve your link profile, go over the whole backlink analysis report created by the program in Step 5.

Can you tell me how I can check backlinks for free?


A.There is no such thing as too many backlinks to your website.

The quality of backlinks, rather than the quantity of them, is more important.

Forbes, Content Marketing Institute, Mention.com, and Social Media Today are just a few of the websites that I trust for getting links in the digital marketing sector.

How do search engine optimization backlinks work?

Backlinks from high-authority websites have a favorable influence on your SEO performance since they demonstrate the site’s trust in your website.

Q7. In search engine optimization, how many different sorts of backlinks are there? In general, there are two categories of backlinks, which are as follows:

  • Dofollow links are the most useful sort of backlinks for search engine optimization purposes.

An organic dofollow link is one that indicates to Google that the link came from a trusted source and that the site is vouching for the accuracy of its content. Dofollow links are used to indicate this to search engines such as Google.

  • Because they instruct search engines such as Google to disregard a particular link, nofollow links are considered less important. The purpose of these tags is to inform search engines that they should not pursue a given link.

A reader will not be able to distinguish between a dofollow and a nofollow backlink unless they are specifically told. What makes the difference is that it is the source code that decides how Google will treat the backlink. Q8. How many backlinks are considered safe every day? A.You have the ability to create as many authoritative backlinks as you desire each day. Google, on the other hand, is likely to punish your site if you purchase spammy links. However, if you naturally generate a large number of high-quality backlinks in a single day, you will not be punished.

What kinds of backlinks are the most beneficial for SEO?


A.Some of the top backlink checking programs are as follows:

  • SEMrush, Serpstat, GrowthBar, LinkAssistant, Traffic Travis, Rank Signals, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Monitor Backlinks, cognitiveSEO are some of the tools available.

More backlink checker tools, their capabilities, and their advantages and disadvantages may be found in the page linked above.

Ready to Start Using These Backlink Analysis Tools?

Backlink tools are highly important for assisting you in the development of a strong link profile. They can assist you in analyzing the backlinks of your rivals so that you can design ways to outrank them. In order to boost your website’s trustworthiness and traffic, you should make use of the top backlink checking tools listed above. Do you know of any other good backlink analyzing tools that I should know about? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase, I will receive a profit on the sale (without any extra cost to you).

10 Best Backlink Checker Tools for Improving Your Link Profile in 2021

You are surely aware that obtaining high-quality backlinks is a critical component of any successful SEO strategy. Then there’s the matter of examining your present connection profile. This is when the use of a backlink checker is beneficial. If your website has been up and running for at least a few months, it is probable that you already have a backlink profile in place. The rankings of some of these links may improve, but others may have a negative influence on your position in the search results.

Do you want to discover which backlink checker is the most effective for your website?

Best Backlink Checker Tools Worth Trying Out

Semrush, which bills itself as a “all-in-one marketing toolset,” brings together a variety of different digital marketing tools to assist you in boosting your SEO approach. SEMrush provides you with one of the greatest backlink checkers available, making it simple for you to comprehend and analyze your backlinks in order to improve your rankings. You must first enter the domain name into the Backlink Analysis part of the program, just as you would with other comparable tools. A large amount of relevant information about the domain and its backlink profile will be retrieved by SEMrush.

SEMrush makes it particularly simple for you to identify low-quality backlinks that may be affecting your search engine results.

A Target Pages report (which allows for in-depth analysis of target pages on your site or your competitor’s site) as well as a LostFound report (which aids in the monitoring of users’ own and their competitors’ backlink profiles) were both added to the Backlink Audit Tool in 2020.

You can also use the tool to examine the backlinks of your rivals and determine which high-authority websites are connecting to their websites.

This knowledge will assist you in developing your own backlink outreach plan, which will allow you to build authoritative backlinks as well. Price: Pro Plans are available for $119.95 per month. A Guru Plan is $229.95 per month, while a Business Plan costs $449.95 per month (plus taxes).

2.SEO SpyGlass (SEO PowerSuite)

When it comes to SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite is on fire, and its backlink checkerSEO SpyGlass is no exception. One of the most useful aspects of this program is its ability to provide extremely thorough reports on the backlinks that it has discovered. These reports will help you gain a better understanding of the finer points of specialized backlink data. Using these reports, you may automate the analysis of noFollows, doFollows, and anchor text. Besides that, SEO SpyGlass thoroughly investigates the quality of each of your website’s backlinks.

You may also compare the link profiles of up to five different rivals side by side to observe how your competitors may be outperforming your approach.

The cost of a Professional Plan is $299 per year, while the cost of an Enterprise Plan is $699.

3.Mangools LinkMiner

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the other backlink checkers on our list, Link Miner is strictly a backlink checker tool with no further SEO capabilities to offer. LinkMiner, developed by Mangools, is a backlink analysis tool with a plethora of useful features. You may sort your backlinks according to whether they are new, noFollow, lost, or removed. When you want to retain a list of deleted or lost links that you wish to recover for your website, this is extremely useful to have. It’s also a convenient method to view new backlinks as soon as they exist, which is particularly useful for SEO.

This is the greatest backlink tool if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want as many additional SEO capabilities as other options.


It should come as no surprise that Ahrefs offers one of the greatest backlink checkers available, given that it is one of the major SEO powerhouses. In reality, backlink checking is one of the platform’s strongest capabilities. Ahrefs, which has an astounding database of 22 trillion backlinks, is the second most active web crawler in the world, behind only Google. Enter any website, whether it’s your own or a competitor’s, and you’ll be able to see all of the hyperlinks that point to that specific site.

Their own’Domain Rating’ gives you the worth of each site that connects to you, based on the quantity of backlinks and Dofollow links that the site has received.

These might be broken links or links that have been removed from a website’s page by the website’s administrator.

Spying on your rivals’ backlinks allows you to sort them by link type and narrow down the domains you wish to target for your own website.

Lite plans cost $99 per month for a single person. Plans are paid according on the number of users and projects, with a full-fledged agency plan costing $999/month for the most extensive features. Discounts are available for annual plans.

5. Moz Pro Link Explorer

It should come as no surprise that Ahrefs offers one of the greatest backlink checkers available, given that the company is one of the major SEO powerhouses in the industry. The platform’s true strength, however, is in backlink analysis. In addition to being the second most active web crawler in the world behind Google, Ahrefs boasts a mind-boggling database of 22 trillion links. Fill in the blanks with any website, your own or a competitor’s, and you’ll see all of the hyperlinks that point to it.

  1. Their own’Domain Rating’ gives you the value of each site that is linked to you, based on the quantity of backlinks and Dofollow connections that the site has received from others.
  2. These might be broken links or links that have been removed from a website’s page by the website’s owner.
  3. Whenever you’re spying on your rivals’ backlinks, you may sort them by link type and narrow down the domains you wish to target for your own site.
  4. Users and projects are charged separately for each plan, with a full-featured agency plan costing $999/month.
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6. LinkResearchTools

This backlink checker does highly in-depth research on each backlink, allowing you to evaluate each link using a total of 97 distinct criteria for each one. In addition, data from 24 link backends has been added into the tool. With these capabilities in mind, LinkResearchTools is unquestionably one of the best backlink checkers on the market right now. Utilize the 360-degree view to thoroughly examine each and alter the metrics and filters to better direct your study. Impact, trust, buzz, power, and contact information are just a few of the many filters available.

Price: A Superhero Small Plan is $499 per month, while a Superhero Ultra Plan costs $2,299 per month at the top of the scale.

7. Majestic Site Explorer

Majestic Site Explorer is the most effective backlink checker for determining the current status of your existing link profile. Standard metrics such as total number of external backlinks are provided, but other crucial statistics such as referring domains, referring subnet and referring IP addresses may also be reviewed. All of these technical bits of information are necessary in order to have a thorough knowledge of your present link building approach. More in-depth data is also offered in visually appealing charts and graphs to assist you in visualizing the performance of your website.

Another benefit of using an anchor text pie chart is that it will show you the most often used anchor texts to link to your site, which is useful for understanding how other websites are linking to yours.

The cost of a Lite Plan is $49.99 per month, while the cost of an API Plan is $399.99 per month.

8. Linkody

Linkody is one of the easiest and most affordable backlink checkers available, and it will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your backlink profile while also assisting you in developing your future backlink building plan. It eliminates the need to worry about manually verifying your backlinks because Linkody automates the entire process, making it both quicker and more efficient. All important backlink data is shown on a user-friendly dashboard, which makes it simple to grasp the complete backlink metrics that are available.

With the platform’s daily alerts, you can find out when new backlinks are added or when old backlinks are removed.

You may utilize the platform to disavow spammy or unfavorable links, which can help you boost your site’s visibility in Google’s search results.

Plans gradually become more expensive until the Agency XXL top plan, which costs $160 per month, is reached.

9. Kerboo

Kerboo is without a doubt one of the greatest backlink checkers available, owing to its ability to collect data from a variety of sources, resulting in an accurate study of both site and link performance performance. Daily checks notify you of any new links that have been added as well as any old connections that have been deleted. In addition, the tool will evaluate each new link that a competitor’s website receives. When it comes to determining the true worth of your backlinks, Kerboo has developed its own LinkRisk measure.

Kerboo will then notify you as soon as one of these links is no longer operational, allowing you to attempt to restore it as soon as possible.

Price:Plans can be tailored to the specific needs of each user and business.

10. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is an excellent tool for keeping tabs on your competitors’ link building approach. Depending on your needs, Monitor Backlinks may be the finest backlink checker for you. It may help you learn more about which connections are increasing your rivals’ rankings and which backlinks are detracting from your own SEO initiatives. It will notify you when you obtain a valuable backlink, when a blogger evaluates your product, or when competitors are outpacing you in their link building approach, according to the link checker tool.

View the amount of referring visitors received by each backlink, the number of external links received, as well as the page or domain authority for each backlink.

NoFollow links, for example, are a common source of frustration because they provide no SEO benefit to your site and are difficult to detect. Price:A Start Plan is $25.00 per month, while the most expensive 10D4C plan costs $187.42 per month.

Which Backlink Checker Tool(s) are Best for Your Business?

Understanding your whole backlink profile can go a long way toward helping you develop a solid SEO strategy that will help you improve your rankings. Maintaining and assessing your backlinks on a manual basis will always be a time-consuming and tedious job. Identify the most appropriate backlink checker for your site’s requirements and set it up to automate the procedure for you. Whether your top priority is spying on your rivals, clearing up negative backlinks, or discovering new backlink chances, these backlink checkers will assist you in achieving your search engine optimization objectives.

Top 10 Backlink Checker Tools, Free and Paid

In order to increase your page rank and visibility in search results, you should focus on obtaining high-quality backlinks to your site from other websites. Investigating your competition and discovering where they are receiving their connections is one strategy to improve your backlink profile. Using one of the various tools available on the market, you can quickly determine how many backlinks your competitors have. There are both free and commercial tools available to assist you in spying on your competitors.

1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEOactually provides a number of tools to aid webmasters in their efforts. Its backlink checker scans the web directly, rather than relying on third-party data to provide the information it provides. You may use it to determine the number of backlinks connecting to your own site or to a competitor’s site, as well as the number of referring domains and IP addresses. You may also view the anchor text, the number of links that are configured to follow, and other information. Although Majestic SEO is completely free, it does provide more information if you subscribe to the service.

2. Ahrefs

Sign up for a free account with Ahrefsand receive a comprehensive analysis of your backlinks, including how many you have, where they are coming from, the anchor text used, and other factors. In exchange for your payment, you will receive a more in-depth analysis as well as the ability to track your progress over time. Without a doubt, you will receive the same information for a competitor’s site, and you will be able to compare your progress to see where you can make improvements.

3. Open Site Explorer

One of the most powerful tools for backlink research is offered by Moz, another search marketing behemoth. Its Open Site Explorer is widely regarded as one of the finest accessible. In addition to the quantity of links a site has, it provides information on the newest links, page authority, spam score, and domain authority to help you rank your site better in search results. Free searches only provide a limited amount of information. You can run limitless reports, trace links over time, and do a lot more with the subscription account.

4. Google Search Console

Webmaster Tools are provided by the search giant, and the Google Search Console is one of such tools. The “Links to Your Site” portion of the “Search Traffic” section of the Search Console may be found under the “Links to Your Site” heading. There, you’ll be able to view the overall number of links pointing to your site, as well as the most often linked material, the websites that link to you the most frequently, and the anchor text that was used.

Although you can only use the Search Console to check on links on your own site, it is a significant resource since it provides up-to-date information straight from the source, which is really helpful.

5. SEMrush

SEMrushprovides you with a wealth of valuable information about any URL that you input, including the number of backlinks referring to that URL. You may track numerous rival websites at the same time and receive detailed information on the links. You will, however, need to sign up for a premium account in order to do so, since the site only allows you to do a very limited amount of searches for free.

6. Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is a tool that is particularly built to spy on competitors. It provides you with information such as the total number of links, the anchor text that was used, the page rank, and other relevant data. You may also arrange links based on whether they are set to dofollow or nofollow status. Backlink Watch is completely free, and you are free to use it as frequently as you like without restriction.

7. Rank Signals

Backlink checker Rank Signals is another another free tool that delivers a wealth of relevant information. Additionally, in addition to displaying the number of external connections, the tool also displays the amount of social media followers the site currently has, its Alexa traffic rank, and its page rank. Although the tool is free, you will need to register in order to receive a comprehensive report.

8. Open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler operates in the same manner as many of the other tools. Enter a URL and you’ll receive a link profile in return. The information provided, on the other hand, is far more thorough, and includes breakdowns of linkages by age, industry, context, country, and other factors. You may also use the tool to determine which links should be deleted from your website in order to boost your page rank. The data may be organized in whatever way you desire by using the different filters available.

9. Buzz Sumo

The premium service Buzz Sumoprovides complete information on who is referring to your rivals’ material, how content performs as a result of those links, and which pages are being shared the most frequently. You may not only detect potential link possibilities, but you can also learn about the kind of content that attract the most links.

10. Kerboo

With Kerboo, you can keep track of changes to a link profile. Discover how the ranking of a website changes as a result of the inclusion of higher-quality links or the removal of low-quality connections. The link profile is monitored on a daily basis, and you will be notified by email if there are any changes. While you are monitoring links, the application assists you in saving time and streamlining the procedure as much as possible. The success of your website is dependent on the number of links it has.

A Simple Guide on How To Conduct Backlink Analysis

Link building is an extremely important component of SEO. In fact, it is one of the most important variables considered by search engines when evaluating your ranking. Whether you’re designing a new link-building strategy or refining an existing one, it’s critical to take a step back and assess where you’re at right now.

Backlinking method comes into play in this situation. Let’s take a look at what a backlink analysis looks like and the tools that are need to do one.

Backlink Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) relies on link creation to succeed. In fact, it is one of the most important variables considered by search engines when evaluating your ranking. Whether you’re designing a new link-building strategy or refining an existing one, it’s critical to take a step back and assess where you’re at. Backlink tactic comes into play in this situation. Let’s take a look at what a backlink analysis looks like and the tools that are required to carry out one of these investigations.

How to Do a Backlink Analysis

  1. Select the websites that you wish to examine
  2. Select an auditing tool from the available options. Get a fast summary of the situation
  3. Examine the particulars
  4. Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to

1. Choose the sites you want to analyze.

You’ll obviously be looking at your own website, but you’ll also want to narrow down the list of rival websites that you’d like to examine as well. Hopefully, you already have a few in mind, but if not, make a list of sites that meet the following criteria.

  • Offer items or services that are comparable
  • Are now outranking you for the keywords that you want to target

2. Select an auditing tool.

A manual backlink audit is possible, but it is likely more efficient to utilize a backlink tool that already includes the important aspects you are looking for in a backlink audit. There are a variety of backlink checking programs available, each with a different pricing and set of functions. They are typically found as a part within an SEO tool, such as Majestic or SEMrush. Do you want assistance in locating a backlink analysis tool? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

3. Get a quick overview.

Once you’ve decided on an auditing tool, it’s time to go to work on the analysis. Enter your domain name into the search field and scroll through the results to see what comes up. You’ll have a plethora of information to work with. Focus on the following metrics to obtain a fast sense of how well your site is performing:

  • Number of backlinks to the site: The total number of links referring to the site If, for example, a blog post on one website refers to a page on another website, that is considered a backlink to the other website. If this figure is really low, it is possible that this is the reason for your page’s poor rating. Domains that link to this page: The total number of websites that are linking back to your site is displayed here. A referring domain is defined as a website A that points to a different website B. It is possible to determine how valuable these pages are to your ranking by sorting these domains by authority, which can then be used to generate suggestions for outreach later on. The most frequently linked pages are as follows: The pages on a website that receive the greatest number of backlinks. This may be used to determine the sort of material that is most effective for link development.
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This phase should be repeated with your rivals in order to establish a baseline and determine where you fall short. If you utilize an appropriate tool, you may be able to compare various metrics on the same page, saving you the time of switching between pages.

4. Analyze the details.

We now need to delve into the nitty-gritty details and look at KPIs that will help us understand why things are happening. Start by taking a look at your anchor texts, which are the terms that are used to link to other pages on your website. This is an excellent method of identifying spammy backlinks that may be harming your search engine rating. Whether you’re not sure how to tell if a referral URL is spammy, look at the anchor text to see if it has anything to do with the content on your website.

  1. Once you’ve identified the problematic connections, you may contact the websites in question and request that they be deleted.
  2. Making a public statement about those connections is the more feasible alternative, since it effectively tells Google to disregard those backlinks.
  3. It is the last component of a URL that specifies the nation from which it comes that is known as the ccTLD.
  4. malicious practice meant to negatively impact your ranking).
  5. If, on the other hand, you begin to see links with TLDs such as.cn or another strange TLD, you may want to dig into it more.
  6. It is critical to discover broken and lost links since you will lose out on “link juice,” which is the possibility to rank higher as a result of a backlink.

Additionally, it might make crawling your website more difficult. What can you do to make things better? There are various options for accomplishing this:

  • Contact the referring domain and request that the problem be resolved. redirection of the damaged page to a new page on your website Redirect the broken page to another page on your website that contains material that is comparable.

5. See what your competitors are doing.

Keep track of your results as you delve more into your domain and compare them to those of your rivals. Consider, for example, the referring domains for the website that is outranking you. If there is minimal overlap between your list and theirs, this may provide you with some direction as to which domains to target in your search. Also, it’s a good idea to compare your backlink acquisition rate to the rates of your rivals. Is it true that they are developing at a significantly quicker rate than you?

Top Backlink Analysis Tools

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Google Search Console is a free tool that may be used to perform an initial backlink analysis. You can examine the most important indicators, such as the total number of links and the referring sites. The disadvantage of using this platform is that you are unable to compare your website to that of your rivals. However, it is a fantastic place to start if you want to get a broad overview of the performance of your website.


Ahrefs is a search engine optimization tool that offers a variety of functions to assist businesses in optimizing their websites. Using the “Site Explorer,” you can immediately access the backlinks checker, which also allows you to export the data for additional investigation. You may also use the sections on the left sidebar to learn more about each of the backlink features in further detail. According to Ahrefs, it is a premium product with price starting at $82/month and going up to $832/month for agency-level functionality.


SEMrush is another another popular SEO tool that provides subscribers with access to a backlink tracker. Using the graphs, you can quickly compare your report to three rivals at the same time and have a better visual grasp of the facts. SEMrush allows free users to make up to ten requests each day in order to get a feel for how it operates. Despite the fact that you will only get a restricted look of the functionality, you will get a general sense of how the dashboard works. A subscription is required in order to get full access.


Moz is one of the most effective backlink solutions available on the market. Quick downloads are immediately available from the dashboard, allowing you to concentrate on your primary areas of interest. With the “Spam Score” tool, you may gain some insight into which links are potentially harming your SEO efforts and how to decrease their impact. One further noteworthy feature on the site is the “Discovered and Lost” area, which displays the linked domains that you’ve acquired and lost over the course of a certain time period.

Backlink analysis is a critical component of your SEO strategy, and it will take ongoing attention and upkeep to be effective. However, if you know what you’re looking for, it should be a rather straightforward endeavor. first published at 12:24 p.m. on April 13, 2021; modified on July 2, 2021

10 SEO Tools to Help You Find and Monitor Backlinks (2022 Update)

So much has changed in the world of SEO in the last few years. However, one thing that has not changed is the importance of high-quality, natural backlinks. Backlink number was important in the olden days of SEO, but now it’s more about the quality and relevancy of the backlinks we receive. One of the keys to running a successful internet company is to constantly check the backlinks to your website – as well as the backlinks to your rivals’ websites. You must be aware of your competitor’s SEO strategy, including traffic resources, keywords, and referring domains, among other things.

However, for those who are just getting started, these link analysis tools will provide all they want at a lower cost.

The following is the table of contents:

  • Sitechecker
  • RankActive
  • Ahrefs
  • Coupler.io
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • RankSignals
  • BuzzSumo
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • Mention
  • SE Ranking

1. SE Ranking

SE Rankingis one of my favorite backlink checkers since it enables you to examine incoming links to your website based on Google Webmaster Tools data. SE Rankingis a free tool that allows you to check incoming links to your website based on Google Webmaster Tools data. In addition to website auditing, rank tracking, keyword research, and competition rank tracking, it is a paid tool (with monthly subscriptions beginning at $9). You can generate a detailed link analysis for the following parameters: index / noindex, follow / nofollow, cached / not cached, date discovered, Moz Domain Authority, anchor text, anchor text, Alexa rank, Ahrefs rank, social popularity, and more.

2. Sitechecker

Incoming links to your website may be checked using Google Webmaster Tools data, which is one of my favorite backlink checkers. SE Ranking is one of my favorite backlink checkers since it is simple and easy to use. Website audit, rank tracking, keyword research, and competition rank tracking are all included in this subscription product (which starts at $9 per month). Detailed link analysis can be generated for the following parameters: index / noindex, follow / nofollow, cached / not cached, date discovered, Moz Domain Authority, anchor text, anchor text, Alexa rank, Ahrefs rank, social popularity, and more.

3. RankActive

On the market right now is RankActive, a relatively new technology that assists you in discovering backlinks while they are active. There is a large backlinks database in-house that the tool can access, and graphs and tables will show you which connections are beneficial to your SEO and which ones are not. Not only does the tool give a complete list of backlinks with specific stats for each one, but it also displays a list of all lost and acquired connections. It is possible to follow your rivals’ backlinks with RankActive, allowing you to understand more about their SEO approach and optimize your own SEO campaign.

Each and every piece of information offered by RankActive is available in Excel format. Furthermore, you can schedule your backlink report to be sent to you through email so that you can keep track of your progress.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most effective search engine optimization tools for tracking website backlinks. It is available in a free version that allows you to monitor up to 10 backlinks and 2 domains every request. Payment plans begin at $99 per month for a comprehensive study of the backlink profile, including dofollow/nofollow, anchor text, image backlinks, and other factors. If you ever receive a Google penalty, this will be a lifesaving tool since it will provide you with an actual proportion of the anchor text on your website.

The crawler can also handle up to 4.1 million pages each minute, which means you’ll be able to see new, broken, and lost hyperlinks in record time.

Additionally, you may prevent fines by disavowing questionable links from the Ahrefs dashboard, which can be found in the Ahrefs dashboard.

5. Coupler.io

Coupler.io is a unique application that assists you in keeping track of your backlinks. Despite the fact that it does not function as a conventional backlink tracking tool, it does allow you to combine all of your links from across all of your business divisions. This tool is ideal for small enterprises and independent contractors. The most advantageous aspect of it is the ability to store and organize all of your data in a single location that you can access at any time. UsingCoupler.io, you can immediately import links into Google Sheets, or you can automate the data transfer by setting up a schedule for it.

6. OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfileris a fantastic tool that can generate reports including up to 200,000 links. A big and current database of connections is available, and it displays which links have been active in the recent 90 days. You may export as many backlinks as you want in CSV format with the free version. Using the paid version will allow you to export a greater number of files. In addition, the type of the linking website and the category of each connection are provided by the tool. You’ll gain a general understanding of backlink influence, anchor page, link date, and other factors.

7. RankSignals

RankSignalsis yet another free tool that assists you in identifying backlinks and traffic sources of your competitors in order to develop a link-building plan of your own. The number of dofollow and nofollow links, as well as the number of unique domains linking to your site, may all be obtained through the use of this tool.

It displays not only the PageRank of the site and the link anchor text, but also additional data such as PageRank, Alexa Rank, social signals, and the number of unique backlinks received. Discover all of the poor, spammy links and have the ability to remove them from your website.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the most popular backlink checkers available, and it can assist you in tracking the backlinks to your website as well as the backlinks of your rivals. The program allows you to keep track of not just keywords and domain names, but also the highest-ranking pages on the internet and the people who are linking to these pages. You will receive notices when new links are added, and you will be able to establish positive partnerships with the new sites. According to Saitej Makhijani, CEO of SendX.io, “the technique is ideal for obtaining organic growth while building high-quality backlinks.” “This information helps you to adjust your marketing plan in order to get more links for sites that aren’t doing as well as they should.”

9. Monitor Backlinks

In order to keep track of link profiles, one of the most popular and latest SEO tools is Monitor Backlinks. You may look at up to ten results without having to sign up for anything. If you want to get better results, you may upgrade to the premium tool, which starts at $25. Among the features of the tool are an overview of a domain as well as SEO analytics such as keyword rankings and anchor text reports. It also allows you to disavow low-quality links. Monitor Backlinks does a thorough study of each link and domain and publishes the results to Google Webmaster Tools, which may then be used to disavow links if necessary.

For small firms, “Monitor Backlinks is an excellent tool for detecting bogus backlinks and preventing them from receiving a Google penalty,” according to Gregg Hollander of the Hollander Law Firm.

10. Mention

Link reclamation is the process of identifying persons who have mentioned you but have not linked to you. Following your discovery, you may contact them and request that they include a link back to your website. SEO specialist Matthew Barby describes his link reclamation approach, which includes the use of Mention, in order to compliment your backlink strategy:

  • Step one is to keep an eye out for brand references. Configure your alerts by using terms that are relevant to your brand or items
  • Then, in Step 2, configure notifications or daily email alerts. Check your mentions on a daily basis or when they occur
  • Step three is to look for hyperlinks. Find publications that mention you but do not provide a link to your website in the list of all your mentions. These are the opportunities you’ve been looking for
  • Step 4: Make contact with someone. Please contact the author to request a link to be included with the mention. The success percentage, according to Matthew’s observations, is greater if the post was made recently. This is why real-time monitoring is so beneficial

Want more ways to monitor backlinks? Download our free cheat sheet for 5 ways to spice up your SEO strategy with media monitoring.

When performing SEO chores, you should always keep an eye on links, keywords, audit information, positions, and other relevant information for your own firm as well as for your rivals. Investigate the possibility of incorporating some of the tools listed above into your SEO stack to obtain a more comprehensive view of critical backlink profiles.

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