Geographic Targeting

Geographic (Geo) Targeting is offered on most Publisher sites via a user’s IP-Address. To ensure targeting accuracy, Publishers may request that Advertisers provide the specific markets to be targeted (eg. City, State or DMA, State) for a contracted campaign. Listing the targeting on the Insertion Order is ideal but often not required since some Geo target lists can be quite lengthy. Standard Geo Targeting options include Country, DMA, State, City and Zip-Code. Below are several tools for searching and identifying targetable Geographic Markets.

DMA Targeting

Designated Market Area targeting (DMA) is the most common, and often preferred, geographic targeting offered online. Below is a 2013 map of the 210 US Nielsen DMAs. Click here for an interactive map which includes data related to each Market.

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US Cities by DMA

Metropolitan Statistical Areas

Below is a downloadable Excel file of the 2013 MSA list as published by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget (OMB).

Zip Code Targeting

Below is a downloadable Excel file of the 41,859 active US Zip Codes, by state, as provided by you can perform a Zip Code Search by visiting the USPS website here.