Why Apple Doesn’t Tweet? (Professionals recommend)

According to CNBC, Apple has a strict schedule in terms of product introductions. Apple isn’t going to be like Starbucks and run promoted tweets offering dollars off a product for a limited time… You go to Apple, they do not go to you.”

Does Apple respond on Twitter?

Tweets with replies by Apple Support (@AppleSupport) / Twitter. We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most. We’re available every day to answer your questions, from 5am-8pm Pacific.

How does Apple use Twitter?

Apple has a global audience and they make sure that they are speaking their language. They promote tweets in various languages so they are able to reach out to their audience without any language barrier. For promoting one of their events, they sent out tweets in 12 different languages.

Did Apple delete their tweets?

During Apple’s live-streamed press conference on Sept. 7, Twitter users and Apple fans were surprised to find that all of Apple’s tweets were deleted. The verified account, which has existed on Twitter since September 2011, now lists that it has 432,000 followers and that “@Apple hasn’t tweeted yet”.

Why is Tweet limited?

We may limit a Tweet’s reach if it violates our Twitter Rules or applicable laws, or is determined to be low quality. Some people report issues related to their Tweets not appearing on Twitter or their replies detaching from an original Tweet that happen outside of enforcement actions and safety features.

Can I call Apple Support?

Apple’s main customer support phone number is 1-800-275-2273 in the US. You can also contact Apple Support using the Support website, the Support app, or by going to an Apple Store.

Did Steve Jobs have a Twitter account?

Steve Jobs does not have a verified Twitter account.

Does Apple have Instagram?

Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users across Apple and Android, so Schiller was probably right. The app is big, but it’s also impossible to ignore, particularly if you want to show off how good your phones’ cameras are.

How many followers does Apple have on Facebook?

Apple does have a dedicated Facebook page with over 13 million followers, but they haven’t gone through the hassle of verifying their official page.

Does Apple have a Facebook page?

Apple doesn’t actually have a Facebook page for iPhone. In fact, Apple’s presence on Facebook is inconsistent. There is a page for the App Store. And a (barely updated) page for Apple Inc.

What was Twitter jail?

Twitter Jail is when your account is temporarily suspended and you are unable to gain access to your profile or release updates. The length of time that people spend in Twitter Jail varies and the social media network doesn’t notify you of a suspension of your account or how long the punishment will last.

Why is nobody seeing my tweets?

Unless your Tweets are protected, any person on Twitter can see your Tweets. We do not block, limit, or remove content based on an individual’s views or opinions. In some situations, your Tweet may not be seen by everyone, as outlined below: Abusive and spammy behavior.

Why can’t I tweet on Twitter?

Trouble sending Tweets can often be attributed to a need to upgrade your browser or app. If you’re having trouble Tweeting via the web, make sure you’re using the latest version of your browser. If you can’t Tweet with an official Twitter app, check to make sure you’ve downloaded any available updates.

Apple doesn’t tweet?

Apple’s official Twitter account may be found here. Apple, as one of the world’s leading technology companies and one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, should be aggressively marketing (tweeting) on Twitter! Does Apple, on the other hand, tweet? The answer is yes and no at the same time! Apple has other official Twitter accounts as well, like those for iTunes, Apple TV, the App Store, and a few others, which are used for promotion and marketing of Apple-related services. However, the Twitter handle seen above has received a total of 0 tweets!

But wait, what is the message in the image on the right?

Please note that any thoughts and comments stated here are entirely personal and do not purport to be those of any official brand houses, nor do they represent the official responses of any brand representatives.

Some of them have more followers than Apple, and some of them have numerous accounts to engage people from other parts of the world, as well.

Apple is a unique company!

According to a leading media reporter, during the 2018 launch event, Apple used a promoted trend ($200,000 per day), a custom build for “like for reminder” ($250,000 for several days), promoted tweets in at least 12 languages, a live stream of the event, and a hashflag(A hashflag is an image that appears after a specific hashtag when tweeted out and embedded on Twitter.

Despite the fact that there is a massive amount of user-generated content by brand fanboys, by media reporting, and even by trolls (because any type of marketing is — good marketing) on Twitter during the launch days (which is completely free), the tech-giant still pays a substantial amount for the promotional ads!

  1. According to my research, in order to stay on the minds of people who are potential customers, grabbing their attention is essential.
  2. However, due to the volatile nature of the Twitter platform, where attention spans are extremely short, achieving this goal becomes more difficult.
  3. ” Assume you’re at a restaurant where the waiter is able to communicate about a variety of various food items.
  4. Although the return on investment (ROI) for the same is still uncertain, it appears that Apple is reaping the benefits of their minimalist approach to this pricey (for them, but not for others!) way of advertising!

As a result, yes! It is true that Apple tweets “inorganically,” and such tweets become part of our stream, but they are not shown in their Twitter handle (Yeah, money can do wonders), which is why we have 0 tweets. Please show your support by subscribing to the page! References:

Apple doesn’t tweet, but it blanketed Twitter with ads for its iPhone XS launch

Hundreds of journalists, whether they were at Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater or back at their desks, spent hours on September 12 tweeting about the company, providing news about its two new iPhones and Apple Watch, among other things. Despite all of this free publicity, though, the internet giant spent what numerous marketers deemed to be a large amount of money on the social media platform. In addition to a promoted trend ($200,000 per day), a custom build for “like as reminder” ($250,000 for several days), promoted tweets in at least 12 languages (CPMs vary depending on budget, ranging from $0.50 to $8), a hashflag, and a livestream of the event, Apple had a number of other promotions on September 12.

According to conversations with six marketers, the prices are based on what Twitter charges for the goods individually; nevertheless, it is possible that Apple purchased them as a package.

Apple’s expenditure is an example of the company’s attempt to dominate the conversation during a product launch and appeal to the fanbase and journalists on Twitter, which has long promoted itself as a platform that leads the conversation, more so than the rest of social media, as part of its launch strategy.

“Apple is building a stronger relationship with its most ardent supporters and detractors, as well as receiving insight into all of the data around the launch talks.” “I’d want to see the backside of what they received out of that campaign buy,” said Tammy Gordon, president of Verified Strategy and former vice president of social marketing at the American Association of Retired Persons.

  • Despite repeated requests for comment, Apple did not provide any.
  • A support account for Apple was introduced in March 2016 by the company.
  • It became a member of Instagram a year later.
  • It solely purchases advertisements on Twitter, all of which look as black tweets due to the fact that they are part of ad purchases.
  • Nonetheless, advertisements are still being served from the account.
  • The 12th of September, 2018 The establishment of Twitter’s transparency center this summer makes such tweets publicly available and provides an insight into Apple’s Twitter strategy.
  • According to insiders, Twitter does not automatically localize tweets, so customers must produce and target tweets that are appropriate for their location.

Later on, the account will send out a tweet addressed exclusively to the individual.

Every week that “Westworld” has been broadcast on HBO, the same promotional element has been utilized to advertise the show.

According to insiders, the “like for reminder” advertisement was created specifically for this campaign and is currently in beta.

Come watch the AppleEventlive on Twitter on September 12 at 10 a.m.

Please provide your email address here, and we will give you information on the day of the event.

According to Brandon Doyle, founder of social media business Wallaroo, “it’s definitely something that should be investigated more.” An early adopter of the feature, a marketer who was sold the idea, said it was too pricey and didn’t make sense for the company at the time, but that he saw it working well for airline sales and events like as Apple’s iPhone launch.

  1. To watch in real time on Twitter, click on the link below.
  2. 12th of September, 2018 — Apple (@Apple) It is not known what the return on investment was for Apple.
  3. 12, compared to 3 million tweets the previous year, with 1.5 million tweets just regarding the iPhone X.
  4. As journalists examine Apple’s new products in the next weeks, the company is sure to receive more free press on Twitter.

Hannah McGoldrick, social media strategist at InkHouse, explained that even for a business like Apple that receives a lot of earned publicity, “you still have to fight that to be top of mind to your audience.” “When it comes to Twitter, people’s attention spans are even more limited.” It’s just the way the platform is designed.

The use of sponsored amplification strategies guarantees that your message reaches the individuals that matter to you.

How Apple Dominated Twitter Without Tweeting

Marketing on the 19th of September, 2018 Eric Goldschein is an American businessman and philanthropist. Despite the fact that Apple does not tweet, they were everywhere on Twitter at the Apple Event 2018. Here’s how much they spent on their Twitter advertisements, as well as why they spent so much money. With a free 30-day trial, you can have access to unique SMW+ material created by marketers whose careers you can learn from. Apple has offered a master lesson in how to take over Twitter over the past week—and they did so without sending out a single organic tweet in the process.

And yet, during theAppleEvent, when the company unveiled their new line of products, which included the iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4, not only were people’s timelines jam-packed with updates from journalists and thought leaders dishing and delving into the devices, but the company also spent what some have referred to as “a significant amount” on advertisements, according to some sources.

What can I say?

However, there’s more to it than just that.

Here’s how Apple dominated Twitter for theAppleEvent

Digiday published a breakdown of the prices Apple is believed to have spent for all of its advertising on September 12th, which included:

  • A trend that has been promoted: $200,000 per day
  • $250,000 for a special “like for reminder” construct that will last many days. Promoted tweets in 12 or more languages (prices ranging from $0.50 to $8 per tweet). A “hashflag” (special Twitter emoji) as well as a webcast of the event (which will most likely be complimentary)

And, fact, on September 12, no matter where you went on Twitter, you couldn’t stop the #AppleEvent hashtag and hashflag from appearing. Hundreds of tweets were sent out in anticipation of the announcement, which was the result of both Apple’s paid advertising and the work of authors, journalists, and other media professionals on the subject (more on that in a second). Apple was not running any advertisements on Facebook at the time of publication. What is the reason behind this? Isn’t Facebook the most popular social media network in the world, with the greatest reach?

Twitter is where conversations start

The fact that Twitter is designed to create discussions is maybe its most compelling feature. News organizations and people who cover and have a love for Apple goods, such as journalists, early adopters, and others, recognize that Twitter is a superior forum for breaking news than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other major social media network. Apple is well aware of this. Apple was actively encouraging and assisting users to have more informed and productive conversations about their products by meeting them on Twitter and providing them with a livestream (which is where this writer watched the event), creating a rare “like for reminder” tweet that helped users remember when the event would take place, and tweeting in languages spoken all over the world.

Tweets from other individuals, on the other hand, do.

It should be noted that this was accomplished without sending a single tweet from their own account.

This was a demonstration of how to choose your social media locations and use each platform—even ones in which you don’t participate yourself—to its full potential to maximize value.

SMW Insider gives you the ability to view full-length sessions from the official Social Media Week conferences both live and on demand when you sign up.

Now you can pause your Twitter feed in the iOS app as well as the web

Since changing the functionality of its website to halt the feed until you refresh it, Twitter has now implemented this change in its iOS app as well. It comes as a result of a promise made by the firm back in September to address one of the most irritating aspects of the platform. It has occurred to each and every one of us: You come across a very fascinating tweet, begin reading it, and. whoosh! It disappears as soon as the feed is refreshed, and you must scroll down to locate it again. Or, even more aggravating, you barely catch a peek of a tweet as it scrolls past and are unable to locate it again after that.

  • That patch was made available on Twitter’s website last week, and the company has now confirmed that it has also been made available on the iOS app.
  • When you pause your timeline scrolling to look at a Tweet, the Tweet should now remain in place.
  • Of course, while many people were pleased with the adjustment, the Twitterverse quickly proved that you cannot please everyone all of the time.
  • luckyn (@luckyn32775205) is a Twitter user.
  • In Tweetbot for the Mac, you may stop your Twitter feed by scrolling down a line or two, and it will not update until you return to the top of the page again.
  • With the acquisition of the Threader app for long-form content, the company also delivered Top Articles to iOS, shifted site links from AMP to standard mobile pages, and began testing a new shopping feature.
  • During the broadcast, viewers will be able to peruse a list of items that will be shown right below the video screen.
  • In conjunction with Walmart’s Cyber Week-themed event with Jason Derulo, users will be able to witness the inaugural livestream of Twitter’s shopping experience on November 28 at 7 p.m.
  • Aside from that, Twitter intends to strengthen its marketplace, which allows merchants to advertise their items on the social network.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Bezanger via Unsplash. FTC: We make use of auto-generating affiliate links that generate cash. More. More Apple news may be found on 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel:

Twitter on iOS Now Lets You Easily Search For Tweets From Specific Accounts

Using a new search area that displays on an account’s website, users will now be able to more quickly search for tweets from a specific account on Twitter for iOS, starting today. The functionality, which was initially seen on Twitter, allows users to search for tweets from a certain account in a far more straightforward manner. While it was previously possible to do this function using the usual Twitter search area, the new search field is more clear and logical. Twitter is currently testing a number of new features for users, including a new tweak that would allow photographs and videos to be shown edge-to-edge on the Twitter timeline on iOS devices.

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1:55 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 Tim Hardwick contributed to this report. Twitter is experimenting with “edge-to-edge” tweets that cover the breadth of the timeline in its official iOS app, a move that would make viewing photographs and videos on the platform more full-screen than it already is. As seen by Twitter’s demonstration, the update gives tweeted material an Instagram-like appearance by making advantage of the dead space on each side of images, videos, and GIFs. The change is effective immediately.

Twitter Blue Subscription Service Expands to the United States and New Zealand

Julia Clover posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 9:20 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. In the United States and New Zealand, Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription service, will be launched today, after its debut earlier this year in Canada and the United Kingdom. Twitter Blue, which is available for $2.99 a month in the United States, offers additional features to the Twitter service. Since the launch of Twitter Blue in June, the social media platform has been adding new features. Below is a list of what you receive for your $2.99 annual subscription fee.

Twitter Testing Internal ‘Dislike’ Button for Tweet Replies

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 11:58 a.m. Pacific Standard Time Julia Clover’s contribution On Twitter, it appears that the company is testing a new “dislike” or “thumbs down” button for messages, which is intended to allow users to downvote answers. According to Twitter, the feature is currently available to “some” iOS users. It is accessible to the person who is watching tweets, but it is not a publicly available metric or visible to the person who is tweeting. It is also not visible to the person who is tweeting.

Twitter Considers Letting Users Tweet to ‘Trusted Friends’

11:58 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 according to Julia Clover A new “dislike” or thumbs down button for tweets appears to be in development at the moment, with the intention of allowing people downvote answers. It is only available to “certain” iOS users, according to Twitter’s statement on the matter.

Unlike a public metric, the dislike button is only accessible to the person who is watching the tweets; however, it is also not visible to the person who has sent the tweet in question. It will be possible to react to the thumbs down option through Twitter.

Twitter’s Privacy Feature Plans Include Option to Hide Your Old Tweets

Friday, September 3, 2021, at 1:17 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time Tim Hardwick contributed to this report. Reports from Bloomberg state that Twitter is working on new privacy-related capabilities that will give users greater control over their following lists, as well as who may view their posts and likes. The plans, according to reports, include the ability to archive previous tweets so that other users won’t be able to access them after a specified amount of time determined by the account holder (such as 30, 60, or 90 days, or even a whole year), as well as the ability to delete old tweets entirely.

Twitter Investigating Bug Causing Unexpected Logouts on iOS 15

Sami Fathi posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 9:28 a.m. PST. Twitter Support has recognized a fault that is causing unexpected account logouts on iOS 15, and it has promised that its teams are working on a remedy and that it will keep users informed as soon as the issue is rectified. A number of users have reported seeing the glitch on Twitter over the last several hours, with some expressing displeasure that the app is prompting them to authenticate back into Twitter with each app launch.

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According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company’s second-generation AirPods Pro would have support for Lossless audio as well as a charging case that may emit a sound for location tracking reasons while charging the device. A note to investors, obtained by MacRumors, explains that the second-generation AirPods Pro will have additional selling features that will result in considerable demand, such as support for Apple Lossless audio recording.

Apple’s New Standalone Monitor Could Be Around Half the Price of the Pro Display XDR

Tim Hardwick posted on Monday, January 3, 2022, at 2:24 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. According to remarks made by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s speculated new consumer-oriented standalone display might be released this year and cost around $2,500. Writen in his first “Power On” newsletter of the year 2022, Gurman claims that the new monitor is “destined” to be “roughly half the price” of the Pro Display XDR, which he hopes will be available later this year. Let’s talk about Macs for a minute.

Apple Watch’s Life-Saving Potential Highlighted in Suspenseful ‘911’ Ad

Joe Rossignol contributed to this post on Saturday, January 1, 2022 at 4:15 p.m. PST. Apple today released a new advertisement dubbed “911” that stresses the Apple Watch’s ability to save lives in emergency situations. Using extracts from their panicked phone calls with dispatchers as the basis for their gripping advertisement, three individuals named Amanda, Jason, and Jim were each able to contact 911 using their Apple Watches and receive assistance. Taking Amanda as an example, she said that her automobile had done so.

Apple Celebrates Chinese New Year With Special-Edition AirPods Pro and More

Joe Rossignol posted this at 4:15 p.m. PST on Saturday, January 1, 2022. This morning, Apple unveiled a new advertisement dubbed “911,” which highlights the Apple Watch’s ability to save lives in emergency situations. Amanda, Jason, and Jim are the protagonists of the gripping commercial.

Each of them was able to summon assistance by contacting 911 on their Apple Watch, and the advertisement features clips of their desperate phone conversations with dispatchers. Taking Amanda as an example, she claimed that her car had been stolen.

Apple’s AirPods Team Wants ‘More Bandwidth’ Than Bluetooth Provides

Joe Rossignol published a post on Saturday, January 1, 2022, at 4:15 p.m. PST. Apple today released a new advertisement dubbed “911” that stresses the Apple Watch’s ability to save lives in an emergency situation. Using clips from their panicked phone calls with dispatchers as the basis for their gripping advertisement, three individuals named Amanda, Jason, and Jim were each able to receive aid by phoning 911 using the Apple Watch. Amanda, for example, said that her automobile had done the same.

Apple’s Twitter Account Is Tweeting But You Can’t See Any Of Its Tweets & People Are Freaking Out

Apple: Isn’t it true that it is the apple of our eye? No? Following the debut of a series of fantastic items on Wednesday, Apple managed to steal the show, as it usually does. Clearly, there was a lot of discussion on social media about this. However, there was something strange going on as well. We stumbled saw this message while scrolling through our Twitter feed, but when we went to Apple’s official Twitter website, it had disappeared. Strange, isn’t it? This was posted by Apple shortly after the company unveiled its new iPhone X, among other devices.

This has perplexed even those who follow me on Twitter.

— Tresbbelle (@tresbbelle) The 13th of September, 2017 yet they haven’t tweeted yet, according to their Facebook page (no, seriously how is @Appletweeting) — hiimzee (@supremezee_) on Twitter The 13th of September, 2017 The question remains, though, why any of these tweets are visible on the timeline in the first place.

  • You can rely on Apple to do things differently than everyone else.
  • To put it simply, someone may purchase a tweet that acts as an island.
  • As a result, their Twitter account looks somewhat like this: Apple’s Twitter account has also been updated with a new background photo and a verified status, as well.
  • It’s strange how things work out.

Twitter (for iPhone) Review

In our current world, it’s difficult to recall a period when 140-character posts on Twitter weren’t a necessary part of everyday life. Twitter, as a platform, has completely rewritten the rules of social media, and its official iPhone app is the primary entryway to that experience. Here you’ll discover practically every tool a devoted member of the Twitteratti could possibly require, but they’re mixed in with some capabilities you might not find useful at first glance. Twitter is accessible for free via the Apple App Store, and it can be installed on virtually any iOS device that you can get your hands on with relative ease.

  1. Twitterrific 5, one of the most popular and well-regarded, is also completely free and incorporates convenient gesture controls.
  2. Students of Twitter’s history may recall that the Twitter app was once a third-party service named Tweety, and that Twitter was infamous for being unreachable at all hours of the day and night.
  3. On the iPhone 6, the app appeared to be in excellent condition and operated properly (at Amazon).
  4. Trips to Tweet Jail and encounters with fail whales are still possible, but they’re becoming increasingly rare.
  5. (See our editorial mission for more information.) In contrast, social media professionals continue to pack their cellphones with social aggregator apps such as Hootsuite(available on Amazon) or Buffer(available on Google Play).
  6. The color blue is unmistakable.
  7. It seems realistic without being overly serious; it is a straightforward design that takes into account the business users as well as the material on the site.

On the interactive side, there’s a wonderful touch: By double-tapping on the home symbol at the bottom left of the screen, the window will immediately scroll back to the top, saving users from having to flick their fingers up.

The buttons at the top allow you to search for and create Tweets, while the buttons at the bottom allow you to slice your view of Twitter into multiple categories, such as mentions, your own Tweets, group and private direct messages, and so on.

New TweetingThe chances are good that you already have a Twitter account and password, and maybe more than one.

Tweets will be automatically loaded if you have added accounts to your iPhone’s account management menu in Settings.

It is required by the official Twitter application.

Switching between accounts is a simple, quick, and efficient process.

Though links and tweets that cite other tweets include a preview of the connected information, it is mostly concerned with the writing.

The creation of a draft is not facilitated by a button; instead, you must press the X button and then pick Save draft; also, getting to the drafts folder requires excessive tapping.

Power users on social media that require this capability can find it in an aggregation program such as Hootsuite, which aggregates all of their accounts.

Polls, videos, Vine videos, and even manipulated pictures have all become part of the mix.

Snap a photo with your iPhone, and Twitter will apply dramatic filter effects, cropping and resizing tools, and an auto-enhance button to it for sharing.

You can see all of the photo filters that have been applied to the same image in a grid, which can assist you in deciding which one is the best among your options.

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Overall, the experience is quite Instagram-like (at least at Amazon).

Using the Periscope app or Facebook’s live, mobile video feature will allow you to broadcast or stream your slice of life to your friends and followers.

You may, for example, make significant changes to your account immediately from within the app itself.

Metrics like this are often reserved for social media pros, but only a small number of other mobile applications have access to this type of information.

There’s also the heart animation that plays every time you like a post, which has been deemed controversial (read: people have complained about it on Twitter).

Other applications will allow you to ban other users and report them for abusive conduct, but the official app goes the further mile by providing an in-depth but concise form to fill out.

Along with those fantastic first-party products, though, come other characteristics that we find less appealing.

It is possible to close them after indicating your dissatisfaction with them; however, they are not visible on third-party Twitter applications.

That should have read “manages your feed,” not “manages your feed.” As a result, Tweets are removed from their context, which makes surfing your feed pretty confused.

Though you may opt out of Twitter’s reordered stream (like Max did), a While You Were Away box will periodically appear, displaying some of the same Tweets that you missed while you were away.

Twitter has added many new features, one of which is theConnecttab, which displays a list of individuals that Twitter believes you would be interested in following based on the people you already follow and your interactions with other Tweets.

A new Find Friends button is a touch deceptive; it really provides you the option to sync your contact book with Twitter, which is a little confusing (and continue syncing, indefinitely, unless you specify otherwise).

Max is not a fan of the practice from a security standpoint, especially given the fact that firms have been known to sell or repurpose this data for advertising purposes.

Having said that, one of the most compelling arguments for using the official Twitter app is security.

Someone attempts to log into your account and you have the option to allow or reject (preferably the latter!) the attempt from within the application.

I was informed by a little bird.

The variety of alternatives available, such as GIFs and polls, the complexity of the tools offered, such as analytics, and the security safeguards are all excellent.

However, along with all of the nice stuff comes the stuff we don’t care for as much.

Changes like these serve as a reminder that Twitter, and especially the Twitter app, is designed to benefit the corporation, not the person on the other end of the phone.

It is well deserved!

Other Twitter applications may not have as many capabilities as the official app, but many of them have outstanding design that goes above and beyond what the official app provides.

Whether you’re just getting started with Twitter or an experienced Tweeter trying to improve your skills, The 15 Absolute Best Twitter Tips is a must-read.

The Bottom Line

In our current world, it’s difficult to recall a period when 140-character posts on Twitter weren’t a necessary part of life. Twitter, as a platform, has completely rewritten the rules of social media, and its official iPhone app is the primary entry point into this world. You’ll find practically every tool a devoted member of the Twitteratti could possibly need here, but they’re mixed in with other features you might not find useful. In the Apple App Store, Twitter is available for download for free, and it can be installed on virtually any iOS device you can get your hands on.

  1. A free version of Twitterrific 5, which is one of the most popular and finest, is also available, and it incorporates convenient gesture controls.
  2. People who are familiar with Twitter’s past may recall that the Twitter app was once a third-party service known as Tweety, and that Twitter was infamous for being unreachable.
  3. This is especially true for mobile devices.
  4. Twitter has also made significant efforts to increase the reliability and capacity of its services.
  5. Our Testimonials Can Be Trusted Because PCMag has been testing and rating items since 1982, you can make smarter purchasing decisions with the information you get.
  6. ) In contrast, social media professionals continue to pack their cellphones with social aggregator apps such as Hootsuite(available on Amazon) or Buffer(available on GooglePlay).
  7. The color blue is a symbol of truth.

Simple design that takes into account the business users as well as the material on the site appears useful without being overly serious.

Adding an interactive element is a lovely touch.

Reloading material begins when you pull down from the top.

To make matters even more bizarre, finding the list functionality, which allows you to build custom feeds of certain users, is quite tough in the official Twitter app.

Even while many Twitter applications allow you to manage several accounts from the same app, the official application was created with ease of use in mind.

The bad news is that if you have a private or seldom used account that you do not want saved in your iPhone’s settings, you are out of luck.

The Accounts button allows you to switch between all of your accounts after you’ve created them.

A button on the top right initiates a new Tweet, with an useful counter displaying how many characters you have left to use before the message is deleted.

Drafts would be one of Jill’s favorite features of the Twitter app if it weren’t for the fact that the options provided are a little unclear when you look at them.

Aside from that, Twitter’s iPhone app does not allow users to schedule tweets to be posted at a later date and time, which is a much sought-after feature.

But Twitter is much more than just 140-character rants and raves.

Its fundamental operation is quite similar to that of photo-sharing website Instagram, and it is only available on Twitter’s mobile applications, not the company’s website, according to a spokesperson.

As a whole, Twitter provides eight different photo effects, with a ninth option in the UI called No Filter, which I’m going to argue does not count.

This is in stark contrast to the Instagram experience, which allows you to swipe through previews but does not allow you to compare photo filters side by side.

However, despite the popularity of live video, Twitter-owned Periscope has not yet been incorporated into the official Twitter application.

Put Your Name On It After using alternative Twitter applications, you’ll realize immediately away that the official app provides a far more comprehensive experience.

Also available is a detailed overview of your Twitter activity, including how many impressions a particular Tweet earned.

There are also some amusing embellishments, such as theGIF button, which allows you to rapidly include an animated picture into your Twitter message.

(Max, despite the criticism, thinks it entirely appropriate.) The official Twitter app is required to send private group messages using Twitter DM, which is another feature available.

In turn, this allows Twitter to respond more swiftly to the most serious issues, resulting in a better overall Twitter experience for everybody.

The most prominent are advertisements, which let firms to pay to have their Tweets boosted into your timeline and hence into your feed.

Another example is the algorithmically organized Twitter stream, which promotes Tweets that Twitter believes you would enjoy, similar to how Facebook manipulates your emotions in the same way it does.

It’s really inconvenient since it strips Tweets from their context and makes surfing your feed a confused experience.

It also has moments, which are a collection of Twitter posts related to current events, although Max only looks at them when a fat-fingered touch on the screen captures his attention.

There’s a bar across the top that displays trending accounts, which in the United States is mostly comprised of political accounts.

Among mobile applications, this is a widespread practice since it allows the app provider to collect and store a large amount of personal information in order to notify you when a friend opens an account.

Furthermore, you might not want to follow everyone in your address book.

It is possible to use Twitter as a mobile authenticator when you enable two-factor authentication with the service.

Although Facebook offers a comparable function, Twitter’s approach is more simplified and evocative of the tap-to-login feature seen in Duo Mobile(at Amazon)(at Amazon).

through a little bird.

The variety of choices offered, such as GIFs and polls, as well as the depth of features like as analytics and security, are all excellent.

However, along with all of the positive aspects, there are other aspects that we dislike.

The reordered timeline, in particular, appears to reflect a basic misunderstanding of what makes Twitter useful.

In contrast, we give the official Twitter app a high rating based on its strong integration with the Twitter service.

The Editors’ Choice, on the other hand, will be withheld.

Other Twitter applications may not have as many functionality as the official app, but they often have better design than the official app. Take a look at The 15 Absolute Best Twitter Tips, whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned Tweeter trying to improve your skills.

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Follow Twitter without an account with Meet The Tweet for iPhone

If you’re interested in following certain news and individuals on Twitter but don’t want the burden of having to manage another account and remember a password, Meet The Tweet is the app for you! Meet The Tweet is a fantastic tool for anyone who is not interested in tweeting themselves, since it allows you to follow the timelines of any Twitter users you choose to. It is possible to follow any Twitter account you like with this software. One significant distinction between traditional Twitter clients and this software is that it does not require you to have a Twitter account in order to function.

  • Tweets can be favorited. View the most recent trending topics (as well as trending tweets)
  • It is possible to choose whether or not you wish to receive mentions on your timeline
  • Examine the timelines of other users as well as the mentions and favorites of other users. View the following and friends of anybody you choose
  • Cool tweets may be shared by email, or they can be copied and pasted. If you’d want to follow a certain Twitter account, you can do so.

Meet The Tweet is a $0.99 app that can be downloaded on the iPhone. Do you have an app that you would like to have listed on TiPb? Send us an email [email protected] with a description of your app (along with an iTunes link), and we’ll take a look. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Streaming television

Netflix will begin streaming 20 Russian TV channels to appease watchdog

Netflix will begin streaming 20 Russian state television stations in March, a step that will be compulsory for any streaming services with more than 100,000 daily users, according to a press release. After Roskomnadzor, the country’s media authority, categorized Netflix as a “audiovisual service” just a few days earlier, the government took action.

8 Best Twitter Apps for iPhone That Are Better Than the Stock

An acceptable experience may be had using the official Twitter app for the iPhone. However, there are a number of factors that might lead you to explore alternative clientele. In contrast to third-party clients, you are unable to explore the timeline in chronological order, change the lists of subjects, or use any of the other capabilities available. I’ve compiled a list of the eight top Twitter applications for iPhone that you might prefer over the official Twitter application. Let’s get this party started.

Twitter Apps for iPhone

An acceptable experience may be had using the official Twitter app on an iPhone. It is possible that you will explore other clients for a variety of reasons. In contrast to third-party clients, you are unable to explore the timeline in chronological order, edit the lists of subjects, or access any other functionality.

Rather of using the official Twitter app, I’ve compiled a list of the eight top Twitter applications for iPhone that you might prefer. Come on in and start talking about it!

  • Threads can be saved for later use. Threads can be organized into categories to make them easier to find. UI that is easy to use


2. Twidget

IOS Widgets open the door to a plethora of helpful information being shown on the iPhone Home Screen. Twidget is a straightforward Twitter widget application that links with your account and shows the most recent tweets right on your Home Screen. It does not have any fancy bells and whistles, but you may select the account from which to log in if you have numerous accounts. The widget updates automatically after 30 minutes on the free tier, and you can upgrade to the paid tier for $0.99/month to have it refresh once per minute.

  • The ability to select a specific account from which tweets should be displayed on the Home Screen
  • Themes created specifically for you
  • There are three different sizes of widgets.
  • Tapping the widget does not automatically open the tweet
  • Instead, it opens the widget.

GetTwidget is a widget that allows you to retrieve information from a website (free, in-app purchases)

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3. Chirp for Twitter

Every Apple Watch user understands how extremely aggravating it is that there is so little support for fully-featured applications. Chirp fills in the blanks and allows you to view your Twitter feed from your wristband. The iPhone can be used to compose tweets and then send them without ever touching it. You may also react to tweets, send direct messages (DMs), search for other users, and browse global trends on Twitter. The app is free to check out and has limited functionality, but you can unlock all of its capabilities for $4.49 if you pay a one-time cost of $4.49.

  • With the Apple Watch, you may respond to tweets and direct messages. Create your own usernames
  • Browse global trends
  • And more.

GetChirp for Twitter is a service that allows you to send messages to other people on Twitter (free, in-app purchases)

4. Birdie

Birdie for Twitter is a news filter that specializes in filtering news from the news dump that is known as the Twitter feed. Personal trends that are relevant to you and your followers can be set by the application. It also performs some behind-the-scenes wizardry in order to conceal low-quality tweets and responses generated by bots. Once you’ve seen a tweet, it won’t appear on your timeline again, allowing you to keep your timeline looking fresh. Birdie is a premium app available on the App Store, and it costs $4.99 to download.

  • News collected from major news websites
  • Favorite tweets
  • Individualized trends
  • And more.
  • There is no way to sync the stream across the iPhone and iPad.


5. ttte for Twitter

The majority of official apps do not understand the benefit of integrating Face ID into their applications, but ttte has your back. Because of the inbuilt Face ID/Touch ID integration, you can keep your Twitter information confidential. However, other from that, the app contains several straightforward features that make it a worthwhile Twitter client for the iPhone. It is possible to customize your tweets, access multiple accounts, browse in dark mode, and store tweets, among other features.

To respond to a tweet, you must first open the tweet and only then can you react.


  • Face ID integration natively
  • A Tweet Counter
  • An app-wide Translator that displays tweets in your local language
  • And more.

Gettttttttttttttttttttttttt (free, in-app purchases)

6. Tweetbot 6

When it comes to taking control of the timeline on Twitter, Tweetbot 6 is the ideal application to use. The program gives a chronological chronology that’s resistant to the tampering of the algorithms pressing their will on the user. Furthermore, you may filter your timeline using rules and keywords, mute persons and terms, and write notes on the profiles of users showing why you followed them. You can also create comments on the profiles of users stating why you followed them. The popular Twitter app for iOS also allows you to create bespoke timelines using lists that can be made public or private depending on your preferences.

Tweetbot syncs with the Mac application, allowing you to seamlessly pick up where you left off. The app is free to use with certain restrictions, but you can receive full access to all of the features for $0.99/month if you subscribe to the service. Pros

  • Customize the buttons in the bottom row
  • Customize the timelines
  • ICloud synchronization with all of your devices

GetTweetbot 6 is a Twitter client (free, in-app purchases)

7. Twitterrific

Twitterrific offers a clutter-free experience that will compel you to abandon the regular Twitter application. There are no advertisements or sponsored tweets, and you may browse the timeline chronologically, erase previously published tweets, adjust the theme, and navigate the timeline using motions. It is one of the few Twitter applications for iPhone users that supports both landscape mode and multi-image uploading capabilities. In contrast, the tweet counter, which indicates how many tweets you’ve glanced through on the timeline, is the feature that I find the most useful.


  • Gestures that allow you to respond to tweets rapidly
  • Orientation in landscape mode
  • Delete in a flash
  • Within the app, there is a long-press menu.

GetTwitterrific is a service that allows you to get more followers on Twitter (free, in-app purchases)

8. Unfollow for Twitter

I mainly follow individuals on the spur of the moment, and I often have no recollection of why I started following them in the first place. I have a large number of inactive Twitter accounts that I would like to delete; here is where this Twitter application for iPhones comes in helpful. It’s true that it isn’t a Twitter client, but it is nonetheless useful. It acquires access to your account and creates a list of the people you follow in each of the categories shown below. Their most recent tweet, the people who don’t follow you back, the people who don’t follow you back, new followers, new unfollowers, and the history of individuals you’ve unfollowed are all displayed on this page.

The app is completely free to use, but the new unfollower function is locked behind a paywall that costs $1.99 to access and use.

  • Organize your followers list into distinct categories as soon as possible. Receive notifications when new followers or unfollowers join

GetUnfollow for Twitter is a free service (free, in-app purchases)

What’s your Favorite Twitter App for iPhone

These are a handful of my favorite Twitter applications for the iPhone, and the list covers a diverse range of clients as well as companion apps that will enhance your Twitter experience. Twidget, for example, provides a Home Screen Widget for the iPhone, Chirp provides Twitter for the Apple Watch, and ttte provides Face ID functionality. Which Twitter application is your favorite? Send me a tweet. You may also be interested in:7 Must-Have Twitter Apps for the Mac


TechWiser’s in-house writer, who specializes on the newest in smart consumer devices, is based in New York City. Consumer Internet of Things (IoT) expert who keeps up with the newest technologies and how they influence our daily life. You can keep up with him on Twitter. Yes, he does speak in the Third Person from time to time.

Twitter Provides Recommendations to Help Advertisers Prepare for Coming IDFA Change

With Apple’s IDFA upgrade expected shortly, the majority of the attention has been focused on Facebook advertisements and how the changes to personal data monitoring would affect marketers on The Social Network in the coming months. This makes sense, given that sources indicate that Facebook would be among the companies most adversely affected by the move, which will allow users the choice to opt-out of in-app data tracking in the future. However, all applications will be impacted in some way, and Twitter has detailed how it is preparing for the IDFA transition, as well as what Twitter advertisers can do in order to be prepared for the data privacy shift, earlier this week.

  1. Apps will be forced to alert users before accessing their device’s IDFA.
  2. Apple is promoting this as an optional data tracking feature, and for some services, such as Twitter, this may still be relatively successful despite its limitations.
  3. Twitter, on the other hand, does not believe that this will have a significant impact on its advertising.
  4. No action is required, for example, if you are an advertiser that relies on website traffic, video content, and awareness-building items right now.
  5. Twitter, on the other hand, is taking a more ‘wait and see’ approach to the change in policy.” We are aware that the introduction of these iOS14 capabilities will have an impact on measurement, and in particular, third-party measurement integrations.

We are now examining numerous other alternatives to assist marketers in measuring ad success, and we will offer an update as soon as we determine a course of action.” It is, of course, difficult to predict how users would respond to the new IDFA warning prompts, but forecasts indicate that a large number of users will indeed opt-out of being monitored, which will have a big influence on the data possibilities available for digital advertising campaigns.

This may vary in scope and grow over time; nonetheless, it is worthwhile to analyze the data sources that you are presently utilizing and how you might be able to augment those sources, where appropriate, in order to improve your efforts going forward.

Twitter, But Without the Timeline – The Sweet Setup

Over the previous three years, I’ve attempted to “leave” Twitter on a number of occasions. In most cases, the trial lasted a week (though it was sometimes shorter) and culminated in my return. That return frequently prompted me to sink my heels even farther into the ground. A month ago, I tried again. After a month without checking Twitter, something has changed. There are certain drawbacks to not having access to the social media platform. The majority of them are related to content discovery.

More than anything, though, I missed engaging in light conversation with friends I’ve met over the years about interesting things.

So, in order to have my cake and eat it too, I built a tiny workaround that allows me to reap the advantages of Twitter’s social side while removing the rest of the nonsense.

Step 1: Shortcuts

First, I designed a basic “Tweet” keyboard shortcut that opens a text input box with a few characters. Once I’ve finished typing my tweet, tappingDone takes me through to Tweetbot (or you may tweet using the Twitter app, whichever you want), where I can paste the tweet I just written. A final press on the “Tweet” button sends the tweet and returns me to Shortcuts. Nobody has tweeted in your timeline, and there is no way to check who has tweeted in your timeline using this shortcut. There’s also no ability to cancel a tweet or view tweets in the timeline while the shortcut is running — if you press “Close” in Tweetbot, the shortcut will take you back to Shortcuts, which is not what you want.

Step 2: Add the Shortcut to Your Home Screen as a Widget

I have a Smart Stack of launcher Widgets on my iPhone and iPad home screens, and you can do the same if you want to. For events, I have a Fantastical “New Event” launcher, for money, I have a “Moolah” (which is a self-titled launcher Widget that opens one of five different financial applications that I use), a “New Draft” launcher for drafts, and a “Tweet” launcher for tweeting. For the most part, hitting the “Tweet” Widget brings up the input text dialog box immediately on the home screen, allowing me to send a tweet without having to open the Shortcuts application first.

Step 3: Screen Time

It’s possible that the most crucial aspect of the mini-workflow is this step, because you still have to restrict your capacity to scroll through Twitter on an active basis. It’s incredibly simple to limit certain app usage each day on iOS by utilizing the Screen Time feature. In Screen Time, go to App LimitsAdd LimitSocial and choose the Twitter app from the list. Create an App Limit by selecting the proper amount of time you want to restrict yourself to each day and entering it into the app.

This will prevent you from accessing the Screen Time menu and making changes.

I began off by restricting my use of Tweetbot to one minute every day for the first several weeks.

At some point, I decided on a 5-minute app time restriction. This app limit has shown to be effective, and it may be ignored for a few additional minutes if you’re in the middle of reading an important tweet, as demonstrated above.

Step 4: Delete the Twitter App on Your Mac and iPad

In order to complete my new internal Twitter control mechanism, I decided to limit myself to using only one mode of transportation to access Twitter: my iPhone. Since then, I’ve removed the Twitter app from both my iPad and my Mac, guaranteeing that I must use my iPhone to communicate with the rest of the Twitter-verse. The iPhone is the least comfortable device for me to use for Twitter. Type with your thumbs is far more difficult than typing with a complete keyboard. On the iPhone, multitasking and fast posting links from Safari or from other locations on Twitter are more difficult tasks to complete.

Wrap Up

The passcode that my wife applied to Screen Time is maybe the most significant aspect of our small Twitter management approach for my family. With out that password, it would be far too simple for a moment of failed discipline to result in the modification of a Screen Time restriction. In previous “Quit Twitter” campaigns, I found myself becoming increasingly concerned as the week progressed. The anxiety of missing out on important news or a new iPhone review link would gradually build as the week progressed.

In fact, I’ve been completely apathetic to the entire affair — there’s no nervous dread of missing out, and I don’t feel like my life is any brighter or more cheerful as a result of my decision to eliminate all of the Twitter fluff completely.

My typical experience with the app has been a brief look through, a noted furious tweet about how bad something is, and a subsequent departure from the app in the month following.

More useful hints may be found right here.

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