What Can We Learn From 7 Awesome Corporate Blogs? (Professionals recommend)

What Can You Learn from 7 Awesome Corporate Blogs?

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Why are corporate blogs important?

The main reason why corporate blogs matter: your prospective customers consult them. Make sure your blog is relevant, responds to questions, solves conflict and is trustworthy and utterly customer-centric. Blogging is also about looking at what other people write about and building relationships with them.

What makes a good corporate blog?

1. Good corporate blog posts speak to a target audience. Figure out who is buying what you’re selling and write for them. Your own developers can still write content for your blog, but they should keep content way less technical than it would be if they were writing to their peers.

What is a corporate blog?

Corporate Blogging Defined A corporate blog provides a forum for your company’s leaders and employees to discuss topics of interest to your target prospects and customers and the people who influence them.

What is the benefit from blog?

One of the advantages of blogs is that it allows you to build and to control your online identity. Aside from social network profiles, people who are searching for your name can find your blog or your author page on other blogs. That information will help people to get to know you better by reading your work.

What are the benefits of using blogs in education?

Blogs offer many benefits for education:

  • Promotes autonomous learning by providing opportunities for students to take more control of their learning.
  • Motivates students to become better readers and writers.
  • Promotes discussion among students.
  • Encourages the use of the Internet and the Web among students (and teachers)

How blogging helps your business?

Effective blogging will help you attract and nurture leads, then capture and engage with new and existing customers. If done correctly, your website’s blogging efforts may produce the most profitable results for your business. But also remember the power of guest blogging on relevant websites within your industry.

What should a company blog contains?

A business blog has one main goal: to get customers and sales. Blog about your products, your services, case studies, satisfied customer stories, specials, promotions, new releases, etc. Your blog is a marketing tool for your business, so go ahead and promote it in your posts.

What are the different kinds of corporate blogs?

The four types of corporate blogs are:

  • The news hub.
  • The SEO play.
  • The thought leader.
  • The media brand.

What are external blogs used for?

External blogs are almost always branded along a topical theme and can be positioned as separate from the firm or as part of the firm. These topical blogs often work to promote the attorney(s) or practice and may have even been started by an individual attorney prior to them joining the firm (see ownership).

What is LinkedIn blog?

LinkedIn’s blogging platform is called Pulse, located under the Interests menu on your LinkedIn page. Once there, LinkedIn users can choose to publish a post just as they would on their own blog. It’s even possible to publish a complete blog post directly to your LinkedIn home page.

What opportunity can a blog offers?

Perhaps the most important reason why blogging is important is that it gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your target audience. Use this as a marketing strategy to push traffic back to your website. Make the blog on your website the foundation for all of your social media platforms.

Why blogs are useful and interesting?

Blogging allows you to share information about your business and its services but it also allows you to share opinions and thoughts on certain topics. Blogging is a great way to create a personality for your company and makes your business more credible approachable.

15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From

Creating and maintaining a business blog isn’t always the easiest of chores and doesn’t come easily to most individuals. There are a lot of elements to take into account – theme, themes, audience, content, design, authors, multimedia, promotion, writing style, comment regulations and so on. Furthermore, you must take into consideration the blog’s title as well as its website address (URL). However, even while the act of producing blog posts is relatively straightforward, much consideration and preparation must go into the development of a business blog in order to ensure that the processes operate effectively, especially when numerous bloggers are involved.

With this in mind, we’ve gone one step further and compiled a list of 15 exceptional business blogs from which you and your colleagues may learn a thing or two.

Choosing an Appropriate Blog Design on Squarespace When it comes to building a blog that is both user-friendly and visually beautiful, web design is one of the most critical elements to consider.

Business blogs frequently fall short in the design category, whether they are too branded, overbearing, or uninteresting in nature.

  1. Squarespace is an online publishing platform that allows users to create websites and blogs.
  2. It is a wonderful fit for the Squarespace brand, with beautiful typography and a basic yet engaging layout that complements the overall aesthetic.
  3. Squarespace’s blog, which was designed by Tyler Thompson, Creative Director, is straightforward and easy to read, including only the most critical information.
  4. And, of course, the blog is hosted on Squarespace’s website publishing platform.
  5. By placing only the blog articles in a specific column, I believe it has helped to bring them to the forefront and demonstrate their significance.
  6. I believe that using a neutral color palette with a modest pop of color, in this example yellow, is a timeless and safe design strategy to employ.
  7. However, with our blog, we wanted to prioritize quality over quantity, and truly only present the blog entries while making it easy to search via archives.

With this design, I worked quite hard to achieve that delicate balance.” Thompson makes an excellent point when he says that site design should assist information rather than compete with it.

Your blog’s navigation will be simplified, and the most important information will be emphasized in the sidebar.

There are some businesses that have more than one blog; this might be a solution that is beneficial to you, especially if you have a huge organization with several divisions.

This is when the use of a landing page might be beneficial.

Dell integrates all of its blogs under a single home page, which is used to select featured content from across the blogs.

Dell has an extremely active and successful YouTube presence, which they refer to as the Dell Vlog, with 750 videos and more than 5 million video views to date.

Introduce yourself and your products and services on the 3.37signals Product Blog.

37signals has a fantastic solution; they have two blogs, one called Signal vs.

37signals has a great solution; they have two blogs, one called Signal vs.

In order to maintain your main corporate blog focused on industry news and insights while still allowing yourself the freedom to announce product upgrades, building a products blog is a fantastic choice.

Consider their requirements and provide them with material that they will find helpful.

In addition to its free real estate assessment website, Zillow produces a blog with information about real estate, mortgages, and celebrity real estate, among other topics.

To give you an example, they recently blogged about the top-tweeting real estate professionals, questions to ask mortgage lenders, and the beachfront Malibu mansion of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, which is believed to be up for rent for $40,000 per month.

5.PlayStation.Blog: Seek Input From Your Audience Take notice of PlayStation.Blog Share, a feature of PlayStation.Blog, the company’s blog, where users may post and vote on ideas for enhancing the company’s goods and services.

Feedback of this kind is extremely valuable to both PlayStation and its users.

6.Disney Parks: Take your visitors behind the scenes of the parks.

The archives are divided into a number of sections, with one of the most comprehensive being “Behind the Scenes.” In this category you will find postings about dance rehearsals, sneak glimpses at new building sites, interviews with staff, and many other interesting things to read about.

While he enjoys drawing all of the characters, he has a particular soft spot for elderly Donald.

For Disney Parks, the importance of behind-the-scenes blogging was explained by the company’s Social Media Director, Thomas Smith, who stated, “On the Disney Parks Blog, we like to go behind the scenes to show the dedication and inspiration that goes into making our park experiences so magical for our guests.” The “Disney Magic” is frequently discussed, with many people asking, “How does Disney do it?” While our attractions and performances are certainly noteworthy, the multitude of ordinary activities that take place at all of our locations also deserve to be mentioned.

We are well aware that it is our cast members that go above and beyond to make those experiences so memorable for our visitors, and we like sharing their tales on the blog.” 7.BBC’s The Editors Blog: Involve Your Audience in the Editing Process Just as behind-the-scenes exclusives provide readers with a fresh perspective on your organization, postings that allow readers to participate in the process provide unique value to loyal supporters.

On the BBC website, an editorial decision-making blog called The Editors is maintained, which “aims to explain editorial decisions and difficulties encountered by the teams operating the BBC’s news service – including broadcast radio, television, and interactive.” The blog allows users to express their views on the way news is reported, as well as provide feedback on issues that the BBC News editors are dealing with.

  1. This is something that readers won’t be able to acquire anyplace else if they want it.
  2. 8.GM FastLane Blog: Maintain Your Concentration Don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not.
  3. Although it may seem apparent, a blog’s material can swiftly devolve into the abyss if there are no stringent restrictions in place.
  4. Some of the most recent entries featured a webchat on how to construct a Corvette engine as well as a post on how to pre-order the 2011 Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle.
  5. 9.Evernote: Change Things Up Keeping your blog’s focus on a specific topic but also switching up the material is possible, especially when it comes to include multimedia in your posts.
  6. Evernote calls these categories “notes.” All of these parts have been divided into tabs to make surfing across them more convenient.
  7. 10.Flickr: Draw Attention to Your Community People are enthusiastic about taking part in initiatives that highlight their own efforts.

Flickr, for example, curates photographs and videos from all around the world on its corporate blog, which can be seen here.

Identify and introduce your blogging team, according to the O’Reilly Radar.

On O’Reilly Radar, the company blog, for example, O’Reilly Media, a technological book publishing firm, recruits a wide group of bloggers to contribute to the site.

With each post, the author’s name, Twitter handle, and photo are displayed, bringing a more personal touch to each piece of content.

In order for people to get to know your writers, including headshots, brief bios, and contact information on your website.

The official Google blog compiles information from throughout the organization to provide a unified view.

In certain cases, depending on the topic of your blog, it may be helpful to have bloggers from all sectors of your organization, especially if you provide a diverse range of products across a number of industries.

Marriott On the Move: Put Your Team in Charge of the Company Another method is to delegate control of the keyboard to your company’s founder or CEO.

There is a tiny but growing number of entrepreneurs and CEOs who are putting control of their company’s web strategy into their own hands.

With the help of the company blog, Marriott on the Move, Marriott updates readers on the company’s recent activities and provides a glimpse into the various offerings at hotels around the world, while also including updates on his travels, family life, and other interests.

As a result of the blog, readers have the opportunity to communicate directly with Marriott, bringing them closer to the guy in charge.

When it comes to linking eBay staff with eBay consumers, Richard Brewer-Hay, the principal writer behind eBay Ink, the company’s corporate blog, feels that Ink and other social media platforms are critical.

He went on to explain why social media is such a significant emphasis area for eBay: “Social media is ingrained in the DNA of our organization and serves as the cornerstone of our business strategy.

Personal ties are critical to the success of any endeavor.

“I’m aiming to empower some of our constituencies, beginning with our sellers, through the Social Media Seller Program, by demonstrating to other sellers how social media tools may better their online presence, ultimately leading in greater sales,” Brewer-Hay explained.

15.Contrary to popular belief, the CEO should promote his or her blog.

Although it is feasible, it is extremely improbable.

Many other strategies may be used to promote your blog; however, one specific business blog is doing an outstanding job with search engine marketing (SEM).

When you search for “ceo blog” on Google, you’ll come across his site under the “sponsored links” area, which is where Google AdWords advertisements are shown for paid search terms.

Think beyond the box when it comes to attracting an audience for your blog, and iterate on your strategy as you gain more experience and knowledge.

These 15 business blogs are making significant strides in a variety of blogging categories. Please let us know in the comments which corporate blogs come to mind when you think of them. Frank-Boston image courtesy of iStockphoto and Frank-Boston

10+ Best Corporate Blogs And Websites

For insider information on industry news, tips, and ideas for their own businesses, people are turning to the greatest corporate blogs on the internet for guidance and inspiration. Starting a successful blog, on the other hand, is quite difficult these days due to intense competition. Have you ever wondered which firms have the most interesting blogs and websites to read about their products?

What Makes a Good Corporate Blog?

No one disputes the fact that having a corporate blog is essential if you want to increase brand recognition, enhance your search engine optimization ranking, and make waves on social media. However, there is a distinction between a local lawn care blog and a blog for a Fortune 500 company. Let’s have a look at the most important factors.

  • It allows customers to get a better sense of a person’s or company’s brand. Brand recognition is not something that can be achieved easily. In a sea of mediocre blog content, it is difficult to locate well-written, well-produced content
  • The blog in question provides advice, information, or news that is not available elsewhere. Certain corporate blogs are frequently mentioned on Twitter for a reason, and it is because the blogs operate as thought leaders
  • They understand their target audience and provide them with the material they desire. An entrepreneur or business owner is not going to be concerned with the type of dog collars that chihuahuas can be seen wearing. A novice pet owner, on the other hand, can encounter these difficulties: Great blogs are also an inspiration to others. A lot of the top marketers in big sectors are taking a page out of the book of what the top bloggers are up to nowadays. Even if it’s just a question of design, it’s important to remember that outstanding corporate blogs set the tone for their respective sectors
  • If you have a genuinely amazing blog, it will also become the benchmark for what people expect to see in corporate communications. We’ve all heard stories of trendsetting individuals in the industry in which we work. It is necessary to break new ground and demonstrate how you are distinct from the rest of the world in order to be considered a trailblazer.
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Best Corporate Blogs and Websites

A person’s or company’s brand is better understood by clients when they see it. The ability to establish brand recognition is not something that can be accomplished easily. In a sea of mediocre blog material, it’s difficult to locate well-written, well-produced content; the site in question provides advice, information, or news that other blogs don’t provide. Certain corporate blogs are frequently mentioned on Twitter for a reason, and it is because the blogs operate as thought leaders; they understand their target audience and provide them with the material they want.

However, a novice pet owner may experience the following: Blogs that are truly excellent also serve as an inspiration to other people.

Even if it’s just a question of design, it’s important to remember that outstanding corporate blogs set the tone for whole sectors; if you have a genuinely wonderful blog, it will also become the benchmark for what people expect to see in corporate communications in general.

It is necessary to break new ground and demonstrate how you are distinct from the rest of the world in order to be considered a trailblazer;

1. LinkedIn – Best Corporate CEO Blog

So, we may be cheating here, but we’re going to go ahead and do it anyway. LinkedIn is a vast, expansive website that is sometimes referred to as the “Facebook of professionals.” It has more than 100 million users. Every major CEO and thought leader is represented, and yes, they do write blog entries and press releases on the site as well as on other social media platforms. A growing number of CEOs are now using LinkedIn as a personal blog. You can read the latest ideas and updates from well-known figures such as Elon Musk and Arianna Huffington right here.


  • A high level of interactivity
  • Social media integration
  • A variety of major names
  • Easy access

2. Buffer – Best Corporate Communication Blog

When it comes to keeping up with their editorial calendars, Buffer is the one organization that oh so many people rely on for help. Because the social media marketing platform has become well-known for its simplicity of use and rapid dissemination, it should come as no surprise that its blog contains valuable information for company owners of all sizes.

If you’re looking for insider insights on how to execute a successful marketing campaign, you’ll appreciate the training available on the website. They are well-versed in how to get results. This website will quickly make you feel like a guru after reading many blogs on it.


  • When it comes to keeping up with their editorial calendars, Buffer is the organization that oh so many people rely on. Given how well the social media marketing platform has grown in popularity due to its simplicity of use and rapid dissemination, it’s no surprise that the platform’s blog provides fantastic advice for businesses of all sizes. It is the website’s tutorials that will be most useful to you if you want to learn how to manage an exceptional marketing campaign from the ground up. They are well-versed in producing results. This website will quickly make you feel like a guru after reading many blogs on it.

3. IBM – Best Corporate Tech Consulting Blog

IBM is a brand that we are all familiar with, especially if you work in the technology industry. They’re the ones who manufactured computers during the 1990s period. Today, they are paving the way for corporate thought leadership in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They maintain a number of blogs devoted to assisting people in understanding new technology and learning how to harness its potential. Despite the fact that it is not the simplest blog to locate out there, it is jam-packed with useful information.

In keeping with the expectations of a technological behemoth, IBM’s official blog is known for being very technical and formal in its writing style.


  • Updates on the latest news
  • Excellent advice
  • Ideal for technology companies
  • Ideal for new marketing groups

4. Perceptyx – Best Corporate Counsel Blog

Updates on the latest news; excellent advice; ideal for technology companies; ideal for new marketing groups


  • Updates on the latest news
  • Excellent advice
  • Ideal for human resource executives
  • Important updates to human resource law

5. MintLife by Intuit – Best Corporate Tax Blog

MintLife is a personal financial site that is dedicated to assisting those who wish to establish a business in staying on top of their tax obligations. You may already be familiar with Intuit’s other program, TurboTax, which you may have used for your own personal or freelance taxes. It is via the MintLife corporate company blog that we can learn how to do content strategy the proper manner. Incredibly educational, it gives valuable insight into how to better serve target consumers in the financial technology industry.


  • Updates on the latest news
  • Tax law references
  • Q & A sessions
  • And great inspiration for bloggers
  • And

6. Retarus Corporate – Best Corporate Security Blog

The majority of blogs that deal with corporate security or cybersecurity fall into one of two categories: those that discuss corporate security and those that do not. The same can be said for neither form of corporate blog. (Even if you work in SEO, you’ll find that they frequently miss the target!) It is the first category’s heavy-handed use of technology that renders their blog entries completely incomprehensible for those who are not subject matter experts in their respective fields. The other category transforms the corporate blog into a sales and marketing nightmare that is heavily focused on digital marketing.

You’ll appreciate how user-friendly and approachable this blog is!


  • Updates on the news
  • Excellent security advice
  • Blog posts that are easy to read
  • Fantastic inspiration for bloggers

7. Smarp – Best Corporate Practices Blog

It’s difficult to put into words exactly what Smarp is. Is it a corporation that specializes in content strategy? Yes, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a smidgeon of human resources, a smattering of technology, and a smattering of communication advice. With a little bit of everything covered, Smarp’s blog is the kind of thing that only a real corporate buddy could do. This is a worthwhile read if you want to learn how to be a better communicator in general. It has snappy articles with actionable material, which makes it a worthwhile read.


  • Updates on the latest news
  • Excellent communication advice
  • Blog Posts that are Simple to Read
  • Excellent inspiration for bloggers and content marketers
  • Attractive layout
  • Excellent design

8. LexisNexis – Best Corporate Law Blog

Have you ever considered the possibility that an employee may sue you over something you installed? Alternatively, have you ever pondered what kind of legal issues have an impact on corporations? Lexisnexis is the blog you should be reading right now. This is regarded as one of the most comprehensive legal resources available anywhere on the earth by legal students. And now that it is available, business owners may go at it on their own. This is an excellent option of reading material for anyone who wish to better understand corporation law or who simply want to obtain some fascinating ideas for their own blog.

It is one of numerous blogs that LexisNexis maintains, including several others that are entirely devoted to personal and criminal law.


  • Updates on the news
  • Excellent corporate/human resources law advice
  • Fantastic blogging inspiration

9. Nike – Best Fashion Company Blog

It’s possible that marketing teams don’t genuinely require assistance on how to build their email lists or keep up with the latest trends. Individuals sometimes only need to view a blog that gives them an idea of how to brand their own material in order to learn from it. Even putting together a solid plan to support the content might be difficult. Nike has done an incredible job of developing a formal, corporate blog that appeals to people on both a B2B and B2C level. It’s clean, wonderfully written, and matched with a simple layout that is a work of art in and of itself.


  • Information on new releases
  • Inspiration for content curation
  • Inspiration for blog layout and branding
  • Fantastic inspiration for content marketing firms
  • And more.

10. First Round Review – Best StartupVC Corporation Blog

Companies in the early stages of development have a unique combination of challenges that are tough to manage and much more difficult to describe to others. First Round Review, a blog created with startups in mind, produces excellent information that is tailored to the needs of the startup community. Do you want to know how to make a good impression on venture capitalists? What about attempting to employ the most qualified marketer for your objectives? There is a clear, succinct, and polite language used to handle all of these issues and many more.

It’s right on the money!)


  • The best advice for startups, together with engaging articles, tech and startup news, as well as design and development inspiration for graphic designers and web developers

11. Canva – Best for Visual Inspiration and Graphic Design

Canva is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that practically everyone has used to generate an Instagram post or a pretty card to send to customers. Given that it was created to make visual art creation easier, it’s understandable why they’ve become a B2B blog known for publishing content that are heavy on inspiration. If you’re searching for a way to visually spruce up your small business blog, browsing through Canva’s blogs can help you discover new and innovative ways to develop your graphics skills.


  • Design Tips for Graphic Designers
  • Engaging, Stunning Articles
  • Inspiration for Graphic Design Firms

12. Moz – Best Blog for Marketing Firms

Marketing is not an industry that is known for its consistency, and Moz is a software company that recognizes this fact. The fact that they are one of the largest SEO software platforms in the globe means that they know a thing or two about creating fantastic content and getting people to connect with your organization. If you want to read genuinely cutting-edge advice on things such as email lists, SEO ranking, or even just blog names, you’ll want to bookmark Moz’s website for future reference.

You should be aware that Moz is a technology business.


  • Design Tips for Graphic Designers
  • Engaging, Stunning Articles
  • Inspiration for Graphic Design Firms


They do not, in fact. However, while having a distinct name and blog platform for your company’s blog might be beneficial for marketing purposes, there is no legal requirement for businesses to establish separate corporations for their blogs.

Is a corporate blog atype of blog?

Both yes and no. In the business world, the phrase “corporate blog” refers to a blog that is maintained by a significant corporation.

Moz has a corporate blog, and they are a business-to-business company. Nike, the fashion brand, maintains a corporate blog, despite the fact that they are primarily a footwear manufacturer.

Does Coca-Cola have a blog?

Indeed, Coca-Cola has a corporate blog on its website. All of the newest corporate news from the world’s most beloved soda company can be found on Coca-Cola News, which is updated on a regular basis. This website also contains important notices concerning stock shares as well as significant updates on the company’s strategy.

What are the most effective company blogs?

This is actually a bit more difficult to pin down than it appears. Some corporate blogs are successful because they provide intelligent, timely updates on key developments in the sector in which they operate. The effectiveness of others can be attributed to the fact that they give intriguing and relevant advise on the things they manufacture. As long as a blog does not contain excessive commercial pitches, it has the potential to be productive.


It is not necessary to have an award-winning blog in order to ensure that you interact with your target market. Looking through the greatest corporate blogs on the internet, you’ll notice a major trend: it’s all about offering informative, snappy information to those who are interested in learning more about the company’s products and services.

10 Awesome Corporate Blogs from the Best Content Marketing Brands

The ability to blog is crucial for any firm wishing to communicate with customers on the internet. Customers learn about a firm through social media postings rather than advertisements, according to 70 percent of buyers. In spite of the fact that it is simple to create a blog, it is not always simple to generate useful, interesting entries on a consistent basis. What is the most effective method of learning? As an illustration. Although they are included in no particular order, the ten corporate blogs listed below regularly provide interesting, relevant, and entertaining material while also demonstrating a clear business plan with a high potential for conversion.


When it comes to connecting with customers online, blogging is vital for every business. A company’s social media presence is where 70% of purchasers discover about it rather than via advertising. In spite of the fact that it is simple to create a blog, it is not always simple to provide meaningful, interesting content on a consistent basis. Is there a most effective approach to learn more effectively? For instance, consider the following: Although they are included in no particular order, the ten corporate blogs listed below regularly provide interesting, relevant, and entertaining material while also demonstrating a clear business plan with a high conversion potential.


Buffer’s easily navigable blog, Buffer Social, is a delightful call to action for those who are new to social media marketing and a vital, consistent resource for those with a little more expertise. The blog itself has a type of header that tells users of the company’s capacity to save you time while also providing an ad hoc testimonial from a few significant corporations, among other things.

Following the digital conversion nudge come the posts themselves, which are chock-full of nuggets of social media sage advice. Not to mention that each post receives a considerable amount of comments and social shares, indicating that it is highly engaging.


It’s evident that HubSpot understands how to deliver value to marketers, salespeople, and agencies all across the world, as seen by its ability to publish approximately 10 pieces every single day. The inbound marketing mecca reflects its name with an aesthetically pleasing, well-written blog that has become a valuable resource for individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the sector. It is thoughtfully arranged, tastefully designed, and bursting at the seams with useful information.


When IBM launched their A Smarter Planet campaign in 2010, they set the stage for a thriving nerve center for their content marketing activities. Moreover, they have amassed an excellent collection of blogs dedicated to a diverse range of seemingly disparate groups on the periphery. IBM appears to cover an encyclopedic variety of topics across a wide range of sectors, ranging from software to social media, connectivity to cloud computing, big data to business.If blogging were a hypothetical monster, IBM would be the dragon slayer.


Topics range from infographics on the psychology of impulsive buying to interviews with Seth Godin on the future of marketing. Marketo regularly offers relevant and interesting information to hordes of content hungry marketers, and it does it in an entertaining and informative manner. According to industry experts, Marketo is the world’s leading provider of digital marketing software. It follows that their blog is full of high-quality content that is well-organized and wonderfully written while avoiding the use of excessive hyperbole.

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The blog of a social media management firm provides an intangible value that is tough to quantify and describe in words. Accessible. Let’s simply say that it is easily accessible. The book provides value to both social media newcomers and seasoned professionals since it covers a plethora of knowledge on the growing social media landscape as well as in-depth talks on interaction tactics. Its design is simple and visually pleasing, and it does not appear to be excessively technical or narrowly targeted.


Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce phenomenon, has a staggering eight individual blogs that are targeted at attracting a worldwide audience of buyers. From the history of the gingerbread house to highlighted shops, or from the Seller’s Handbook to corporate news, Etsy’s octo-blog has something to offer everyone who visits the website. The postings often receive a high degree of participation, with many receiving hundreds of comments. They are also constantly accompanied with visually appealing images and artwork; unexpectedly, there is nothing lacking on Etsy in the domain of visual design.

The Creators Project

A collaboration between Intel and Vice resulted in the creation of The Creators initiative, which has since become a focal point for the multinational chipmaker’s content marketing strategy. In accordance with its goal statement, this blog showcases “visionary artists across different disciplines who are employing technology in novel ways to push the frontiers of artistic expression,” according to the site’s mission statement. In the wake of this, the site has been overflowing with pieces covering anything from mind-controlled robotic limbs to a retirement home that was featured on the most recent Modest Mouse album cover.

Because of the large number of daily articles, the content is always new, fascinating, and engaging, even for the most artistically philistine.


In today’s digitally intertwined corporate environment, theSalesforce blogis an excellent source for sales and marketing insights, insightful statistics, and the latest advances in the rapidly changing business scene. The Salesforce blog is one of our favorites since it provides a continual stream of fascinating entries filled with advisements, tales, and announcements that analyze acronyms with little to no marketing or alliteration.


It should come as no surprise that a competent online analytics organization would have an impressive blog. Even while it may be lacking in visual appeal, which is probably on purpose, the KISSmetrics blog provides a vast list of entries chock-full of useful information on data analytics, marketing, and testing. Furthermore, the blog serves to strengthen the company’s position with consumers by demonstrating the company’s extensive understanding of the issues covered. In addition to being a valuable read for marketers, each piece has conversion strategies such as the traditional email signup as well as high levels of engagement—primarily in the form of social shares.

A robust content strategy is thus necessary if you want to remain competitive and properly position your brand.

So get your blog on!

Inspired to Create Your Own Blog Post Based on these Great Examples?

Use our template to get started generating fantastic content for your marketing blog and then customize it to suit your needs.

Blog Your Way to an Awesome Reputation: The 10 Best Company Blogs – DreamHost

Gold Rush, you’ve been replaced. At the moment, we are seeing the “Content Marketing Boom,” with an increasing number of firms launching their own blogs. While maintaining a blog in conjunction with your company website may seem like an unneeded extra step (particularly if you’re a small business owner), it can really be a highly beneficial tool in your overall marketing plan. The trick is to understand what defines a high-quality corporate blog, and how to create one. For inspiration and guidance on how to develop an outstanding blog for your company, we’ll take a look at a few of the firms who have already mastered the art of blog-building.

In this article, I’ll walk you through DreamHost’s top ten list of the finest corporate blogs, which was just updated.

Let’s get this party started!

Why Your Company Needs a Blog

The term “corporate blog” simply refers to a blog that is associated with your company in some form. Ordinarily, it will be incorporated into your bigger corporate website. One of the most appealing aspects of corporate blogs is that they may be as distinctive as your company itself. It is possible to use your blog for a number of objectives, depending on your brand and your niche. It might be a news source or a collection of technical training with in-depth explanations. You can utilize your blog to establish a distinct voice for both your business and your brand, regardless of the sort of information you post on it.

As a business owner, you might be wondering why your firm would need a blog in the first place. You might be shocked to hear that there are various advantages to corporate blogging (just look at these business blogging statistics). Having a corporate blog allows you to do the following:

  • By selecting similar keywords, you may increase traffic and exposure to your website. It also aids in the development of new backlinks, as people are more inclined to share your writings on their respective websites. Increase the number of leads you generate. Blogging helps you expand your audience, which increases your chances of attracting new customers. In fact, businesses that blog on a regular basis generate more leads than those that do not. Customers and readers will appreciate it if you provide them with something of worth. Your audience will be entertained and informed if you provide high-quality material for them. Inform people about breaking news and intriguing information. The creation of a personal blog may be a smart strategy to promote transparency about the operations of your company while also building relationships with your customers. Make a name for yourself as an authority figure. Your company’s reputation as an authority in your area, sector, or niche can be enhanced if you provide intelligent and helpful content for it.

A corporate blog may be used for a variety of purposes more than simply informing customers about new products and services. In reality, by strategically utilizing your company blog, you can raise your brand recognition while simultaneously increasing your leads and conversions.

Looking for the Best Company Blogs?

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WhatYou Should Consider When Creating a Company Blog

Isn’t it great that you’re so excited to create your own corporate blog? Great! Before we get started, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. You’ll need to think about the practical issues of running a blog before you start. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that a blog is something that can be put up fast and then maintained by spending a few minutes here and there on content creation. For starters, having a blog will result in an increase in traffic to your website, as well as a large number of new visitors.

  1. If you do this, your site will not suffer from performance concerns and will remain secure when the fresh influx of users arrives.
  2. In particular, we propose that you have a look at ourmanaged WordPress hosting packages.
  3. Furthermore, in order for a corporate blog to be effective, it must be maintained with time, effort, and expertise.
  4. Let’s take them one at a time and examine them.

Who Will Create Content for the Blog?

Create high-quality blog entries requires extensive research and writing abilities, so you’ll need to think about who will be in charge of this responsibility. You may delegate it to one or more committed team members, or you could outsource the task to freelance writers or ghostwriters. Whoever you choose to create your content must have the abilities to produce interesting and informed material on a consistent basis while adhering to a strict schedule. You do not want your blog to include errors or to become abruptly silent, since this will make your company appear a little less than professional.

How Often Will the Blog Be Updated?

This relates back to the preceding question, in a way. Your material will most likely not be updated on a daily basis if it is being created by a single individual. If you have a large internal staff or a large number of freelancers, you may be able to update your website on a regular basis. The most essential thing is to be consistent with your publishing schedule, regardless of how frequently you update your blog. If you don’t update for several days, weeks, or even months at a time, your blog will lose its effectiveness.

What Topics Should the Blog Cover?

Ideally, your blog should be related to your company’s operations. You must, however, understand who you are writing for and what they are looking for. Example: If you’re a developer, would your blog be aimed at total novices or at seasoned professionals?

You should also think about the topic of your blog. Will you write lengthier pieces, shorter news stories, or a combination of the two? Making a decision on your blog’s identity ahead of time is critical to ensuring that it is consistent.

What Should Your Voice and Style Be Like?

Also important is that your blog maintains a consistent style and voice throughout its existence. For example, while writing blog pieces for our DreamHost website, I always strive for a conversational and warm tone of speech. You may, on the other hand, prefer something more controlled and solemn. It is totally dependent on the current state of your brand and business image. It is possible to establish consistency in tone by drafting a style guide for your organization. In addition, if you decide to bring in external contributors, they will be aware of the criteria that must be adhered to.

10 Company Blogs That Do It Right (And What They Can Teach You)

At this point, we’ve covered a lot of ground in terms of what makes for a great corporate blog. We should have a look at some genuine organizations that have taken these criteria to heart and developed fantastic blogs to illustrate our point. While you won’t want to duplicate their techniques verbatim, you may utilize these websites as sources of inspiration for your own endeavor.

1. Atmail

Atmail has been in business for over 20 years, delivering email solutions since since it launched one of the first commercial webmail systems on the market. Despite the fact that the firm just began blogging a few years ago, this activity has already assisted the company in enhancing its reputation and raising awareness of its brand. Thanks to a diverse mix of content, which includes well-written lessons, intriguing information, and even interviews, the site has grown in popularity. A purposeful choice was taken by this firm to not just blog about its own goods, but also to write about challenges relevant to its industry, as well as other things that its consumers might be interested in.

One of the most important things Atmail does is provide value to its readers’ lives.

This is an intelligent strategy for fostering trust and raising awareness.

2. 1912 Pike

Starbucks’ 1912 Pike is a “coffee education blog,” according to the company. It is named after the address of the very first Starbucks establishment, and it contains an interesting mix of industry news, coffee-related articles, and other miscellaneous information. If you’re a caffeine addict, you’ll like the recipes and how-to tips on this blog. On the other side, you may learn more about Starbucks by reading some intriguing facts about the company or by reading about how its coffee is created.

In addition to helping to grow a brand, this is an excellent method of establishing a pleasant psychological connection with clients.

3. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroomis a good example of how to use a corporate blog solely for the purpose of providing information to your customers or consumers. The Facebook Newsroom stays up to its name by focusing on breaking news regarding Facebook itself as well as other important material that may have an impact on its user base. This includes a discussion of how the firm is striving to combat ‘false news,’ as well as upgrades to the company’s platform. Facebook can exert control over its messaging in a way that would otherwise be impossible if it did not use its blog in this manner.

However, while Newsroom appears to be more dry and formal than the previous blogs we’ve covered, this is not always a negative thing. It only goes to show how versatile your corporate blog can be in terms of its use.

4. WooCommerce

Among the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world, WooCommerce is the most popular. Not only that, but it also has a fantastic blog, which you should check out. Because it gives practical and easy-to-understand information about everything linked to e-commerce, this site stands out from the crowd. In a manner, this blog serves as a mirror image of the WooCommerce website. TheWooCommerce plugin makes the process of setting up an online store simple for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise, and the official blog is an extension of that philosophy.

It also includes information about fascinating niche enterprises as well as practical suggestions on how to better your own e-commerce endeavor.

Suppose your plugin is used by 42 percent of all online retailers.

Take into consideration your clients and users while creating your blog, and think about how you can effectively communicate to their needs and interests on a consistent basis.

5. Whole Story

Some businesses sell more than just the products and services they offer; they also sell a way of life via their operations. Whole Foods is one such example, and the company’s blog, Whole Story, makes extensive use of the company’s roots in the lifestyle industry. By communicating directly to a potential consumer base who is interested in healthy eating and organic goods, this blog successfully builds on the company’s current image and communicates with it. Using a blog to advertise your own products while also expanding your brand identification and providing value is a great example of how to do it well.

6. Neil Patel

It’s no secret that Neil Patel is the author of one of the most well-known marketing blogs in the industry. As a major figure in the area of internet marketing since 2001, Patel’s blog has grown to become one of the most authoritative sources in the business, according to several experts. The fact that Patel’s writings are both detailed and intelligent contributes significantly to the popularity of this site. There is a strong emphasis on long-form text that provides every available information while remaining extremely easy to read and comprehend.

Writing lengthy and high-quality material is not a simple task, to say the least.

Following Patel’s own recommendations is an excellent method to learn how to achieve this.

7. Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes blog is one of the most extensive and informative resources available when it comes to site design in relation to WordPress. It is updated on a regular basis with articles that span a wide range of subjects. This encompasses anything from assisting you in securing your website to advising you on how to deal with abrupt decreases in traffic. While the firm’s primary focus is on WordPress themes, the company recognizes that its client base is interested in a variety of other topics as well.

This also increases the likelihood that articles written by Elegant Themes will be linked to from other websites, since the vast range of topics available are relevant to a bigger prospective readership.

8. NewsStories

The majority of blogs are concerned with being current, following trends, and discussing issues that will be out of date in a month. While there is nothing wrong with such method, there is much to be said for the art of generating material that will last for a long period of time as well. This is an approach that Chase Bank has successfully implemented through its NewsStoriesblog. When it comes to discussing evergreen themes in a style that’s both approachable and ageless, this site, which focuses on financial concerns, does an excellent job.

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Chase may also use such issues to soft-sell its own products without appearing to be overly promotional in nature.

9. Oh My Disney

Disney is one of the most well-known brands in the world, and for good reason. Thus, it should come as no surprise that itsOh My Disneyblog is a fantastic exercise in brand management on the part of Disney. When it comes to reaching the biggest possible audience while still keeping a defined brand identity, this blog is a model of success. There are quizzes intended for young children, celebrity news, data about the studio’s upcoming films, and special behind-the-scenes material for film enthusiasts all available on Oh My Disney.

10. The Keyword

The Keywordis the official business blog for a little firm that you may have heard of: Google, the search engine behemoth that we all know and love. The most amazing aspect of The Keyword is how it successfully combines several of the advantages we’ve already discussed. It contains a mixture of product updates from Google as well as a variety of other interesting news and articles. It is also updated on a frequent basis (sometimes several times a day) and contains soft-sells in a variety of ways, some of which are more subtle than others.

In a nutshell, it’s a one-stop shop for everything Google, so you won’t need to utilize any other products (which seems fitting).

Company Blog Achievement, Unlocked

The creation of a corporate blog may be an excellent approach to engage with your existing customers while also generating new leads via the distribution of high-quality material. However, if you want to develop a great corporate blog, you should turn to those that have previously achieved success in the field. Do you have any queries on how to create an effective corporate blog? If so, please contact us. Follow us on social media and let’s have a conversation!

Professional Hosting for Your Company Blog

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Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

It’s never been a better moment for businesses to incorporate blogging into their overall marketing plan, thanks to the over 4 billion individuals who are presently connected to the internet throughout the world. Non-stop blog posts not only increase website traffic and help you sell your products and services, but they also assist you in building trust with your future clients. As a result of this piece, we’ll go over the numerous advantages of blogging for business, as well as the steps you can take to begin writing useful material that will attract inbound links and visitors to your website.

What is business blogging?

Business blogging is a marketing strategy that makes use of the internet to increase the visibility of a company’s online presence. A business blog is a marketing channel (together with social media, direct mail, email marketing, and other similar channels) that assists in the growth of a company.

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Many individuals wonder whether blogging will still be worthwhile in 2021 after beginning a business in the first place. Answer in a nutshell: Yes! Here are the reasons why we believe this to be the case.

1. It helps drive traffic to your website.

Raise your hand if you want more visits to your website. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Consider the following methods of attracting visitors to your website:

  • They could just put your name into their browser, but it would only be for people who are already familiar with you. They are aware of your existence, you are on their radar, and this does nothing to assist you in obtaining additional traffic on top of what you are already receiving. Purchase an email list (don’t do it! ), blast the list, and hope some people open and click through on the emails is one way to pay for traffic. However, that is both expensive and, as you may be aware, unlawful. You may buy traffic by running a large number of sponsored advertisements, which is not unlawful but is still extremely expensive. And as soon as you run out of money, your traffic stops arriving as well

So, what strategies can you use to bring in more visitors or readers to your website? By writing and optimizing your website for search engines, you may achieve this goal. The way it works is as follows. Consider how many pages there are on your website: a lot, right? I’m guessing not a whole lot, right? Also consider how frequently you will be updating those pages. Most likely not on a regular basis, right? As a result, blogging is an excellent solution for both of these issues. Every time you write and publish a blog post, you’re adding another indexed page to your website, giving you another chance to appear higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors to your website through organic search.

As a result, they should be checking in regularly to see what fresh content has been added to your website.

2. You can repurpose blog content for social media.

Writing blog posts for your company may also assist you in being noticed on social media platforms. You’re generating material that people can share on social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest with each new piece you write, which helps expose your company to a new audience that may not be familiar with it yet. Blog material also contributes to the maintenance of your social media presence. Instead than constantly asking your social media manager to develop fresh new material for social media (or generating that content yourself), your blog may function as a store of previously created information for social media.

Through your blog material, you’re expanding your social reach while also bringing new website traffic to your blog through your social media platforms. I must say that it is a really synergistic connection.

3. It helps convert traffic into leads.

Given the fact that you have some website traffic going to your site from your blog, you now have the option to convert that website traffic into leads. Similarly to how every blog post you create is another indexed page, each blog post you write is a chance to generate new leads. Simple steps are required to do this: Simply include a lead-generating call-to-action at the end of every blog article. These calls-to-action frequently lead to things like free ebooks, whitepapers, fact sheets, webinars, and trials, or practically any content asset in exchange for which someone would be prepared to give their information with the website owner or publisher.

  • A visitor arrives to the website
  • A free offer is presented to the visitor in the form of a call-to-action. Visitors respond to call-to-action buttons by seeing a landing page that has a form for them to complete with their personal information. Filling up the form and submitting information results in the visitor receiving the free gift.

The call-to-action button may be found at the bottom of this blog page if you scroll down. In fact, call-to-action buttons are present in 99.9 percent of the blog entries that we publish, and yours should be included as well. That is how you convert website visitors into sales leads for your sales staff to follow up on. Note:Not every blog reader will convert into a lead, and that’s just OK. No one can turn 100 percent of the people who read their blog into leads, and no one can even come close.

4. It drives long-term results.

The finest business blogs include answers to frequently asked questions by their followers and clients. As a result of your regular creation of quality content or articles for your target audience, you will become recognized as an industry leader or expert in their eyes. Can you image the impact of providing a consumer a link to an instructive blog article you made in order to explain things up for him or her? Alternatively, consider how many more deals a salesperson could complete if their prospects discovered blog material produced by the salesperson themselves.

It may be used to assess the effectiveness of sales enablement efforts.

Consider the following:

  • Consider the scenario in which prospects discover solutions to their everyday questions through blog entries authored by employees at your organization. It’s lot more probable that they’ll believe what you have to say in such situation, since they’ve already benefited from your assistance — even before they were interested in purchasing anything from you. Prospects who have been reading your blog entries are more likely to enter the sales funnel with a greater understanding of your products and services, your position in the market, and your industry than other prospects. That results in a considerably more fruitful sales interaction than one that takes place between two complete strangers, for example. Salespeople who come into certain questions that need an in-depth explanation or a recorded response can refer to an archive of blog entries for assistance. Furthermore, rather of having to produce assets from start, these articles present the salesperson as an invaluable resource for their prospect, therefore fostering trust between both parties during the sales process.

5. Blogging helps with link building.

Inbound links, often known as backlinks, are one of the 200 criteria taken into account by the Google algorithm when ranking a website on its search engine result page. Backlinks are considered to be the third most important aspect in search engine optimization by many professionals and small company owners, as well. Despite the fact that developing inbound links is critical, 41 percent of SEO specialists believe that link building is the most difficult aspect of search engine optimization. The more articles you write that are useful not just to your potential consumers, but also to other organizations that your target audience considers to be industry leaders, the more likely it is that you will receive relevant connections.

Furthermore, it communicates to Google that you are a reliable source of information and an authority in your field. One additional benefit of backlinks is that they assist you in increasing the strength of your domain authority, which in turn improves your general discoverability in search engines.

6. It drives long-term results.

The ability to travel to Hawaii, work out at the gym, and sleep for as many hours as you want while still being able to increase traffic to your website would be amazing. However, there is good news! That is exactly what blogging accomplishes, mostly through the use of search engines. Here’s what I’m talking about: Consider the following scenario: you set aside an hour on Sunday to write and publish a blog article. Consider the following scenario: your blog post has 100 views and ten leads on Monday.

  1. However, after a couple of days, the most of the attention generated by that post has died down, and you’ve received 150 views and 15 leads.
  2. Because that blog article has now risen in the search engine rankings, you can expect to continue to receive visitors from it for the foreseeable future (days, weeks, months, and years).
  3. This means that the work you put out yesterday might result in hundreds of thousands of views and leads in the near future.
  4. Because of business concepts such as affiliate marketing, you may earn money from blogging on virtually any topic, from cosmetics and beauty to camping and motorcycling to travel and adventure sports.
  5. There are many different types of affiliate programs available.
  6. More than half of the traffic generated on the Hubspot blog each month originates from posts that were published in the preceding month or two.
  7. The same is true for leads created in a given month – over 90 percent of the leads we get each month originate from blog entries that were published in prior months, according to our data.
  8. These sorts of blog postings are referred to as “compounding” posts.
  9. We discovered via our study that around one out of every ten blog articles ends up becoming a compounding blog post.

While you may not see immediate results, over time, you will be able to count on a predictable amount of traffic and leads for your business without having to make any additional resource investments because the work to generate that traffic and those leads has already been completed by the search engine optimization team.

More information on the long-term impact of blogging and how to reap even greater advantages from blog entries that are ranking in organic search for your business can be found in “The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past,” which can be found here.

7. It helps you share company news.

Another advantage that blogging provides to both large and small businesses is that it provides a platform for them to communicate corporate news and tales. It is possible for blogs to feature not just content, but also news that highlights the activities of a corporation. Have you engaged a new content marketing manager to help you with your content strategy? Make a post about it on your blog. Have you conducted interviews with internet marketing and industry experts? It should be posted on your blog.

Write a blog post to inform your readers of the situation.

Using your blog, you may generate interest in the occasion.

Secondary Benefits of Business Blogging

There are additional reasons for businesses to blog, but I believe they are more minor and detract from the primary benefits of blogging. When it comes to testing out lengthy campaigns on a budget, I enjoy using our blog to do so before committing significant resources in the development of the ads. I really enjoy using our blog to assist people get a better understanding of our identity. And, while they shouldn’t be their primary use, all of these are substantial benefits of having a company blog, but they’re secondary benefits to me since they’re not necessary.

How to Start Blogging for your Business

If you have a business blog, you are probably aware of the advantages it may provide you with – more traffic, leads, authority, and a stronger relationship with your audience. And you’re unquestionably eager to get things started. But how do you do it? Our comprehensive guide on how to create a successful blog has all of the information you want. The following post was first published in November 2020 and has been updated for relevance, accuracy, and completeness of information. Originally published on May 25, 2021 at 7:00 a.m., and updated on May 25, 2021 at 7:00 a.m.

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