How We Acquired 100k Early Bird Signups With Zero Marketing Budget? (Solved)

How We Acquired 100K Early Bird Signups with Zero Marketing Budget

  • You find out if your product brings real value for the target audience.
  • Users feel you’re alive and they’re not alone.
  • The first feedback providers are your trusted community and loyal promoters.
  • You have an opportunity to find and work out bugs.

What are the key strategies to acquire the first 100000 users with zero marketing budget?

51 Ways to Acquire Your First 100,000 Customers Without Any Marketing Budget

  • Looks Matter.
  • Break the “Skill” Barrier.
  • Meet Market Behaviors, Don’t Try To Change Them.
  • Find Your Micro-Market.
  • Become a Life-Hack.
  • Be Sharable.
  • Plug It In!
  • Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog.

How do I get signups?

Here are 20 ways to increase subscriber sign-ups.

  1. First, make sure your content is high quality.
  2. Remove the barriers – only ask for an email address.
  3. Incentivise the sign-up.
  4. Use conversion triggers, such as social proof.
  5. Remove distractions.
  6. Use positive statements, present tense and an active voice.

How do I get signups for my website?

5 Simple Tips To Help You Increase User Sign Ups

  1. Make Your Call to Action Obvious. The call to action is the single most important element of any signup page.
  2. Simplify Your Sign-Up Form.
  3. Offer a Guarantee.
  4. Use Popup Forms for Signup.
  5. Offer an Incentive.

How do I get my first 10000 users?

6 Tips to Get Your First 10,000 Users

  1. 1- Public Relations. Don’t be scared, public relations can easily be bootstrapped, and can be highly efficient.
  2. 2- Advertising.
  3. 3- Referral Programs.
  4. 4- Rebates.
  5. 5- Partnerships.
  6. 6- Send links to your social media connections.

How do you get your first 1000 customers?

Top seven strategies to acquire your first 1,000 users

  1. Go where your target users are, offline.
  2. Go where your target users are, online.
  3. Invite your friends.
  4. Create FOMO in order to drive word-of-mouth.
  5. Leverage influencers.
  6. Get press.
  7. Build a community pre-launch.

How do you get customers before launch?

6 Ways to Get Signups for Your Product That Hasn’t Launched

  1. It’s never too early for content.
  2. Create a “coming soon” page.
  3. Create an incentive.
  4. Guest posts are just as effective.
  5. A quick way to get an extra hundred subscribers…
  6. Offer beta access.
  7. Conclusion.

How do I increase app registration?

How to Generate More Registration Signups for Your App

  1. Make fantastic pre-plan strategies to lure users.
  2. Use social media.
  3. Offer something extra; give incentive.
  4. Prepare your Influencers.
  5. Make a relevant video.

How do I increase my newsletter subscription?

How to increase newsletter subscribers: Follow these 27 tips to increase sign-ups [Summary]:

  1. Offer more incentives.
  2. Make your brand likeable.
  3. Use an email capture form instead of linking to a sign-up page.
  4. Run a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes and capture email sign-ups.
  5. Keep your email newsletter sign-up form short.

What do you offer email subscribers?

Offering a special discount on products or services is a great way to build your list and encourage subscribers to make an immediate purchase. Many eCommerce brands offer something like 10% off for new subscribers only. Uses a custom opt-in form to collect information about new subscribers.

How do you get the first 100 customers?

21 ways to get your first 100 customers

  1. Treat them like royalty.
  2. Start out free, then go paid.
  3. Start out paid, then go free.
  4. Always fish for referrals.
  5. Annoy your friends and family.
  6. Exhaust your existing networks.
  7. Expand your existing networks.
  8. Form alliances.

How do I get customers to start a business?

10 Ways to Get New Customers

  1. Ask for referrals.
  2. Network.
  3. Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only.
  4. Re-contact old customers.
  5. Improve your website.
  6. Partner with complementary businesses.
  7. Promote your expertise.
  8. Use online reviews to your advantage.

How do apps get users?

7 Ways to Attract App Users

  1. Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)
  2. Promote the App on Your Website.
  3. Develop Email Marketing Campaigns.
  4. Use Social Media.
  5. Create In-App and Online Ads.
  6. Develop a Public Relations Strategy.
  7. Create Offline Campaigns.

How We Acquired 100K Early Bird Signups with Zero Marketing Budget – Product Marketing Daily

Acquisition Neil Patel’s website is “The majority of businesses envision having a ton of organic traffic when they first debut. While we have not experienced rapid or viral growth as of yet, we are gaining a steady stream of new users on a daily basis. We have grown from zero to one hundred thousand signups in ten months while paying nothing and using the tactics provided in this post.” The following are the most important concepts:

  • Begin with your most powerful asset – your existing network of contacts. Allow your product to be used in workshops and academic settings
  • Users may leave reviews and write blog posts for you. Work on your public relations
  • Make Use of Your Product as a Viral Launchpad
  • .

Acquisition How to Measure and Drive Results in a Systematic Way Acquiring Information Through Word of Mouth Acquisition by Yousuf Bhaijee The dangers associated with growth strategies that rely on paid promotion are often overlooked. Oleg Yakubenkov is a Russian businessman. Acquisition Become an expert in customer acquisition by following these steps. Brian Balfour is a British politician. Acquisition Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by using lookalike audiences and audience suppression.

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Growth hacking: How We Acquired 100K Early Bird Signups with Zero Marketing Budget – [PDF Document]

  • 1.From zero to one hundred thousand early bird signups with no marketing budget FROM REALTIMEBOARD.COM, GROWTHHACKING 7,5 USEFULL TIPS FOR SUCCESS

2. Tip 1: Get ready to listen Your first satisfied customers are your finest advisors. Why? You determine whether or not your product provides genuine value to the intended audience. The first people to submit comments are members of your trusted community and devoted promoters. Users come up with fantastic blog post ideas and subjects for you to consider. It is possible to develop trust on your website by incorporating informative testimonials. 3. Preparation for listening: tools and resources A feedback forum, helpdesk services (such as Zendesk, Odesk, UserEcho, and our personal favorite, Freshdesk), social media (such as Twitter and Facebook pages), and other methods of assisting users outside of the product are all available.

  • 4.
  • Make a pitch to everyone about your existing network.
  • Tip 3: Allow your product to be used in workshops and academic settings.
  • Open Google, enter in “workshops” into the search box, then click “Go” to get started.
  • Tip3 Allow Your Product to Be Used in Workshops and Academia Events allow you to connect with the audience in a more intimate setting, gain an understanding of how they think and use your product, and observe their reactions straight immediately.
  • Some organizers were delighted to use our logo on their websites, write blog articles, and embed our video, which resulted in an increase in internet traffic and backlinks for the organization.
  • Tip4: Obtain user feedback in the form of reviews and blog posts.

Because of the “snowball effect,” if your product is mentioned in a blog, you will continue to receive new reviews on a monthly basis.

Tip4: Obtain user testimonials and blog posts to promote your business.

Identify users who are willing to write about you (make use of your current network!) 2.



Startup contests are held on a regular basis (TechCrunch, DEMO) Startup lanes and exhibits are available.

Tip 6: Make use of your product as a viral launchpad.

Until now, we’ve relied on the following strategies: Invitations to peer-to-peer meetings sent through email Invitations sent out to friends and family through Facebook Share buttons can be placed on external websites and blogs.


7 tips to help you improve your search engine ranking The Google Chrome Web Store assisted us in increasing traffic on a number of occasions.

Google Drive) Users that are currently enrolled (let them know about your new app) Chrome Store is available in a variety of languages.



Submit your startup for evaluation (use Mashable, MakeUseOf, AppStorm and other sites, just google them) 3: Make connections with bloggers and authors, and use their names in your tweets and blog articles.

Write a compelling narrative without paying for a review.

Make an effort to improve your product on a daily basis in order to provide enjoyment to your clients’ lives. Love them, and they will reciprocate with love, traffic, and money:)13. Join us at to discuss real-time topics. GROWTHHACKING Continue reading the story in its entirety.

What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?

Greetings, and welcome. You’ve just started your business, and you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of chores and possibilities that you have on your plate. Now is the time to consider all of the many options for promoting your company with the least amount of work and the most potential result. After all, you’re not a large group of people, and you want to try new things as soon as possible. I understand that it is really difficult to verify and discover answers for this problem, and the reason for this is that what has worked for others may not work for you.

  1. Our team has met and worked with people who have created and promoted some very remarkable referral programs since we launchedViral Loops about a year ago.
  2. So, here’s what we’ve got: – Shopping Made Easier – Groceries, Electronics, and more.
  3. As a result, they decided to do something no one had done before: offer participants shares in their company as a kind of incentive.
  4. At the conclusion of the promotion, the person who finished top on the scoreboard received 100,000 shares |
  5. Participants in positions 2 through 10 received a total of 10,000 shares.
  6. More information about this story may be found here.
  7. A decade later, it is still being utilized in countless case studies to demonstrate how referral programs may add to a company’s development engine—or perhaps serve as the growth engine itself.
  8. Obviously, it is not just due to the referral scheme; they received a plethora of input, they continuously improved their product, and they waged a virtual war with venture capitalists in order for them to earn their confidence and money.
  9. Because the product provided cloud storage space, the company chose to award users with more free space not just for referring their friends, but also for accepting an invitation to use the product.

More information about this story may be found here. Perhaps you could reward your users for spreading the word about you to their friends in exchange for special swag? The Hustle employed the lethal mix of three elements:

  1. One-mail marketing (it’s an owned medium, and you don’t have to manipulate Facebook’s algorithm in order to achieve results)
  2. Excellent copywriting
  3. One-page websites
  4. A milestone-referral program that is a kick in the shins

There are two methods in which people may learn about their ambassador program:

  1. They have a landing page that is devoted to them. When an email from Sam Parr arrives in your inbox, it encourages you to forward it to others.

More information about this story may be found here. 4.Harry’ Their belief was that a reputable reference would be the most potent and effective approach to launch their grooming brand and achieve success. Harry’s employed the same same strategy as3 The Hustle, which resulted in tremendous success. As a result, they concentrated on developing a campaign that would encourage individuals to spread the news to their friends rather than just spending a lot of money on Google and Facebook advertising.

  • In the beginning, it aids the firm in obtaining over $100 million in capital and in purchasing a 94-year-old razor blade manufacturing facility.
  • When visitors arrived at their website, they were requested to provide their email address in order to be eligible to participate in the campaign.
  • The notion of a “Milestone Referral Campaign” was used at Harry’s, which meant that when customers reached a certain number of recommendations, they were entered to win the reward associated with that number of referrals.
  • You’ve put in the effort to select a business name, register a domain name, sort out your legal structure, create a website, and purchase business cards, and now it’s time for your firm to take over the globe.
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The Best Financial Tools 2021 — Her First $100K — Money Educator and Speaker

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Personal Capital

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Zero budget marketing Documents

Stribr is an 8 month old bootstrapped company with a product.1. I’m Vidarth, and I’m the co-founder of Stribr. I’m here to tell you how to sell your company on a shoestring budget. Marketing for companies on a shoestring budget, October 12th, 2014 2. hello, my name is Vidarth, and I’m a co-founder at stribr. 10/12/2014 vidarth jaikrishnan, stribr 3. An eight-month-old bootstrapped business.1. The marketing campaign with a “zero” budget is implemented by the embarkonit team 2. contents introduction the cornerstone of the strategy before you begin – who, what, and why measuring for success is completely free.1.

  • ronald van den hoff society30 2.
  • The ‘zero’ budget marketing plan is implemented by the embarkonit team2.
  • There are no customers, no mailing lists, no CRM, no lead databases, and practically no.
  • There is no difficulty with a limited budget!
  • The following are the topics on today’s agenda: top level thoughtswhat your nonprofit with zero budget 2 marketing your non-profit with zero budget how to develop a marketing budget 5 getting your corporate partners to pay creating the.1.
  • arispapag number two.
  • Designing ui, interaction, and interfaces is the specialty of arispapag 3.
  • marketing on a tight budget or with no money marketing webinar learnings from slideshare- how to attract 75 million monthly visits on a shoestring budget!
  • Passionate about people’s potential, Libby Davy, FRSA, Stakeholder Relations, Marketing, Education, Social Media, and Community.

(dr.) thomas abraham dept. of agronomy allahabad 8182019 zero budget terrace gardening 125 zero budget natural farming zbnf krushi rishi sh workshop by: santosh iralapalle supported by: deepak gaikwad 8182019 zero budget terrace gardening 125 zero budget natural farming zb

How to Grow Your Startup on a $0 Marketing Budget

A lot of individuals believe that they need a large budget in order to advertise their business. The fact is that the highest-quality marketing is frequently provided for free or at a low cost. It is beneficial to spend money on paid acquisition channels such as Google AdWords and Facebook since they assist lead users to your website. Paid marketing, on the other hand, can purchase scale, but it cannot buy quality. Some of the most valuable marketing initiatives are typically completely free, contrary to popular belief among startup owners.

Alternatively, you might form a Slack group to foster a sense of community around your product.

The fact that you are putting your own blood, sweat, and tears into your marketing efforts can assist you in translating your idea into a brand that people can identify with.

Consider rethinking your marketing plan in order to engage in marketing activities that are completely free for you to begin with.

“$0 Marketing” vs. Paid Acquisition

There is a low-cost counterpart to any paid acquisition channel, from Google AdWords to hiring an agency, that you can perform yourself: Paying for Google traffic by the click will increase traffic in the short term, but creating content that connects with your audience can help you create a brand and boost organic search traffic in the long run, according to Google. You may engage a public relations agency to have your firm highlighted in magazines such as TechCrunch, but meeting people and developing connections is the only way to sustainably promote word-of-mouth awareness among customers.

After that, we’ll go through other strategies that you may employ to get the same results.

1. Tell a story people will care about.

It is not necessary to recruit a staff of writers in order to be successful with content marketing. According to the power law, content drives the bulk of traffic, which means that just a tiny fraction of blog articles generate the majority of traffic. Early on, your objective should be to increase traffic by identifying articles that your target audience would be interested in. Take, for example, the StatusPage. For StatusPage, it took six months to reach the $5k monthly recurring income milestone (MRR).

  1. And they achieved it with a single piece of material that hit home run after home run.
  2. (Source:StatusPage) Although StatusPage published blog postings on a variety of topics, none of them were directly related to their product.
  3. Instead, they concentrated on crafting a tale that would resonate with a broader community of founders: their own personal narrative.
  4. A detailed breakdown of the first six months of StatusPage’s operations is provided, and it tells a tale that everyone can understand and appreciate.
  5. When the team at StatusPage dug further into their blog traffic, they discovered that 20 percent of blog entries were responsible for 78 percent of overall traffic, which was surprising to them.

In the words of StatusPage creator Steve Klein, “Not every post takes off, but the ones that do take off, truly fly, hit the bull and win a steak are the ones that are sweet.” Here are some suggestions for content marketing that costs nothing:

  • Building scalable habits is essential. For example, our blog had millions of page hits each week, but we didn’t get there by producing our own blog pieces. We instead set aside a few of hours per week to identify and distribute useful material for marketers on Twitter using the hashtag “measure.” Similarly, when we recruited a marketing team to assist with the blog, they followed the same model—80 percent of the blog material was provided by guest pieces. Redirect your audience’s attention: Every time Groove published a new blog article, they sent out a tailored outreach email to key influencers, asking them for their thoughts. When Groove published a blog article, they would send out another email encouraging users to share it with their friends and family. Groove’s email list gained 5,000 new subscribers in only 5 weeks as a result of this technique. Although content home runs might assist generate short-term surges in traffic, the ultimate goal is cultivating an audience that returns to your site time and time again. Over time, the benefits of assistance accumulate: When you’ve written an article that resonates with your readers, you should follow it up with another one. A article about product marketing was published by Drift, and it began to rise in the Google search engine rankings over time. As opposed to simply letting it sit, they went out and solicited backlinks to the piece, as well as updated the information on the site. Today, the post appears as the fourth result of a Google search for “product marketing.”

When it comes to driving paid sign-ups through content, founders frequently make the mistake of attempting to do it too early in the process. That is not the correct way of looking at things. Content helps to get your company’s name out there and establish a distinctive brand that influences how people perceive your organization. After you’ve completed this step, you may engage an employee or a freelancer to do the writing job later on.

2. Handle your own support.

Manage your own support is another free marketing tactic you may use to promote your company’s products and services early in the company’s lifecycle. This is something I discovered nearly by chance while working at Crazy Egg. For our early-access list, we acquired around 23,000 sign-ups when we first published Crazy Egg on Digg in 2006. We were utterly taken by surprise by this tidal surge of interest, which even caused our systems to fail. Because we were a tiny team without any support representatives, I was forced to take on the role of support representative out of necessity.

However, it was an inefficient manner of providing assistance for a self-service SaaS product like Crazy Egg, but the results were tenfold in terms of brand development.

Here are a few suggestions for dealing with the support needs of your firm.

  • Provide your contact information: Jason Knight, the CEO of Wesabe, made his phone number available on the firm’s website while the company battled against Mint. Knight would communicate with Wesabe users between two and three times each day. Basecamp CEO Jason Fried established office hours each week in order to encourage clients to speak with him directly. Providing them with your personal cell phone number is not required
  • But, including your founder’s name in an email signature is a significant signal to them
  • Chat may help you create relationships with your consumers instead of relying on customer service to do this. Buffer established a Slack group for social media marketers to share information and collaborate on projects. Drift is being used by Tomasz Tunguz, a venture financier at Redpoint, to communicate with followers of his blog. The use of free tools such as Slack and Drift can assist you in gaining direct connection to your clients. Set up alerts for mentions of your company: Set up free email alerts for any mentions of your firm on the internet using Google Alerts or Notify. Set up a few of hours per week to personally reply to anything that people are saying about your company on the internet
  • This will save you time in the long run.
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All of the many consumer contacts with your company—both before and after they test your product—contribute to the development of your company’s brand. Reaching out to your consumers and providing them with direct assistance is one of the most effective methods to leave a lasting impression.

3. Practice “invisible marketing”

The most efficient marketing is frequently not conceived as marketing in the first place. The reason for this is that by the time you’re attempting to “sell” anything, you’re usually already attempting to close the deal. The most effective type of marketing comes from assisting others, and you may do so for free as well. Take, for example, Crew. Crew had three months to turn around their business in 2011, before they ran out of funds, which they did. The crew was too preoccupied with attempting to keep the lights on to devote any resources to developing a marketing strategy.

  • The crew had engaged a photographer to capture a slew of images for use on their website’s homepage.
  • Everything was either of poor quality or prohibitively costly to purchase.
  • As a result, they built out a landing page for Unsplash in a single afternoon.
  • Unsplash’s initial home page may be seen here.
  • Crew received more traffic from Unsplash than they had received from any blog post or sponsored acquisition campaign they had previously attempted.

In the words of Crew Founder Mikael Cho, “The finest marketing is when you aren’t even aware that you are promoting.” Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Allowing your consumers to perform your marketing for you is a good idea: Intercom developed a user map tool that allowed Intercom clients to see where their users were located all around the world using Intercom. When Intercom investigated how clients were utilizing the tool, the business discovered that they were using the maps to show off on Twitter, in front of investors, and at trade exhibitions and conferences. As a result, rather than improving the map, they made it more easily shared. They integrated a share button into their product, which automatically concealed critical information—and which was linked back to Intercom.
  • Find unorthodox marketing channels: At Crazy Egg, we experimented with things like starting a Flickr Group and publishing on CSS galleries in order to broaden our reach among designers and other creative types. Make sure you aren’t just relying on the same combination of Hacker News, Twitter, and Facebook just because everyone else is. Experiment with different methods of marketing yourself and your company on a consistent basis. Be of assistance: Buffer created a free Transparent Salary Calculator that allows anyone to see how much money they would make if they worked at the company. Despite the fact that the pay calculator is unrelated to Buffer’s social media platform, it resulted in a 2.2x increase in job applications to Buffer in the first month after it was launched.

Customers in the SaaS industry are astute, and they can detect when you’re attempting to offer them something. Don’t do it. Find problems that you can assist in solving, whether it’s by posting answers on Quora or by creating a free resource or service for the public to utilize.

How to Start

According to one of my favorite Paul Graham essays, founders should “do things that don’t scale.” In addition, I’d caution against doing things that don’t scale unless you’ve explored the possibility of scaling them. Pick up the phone and reach out to your prospective consumers. Compose the emails that will be customised. Hustle. However, it is important not to lose sight of the overall picture. Experiment with different methods of free marketing to get your first 1,000 clients; once you have 1,000 customers, you can figure out how to grow your business to gain the next 10,000.

It drives you to get out there and work more, as well as think more creatively about how to raise visibility for your brand.

  • The Clearbit Connect service allows you to search for any email address right from your Gmail inbox. Drift is a live chat application for startups. Free for one seat and one hundred contacts
  • For startups, there are plenty free responsive HTML email templates available. Google Trends: Conduct research on issues that are important to your target audience. GrowthBot is a marketing and sales chatbot that uses artificial intelligence. Using Open Site Explorer, you may conduct free keyword and backlink research. Pexels 2.0: Get free stock photographs for your company using this service. Subscribe to, which provides a free list of locations where you may acquire press coverage for your firm.

Those interested in seeing further free tools may visit my ” Free Stuff for Startups ” collection on Product Hunt. Look for chances for your early marketing efforts that will provide you with the most return on your investment of time now. As a result, when the time comes to invest money on marketing, you will already have a plan in place and a strategy that is effective.

Get the best content each week for creating better products, faster.

When it comes to developing a new product, there are frequently a number of moving parts that must come together before the product can be made formally accessible to the public. The presence of a coming soon page is a significant asset to have during these times, and not just because it serves as a placeholder for your upcoming store or the product you have in mind. Properly utilized, these pre-launch landing pages may assist you in swiftly gaining popularity, gathering feedback, and launching marketing campaigns while you prepare for your big launch.

Are you having difficulty increasing sales?

What is a coming soon page, and do you need one?

Pre-launch pages are landing pages that drive users to discover more about your business or product, grab their attention (and often their emails), and urge them to help you spread the word about your product or service before it is officially launched. The advantage of a coming soon page over other pages such as FAQ, Contact, and About Us is that it is not a permanent page, unlike other pages such as FAQ, Contact, and About Us. It’s only a placeholder for now. A coming soon page, as a temporary location, gives you the ability to do things like:

  • ‍♀️ Get a jump start on your marketing efforts. It takes less than 24 hours to “go to market” with a coming soon page because it is only one page and not a whole website. If you utilize the proper keywords, it might also help you get a head start on SEO. Create an email list to which you will send your launch announcement. If you do not have a product ready to market, you may focus your efforts on growing a social media following and an email list with whom you can engage in the lead-up to your launch
  • Get feedback as soon as possible. Showcase your ideas to potential clients, evaluate their interest, and utilize their input to drive how you develop your idea further.

A coming soon website is not required for every business, and it should not be used as an excuse to postpone a product launch. Even if you’re starting from scratch, such as with a t-shirt store or dropshipping business, you can generally “soft launch” your store in a reasonably short period of time and make adjustments as you go. Others, on the other hand, may find that product development, acquiring funds, or growing your brand will cause your targeted launch date to be delayed by many months.

Instead of delaying marketing until you can formally open your digital doors to consumers, a coming soon page allows you to get a head start, create and advertise at the same time, and ensure that you have an audience to launch to when you do open your doors.

What your coming soon landing page should do

Your coming soon page might be brief and to the point, or it can act as a full sales page that assists you in achieving numerous goals at the same time. Which option you choose will depend on whether you want a short-term placeholder page or an important strategic destination for a longer-term pre-launch marketing effort. Every marketing campaign need a final destination. That location is your coming soon page, at least until you’re ready to officially start your business. While there are a variety of approaches you may use, the most effective coming soon websites accomplish the following goals.

1. Explain what is “coming soon” and when

A coming soon website not only creates excitement around your concept, but it also allows you to evaluate demand for your concept by observing how people react to it before it is made available for purchase. This is vital input that can be used to improve the development of your product, decide your placement, and create the design of your website. Furthermore, your coming soon page may provide a specific timeframe for your launch, either by showing your launch date or by including a countdown timer in the page header (such asCountdown Timer Bar) to demonstrate that your launch date is getting closer by the second.

2. Build your pre-launch email list

Even before your concept is ready for purchase, a coming soon website not only increases interest in it, but it also allows you to evaluate demand for your concept by seeing how people react to it before it becomes available for purchase. Feedback like this is priceless since it may help you improve your product, decide your placement, and create your website. Furthermore, your coming soon page may provide a specific timeframe for your launch, either by showing your launch date or by including a countdown timer in the page header (such asCountdown Timer Bar) to illustrate that your launch date is getting closer by the second.

  • Pricing for early birds
  • Exclusive discounts or freebies
  • Valuable material
  • And more. Participation in a contest
  • Access to behind-the-scenes activities (or perhaps a voice in the projects you work on)

A pop-up that appears just as a visitor is about to leave a website, such asPrivy, may be a good option for you to consider using. You may then interact with this audience in the lead-up to your launch in order to elicit comments, promote your content with their networks, or just to ensure that they remember you when the big day arrives.

3. Give prospective customers a way to get in touch

The gift of feedback is a wonderful thing, and you don’t have to wait till your product is released to enjoy it. By creating a channel of communication with customers via email or social media—or, better still, live chat—you can address client inquiries early on, get them to participate in one-on-one dialogues with your pre-launch audience, and gather honest feedback on your concept and product. You may include an ecommerce plug-in, such as Shopify Inbox Chat, to make it easier for visitors to your coming soon page to contact you.

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4. Encourage visitors to spread the word

If people appreciate your concept, they may want to spread the word to their friends or social networks—especially if you make it easy for them to do so by providing social sharing buttons on your website or in your emails. You can, however, make it even simpler for them by providing an incentive for them to share your page with their friends or to interact with your company on social networking platforms. You might, for example, utilize a contest software such as Gleam to provide an additional entry for every social action a visitor does on your website.

A well-designed pre-launch loop will provide each new visitor with a compelling incentive to both opt into your audience and share your page with their social networks.

Making use of a referral marketing widget, such asViral Loops, on your website to give different levels of incentives depending on how many recommendations a person creates for you is a common approach to start creating a viral loop around your business.

How to create a coming soon page on Shopify

As far as creating your own Shopify “coming soon page,” there are two main approaches you can take—both of which allow you to create your store in the background at your own speed and go live in a matter of clicks when you’re ready to sell your products. In order to demonstrate the contrasts between the two approaches, I created some fictional business scenarios using a company that aims to sell camping kits to first-time campers.

1. Use your Shopify password page as your coming soon page

Using your password page to launch your coming soon page on Shopify is the quickest method of getting it up and running. By default, most password pages provide the bare essentials of a “coming soon” page, such as a date and time (an email signup form, social sharing buttons, etc.). This is advised if all you want is a simple placeholder page to introduce your business and establish your email list while you create your store from the ground up. Because it is password secured, you can also grant access to a limited number of individuals to view your website in progress by just providing them with the password.

Meanwhile, you may personalize your primary message to visitors and describe what you want to launch while they’re on your website.

It is necessary, however, to complete the process of setting up your password page as a coming soon page by visiting your theme editor and making changes directly to the page using the drag and drop builder.

You’ll have a coming soon website up and running in no time, allowing you to gather emails while you work on your actual business.

2. Publish a “coming soon” version of your theme

Alternatively, you could simply construct two separate versions of your store: a “coming soon” version that you can post in the interim to serve as the focal point of your pre-launch marketing efforts, and a “working” version that you can continue to develop as you prepare for your actual debut. This can be a single page on which you can include product photographs, a background image, an explanation video, CTA buttons, social proof and testimonials, social profiles, and other relevant information.

Check out these Shopify applications if you want to further personalize the design and feel of your coming soon page.

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How to remove a coming soon page

Delete your coming soon page as soon as your product is available for purchase or download. In Shopify, this is a straightforward process.

  1. Navigate to Online StorePages in your Shopify administration. To delete a coming soon page, select the box next to the page you wish to delete. Select the More actions option from the drop-down menu. Select Delete pages from the drop-down menu.

Coming soon page examples

A coming soon page in hand and a debut date in the near future, you can prepare yourself to begin your pre-launch marketing campaigns. Looking for ideas on how to design your own pre-launch campaign? Take a look at the samples of coming soon pages provided below for some inspiration. Each one takes a completely different approach, but there are essential principles that are worth drawing out.

Harry’s: Capture leads and amplify reach with rewards

Harry’s pre-launch marketing effort, which produced over 100,000 emails through referrals, is perhaps one of the most well-known examples of a successful coming soon website. It is customary to utilize referral marketing to persuade your paying customers to assist you in acquiring more paying customers by providing both parties with a financial incentive. For example, in the case of Harry’s, subscribers would earn ever higher prizes as the number of new members increased. Because the price of entrance for the referrer and the referee was merely an email, it was a simple offer to accept for both parties.

Molekule: Doing the math to create a pre-launch marketing goal

Sales generation immediately turns into revenue generation. It is possible that collecting emails as part of a pre-launch campaign will not be successful. In order to evaluate the worth of an email to you, what your objective should be, and how much to spend on pre-launch marketing, it is necessary to work backward. This is especially true if you are interested in speeding up your audience-building efforts through paid marketing. An innovative air purifier firm like Molekule invested $50,000 to establish an email list of 25,000 subscribers, with the assumption that even if only 0.5 percent of those subscribers purchased the brand’s high-ticket product, the list would more than compensate for the investment.

Popov Leather: Accepting pre-orders for a product that’s coming soon

Coming soon pages aren’t just useful for new businesses; they’re also useful for existing ones. Products that aren’t quite finished yet might be promoted by established brands. For example, some companies may gather email addresses on a coming soon website for a new product in order to measure interest.

When Popov Leather used the Crowdfunder app to advertise a new wallet on its Shopify store, it swiftly exceeded its financing target, demonstrating the power of crowdsourcing.

GNARBOX: Choosing the right prize for your giveaways

Even while a giveaway or contest may help you quickly grow your email list, it might be difficult to provide prizes when your items are not yet ready to market or haven’t had an opportunity to establish their worth to potential customers. Instead, you may follow in the footsteps of GNARBOX and provide a product that you do not sell, but that your target consumer would be interested in purchasing. GNARBOX is a company that provides a durable backup device for professionals in the photo and video editing industry.

In conjunction with some of the other list-building tactics we’ve discussed above, GNARBOX was able to establish an email list of 20,000 qualified members to whom it could then launch its product.

Freelance Bold: Offering a fun challenge

For freelance writers who wish to build a successful company, Freelance Bold is an online resource library full of tools and information. Although the idea is still in the early stages of development, founder Marijana Kostelac wanted to begin cultivating an audience for it before it was officially launched. The landing page is simple and well designed. However, the five-day free email challenge offer is what distinguishes it from the competition. Signing up for this course will teach people how to audit and renew critical aspects of their business, as well as how to set goals for the following months.

Fashion Nova: Coming soon collection page

Fashion Nova, a retailer, has put a unique spin on the conventional coming soon page. Rather than promoting a single page with a contact form, Fashion Nova will be promoting a complete range of items that will be available shortly. The page allows shoppers to look around, click on an item they like, and then utilize the Notify Me call to action on the subsequent product page to be placed on a waiting list.

JB Hi-Fi: Collecting pre-orders

Retailer of home entertainment products JB Several new blockbusters, re-releases, and special editions of movies are available for purchase on the Hi-website. Fi’s On the above-mentioned coming soon website, it provides buyers with unique pre-order pricing. Customers may explore, place orders, and add movies to a wish list while on the site. In addition, JB provides buyers with a phone number to call if they find a movie that is cheaper somewhere online.

Gymshark: Giving sneak previews

Online firms may develop coming soon pages for their products, as seen by Gymshark’s December AW20 Apparel Preview website. In-depth product descriptions and photographs are provided for forthcoming items on a dedicated website.

This provides customers with all of the information they need about individual goods, such as product upgrades and materials, as well as launch dates, so they know when they can anticipate the collection to be available for purchase.

Coming soon pages: The centerpiece of pre-launch marketing

Coming soon pages are completely optional, and not every business owner will include one in their website design. The opposite is true for companies who wish to conduct a pre-launch campaign while they are preparing for the big event. A coming soon page may allow your company to begin promoting and expanding during your downtime, filling seats in your audience so that you can debut to a full house.

Ready to create your business? Start your free 14-day trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

A coming soon page can help you get a head start on marketing by allowing you to create an email list prior to launching your product. You may encourage people to share your brand on social media, and you can gain early feedback on your ideas and concepts by encouraging them to promote your brand. If you’re starting from scratch, it also provides you time to set up shop.

How long should a coming soon page be?

Pages announcing upcoming events should be a single page. The information provided is simply a sneak peek into your company and its goods.

What do you write on a coming soon page?

You may write a competitive analysis by following the procedures outlined in this blog article and utilizing the template provided:

  1. Explain what’s coming up in the near future. Incorporate a call-to-action for your email marketing list. Make it easy for customers to get in touch with your company
  2. Encourage individuals to share their experiences on social media.

How do I make a free coming soon page?

With the free Shopify 14-day trial, you will be able to create a landing page for your store’s upcoming launch. For the duration of the trial, you will have full access to Shopify’s drag-and-drop website builder, marketing tools, and tutorials to assist you in creating your webpage.

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