7 Ways To Increase Your Form Field Conversion Rate (by Up To 672%)? (Question)

7 Ways to Increase Your Form Field Conversion Rate (by Up to 672%)

  1. Place the form above the fold.
  2. Ensure you have a strong call-to-action.
  3. Include your privacy policy to remove all doubts.
  4. Minimize friction in and around the form.
  5. Include the right number of fields, remove unnecessary fields.

How can I increase my digital conversion rate?

10 Great Ideas to Improve Your Online Conversion Rate

  1. Test, Test, and Test Again. A/B tests are your new best friend.
  2. Use Heat Maps.
  3. Optimize Your Forms.
  4. Make Yourself Easy to Contact.
  5. Include Clear Calls to Action.
  6. Create Community.
  7. Have a Social Media Presence.
  8. Create a Sense of Urgency.

What is a good conversion rate for contact form?

The median conversion rate is somewhere between 3-5% for most industries, but a higher or lower number than that can still be good or bad depending on the context and your desired outcome.

How do you increase lead form completion rate?

Here are eight ways you can improve your form conversion rate and increase leads from your contact form.

  1. Reduce the number of fields.
  2. Remove all optional fields.
  3. Don’t lose focus on the reason you are using a form.
  4. Remove the phone number field.
  5. Make the form look straightforward and easy.

How can I increase my conversion rate in retail?

10 Ways to Increase Conversions in Your Retail Store

  1. Set up your store for success.
  2. Hide your queue.
  3. Staff according to traffic, not just sales.
  4. Recognize that your employees play a huge role in boosting conversions.
  5. Give free samples, nibbles, or drinks.
  6. Use social proof.
  7. Create the feeling of scarcity.

How do you maximize conversion rate and increase your overall sales volume?

13 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

  1. Do A/B testing. In real estate it’s about location, location, location.
  2. Create a compelling and clear value proposition.
  3. Set up a sales funnel.
  4. Cut the jargon.
  5. Address objections.
  6. Increase trust.
  7. Make it easy to buy from you.
  8. Communicate value.

How do you increase a form?

21 Ways to Improve Your Forms

  1. Use Clear Field Labels.
  2. Use Descriptive Default Text in Form Fields.
  3. Make Input Field Text Disappear On Click.
  4. Use Good Form Validation.
  5. Use Good Design and Layout.
  6. Place Your Form Prominently.
  7. Simply Your Form.
  8. Display Inline Error Messages.

How do I increase form and submissions and calls from a website?

10 Ways to Increase “Contact Us” Form Submissions

  1. Keep Your Fields Minimal. There is no such thing called ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to your contact form.
  2. Place It Right.
  3. Do Not Underestimate Design.
  4. Customize.
  5. Remember What Not To Ask.
  6. Drop The Captcha.
  7. Get Your Copy Straight.
  8. Do Not Forget the Cell Phone.

How do you optimize a form?

7 Ways to Optimize Your Conversion Forms to Get Better Leads

  1. 1) Move your form above the fold.
  2. 2) Make your form headline a call-to-action.
  3. 3) Include the right number of fields.
  4. 4) Make it easy to see which form fields are required.
  5. 5) Hide previously-completed fields.

How many fields should a form have?

Know that the best practice is between 3-5 fields. Anything beyond that could negatively impact your conversion rate. In fact, extensive research from Formstack shows that reducing the number of form fields to four or less can increase conversions by up to 160 percent.

How do you increase conversion rate in brick and mortar?

Increase Retail Conversion Rates: 8 Strategies for Brick and

  1. Pay Attention to Shelving and Retail Store Organization.
  2. Keep Your Lines Moving Quickly and Looking Short.
  3. Be Strategic with Your Retail Staffing.
  4. Use Your Employees to Increase Retail Conversion Rates.
  5. Let People Try the Products.

What is a good conversion rate in retail?

A good conversion rate for a retail store is 20% or more.

How do you explain conversion in retail?

Retail conversion measures the proportion of visitors to a retail outlet who make a purchase. If 300 people visit your store in a day, but only 75 buy something, the conversion rate is 25 percent. To measure retail conversion, you must measure numbers of visitors and understand how to interpret the data.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Conversion Forms to Get Better Leads

It would be quite difficult to gather high-quality leads from your website if you do not have conversion forms. And, as you’ve learned from studying the pieces of a well-optimized conversion path, a form performs best when it’s put on a landing page that has an offer that visitors can’t resist accepting. The question is, what happens if your conversion rate continues to suffer? What happens if you optimize your website’s calls-to-action and landing page headlines to the extreme, yet visitors still don’t convert?

It is possible to ignore the most obvious areas for optimizing your business.

Lead generation is impossible to do without forms.

1) Move your form above the fold.

When designing your landing page, make sure that the form is visible above the fold – that is, the visitor should not have to scroll down the page in order to see the form. Otherwise, the visitor may arrive at your internet page and be perplexed as to what to do next or how to take advantage of the stated promotion.

2) Make your form headline a call-to-action.

By placing a call-to-action just above the form, you may encourage visitors to finish the last step and submit the information requested. On our Free Trial landing page, you’ll see that the call-to-action is “Start Your Free Trial Now,” as you can see in the screenshot above. If you’re unclear about what to say in this place, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Take advantage of your free
  • Sign up for
  • Create an account for now
  • Yes, please give me this
  • Download the document
  • Make a claim immediately
  • Reserve your spot at

3) Include the right number of fields.

The most frequently heard piece of advice regarding form length is: “Keep your form brief in order to obtain more conversions!” This is only true in some instances. Yes, if your form is excessively lengthy, users will be discouraged from taking the time to complete it properly. However, a more condensed version of the offer may reduce the perceived value of the offer. Additionally, if your sales staff is receiving an excessive amount of low-quality leads to filter through, you may not want a large number of leads.

  • In the case of a free checklist or infographic, you may simply want to gather first and last names and an email address depending on where you are in the buying cycle at the time of the offer. In contrast, if you’re giving out something more significant, such as an ebook or whitepaper, which indicates that individuals are farther along in the study process, you may want to request further details from them. How many leads you generate-If your sales team receives an excessive number of leads and is unable to sift through each and every one, provide extra fields on your lead generation forms so that your representatives can better qualify each lead and choose which ones are worth calling. And, yeah, having this problem is a fantastic problem to have

4) Make it easy to see which form fields are required.

In the case of a free checklist or infographic, you may simply want to gather first and last names and an email address depending on where you are in the purchase cycle at the time. Alternatively, if you’re giving out something more significant, such as an ebook or whitepaper, which indicates that individuals are farther along in the study process, you might want to request further details from them. How many leads you generate-If your sales team receives an excessive number of leads and is unable to go through each and every one, provide extra fields on your lead generation forms so that your representatives can better qualify each lead and choose which ones are worth pursuing by telephone.

5) Hide previously-completed fields.

The conversion forms on HubSpot’s website are lengthy, especially for first-time visitors. We receive a large number of leads, and we require the additional fields in order to establish lead quality and properly cycle the leads to the appropriate representatives. However, these additional fields are only visible the first time a visitor completes the form.

Incorporating smart form fields allows us to not only collect the information we require from a contact the first time she signs up to get an offer, but we also provide her with a more pleasant user experience the next time she returns, boosting her chances of converting on a subsequent offer.

6) Make your submit button say something other than “submit.”

Your submit button is more than simply a button; it’s a final opportunity to persuade your visitors that they should complete the final few fields on your form. A wasted opportunity exists when the text “submit” appears as the submit button text on your form. This content should be tailored to the specifics of the deal being promoted. Here are a few illustrations:

  • This ebook is available for download. Please sign me up for a demonstration
  • Demonstrate this presentation to me
  • Take use of your coupon
  • Keep your seat reserved
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These are all considerably more appealing calls-to-action than the standard “submit” button.

7) Ensure your visitors’ privacy.

Include a link to your privacy policy either next to the label for your email field or at the bottom of your form, below the submission button. If you do this, it will provide visitors who are hesitant to provide you with their personal information the peace of mind that their information will not be shared with any third parties. It will also make you appear trustworthy and reputable, which will enhance the number of conversions that you receive. Please see this link to HubSpot’s privacy policy for some inspiration if you need assistance deciding what should be included on your privacy page.

This is actually one of the most often visited sections on our website, as people are usually curious as to how you intend to use their personal information after they provide it.

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Increase Form Conversion Rates with 10 Simple But Powerful Ways

The ultimate purpose of an online form is to acquire the information of potential customers. So, why aren’t your forms designed to accomplish this goal and increase conversion rates? Unfortunately, there are no simple solutions to the mystery of why your prospects aren’t filling out forms on your website. It might be due to the design, the location, the offer of the shape, or something completely else. While it is hard to peek inside your customers’ brains, you may use best practices to boost the number of forms that are submitted and filled out.

  • Forms should be created as popups, and they should be placed just above the fold. 3. Create web forms that are easy to use, user-friendly, and visually appealing.
  • Remove any form fields that aren’t absolutely essential. Order Forms in descending order of difficulty to fill out
  • Coloring and background
  • The content of the book
  • Optimize your lead forms for mobile devices
  • 5. Make them simple to complete
  • 6. Include a compelling call to action
  • 7. Include a Privacy Policy in your document. Make your landing page more effective at converting visitors into form submissions. 9. Split-test your lead generation forms to see which one performs better. 10. Include a Countdown Timer
  • Finish with a bow

Popups have an average conversion rate of 3.09 percent, according to studies. If you adhere to the best practices, your conversion rate may even increase in the future. Popup forms tend to create more leads and conversions than on-page embedded forms, particularly when compared to other types of forms. Why?

  • They draw the attention of site visitors to your website. It is easier to fill out the forms since they have less fields to fill out. You may use incentives on your popup forms to encourage people to fill out their forms.

A popup builder and lead generating tool, Popupsmart is the most user-friendly product available on the market.

It comes with powerful targeting and design choices to help you increase your conversion rates even further. Here are some brief pointers to remember in order to get the most out of your popups:

  • Experiment with a variety of incentives (e-books, discounts, coupons, and so on) to see which one will create the most conversions. Pre-fill Popup Forms are useful for a variety of reasons. When using the Popupsmart popup builder, you may show a visitor a pre-populated form, which saves you time and frustration. As a result, the user will see a fully completed popup form, with the only thing left to do being to click on the submit button. It’s less time-consuming and more easy than the alternative. Designing forms that are conversion-ready: Pop-up windows of yore are no longer available. You can make your forms more aesthetically appealing while also improving the user experience by utilizing Popupsmart’s current designs. Set a delay of 30 seconds for your popup window. You will avoid interfering with the user’s experience in this manner. Because it is an established truth that the vast majority of people immediately push the close button when a popup appears when a visitor first arrives on a website
  • Make the close button as visible as possible. It should be simple to close the popup form
  • Otherwise, it might be considered spammy. Display your popup window just once per user. Add a checkbox for privacy policies
  • Make use of smart tags

You can generate more leads than you could with your ordinary website forms if you use the combination shown above. Popupsmart allows you to carry out all of these procedures. If you enable the autoresponder email option, you will also receive an email notification whenever a form is submitted on your website. A Lead Table will be created to store all of the information collected from users through a lead creation form. The outcome will have such a significant influence on your conversion rates that you will just pass over the remainder of the list.

  1. It is the level of impact and participation that is important.
  2. Positioning the most crucial features, such as forms and call-to-action buttons, on the first page will result in the most amount of interaction and exposure to potential consumers.
  3. Keep in mind that most mobile users will scroll down to the bottom of the page before the page even loads.
  4. We still give 80 percent of our attention to material that is above the fold, even though we live in a scroll-oriented culture.
  5. Popups, on the other hand, are typically preferable to integrated website forms since users cannot dismiss them by scrolling away or missing them.
  6. That is why you should avoid filling out frightening form fields that seem to take an eternity to complete if possible.
  7. Keep in mind that initial impressions are critical in determining the success or failure of your marketing.
  8. Several checkout pages that I visited were abandoned by me simply because the form was too lengthy.
  9. According to cart abandonment statistics, 18 percent of online customers abandon their shopping carts because the checkout procedure is too long and difficult.

Do you enjoy wasting your time filling out an online form that asks you things that aren’t necessary? Most likely not. The best number of form fields varies depending on the kind of form, however for the purpose of increasing form conversion rates, three fields are the optimal number.

  • Only those questions that are absolutely necessary are asked. Indicate which fields are needed and which are not
  • Pre-filling form fields to improve usability: Pre-fill the form fields to make it easier to fill out the form
  • The Firm Data Enrichment feature allows you to gather information such as the name of the company, its size and location from the user’s domain without having to ask them directly on the form.

(Source:Baymard) Fewer form fields can result in higher conversion rates; but, if your sales team does not obtain enough lead information to follow up, the high number of conversion rates will not assist to improve the poor close rates on your website. To summarize, A/B test the amount of fields on your form to discover the optimal balance between obtaining vital lead information while using the smallest number of fields possible. According to Robert Cialdini’s “commitment and consistency” theory, when a person makes a tiny action or a step toward something, they feel obligated to see it through to completion.

Coloring and Background

If you intend to utilize a popup form, be certain that the colors and style of the form match those of your brand and landing page. The contrast between the text color and the backdrop color should be strong enough to let the text stand out while being balanced enough not to be distracting to the viewer’s attention. The same logic applies to web forms as it does to paper ones. Additional design recommendations:

  • Adhere to a predetermined color scheme
  • Various sections should be divided into multiple pages.


Making a picture of your offer, such as an ebook or sample product, prominently displayed on your lead generating forms will encourage potential consumers to enter their information, thereby raising conversion rates. The online traffic generated by mobile devices accounts for nearly half of all web traffic worldwide. (Statista) We can’t afford to ignore the massive volume of mobile traffic currently in existence. Optimizing your online forms for mobile devices may make a significant impact in the number of conversions you receive.

  • Remove any fields that aren’t absolutely essential. Maintain the responsiveness of your lead generation forms on mobile devices. Don’t allow your popup form to hide or close important components on the screen.
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All of Popupsmart’s lead forms are compatible with mobile devices. Take a look at our blog post titled “How to Create Converting Mobile Popups” for more information (Without Lowering Your SEO). Long or confusing forms that take an excessive amount of time to complete are simply one of the most common reasons for potential customers or leads to abandon their cart. Tips for optimizing your forms for a better user experience include the following:

  • Prefill Forms: Why would you bother having users fill out fields that you can prefill for them? If you want to save them time, use the prefill option to enter some information for them. Multi-page Forms: If your form requires a significant amount of scrolling or has numerous sections, you may divide it down into multiple pages. Allow users to save their work and return to it later if a form is too extensive or time-consuming to complete in a single sitting.

The words that you choose have the most impact on the decisions that your potential consumers will make. Users should be encouraged to do the desired action, which in this case is filling out the form, by your call-to-action phrase.

  • The title of your landing pages should be attention-grabbing enough to pique consumers’ interest and encourage them to continue reading. “Buy, now, start, add to cart, free” are all powerful terms to use in your call-to-actions. Personalize your calls-to-action by using pronouns such as “you,” “your,” “our,” and so on. Incorporate a sense of urgency: Make use of terms such as “Today, Now, Last Chance” and similar expressions. Align your call-to-action and form with the text on your landing page.

According to data privacy studies, 95 percent of Americans are concerned about corporations gathering information about them without their consent. Given the large number of scams that occur on a daily basis, it is normal and natural for internet users to be concerned about the security of their personal information. So, what is the most effective strategy for gaining the confidence of your prospects? When it comes to conversion rate optimization, including a privacy policy and adhering to GDPR regulations can make a difference.

Specify a privacy policy page on your website, and include a privacy policy checkbox on all of your popup and online forms. Therefore, if individuals have faith in you, they are more inclined to complete your lead generation forms.

8. Optimize Your Landing Page for Form Conversions

Across all industries, the average landing page conversion rate is around 2.35 percent on average. Increasing the conversion rate of contact forms and lead forms is equally dependent on optimizing your landing page for maximum effectiveness. The layout of your landing page should direct the visitor’s attention to the form. It should not divert users’ attention away from the main objective. You might be interested in the following article: Top 12 Landing Page Optimization Tools. A landing page’s ultimate purpose is to capture lead information through the use of a web form, and the form should be the focal point of the page.

  • If you design your landing page with eye tracking in mind, you may find that it is much more effective than you anticipated.
  • According to a case study, using people’s faces and customer testimonials in your form conversions can result in significant increases in conversion rates.
  • When capturing leads using any of these tactics, you must, however, make certain that your call-to-action is prominently displayed on the website.
  • Among the other things you should try are the following:
  • The following is the headline for your landing page: It should be compelling
  • It should be informative. The following is the copy for your landing page: Make it more compelling by include bullet points, photographs, testimonials, and videos in your document. Make your landing page copy easy to read and comprehend by not using complicated language. Attempt to keep it as straightforward and concise as possible

Aside from these considerations, keep in mind that the method of social proof is a major motivator in the decision-making process of customers. Client testimonials, testimonial videos, trust badges, and money-back guarantees all help to build trust and, as a result, increase conversions for your business. When the clock is ticking down, it is normal for people to get tense and apprehensive. The same is true for your consumers’ perception of the situation. A countdown timer on your landing page or popup form, for example, can be just the motivation customers need to perform the needed action.

  1. In another study, researchers discovered that putting a limited-time offer sign and a countdown timer helped one company increase sales by 332 percent.
  2. We’ve covered ten tried-and-true methods for increasing form conversion rates in this article.
  3. Instead of offering a product to the prospect, the purpose of your landing page form is to effectively capture their personal information.
  4. Reduce the amount of clutter surrounding your lead forms and call-to-action buttons.

Other than that, individuals become distracted and divert their attention away from the intended action. We hope you find these suggestions useful and that you begin producing more form conversions immediately. Using a quick checlist, you may enhance the conversion rates on your forms:

  1. Create pop-up forms and place them immediately above the fold on your website. Web forms should be designed for usability, user experience, and visual appeal. Optimize your lead generation forms for mobile use. Make it simple for people to fill them out. Have a strong call-to-action on your website
  2. Include a policy about privacy
  3. Optimize the landing pages of your website. A/B test your lead generating forms to see which one performs better. Incorporate a countdown timer

Articles that have been suggested include:

  • 15 of the most effective customer feedback tools for websites 14 Email Newsletter Examples That Improve the Quality of Our Inboxes

15 Form Conversion Best Practices (Backed by Research)

Interested in learning more about best practices for form conversions? As digital marketers, we spend many hours each day developing tactics for lead generating forms that will engage and convert users. In many cases, we overlook the critical role that contact forms play in generating the highest possible number of conversions. Consequently, in this post, we will discuss some excellent research-based strategies and form conversion best practices that you can implement to increase the completion rate of your contact web form.

Contact Form Conversion Best Practices

When it comes to contact forms, the difference between a high-converting form and a low-converting form is frequently little. The devil is in the details, and something as basic as picking red over green can have a significant impact on the completion rate of a specific form. If you want to properly use your contact forms to get the most number of conversions, you must concentrate on the proper strategies. To get you started, here are some research-based pointers to consider:

1. Use the Right Layout

It is critical to have the proper layout. According to an eye tracking research conducted by Google, here’s what you need to know:WPForms is the top WordPress Form Builder plugin, according to the findings. You can have it for free!

  • The length of your input fields should correspond to the length of the replies you expect to get. In other words, the majority of people have a first name that is 8 letters or fewer. It is not necessary to make your name input box longer than 20 characters. In order to facilitate rapid reference, field labels should be positioned above the appropriate input fields
  • A form should never be divided into more than one column, and one question per row is the optimum situation.

All of these particulars are important. They aid in the establishment of a sense of familiarity with the audience and the avoidance of unneeded misunderstanding.

2. Position the Form Properly

This one is quite basic, but make certain that the conversion form is clearly visible in a visible location. Conversion forms should always be visible above the fold and should be easily distinguishable from the other items on the page. In addition, placing a conversion form at the bottom of a landing page ensures that the vast majority of visitors never see it.

3. Limit the Number of Fields

The last thing you want to do is make the consumer feel overwhelmed. If at all possible, limit the number of fields on your form to no more than three. Following the recommendations of this infographic by Quicksprout, reducing the number of fields to just three can guarantee a minimum conversion rate of 25 percent if done correctly. Another study, conducted by Hubspot, confirms this principle, demonstrating that lowering the number of fields from four to three results in a 50 percent increase in form completion.

4. Use the Right Color for CTA

In particular, when it comes to form conversion best practices, the color of your CTA button is important to consider. Choosing a color that not only complements your present style and layout but also stands out and shouts “click me” is critical. According to a lot of case studies, red is the hue with the best results in marketing. Orange and green, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. These colors have the potential to outperform others in certain conditions.

Make sure to track CTA buttons as custom events in WordPress so that you can observe which colors are more effective for your campaigns in the future. In our piece on survey form design best practices, we go into further detail on the appearance of high-performing forms.

5. Get Rid of CAPTCHA

While captchas are effective in filtering spam, they are disliked by most people. According to one study, they really have a negative influence on conversion rates, resulting in a loss of around 3 percent of overall conversions. This is not to mean that you should disregard the security of your WordPress site. It is, without a doubt, a critical component of the trust-building process. WPForms includes anti-spam technology to protect you from spam, which is a preferable choice if you want to stay away from spam in the first place.

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6. Don’t Get the Digits

It is their phone numbers that customers are most adamant about not disclosing to third parties. According to research, asking for a phone number results in a high rate of form abandonment in nearly every case. Furthermore, not only is the phone number an additional entry, but consumers are hesitant about disclosing such sensitive information. They already have too many distractions, and they don’t want a salesperson phoning them on the phone. Distinct sorts of forms necessitate the use of different fields.

As reported by this study, removing the phone number field from required to optional loweres desertion from 39 percent to only 4 percent.

If you are reaching out to customers, it’s a good idea to utilize aVoIP business phone for your calls, while we’re on the subject of phone numbers.

7. Show Social Proof

The usage of social proof is another best practice for form conversion that we’ve included in our list. Most individuals are not interested in filling out a sign-up form unless they are compelled to do so. Participants sign up on their own initiative, often as a result of outside influences. One of the most effective methods to favorably encourage individuals to provide you with their information is to incorporate parts of social proof into your communications. Examples include the following:

  • “Our eBook has already been downloaded by more than 20,000 additional individuals!” According to industry expert John Doe, our daily email is “the most intriguing part” of his morning routine.
  • “Almost nine hundred percent of first-time users express great levels of satisfaction with our program.”
  • The following message was received: “Jane from Boston recently signed up for our email newsletter!”

Using the social proof software TrustPulse, you can quickly and simply create a popup like this. (They even offer a free plan! Check out what’s included in our TrustPulse review for more information.) As you can see, there’s a lot of options when it comes to social proofing your website. The most crucial thing is to include at least one element in or surrounding your conversion form, regardless of how little. Take a look at the post 11 methods to leverage social proof to enhance your conversions for more information on how to use this strategy.

8. Explain What Happens Next

People do not like to be in the dark about anything. After they click the submit button, they want to know exactly what will happen next. You may significantly increase your conversion rates by changing the copy of your call-to-action button or by including an additional field that informs them of what they can anticipate. According to research, the term “submit” does not convey enough information. Words like “go” and “click here” saw conversion rates improve by 25-30 percent when used in conjunction with other words.

Another study found that utilizing the first person in the call-to-action button increased conversions by as much as 25% when compared to using the second person point of view on the same page.

9. Don’t Be Picky

Individuals who fill out your forms should not be required to provide you with any personal information that you deem unnecessary. Sometimes all it takes is an email address to get things started. There’s nothing more aggravating for a user than completing a form only to be informed that their birth date must be entered using forward slashes rather than dash characters. Simply allow folks to complete the form! Error notifications have a negative impact on conversion rates. There are just not enough people who are prepared to go through the process of filling out a form twice.

10. Try Optional Fields

Another suggestion on our list of best practices for improving form conversion rates is to actually include fields in the form (but with a special trick). You may keep your forms simple and to the point, but you can also include extra fields if you want further information. It is not magic; rather, it is intelligent conditional logic. Not only does it provide you with additional information, but it also increases the conversion rate of your sign up form by improving the user experience! Long forms are disliked by most people.

11. Provide a Reason to Believe

At the end of the day, consumers want a compelling reason to believe. Why should they divulge their personal information to you? The value proposition is the starting point for everything. When it comes to form optimization, determining the appropriate incentive is critical. Is it truly necessary for a user to be added to another email list? No. What they truly want to know is how much value your email will bring them in their lives. A smart form conversion best practice is to communicate this value in a clear and concise manner.

12. Break It Up

Divide your lengthy forms into many pages in order to improve the user experience for your visitors. Wish to elicit some further information from visitors without scaring them away and negatively impacting your conversion rate? Using breadcrumbs with multi-part forms is just another of our form conversion best practices to experiment with. People will be more likely to complete your forms if you tell them how far they are from finishing them. It aids in keeping them interested and completing their information.

13. Make It Responsive

When considering best practices for form conversion, don’t forget about mobile devices! Conversion rates might skyrocket if your forms are mobile-friendly and responsive. Making sure your forms are mobile-friendly is extremely crucial because a large number of individuals use their smartphones as their primary mode of online browsing. Always choose a form builder that is responsive to mobile devices, such as WPForms, to ensure that your forms appear and function properly on any device. In addition, don’t forget to optimize your WordPress forms to generate leads from mobile devices.

14. Be More Human

Have you ever noticed how much more enjoyable it is to converse with a human being rather than a robot? When you use conversational-style forms, you can transform your standard forms into something that seems more like a face-to-face interaction.

Natural language forms are gaining in popularity as a result of their ability to increase conversion rates significantly. They also appear to be of high quality.

15. Analyze Your Results

Unless you can find out what is working and what isn’t, you’ll never be able to increase your form conversions and increase your revenue. Fortunately, theUser Journey Addon allows you to discover precisely what it is that makes your visitors tick. This function allows you to see the sites and articles that your visitors looked at before submitting your form, which is quite useful. More information may be gleaned from their searches, such as when they searched and what they looked for, as well as the URL that sent them to your site.

With MonsterInsights, you can simply measure form conversions as well as other metrics.

Final Thoughts on Form Completion Best Practices

We hope that this post has provided you with some excellent form conversion best practices that will allow you to increase the conversion rate of your contact form. Examine the following examples of landing page forms to see how some of these strategies are put to use. Looking for some more statistics and information to keep on hand when it comes to online forms? Please have a look at the following 101 amazing figures and facts regarding online forms: In your role as a marketer, you don’t have the luxury of wasting time on picky conversion forms or sophisticated design modifications.

Start using WPForms now to see an increase in the number of people who complete your contact form.

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