5 Ways To Automate Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy? (Perfect answer)

How to Automate your Pinterest Strategy

  1. Auto Follow. Use a Pinterest Automation Software that automatically follows lots of other users.
  2. Schedule Pins.
  3. Pinterest Image Pinner.
  4. Repinly for inspiration.
  5. Display your Pins on your site.

How do I create a Pinterest strategy?

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

  1. Sign up for a business account.
  2. Choose the right categories for your content.
  3. Use unique images and videos.
  4. Leverage keywords.
  5. Add hashtags to your content.
  6. Share your content on other social networks.
  7. Follow, engage, and interact with other accounts.
  8. Use social media best practices.

How can I improve my Pinterest marketing?

Optimize your Pins for SEO Include keywords in your Pins’ descriptions, on boards and in hashtags. Rich Pins, designed to pin new content from your business’s website while avoiding duplicate content will also boost your brand’s Pinterest SEO.

How do I market my Pinterest 2020?

What are Pinterest Marketing Tactics for 2020?

  1. 1 Always Think About Keywords.
  2. 2 Spend Some Time Replying To/Posting Comments.
  3. 3 Claim Your Website and Other Social Profiles.
  4. 4 Optimize Your Boards with Keyword-Rich Descriptions.
  5. 5 Create Multiple Pins for the Same Article.
  6. 6 Keep an eye on performance.
  7. 7 Automate your content.

How do I automatically post to Pinterest?

Schedule a Pin

  1. Go to your Calendar in Later on the web.
  2. Select your Pinterest profile at the top.
  3. Drag and drop the media you want to schedule.
  4. Set the date and time you want the post to go out.
  5. Select the board that you want to post your Pin to.
  6. Enter a Pin title and description, and add a website link.
  7. Optional Edits:

What is a Pinterest strategist?

So to start it might be helpful to know what a Pinterest strategist is. And as far as I understand it, a Pinterest strategist is someone who manages different Pinterest accounts and implements strategies for the peson who own the account.

How does Pinterest help your business grow?

Pinterest is a social network where people can find inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies. Pins can also link back to websites, which is why Pinterest is great for driving traffic and sales. And most importantly for businesses, Pins help people find more information on products they’re looking to buy.

What would be your strategy to grow a new Pinterest account safely and organically?

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following Organically

  1. Optimize Your Profile and Boards.
  2. Create Pinterest Boards Your Followers Want.
  3. Use Other Pinners’ Success to Help Create Your Own Success.
  4. Create a Template and Process for Making Your Pins.
  5. Strategically Follow and Unfollow Other Pinners.

What are the benefits of Pinterest for business?

Top 5 benefits of a Pinterest business account

  • Spot emerging trends. Pinterest is the number one platform where consumers share products, designs and trends that they’re loving.
  • Increase brand authority.
  • Drive website traffic.
  • Access your analytics.
  • Run ads and promoted Pins.

How do I advertise on Pinterest?

Create ads

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account.
  2. Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Create ad.
  3. Click Ads in the left-side navigation.
  4. Select the Pins you want to promote:
  5. Under your selected Pins, click Review selected Pins to add details to your ads:
  6. Click Launch.

How do I automate Pinterest marketing?

How to Automate your Pinterest Strategy

  1. Auto Follow. Use a Pinterest Automation Software that automatically follows lots of other users.
  2. Schedule Pins.
  3. Pinterest Image Pinner.
  4. Repinly for inspiration.
  5. Display your Pins on your site.

How do I automate Pinterest and Instagram?

Here’s how to go through the process of auto-publishing from Instagram to Pinterest.

  1. Click the three dots on the top, right side of Pinterest.
  2. Click edit settings.
  3. On the left menu, click claim.
  4. You will see the words auto-publish my latest Instagram post(s) daily to the following board.

What is Pinterest RSS feed?

Pinterest Board RSS The RSS feed will show you the last 20 or so pins created in that board rather than the full contents. You won’t be able to see the comments for pin but your feed will be updated when new items are added. As for Pinterest search, it doesn’t look like there is a way to generate an RSS feed just yet.

Automate Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 4 Effective Ways

If Pinterest marketing is a component of your promotional efforts, the following four strategies for automating your Pinterest marketing plan should be your next steps toward attaining excellent results on the platform. Your company needs a phenomenally effective, low-cost Pinterest employee who can save you hours of time each week by taking care of all the heavy lifting on the social media platform. I’m not referring about the hire of a real-life, flesh-and-blood human assistant. Instead, we’ll talk about how to use four powerful strategies to automate your Pinterest marketing plan.

Three of the four strategies to automate your strategy that are discussed in this post are features of Tailwind, the most well-known and reliable Pinterest scheduler available on the market today.

The latter is an important consideration when selecting your autopilot program.

There is only one rule: the software you use must be compliant with Pinterest’s terms and guidelines in order to function properly.

The Partners Directory has a complete listing of all of the recognized tools and applications.

1. Schedule your pins in advance

The majority of company owners find it difficult to find the time to pin on a daily basis. Manual pinning is not a long-term strategy for attracting your target audience and driving traffic to your website through Pinterest. When it comes to automating your Pinterest marketing plan, scheduling content days or even weeks in advance is the most successful method. This guarantees that your audience receives fresh material on a consistent basis throughout the day. Curating content can be done once a week or once a month if you have the time.

  • Tailwind’s scheduler is available as a Chrome extension, which places a “Schedule” button on top of photos from both Pinterest and other sources.
  • The process of populating your Tailwind queue with dozens of pins takes only a few minutes.
  • Because you may only schedule one pin on one board at a time, this feature is better suited for single pins rather than material that will last for several days or weeks, for example.
  • Tailwind’s scheduler is unique in that it not only allows you to bulk schedule but it also allows you to schedule in real time.
  • Tailwind gathers information about when your audience is most active on Pinterest in order to assist you in creating a pinning plan that is most effective for your content.

Tailwind is free to use. The more you make use of it, the more accurate it becomes. Also available is a quick-reference table of your performance statistics, which allows you to see which material is most popular with your audience. This will enable you to produce more of what customers desire.

2. Amplify your content’s reach with Tribes

Tailwind Communities is a collaborative environment where you can post your unique material and have it shared by other members of the Tailwind community. Small, specialised group boards may still do wonders for getting your material out there, but Tribes takes content amplification to a whole new level on the social media platform Pinterest. To put it simply, each Tribe is a repository of information. Every user has the ability to upload their own material and should also repin other people’s stuff from the pool of resources.

Tribes should be formed based on your own expertise and areas of interest.

Because the Tribe is focused on a certain topic, the greater the likelihood of putting your information in front of the correct individuals.

3. Pin your evergreen content with SmartLoop

Using Tailwind’s SmartLoop function, you may select pins that you wish to pin frequently, and Tailwind will pin them for you. It also automatically loops them onto regular or group boards throughout the course of a given period of time. For evergreen material that is constantly relevant to your audience, you may use SmartLoop to pin it at preset intervals throughout the year. When you’re in a niche where there are significant ups and downs in interest and search queries, what do you do? Create a seasonal loop that will only allow you to pin during a specified duration, such as the holidays.

Once it has been constructed, it will take care of everything until it is instructed to halt or stop.

Also, make sure you have enough relevant boards so that you don’t keep pinning the same few pins over and over.

Hold off on using SmartLoop until you’ve gained some traction with your content production and have established a strong presence on the social media platform Pinterest.

4. Boost shares with the Save button

The Save button has been there for a long time, yet it is often neglected and underappreciated by users. Whenever a visitor hovers their mouse over an image on your website, the Save button appears. The Save button is the clickable Pinterest logo that appears on the picture. Visitors may use it to save your content directly to their Pinterest boards with just a few clicks on their computers. The result is Pinterest strategy automation at its most basic level. You just need to spend a few minutes putting it up once, and then your audience will take care of the remainder.

  • The more of your material you have available on Pinterest, the more pinners will notice it, interact with it, and return to your site as a result.
  • Remember that individuals in the era of the Internet are notoriously lethargic, and this is something to keep in mind.
  • Even then, it’s possible that it won’t happen, but at the very least you tried.
  • You may include the Save button on your website by including a little bit of code in your website’s HTML code.

Maris Lainemäe is the founder and proprietor of Jungle Soul Collective, a Pinterest marketing strategy company. Alyssa specializes in working with women-owned service-based businesses that are ready to use Pinterest to attract, engage with, and convert their ideal customers.

4 Effective Ways to Automate Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy – Jungle Soul Collective

When it comes to service-based businesses, you deserve a Pinterest assistant who is extremely productive and low-cost, and who can save you hours each week by taking care of all the heavy lifting on Pinterest. However, I am not referring to the hiring of a flesh-and-blood human helper. By placing Pinterest marketing on software autopilot, you can devote your time and energy to becoming the heart and brains of your company.

Easy ways to automate your Pinterest marketing strategy

Whatever your situation, whether you’re already out of time and out of mind attempting to implement your Pinterest plan or you’re just ready to pin smarter rather than harder, this guide is for you! For the second time, I’ve collaborated with JumpStory to expose you to four strategies for reclaiming your time on Pinterest — you can read about them here! Enjoy this sneak preview of what I’ll be sharing! – This is the most crucial consideration to bear in mind when utilizing third-party software for Pinterest – and you should be aware of it before automating anything.

– What if you had a mechanism to automatically pin evergreen or seasonal material to your social media accounts?

– A superior alternative to the old-fashioned group boards that is being used by all of the well-known people in your specialty is now available!

> (opens in a new tab)” href=” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”> Click to read the post on the JumpStory blog

In terms of visitor generation, Pinterest is the most effective of all social media networks, yet it may be difficult to grasp and use for commercial purposes. Being clicked on is the ultimate aim of any Pinterest approach, but it can only happen when everything is done correctly and the stars are in the perfect place at the same time. So, what exactly is it? If you’re a Pinterest user who runs an online service business and haven’t yet converted to a Pinterest business account, now is the time.

  • In the next paragraph, please allow me to introduce When it comes to service-based businesses, you deserve a Pinterest assistant who is extremely productive and low-cost, and who can save you hours each week by taking care of all the heavy lifting on Pinterest.
  • By placing Pinterest marketing on software autopilot, you can devote your time and energy to becoming the heart and brains of your company.
  • If if the procedure of creating one could be as simple and quick as this.
  • Are you perplexed by the term pin?
  • It’s true that they can and will, if you make it simple for them.
  • Pinterest and email marketing are the dynamic pair that every B2B service-based company need.
  • While Pinterest is a great visual search engine with a purpose to help pinners who are seeking for inspiration, Google remains the dominant search engine.
  • Perhaps you’re just starting started with Pinterest and wish to avoid some of the most prevalent problems.
  • If your company provides a service, have you considered using Pinterest into your marketing strategy?

When you’re doing anything on your own, the most difficult step is frequently just showing up and getting things started. In certain circumstances, it is more cost effective to engage a Pinterest strategist, who will save you a significant amount of time, energy, and effort. But how do you do it?

Behind the brand

Over the last several months, I’ve been putting the KonMari method to work in my business by eliminating attitudes, ideas, and techniques that don’t bring me joy. It’s been a fantastic experience, to say the least. You may watch this regardless of whether you enjoy seeing behind the scenes or simply binge watching (I see you), this is for you. What I’m saying is No Who cares about a new brand and a new website? Just joking, it’s still me, but my little piece of the internet has gotten a makeover.

  1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, especially after you hear why I appreciate it so much.
  2. Yes, I’m crawling my way back into Dubsado’s protective embrace.
  3. However, there is no better CRM than Dubsado, and I had to try a few others before I was completely satisfied.
  4. This place needs some major “housekeeping,” and it’s past time to start.
  5. After a number of life-changing experiences in 2019, I made the decision to change the way JSC is run in the coming year.

Your 5-step Pinterest marketing strategy

While Pinterest was once renowned for being the go-to site for discovering recipes and home design inspiration, the site has evolved into much more than that in recent years. Pinterest, in fact, has established itself as a visual search engine, including a plethora of photographs, graphics, links, and ideas for practically everything you could possibly be looking for. For businesses with a visual component to their brand, whether through photography or creative graphics, this is a goldmine of a social networking site.

Developing a Pinterest strategy that is appropriate for your company is the best approach to get started with this platform.

1. Brand your profile

Branding your profile on any social media network is the first step in establishing a presence on that network. You’ll want to start by creating a business Pinterest account so that you can access statistics, rich pins, and other features. Then you must take the necessary steps to brand your Pinterest profile in such a way that it is immediately distinguishable as belonging to your organization. Each social networking site has its own set of customization options that allow you to personalize the platform to your liking.

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Choose a cover board

Pinterest allows users to customize their profile by selecting a cover board, which displays pins from that board at the very top of their profile page. However, there is a link to that board in the corner of the cover design, so you may get to it from there. Here’s where you may display blog entries, graphics, product pictures, and other designs from your firm on a dedicated branded board. Make certain that they are consistent with your brand in order to give your profile a branded appearance.

All of the pins on Melyssa’s cover board have the same color scheme and typefaces, which helps to give her profile a more unified image overall. At the very least, you should have a Pinterest board dedicated only to material from your website or business on hand at all times.

Select up to five showcase boards

After that, you have the option to personalize your showcase boards, which are the next section of your profile to personalise. These are shown immediately beneath your name and biographical information. The top of your profile can have up to five boards, which will rotate from one to the next as they go down your profile’s homepage. This is a fantastic area to highlight your product, service, or blog boards on the internet.

Upload a profile photo

After that, you’ll want to upload a profile photo that accurately depicts your company. This is most likely just your logo resized to 165 × 165 pixels and saved as a square image. If, on the other hand, you are the face of your company, this may alternatively be a professional headshot of you as well.

Write your bio

Your social network biographies should be mostly the same across all sites, unless otherwise stated. Most have a similar character restriction (Pinterest’s is 160), which makes it simple to compose a single bio and utilize it across a number of other platforms. There are a plethora of approaches that you may take when creating your social media biography. You may take inspiration from your Instagram or Twitter bios because the best practices for a Pinterest bio are comparable to those for other social media networks.

Brand your board covers

With the ability to customize the covers for your boards, you can make them match your branding and the rest of your Pinterest profile, which is particularly useful for businesses. There are a handful of various approaches that you might use to do this. In the first instance, you may develop and upload different board covers to each board, with each board cover linking to your website. This is the way things are done at Sprout. You may also simply select a pin from each of your boards that fits the color of your business so that your profile has a distinct color theme emanating from it.

Verify your website

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that your website is legitimate. Using this method, you may gain access to statistics for your website on Pinterest and enable the rich pins feature, which reveals more information about your link, whether it’s an article, a product, a recipe, or something else entirely. Pinterest will supply you with a code snippet that you will need to post on your website in order for it to be validated by Pinterest. If you are using WordPress, there are plugins that can assist you, or your developer can do it for you.

2. Determine your content strategy

What kinds of material will you be putting up on Pinterest, and how often? It is possible to create a variety of various sorts of content that will do well on Pinterest such as product pins, infographics or blog entries. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common sorts of pins available.

Product pins

In the event that your company is a retailer or an internet store, you should make a point of capturing beautiful product images and converting them into Pinterest pins. People like browsing the site to discover new things, whether they are looking for home decor, apparel, gifts for the family, or anything else. Pinterest is a big retail discovery engine, with 72 percent of Pinners reporting that they are inspired to shop even when they weren’t seeking for anything in particular on the platform.

Beautiful product photographs will aid in capturing the attention of the target audience and generating this type of spontaneous inspiration for retail firms.

Blog post graphics

The images from blog posts, which promote the articles that you publish on your website, are another excellent sort of pin. Always make sure that they are well-designed vertical visuals that will jump out in someone’s feed, such as the pin above that promotes our blog article on the best Instagram accounts to follow. These should include visually attractive photographs or graphic designs, as well as large, bold language that Pinners can readily read as they navigate through their feed of pins.

Infographic pins

Infographics are yet another excellent tool for promoting your company and disseminating vital information about it. These contain data visualizations, graphic organizers, and other stuff that helps to graphically communicate data and other information. In part because the majority of infographics are vertical and lengthy in nature, Pinterest is an excellent venue for promoting them.

Lead magnets

An additional effective content technique on Pinterest is the creation of eye-catching vertical visuals to advertise your lead magnets. In order for your lead magnet to be effective, it must be visually appealing and encourage people to save the pin or click and download your material.

3. Join community boards

In addition to joining and establishing community or group boards, joining and creating community or group boards is a terrific Pinterest marketing approach to help get your content out there. With Pinterest’s invitation-based feature, users may ask people to contribute to a board, making it an excellent tool for getting your content in front of new audiences. Examine the profiles of well-known Pinners in your field and see if any of them have group boards that are relevant to your industry. Consider taking a look at the description of a board to see if any rules or a link to apply to join have been included by other users.

It is important to continue active on those boards once you have joined them, pinning some of your own material while also curating other content to ensure that you are not solely advertising your own brand.

4. Focus on Pinterest SEO

In addition to joining and establishing community or group boards, another excellent Pinterest marketing method for getting your content out there is to use the platform. With Pinterest’s invitation-based feature, users may ask people to contribute to a board, making it an excellent tool for exposing your material to entirely new audiences. Examine the profiles of well-known Pinners in your specialty and see if any of them have group boards that are related to your field. Many users may offer guidelines or a link to apply to join a board inside the description of that board, so have a look and see what you can discover.

It is important to continue active on those boards once you have joined them, pinning some of your own material while also curating other content so that you are not only advertising your own brand.

Your profile

See how I’ve put up my Chloe West Pinterest profile in the following video: As a consequence of the inclusion of keywords in both my name and bio, I show in search results even when people are just searching for terms such as “social media” or “digital marketing.” It is recommended that you make use of as much of your 65 character Pinterest name and 160 character profile as possible in order to organically incorporate the most popular keywords in your sector.

Your pins

Keep the title and description of your pin as keyword-rich as possible by include important keywords regarding your pin. It’s important to remember that, like with any sort of search engine optimization, you don’t want to “keyword stuff,” or cram the description with a bunch of keywords that aren’t organically utilized as part of a sentence or paragraph. As an alternative, you should make sure that your pin title is focused on its primary keyword, and that you include that keyword as well as a couple of additional secondary keywords inside your pin description so that people and the Pinterest algorithm can understand what the pin is about right away.

Your boards

Finally, you want to make certain that the names of your pin boards contain target keywords rather than charming or humorous titles. Despite the fact that you could enjoy the thought of having some fun with your pin board titles, search engine optimization is critical here. Instead of using the phrase “Pin, Pin, Pin!” for your next board title, use “Pinterest Strategies” instead. Additionally, you should provide board descriptions that inform readers of what they may expect to discover on the board while also adding your primary and secondary keywords.

5. Schedule out fresh pins

The final phase in your 5-step Pinterest marketing approach is to post new material on a consistent basis on the social media platform. The following steps can help you enhance the overall quality of your profile, increasing the possibility that Pinterest will share your content in search results. While it is possible to go on to Pinterest at any time of day or night to share fresh stuff, who has the time to do so? By utilizing Sprout Social’s Pinterest management features, you can schedule out your material on the site as well as create an editorial calendar for your visual content across different social media networks.

When you log into Sprout Social, you may create and schedule pins to various boards using the Publishing tab.

Another fantastic feature is that you may pick from Sprout’s predefined ideal posting periods, which will assist you in scheduling your pins at the most optimal intervals imaginable.

You may also plan a pin to be sent out more than once, or you can book a large number of pins at the same time to make the work even simpler on yourself.

Get started with Pinterest marketing

Are you ready to put your 5-step Pinterest marketing approach to the ultimate test? Using these techniques, you can start driving massive amounts of fresh website traffic and buyers to your affiliate links right now. Also, make sure to check out all Sprout Social has to offer in terms of Pinterest management.

How to Automate Your Pinterest Strategy with Tailwind

When I was running my wedding blog, I would spend HOURS (literally) on Pinterest researching ideas. (It was part of my work to seek out and provide the greatest wedding inspiration and advice I could find, and I took my responsibilities extremely seriously. ) Pinterest, on the other hand, was easier to manage back then. It was just a matter of communicating what you were passionate about. There were no timetables, no tactics, no algorithms, and no SmartFeed in place during this time period. You simply had to pin it!

  1. It became difficult to pin to Pinterest as a result of this change, and I avoided it like the plague when I initially began working on The Productivity Zone.
  2. As a result, I went in quest of someone who could assist me.
  3. This woman’s site is a GOLDMINE of Pinterest advice, and her free start-up tutorial has helped me get back into the pinning swing of things.
  4. So thrilled to host her on the blog today to share 5 ways you can automate your Pinterest approach with Tailwind so that you can start growing your business on autopilot like I have!


Pinterest is a fantastic traffic-generatingpowerhouse for creating your brand, boosting your email list, and increasing your sales opportunities! Was it ever brought to your attention that the entire process might be automated? In this blog article, I’ll show you how I utilize my favorite tool to develop a successful Pinterest marketing plan from scratch! Thank you very much, Alexandra, for having me as a guest on your site! My name is Vanessa, and I work as a Pinterest Marketing Strategist. I assist creative small companies in developing traffic-generating Pinterest marketing tactics that run on autopilot, allowing them to devote their time and energy to their creative work.


Is a low-cost application that I use every day in my business to keep track of the various Pinterest profiles that I have. Because of these five qualities, it is really simple to expand your business on autopilot!


Tailwind To put it simply, tribes are niche-related pinning communities in which you may pin other people’s stuff in exchange for them sharing your own. It’s an excellent approach to indicate to the Pinterest platform that you have stuff that people will enjoy and that is worth sharing! Tribes is also a favorite of mine from the standpoint of teamwork and marketing. You will have the opportunity to get your pins in front of people and maybe expose them to a product or service that they were previously unaware of!

Pro Tip: It’s critical to choose a niche that is compatible with you and your brand—remember, you will be sharing their stuff as well, so those pins must be compatible with your own brand and boards!


SmartLoop has only been available for a short period of time, but I really like this new function! Using SmartLoop, you can “loop” together your most popular evergreen or seasonal content pins on the network. It is possible to choose certain boards for your pins to be shared to as well as specified date ranges (this is very useful for seasonal material). SmartLoop is simply a simple, automatic method of extending the life of material that you have previously developed!


Board lists may very well be my favorite Tailwind feature! Thanks to board lists, when I’m scheduling my pins, I can assign a single pin to several boards with a single click when I’m scheduling them with. A fantastic automation tool that saves a tremendous amount of time! Pro Tip: I prefer to organize my board lists into categories, which I refer to as “board list categories.” For example, all of my Pinterest-related boards are grouped together in a “Pinterest” board list. Consider posting a pumpkin dessert recipe to various boards, including the desserts board, the autumn recipe board, the pumpkin desserts board, the Thanksgiving desserts board, and the pumpkin desserts board.


Interval scheduling, like board listings, allows you to dripout your pins within a specified window. Instead of constructing a time-consuming spreadsheet to keep track of your pin schedule, Tailwind’s interval tool makes it simple to stay on top of things. You should avoid uploading all of your stuff to Pinterest at the same time. Pro Tip: I prefer to spread out my fresh information by putting one specific item to a different board on Pinterest every day!

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Last but not least, you have the option of including other people’s material in your Tailwind queue in addition to your own. Although it is vital to pin on a constant basis on the Pinterest platform, the entire procedure may be completed in preparation! Using one of the numerous browser extensions available, add pin content to your queue. After that, rearrange the entire queue so that the order of the pins seems natural and organic (interval pins that you scheduled previously will stay locked in place).

  • Are you looking for more Pinterest advice?
  • Alex, thank you so much for having me on your show!
  • — Please be advised that this post includes affiliate links.
  • Unless otherwise stated, I only recommend items and services that I have personally used and enjoyed, and believe you will as well.

25 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pay attention to this blog. Here’s what you should hear: Pinterest, a unique social media network, has become the ultimate inspiration source for millions of people. Every marketer, seller, artist, and other professional uses the visual search engine to their advantage. However, it is not restricted to just a simple boredom-killing scroll! Pinterest can be an amazing marketing tool for various sorts of businesses to promote their products and services. According to social media statistics, Pinterest receives more than 2 billion searches every month.

Eighty-seven percent of Pinterest users have purchased anything as a result of their usage of the site, and ninety-three percent use Pinterest to plan a future purchase.

However, just as with any other platform, you must adhere to particular techniques when using this one.

So whether you are a newbie or an experienced Pinterest marketer who is striving to make a name for yourself, we have something that will benefit you. In order to get you started on the right foot, here is a list of dos and don’ts for your Pinterest marketing approach.

Dos of Pinterest Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, there are no rules or regulations that you have to follow or follow in any way. After all, marketing is all about doing new things and seeing what works. Nonetheless, in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts, we’ve put up a list of a few must-dos for effective progress.

1. Complete your profile

The first and most important guideline is to fill up your profile completely! Give an overview of your company and use keywords that can assist you in reaching your intended audience. After that, you may upload a profile picture. Making a good first impression is important whether you’re presenting a logo or a personal photograph. A minimum of 10-12 boards should be created, with each board including a minimum of nine connectors. This will make your board more active and its appearance fresh, encouraging your audience to spend more time exploring your board.

2. Create your first 5 boards

The moment to start pinning has come if you haven’t already done so. Begin by building your first five boards, which should be connected to themes that your target audience would be interested in. Add a few of pins to each of the boards. Assume you are the owner of a cosmetics company. Alternatively, you might develop 5 DIY boards that your target audience can recreate using your goods or classic instructional styles that are difficult for novices to do well.

3. Use secret board to save content for future

Preparing ahead of time is usually a good idea. Create a hidden board with all of the stuff you’ll need to get started. After that, pin a picture to that board and provide the URL of the original pin in the caption. You’ll be able to go back and re-pin it publicly in the future this way. Consider this a means of saving your favorite pins to your computer’s hard drive.

4. Have an awesome cover photo

Your cover photo is the first thing that people see when they visit your website. It is the very first item that a user sees when they arrive to your website’s home page. For your cover photo, use a high-quality photograph that is both visually appealing and colorful. Make certain that it accurately represents the content of your website. Pinterest gives you the option of selecting whatever pin you want to use as your cover image. As a result, optimize them before utilizing them as the cover photographs for each board on Pinterest.

5. Active engagement

Perhaps you don’t have a large number of Pinterest followers to begin with. Everybody starts with a very small number of them. Engaging with your audience is the key to gaining additional followers. Direct texting is a good choice if you want to go that route. Reach out to people who have expressed interest in your postings, express gratitude to pinners who have repinned your photographs, and organize group chats to increase the amount of interaction on Pinterest.

6. Follow your competitors

Discover the Pinterest accounts of your competition. You can find out what they are doing on Pinterest and take notes from their behaviors if you conduct a little study on their activities.

As a result, if you follow your competitors, the likelihood that they will follow you back increases. Cross-promoting and encouraging one another on social media platforms allows you to reach a larger audience.

7. Share blog posts

If you come across any intriguing blog entries, you can always turn them into an infographic and share them with your audience. It is using the same material, but it is presenting it in a visually pleasing manner. All you have to do now is put in a little more time into creating the images, and you’ll be ready to go. P.S. Don’t forget to give proper credit to the original author!

8. Join Community Board

In layman’s terms, a community board is a collaborative board that is controlled by a single individual who then invites more people to contribute to the board. You can make a request to be included to any of the current community boards. If you already have one, you can invite others to join you in your endeavor. Look for relevant community boards in your industry by conducting a search online. You will be able to reach a highly focused audience that you would not otherwise have been able to reach otherwise.

9. Leverage Pinterest Analytics

The most critical aspect of Pinterest marketing is to track and measure your results. It assists you in determining what is popular with your target audience. Pinterest features its own analytics platform as well as a mobile app. You may have a better understanding of your Pinterest visitors by utilizing a variety of social media marketing tools.

10. Include Rich Product Pin to your site

Pinning Rich Pinsallows you to pin pins that incorporate real-time information right on the pin. They make it easier for users to offer extra information directly on a pin since they allow you to do so right on the pin. Pins with high visual quality bring more attention to your website. However, you must have a fundamental understanding of embedding, schema.org, and the Open Graph.

11. Focus on image quality

Pinterest approach is based entirely on aesthetics. As a result, the more fascinating the image you publish, the greater the amount of interaction you will receive on Pinterest. Again, if you include high-quality and visually appealing drawings in your blog articles, people will be more inclined to pin them to their Pinterest boards, which will increase your traffic.

12. Use keywords in your descriptions

It is much easier to attract the proper audience if you include relevant keywords in your content. Additionally, the description provides visitors with a high-level overview of your subject and helps them better comprehend your boards. As a result, be sure to change your boards as needed.

13. Use different images to link back to your site

If you have an old blog post that you would want to promote on Pinterest, but the original article does not have a pinnable picture, you may use the following strategy: You may simply rectify this by submitting a picture that is suitable for Pinterest. Simply pick ‘Pin’ from the drop-down menu on your Pinterest page after clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

14. Pin regularly

Consistently pinning helps to increase your brand’s exposure and client interaction with your product or service.

Using social media scheduling tools, you may plan and schedule your pins in advance of the actual posting time. Scheduling your Pinterest pins will ensure that they are posted on a regular basis and will increase your reach.

15. Cross-promote across platforms

If you have only recently begun using Pinterest, you might consider utilizing other social media platforms to develop your following and enhance social traffic. You may share your new pin/board on a variety of social media channels by tweeting or posting about it. This is an excellent method of announcing your existence on Pinterest to an audience that you already have somewhere else.

Don’ts of Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We aim to keep you as far away from the dangers as possible! So, here are a few things you should avoid at all costs. Even if you produce the most beautiful pictures and utilize some of the greatest Pinterest tools available, if you overlook a few little details, you will miss out on an excellent opportunity to broaden your audience.

1. Don’t post low-quality images

Pinterest, as we all know, is a very visual social media network. Because of this, posting a low-quality photograph is counterproductive. Whether you’re pinning your own product or a blog piece that you think your audience would find intriguing, be sure to include an eye-catching image. Most crucial, make sure that everything you post is related to your company’s identity.

2. Don’t ignore group board

Group boards are community boards where people who have been asked to pin on the same topic can come together. Check to see that the discussion boards in which you engage are well-curated, have a large number of active participants, and have moderators who are fast to remove anyone who violate the spirit of the group board you are participating in.

3. Don’t just pin your own content

You should avoid pinning your own information all of the time. This rule of thumb is vital because you want to keep your material fresh and dynamic so that your viewers will want to keep on reading and seeing it. Pluralize your material rather than only pinning your own, by pinning stuff relating to your business as well as attractive photos, quotations, and a mixture of your own items and articles. Create a new board that is tailored to the interests of your targeted customers. This would also provide you the opportunity to showcase your greatest items beside them.

4. Don’t be inconsistent

The most important thing to remember about your following is that they want something fresh from you every day. As a result, you must pin on a regular basis on a daily basis. You may make advantage of social media automation solutions to assist you schedule pin photos on a regular basis, for example.

5. Don’t make your profile hard to find

Make sure to include the essential keyword in your description and to maintain your profile particular to your firm so that everyone can find you on Pinterest with relative ease. People are becoming more and more interested in connecting with you. As a result, you will gain more followers in a shorter period of time.

6. Don’t leave boards incomplete or empty

No one wants to follow or interact with you if your profile is lacking or if your board is completely empty. This will have an impact on your brand’s Pinterest marketing strategy. To avoid running out of stuff to pin to your board on a regular basis, you can always create a hidden board and add to it from time to time. When you have a sufficient number of pins, you may distribute them one by one in accordance with your requirements. Do not forget to incorporate the Pin It button into your website.

Pinterest, without a doubt, simplifies the process of adding a social share button to your website. Users will find it simpler to share your photographs as a result of this, and you will have greater control over which images from your site are shareable.

8. Don’t use too many hashtags

Most importantly, avoid using too many hashtags in the description of your pin or on your profile. As a result, hashtags on Pinterest don’t function the same way they do on Twitter or Instagram, for example. As a result, make good use of hashtags in social media marketing while keeping them relevant.

9. Don’t pin anything and everything

Do not make the mistake of pinning anything and everything to your pinboards, since this can clog them up. Pins that are not connected together might make your boards appear disorganized and devoid of any sort of theme. When it comes to Pinterest material, users like it to be structured so that they can simply locate what they are searching for. Don’t be hesitant to pin intriguing stuff that your target audience might find interesting, but make sure to keep them linked to your company at all times.

10. Don’t pin all your pins into one board

Instead of putting all of your photographs to a single board, you should pin each image to a separate board instead. So that your board appears appealing and attractive, you will gain more followers on your board as a result of this. Because organization is essential, try grouping them together according to a certain topic for each board. Conclusion Pinterest is a strong social media tool that may help you improve the amount of visitors and revenues to your website. Many small enterprises, on the other hand, are unable to take advantage of this platform to their benefit.

Continue to pin high-quality content and to use tools like SocialPilot on a continuous basis, and you will undoubtedly observe an upward trend in the performance of your Pinterest approach.

Tips on Using Tailwind to Automate Pinterest Marketing

Are you a Pinterest user who is interested in learning how to automate Pinterest marketing so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the platform? Are you want to free up some of your time while still making the most of the traffic that you’re receiving? If that’s the case, this blog article is going to blow your mind! The original version of this piece was published back in 2016, when I was using Boardbooster to automate my Pinterest marketing efforts. As the majority of you are aware, Boardbooster was forced to close its doors earlier this year due to Pinterest’s decision to discontinue support for their API.

But what is Tailwind and how is it different to Boardbooster?

From the time I first started using Boardbooster (and now Tailwind) in April 2016, I’ve grown my Pinterest following from 900 to over 44k followers, with over 165,000 monthly views! Every month, this represents a growth of more than 2,300 followers. All of this is done on a purely automatic basis.

These days, I hardly interact with my Pinterest account, save for the occasional addition of new blog posts to the H G Board and the joining of new group boards or Tailwind Tribes. If you want to learn more about Tailwind and how I use it to automate my Pinterest marketing efforts, continue reading.

Automate Pinterest Marketing: Start With Your Blog Posts

Before you can allow Tailwind to function for you, you must first ensure that your blog articles have photos that are suitable for pinning. The quickest and most straightforward method of accomplishing this is to design a Pinterest picture for each of your blog posts in Canva.com. Because I utilize a template, it is quite simple for me to produce them for each blog article. Going back over your past blog articles and adding these pin-worthy photographs might take a significant amount of effort.

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Once you’ve created pin-worthy images for your blog posts (both old and new), you’ll want to make sure that all of your old blog posts have been pinned to your blog board on Pinterest.Action Step:Create pin-worthy images for your blog posts (both old and new) inside Canva and add them to your blog postsIf you haven’t already, set up your blog board on Pinterest right away.

All of your other boards will have a mix of your own stuff as well as other people’s work, but this board is just for your own postings, and nothing else.

I’d recommend that you do it with the help of a scheduling tool such as CoSchedule or Buffer to ensure maximum automation.

This will lead your account to be flagged by Pinterest, and your pins will be removed from the Pinterest map.

This is where Tailwind’s new SmartLoop feature will come in handy in a little while, but for now, just do it for the initial posts you have in your blog-specific board.new Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature will come in handy in a little while, but for now, just do it for the initial posts you have in your blog-specific board.

This is all part of Pinterest’s algorithm.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Before you start utilizing Tailwind to automate your Pinterest marketing, it’s a good idea to join a few group boards and/or Tailwind Tribes to gain some experience. This will also boost the number of people who follow you on Pinterest, and it will allow your work to be spread more widely than it might otherwise be. Trying to figure out where to discover group boards? Check out this website: There are also some Facebook groups that list Pinterest group board invitations, which you can locate here.

Join, and then begin requesting to be included to Pinterest group boards as soon as possible.

This blog article will provide you with some excellent starting points. I believe that the more the merrier is a good thing; however, there is a caveat to this. Take care to ensure that the Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest group boards that you join match the following requirements.

  • Have recent pins that were placed within the previous three days
  • Have more than 5,000 followers on Twitter
  • Use only pins that are relevant to the information they are intended to link to (i.e., no spam)
  • Make sure that all of the pins are related to the board’s theme (no random, non-relevant material)

If the group boards and Tailwind Tribes meet your expectations in terms of these characteristics, you are welcome to join. Instead, move away or come back in a few months after they’ve been cleaned up or gained more followers to see if they’ve changed their minds. Action Step: Conduct research on group boards and/or Tailwind Tribes, and then select group boards to join based on the criteria outlined above.

How Tailwind + SmartLoop Automates Pinterest Marketing

Following the successful completion of your Pinterest account, which includes the uploading of all of your material and participation in several groups, it is time to set up your Tailwind account. Note: Tailwind is completely free, but in order to utilize SmartLoop and their advanced Pinterest marketing capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro membership, which starts at $15 per month and is really inexpensive for what they provide! Getting Tailwind up and running might be challenging, particularly if you are accustomed to the Boardbooster interface, and also because there is a lot to learn about what you will be doing.

except to add any new group boards that you join.

Using SmartLoop to Automate Pinterest Marketing

Even though it was difficult to say goodbye to my beloved Boardbooster, I decided to switch to Tailwind for the simple reason that it is a Pinterest-approved partner, which means I expect it to be there for a long time. I had trouble finding the SmartLoop symbol under Publisher (in my dashboard area) at first, but after I did, the rest was rather straightforward. When creating a new board, you have the option of using either evergreen material that loops year-round or seasonal content that has start and stop dates that you may select yourself.

What are the main differences between Boardbooster and Tailwind’s SmartLoop?

There were going to be variances between Boardbooster and SmartLoop, and the most obvious distinction is the difference in the numbers: Boardbooster has a total of ten boards, whilst SmartLoop has just five. As opposed to Boardbooster, SmartLoop’s free Beta edition gives 250 SmartLoop pins, but Boardbooster grants 500 free pins, therefore utilizing SmartLoop to pin only your finest material, rather than all content, makes sense. (Of course, there are purchased powerups available, but they are alternatives that may be chosen at a later time.) It’s important to note how they count posts: each board to which a pin loops is counted as one post.

A fantastic aspect of SmartLoop is that, like your standard Tailwind pins, it gives continuing metrics on the success of each pin.

You may then determine if it is providing satisfactory service or whether it should be replaced.

What a fantastic feature for increasing the number of eyeballs on your hard work!

You have the option of selecting a full board or a subset of boards from a given board, which may include secret boards and group boards. Check out this video to see how it all works: The following is an overview of what I think to be the advantages of Tailwind software. Pros:

  • Tailwind and SmartLoops are recommended by Pinterest, so you won’t have to worry about your schedule suddenly disappearing or having doubts about your scheduling service provider. It applies board rules to all of your looping pin schedules at the same time. Selecting pins from your personal boards, group boards, or even hidden boards by hand is an option. Additionally, Pinterest data is available for loops as well, allowing you to choose your loops to include only the top performers. It is simple to add a new blog post pin to the loop content
  • In addition, board rules will be applied throughout all of the loops you’ve made, preventing you from excessively pinning to boards with tight restrictions. You have the option of pinning at specific dates. Seasonal material is ideal for this platform. You may also pause any boards, which will cause them to cease looping until they are resumed. This is an excellent method of repurposing previously published information.
  • It is not a one-and-done situation. This is only applicable to certain material. You will rapidly run out of free option spaces if you have more than 100 pins in your archives and a large number of group boards, unless you subscribe to a premium subscription. Tailwind’s own website states, “Helpful tip: When it comes to SmartLoop “Posts,” they are a little different from the number of Pins that are posted each month. Each Board on which a Pin has been set to loop counts as one post. A Pin looping to 10 Boards, for example, would count as 10 SmartLoop Posts, regardless of how many times it actually publishes each month. The process of manually adding pins to group boards using the usual Tailwind schedule does not take into consideration what is happening inside the Loops, therefore you must be cognizant of board regulations outside of the loop when doing so. Some users have expressed disappointment that it is not as intuitive as Boardbooster. Like everything new, there is a learning curve. Yet, once you get started, it isn’t too difficult
  • However, it does not replace Tailwind scheduling. You’ll still have to go through with it. However, the greatest of your best is operating on autopilot

During the Beta period, Tailwind is providing a special discount of 50% off PowerUps for a limited time. Remember that this feature is only accessible to Tailwind Pro subscribers for the time being, so if you don’t want to pay for Tailwind, you’ll have to continue manually scheduling your posts. As you can see in the training video, Tailwind’s SmartLoop is a little time-consuming to set up, but it is quite effective in terms of helping to automate your Pinterest marketing. Steps to Take: Set up your Tailwind account as soon as possible.

Allow three to four hours to complete this task.

HustleGroove’s founder and chief creative officer is also your creative business strategist.

3 Reasons to Automate Your Pinterest Marketing

June 2020 is the most recent update. It has been determined that the Tailwind Smart Loop Simplified Course (mentioned at the end of this page) is no longer available. To see all of our current items, please visit this page. The purpose of today’s discussion is to explain why you should automate your Pinterest marketing efforts. It is everyone’s desire to be more efficient with their Pinterest marketing in order to have more time for content production and other activities. I rehired Amanda, who had previously worked as my assistant here at SPM.

She is working on growing her website, A Crafted Passion, while staying at home with her two young daughters.

As a result of the use of affiliate links in this post, I may get a small compensation if you purchase something after clicking on one of the links.

Please see my complete disclosure policy by clicking here.

Why You Should Automate Your Pinterest Marketing

Automation saves time, which is especially beneficial for someone with Amanda’s attention to detail. Automating her Pinterest has not only saved her a great deal of time, but it has also provided her with a great deal of mental peace since she now knows she has a solid system in place. If you haven’t done a time audit on your week before, now is a good time to start. You’ll be able to see for yourself how much time automating your Pinterest account may save you. The book “Stretched Too Thin,” written by Jessica Turner, was the first book that exposed me to the concept of time auditing.

I just wasn’t making the most of my available time. Amanda used RescueTime to help her figure out exactly where she was spending all of her time and how she might make changes to help her business develop more effectively.

2. Automation Ensures That Your Content Gets Out

You have invested a significant amount of time and effort in the creation of our content and goods. One cannot simply wait about and expect that other people will come along and pin it for them. YOU are responsible for making sure your material is distributed effectively. Regardless of whether your objectives are sales, leads, or clients, you must guarantee that your website receives visitors.

3. Automation Provides Consistency

Inconsistent pinning is not only frowned upon by Pinterest, but it also makes it difficult to determine what is working and what isn’t working. Pinterest marketing requires thought and planning if you want to see any benefits from your efforts. Pinterest wants you to be a regular contributor to the site on a daily basis. Don’t get too caught up on the amount of pins you need to share at once. Simply concentrate on distributing your content across several platforms on a continuous basis. Take a look at your Google Analytics to determine which of your posts are receiving the most traffic so that you can make the most of those posts in the future.

  • Remember that you can’t completely forget about your Pinterest account, even if it is completely automated.
  • The “set it and forget it” mindset is not an option in this situation.
  • When you set up your autopilot and then forget about it, you aren’t accounting for the seasonality of Pinterest’s traffic and engagement.
  • If you are pinning about Valentine’s Day in October, Pinterest is not going to show your pins in the smart feed since they are not related to the search terms that are being used at the time of your pins’ creation.

Introducing Tailwind SmartLoop Simplified

We understand that many of you who are attempting to build your business consider automating your Pinterest marketing to be quite crucial. In order to assist Pinterest advertisers in taking advantage of automation, Tailwind has developed a new tool called SmartLoop. Amanda has been using it for almost a year and a half now, and she is quite pleased with its performance. SmartLoop enables you to save even more time while also becoming even more strategic in your decision-making. Amanda spends around an hour a week on Pinterest, according to her.

  1. The best part is that this is a tool that has been authorized by Pinterest!
  2. You are aware that I place a high value on courses that are straightforward and provide straightforward, actionable advice.
  3. There’s plenty for everyone in theTailwind SmartLoop Simplifiedcourse, which covers everything from the initial setup through regular maintenance and sophisticated loop choices (all of which are Tailwind-approved!).
  4. A workbook is also included with the course (Amanda loves a good workbook.) A dashboard is provided in the course to make it easier to see your Google Analytics statistics (if you are not already familiar with Google Analytics).

We’ve tried to make everything as easy as possible. In the event that you have SmartLoop and you’ve been experimenting with it but haven’t quite worked it out yet, this course is for you.

Is theTailwind SmartLoop SimplifiedCourse for you?

Yes! SmartLoop Simplified by Tailwind is the ideal tool for any company owner who wants to pin more frequently, save time, and streamline their Pinterest approach. If you believe you have a good strategy in place and aren’t having to eliminate items from your to-do list, you may not require this. However, if you are feeling swamped in any way, or if you simply enjoy Tailwind, this is absolutely for you. Tailwind SmartLoop Simplifiedis the ideal solution for anyone who does not have access to a Pinterest manager but who is serious about being more productive with their Pinterest marketing.

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