Universal Display Ad Sizes


Digital Creative is measured in Pixels and is presented as Width x Height. There are standard industry sizes which may be referenced by Pixel Dimensions or Banner Name. Universal Ad Sizes include:







Other Standard Ad Units

  • 970×90 – Super Leaderboard
  • 120×60 – Button 2
  • 88×31 – Microbar

Rich Media Display Units

Rich Media Display Units are typically one of the above Universal ad sizes but there are some additional size items to note:

Expanding Ads

Following is a 728×90 Expanding Ad. Upon interaction, which in this instance is defined as “on-click”, the ad expands to 728×180.  This creative size is well within Interactive Advertising Bureau’s recommended max expansion size for this ad unit. Additional IAB Max Expansion recommendations are noted below, of course individual Publisher sites may choose to set their own Max Expansion parameters within the IAB parameters.

IAB Maximum Expanded Dimensions:
300×250 to 600×250
180×150 to 600×150
160×600 to 600×600
300×600 to 600×600
728×90 to 728×315

One more thing about expanding ads:
 In addition to expansion dimensions, advertising specs for expanding ads also include expansion direction, which can vary by ad unit and Publisher site.

In-Banner Video

Unlike In-Stream Video, which is played or viewed from a video player, In-Banner video is displayed in IAB Standard ad units. One example of this is the 300×250 In-banner video creative displayed below.

The Minimum Required Controls for In-Banner Video creative is the same as for In-Stream Video: Play, Pause, and Mute buttons. Where video play is auto-initiated like the above creative, the default setting for Audio is Mute

Floating Rich Media

Unlike In-Banner creative, Floating rich media sizes are variable. Typically Publisher sites will dictate max dimensions, as well as provide direction on the placement of the floating ad relative to the page. In the example below the required positioning is below the Navigation Bar.
Standard specs for Floating Rich Media include a required Close button and a Max Animation length. The IAB recommends 15 seconds for flash animation, and 30 seconds for Video.

Standard Mobile Ad Units

Mobile, as defined by the IAB, encompasses a wide array of devices including feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and eReaders. Mobile phone ad units include smartphone and feature phone devices and are relevant for both mobile web and in-app. Mobile Ads include static images units as well as rich experience units. Below are the IAB defined Mobile ad sizes by type.

Feature Phone – Static Image Ad Sizes









Smart Phone – Static Image Ad Sizes









IAB Rising Stars Display Ad Units

The IAB invited companies and individuals to submit ad templates designed to drive brand equity. Due to file load limits, and interactivity, Rising Stars are designed to be the only ad on a page. The six templates chosen to be validated by the market are:
  1. Billboard – A 970×250 ad unit designed with options for rich interactivity to display prominently inline with Publishers webpage content. A distinct feature of the Billboard is a close button that a user may click to collapse the ad completely if the user doesn’t want to see the ad.
  2. Filmstrip – An ad unit template that is 350×3000 pixels, divided into five 350×600 pixel segments that scroll by user interaction though a 350×600 pixel placement.
  3. Portrait – An ad unit template that uses up to three interactive modules chosen (by the ad designer) from a variety of modular application options in a 350×1050 pixel space.
  4. Pushdown – An ad unit template designed for rich interaction in a space similar to, but larger than, an expanding leaderboard, with initial dimensions of 970×90 pixels and expanded dimensions of 970×415 pixels. When the ad is expanded, it pushes page content down rather than displaying over the top of page content as most expandable ads do.
  5. Sidekick – An ad unit template initially displayed as one of three standard ad unit dimensions (300×250; 300×600; 970×250), but upon user initiation, pushes publisher content to the left to display a canvas of up to 970×550 pixels full of rich interaction.
  6. Slider – An 970×90 ad unit template designed with an overlay slider that rests at the bottom of a publisher’s page and when prompted by user interaction, slides page content to the left for a canvas of 970×550 pixels full of rich interaction possibilities for user engagement.

IAB Rising Stars Mobile Ad Units

Following are the 5 winning Mobile submissions:
  • Filmstrip – A scrolling, multi-panel ad spec’ed for full screen implementation (phone or tablets) and as a 300×600 unit within content on tablets
  • Pull – A two component Smartphone or Tablet ad unit, starting with a top or bottom screen banner ad that vertically pulls a full screen ad experience on user interaction.
  • Adhesion Banner – Positioned at the bottom of the Smartphone or Tablet display, the persistent ad unit appears/disappears as the user interacts with the device or content.
  • Full Page Flex – This full screen ad experience is designed to responsively fit across Smartphone and Tablet devices with consistent behaviors.
  • Slider – A two component Smartphone or Tablet ad unit, starting with a standard ad banner that, on user interaction, horizontally slides a full screen interactive ad experience.