The 17 Best Tools For Spying On Your Competition? (Question)

Let’s start with keyword research on your competitors.

  • Fanpage Karma.
  • Simply Measured.
  • iSpionage.
  • Moat.
  • Spyfu.
  • BuzzSumo.
  • Google search operators.
  • Mozbar. This tool is a web browser extension that allows you to get on-page metrics for individual web pages.

How do I legally spy on my competition?

12 Ways to (Legally) Spy on Your Competitors

  1. Read the local papers.
  2. Tap your vendors.
  3. Go to trade shows.
  4. Take a plant tour.
  5. Play secret shopper.
  6. Browse public documents.
  7. Google your competitor’s website.
  8. Explore LinkedIn.

Is it illegal to spy on competitors?

CI (Competitive Intelligence) in a nutshell. CI is not illegal unless you break laws, like hacking into the security of your competitor’s database or paying their staff to divulge company secrets. You know, dirty stuff like that, stuff you would never think of doing.

How can I spy on other websites?

7 Free SEO Tools to Spy on Competitors Website Traffic

  1. Google Alerts. This is a simple and free SEO tool that will send reports directly to your email.
  2. SocialMention.
  3. Ubersuggest.
  4. Instapaper.
  5. SEM Rush.
  6. Google Keyword Planner.
  7. Open Site Explorer.

How do you find out where your competitors are advertising?

Go to the Advertising Research Positions report and query your competitor’s domain in the search bar. This shows you all of the keywords Semrush found their ads showing up. Use the Ad Copies report to see the actual ads run by your competitor. Look at their headlines and descriptions for insight into their positioning.

Is it ethical to spy on your competitors?

This is what NOT to do to conduct research on your competitors. Don’t call them pretending to be a client, or the representative of a client, in order to attain information about their pricing and to access materials they would not share with a competitor. It’s dishonest, fraudulent and, in many cases, against the law.

What is the analysis you do for the competition?

A competitive analysis helps you size up your competition by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. In order to know how receptive the market is to your business and what works or does not work, you have to understand how similar businesses are functioning.

What is considered spying?

Espionage or spying is the act of obtaining secret or confidential information from non-disclosed sources or divulging of the same without the permission of the holder of the information for a tangible benefit. A person who commits espionage is called an espionage agent or spy.

Do companies spy on other companies?

Corporate spies can run legitimate offices and are usually hired by firms to spy on other firms. Some corporate spies do employ hackers to do the high-tech nab and grab, but most companies have very well paid system administrators that can track the digital spies (some of them are ex-hackers).

How do competitors collect data?

Print sources, such as brochures, flyers, newspaper ads and magazine ads. Customer data gathered from your own customers or those of your competitors through interviews, surveys and polls. Financial reports and company profiles, available from sources such as Dun & Bradstreet and Hoovers. Stock market data.

How can I spy on my competition online?

Here’s how to get started spying on your competition:

  1. Use social listening to monitor your competitors. Close up Woman hand Using a Smart Phone with blank screen at coffee shop.
  2. Use tools to monitor your competitors’ web traffic, performance and SEO strategy.
  3. Monitor and understand your competitors’ social media strategy.

How can I Spy copy my competitors?

Let’s start with keyword research on your competitors.

  1. Ubersuggest. We all know how important backlinks are for a solid SEO strategy.
  2. Majestic. One tool is never enough to give you a holistic view of your competitor’s SEO landscape.
  3. Ahrefs.
  4. SEMrush.
  5. SimilarWeb.
  6. Pro Rank Tracker.
  7. Social Mention.
  8. Hootsuite.

How do I spy on competitors AdWords?

4 tips for highly effective Google Ads competitor analysis

  1. Search for your main keywords. By now, everyone in the SEO world knows why finding the right keywords is a top priority.
  2. Use Auction Insights.
  3. Use SpyFu to find your competitors’ keywords.
  4. Compare the Competition with SEMrush.

How do I find out how much my competitors are worth?

If you’re having trouble obtaining your competitor’s pricing, you could:

  1. Call them and ask for a quote (but you may need to secret shop them).
  2. Have a friend call and ask about pricing.
  3. Review their website.
  4. Request info and have it sent to your home or a friend’s company.
  5. Ask current customers/clients you trust.

15 Best Tools To Spy On Your Competitors And See If They Copy You

Intelligent individuals learn from the errors and successes of others. This is also true for companies that are committed to achieving success by learning from the mistakes of their rivals. A thorough competition analysis helps you to identify their advantages and disadvantages, as well as compete on link building and content tactics in order to overtake them and grow your inbound marketing strategy in order to generate more traffic and leads for your business. Yes, snooping may be harmful if done incorrectly.

However, I believe you do not work in a category where rivals are sneaky and willing to use black SEO practices, but you never know what can happen.

1. Mention

Mention is used by about 500,000 firms for real-time monitoring and competitive research. Microsoft, Spotify, ASOS, and other companies are among those involved. As a result, Mention is ranked first on our list of the finest tools for spying. For example, Mention monitors brands in 42 languages, utilizing a variety of sources such as news portals and discussion forums as well as social media and blogs, among other things. It will be useful to discover where, how frequently, and in what tone people are mentioning your brand or the websites of your rivals, which can help you improve your marketing strategy.

You may sign up for a free 14-day trial, following which you’ll be prompted to pick one of three membership options from a list.


This tool will help you to determine whether or not your rivals have copied your material. This free online plagiarism checker detects changes in word order, synonymization, poor paraphrase, and any other indirect matches to the content of your text. is a no-hassle online checker that finds changes in word order, synonymization, poor paraphrase, and any other indirect matches to the content of your text. It may be used to check if others have stolen your writings and passed them off as their own.

Fill out the form with your email address or social media account to see whether the spy tool matches your marketing goals, and then select from three membership levels to join the networks of more than 70,000 pleased users of to avoid content duplications.

3. Brand24

In addition to monitoring their own and rivals’ mentions as well as customer insights, more than 100,000 companies, including Panasonic, H M, IKEA, and others, rely on Brand24 for assistance. By utilizing this service, you will be aware of who and where is discussing competition. You will examine the quality of their feedbacks, as well as the sentiment they use to describe their experiences with brands, in order to avoid making the same mistakes. You will also examine what influencers have to say about competitors, in order to determine whether or not you should collaborate with them for your own benefit.

When it comes to brands, Brand24 evaluates the buzz around them and provides social insights that can be used to reach customers and identify sales chances for your own firm.

4. WooRank

Websites are analyzed by WooRank, a search engine optimization and marketing checker, to offer in-depth reports on any faults they may have. The application is used by brands such as Amazon, Deloitte, Fiat, and 500,000 other people that want marketing checklists on technical difficulties and content issues that they should pay attention to and solve in order to increase usability. It enables you to compare numerous competitors as well as track key performance indicators (KPIs), keywords, and inbound links.

WooRank provides thorough information to users through email.

5. Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader is a free tool that does a comprehensive review and extensive analysis of websites on the internet. It will allow you to examine the strong and weak parts of on-page SEO, usability, mobile traffic, and many other characteristics to compare your rivals and own brand against theirs. To obtain a report, simply enter the URL of a website on the Marketing Grader home page. There is no need to register.

6. Hootsuite

Brand mentions on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and WordPress may be monitored with this free service provided by Social Mention. Well-known businesses such as Hershel and NYC are among the more than 10 million users of Hootsuite. Hootsuite looks for competitor mentions based on keywords, gives you with daily analytical data, evaluates conversion, and allows you to schedule social media postings in advance. A 30-day trial edition is available, and monthly subscriptions begin at $19 per month.

7. The Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a free archive of all websites that may be accessed at any time. That is, it enables you to see how rivals’ web sites appeared in the past and, as a result, what they did to enhance their outcomes. To examine how a website appeared, open a calendar and choose dates from the list. You’ll see screenshots taken on that particular day. For example, the DAN webpage in May 2016 reads as follows: And this is the updated version of the same page on the website. DAN: The site offers a massive collection of vintage books, movies, music, photos, and television shows.

8. Copyscape

Copyscape is another another handy tool for snooping around the web to see if someone is copying your stuff. Copyscape will show you who is stealing your material and whether or not yours is still original enough to utilize without causing harm to your reputation or the mercy of search engines. If you’re only looking for copies of web pages on the internet, the service is completely free to use. This more robust detection is available in the premium version, which also includes other features like as batch search, API, copy-paste checks, and a private index.

Copyscape will monitor the web on a daily basis and notify you if it discovers any duplicates of your material on third-party websites or other resources.

9. SEMRush

SEMRush, one of the most popular services for internet marketers, has around 800,000 users, including major corporations such as Forbes, PayPal, and Hyatt. It will keep track of your rivals’ traffic, keywords, backlink kinds, anchor text, SERP positions, and much more.

10. Monitor Backlinks

An auto search of competitor backlinks and keywords is provided, with the ability to filter results by tags (nofollow, incorrect anchor, meta nofollow, not found, meta noindex), anchor texts, domain and web page status in the Google Index, social media shares, links quantity, and other factors. Keep an eye on backlinks Send the detailed reports to the recipients through email. You must first establish an account in order to participate in the free trial. It will allow you to monitor two websites with two rivals for each domain, manage up to 500 links with SEO metrics for each domain, and examine the ranks of keywords in Google for each domain.

11. Ahrefs

Ahrefs, one of the most popular tools for internet marketers, allows you to learn about your rivals’ rankings and determine what you can do to outrank them. You may use this tool to investigate keywords, backlinks, content, organic traffic, and other topics. Apart from domain comparison and broken link checking, Ahrefs’ tools also contain a site audit feature, which allows you to obtain a comprehensive picture of what is happening with your and your rivals’ websites online. Please take advantage of the 7-day trial to see whether or not this tool will fit your marketing requirements, and then pick one of four price options to fully explore Ahrefs’ capabilities.

12. Majestic

As one of the most popular tools for internet marketers to spy on their competitors, Ahrefsallows you to discover about their rankings and understand what you can do to outrank them in search results. Keywords, backlinks, content, organic traffic, and a variety of other factors may be researched on this platform. You may use Ahrefs’ domain comparison tool, broken link checker, and site audit to obtain an accurate picture of what is happening with your and your rivals’ websites on the internet, among other features.

13. Fanpage Karma

One of the most effective instruments for espionage Fanpage Karma keeps track of your website’s visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. With Fanpage Karma, you will be able to evaluate the profiles of your rivals and manage your own consumer dialogues. Fanpage Karma allows you to compose, prepare, and publish content on social media platforms.

Check out how many followers your rivals have, which articles are receiving the most positive comments, which sites your viewers are following, and which tags to include in publications based on the themes and information they are publishing.

14. Alexa

Alexa is a fantastic website for finding keywords and comparing them to those of your rivals. Also included are traffic numbers for various websites, the ability to compare websites, and the ability to determine where a target audience is located geographically. Pricing tiers, each of which includes a free 7-day sample version, provide you the ability to examine demographics of visitors as well as the popularity of your website on social networking platforms. To begin using Alexa, sign up for a free trial account and select a plan to initiate your trial.

15. KeywordSpy

This one is just for keyword research, and it allows you to check how much money your competitors are spending on Google Adwords. KeywordSpy is quite popular, with clients including major corporations such as American Express and Toyota. There is no need to register in order to look for keywords and domains that rivals are using in their advertising efforts. Subscription plans, on the other hand, provide you the ability to keep track of partners, export data to text and Excel files, search for data in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, and receive email notifications when new rivals enter the marketplace.

16. iSpionage

More than 22 million keywords are available through the program. Competitor iSpionage finds competitors in Google Adwords, displays their SEO and PPC methods, publishes their lists of keywords so that you can filter and select the most efficient ones, and sends notifications when new data is discovered. To begin utilizing the service, you must first complete a free registration form. It will provide you with the option to make 10 reports every day, receive three notifications about competition data, and gain online marketing guidance.

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Bonus Service: SEO Site Check Up

In all, there are around 22 million keywords in the service. A competitor’s SEO and PPC techniques are displayed, and their keyword lists are shared so that you may filter and locate the most effective keywords. iSpionage also provides notifications when new data is discovered. Free registration is required in order to use the service. It will provide you with the option to make 10 reports every day, receive three notifications about competition data, and learn online marketing tips. Pricing options include an unlimited search, the ability to assess KEI, AEI, SEO, and traffic of rivals, as well as the ability to download all of the information in PDF format.

Top 10 Tools To Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads

Advertising is the most important aspect for every business in today’s world; it helps them reach their goals by addressing their clients via a variety of outlets and so helps them succeed. Previously, conventional media such as newspapers, posters, radio, and television were used to do this. This post will provide you with information on the top ten tools for spying on your competitor’s advertisements. However, with the advent of the internet, the entire structure of advertising and client targeting has shifted, and we may predict that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality will radically transform the sector.

(eMarketer) The world is advancing towards the digital age, and establishing a business digitally is now more easier than it has ever been.

So, what will be the most successful strategies for outperforming opponents and establishing a deserving position in this highly competitive world?

Being able to boost your business by having a website with correct off-page and on-page SEO is a significant plus factor, but you also need a genuine audience to discover your product or service.

We are all aware that spying on your competitor’s advertisements is a challenging undertaking to accomplish. However, in this technologically advanced generation, there are several excellent tools accessible for spying on rivals’ advertisements without being detected.

These tools will help you in spying on major ads like:

Throughout this article, you will learn more about these tools, including their functionality and whether they are available for free or at a cost to you.

Why Spy on Your Competitor’s Ads

In fact, spying on our competitor’s advertisements is not as bad as it appears at first glance; eavesdropping on our competitor’s advertisements is not illegal. However, even if it is the most straightforward method of gaining knowledge about ongoing strategies such as their keywords, content, link building ideas, and much more, it is the least effective. You will learn the reasons why they are ahead of you in some areas as a result of this. By eavesdropping on your competitors, you may acquire valuable insight into what they are doing well and what you are doing poorly.

You have to face the harsh reality that it is probable that your competitors are also engaging in similar behavior.

They will begin spying on your techniques in order to figure out where they are falling short in order to replicate your results for themselves.

By spying on your opponent’s advertisements, you will be able to learn more about the level of power that your competition is displaying through their advertisements.

Here Are the Top 10 Tools to Spy on Your Competition’s Ads:

If you want to do Conquer SEO competitor research, SEMrush is the tool that will assist you in accomplishing your goal. With this tool, you’ll get in-depth insights about your competitor’s display ad campaigns and top organic keywords, among many other statistics, which makes it a worthy addition to this list. Additionally, Semrush displays your competitors’ advertising methods in Google Ads and helps you to keep track on their social media activities. If your opponent is running ads on Google, you’ll be able to see their paid keywords, URLs that are ranking in paid search results, and ad copy by utilizing Semrush’s “Advertising Research”feature, which is available for a small fee.

With the aid of Semrush’s Social Media Tracker, you can keep track of your rivals’ social media activity and obtain insight into the type of material that is currently popular in your field.

  • Pro costs $119.95 per month, Guru costs $229.95 per month, and Business costs $449.95 per month.

If you’ve never used the tool Semrush before and would want to learn more about the capabilities highlighted above, I strongly urge you to join up for a free 30-day trial of Semrush Pro by clicking here.


Anstrex is an Ad intelligence tool that is mostly used for evaluating and locating native advertising campaigns on the internet. By utilizing Anstrex, you may obtain a comprehensive analysis of any native advertisements that have been delivered by your rivals on the internet. By using Anstrex, you can quickly and simply get the competitor’s native ad data in whatever language that they speak. Using the filter option provided in this tool, you may search for native advertisements based on languages, phrases contained in the ads, the ad network, and the text contained in the landing page URLs, among other criteria.

Some tabs will appear at the top of the window, and they will offer us with gathered information on any native ad campaigns that your rivals have ran in the past.

This application makes it very simple for native advertising specialists to do competition analysis.

It has a monthly fee of $69.99.


Spyfu is considered to be one of the greatest competition analysis tools available on the market. In order to acquire a rapid summary of your competitor’s top organic keywords, expected SEO and PPC clicks, top pages, backlinks, and other helpful data, you only need to input their website name into SpyFu. You may also simply go through your competitor’s whole Google Ads campaign history by visiting the “AdWords History”section. This includes information such as their most trusted keywords, anticipated clicks per month for those keywords, and their cost per click.

Overall, it is an excellent tool for gathering confidential information about your competition.

  • Free for Life plan – $0/mo (unlimited searches, 10 search results)
  • Basic plan – $39/mo (unlimited searches, 5k weekly tracked keyword rankings)
  • Premium plan – $99/mo (unlimited searches, 100 search results)
  • Business plan – $99/mo (unlimited searches, 100 search results)
  • Free for Life plan – $0/mo (unlimited searches, 100 search results)
  • Free for Life plan – $0/mo (unlimited searches, 15k monitored keyword ranks every week, custom branded reports are included in the Professional plan, which costs $78 per month.


This tool is mostly used by professionals to spy on their competitors’ Facebook advertisements. It gives more detailed information on the other company’s ads, including their target audience, reach, and other statistics. You may also use the program to spy on advertisements that appear on YouTube, Google, Instagram, Quora, and other popular sites. The filter option allows you to search for advertising based on keywords, domain names, brand names, and a variety of other characteristics. Because no good thing comes for free in this world, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the costs of this high-quality product.

If you do not do more than 100 searches and 1000 advertisements in a 10-day period, you may use this service for free; however, if you like to explore more with more searches, you must pay $49 each month.


Ahrefs is one of the most essential and widely used tools in the search engine optimization industry for gathering detailed information about competitors. When it was first introduced, its primary function was to do backlink analysis. However, after so many years, the program has matured into a fully equipped SEO software that aids in the tracking of competitor’s ad data, among other things. Checking any URL’s top organic keywords is simple with this tool, and it also provides you with an approximate estimate of how much traffic a rival receives on those keywords.

Pricing for Ahrefs

  • To obtain in-depth data analysis of competitors, Ahrefs is one of the most significant and leading tools available on the SEO industry. When it first came out, its primary function was to perform backlink research on various websites. Although this tool has matured over time into a fully equipped SEO program that aids in the tracking of rival ad data, it is still in its infancy. Checking any URL’s top organic keywords is made simple with this tool, which also provides an estimate of how much traffic a rival receives on those keywords. Ahrefs not only provides information on your rivals’ most linked-to sites, but it also assists you in assessing your competitors’ most-shared content in the Top Content report using a straightforward methodology. the price of Ahrefs


Similarweb is one of the most extensively used tools in the market for acquiring competitor data analysis. It is available for free on the web. This tool delivers extremely accurate information on all relevant data points such as competitor’s traffic, traffic sources, most popular organic keywords, most popular paid keywords, and other essential data points. It is very remarkable that you can have access to all of this information for free and that you can also save it as a PDF file for later use.

In this case, SimilarWeb will present the top ten rivals based on their resemblance and position.

Pricing for SimilarWeb SimilarWeb offers just two subscription options: Free and Enterprise.

The term “free” refers to the ability to utilize numerous services for free, but when you want to use them on a big scale, you must spend money to get premium features, sometimes known as a “Enterprise Plan.”

7.Facebook Ad Library

When it comes to acquiring competitor data analysis, Similarweb is one of the most extensively utilized tools on the market. This tool delivers extremely accurate information on all relevant data points such as competitor’s traffic, traffic sources, most popular organic keywords, most popular paid keywords, and other critical data points. It is quite remarkable that you can have access to all of this information for free and that you can also save it as a PDF file for future reference. As soon as you have received the complete information in the form of a report, you will be able to conveniently browse to the “Competitors and Similar Sites” section.

In order to produce a complete analytics report for any of your competitors’ websites, you may use this tool.

So, Overall, this is a FREEMIUM-level utility. This implies that you may utilize many free features, but if you want to use them on a large scale, you will have to pay money to get premium features, which is also known as Enterprise Plan, which is a paid subscription.


ISpionage is a keyword monitoring program that tracks the use of specific keywords. If you are interested in keeping track of your competitor’s sponsored advertisements, then this application is absolutely for you. Paid advertisements and paid campaigns are the most competitive of all. The best keyword of your competition, as well as the ad budget of your opponent are all provided by this tool. It also offers information about the amount of money your competitors are spending on PPC campaigns.

This application also allows you to view the data of your rivals in the form of graphs, which you can use for comparative reasons.

  • Starter – $59/mo (for small business owners and digital marketers)
  • Professional – $99/mo (for small agencies, consultants, and in-house ppc managers)
  • Advanced – $299/mo (for growing agencies with a digital marketing team)
  • Enterprise – $399/mo (for large corporations with a digital marketing team).


All of us are familiar with the multitude of technologies that have been developed to spy on your competitors and gain information from them. However, if you are determined to take the lead in this rivalry, you will not only need to monitor their advertising tactics, but you will also need to be familiar with their content. And Buzzsumo is the most effective tool available on the market for this purpose. The use of this tool also enables you to search through the most popular material for subjects that are relevant to your brand-specific rivals.

Pricing for Buzzsumo There are four premium options available for this tool:

  • For individuals and small organizations, Pro is $99/month
  • Plus is $179/month (More Alerts, more users, more of everything! This is a fantastic tool for developing teams or intermediate users.
  • You’ll have access to even more data with the Large plan, which costs $299 per month. The Enterprise plan, which costs $499 or more per month, is suited to your needs. Include up to 5 years of data, 50 or more alerts, and other useful features. If you work for a large corporation or a worldwide company, this is the ideal option for you)


Last but not least, Moatis a free tool for the digital advertising sector; it is also referred to as the digital ad search engine in some circles. It is a fantastic tool for discovering what types of creative advertisements your competitors are running. It also indicates what types of advertisements your competitors are running on different brands and websites, which is invaluable information. This tool also assists you in spying on your competitor’s paid marketing activities so that you can make informed decisions about where to position your next display advertisement.

Pricing for Moats Talk about the amount of money we’ll have to spend on this gadget now, shall we?

To find out the precise pricing of this program, you may check it out on Oracle’s website, or you can just visit their website.


In conclusion, I would like to state that all of the technologies listed above are first-rate tools for spying on the information included in your competitor’s advertisements. If you want to obtain successful results by spying on your rivals, you must use the tools that are excellent and fit for your purposes.

You may easily spy on their approach if you use any of the instruments listed above. Spying on your competition forces you to better your ideas and strategy by taking advantage of previously undiscovered chances.

8 of the Best Tools for Spying on Your Competitors

To manage a successful business, you must be familiar with your surroundings and be able to adapt to them appropriately. What this implies is understanding what works for your niche, what does not, and what may be done better in the future. However, rather of learning the hard way (through your own errors), there is a lot you can learn from your rivals’ failures in order to get an advantage over your competition. In this piece, we’ll take a look at several amazing tools that can make spying more enjoyable and prevent it from becoming too overwhelming.

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I’m willing to bet you are familiar with your primary company competitors – specialized leaders that target the same geographic areas, customer groups, and provide the same services. What you must keep in mind is that these firms are not always the ones with which you will be competing online. To begin your inquiry, you may use SpyFu, a keyword research tool that gives insights into who your organic online rivals are and which phrases they are using to generate the most revenue. In addition to this, SpyFu may provide analysis on the keywords that have recently risen to the top of the rankings, have recently fallen out of the top rankings, or are ‘almost there,’ which may provide you with an indication of where your rivals’ efforts are now concentrated.

Tool:SpyFu Identify your rivals’ winning keywords and use them to your advantage.

Website Auditor and SEO SpyGlass

If you have a list of SEO rivals who rank on page one for any targeted keyword(s), WebSite Auditor can automatically aggregate them and illustrate the anatomy of those winning pages: how they’re optimized, and how strategies differ from one competitor to another. On each page element, you’ll see the optimization data for that piece, along with all of the technical details. With the use ofSEO SpyGlass, you can examine a competitor’s backlink profile, including its diversity and overall quality.

You can easily add numerous rivals to a single project and compare their profiles, which may be incredibly useful for identifying intersections and, more specifically, the sites and authors that are likely to cover similar firms on a regular basis and mention them on a frequent basis.

Discover the optimization and link-building strategies used by your rivals.

Function: Version that is completely free: In addition to WebSite Auditor’s ability to audit up to 150 pages against up to 10 rivals, SEO SpyGlass provides for the comparison of two domains at the same time and the display of up to 1,100 backlinks for each site.

SEMRush and WhatRunsWhere

If you have a list of SEO rivals who rank on page one for any targeted keyword(s), WebSite Auditor can automatically aggregate them and reveal the anatomy of those successful pages: how they’re optimized and how their strategies differ from one competition to another. As well as technical insights, you’ll get the optimization statistics for each element on a website. You may examine the backlink profile of a rival, as well as its diversity and quality, with the help of SEO SpyGlass. By examining the backlink distribution, you may determine which pages your opponent is using to direct link power to.

Tools: The SEO SpyGlass and WebSite Auditor combine to provide a comprehensive view of a website’s performance.

Use the following link to download a free copy of the software: When comparing two domains at the same time, SEO SpyGlass may reveal up to 1,100 backlinks per domain and WebSite Auditor can audit up to 150 pages against 10 rivals.

SimilarWeb Pro

SimilarWeb Pro is another another excellent tool for keeping an eye on your competition and uncovering actionable ideas. The tool offers you with a wealth of information on the traffic volumes, sources, and distribution of your rivals’ content across several platforms. In addition to this, SimilarWeb displays the level of engagement associated with that traffic, including the number of visits per day on average, the average duration of visits, the number of pages per visit, and the bounce rate.

This information may serve as a useful starting point for developing new content ideas, adapting them to each audience, and speaking to the appropriate values.

Discover the volume of traffic, the primary sources, and the performance of your competition.


A social monitoring tool such asAwarioallows you to investigate a number of key elements, such as which social media platforms are the most popular among your competitors, which media campaigns resonate best with their audience, what are your competitors’ posting patterns on social networks, and how the content is being distributed among those networks, using a single tool. Any rival may be tracked down by setting up an alert, and you’ll be able to view all of the relevant information, including where the mentions are coming from and what sort of material is most appropriate for each network.

To collect statistics on mentions, shares, and debates throughout the main social networks and the web, you can also set an alert for a campaign name or hashtag.

As an added advantage, when conducting social media listening, you may observe the tone in which your rivals communicate with consumers, as well as the manner in which they handle customer feedback – whether through online reviews or mentions and answers on social media networks.

Finally, depending on what your audience has to say about your rivals, you may make a list of their strengths and weaknesses to use as a guideline for your own approach.

Tool:Awario Discover your competitors’ social media strategy using this function. Version that is completely free: The company provides a 14-day free trial period with 10 notifications and up to 50.000 mentions.


With the help of a technology such asBuzzSumo (which is the right hand of most content marketers), you may design a more intelligent content strategy. By creating an alert for a subject (a keyword), you may discover what topics are resonating the most within your niche by tracking the material that has received the most social exposure, as seen by shares and links. By keeping an eye on individual rivals (by domain), you may keep track of their most effective material as well. In addition to analyzing shares by network, you can also examine the length and structure of the material to determine what is most appropriate for each audience.

At the very least, you’ll be able to determine whether there are any hot issues to cover that you haven’t considered, or whether there is another viewpoint from which to cover them.

Free version: Displays the top 5 content copies for a domain and the top 10 content copies for a topic, as well as a 14-day complete trial with phone verification.

In conclusion

It is possible to design a more effective content plan using a service such asBuzzSumo (which is the right hand of most content marketers). Create an alert for a topic (a keyword) and track the material that receives the greatest social exposure, such as shares and links, to see what’s resonating the most within your niche. You may follow the best performing content of specific rivals (by domain) by keeping track of their activity. Beyond analyzing shares by network, you can also look at the length and structure of the material to identify what is most appropriate for each audience segment.

To begin with, you will be able to determine whether there are any hot subjects to cover that you haven’t considered, or whether there is another viewpoint from which to cover them.

Offers a 14-day complete trial with phone verification in the free version, which displays 5 of the best content copies for a site and 10 for a topic.

Top 17 SEO Competitor Analysis Tools To Spy on Marketing Strategies

NANCY PEARCEY believes that competition is beneficial because it drives us to perform at our highest level. In our minds’ eye, when we hear the word “spy,” we picture a man with perfect hair, dressed in a black suit and carrying sophisticated devices, with a beautiful woman standing beside him, both of them trying to track down an adversary. In business, “spying” refers to the act of learning about your competitor’s strengths and flaws. This will assist you in achieving your company objectives and will allow you to plan your next step.

Check out these internet tools for spying on your competition to learn more about them.

Top 17 Competitors Analysis Tools

SEMrushallows you to track the keyword position of your rival in any search engine depending on their geographic location using their IP address. As an added benefit, it allows you to see every single term that your competition is presently ranking for on any particular webpage. It may help identify the terms that are generating the majority of the traffic for your competitors. SEMrush is a fantastic tool that can be used for almost everything. Their cost starts at $99.95 per month and may go as high as $399.95 per month, depending on the services you wish to include.

Read our SEMrush review to learn more, as well as our step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize SEMrush.


Are you up to date on what your rivals are up to these days? I’m going to guess no. Adbeat, on the other hand, is. Adbeat is a critical paid advertising tool that offers you with access to data that you can use to get insight into your customers and improve your company strategy. Adbeat’s Spider, Crawler, and Collector explore and collect data from over 100,000 websites and publishers on a daily basis, using its Spider, Crawler, and Collector. The Adbeat Crawler visits each publication on a daily basis, and it does so many times.

Surprisingly, it can assist you in uncovering rivals that you were previously unaware of.

  1. Standard pricing is $249/month
  2. Advanced pricing is $399/month
  3. And Enterprise pricing is available upon request.


WhatRunsWhere is a technology that provides intelligent media buying services for online media purchases. Using intelligent/smart media purchasing, the identification of new sources of traffic, and the monitoring of the competition, it aims to assist online and mobile marketers in becoming more competitive in their campaigns. It also assists users in putting facts behind their decision-making in order to develop more intelligent advertising methods and maximize the returns on their investments.

It can assist you in improving your campaigns by identifying traffic sources and informing you of where your competitors are promoting their products.


In addition to being a fantastic platform, MixRank also allows you to investigate the display and contextual ad campaigns of websites that are financed through the Google AdSense program. You will agree with me that there aren’t many spy tools available on the internet that can accomplish this. Discovering effective advertising on the Google AdSense network may provide you with a wealth of information on how to make your website more profitable in a variety of ways. It is not only possible to use MixRank to identify effective AdSense ad campaigns, but you can also choose AdSense publisher sites and use competitive research data from those sites to assist you with your search engine optimization strategy.

MixRank can assist you in gaining an advantage over your competition in the following ways:

  1. Keep an eye on ad trends in order to target the most profitable campaigns and combinations of advertising from your competition
  2. Take a swipe at your competitor’s advertisement copy
  3. Identify the domain names where your competitor’s advertisements are served.

With its fully adjustable filters, it provides you with vital information and assists your marketing team in getting to know your prospective consumers. It allows you to see what advertisements other businesses are running so that you may outwit them at their own game. MixRank’s price starts at $500/month for a single user.


Ontolo is mostly known for its content marketing efforts, but it is also regarded as a powerful backlink tool. It assists you in determining how to prioritize your material in order to achieve better outcomes. Furthermore, it will assist you in determining where to market your content by identifying writers who link to your material and providing you with recommendations and tips for link building chances, among other things. This type of information will assist you in improving your SEO rankings.

Ontolo’s cost starts at $97 per month and may go as high as $297 per month.


Adgooroo may provide you with information on your competitor’s keywords, ad clicks, impressions, and traffic, to name a few of the features. This information will be useful to you if your competition has a better ranking for your keywords than you. You may utilize this information to your advantage in order to break through their propaganda. In order to increase traffic to your website, you can utilize the data offered by Adgooroo to find the high-value keywords that your rivals are using and incorporate them into your own marketing strategy.

Despite the fact that Adgooroo does not disclose pricing information on their website, you may contact them and request a quote.


Moat is a software as a service (SaaS) that evaluates the effectiveness of digital ads. In particular, the company’s primary focus is on brand advertising, with the goal of developing technology that can analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and identify methods to improve those efforts in the future. Moat is a digital advertising service that is relatively new and unique in the field of digital advertising. It may be thought of as a search engine for display advertisements. In addition, Moat claims to be able to analyze real-time statistics over 19 billion times each day and ad viewability across the majority of social media networks.

This information can assist you in determining where to place your next advertisement.


KeywordSpy is a tool that allows you to easily “spy” on the keywords of your competitors. This application has a plethora of fantastic functions; however, one of its features that I have found to be very useful is the domain spy tool. This tool is available for both Mac and Windows users. Simply enter any domain name into the search box and select the radio button for “domains” to receive a slew of accurate information about their competitors, how much money the site is spending on paid searches, which keywords they are spending the most money on, and a slew of other extremely useful information.

KeywordSpy is a free lifetime trial (with certain limitations) that allows you to spy on your competitors’ keywords and adverts, as well as receive daily updates on their position in the search results. Their price starts at $89.95 per month and goes all the way up to $139.95 per month.


ISpionage is a recently released SEO tool that allows you to undertake competition analysis and keyword management in a more effective manner. Furthermore, it is equally useful in the domain of PPC campaign development. According to the company’s proprietors, it has worked with more than 35,000 PPC advertisers and agencies, and it leverages this vast knowledge to give the greatest results. It has received positive reviews and has been published on websites such as,,, and others.

  1. Keyword and domain research
  2. Keyword monitoring
  3. Creation of PPC campaigns
  4. And more are all available.
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With theirCompetitionAnalysis, they provide you your competitor’s keywords and rankings, which you may employ for your own campaigns as well as your competitors’. You may review your competitor’s ad wording and landing page using the Campaign Watchfeature, which is also included in this package. The best aspect is that you can keep a close eye on them without their being aware of it. That, after all, is the whole point of espionage! Their cost starts at $29 per month and may go as high as $299 per month.


If you want to know about your competitor’s digital marketing plan, advertisements, or any changes to their website, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial with Kompyte. You will get notified every time your rival posts advertisements, displays a new banner, or makes even the smallest update to their website. and you will receive notifications in real time. With Kompyte’s “hidden updates” function, you can keep track of even changes that aren’t apparent on the company’s official website. Their price has not yet been announced, however you can request a DEMO here to find out more information.


SimilarWeb is a website analysis tool that allows you to compare your website to the websites of your competitors in the market place. SimilarWeb, like any other espionage site, can examine any website’s organic and paid keywords and assist you in identifying the keywords that are currently trending and bringing in the most traffic. A list of popular websites that are often frequented by customers is also included in the document. The website gives information on a variety of topics to assist you in growing your business – website referrals, searches, and even the inner trending pages may be checked for information.

The cost for SimilarWeb starts at $199 a month.


Apart from being an Amazon firm, Alexa is a comprehensive suite of SEO and competition analysis tools that may help you increase the amount of traffic and money generated by your website by providing you with vital competitive data such as:

  • The number of searches each month, the traffic sources, website comparisons, keyword research, and so on.

After that, the information is kept in your online dashboard so that you may access it later and utilize it to completely optimize the performance of your website and its search engine rankings. Additionally, Alexa provides you with vital information such as demographics and user regions, which may help you gain a better knowledge of your competitor’s traffic sources and strategies.

Alexa is also capable of performing comprehensive site and content assessments. Alexa provides a free seven-day trial period. Alexa’s cost starts at $9.99 per month and may go as high as $799 per month.


Ahrefs is one of those search engine optimization tools that every professional marketer should have. Your backlinks, keywords, brand mentions, and what your competitors are doing will be tracked by the corporation, according to their claims. Ahrefs is comprised of six really effective tools:

  1. Site Explorer, Position Explorer, Content Explorer, Position Tracker, Crawl Report, Ahrefs Alert are some of the tools available.

Because of its contemporary design, it is a reliable data analysis tool. You can see your own daily rankings as well as the daily rankings of your competitors in real time on this page. Keywords that your rivals are using are also included in the report’s keyword research section. There are four levels of membership:

  • Lite costs $99, Standard costs $179, Advanced costs $399, and Agency costs $999.

Check out the Ahrefs review.


Those who have a basic grasp of SEO and their Google AdWords account will find SpyFu to be of greater use than others. SpyFu is one of the most affordable surveillance tools available, with monthly subscriptions starting at only $25. It works in the same way as other spy tools in that it discreetly discovers all of your competitor’s keywords and determines which one generates the most traffic for them. You will be able to enhance your keyword research and outrank your competition as a result of this.

Every month, SpyFu will give you a report that you may completely customize.

15.The Search Monitor

The Search Monitor monitors websites such as Yahoo, Google, AOL, and many more well-known sites, and it records advertisements from ALL nations. A desktop and mobile application is available, as well as the ability to produce bespoke reports and charts, which clients may print and transfer for convenient perusal. In addition, the Search Monitor features a weekly crawling method that compensates for the unpredictable, frequent, and inexplicable changes that search engines frequently make to the way they deliver adverts to visitors.

Recent additions to the website include the Seller Reach Report, which, according to their website, uses data collected from leading shopping sites around the world, including Amazon, Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, eBay and Shopzilla, to calculate how sellers promote their manufacturers on the internet.

16.Majestic SEO

Majestic is a highly useful SEO tool that, for the most part, is focused on a single task and performs that task quite effectively. Majestic is mostly concerned with backlinks. It is possible to get the backlink profile of your rivals and utilize the information obtained from this tool to force them off the map. As with most of the other tools we’ve discussed, Majestic does not provide information such as monthly search volume, ranking information, keyword difficulty, on-page/technical SEO audits, a content tool, or organic traffic statistics, among other things.

However, if you’re serious about establishing high-quality connections to your website, this tool will be quite beneficial to you. They have a price structure that starts at $49.99 per month and goes up to $399.99 per month.

Tools To Help You Spy On Your Competition

Snooping on your competitors’ every move and obtaining information about them always comes with an expense. Although there are free ways to accomplish this, you could also follow them on social networking sites like as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and others, or you might subscribe to their email list to be the first to know about their latest specials and changes. However, this takes a significant amount of time, and the amount of data you can obtain is restricted. As a result, using any of these spying technologies will enable you to keep a closer eye on your rivals.

  • Keep in mind the old adage: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” If you don’t, your company’s name, its brand, its goods, and its services will all be forgotten in a short period of time.
  • Have you tried any of the ones on this list?
  • Could you maybe share with us a tip you have for making espionage more effective?
  • Do you like this post?

5 Free Marketing Tools You Should Be Using to Spy on Your Competition

You’re completely correct in your assessment. In the time it takes you to read these lines, your rivals are leveraging a vast array of techniques to exceed the development of your website while also copying your greatest ideas and stealing the attention of your audience from under your nose. Unanswered is: Will you take steps to generate more helpful and intelligent marketing in order to reach your consumers more effectively than your competitors? Create a world-class marketing detective by employing these five methods to figure out what makes your competitors effective in their marketing efforts.

(You may learn more about each tool by clicking on any of the headings.) Wishing you the best of luck!)

1.Deconstruct your Opponent’s Technology Using BuiltWith

Everyone wants to outperform the businesses that compete for your customers’ attention, loyalty, and money, so they may increase their own profitability. However, how can you expect to stay ahead if you don’t even know what other firms in your field are doing that is successful? With BuiltWith, you can get a free inside look at the technologies that power any website that you put into its search box. A short search will provide you a high-level summary of how other online companies track website traffic, manage their website content, and convert qualified leads to sales opportunities.

Checkmate. Their Google Chrome addon is something I use on a daily basis, and I’m always noticing new marketing patterns across a variety of businesses. I’ll generally pick up a few of tools that I hadn’t previously considered utilizing as well.

2.Identify Their Best Traffic Generating Keywords Using SEMrush

The ability to handle your website’s organic search rankings on Google may undeniably make or break your site’s traffic. Not only that, but wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what Google sees on your rivals’ sites that it doesn’t see on yours? You can, in fact, do it. When it comes to understanding which links are assisting your rivals in ranking well in Google and other search engines, SEMrush is an extremely useful tool. Their domain overview tool, which is available for free, gives a handy bird’s eye perspective of their organic search ranks.

  • Once again, there is no charge for them.
  • Do you want to go all out with your fancy?
  • You may even compile a list of the top keywords that are effective in increasing the traffic to your competitors’ websites and use them into your own content strategy.
  • It would be good to know that your next six months’ worth of blog content might be dedicated to pushing away your opponent from the position directly above you on the first page of Google.
  • That’s how he was able to get outcomes such as this amazing increase in backlinks.
  • You may expand on concepts that are currently successful for your competition and leapfrog their efforts.
  • “How can I compete with X Competitor when they have more resources, team members, and experience than I do?” you might wonder.

But, how do you do it?

The feedback provided by post kinds, tone, graphics, and other patterns may be easily harvested, allowing you to reverse-engineer what made each of your competitor’s Facebook posts a winner.

Your social media rivals can actually conduct part of your research for you in real time (if you’re clever enough to look at it on a regular basis, that is).

You should never replicate a post’s language and image directly; but, you may take a lot of inspiration from the big names in the industry and give each post your own unique touch.

What are meta descriptions?

Optimizing your website in order to rank better on Google might feel like a frustrating duty that you will never do successfully.

What a nightmare scenario!

Fortunately, a number of free SEO analysis tools are available to provide you a clear picture of your own website’s performance and to compare it to that of your top rivals.

It’s simple to use, and it may serve as a benchmark to determine how well your site’s on-page SEO performs in comparison to local and national industry competitors.

The information provided by this tool will not offer a thorough perspective of the numerous in-depth variables that a comprehensive SEO audit demands, but it is a low-hanging fruit that anybody can investigate in seconds.

Buzzsumo makes it insanely simple to check which blog articles, infographics, or videos your rival has released that have received the most shares. The free tool on the site can give two important indications to help you plan your content strategy:

  1. What is the most talked-about material on social media for your competition? The most engaging information on a given topic that has been shared on social media

How exactly can you put these two sorts of intelligence to work for your content is something you may be thinking. First and foremost, keep track of themes and formats that appear to have done significantly better than normal. It’s vital to acquire a sense of smell for the trends and themes that are producing outcomes that are above average on social media platforms. Of course, engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is not a perfect indicator of a piece of content’s influence—but it is a reasonably dependable indicator of audience interest.

The commercial edition of Buzzsumo can also allow you to reach out to the same folks who shared your rivals’ material because they like it so much themselves.

A person is more likely to share a comparable blog post or video if they have previously shared it.


How exactly can you put these two sorts of intelligence to work for your content is something you may be asking about. The first step is to identify themes and formats that appear to have done significantly better than expected. To be successful on social media, it’s vital to have a keen sense of the trends and themes that are producing outcomes that are above average. The amount of time people spend on Facebook and Twitter is not a perfect indicator of how influential a piece of material is—but it is a reasonably dependable indicator of how interested people are in what you’re sharing.

It is also possible to reach out to the same folks who liked your rivals’ material enough to share it using the commercial edition of the Buzzsumo service.

A person is more likely to share a comparable blog or video if they’ve done so in the previous.

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