Marketing Automation Consulting Services? (TOP 5 Tips)

Marketing Automation Consultants furnish marketing teams with an analytical, as well as artistic touch. They help by organizing marketing efforts, ensure efficacy in marketing multiple channels online, and productively automate repetitive tasks towards increased sales through lead conversions.

Can you automate consulting?

One of the biggest reasons for consultants to automate their delivery models is that, by doing so, they can broaden the range of clients they work with. Adopting automation doesn’t just make firms more attractive to clients—it also makes it much easier for them to attract talent.

What is marketing automation used for?

Marketing automation uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns – not just for the sake of efficiency, but also to provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

How much does marketing automation cost?

Available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, subscriptions can start under $1,000 and scale up to six figures per month. The main factors that drive the cost of your subscription are: The number of leads and contacts in your marketing database.

What is B2B marketing automation?

What is B2B Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is technology that allows you to automate, streamline, and measure your marketing tasks and workflows. However, its true power comes through sales and marketing alignment combined with a well-utilized B2B CRM.

What is automation consultancy?

Automation Consultants is an Agile and DevOps consultancy, improving your business performance through digital transformation, automation and DevOps.

What are some examples of how marketing automation works?

10 Marketing Automation Examples

  • Welcome emails. If you have landed a new client, then you want to build on that momentum.
  • Win-back programs.
  • Gated content.
  • Lead magnets.
  • Customer quizzes.
  • Salvage abandoned shopping carts.
  • Customer onboarding.
  • Transactional messages and updates.

What is the best marketing automation tool?

The 7 Best Marketing Automation Tools

  1. Marketo. Marketo is perhaps the best known marketing automation tool, and for good reason.
  2. Eloqua. You can think of Eloqua as the Ferrari of marketing automation.
  3. The main reason we love is its flexibility.
  4. Constant Contact.
  5. HubSpot.
  6. ExactTarget/Pardot.
  7. Userfox.

How do I become a marketing automation specialist?

How to Become a Marketing Automation Expert: 9 Skills You Need to Get and Keep the Job

  1. Know the Tools of the Trade.
  2. Know the Customer.
  3. Gain Meaningful Experience Across Marketing Disciplines.
  4. Apply Logic and Creativity to Your Work.
  5. Know When to Say “No”
  6. Work on Your Juggling.
  7. Be Strategic, Operational, and Tactical.

What is Digital Marketing automation?

What is Digital Marketing Automation? By definition, digital marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organisations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

How much does Ampifire cost?

For the price of $2,497 or 3 split payments of $997, you get basically the blueprint to build the online business that will make you money if followed to the detail. On top of that, the most time-consuming tasks are being automated by Ampifire software. All the heavy lifting is done for you.

What is the difference between B2B vs B2C marketing automation?

B2C is all about the customer journey and where the individual is in his or her unique process, whereas B2B marketing automation is more about education and value -sharing for a large group and focused on nurturing a lead through a sales funnel.

What is B2C marketing automation?

What is B2C Marketing Automation? B2C marketing automation involves automating campaigns that promote a company’s products or services to individual consumers. It covers both attracting new customers and retaining them once they convert through targeted messages.

How do you automate B2B sales?

How B2B Companies Can Automate Sales Outreach

  1. Send automated email sequences.
  2. Use a VOIP dialer and a headset.
  3. Automate sales outreach on LinkedIn.
  4. Automate sales outreach on Twitter.
  5. Run CRM retargeting and retargeting ads.
  6. Conclusion: Focus on adding value.

Marketing Automation Consulting Services

Every savvy marketing executive has digital transformation at the forefront of their minds, and the most of them would say that maximizing marketing automation platform performance is the most important factor in the department’s success with digital transformation efforts. As a consequence, most businesses fail to make the necessary transition from acquiring a marketing automation system to significantly improving Marketing’s effect on business results by leveraging the marketing technology they have purchased.

Is this something you’ve heard before?

Let’s Go! Better Results, at Scale with Less Effort

At Walker Sands, we collaborate with our customers to ensure that their path to change Marketing via technology yields the required results and fulfills mission-critical business objectives, no matter how complex the project. We diagnose, we fix, and we provide support, whether it’s through ongoing consulting services or hands-on execution of our recommendations. After only a short period of time, leads and sales begin to pour in like never before. The mission has been completed. Do you require assistance?

How We Can Help You Do Better with Marketing Automation

If any of the following apply to you, our marketing automation consulting services are for you:

  • Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot are marketing automation solutions that you currently have or are contemplating purchasing if you are a B2B firm. Other marketing automation consultants and your in-house team have been unable to overcome issues with an existing marketing automation system instance
  • You’re looking for a solution. You have the impression that you should be doing more with your marketing automation platform, but you don’t have a clear strategy for moving forward
  • In response to marketing’s failure to provide more qualified leads while spending a significant amount of money on marketing technologies, top executives and sales leadership are taking aim at the department. Until your main in-house marketing automation employee moved for another position, everything was going swimmingly. Now you’re in desperate need of marketing automation staff augmentation while you figure out what to do next. Your firm has a mountain to climb in terms of impending lead generation figures in order to meet its goals, and you’re having trouble figuring out where all of those leads will come from
  • You’re doing OK with marketing automation, have a solid strategy in place, and are seeing positive results — but you’d like to take things to the next level
  • How can you accomplish that?

Our Marketing Automation Service Offerings

Our B2B clients may benefit from a broader variety of advice and execution-oriented consulting services in the area of marketing automation, which includes the following services:

  • Marketing Automation Strategy– We can assist you with seeing the larger picture of what is achievable with marketing automation, as well as how it may promote corporate interests and open up new growth opportunities. Marketing Automation Audits and Assessments– There are just too many failure areas in marketing automation to list them all. For those who feel that prevention is better than cure, this is the ideal product. Warning: Buyer Beware! Marketing Automation Procurement Support– Buyer Beware! Shelfware syndrome is a true condition that exists. Don’t let this happen to you when you purchase marketing automation software
  • Instead, educate yourself. Marketing Automation Setup and Launch– The starting gate determines whether a race will be won or lost. Our marketing automation starter can put you on the fast track to success. Platform Ports and Rebuilds — We have experience with every imaginable port and rebuild for marketing automation platforms like as Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot. For assistance with marketing automation platform migrations, contact our specialists. Optimisation of Marketing Automation– If your marketing automation isn’t growing significantly better with each passing month, you’re falling more and further behind the competition. Allow us to assist you in achieving greater outcomes with less effort and discomfort. Ongoing Marketing Automation Execution and Growth– You’ve got more work than you can manage, haven’t you? You’re probably feeling overwhelmed. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve dispatched troops to assist you.

How We Approach Marketing Automation Consulting

Each of our Walker Sands marketing automation experts has “been there, done that” when it comes to dealing with any and all marketing automation issues. However, even though we have established a variety of patented techniques to solve your marketing automation difficulties, we don’t treat each client the same way we treat everyone else. One or more of the following phases may be included in the appropriate program for your organization:

  • Marketing automation execution should be re-aligned with the business strategy and key marketing objectives. Marketing automation audits and evaluations are carried out. assisting in the procurement of a new marketing automation system and the preparation of a business case for doing so
  • Making your marketing automation platform more integrated with your CRM (for example, Salesforce) and other martech assets is a top priority. Marketing automation future steps should be based on a ROI-driven roadmap that is being developed. Improve the quality and reliability of your marketing automation analytics results by rewiring your system. Cleaning up and segmenting your marketing automation database are two important first steps. assisting you in the implementation of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) across your marketing technology stack Providing assistance with GDPR compliance activities and other regulatory obligations. Engaging in collaborative efforts with your in-house team in order to educate them on best practices and upskill their marketing automation abilities, ultimately resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Keep the leads flowing by outsourcing operational tasks to us while you develop your own internal staff. Making improvements to the hand-off to Sales in order to ensure that leads eventually result in sales and revenues
  • Converting your firm from being a mediocre implementer of marketing automation to becoming a top performer in the field

Get to Know Our Experienced Marketing Automation Consultants

You will not find a more knowledgeable group of marketing automation specialists anywhere else. Our marketing automation professionals have a track record that is simply unrivaled, and they are backed by an agency that does much more than just provide marketing automation guidance. We’ve seen (and corrected) just about every marketing automation blunder there is. Among the faults and blunders made by marketers using marketing automation software is the following:

  • Misconfigured and under-managed marketing automation platform instances are common among companies who acquire the improper marketing automation platforms. They either neglect to employ or use ineffectively the marketing automation solutions that they have purchased, resulting in a lack of return on investment. As part of their efforts to court prospects, they launch poorly thought-out campaigns, or even worse, they overmarket to prospects, alienating them.

However, although avoiding errors is crucial, attaining the marketing automation return on investment that you anticipated is even more critical. Because of our in-depth knowledge and experience with marketing automation, we have a distinct advantage over other marketing consulting firms when it comes to improving demand generation outcomes. Simply simply, we are focused with outcomes and the ability to help you succeed.

Marketing Automation Platforms We Support

We have vast expertise dealing with a variety of marketing automation systems, including Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot, but we are also highly adept in helping customers that utilize other marketing automation platforms.

Learn more about our specialized experience dealing with the most popular marketing automation platforms by visiting our website:

  • Dedicated Marketo Marketing Automation Consultants in Chicago– Led by a seasoned Marketo Champion, our Chicago marketing consultants are passionate about Marketo and haven’t yet encountered a Marketo difficulty they couldn’t solve. Let’s get this party started
  • Client-Side Pardot Marketing Automation Consultants– In addition to advising our clients on Pardot, we are also Pardot customers. A great deal of Pardot affection, wisdom, and power exists at Walker Sands. Marketing Automation Consultants at Hubspot– We have a lot of experience with Hubspot. To be more specific, our first Hubspot consulting engagement took place in 2011, when the company’s revenue was at $28 million. (513 million dollars in sales was generated by Hubspot in 2018).
  • Salesforce Marketing Automation Platforms– When dealing with marketing automation tools, Salesforce experience is required. Salesforce is something we live and breathe on a daily basis, and we know how to make it work for us.

Chicago Marketing Automation Consultants Serving a Global Client Base

Our marketing automation consulting agency in Chicago provides services to clients all over the world. Walker Sands Digital, our digital marketing department, is in charge of all of our marketing automation consulting engagements. Our team members are trained and have extensive experience with the leading marketing automation systems, including Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot. Our Chicago-based professionals provide services with assistance from our San Francisco and Seattle locations. Our marketing strategists, public relations professionals, demand generation team, and creative services group all work together to support integrated campaigns.

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Marketing Goals Empowered via Marketing Automation

As a B2B marketer, you’re no doubt faced with a long list of vital tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. To your advantage, marketing automation can assist you with the majority of them:

  • B2B Lead Generation– Often the number one goal for our clients, getting more qualified leads is dependent on how well you use your marketing automation system (marketing automation system). We have the knowledge and talent to drive more B2B leads to your website, whether it’s about boosting the number of B2B leads that visit your website or increasing the number of leads who convert during their stay. Developing Connections with Influencers and Analysts– If you want to attract the attention of Gartner, Forrester, and other significant B2B influencers, you can utilize your marketing automation system to establish and nurture those critical relationships. We’ve worked with a number of customers to achieve this vital marketing aim, and our marketing automation specialists would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your influencer relations objectives and strategies. A Successful Product Launch– Does your product launch marketing plan take full advantage of your marketing automation system? Do you have a marketing automation system in place? The various areas in which marketing automation can assist a successful product launch may surprise you. From signing up beta consumers to amplification of PR placements, you may be surprised at how many places there are. Empowering Field Marketing Representatives– Do you want to make the lives of hardworking field marketing representatives simpler and more productive? Marketing automation may assist in getting them in front of more people and expediting the hand-off of lead intelligence to Sales
  • Nurture Marketing– When done correctly, marketing automation can assist in initiating tailored one-to-one dialogues with prospects and customers on a large scale
  • The ability to interact intelligently at every stage of the buyer journey is required for this
  • Executive Thought Leadership– Increasing the credibility of your executives is made orders of magnitude simpler when you incorporate thought leadership into your marketing automation plan. Increased Return on Investment (ROI) on Content Marketing Assets– If your content isn’t engaging, it’s not worth anything. Addressing a potential customer’s direct and urgent need is critical to success. Without marketing automation, it is impossible to do the task in a timely and effective manner. Increase Brand Credibility– Marketing automation excels in its capacity to place your brand in front of people in a way that helps them fall in love with your product or service. We can assist you in doing so more effectively than your competitors and reaping the benefits that result. Marketing Automation can help you manage your marketing more effectively. Marketing choices can no longer be decided on the basis of a hunch anymore. Using marketing automation, you can track revenue attribution and other indicators, which will help you become a far more informed and successful marketing manager. Integrating the Marketing Technology Stack– When it comes to marketing software, entropy is at work, with chaos being the eventual result. Weak integration between the elements might make it difficult to make progress toward business objectives. Allow our digital transformation experts to take care of it for you

A tiny sample of what may be accomplished using marketing automation, as well as how crucial marketing automation is becoming to the modern marketer, is provided in the list above. Wouldn’t you agree that this is some very potent stuff?

Let’s Discuss Your Marketing Automation Needs

Get in contact with us if you’re looking for improved marketing automation outcomes and want to work with a fantastic marketing automation firm. Please let us know where your present execution is lacking and what you’d want to achieve. If we are unable to assist you, we will notify you as soon as possible. We are, nevertheless, a smart bet if it has anything to do with enhancing marketing automation outcomes. If so, we are the integrated marketing agency for you. It all starts with a dialogue between you and us about your requirements.

Marketing Automation Consultant

Reach’s marketing automation specialists can assist you in increasing the productivity of your organization by organizing and automating repetitive processes. Our team will develop scoring algorithms that will aid in the qualification of sales leads and the shortening of the sales cycle.

Our Marketing Automation Process Gets Proven Results

When you use Reach Marketing’s sales and marketing automation process, you’ll be able to attract qualified visitors to your website, assign prospects to those visitors, engage your leads to close new high-value customers, generate key performance reporting, and build on success after success like never before. In order to give your audience the most relevant content through the most effective marketing channels for their stage of the purchase cycle, we have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) into our marketing automation platform.

These operations become significantly more efficient and accurate when they are transferred to an automated system, allowing your creative team to concentrate on developing new concepts.

We also refer to marketing automation asMARKETING AIbecause it truly portrays the ability of marketing automation to learn about consumers and revolutionize how organizations connect with those customers.

What Can Marketing Automation Do for You?

  • Increase the number of leads generated
  • Score prospects based on their sales readiness
  • Demographic, firmographic, and behavioral factors should be used to segment the population. Buyer personas should be created. Nurture programs are used to guide prospects through the sales funnel. Create email templates to save time. Personalize and customize your email
  • Deliver advertisements and digital information that is specifically targeted
  • Create personalized landing pages for prospects
  • Shorten the prospect’s purchase path
  • Organize social media campaigns and campaigns in general. Reduce the complexity of the marketing-to-sales shift. Campaigns should be reported on with thorough analytics

Every company is different and has its own set of marketing requirements. It’s also very adjustable, allowing you to create the system you want with customized dashboards, email templates, and other features. Because your marketing automation platform is tailored to your individual needs, let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular functions of the technology. We use bespoke marketing automation to improve the way businesses find, track, interact, and evaluate their target audiences in order to convert every lead into a sales opportunity as efficiently as possible.

Our marketing automation services are tailored to your specific needs and your target market – no more outgrowing your software or patching together disparate pieces of technology.

We’ve written the book on MARKETING AI®, and we’re ready to apply our knowledge to your company’s needs.

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Automation Consultant

Save Time Grow Your Traffic
More Quality Leads Increase Conversion Rates
Understand Customer Behavior Improve ROI
Reduce Spending Receive High Quality Data
Follow Up With Leads Instantly Marketing Consistency

Marketing Automation – Toolkit

Make the most of your marketing automation investment by utilizing our Marketing Automation expertise for integration, bespoke development, strategy, and implementation.

Marketing Automation – Health CheckOptimization

Assess, monitor, and adopt best practices in automation to guarantee that you get the highest potential return on your investment.

Marketing Automation – Campaign Execution

Our marketing automation professionals will provide full-service email campaign and workflow creation, optimization, testing, and deployment to meet your needs.

Marketing Automation – Program Templates

Through the use of our proprietary modular templates, you may streamline the implementation of events and email campaigns.

  • Accurate Lead Capture, Lead Tracking, Real-Time Testing, Lead Scoring, Database Management, Dynamic Personalization, Triggers, Attribution, Automated Workflow, CRM Integration, Cross-Channel Connection, Centralized Marketing Platform

What is a marketing automation consultant?

Marketing Automation Consultants assist marketing teams in achieving the best possible outcomes via the use of their creative and analytical abilities. They pay close attention to the details and guarantee that every effort is beneficial by strategically organizing online channels and automating monotonous chores in order to enhance sales lead conversions efficiently across all types of media sources.

What does a marketing automation specialist do?

Marketing automation professionals are in charge of the creation and management of internet advertising campaigns on a large scale. Professionals in this field operate in an office atmosphere with other administrative staff members, taking care of day-to-day tasks such as updating contact information on promotional materials or creating new commercials that will pique the attention of more people in your product.

What is the role of automation consultant?

In the corporate world, automation consultants are the people who come up with innovative automation solutions. They will train you so that your company can remain efficient and productive in this new economy, as well as assist you in planning an implementation process that is free of glitches along the way!

What are marketing automation platforms?

Marketing automation solutions assist marketers in the planning and tracking of campaigns, as well as collaborating with other departments such as sales to determine the effectiveness of their efforts.

It is common to utilize them in conjunction with a lifecycle marketing plan so that you can nurture leads and increase the likelihood of conversion.

How to Get Started With a Marketing Automation Consultant

In order to be effective, your marketing automation consultant should be a professional with extensive experience in automating every area of your organization from A to Z. From developing content strategies that connect on social media platforms like as Twitter or Facebook, to managing email campaigns and lead generation efforts through website design tips-of-courses, they’ll have a wide range of knowledge. Despite the fact that marketing automation may be a novel notion to some people, the trend has been increasing for a long time.

In order for your marketing strategy or techniques to be successful, “Marketing Automation” is more than just a nice-to-have; it’s a need.

Marketing Automation ProcessesChannels:

  • Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, Instagram, analytics, branding, content, mobile, sales, organic search, direct response, email, market research, and websites are all examples of paid search.

Marketing Automation Articles

  • Identifying incoming visitors
  • Lead scoring process
  • Unmasking inbound visitors
  • Marketing Automation Mistakes
  • Marketing Automation Revenue Book
  • The Future of One-to-One Engagement Integration between Marketo and Pardot’s Sales Force Automation

Ready to Speak To a Marketing Automation Consultant?

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Marketing Automation Consultancy & Marketing Channel Strategy

Implementations We make marketing automation appear less intimidating. We can assist you in determining which platform would be the most appropriate for your company’s needs, and we will be with you through every stage of the installation process. Having your marketing automation platform at the heart of your business means having all of your data, contacts, website pages, emails, and other communications in one place. You will get more insight into your consumers than ever before thanks to the integration of these platforms, which will provide you more visibility into their purchase history, interactions with your content and emails, service ticket history and sales notes, among other things.

  • Integration In the event that you already have investments in other platforms like as Salesforce, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are also a certified Salesforce Partner, in addition to being certified in many other platforms.
  • Marketing Automation Managed Services are a type of service that provides marketing automation management services.
  • At Affirma Marketing, you’ll have access to some of the smartest minds in the business who can assist you with content generation, PPC, SEO, social media management, and anything else that goes under the marketing umbrella.
  • Automated Email MarketingEmail marketing may be a difficult undertaking, but when done correctly, it can result in more qualified leads and more income.

Contact us now to learn more. Please provide us with additional information about your current technological stack, and we will demonstrate how we can assist you.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Consulting/Services Companies – 2019

Advertising and marketing automation are essential for the future of the industry because marketing technology not only saves businesses a significant amount of time, but it also helps them get more for their money spent on marketing. Presently, marketing automation tools are no longer a business luxury but a must-have necessity to scale the heights of success in this digitally driven marketplace. Businesses that are not currently utilizing automation technology to its full potential for their digital marketing strategies are likely to begin doing so in the next few years.

  • It is one of the most popular methods of streamlining and optimizing a variety of marketing activities such as lead generation and capture, ROI analysis, and marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing automation that has been integrated and consolidated engages the right users and a large number of potential prospective consumers to the brand at the right time through the use of multiple marketing channels, as described above.
  • Understanding the implications of such a scenario, many marketing service providers have begun to offer services that include evaluating, assessing again, and finally deciding on an automation marketing platform.
  • Service providers are now expanding their offerings to include assistance with the deployment and implementation of those automation marketing platforms for businesses, which is a significant step forward.
  • Be it content related marketing, email, or social media marketing, consultants offer valuable and relevant advice to the firms to bolster their current stand on the marketing.
  • Another major challenge faced by CIOs is the management of automation marketing tools installed within their organizations’ premises.
  • Along with such technical capabilities that marketing automation service providers offer, they also set up various personalized campaigns and advertisements according to the clients’ requirement.
  • Similarly, the potential of other highly anticipated technologies such as real-time communication, lead generation, and voice commands are revolutionizing the marketing automation industry.

We present to you Marketing Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Marketing Automation Services/Consulting Providers of 2019’

Marketing Automation – RenderTribe

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Marketing Automation for B2BSaaS

If your marketing or sales team does not include a marketing automation professional, you may find it difficult to get the outcomes that many Marketing Automation Tools offer in a timely manner. Before you begin, you must have the appropriate strategy, tools, implementation, and goals in place. We can assist you with:

  • Administration and management of marketing technology tools
  • Marketing automation strategy and implementation
  • Marketing tool implementation
  • Marketing technology consulting

Get in Touch With Us

Marketing Automation Mangement

We can assist you in integrating your new or current Marketing Automation Tools with Salesforce or your customer relationship management system. We deploy and maintain automation tools like as Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On, and other prominent brands. However, success does not end with the implementation phase. The information you obtain must be used over a period of time in order to yield a true return on investment. Allow us to assist you in accomplishing your goals now. Cookies are used to deliver our services, as well as for analytics and marketing purposes.

Read on to find out more OK

Marketing Automation Consulting – Automate Growth & Repetitive Tasks

Create a marketing automation strategy that is integrated to your company’s operations, with an emphasis on components that will provide results. Get Your Marketing Automation Strategy Started Today!

Platform Selection

Analyze your requirements, budget, and skills before selecting the most appropriate platform. Get Started with the Platform Selection Process

Setup and Development

Configure the platform to meet your requirements and carry out any technological development that is required. Starting With SetupDevelopment is Easy!

Platform/Data Integration

Prepare your data and data sources so that they can be properly integrated with your platform’s functionality. Take the First Steps Toward Integration

Platform Training

Ascertain that your staff is capable of performing all roles and responsibilities necessary to take use of the capabilities of your platform. Get Your Platform Training Started Today!

Campaign Analysis and Insights

Evaluating the overall performance of the platform over time and providing ideas and insights to help it perform better in the future Get Started With Your Campaign Evaluation Insights

Platform Training

Ascertain that your staff is capable of performing all roles and responsibilities necessary to take use of the capabilities of your platform. Get Your Platform Training Started Today!

Campaign Analysis and Insights

To maximize the benefits of your platform, be certain that your staff is capable of performing all roles and activities. Training on the Platform: Get Started

Marketing Automation Strategy

Ascertain that your staff is capable of performing all roles and responsibilities in order to take use of the capabilities of your platform. Get Your Platform Training Underway

Marketing Automation Strategy

Make certain that your staff is capable of performing all roles and responsibilities in order to take use of the capabilities of your platform. Get Started with Platform Training

What is Marketing Automation?

Software meant to simplify marketing operations for your firm by offering a platform that automates repetitive work is known as marketing automation software (MA).

Marketing automation solves a number of typical issues that most marketing teams face, including the following:

  • Corporate data that is siloed and inconsistent
  • A lack of analytics, reporting, and dashboards
  • Having an excessive number of operational responsibilities that prevent you from establishing major strategic ideas

Marketing automation solutions assist businesses in streamlining, automating, and measuring marketing operations and workflows in order to boost operational efficiency, customer engagement, and customer conversions, among other things. In addition to increasing inbound traffic to your website and improving social reach, marketing automation platforms also allow for systematic testing of campaign implementation aspects as well as real-time replies to prospect actions. However, it is the strategic aspects of the game that are the most interesting:

  • Greater precision in the alignment of sales efforts is achieved by using higher quality sales leads. Prospect activities may be tracked and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of scalable, repeatable, and automated programs. Marketing campaign ROI that is more objective as a result of observable data
  • Marketing operations efficiency has been improved, allowing marketing professionals to devote more time to more strategic initiatives.

Our Marketing Automation Expertise

Our marketing automation professionals have successfully executed projects with the majority of the main marketing automation software platforms, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Eloqua/Oracle, ExactTarget, Pardot, and Hubspot, among others. From design to implementation to operation, we have specific service options that are geared at selecting and installing marketing automation platforms, as well as providing advisory services on all elements of campaign implementation, from design to implementation to operation:

  • Sales and Marketing Operations (Marketing Operations)
  • Salesforce (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
  • Marketo

Central Marketing Database

A centralized location for all of your marketing data, including comprehensive prospect and customer interactions and behaviors, as well as demographic information. Customer segmentation and the generation of tailored and relevant communications are made possible as a result of this. As your marketing team implements campaigns, the amount and quality of data collected increases.

Engagement Marketing Engine

The design, administration, and automation of marketing processes and dialogues across online and offline media is made possible by the Marketing Automation Platform. Consider this to be the “orchestra conductor” for all of your contacts with customers.


A method for evaluating, measuring, and optimizing marketing return on investment and influence on revenue. Consider this to be the location where you go to figure out what worked, what didn’t, and where you can make improvements.

Primary marketing automation platform features include:

  • Campaign creation includes the definition of the campaign as well as its major features. Conversion tracking and calls to action are included in the creation of landing pages. Nurturing a team of leaders Automated qualification and execution of necessary actions based on lead scoring. Email Marketing — batch email distribution, reputation management, real-time triggered emails, forms, and email testing are all available options. Segmentation is often accomplished through the use of completely connected CRM solutions. Listening, sharing, and analytics on social media are examples of social marketing. Marketing Analysis–website, SEO, keywords, reporting, and return on investment (ROI) analytics.

The infographic below illustrates an example of a marketing campaign that includes the following steps:

  1. Define your campaign– Define your success metrics, develop a scoring model, and segment your target audience. Designing a campaign entails developing content and being creative. Create the Campaign– Using your automation platform, create emails, landing pages, and a scoring model to use in your campaign. Plan and execute a campaign, including the creation of a lead nurturing work flow, grading and scoring leads, using campaign logic, responding to queries, and routing leads accordingly. Increase the reach of your message by blogging, sharing, tweeting, and like
  2. Campaign Monitoring– A scoring model is used to gather information about customers’ preferences. Monitoring and reporting on campaigns– Evaluate anticipated targets, do A/B testing, and select next actions.

Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing automation software is a significant investment. Any amount of waste, in our opinion, is too much to bear. If you’re paying for ActiveCampaign, Pardot, HubSpot, Adobe Experience Cloud, or another marketing automation system, you need to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your investment. We ensure that this occurs by maintaining a careful check on every element and component of our customers’ marketing automation footprint, including but not limited to the following:

  • Purchaser personas, funnel design, data cleansing, lead generating techniques and list segmentation are all covered. Automation rules and automated processes are also covered. Opportunisticemails
  • Lead scoring and grading
  • Forms and form handlers
  • And other related topics Website integration and tracking codes are also available. Integration with social networking
  • Landing sites
  • A/B testing
  • Dynamic content and call-to-actions
  • Integration with CRM
  • Handoffs to sales representatives
  • Notifications tailored to your needs
  • Dashboards for analytics and key performance indicators
  • Revenue attribution

Our advice can make your current efforts far more effective, or it can assist you in getting your new system off to a good start.

Need a Simpler Marketing Automation Platform?

It is not necessary for every B2B firm to have all of the functionality offered by the large marketing automation platforms. That’s why Altitude’s marketing automation consulting team specializes in designing and customizing email marketing platforms to fulfill many of the same automation goals for a fraction of the expense of traditional marketing automation platforms.

Take, for example, the following multi-channel process that was recently developed and performed completely using a WordPress website, digital marketing, a simple email platform, and a few integrations: Our email marketing expertise covers the following:

  • ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Informz / Higher Logic, Mailchimp, Vertical Response, and others are examples of marketing automation software.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

There are several benefits to collaborating with a leading B2B marketing automation consultancy firm. When correctly implemented and maintained, a marketing automation solution may accomplish the following:

  • Allow your marketing team to effortlessly convert cold and warm prospects into sales-qualified leads by automating the nurturing process. Reduce the number of manual marketing jobs and the amount of time spent on data input
  • Provide your sales staff with more detailed information on leads, allowing them to clinch more deals. Increase the effectiveness of the interaction between sales and marketing. Give your team the authority to appropriately credit every dollar of sales to its originating marketing channel.

Marketing Automation Consultants

Find out how our unique software, MarketingCloudFX, can assist you in tracking, managing, and synchronizing your marketing efforts, as well as organizing and scoring leads for your business, in order for your company to thrive on the internet.

How to find the right marketing automation consultant for your business

It is possible to get a marketing automation expert to assist you in managing your marketing initiatives from anywhere in the world. So, how do you go about finding the best one?

1. Do some research

To assist you in compiling a list of marketing automation experts, begin by conducting preliminary research. Search for marketing automation experts and watch who comes up in the search results when you first start out. You’ll want to capture essential information about each organization, such as pricing, that will assist you in determining if they’re the greatest fit for your needs. Consider doing a thorough investigation of each consultant’s website and learning everything you can about that particular organization.

You should check to see whether they provide the marketing methods you are currently employing, even if you already have them in place.

Additionally, it’s comforting to know that your consultant can assist you with future expansion if it is something you wish to pursue.

2. Check out testimonials and reviews

Now that you’ve reduced down your selection of marketing automation consultants, it’s important to look into the company’s reputation among other customers. When selecting a consultant, you need thoroughly vet them to verify that they are a reputable organization that can assist your company in growing. First, look at their testimonials, which originate from the consulting firm’s current and former clients and are usually favorable. When looking for marketing automation consulting agencies, look for testimonials as well as reviews.

In addition, you may gain insight into what people liked and disliked about the marketing firm by examining these two elements.

3. Know your budget

Before you fall head over heels in love with a marketing automation expert, be sure they are within your financial reach. You must first determine a budget in order to filter down your choice of consultants to those that are compatible with your financial situation. You’ll want to create a soft budget, which is the amount you’d want to spend if you could pay anything you wanted. Your soft budget has some wiggle room built in, so that if a consultant turns out to be a bit more expensive than expected, you still have money left over in your budget.

When you have these two budgets in place, you can choose whether marketing consultants are a good fit for your company’s requirements. You can exclude any marketing consulting businesses that are out of your price range from your consideration.

4. Look for transparency

Choose a marketing automation consulting organization that is straightforward and honest with you about your business when it comes to your marketing automation needs. When it comes to marketing automation services, you don’t want to be in the dark about what is going on. When researching different marketing consulting businesses, seek to see if they post their pricing information on their websites. Transparent businesses will disclose their prices online so that customers can understand exactly what they’re receiving and how much it all costs to operate.

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A Partner Businesses Trust

When compared to other digital marketing agencies that I have worked with in the past, their emphasis on return on investment (ROI) and intuitive ability to explain this information in a way that I comprehend have been the missing link. Leah Pickard is a fictional character created by author Leah Pickard. ABWE Take a look at the Case Study.

The marketing automation consultant you need

For more information on what WebFX can provide you, please check our marketing automation options.

Marketing Automation Services

Collaborate with top-tier experts to help you track how leads arrive on your website so that you can move them from the top of the marketing funnel all the way down to become a new customer for your company. Take a look at our offerings.


Take advantage of high-quality software that assists you in identifying how people discover and connect with your company so that you can optimize your campaigns and get greater results! Take a look at our offerings.

Digital Marketing Services

Whether you want to boost traffic to your website, generate more leads, or improve sales, you may benefit from assistance in developing a marketing plan that is tailored to your company’s needs. Take a look at our offerings.

Why choose WebFX as your marketing automation consultant?

When you have so many marketing automation specialists at your disposal, you might be wondering if WebFX is the ideal option for you. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider partnering with us:

We have our software to make managing a breeze

In your search for marketing automation businesses, you want to seek for organizations that provide everything you need to be successful in marketing automation. At WebFX, we provide our unique software, MarketingCloudFX, to our clients in order to help them reap the benefits of marketing automation. In addition to lead management and email management, our solution provides all of the tools you need to automate your marketing activities. Because you receive all you need in one location, you don’t have to invest in third-party software (though we can assist you with that as well!).

We have over 20 years of experience to help you build better campaigns

Consider partnering with organizations that have prior marketing automation experience while looking for automation consulting services. We at WebFX have been in the marketing business for more than two decades. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of marketing, so you can be confident in our ability to assist you with the management of your campaign. We’ve worked with dozens of different industries all around the United States. Even if we haven’t worked in your business before, you can be certain that we will invest the necessary time to become experts in your particular niche so that we can develop a campaign that is effective for you.

We’ve read over 27,000 books on marketing and produced over 4000 blog articles about the subject. You may be certain that you’re dealing with marketing automation professionals who understand how to use digital marketing to your advantage.

We provide you with a dedicated account manager that gets to know you

Consider partnering with organizations that have experience in marketing automation while looking for automation experts. More than two decades have passed since WebFX began promoting. We are well-versed in the ins and outs of marketing, so you can be confident in our ability to assist you in the management of your marketing campaign. A wide range of sectors across the United States have benefited from our services. If we haven’t worked in your business before, you can be certain that we will devote the necessary time to becoming specialists in your particular niche so that we can create a campaign that is effective for you.

About marketing, we’ve read over 27,000 books and published over 4000 blog articles.

We know how to drive results that help our clients flourish

When partnering with a marketing automation expert, you want to engage with a firm that has the knowledge and experience to assist your company achieve more success. When it comes to marketing automation services, we at WebFX are experts in generating results. In only the last five years, we’ve completed the following projects for our clients:

  1. More than $2.4 billion in revenue has been generated
  2. More than 6.3 million leads have been generated
  3. More than 11.6 million transactions have been managed
  4. And more than 4.2 million phone calls have been generated.

We understand how to develop strategies that help our clients reach their objectives and thrive on the internet.

World-Class, Tech-Enabled Marketing

Learn more about your marketing ideal team.

Are you ready to partner with a marketing automation consulting agency that will help you grow?

Discover how to put together your marketing ideal team.

  1. SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and more are all options available to businesses.

We can assist you with managing and automating your marketing initiatives, allowing you to focus on more important things. In the event that you pick WebFX as your marketing automation consulting firm, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative who will lead your company through every step of the process. Throughout the process, your account manager will present you with reports to ensure that you are always aware of the progress of your campaign. We have a staff of professionals with over 1.6 million hours of combined experience, so you can be certain that you’re dealing with some of the very best.

Your quest is done.

We can’t wait to hear from you and to assist you in growing your company through our marketing automation services!

Business Automation Consulting Services

Cost of operating is reduced. Automation is responsible for organizing the system. Improved performance and waste reduction in repetitive and time-consuming jobs lowers the cost of operations and increases the efficiency of the operations. Productivity improvement is the goal. It is the goal of any firm to identify and simplify its business operations. Only via the implementation of business automation will it be feasible to realign process stages in order to optimize the flow of information between the service, production, accounting, and human resources departments.

Business automation assists in ensuring that the highest level of service quality is delivered each and every time, therefore transforming customer pleasure into customer delight.

Governance and dependability are important considerations.

The robustness of the process automation guarantees that the inclusion and implementation of corporate governance are carried out with practically zero mistake.

This is driven by business automation. Functionalities like as implementation, measurement, and auditing are critical for determining the success of a corporate plan.


Because we have extensive A-Z Marketo knowledge, we can provide services to assist you in getting started on a new instance or increasing the success of your present marketing operations. We are a Marketo Premier level partner with 100 percent Marketo certification.

Marketo and Salesforce

Our primary focus is on data and business process optimization, Salesforce-Marketo integration, lead lifecycle management and handoff to sales, as well as executive dashboards for marketing and sales operations.

Turnkey SSL Installation

Using Marketo, we can assist you with a simple, flat-fee SSL installation. Because of the most recent Chrome version, establishing SSL has become a business concern for organizations, in addition to the usual security exposure safeguards.

Platform Implementation

When it comes to maximizing new capabilities, accelerating adoption, and ensuring data and operations are always available, our proven deployment methodology is essential. Marketo and SFMC deployments on a customized basis are our specialties.

Marketing Attribution

Whether you are just getting started with digital campaign tracking or you already have a taxonomy in place, ConversionPath is the simple and scalable solution created just for Marketo that allows for a quick and straightforward setup.

Marketo audit

Determine whether or not you are fully exploiting platform capabilities, and take immediate action on our recommended short- and long-term initiatives, as well as some of the more strategic insights into potential revenue streams.

Easy-to-Use Marketo Templates

Design marketing materials that are focused on your target audience, update existing assets, or adapt a new brand across digital media. Our creative team can assist you with modernizing your creative and incorporating industry best practices into your work.

GDPR Consulting

Design marketing materials that are focused on your target audience, update existing assets, or adapt a new brand across digital media. With the support of our creative team, you can bring your creative up to date and implement current industry best practices.

CCPA Enablement

Using a set of triggers and processes, Marketo users may simply comply with California’s privacy legislation. Through the use of a preset framework and small adjustments, our 1-week deployment makes CCPA compliance a breeze.

Marketing Automation Consulting Services

Automation is only beneficial if you understand which message may have the most influence on whom and in what way at the appropriate moment. Unless you know who you are targeting and how to target them effectively, automation will do more harm than good to your business operations. Our marketing automation consulting services can assist you with everything from platform selection through implementation, as well as strategy formulation and automation implementation. If organizations want to modernize their marketing teams and capture development prospects, digital platforms are a powerful tool for enhancing the options available.

Your marketing team can save hundreds of hours of manual work by implementing the proper processes and automating at the appropriate levels.

In today’s cutthroat business environment, your ability to work quickly will decide your success.

Our marketing automation expert can provide your company a competitive advantage by drawing on his or her extensive knowledge in handling various marketing automation systems. We have previous experience assisting clients with the marketing automation systems listed below.

We can work with you on a turnkey marketing automation project or on campaign-based tasks, depending on your needs. We can assist you with the following, but not limited to, the following:

  • Configuration of an automation platform
  • Definition of buyer personas
  • Design of funnel phases
  • Development of lead generation strategies
  • Development of automated workflows Create email templates in advance. Prepare a strategy for lead scoring and grading
  • Forms should be designed
  • Integrate with content management systems
  • Integrate with social media networks
  • Create landing pages for your products. A/B testing
  • Creating dynamic or smart content
  • Developing call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Prepare reports
  • Create a dashboard
  • And so forth.

To learn more about our marketing automation consulting services, please contact us. If you are interested in setting up a marketing automation platform for your company or improving the effectiveness of existing marketing automation platform, please contact us. “1point01’s consulting services assisted us in increasing our internet presence, which resulted in a rise in enquiries and an increase in clients.”

Anu B

“We are pleased with the managed marketing services given by 1point01. They served as our extended team and did all of the hard lifting to accomplish the results we needed from our engagement.” Fintech product firm

Devesh A

a software product development business “1point01 is in charge of overseeing all of our marketing initiatives. We have little sense that they are a government entity. They were able to grasp our objectives and market, and they were able to increase our lead funnel through inbound marketing.”

Let’s make something great together.If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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