How To Use Vanity Urls For Paid Ads? (Best solution)

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to using vanity URLs for paid ads:

  1. Create a custom URL, either using the tools above or on your own website.
  2. Set up the redirect from your vanity link to the final destination. This could be a landing page, checkout page, or even product page.
  3. Add the custom URL to your search ad.

How do you use a vanity URL?

In the keyword after the slashtag, use words that describe the web page’s content. If you’re linking to a third party website, use the publication’s name. Be honest, clear and as concise as possible. Use your Vanity URL with your SEO strategy – Vanity URLs, when used correctly, can be marketing gold.

Are vanity URLs free?

Buy the vanity URL. There is no free option here; you have to buy it using any domain registration site such as iPage or GoDaddy.

Are vanity URLs bad for SEO?

They’re not cataloged by Google in the first place and are not intended to rank organically so there is no issue with using a vanity URL. This is how vanity URLs help with your websites SEO. You don’t have to compromise on having a good site structure vs having an easy to share link, you can have both.

How do I claim my vanity URL?

The only way to claim a used vanity URL is to prove you own the trademark. If you have trademarked your company name, but the vanity URL is not available, you can contact Facebook to help you obtain the correct vanity URL. Complete the form on their website. Facebook usually helps you within 48 hours.

Is bitly a vanity URL?

At Bitly, we call a vanity URL a branded link, and we believe that they are powerful marketing assets.

What is Facebook vanity URL?

Once your Facebook Page has been created you are able to set up what is called a “Vanity URL.” What this means is that you can change your Facebook page URL to resemble something like this,, where you choose your username. This custom vanity URL can only be set once so choose wisely.

Is URL friendly?

A friendly URL is a web address that is readable to both a human user of the website and a search engine spider. With many large or dynamic websites the URLs are generally formatted in a way that isn’t beneficial to the user or a search engine from an SEO perspective.

Does Google index vanity URLs?

The 301 redirect will send Google to the destination sub-folder path (which will be indexed), and the Vanity URL itself will not be indexed. Vanity URL: A Vanity URL is a URL not meant to be indexed by Google, but instead might be included in print materials, on vehicle wraps, or as a link shared on social media.

What is Zoom Vanity URL?

A Vanity URL is a custom URL for your company, such as You can apply for a Vanity URL or use a suggested Vanity URL from Zoom. This subdomain is required for configuration if you intend to turn on SSO (Single Sign On) and is where you would direct your users to login via SSO.

How do I create a Vanity URL in WordPress?

How to create a vanity URL in WordPress & WooCommerce

  1. Step up a Google Analytics account (if you don’t have one already): Head to Google Analytics and set up an account.
  2. Create the UTM link.
  3. Set up a redirect from your vanity URL to the UTM link.

How do I claim a URL?

How to Claim a Website

  1. Create an ideal website address that you would prefer to use.
  2. Navigate to a web domain name registration website on the Internet.
  3. Search for an available domain name.
  4. Choose an extension for your domain name.
  5. Click the icon that allows you to continue to the registration process.

How do I change my Facebook vanity URL?

To make the change, go to the top of your Page by the Admin Panel and click Edit Page > Update Info > Basic Information > Change Username. Since this is your one shot to make a change, make sure you choose a URL that is easy to remember and best reflects your business name so customers can easily find you on Facebook.

How To Use Vanity URLs For Paid Ads?

There are extremely slim possibilities that you have heard anything about vanity URLs. When it comes to digital marketing, this word is not one that most people are familiar with. However, if you have listened, it is likely that you now have a great deal of reservations regarding vanity URLs in your mind. You may simply refer to them as customized URLs that are used in sponsored advertisements or other advertising initiatives. Is this, however, all of the information you need to know about vanity URLs?

The answer is no, vanity URLs are coupled with a great deal of additional information.

A step-by-step instruction will be provided to assist you in the use of vanity URLs in your sponsored advertisements.

To find out the answer to this “why,” you’ll need to learn more about vanity URLs, which we’ll cover below.

Know About Vanity URLs

It is pointless to use vanity URLs unless you understand what they are, what they are worth, and how significant they are, therefore learning more about vanity URLs is essential. Here are a few things you should know about vanity URLs before you start utilizing them in your sponsored advertising campaigns.

What Is A Vanity URL?

It’s as simple as having a vanity URL that’s distinct from your present domain. In a vanity URL, you may include text that is tailored to your specifications. The majority of the time, the need is tied to a sponsored search campaign or campaign management. The majority of marketers that make use of vanity URLs do so by including their ad campaign name in the URL and using it as a vanity URL. It is possible to utilize a vanity URL as a redirecting link, which will take your leads to a certain site or landing page.

How Is It Different From Domain URLs?

The vanity URL will never contain the URL of the parent domain. It is a completely distinct situation, yet the majority of the time vanity URLs are established on the same web server as well. As an illustration, consider the following URL for a domain: example. com The following is an example of a vanity URL: adcampaignname. com/newoffer. Using the following example, you may customize your vanity URL to meet your specific needs. You may substitute your ad campaign name for “ad campaign name,” and you can substitute your offer name for “new offer” in lieu of “new offer.”

Importance Of Vanity URLs

Nonetheless, why are all of the ad campaigns employing vanity URLs when there are alternative solutions for redirecting your visitors to a landing page accessible to you? There are several justifications for the use of vanity URLs. The following are a few of the most important causes.

Trust Buildup

By using a vanity URL in your sponsored advertisements, you will be able to easily develop a trusting connection with your consumers.

High Click Through Rate (CTR)

When compared to ordinary links, people are more likely to click on personalised URLs.

Because of this, whether indirectly or directly, you will see a high Click Through Rate (CTR) in your sponsored advertisements if you employ vanity URLs to redirect visitors.

Easy To Remember

Isn’t your ad campaign’s name simple and easy to remember? Why don’t you make your URL as easy to remember as possible as well? Vanity URLs make it possible for you to do this.

Easy To Share

Because it will be simple to remember, it will be shared more frequently than any other link that is difficult to remember. As a result, vanity URLs are becoming increasingly popular.

Easy To Track

Vanity URLs are easy to track, and you can readily obtain insights into the behavior of such URLs and evaluate things properly in order to achieve better outcomes in the future.

Using Vanity URLs For Paid Ads

You can quickly track and analyze vanity URLs, and you can readily gain insights into the behavior of such URLs, allowing you to improve your results in the future.

Create A Domain On Your Website

In order to start, you need to register a domain name on your website. You may use any domain URL you choose, or you can register a brand new one that should be related to the advertisement or marketing campaign for which it will be used.

Make It A Landing Page

Create a landing page on your website where all of the visitors from your advertising campaign will land. The landing page will be the most important aspect, and a connection of redirection will be established between the ad campaign and the landing page with the use of a vanity URL. You may hire a Digital Marketing Agency to design a visually appealing landing page for you.

Create A Redirect

The next step is to build a redirecting link that will be used as a vanity URL. There are numerous methods for doing this. Vanity URLs can be used in a variety of ways, two of which are detailed here.

●Use 301 Redirect

After you have successfully created a redirecting vanity URL, you must integrate it into your advertising campaign. The next step is to include your vanity URL into your advertising efforts. Following that, you will be able to track the number of clicks, conversions, and so on. Vanity URLs can increase the effectiveness of your paid advertisements. It will increase the amount of awareness about your advertising campaign among the general public. Increased lead interaction with your ad campaign will result in an increase in conversions as a consequence of the increased number of leads.

As a result, never underestimate their importance and include them in your advertising activities.

Google Ads display URLs in pharmaceutical ads

Setting up campaigns for advertising in the health-care industry A landing page (or end URL) may now be shown in text advertisements in two different ways, giving pharmaceutical advertisers more choices than ever before. You have the option of include your company name in the display URL, or you may pick one of 12 pre-defined descriptions (instead of a URL) of your website to show instead. The descriptions are only accessible in English and Spanish at this time. More information about Google’s health-care advertising practices may be found in the Google Ads Help section.

Choose your ad display URL option in campaigns

Setting up a campaign for advertising in the health-care field When it comes to including a landing page (or end URL) in text advertising, pharmaceutical advertisers now have two alternative possibilities. The display URL might include your company name, or you can use one of 12 pre-defined descriptions (instead of a URL) to describe the contents of your website.

Only English and Spanish versions of the descriptions are available. Visit Google Ads Help for additional information about the company’s health-care advertising rules.

  • Medical device websites
  • Prescription medication websites
  • Prescription medical device websites
  • Preventative medication websites
  • Prescription contraceptive websites
  • Prescription vaccine websites
  • Preventative medicine websites Treatment facility with a prescription
  • A store that sells electronic devices with a prescription
  • Site for medical devices
  • Site for preventative treatments
  • Site for medical devices. Anticonvulsants with a prescription are available at this location. Vaccination clinic with a prescription

The website descriptions are displayed in the same format as they would appear in your advertisements. The website’s descriptions are not in any other languages. As a result, even if your advertisement displays in French, the website description will still be in English or Spanish.

Support with Search Ads 360 features

  • Copy for a campaign. The ability to duplicate pharmaceutical campaigns from one account to another and across pharmaceutical marketers is provided by this feature. Learn more about copying efforts by reading this article. Change the course of history. Changes made to the Display URL option are documented in the Change history section of the website. More information regarding account modifications may be found in the change history.

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How to do Vanity URLs Right

Marketing would print different phone numbers on different pieces of collateral in the good old days of print direct response, then track the responses to each phone number to see which piece was doing better. A vanity URL is a web address that uses the same exact premise as a vanity domain name. When should you use vanity URLs and when shouldn’t you? First and foremost, vanity URLs are designed to be used in direct response methods in the offline world in order to lead consumers to a website.

  • Different URLs may be used to track which offline approaches are generating the most traffic, which is useful information.
  • It is not required to use vanity URLs if you are conducting a brand awareness campaign (without a call to action).
  • When does it become unnecessary?
  • How do I go about doing it correctly?
  • Unless your offer is really enticing and the consumer is unable to access the offer from the main page of your website, the second option is the only guaranteed way to go about doing it successfully.
  • The majority of consumers prefer to just visit your home page and then click on the link.
  • This is crucial for radio and television.

Make your argument convincing.

However, the URL for your call to action must still be included in the text (you can only enter to win at this special URL, etc).

If you want to ensure that your statistics are correct, you must use method2, which is a custom URL.

When you have a variety of strategies, come up with a variety of urls, such as and, among others.

Although it may appear confusing, one of the most beneficial aspects of internet marketing is the ability to track and measure the efficacy of your advertising and marketing expenditure.

Following some practice, you will be able to refine your offline marketing just as efficiently as you would optimize your internet ads.

Using vanity URL’s to build online and social brand awareness

A vanity URL is a customized web address that may be used for a variety of purposes, including URL redirection from one place to another and brand promotion. The primary benefit of adopting a vanity URL is that it is simple to remember, type in, and share with others. A vanity URL must contain the brand’s name or a term that is related to the brand. Consider the following scenario: If statistics indicates that your sales page is the most popular on your whole website, you can establish a vanity URL for it and promote it throughout all of your social media channels.

  1. Personalized domain name: It is necessary to include your company name into the domain name as a first step.
  2. As a result, it is recommended that you include the actual name of your company in your domain in order to increase brand awareness.
  3. For example, a link to an educational site, a news page, or a blog might be created by appending a suffix to the domain name such,.click,.LoL,.news,.blog, and so on The type of the landing page is indicated by the term or phrase that is used after the backslash (/).
  4. Another example of transforming a complicated, irregular URL into a simple, attractive branded one that is much easier to remember is seen below.
  5. Vanity URLs, for example, are a great approach to fulfill marketing objectives.
  6. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of them to your advantage.

Brand clarity

Brand clarity is nothing more than the fact that your company’s brand functions as a whole. From your brand’s design and strategy to your brand experience, every area of your business is in sync. There is no better example of this notion in action than when constructing vanity URLs. It is critical to present your company’s name in its whole on all marketing materials. If the URL contains a redirection to another website, the visitor should be redirected to that page when they click on the link.

Because there are only a limited amount of words available, you must be completely precise and succinct in your communication.

Use appropriation

However, while the goal is to establish branded short links, it is not necessary to jam them everywhere; you must pick and choose your fights, as the saying goes. The creation of a vanity URL in this scenario is not essential if the link you wish to share is already compact and communicates the desired message effectively. Although it is preferable to update the link if you are utilizing a link shortener such as Replug for analytics or administration, it is not always necessary. Here are a few instances of fictitious URLs.

In the following sections, you will find some instances of firms that have utilized vanity URLs to build brand confidence among their visitors.

Here’s one for those who use Twitter. At long last, here is an example of how vanity URLs are being utilized in Instagram profiles. Now that we’ve grasped the notion, let’s look at some of the notable advantages of incorporating them into our social media profiles.

Easier to remember

Consider the following scenario: someone tells you about a website and you don’t write it down; later, when you need it, you can’t seem to recall where you heard about it. In a similar vein, we may find ourselves at a loss for words while trying to locate items of interest on the internet. Having a memorable web address built with the aid of vanity URLs increases the likelihood of making a long-lasting first impression on your visitors. Vanity URLs are very pleasant on the eyes due to their simplicity.

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Another option is to build open-source social networks from the ground up.

Builds trust

The other advantage of branded shortened links is that they help to raise awareness of the brand. Increase your exposure and notoriety by sharing compelling and relevant material that has your branded domain connected with it. A branded link instills confidence, which in turn enhances your click-through rate. The fact that you are prepared to associate your brand name with your link provides consumers with the assurance that you are directing them to the destination specified in your link As a result of its apparent advantages of being shorter, simpler to remember, and more trustworthy, vanity URLs are becoming increasingly popular.

The graphic below serves as an excellent demonstration of how simply understandable the URL is.

Longer, more onerous URLs must be altered to make them acceptable, and even then, individuals are hesitant to share them with their friends and colleagues.

Marketing Promotional Materials

In each situation where your brand or website could appear, you have the chance to include a call-to-action to encourage people to participate in your social media campaigns. It is time to think outside of the box and to be creative. Many businesses send out promotional items to visitors and potential customers during marketing and promotional events in order to help people remember the brand. The higher the number of individuals you can get talking about, connecting with, and sharing your brand, the greater the likelihood that your message will be heard.

Because of their small size, they are suitable for printing.

Even if you use a third-party provider to produce these links, they may be tracked so that you can see how well they are doing as people interact with them.

This is quite useful when attempting to measure the effectiveness of your advertisements.

This may be accomplished quickly and easily by defining a custom URL to which the user will be sent when the ad is shown. Here are a few examples of how marketers may make use of vanity URLs, and you can do the same thing.

Instagram marketing

As a result of attaining 1 billion followers, Instagram has established itself as a major social media player. It comes as no surprise that it has drawn the attention of so many marketers. Vanity URLs are an excellent format for creating a place where a large number of people may see the stuff you are sharing. Instagram necessitates the use of photos and links that are clean and straightforward. A link shortening service such as Replug allows you to generate visually appealing bespoke short links that incorporate your brand name and are easy to share with your audience.

The most important aspect of social media advertising is to understand your target demographic in order to produce ads that are tailored to each group.

You might be wondering, where do branded URLs come into all of this.

Use of vanity URLs and shortened links allows for greater control over the design and text flow, but the most useful benefit comes from the statistics they provide (link tracking, source tracking, and so on).

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is defined as the level of knowledge that customers have with a brand to the point where the brand name has become a household name. Every brand owner hopes that their brand name will one day be recognized as a legitimate word; this notion is referred to as proprietary eponym. Vanity URLs are an excellent approach to boost your company’s image. Every link you post provides an opportunity to promote your company’s brand. When you utilize a branded link enough times, your audience will become accustomed to it and will develop brand awareness.

Promoting Special campaigns

There are programs that allow you to design a specific campaign for each form of marketing by employing a vanity URL, which you can then share with your audience. Campaigns allow you to keep advertising and their related data in a separate folder from the rest of your data. Consider the following scenario: your firm wants to market a new product and is launching a sponsored social media advertising campaign to do it. You may establish unique URLs that are particular to this product and track their success separately from the performance of other links you share.

Comments and Email

People that adore you are willing to express their thoughts on viral videos and breaking news. In the comment area, you’ll find a wealth of information as well as some humorous remarks. A large portion of the community gathers here to socialize and exchange information. Marketers may take advantage of this gathering and convey their case in a well-organized manner. Make use of vanity URLs in the comment area of relevant blogs, and make sure they are well-presented to attract potential customers.

It is possible to use the same principle to email marketing.

Email marketing is a difficult company to get started in since you must first develop trust in order for people to identify your brand. They must have enough confidence in themselves to click on the promotional link you provide them in an email. Vanity links are a good way to accomplish this goal.

Verbal sharing

Electronic media, such as television and radio, continue to be the favored option of marketers. Consider the following scenario: you are given airtime and the presenter asks you to describe your business. If you could verbally communicate your social media channels in real time, wouldn’t that be convenient? Many musicians, DJs, and radio personalities use vanity URLs for their social media profiles. This makes it easier for them to orally communicate the web URL of their formal communication channels.

The presentation of your brand to the audience should be as fluid as possible to ensure maximum impact.

After all, many of your clients would not have converted if they had not been exposed to your brand on social media.

Effect of Vanity URLs on SEO

When looking for a certain brand on Google, the search results typically contain the social media outlets of that particular brand, coincidence? No, not at all. With several web properties displaying the vanity URL for your business on them, you should be able to dominate your search engine results page (SERP) with your own marketing message. There’s a common misconception that redirecting a link in this manner will negatively impact your search engine optimization. It is merely employed for the purpose of distributing a clean, neat, and branded link that directs people to a less visually attractive URL.

In reality, search engines treat shortened URLs in the same way that they treat conventional 301 redirects, and they will take appropriate action as a result.

Integrated Link Retargeting and UTM Tools

The wonderful thing about vanity URLs is that you can keep track of how well they are performing. This entails gathering information like as clicks, unique clicks, conversions, and so on. Using this method, you can test the links you share and then adjust them to improve their performance if necessary. The second stage of this activity is to create a retargeting list for the people who visited the vanity URL and add them to it. It didn’t matter if the link led to a third-party website; someone was still intrigued enough to click on it.

It also aids in the tracking, attribution, and accounting of your marketing efforts when you include UTM parameters in the links you share with others.

Vanity URLs serve a variety of functions, including not just being visually appealing, but also helping to build brand recognition and trust.

They may be used for a variety of purposes, including social media branding, email marketing, and link monitoring. Make use of them right away to ensure that your company continues to show in the appropriate location at the appropriate time.

Vanity URL: What It Is & Why It’s Important?

Vanity URLcan make your different product or service branding business unique among your customers. You just have to know how to use and make the best outcome to run a successful online business. This blog is dedicated to providing you with a clear understanding of vanity links, including accurate definitions and the significance of using them. Moreover, guess what? You will receive an advanced solution at the conclusion of this blog that will allow you to make a significant difference in your custom branding, URL shortening, and other aspects of your business.

Vanity URL is an abbreviation that refers to the process of customizing your brand URL with a domain name and redirecting your users to another URL.

It’s informative, descriptive, timely, and memorable all at the same time.

That helps you feature your brand or can make your business be represented with specific keywords for running successful promotional activities online

Differences Between A Generic LinkVanity URL

Generic URLs can be used to link to your website’s true domain name, homepage, or other essential pages on your website. That will represent your brand with a direct website connection and serve as a kind of direct marketing for your company. Assume that is a generic link that represents WPDeveloper the corporation as a whole as an entity. Vanity URLs are links that have been adjusted to send your users to the genuine domain of your product site when clicked on. It is necessary to include a term that symbolizes your company or any special promotional activity in order for your personalized URL to be useful.

Furthermore, this relationship is not readily remembered.

‘wpd.blogs’ might be used as a vanity URL.

Alternatively, you might completely rewrite the URL to make it more relevant to your target demographic.

Why Should You Use Vanity URLs?

In your website, a generic URL can be used to link to your real domain name, homepage, or other crucial page links. The result will be a direct internet connection that will reflect your brand and promote it directly. It’s possible that is a generic URL that symbolizes WPDeveloper the firm as a brand. Vanity URLs are links that have been altered to route users to the genuine domain of your product website. In order for your unique URL to be significant, you must include a term that symbolizes your company or any specific marketing campaign.

Furthermore, this relationship is difficult to recall.

Wpd.blogs might serve as a vanity URL.

Alternatively, you might completely rewrite the URL to make it more relevant to your target demographic. According to studies, branded links or Vanity URLs may increase the number of click-throughs by 39% on average.

1.Easier To RememberUse

When you create a vanity or custom URL, it will assist you in redirecting clients straight to your website or campaign while also making your company more distinctive. This URL can contain information about your brand or campaign, as well as keywords that are relevant to it. Customers will be able to quickly recall, search for, and navigate around your marketing campaign or other reasons more efficiently as a result.

2.For Better SEO Results

The keywords in a vanity URL are chosen so that when people search for your website using this link, they are more likely to be directed to your genuine website page and perform better in search engine results.

3.Build More Trust Among Audiences

It helps to develop trust among your consumers when you communicate in a clear, succinct, and genuine manner. Therefore, concentrating on establishing a range of URLs for any of your long or website URLs may make your campaign or website long URL more understandable for your clients, resulting in increased trust for you and your company.

4.Accelerate Online Sharing

Vanity URLs allow you to effortlessly publish a brand-specific promotion, campaign, or commercial on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For the simple reason that it is always urged to shorten links on social platforms for better search and boosting results, and that it is simple to track the success of it. This is also true for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other similar sites, which are heavily utilized for online promotional operations.

It assists you in creating your sponsored campaign, social sharing, or attracting clients by using a linked term that might assist you in SEO optimization.

Best Practices For Using A Vanity URL

Vanity URLs for company websites, pages, and posts should be created in accordance with established best practices. You may shorten and adjust your brand URL at any moment to redirect to your genuine website URLs and other useful destinations. In order to accomplish this, you must choose when you may create and utilize your Vanity Links, among other things.

1.Keep You Vanity URL Simple

Vanity URLs for company websites, pages, and posts should be created in accordance with certain best practices. Your brand URL may be customized at any moment to redirect to your genuine website URLs and other useful destinations. As a result, you must plan ahead of time to ensure that you have enough time to establish and use your Vanity Links.

2. Use Where Necessary

It is not required to build a vanity URL for each of your website connections; nevertheless, you may do so for the relevant campaign, articles, or sponsored marketing, as well as for email redirection and other purposes as well. This is due to the fact that the aim of your Vanity URL is to make it shorter and more connected to your company. Furthermore, if it is served, you will prevent the creation of a vanity URL for your company.

3. Make It Compatible With SEO Strategy

When creating a Vanity URL, it is beneficial to include important keywords that are related to your business goal or product name.

This will improve the SEO of your website as a result. After that, your Vanity Links will be more compatible with SEO, which will be beneficial to your online business.

Get BetterLinks The Powerful Link Shortening Solution For WordPress

As you are already aware of the terms Vanity URL, Custom URL, and Branded links. And each name has the same amount of value in terms of shortening when combined with a custom domain. Now, in order to assist you in creating your vanity links and other content, we are here to present you with the ideal WordPress solution. BetterLinks, the latest all-in-one powerful link-shortening solution, allows you to shorten, track, and redirect your website link, as well as manage your affiliates and do other tasks.

  1. By utilizing the in-built comprehensive analytics dashboard, you can run whatever sponsored campaign you want while also encouraging social sharing and tracking the effectiveness of your shortened link.
  2. This program also offers a sophisticated interaction with the Google Analytics tool, which is useful in cases when you wish to monitor both built-in analytics and data collected by Google Analytics.
  3. It also includes a comprehensive user role management system.
  4. Furthermore, you may export or import data in order to redirect those links directly, to organize it, or to perform further analysis on it.
  5. Furthermore, if you are concerned about moving your database, you may do it with relative ease by following the simple migration procedure.

Now It’s Your Turn To Explore

In case you are not familiar with the terms Vanity URL, Custom URL, and Branded links, let me briefly summarize them. The same shortening value is applied to each name when a custom domain is used. To assist you in creating your vanity links and other related content, we have developed the ideal solution for WordPress users, which is now available to you. BetterLinks is the latest all-in-one powerful link-shortening solution that allows you to shorten, track, and redirect your website link, manage your affiliates, and do much more.

An in-built comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to run whatever sponsored campaign you want, boost social sharing, and monitor the effectiveness of your shortened link.

If you wish to monitor both built-in analytics and data from Google Analytics, it also includes a sophisticated interaction with the Google Analytics tool.

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If you encounter a problem at any moment, you may remove the cache in your database and make the link management process faster than it was previously by refreshing the database.

If you are concerned about transferring your database, you may simply do so by following the simple migration method provided by the application. The result is an all-in-one platform from which you can manage your whole website’s connections with relative simplicity.

Create Better Vanity URLs: 8 Dos and 6 Don’ts

While many digital marketers understand the necessity of landing pages, not all are taking full advantage of the opportunity to drive traffic to those landing pages through the use of vanity URLs. The use of Vanity URLs that are excessively lengthy, do not make sense, or are difficult to read might actually send people away from your site rather than drawing them to it. The following are the most popular locations to point a vanity URL:

  • Landing pages are important to all digital marketers, but not all of them are taking full advantage of the opportunity to drive traffic to those landing pages through the use of vanity URLs. Vanity URLs that are too lengthy, don’t make sense, or are difficult to read might actually send people away from your site rather than drawing them to it, according to some research. The following are the most frequently used vanity URL destinations:

The following are the most common locations where you could encounter a vanity URL:

  • Direct mail, printed marketing, QR codes, billboards, and social media contests are all options. If you want to monitor a URL that isn’t clickable, you can use the tracking code.

A vanity URL is a URL that leads to the actual URL. As an illustration:

  • The true URL for our magazine landing page with a promotion might be:
  • The vanity URL for our magazine landing page with a promotion might be:

Learn about the content management system (CMS) capabilities that publishers require in order to run their online publishing company. Download a FREE copy of 7 Ways Haven WordPress Goes Beyond WordPress to learn about the tools that every publishers should have access to in order to reach a larger audience, generate more income, and make more money in their business. You may use them on any advertising items where you are externally linking to the URL (which is most typically in print) and hope that the reader will remember where they came from.

There are a variety of reasons for generating vanity URLs, and they extend beyond the realm of print:

  • You have the option of hiding tracking codes. This manner, you can build a vanity URL that is only used for one campaign and monitor exactly where your purchases are coming from, even if they are coming from a print postcard that is often untrackable or from social media where codes can be lost in translation.
  • In order to save space on promotional materials and make them easier to read, you can compress large URLs (such as landing pages) into shorter URLs.

Consider your vanity URL as if it were emblazoned on the side of a vehicle as it travels down the highway in the middle of the night. Regardless of whether or not they have the capacity to write down the URL, other drivers must be able to rapidly read and remember it. The Dos and Don’ts of Vanity URLs

  • Ensure that you redirect your fictitious URL to your actual URL. Maintain a simple vanity URL that is easy to remember. Please remember to uppercase the initial letter of every word in your URL when you advertise it (for example, If your branding is dependent on utilizing all lowercase in your URL to emphasize and split up words (for example, please remember, bold or highlight the second or middle word. Make sure to avoid using slashes in your URLs and instead use a subdomain if necessary (for example, Don’t forget to spend time considering what term your users will remember. Make it stand out by being original and relevant. Do limit yourself to a two- or three-word phrase, and it’s fine to use hyphens as long as the phrase isn’t more than three words in length

Although vanity URLs are not used for promotional purposes, you can use them to redirect visitors to your homepage if you feel your target audience has a range of nicknames for you or often misspells your name. For example, we hold the domain name, which redirects to the website The Dos and Don’ts of Using Vanity URLs

  • Use “dotcom” instead of “.com” in your URL. Not only is it repetitive, but it’s also quite difficult to understand. (For instance,
  • Avoid using difficult-to-remember acronyms (for example, American Family Insurance uses the domain name
  • When marketing a website, avoid adding anything to the URL. Make a note of how your URL seems at first glance (for example, is Speed of Art. what did you think? )
  • Make sure you don’t include dashes in between each word only to make the URL longer (for example, if you can’t do something because you shouldn’t, don’t do it because you can’t). Use of acronyms should be avoided unless your target audience is already familiar with you

The most essential thing to remember is that while picking a vanity URL for your landing page, you should consider both convenience and overall marketing potential. What about you, though? Do you have any suggestions for dos and don’ts that we may have missed? This piece was first published in 2010 and is being updated on a regular basis.

Vanity URL: What It Is, And Why Your Life Is Worse Without It

Vanity URLs have been misunderstood for a long time, and for good cause. Our achievement of a Google+ vanity URL before Wordstream Technologies,Wordstream Publishing, and Wordstream the game was a cause for celebration. With our recently obtained gplus vanity URL, we were about to gain an unfair competitive edge over our competitors. Search for any brand using a vanity Google URL and you will notice that your brand will appear higher in the Google knowledge graph than that of other brands in the search results.

What is a Vanity URL?

When it comes to vanity URLs, one definition is that they are branded web addresses that are used for marketing purposes. In the case of vanity URLs, they are a form of custom URL that is used to assist customers remember and discover a certain page on your website. As a result, your vanity URLs should be simple to remember, utilize, and share with others. There are several advantages to being the first to claim your vanity URL – as well as numerous disadvantages if you are outdone by someone else in the process.

Advice:Vanity URLs should not be confused with vanity domains, which are domains that are named after the owner’s first and last name.

e.g. My buddy David was beaten to the vanity domain – which may appear to be a negative at first, but I believe his pentasyllabic name is more catchy and memorable than the one he was originally considering.

7 Reasons Why Vanity URLs Are Awesome, Plus Actionable Examples

In order to get your creative juices flowing about how you can take online branding outside and into the real world, I’ve listed seven reasons why vanity URLs are useful, as well as some innovative methods to apply them. When displaying these vanity url instances, we’ll be making use of our recently obtained Google + vanity URL.

1. Easier to Remember

Have you ever recommended a website to someone who didn’t bother to look it up on their own time? Even worse, have you ever come across anything interesting on the internet but were unable to acquire the perfect term combination to have it appear in search results? The likelihood of potential website visitors giving up before they even get to your website is reduced when you use an easy-to-remember web address. Furthermore (aha, get it? ), it appears to be much more aesthetically pleasant. This is one of the reasons why URL shortening services such as and tinyurl have become so popular in recent years.

2. Builds More Trust

What is more visually appealing also fosters a greater sense of trust. This is common sense that is not usually used in this country. Which of these two options would I be more hesitant to click on if I were you? What I perceive is that there is unquestionable harmony in our new vanity URL — the call to action is perfectly aligned with a stunningly honest URL, to put it another way. In the absence of a vanity URL for Google Plus, you would be causing a severe case of cognitive dissonance in the user.

Aside from the hyperbole, creating trust on the internet is difficult work.

3. Easier to Share

Our GPlus vanity URL has been designed to be more sharable than it was previously, in part because it is shorter, easier to remember, and more trustworthy than it was previously. Because it is composed of words rather than random numbers, we can now communicate it vocally without having to read out the numbers – after all, who would ever read out our old Google Plus URL? Most of the time, individuals would resort to searching in order to locate it. Pro-tip: You want to keep things as brief and basic as possible without sacrificing credibility.

WordStream on Google Plus:

4. Easier to Use

Now that it’s simple to remember, easy to share, and elicits trust, we’ll really want to include our Google + URL when we’re presenting alternatives for our followers to follow us on other social media platforms. Your thank you slides may have looked somewhat like this, and it’s a recreation of them. In case you’ve looked at any of our webinar thank-you sites, you may have noticed that we’ve never included a way to follow us on Google Plus — mostly because it was difficult to use. Font sizes and formats must be adjusted in order to fit a URL that does not clearly describe what it performs.

If it’s difficult to use within, it’ll be difficult to push it out to clients externally. Now that it’s more user-friendly, we’ll make it available to our growing Google Plus community of followers.

5. Empowers Online Sharing

Isn’t it incredible? Even a minor visual modification might have a significant influence on your marketing efforts. For those that now have or expect to have a strong Google Plus brand presence and active community, it is wise to invest in a supporting infrastructure to go along with that presence. Take a look at some examples of what you can now achieve that was previously impossible due to one little, obnoxious-looking URL.

Corporate Emails

Don’t forget to check out our article on how to create an effective press release!

Online Presentation Slides

We are all aware that there are several ways for people to reach our website on the internet – and that you do not have to be online in order to hear about a website. There are a variety of areas on your offline advertising materials where you may include your vanity URL in order to drive greater social interaction on the internet. While it is true that firms are paying less and less on conventional media advertisements, you will never know for certain whether or not an opportunity has been missed unless you test your ideas to determine how effective they are before implementing them.

Direct Mail

People can reach our website in several ways, as we all know – and you don’t have to be online to hear about a website, as is often the case. In order to stimulate more social participation online, there are several areas where you may include your vanity URL on your offline advertising items. It is true that firms are spending less and less on conventional media advertisements; but, you will never know whether an opportunity has been missed unless you test your ideas to determine how effective they are!

Magazine Ads

Visit to find out why.

Newspaper Ads

Visit to participate in a Google Ads expert hangout.


Visit to keep up with the latest developments.

Flyers will provide you with FREE advertising cash.

Marketing Promotional Materials (AKA SWAG)

Consequently, an SEO copywriter begins writing about some promotional materials obtained at a job fair recently attended by the author. Pens, pencils, magnets, stress balls, beer openers, beer cap openers, beer bottle openers, yo-yos, yoyo, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, sweater, mugs, coffee cup, water bottle, environmentally friendly water bottle, reusable bags, environmentally friendly bags, gym bags, USB’s, key chains, keychains, tattoos, temporary tattoos, stickers. and much more. (If you don’t understand the SEO joke, here’s a link to it if you don’t get it– and, for the love of God, I hope WordStream doesn’t start ranking for tattoos.) You might place a call-to-action everywhere your brand or website would appear in order to encourage people to participate in your social media campaigns.

Always remember that just some of these promotion strategies will be effective for your company – but if you can get your most devoted consumers talking, participating, and sharing your presence online, you’ll be well on your way to developing a fantastic customer connection!

7. Enables Verbal Sharing

Consider the following scenario: you’re appearing on national television and the host offers you the opportunity to promote your company to viewers. It would be wonderful if you could capture and engage with customers through social media in addition to your website.

TV News

The company’s website,, and social media pages ( and Google dot com/plus sign, WordStream) are all good places to learn more about WordStream; if you’re lucky, a little display pop-up show will appear on your television screen as well. Let’s not rely on Lady Luck to get us out of this mess.


There isn’t any ruse here. The address of your website would never be remembered or written down if you just saiddot plus dot google dot com slash b and expected your audience to remember or write down the address AND visit your website (*deep breath*). There’s really no way around it if you don’t have an excellent vanity URL.

Word of Mouth

In order for your web properties or communities to be as frictionless as possible, you must ensure that they are easily accessible to users. The more straightforward it is, the more probable it is that individuals will take action. Vanity URLs are the beginning of simpler word-of-mouth distribution since your clients may opt to visit your business through your social media presence rather than your website.

8. Bonus Round: Dominate Your Branded SERP With Vanity URL SEO

It’s no secret that when consumers search for a brand on Google, the search engine results page frequently includes links to social media platforms such as Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Some SEOs may even claim that this is due in part to the precise keyword match that you’ve tailored in the URL, which they believe is a good thing. With the vanity URL for your brand appearing on multiple web properties, you should be able to dominate your SERP with your own marketing message (rather than what Wikipedia has to say about you!) Pro-tip: If you have a verified Google Plus brand page, the Google Knowledge Graph will give it preference over Google Maps (if you’re a business) or Wikipedia (if you’re a person).Great Scott, vanity URLs are definitely marketing enablers!

What was the process by which WordStream obtained one for Google Plus?

How To Get Your Google Plus Vanity URL

If you want to be considered for Google’s initial custom URL rollout, you must first have a verified, live Google+ page with active user participation. For acquiring a Google Plus branded URL with just 1054 plus ones, I believe WordStream is the unofficial Guinness Book of World Records holder at the moment – any and all disputes to his claim are welcome. Some people believe that the minimum need is 100 followers, rather than plus ones, as previously stated. Afterwards, by chance of counting down the days till the end of the month or by politely asking your Google AdWords account representative if they know of any Googlers working on the vanity URL project who may prioritize your brand, you’ll see this wonderful grey bar.

  1. Oooh, a button with a beautifully brilliant blue hue!
  2. Up to date as of October 29, 2013, Google+ vanity URLs are now available to all brand pages that match the aforementioned basic criteria.
  3. In the event that a visitor puts in (God have compassion on your soul if your visitors type inl337 Sp34K), they will still be sent to our branded landing page.
  4. We retain the right to recover customized URLs or to delete them at any time and without prior notification for any reason.
  5. For the time being, custom URLs are provided free of charge; however, we may charge a price in the future.
  6. It is my emphasis that these are incredibly tiny drawbacks in comparison to the benefits you will be receiving, so make sure to read the click-wrap agreement and click “Claim URL” unless you would like to request a new URL.
  7. It’s important to remember that Google only supports one custom URL per page.
  8. Despite the fact that the grey bar will remain appear at the top of your Google+ page, don’t worry about being taken advantage of for not adopting Google’s sweet, sweet offer right immediately.

Visit the brand’s Google Plus page to see photos and videos, as well as the wall of the brand’s photo album. Those who didn’t notice. well, you may now claim that you were aware of the situation all along!

WordStream’s Obligatory Google Custom URL Celebration

Perhaps at this point, we’ve persuaded you of the benefits of having a vanity URL of your choosing. Announcing the rollout on August 13, Google stated that it will begin with verified profiles (people) and pages (brands and companies) on a limited scale, with the most significant profiles and pages receiving shorter, more personalised, and easier-to-remember Google Plus URLs first. Stars such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and Britney Spears, as well as companies such as Hugo Boss, Toyota, and Delta Airlines, were among the first to utilize the technology.

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Additionally, they risk being unable to take advantage of any of the benefits associated with vanity URLs that I’ve just discussed.


Surprising Search Marketing Brand Pages Without Vanity URLs

Perhaps at this point, we’ve persuaded you of the benefits of having a vanity URL of your choice. Announcing the rollout on August 13, Google stated that it will begin with verified profiles (people) and pages (brands and companies) on a limited scale, with the most significant profiles and pages receiving shorter, more personalized, and easier-to-remember URLs. Stars such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and Britney Spears, as well as major corporations such as Hugo Boss, Toyota, and Delta Airlines, were among the first to embrace the technology.

Additionally, they risk being unable to take use of any of the benefits that vanity URLs have to offer, as I’ve discussed above.

SEO Brands With A Significant Google Plus Following Without Vanity URLs

The HubSpot website has almost 13,000 Google Plus followers. SEO Book has 7,000 Google + fans, according to the company. The Distilled brand has 3,700 Google + followers. The Point Blank SEO Company has 3,200 Google Plus followers. Majestic SEO has 2,800 Google Plus fans, according to the company. (I haven’t seen other PPC brands make significant use of Google Plus — WordStream is one of the first to do so!

SEO’s I Wish Had Their Vanity URLs (Clickhereto apply)

Matt McGee is the editor of Search Engine Land, while Rand Fishkin is the CEO of SEOMoz. Dana Lookadoo (Dana Lookadoo) – (Do check out her super awesome presentation onStructured Social Sharing)

Widely Followed PPC Experts on Google Plus Who We Think Will Get their Vanity URLs Soon

Joanna LordBrad Geddes is a fictional character created by Brad Geddes. John Rampton is a writer and musician from the United Kingdom. Do you want your name removed from WordStream’s list? Please notify me through email or Twitter once you have obtained your vanity URL and you will be entered to win a WordStream surprise gift.

The process of claiming your vanity URL is equally as crucial as the process of picking a brand name. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Victor Pan, the resident Search Samurai at WordStream, contributed to this blog article.

Where Vanity URLs and Promo Codes Fall Short

In the wilderness, does it make any difference whether or not someone hears a tree fall because no one else is nearby to hear it? Leaving aside the strained metaphor, determining the effectiveness of a podcast advertising campaign is a difficult prospect for a variety of reasons. And while many direct response advertisers rely on conversion-based monitoring tools to measure their success, not all of the available solutions are created equal. Dane Cardiel, Director of Business Development for Podcasts atSiriusXM/Simplecast, joins me to discuss why I believe that post-roll is a complete waste of time.


There is no ideal way of attribution for advertising. Whatever the media, there is no way to capture every component of a listener’s journey from ad exposure all the way through to a targeted conversion action in one single recording. In addition, even if we were able to monitor every component, we are unable (at this time) to read minds in order to determine how effective the commercial was by polling every single person of the audience without anticipating some kind of prejudice. Perfect, on the other hand, is the enemy of good, as they say.

Most of my experience in this industry has been spent listening to marketers try to persuade me that both promo codes/vanity URLs and pixel-based solutions are on an equal playing field.

Understanding the Funnel

When it comes to talking sales funnels, one of my favorite examples to utilize is Hulu. Hulu’s site uses around 25% of its real space describing what Hulu is, with the other 75% of its real estate dedicated to telling you what you can buy. A lot of the links you may click on will take you right to another page dedicated to breaking down the various purchasing choices, or they will take you directly to the account creation page for a particular purchase option. Unless you choose the package that includes Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+, every enrollment option provides a 30-day free trial of the service.

Hulu recognizes that successful advertising relies on the ability to transfer information from one medium to another.

There are a number of behaviors that may be regarded useful in the circumstance described above:

  • This is the home page
  • Make a decision on your strategy. The Disney Bundle is a collection of Disney-themed games. Their billing form, as well as each phase
  • Created a trial account
  • Trial account converted to a paid account (7-30 days later)

Conversions are vital, but Hulu reminds us that conversions are not the only thing that matters in this world. It is still possible to run a good campaign that effectively leads traffic to but does not result in a successful conversion to a free trial account. While it’s possible that listeners who fail to convert to establish a trial account are a result of the quality of the consumer who was led to the site, it’s far more probable that the conversion funnel on the website itself is causing the process to be slowed down.

What if, on the other hand, the advertiser only considers the conversion when a trial account pays seven to thirty days after the trial period has ended?

There is a lot that may happen between the time of signing up for a trial and actually paying for an account. There are far too many points of failure in this process that are ultimately the responsibility of the advertising rather than the publishers.

Missing the Full Picture

That situation occurred to me once when working at Claritas for an advertising client with a structure that was quite similar to Hulu’s. In reviewing the conversions for the paid campaign, the buyer was dissatisfied with the amount of money that was earned. However, by examining the interaction the campaign generated on other pages of their website, it became abundantly evident that the problem did not arise from the campaign’s failure to drive traffic to their website or even to their free trials.

  1. That campaign would have been labeled a failure if it had not been thoroughly monitored throughout the whole funnel.
  2. To be honest, it’s very obvious where promo codes fall short in this situation, isn’t it?
  3. Consequently, even though this is a significantly more accurate conversion to track than the time when the account charges the listener, we are still missing out on all of the engagement steps that lead up to that activity.
  4. After all, the advertiser is the only one who is aware that the code has been utilized.
  5. Is a frequency of once a week or once a month sufficient?
  6. Alternatively, if the advertiser decides to monitor the listeners who arrive on that page, there is still another case in which the advertiser must share that information with the publisher in order for them to improve their campaigns.
  7. I worked on a campaign for a ridesharing firm with a vanity URL that was incredibly short and memorable, ending in the letters/drive.
  8. The campaign’s success as assessed just by the vanity URL was disheartening, but it turned out that the campaign fared rather well when measured by any visit to that website rather than just that one page.
  9. As a side note, while those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, it is far more difficult to manufacture fictitious impressions, engagements, and conversions when using pixel tracking than it is when driving traffic to a vanity URL and promo code.

If I were a publisher running a campaign that included promo codes or a vanity URL, I’d submit that information to every single “deal site” I could find in the hopes that more people would utilize it than they would have otherwise based solely on the advertisements I was paid to run.

We Can Do Better

Pixel-based attribution is concerned with the assignment of a specific ad impression to a specific interaction or transaction. Though not a novel piece of advertising technology, dynamic ad insertion is becoming increasingly common in podcasting as more hosting providers improve their capabilities to include it, and as the industry grows as a result of increased ad spending, it is helping to alleviate many of the issues that promo codes and vanity URLs have caused. Publishers have a great deal more influence over ad exposure than advertisers do.

  • Consider the possibilities of recreating it using promo codes or vanity URLs.
  • Using pixel-based attribution on the engagement and conversion sides of the equation, we are able to streamline the process for advertisers.
  • We’re also not asking them to accept bespoke coding or to host one-of-a-kind websites on our behalf, which would be unreasonable.
  • The advantage of having everything set up is that we can watch the entire route.
  • Instead of waiting in the dark, crossing our fingers, and hoping for a conversion, we can see all of the many touchpoints where the listener may potentially slip off the conversion funnel or fail to drive traffic to the website in general before it’s too late to do anything about them.

Every Tool Has Its Place

Not every publisher who runs advertisements has the ability to integrate attribution monitoring into their hosting platform. However, while pixels may be attached at the prefix or impression level, and the majority of attribution partners will accept the raw data that is provided with them, not all hosting providers allow their publishers to utilize pixels or share that level of data with them. For the most part, advertisers are comfortable with the idea of putting pixels on their websites. Generally speaking, it’s an anticipated component of advertising, and it’s especially true in the podcast advertising market.

Podcast attribution is not supported by Google’s own DCM, although there are multichannel partners such as Artsi, LeadsRx, and Loop that do support podcast attribution.

I am someone with whom the advertiser may already have a connection. However, if pixel-based attribution is not a possibility, promo codes and vanity URLs should be utilized as a last resort, rather than as the primary method of tracking conversions.

Wrapping It Up

To be effective in advertising, it is essential to have a chosen approach and a preferred partner. There truly isn’t a terrible answer if your staff is well-versed in how to utilize the technology and understands both the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, especially when compared to the other alternatives available. In spite of the fact that we are continuing to improve listener-based privacy, a pure unaugmented IP-to-IP match, from an exposed listener of a podcast to a site visitation will give greater value than simply being able to measure conversions from a promo code and from a site visit to a specific URL.

Homework – withYappa

I’d want to make a change in the way we manage assignments at Sounds Profitable. Instead of providing you all stuff to think about, I’d like to open it up to all of you completely and completely. I’m interested in hearing about the things that are rattling about in your brain concerning podcast advertising technology and the advertising space, whether they are relevant to this post, a previous piece, or a general topic. Internally posing these kinds of questions might be difficult at times. If I can’t answer your question, I want to be that sales engineer resource for you guys, or at least be able to lead you in the direction of someone who can answer your query.

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When it comes to our Market Insights area, we’re shaking things up a little. According to the team at ThoughtLeaders, they have created a new weekly analysis that shows what subjects are popular in the world of podcasting and which businesses are featuring in that material. Our focus this week is on the conversations around Apple Podcast Subscriptions and the companies that have been cited most frequently in the material that ThoughtLeaders tracks in that space. You may also create your own free trend report right here on our website.

Things to Think About

I strongly encourage all of my subscribers to also become subscribers to Podnews. With coverage of the space station and a few technical experiments that are worth reading, James Cridland really outdid himself last week.

  • The introduction of Apple Podcast Subscriptions has been covered in detail. Mythbusting: Does Spotify re-download previously downloaded episodes if the content changes? Mythbusting: Downloads from ‘AppleCoreMedia’ are mostly from Apple Podcasts, as opposed to other sources.

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