How To Use The Boomerang App For Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone, simply tap the white button on the bottom center of the screen. This allows the app to take a burst of photos and create a Boomerang video clip for you. To make some technical adjustments, you can tap the screen four times, using four fingers.

How do I make a social media boomerang?

How to Make a Boomerang

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the ‘+’ in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Scroll to ‘Story’ at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap on the “Boomerang” icon on the menu to the left.
  5. Select to upload photos or use the record button in the center to record new content.

How do you use the boomerang app?

The Boomerang app is available in the App Store or Google Play. However, you can also use it inside the Instagram app! Go to your story, swipe along to the Boomerang option and click the button! Tip: Photograph something that’s in motion or else it will just look like a silly somewhat blurry image.

How can social media be used for marketing campaigns?

How to plan a social media marketing campaign, step by step

  1. Set social media campaign goals.
  2. Create buyer personas.
  3. Choose your social media channels.
  4. Have a social media calendar.
  5. Research the right tools to boost productivity.
  6. Carry out competitive analysis.
  7. Put a system in place to track performance.

What’s a boomerang social media?

Boomerang allows users to create and then share mini videos via social media. It works by taking a burst of five photos and stitching them together into a one-second video. Instead people have to post them to other social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, although users can set this up automatically.

How do you post boomerang on Facebook?

Facebook: Here’s How to Share a Boomerang in Stories

  1. Step 1: At the top of your News Feed, tap “Add to Story” under the “Stories” section.
  2. Step 2: Swipe from left to right at the bottom of the screen to move into the “Boomerang” capture mode.

How do you do the boomerang feature on Instagram?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Swipe left.
  3. Create a video loop (Boomerang) tapping into the infinity symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Apply filters or add any stickers that you want.
  5. Share the Story.

How do I use the Boomerang app with an existing video?

Step 1 Download and open the Boomerang app to your phone. Step 2 Press and hold the record button to record, tap and Instagram button. Step 3 Choose Stories or Feed to post your boomerang. You can add text, locations, and tags at your will.

How do you convert Boomerang videos to Instagram?

Hold down the image for a moment. A circle will appear briefly before it says BOOMERANG across the screen, and your picture comes to life. Hit the “+ Your Story ” icon, like you would for any other picture or video, and add that new Boomerang you didn’t even mean to take.

How do you use Boomerang in messenger?

When you’re ready to share, tap the big arrow in the bottom-right corner of the display. You can choose where to send the Boomerang using the options on-screen, including your Messenger or Facebook story, or to friends in Messenger. Tap the blue share arrow to complete the process.

How do you present a social media campaign?

8 Steps To Creating A Social Media Campaign That Gets Results

  1. Understand the goal of the campaign.
  2. Decide how to promote the campaign on each channel.
  3. Create a content calendar for the week/month.
  4. Create supporting visual content.
  5. Schedule posts.
  6. Monitor and respond.
  7. Follow up after the event or promotion, if necessary.

What are the different types of social media campaigns?

Types of Social Media Campaigns

  • Polls.
  • Partnerships.
  • Events.
  • Contests + Giveaways.
  • Giving Back.
  • So, What Kind of Social Campaign Should You Implement?

Which social media network is the most used for social media advertising?

As of January 2021, Facebook was the most commonly used social media platform among marketers worldwide. According to a global survey, 93 percent of responding social media marketers used the network to promote their business, while another 78 percent did so via Instagram.

What is a boomerang marketing?

Boomerang Marketing is a leader in the promotional products and services industry with a proven track record, providing innovative product solutions and strategic promotional expertise to a vast range of clients. A proudly Canadian family-owned business, with a combined total of more than fifty years of experience.

How do you make a boomerang video on Facebook?

Bring your business to life with Boomerang

  1. Download app. Simply visit the app store and download the Boomerang app to your mobile phone.
  2. Set the scene. Once you’ve figured out what you want to show, decide where you will shoot and what your frame will be.
  3. Tap to shoot.
  4. Save to finish and play more.

Can Boomerang use existing video?

KineMaster is an ideal option for video editing amateurs to boomerang an existing video on iPhone and Android smartphones. It offers plenty of advanced video editing toolkits ranging from picture overlay and voiceover to green screen and keyframe.

How to Use the Boomerang App for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The boomerang, in traditional definition, is a curved throwing stick that was developed between 25,000 and 50,000 years ago and has been around ever since. The “returning boomerang” is a popular variation on the traditional boomerang, and this stick is curled and flattened, with the goal of returning to the thrower. TheBoomerang app, on the other hand, generates entertaining mini-videos that can be shared on social media. Boomerang is being used by many companies to interact with their customers, engage with them, and increase brand recognition.

Even more crucial, how can you develop content that will provide you a competitive advantage over your competitors?

What Is the Boomerang App?

Instagram launched Boomerang as a stand-alone app in 2015, and it has since gained widespread popularity. This program will make a video loop that will play in both forward and reverse directions, and will repeat over and over again. The movie loops back to the beginning on a regular basis (just like a traditional boomerang returns to the thrower).

How long is the video loop?

Just. One. Second, it is normal for marketers to ignore or avoid utilizing an app because they are unfamiliar with it. Is it possible to convey a message within one second? You could be asking yourself this question. Let’s take a look at how simple it may be to generate content that is only a second long but creates a lasting impact. Before we get started, it’s crucial to note that Boomerang material is designed to be entertaining! This is not the type of forum where complex or meaningful messages should be delivered.

When generating videos on the Boomerang app, think about creating light, engaging, and exciting material that your audience will like watching and sharing with their friends.

How Does the Boomerang App Work?

In the words of theApple Program Store, “the app takes 10 photographs and stitches them together, speeds up the video and smooths out any imperfections, and then loops the movie back and forth.” For the purpose of keeping the app up to date and making it more enjoyable to use, the developers included new features such as SlowMo, Echo, Duo, and Trimming:

  • The SlowMo option allows videos to be played for two seconds forward and two seconds backward at a time. This feature, as suggested by the name, allows you to slow down your video clip in order to better catch every detail. With this function, you may create the illusion of double vision on your Boomerang video clips. Dual: This option swiftly rewinds the video clip to its beginning (by speeding up and slowing down), giving it a glitchy feel and texturized appearance. Trimming: This function allows you to alter the length of a video clip and select when it should begin and stop
  • It is also known as cropping.

How to Get the Standalone Boomerang App:

There is a huge advantage to the Boomerang being a distinct app from Instagram in that it does not require you to have an existing personal or business Instagram account in order to download and use. You may just download the app and install it on your iOS or Android smartphone without having to do anything else.

How to Create a Boomerang Using the App

Simply touch on the white button in the bottom center of the screen to launch the app once it has been downloaded to your phone or tablet. When you do this, the app will be able to shoot a burst of photographs and turn them into a Boomerang video clip for you. In order to make certain technological tweaks, you can touch the screen four times with four fingers on the keyboard. You will be able to change the video resolution, frame rate, frame count, and the way the video replays if you use this feature.

Once you’re satisfied with your new Boomerang clip, click on the “Save” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. After you’ve saved your Boomerang, you’ll be given the opportunity to post it on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Why Use Boomerang?

So, what makes the Boomerang app unique, and why should you prefer it to other platforms over the competition?

1. Share-ability:

It is critical in this day and age of social media to generate content that is easily shared. This will aid in the development of your brand and the dissemination of your information to the appropriate audiences. The greater the amount of time your work is shared, the greater the number of eyeballs that see it. See how it works out for you? In this case, the Boomerang app is fantastic since short films are inherently simpler to share than longer ones. A one-second video clip is also far easier to persuade someone to watch than a lengthier, more complex video, which can be difficult to achieve.

2. Video Content Is King:

Whatever your feelings towards video are, you can’t deny that it can be quite successful. 92 percent of marketers that use video marketing consider it to be a critical component of their overall marketing strategy, and 83 percent of marketers believe video marketing has assisted them in generating additional leads. Additionally, 74 percent of consumers who have seen an explainer film about a product have gone on to purchase the product in question. All of these statistics point to one conclusion: visual material is effective.

3. Simplicity

Finding the time to learn yet another intricate new tool might be difficult for a busy marketer with a demanding schedule. The software should be simple to use, as this will be your primary concern. Instead of spending your time on the technical parts of an app, you should devote your effort to developing the best possible content. Boomerang checks this box because it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. In a matter of seconds, you may create a viral video that your target audience will like.

Because the Boomerang is a one-second video, you won’t have to bother about any post-production work afterward.

All that should be on your mind is the content of the Boomerang and all that may be captured in that little period of time.

In addition to being a fun and effective approach to build brand recognition, it may also assist you in achieving your overall marketing objectives.

Boomerang Marketing Uses

Our previous discussion on how easy it is to utilize the Boomerang app has previously been mentioned. The exciting part is about to begin. Following are some suggestions to help you get started with developing entertaining Boomerang content that is relevant to your target audience’s interests.

Showcase Yourself Completing Work

To produce a Boomerang, all you have to do is push a button, however pressing the record button is only a small component of the equation. The most difficult element is coming up with something intriguing to photograph, something that will quickly attract the attention of your audience, something unique. What’s the best place to begin? It might be difficult to maintain your originality when developing a product or service, especially if you’ve been working on it for a long period of time.

As a starting point, you should put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and consider the following question: “What would I find fascinating about this product or service?” Completing an intriguing area of your work might be a good way to boost your morale. Here are a few illustrations:

  • What is the best way to market a restaurant? Perhaps a photograph of the chef seasoning the meals would be interesting. For clothing designers, you may use video to market their products
  • For example, you can show models strolling down the runway or the designer sketching. What is the best way to market an artist? Capture the last brushstroke that runs over a painting

When it comes to producing a Boomerang, there is no right or wrong answer; nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that simplicity may and will aid in getting your message over effectively. When brainstorming content ideas, keep your customers in mind and consider what will persuade them to purchase your product or at the very least get them interested about it.

Show Off Your Work Culture

When brainstorming content ideas, don’t limit yourself to simply those that pertain to your product or service. Your audience may occasionally express an interest in learning more about what is going on behind the scenes. Boomerang is a mobile application that allows you to promote your company’s working culture. Is it possible for your staff to have a good time at work? Is there a light and entertaining spirit inside your brand that you wish to communicate with your target audience? Capturing these moments may assist you in developing genuine connections with your target audience as they gain a more in-depth understanding of your brand.

Demonstrate Your Company’s Altruism

The assumption that you need a lot of money to make a difference is common, but that’s not necessarily the case in reality. Having a tiny firm with significantly lower turnover than your competitors does not rule out making a difference. Do you have a strong desire to make a positive difference in your community? Weekend volunteer work is something that your team may be involved in from time to time. What is it about a certain cause that you’ve been devoted to for a long period of time? Whatever the situation, you can develop a Boomerang to demonstrate your organization’s concern.

  • Your team’s arrival to the location of your local charitable organization
  • Providing food or clothing to those in need
  • In any other unique occasion that demonstrates your dedication to make a difference
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Show Users How to Do a Task

It makes sense to demonstrate how to utilize a difficult software system to customers who have recently purchased your product or who have recently upgraded it to include new capabilities. People who are on the fence about purchasing will appreciate seeing this, and it might be the final push that convinces them to go ahead and purchase.


Creating mini one-second videos can be a fun and exciting way to engage with your audience on social media platforms.As you are probably already aware, there is a lot that goes into creating the right content on any platform.In addition to planning and creating content, there is also the element of engaging with your audience, building trust, and keeping them engaged, not to mention competing with thousands of other brands for your market’s attention.It is therefore important to use trends to diversify your content.

It may also serve as a lasting memory for your audience.

Keep things simple, be creative, and have fun when creating fresh material for your audience to watch.


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How to Use Instagram Boomerang for Business

The corporate world is a fiercely competitive environment. Every company is experimenting with various marketing methods in order to distinguish their company from the competition. If you don’t know how to swim against the current in a sea of rivals, it’s simple to drown. When it comes to marketing, you must be as creative as possible. It’s no secret that creating high-quality content is a tried-and-true technique. To paraphrase a well-known proverb, “Content is king.” In order to be successful in marketing, you must write a lot — whether it’s for emails, blog posts, guest posts, website content, or anything else that has to do with telling compelling tales.

When done correctly, you may expand your reach and make your brand more visible even in unexplored region, increasing your chances of success.

You should research, experiment, and go through the process of trial and error in order to discover and explore every known feature that it has to offer.

Using this method, you may entertain visitors while also persuading them to like your content.

What Is Boomerang?

Boomerang is a video animation program that allows you to make brief video animations that can be played on a loop. The video is around one to two seconds in length and may be played both forward and backward. You may use the Boomerang app to record a video and share it on Instagram. Signing into the system is no longer required. Following the completion of the Boomerang, you will have the choice to save the movie to your camera roll or post the brief clip on Instagram. A boomerang is a fun and creative method to showcase your company’s products or services.

Using a tagline such as “It’s not a photograph.” It is not a GIF in any way.

Videos are not only simple to create, but they are also more visually appealing than still photographs since they are in motion.

How Can You Use Boomerang?

Using Boomerang is an easy and uncomplicated process. Here’s how you go about it: On begin, you must first download the app to your smartphone. Enter “Boomerang from Instagram” in the search bar of the app store. There is no requirement to register. The program will launch automatically as the download is complete, allowing you to begin making a Boomerang video loop as soon as you open it. There is only one button to press in order to create the footage.

As soon as you’re finished, post it on Instagram or Facebook to show everyone. Alternatively, you may choose to share the Boomerang film directly within the app, or you can download the video to your camera roll and publish it later to Instagram from there.

Boomerang is available through the app as well as through Instagram stories, so you may use it in both places. Simply open Instagram and slide to the left. Then touch on the infinity sign that you’ll see at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll be done. Instagram also provides you with the option of adding stickers and effects to your video clip in order to give it more life. When you’re completed, you may tell your friends about it. Isn’t it simple? There’s no need to download Boomerang if your phone’s memory is already full and you are unable to install any more applications.

How Do You Use Instagram’s New Boomerang Effects?

Think about how much more attention you might garner if you used the latest Boomerang effects. A few of months ago, Instagram introduced three new Boomerang effects that were designed just for the platform. They are similar to filters, except that they give your clips a little more punch. SlowMo, Echo, and Duo are the three newest effects to be added to the library. As the name implies, SlowMo reduces the speed of your video by half. Essentially, this implies that the clip will play for an additional second in each direction.Echo creates a double vision effect, which enhances the creative quality of your clip.

Fast-forwarding your movie to the beginning creates a digital look by speeding up the rewinding process.

Trimming is another function available on Instagram, which allows you to choose the length of time your video will play for.

How Can You Make Successful Boomerangs?

Before you start tracking your success in your insights, keep in mind that simply understanding how to utilize Boomerang will not be enough to increase your following. There are a number of ideas and methods that may help you make your videos more engaging with your audience and increase engagement. Here are only a few examples: If you establish an unreasonable high standard for your boomerangs, you will spend all of your time perfecting your clips, which will take up all of your available time.

  • Boomerangs provide you the ability to showcase your company in a way that is entirely unique to you.
  • Make sure you plan ahead of time.
  • You may now put your concept into action after planning it out.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself creatively.
  • If you find yourself stuck for a narrative, theme, or tale structure, don’t be too hard on yourself since you can always look for inspiration in other people’s stories.

Eventually, after a lot of experimenting, you’ll come up with a theme that works for you.

Are You Excited to Use Instagram Boomerang to Boost Your Business?

Using Boomerang, you can demonstrate your company’s identity in a unique, amusing, and exciting way. Modern, stylish, and certain to function, this design is a winner. To enhance your reach, get more leads, and eventually strengthen the online visibility of your company, you just need to follow these instructions. The social media marketing professionals at Digital Resource can assist you with curating interesting boomerang material for your Instagram account and other social media platforms.


Social Media Tip of the Month: Boomerang —Event Marketer

With everything from GIFs to Dubsmash, today’s social media feeds are jam-packed with movement. Businesses have begun to see the value of moving away from static images in favor of more interactive media. The social media platform Instagram launched Boomerang in an attempt to cash in on the craze. The software converts a burst of five photographs into a back and forth video loop that looks similar to a GIF by looping them back and forth. Take a look at the tagline: “Transform ordinary times into something interesting and surprising.” A social network such as Boomerang does not exist; instead, it is an app accessible on iOS and Android that may be used across a range of social media networks.

  1. As an alternative, it saves users’ recordings directly to their phone’s camera roll, allowing them to be utilized anywhere and whenever they wish.
  2. More importantly, the fact that the app requires no effort to use and that its stop motion-like films are humorous makes it an obvious choice for social media sharing platforms.
  3. And a slew of companies have already begun reaping the benefits.
  4. There was no time before others wanted to get in on the fun.
  5. The company Plated used a video of a lady turning veggies in a skillet to promote its meal delivery service.
  6. Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, appeared in a Boomerang alongside Cosmopolitan editor to encourage girls’ education.
  7. It appears that the secret to successfully use Boomerang for companies is to keep the message simple.
  8. Boom.* This post was initially published in 2016, and it is updated on a regular basis since then.
  9. McDonald’s Makes Dreams Come True With an Adult Playscape at ComplexCon, according to Millennial Marketing.

Become a member now and you’ll have unlimited access to the world’s largest content resource on experiential marketing. This month, you have just 2 FREE ARTICLES left to use. This article first published in the April 2016 edition of the magazine.

How to Run a Boomerang Video Contest for Instagram – Woobox Blog

Are you soliciting video contributions in order to expand your online content? It’s an excellent moment to step up your game. Make a statement in the virtual crowd by encouraging your audience to experiment with a different media by participating in your promotional contest. One excellent example is Boomerang, Instagram’s burst picture tool that allows users to make looping movies that can be shared on the site as well as on other social media networks. Boomerang videos surpassed “normal” video formats on a variety of parameters, including engagement and conversion rate, according to a study conducted by the agencyAmpush.

This video short-format makes it more difficult to develop, but it also provides you with a large amount of content to reshare on your social media channels.

What is Boomerang?

Developed by Instagram in 2015, Boomerang is a stand-alone video application. Every time you take five successive photographs, you’ll get a one-second movie that rolls ahead, then backward, and so forth. Essentially, it’s the same as instantaneously making a GIF using video, and it’s fantastic for creative promotional social media campaigns. As of this writing, Instagram has not included Boomerang into its standard Instagram app, and you must download it separately in order to be able to use it.

Even though Boomerang is owned by Instagram, you can still save and share your films on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

They may not, however, automatically loop and repeat, as they do on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Although it was only published in 2014, it may be a fun alternative or addition to a Boomerang competition.

Boomerang Contest Rules, GuidelinesBest Practices

If you want to have a Boomerang contest, make sure the criteria and creative standards are clearly stated. You should make it clear to users that the video must be in the Boomerang format or a video format that is similar to the Boomerang format but was captured using a different app (such as the Apple iPhone’s live picture). Using this method, you can be confident that you’re not favoring entries from people who don’t have access to the Boomerang app. Specify the length of the video and what should be included in it.For example, if you wanted to gather product or company testimonials as part of the contest, you might ask visitors to display their favorite product that you sell or to highlight their favorite business location that you own and operate.

  • Anything that stimulates love for your business and creativity for video production will motivate your audience to become engaged in the contest.
  • Make certain that all of your rules are compliant with the terms of service for Instagram and Boomerang.
  • Using Boomerang films on Instagram advertisements, for example, according to WordStream, means that if an applicant makes something really engaging, it may be feasible to utilize it in a future ad campaign.
  • reports that Instagram released three new features to Boomerang in 2020 to better compete with TikTok.
  • This brings up a list of different features that can be changed or modified, such as frame rate or length.
  • These additional capabilities can assist users in developing even more creative movies.
  • External examples are great, but knowing exactly what the firm that is sponsoring the contest has come up with is much more beneficial.

As soon as you announce the contest, have a few people of your staff film one to three samples and publish them on your profile. Here are some examples from PowerPost of businesses who are doing Boomerang correctly.

Contest Ideas For Boomerang

These real-life examples from Instagram users who have used Boomerang to create films about products, locations, and services are provided for your consideration and the benefit of your users. Perhaps these will serve as inspiration for you and your users to develop boomerangs that accurately represent your company and its beliefs.

Retailers and Other Businesses

In many contests, the entry criteria are based on a certain topic or product that the sponsor is selling. Suppose a car company ran a contest shortly before summer and asked people to submit films of their favorite summer pastime while wearing a room wearing costume for a chance to win a lease on one of their cars. One further example would be to display your company’s actual property, such as a hotel resort, if you own the facility. Someone at the pool at Anantya Resorts in India snapped this Boomerang, which you can see below: This art studio advertises children’s painting lessons by using Boomerang videos of the art being created as it is being taught: Your users may build something similar by sharing their experience at one of your businesses, or by participating in a class or training session with your staff.

E-Commerce Businesses

Making films using your products is a terrific method for your company to acquire visibility when consumers post their contest submissions on their own social media sites, which may help your company grow. Consider the following example from the United Kingdom, in which an artist uses his drone to shoot a Boomerang: This is an excellent example of material that would be ideal for a drone news website or e-commerce business. This artist produced it to serve as an example of what he himself can do with his work.

This is a fantastic approach to demonstrate how the product works and what it looks like on a real consumer.

It is possible to generate short video content using a fun format such as Boomerang, which may be a great alternative to the normal Instagram or social media contest styles.

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It takes time and ingenuity to create the “perfect” Boomerang, so make sure your prize is sufficiently expensive to compensate for the time and effort invested in creativity and time.

You may contact Woobox support staff at [email protected] or by phone at 1-360-450-5200 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm PST Monday through Friday if you have any issues about conducting a contest on Instagram, and they will be happy to assist you.

4 ways Boomerang enhances the Instagram advertising experience

Instagram unveiled a new app this week that adds animated GIFs to its already extensive video library. A boomerang is a type of image that lies between between a photograph and a moving image file (GIF). A single button press causes the software to shoot many photographs and stitch them together to create a one-second mini film that can be played both forward and backward and in either landscape or portrait orientation. As Joe Cecin, president and chief operating officer of Nervve explains, “It’s all about engagement and innovation, as well as the aesthetic experience.” “I believe that everything that strengthens that will result in a more robust platform.” Without a doubt, having an animated GIF or a one-second movie is more interesting than simply having a static image.” Is there anything more that Boomerang can do to improve the experience for Instagram advertising other from improving engagement?

Listed below are a few examples:

1. Popularity

GIFs are all the rage right now, and while Boomerang videos aren’t strictly GIFs, they’re close enough to come under that category to be considered such. GIF advertisements have been introduced on Facebook in recent months, and GIFs are now searchable on Tumblr as well. In the opinion of David McIntosh, chief executive officer (CEO) of Riffsy, Instagram’s latest product reflects the ongoing move toward more visual forms of communication, a trend that began with emoji and has continued until the present day.

  1. “The most popular emoji was the heart emoji.” “Language is getting more graphic and expressive as time goes on.
  2. “It is now fast enough to transfer GIFs, movies, and images,” says the author.
  3. I think my mother prefers the face with the heart eyes and the one with the wide smile and flushed cheeks the most.) McIntosh feels that animated GIFs have the ability to perform the same purpose on a similar large scale.
  4. “For an advertiser, it represents a chance to create a native mobile experience that is inherently shared,” he explains.

2. Simplicity

With its remarkable simplicity and ease of usage, Boomerang will likely make Instagram more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not necessarily have the means to completely understand social media marketing. One recent Australian poll found that 57 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) had no clue if they had repaid their social media expenditure, leading many to give up. If something is difficult, major brands will figure it out. ” “They’ll spend a lot of money to have someone else find it out for them,” Cecin explains.

Instagram has developed a pattern of appealing to small and medium-sized businesses.

“It’s almost as though you’re directing the horse to water,” Cicen explains.

“Clearly, it is attempting to enhance the way firms interact with their customer base, which is a commendable effort on its side.” Instagram will be able to reach a wider range of prospective marketers if they make Boomerang as simple to use as possible.

3. Shareability

With its remarkable simplicity and ease of usage, Boomerang will likely make Instagram more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not necessarily have the resources to completely understand social media marketing. 57 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in Australia don’t know if they’ve repaid their social media investment, leading many to give up. When something is complex, large companies will figure it out. ” According to Cecin, “They’ll spend a lot of money to have it figured out for them.” The capacity to generate interactive material fast and easily, as well as making it simple to distribute, I believe will lead to a greater acceptance of this technology.

Recently, the platform introduced a new account, which is intended to provide marketers with inspiration on how to use it.

Instagram will be able to reach a wider range of prospective marketers if they make Boomerang simple to use.

4. Standing up to Snapchat

Boomerang has the ability to enhance the Instagramadvertising experience for both advertisers and Instagram itself, according to its developers. Snapchat is by far Instagram’s largest opponent when it comes to being regarded the social network among young people, despite the fact that the two platforms are simply too different to be called competitors. At the moment, Snapchat is sort of the flavor of the week, so to speak. Boomerang, according to Olmert, provides Instagram with a fun interactive feature that makes it a more appealing advertising medium.

In order for marketers to engage and interact with consumers in the way that people consume media today: through bite-size content formats that are readily shared and enjoyable to interact with, Instagram must build a comparable environment for advertising.

Nonetheless, Snapchat is close behind it, and has the advantage of being the fastest-growing platform in the world.

Only time will tell, albeit the simplicity noted above is one of the advantages Instagram offers over other social media platforms.


In addition to advertisers, Boomerang has the ability to improve the Instagramadvertising experience for both Instagram and users. Snapchat is by far Instagram’s largest opponent when it comes to being regarded the social network among young people, despite the fact that the two platforms are too diverse to be called competitors. At the moment, Snapchat is the social media platform du day. Boomerang, in Olmert’s opinion, provides Instagram a fun participatory element that it lacks in traditional advertising.

In order for advertisers to connect and interact with consumers in the way that people consume media today: through bite-size content forms that are readily sharable and exciting to interact with, Instagram must provide a comparable environment for them as well.” According to a new poll conducted by Refuel Agency, Instagram is the third most popular app among adolescents, after only YouTube and Facebook.

But only just — Snapchat, which has the advantage of being the fastest-growing platform, is just behind it.

Though the simplicity indicated above is an asset, Instagram’s long-term viability remains to be seen. Many marketers are still perplexed by Snapchat’s capabilities and limitations.

How To Use Boomerang Instagram To Boom Brand’s Social Media Content

It’s a video clip. It’s a GIF, after all. It’s a Boomerang, of course! Instagram’s new standalone app — Boomerang – is the newest addition to the GIF party. Boomerang, an app for iOS and Android users that allows them to create short films that loop indefinitely, was released on October 22nd by the Facebook-owned firm.

What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is an app that makes 1-second films from a burst of 5 images that can be played forward and backward; hence the name of the application. A user does not have to log onto Boomerang, and the films are immediately stored to the camera roll of the user’s smartphone when they are captured. Users have the option of shooting in either portrait or landscape orientation. The software also features a highly user-friendly UI, with only two windows — a Capture screen and a Sharing screen – making it extremely simple to use.

  1. However, it is vital to note that the format in which these files are saved is not the GIF format as is commonly assumed.
  2. However, when they are embedded on a page, they do have the advantage of looping indefinitely.
  3. It has the potential to become a great tool for capturing things that are too brief to be captured in a snapshot but too long to be captured in a film.
  4. Another advantage for both marketers and consumers is the fact that creating a captivating one-second video is considerably easier than creating a longer film that is fascinating throughout the entire video (though capturing it requires more precision).
  5. It was for their impending Blurry face tour that they designed a set of ten boomerangs.
  6. PDT was recently shared on Twitter.
  7. A video posted by Timberland (@timberland) on October 22, 2015 at 8:14 a.m.

A video posted by ELLE (@ellefr) on October 23, 2015 at 6:37 a.m.

Boomerangs, when utilized properly, may aid in the creation of an iconic image for a certain action associated with a business.

The Microsoft Surface Book Laptop’s adaptability was demonstrated by the American tech news network Verge, which utilized the Boomerang app to illustrate it.

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Wiggle your fingers and blink your eyes at each other.

benefit A video posted by Benefit Cosmetics US (@benefitcosmetics) on October 22, 2015 at 4:20 p.m.

Finally, when creating content with Boomerang to engage with your followers, it is critical to keep two things in mind that are universal to all forms of visual communication: movement and time.

First and foremost, what are you displaying? Second, how do you intend to demonstrate it? Furthermore, read:360-degree Facebook’s post has sparked outrage! Here’s how it can be beneficial to your organization.

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How Boomerang Can Step Up Your Marketing on Instagram

In case your firm has been taking use of Instagram’s visual marketing capabilities, you’ll be delighted to know that the social media platform has launched a new app called Boomerang, which loops five photographs to create a one-second animation that repeats back and forth, similar to a GIF. The first brands began utilizing it on the same day it was released last month, indicating that now is an excellent opportunity to be an inventor. Brands How to Take Advantage of the Boomerang Timberland, one of the first businesses to experiment with the app, released a Boomerang animation showing someone flicking through the shoe company’s catalog pages; Elle magazine switched back and forth between its magazine cover and an interior page using the Boomerang animation.

  1. Benefit Cosmetics, a cosmetics company based in San Francisco, showcased a model applying a rapid stroke of mascara.
  2. The movies are generated within the app and then downloaded to the user’s device, where they can be saved, shared on social media, or used for both purposes.
  3. The Act of Pressing a Button To make a video, just press and hold a button on the app’s interface while acting out anything you want to convey.
  4. Perhaps a one-second film depicting an exaggerated moment of enthusiasm might be appropriate if you were planning a large sale.
  5. Give your company a boost with the help of Boomerang.
  6. Boomerang takes sharing to the next level by providing you with even more opportunities to attract attention.
  7. GIFs, which are collections of photographs that loop (but restart rather of going forward and backward like Boomerangs do), are nothing new, and neither are the people who create them, who have been around for a long time.

They’ve been designed by technically knowledgeable individuals who employ programs that the typical person is unlikely to be familiar with and may have difficulty learning.

Even if you’re already interacting with customers and prospects on Instagram, Boomerang allows you to take the relationship even further by making those one-second videos even more fun, modern, or creative.

If you want to get your firm started on Boomerang, some options include showcasing employees participating in an activity of their choosing (dancing, singing, decorating, or engaging in debate).

You’re bound to find your specialty via trial and error as well as feedback from others who are using the platform if you don’t get it right the first time.

The potential for making Boomerang the next key item in your social media marketing toolkit there in spades.

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21 Essential Apps to Level up Your Instagram Game

The social media platform Instagram, which has more than one billion monthly active users, has created enormous chances for marketers to reach new customers and get their products noticed. However, while strategies such as running Instagram advertisements and reaching out to influencers are helpful, it may be difficult to understand what to post on Instagram and how to obtain the results you want if you don’t have the necessary tools. This list of the best Instagram apps for businesses is intended to assist you in turbocharging your Instagram account—tools that will distinguish your company from the competition, drive more customers to your online store, and assist you in understanding how to make money on Instagram most effectively.

The best Instagram design apps

When it comes to building a successful Instagram presence, one of the most critical aspects is to fill your feed with visually attractive images that clearly represent your brand’s identity and the value of your products. No matter if you aren’t a professional photographer, you can still produce stunning photographs with your smartphone and a couple of the greatest Instagram design tools available.

1.VSCO(iOS, Android)

It’s been a long time since Instagram’s default filters were at the forefront of mobile picture editing technology and design. Meanwhile, VSCO has established itself as the undisputed leader in the field of generating great images on the move. VSCO is a photo-editing software that also functions as a social media network, and it should be at the core of any Instagram strategy. VSCO includes a powerful editing suite as well as a plethora of high-quality preset filters that may elevate your smartphone photographs to a whole new level of sophistication.

The basic presets and standard editing tools are available for free; access to VSCO’s full suite of presets and image/video editing capabilities is available for $19.99/year.

2.Snapseed(iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Snapseed is another another photo-editing program that allows you to fine-tune the appearance of your photographs. The default filters on Instagram modify the whole image at once, but Snapseed allows you to apply effects with a brush so that you can fine-tune the specifics of each photograph. Snapseed’s Stacks function is another useful tool, since it allows you to store groups of filters as a template. When these Stacks are used on subsequent photographs, they provide an uniform aesthetic across your whole feed while also saving you time.


When it comes to photo editing apps, Afterlight stands out since it comes pre-loaded with a plethora of various filters, textures, and frames. This gives you a plethora of different possibilities for customizing your photographs straight away. You have the ability to design and store your own filters, as well as deal with a variety of picture formats. Afterlight also provides typographic features to assist you make your photographs stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Afterlight is an easy-to-use, must-have tool for enhancing the visual appeal of your Instagram images, thanks to its clean and uncomplicated design. After a seven-day free trial, the price is $2.99 per month or $17.99 per year.

4.Canva(web, iOS, Android)

It’s possible using Canva to produce eye-catching visuals that will stand out whether they’re posted to Instagram or shared through Instagram Stories. In order to elevate your posts and attract the attention of your followers, you may superimpose text, build multi-image layouts, and use a broad variety of predesigned visuals. In particular, it’s excellent for making Instagram Stories that stand out, and if you keep to a few standard picture formats and fonts, you can start to ensure that your followers identify your material at all times.

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5.Photoshop Express(iOS, Android, Windows)

True enough, you can utilize Photoshop on your smartphone. While the mobile app may not have all of the features available on the desktop version, it does provide a sophisticated picture editing experience that allows you a great deal of control over your photographs. It simplifies the work you’d normally perform on your desktop with convenient features like as blemish removal, which can remove stains, grime, and dust from your photo with a single click, as well as other imperfections. Also included are other settings, filters, presets, and choices that you would not otherwise be able to access, such as the ability to include a watermark in your photographs.

The best Instagram video apps

Creating visually appealing films for your company’s Instagram account does not necessitate the expertise of a professional cameraman. Anyone can take fast films on their phones and transform them into high-quality professional videos without having to get out their laptop and use video-editing software.

6.Vimeo Create(iOS, Android)

Vimeo Create transforms your current product photographs and text into beautiful films in an automated process. Simply answer a few questions about your product, and the videos will be made for you – no prior video production knowledge necessary. The service is free, with the option to pay for more powerful editing tools and template designs.

7. Boomerang from Instagram (iOS,Android)

Boomerang is an Instagram app that allows you to make a GIF-like looping film from a sequence of photographs. It was developed by Instagram. When your video is finished, you can either publish it to Instagram immediately or save it to your computer for later posting. Price:Free.

8.Life Lapse(iOS, Android)

Whereas Boomerang for Instagram is excellent for making fast GIF-like films, Life Lapse is a more feature-rich mobile software that allows you to create longer, stop-motion videos to display your products and services. The number of shots you shoot is completely up to you, and you can choose the size of your film, the pace between images, and even the addition of royalty-free music. Price:Free, with the option of making in-app purchases (optional).


Using HypeType’s extensive library of fonts and animations, you can quickly and easily generate captions for different portions of a video recorded using the app or an uploaded video that you’ve previously filmed and posted.

As soon as you’re finished, you can upload your video to Instagram without having to leave HypeType. Price:Free with a video watermark; in-app payments are available to remove the watermark or purchase more typefaces. Description:Free with a video watermark.

The best Instagram marketing apps

Your Instagram account is almost complete, but in order to build your following and connect with more people, you’ll want to interact with your followers and use a few hashtags before you push the “Publish” button. The greatest Instagram marketing applications assist you in accomplishing this goal.

10.Repost for Instagram(Android)

The person shooting the photographs does not necessarily have to be the one behind the lens. Using Repost for Instagram, you can curate your customers’ photographs while also giving them credit. If you have a community of consumers who regularly post user-generated material, you can use Repost for Instagram to curate their images while also giving them credit. It’s simple to share an image from another Instagram account on your own account. Simply copy the share URL from the post you wish to share and open Repost on your phone.



AutoHash may be the quickest and most convenient method of discovering suitable Instagram hashtags for your photographs. It makes use of artificial intelligence to identify the things in your images and then suggests the best hashtags for each object. In order to avoid exceeding the 30-hashtag restriction, it will automatically count your hashtags, and you may keep your favorite hashtags in the app. When you’re ready to post, AutoHash will copy the hashtags you’ve chosen to your clipboard, so all you have to do is paste them into the picture description or comments section of your post.

12.Display Purposes(web)

Display Purposes is a web-based application that allows you to have a little more control over the hashtags that you use in your posts on Instagram. To get started, enter your term or an existing hashtag in the search bar, and it will offer additional hashtags to include in your image. With its assistance, you may increase your Instagram followers in your niche. You have the ability to scale up or down the quantity of hashtags you wish to include, and Display Purposes will fill in the hashtags for you based on your preferences.


The best Instagram ecommerce apps

While promoting your items on Instagram is a terrific method to expand your following and raise exposure of your company, you’re most likely posting to Instagram in order to improve your sales at the end of the day. As a result of these apps, it is simple to integrate Instagram photographs into your Shopify store, allowing customers to quickly identify goods they saw on Instagram and purchase them from your website.

13.Instagram Shoppable Feed(Shopify)

Hot Shapers makes advantage of the Instagram Shoppable Feed to display its Instagram photographs on the homepage of the website. Instagram photographs aren’t only a terrific method to communicate with potential consumers on social media; they’re also a great way to promote your business. They may also demonstrate to your website visitors how your items seem in context or how they can be used in conjunction with one another. When you use Instagram Shoppable Feed, you can effortlessly upload your Instagram photographs to your store while also tagging the goods that appear in each image.

Moreover, if you put it on your store’s site, like Hot Shapers does, you may promote your items while simultaneously growing your Instagram followers. After a seven-day free trial, the price is $4.99 per month., like Instagram Shoppable Feed, allows you to create galleries on your website based on your Instagram photographs and videos. Apart from exhibiting the photographs that your company has uploaded, also allows you to ask your clients and clients’ friends and family to contribute their own images of the things you sell to your gallery. On your popup, you have the option to categorize goods in your gallery photographs, display price, and provide a straight Buy button. Aside from that, provides thorough statistics that show how your galleries are performing based on parameters such as views, interactions and orders, among other things.

The best Instagram management tools

It’s critical to consistently upload new material to your Instagram account in order to build your audience and offer your current admirers a reason to continue following you. We have to admit that regularly updating your profile with new photographs takes a lot of time, which is something that most businesses are already strapped for. Fortunately, there are a slew of excellent platforms available that provide you with the tools you need to schedule your posts in advance and maintain your profile well-stocked with high-quality material.

15.Sked(web, iOS, Android)

Sked is a campaign scheduling tool that offers a wide range of capabilities, including web-browser-based scheduling, to help you execute more effective campaigns with less effort. Sked also has a comprehensive set of photo-editing capabilities. You can adjust and fine-tune your photographs using Instagram’s built-in image editing features, which go well beyond the app’s basic filters. Sked also enables for bulk uploading, allowing you to schedule several photographs at the same time, saving you time and money on your social media marketing efforts.

16.Later(web, iOS, Android)

Later is an easy social media scheduling software that comes with a broad variety of features for planning out your campaigns, including the ability to search hashtags and post user-generated content. Later is available for both iOS and Android devices. After you’ve created a content schedule for your posts and received a preview of your Instagram feed before publishing, it’s easy to see how your plan will unfold. It also features a feature called Saved Captions, which comes in helpful when developing and implementing your Instagram hashtag strategy.

Free for one user and up to 30 Instagram posts per month; $9/month for one user and up to 100 Instagram posts per month with the Plus plan; free for multiple users and unlimited Instagram posts per month. More information may be found at: How to Increase Website Traffic to Your Site

17.Hootsuite(web, iOS, Android)

Using Hootsuite, you can schedule and publish Instagram posts, which is a strong social media management application. While Hootsuite has built a name for itself by automating marketing for social media sites like as Facebook and Twitter, its Instagram solutions elevate social media management to a whole new level of sophistication. The Hootsuite app allows you to plan your Instagram posts in advance, and it either tells you when it is time to publish with a push notification or posts for you automatically if you have an Instagram Business account.

18.Buffer(web, iOS, Android)

Buffer is generally best known as a wonderful tool for scheduling social media posts for Twitter and Facebook, but it can also be used to plan posts for Instagram if you have an Instagram account. Prepare your Instagram posts on your mobile device or on your desktop computer, and Buffer will post them instantly to Instagram for you. A Premium package also includes the ability to create and schedule Instagram Stories, integrate a shoppable Instagram grid on your website, and receive extensive information on the performance of your Instagram posts.

The best Instagram analytics apps

The task of maintaining an Instagram feed that is full of current, relevant, and eye-catching photographs is no minor one, therefore it’s crucial to know whether or not your efforts are assisting you in reaching your objectives. The correct Instagram analytics programs assist you in determining how your Instagram marketing efforts are effecting your bottom line—as well as identifying which sorts of posts were the most effective so that you may reproduce the methods that were the most profitable.

19.Sprout Social(web, iOS, Android)

Social media management platform Sprout Social offers a comprehensive set of scheduling and publishing capabilities for managing many social network accounts. As an added bonus, Sprout Social provides in-depth Instagram analytics, allowing you to get precise insights on how your most recent posts have been doing over time. When you use the statistics provided by Sprout Social, you can measure engagement and compare the performance of your store’s account to the success of other accounts that you manage.

PriceBeginning at $99 per user per month for the Standard plan after a 30-day free trial period.

20.Iconosquare(web, iOS, Android)

Iconosquare is an analytics software that focuses on delving deep into the success of your Instagram post. It is free to use. It is possible to track normal engagement data such as followers and likes while also obtaining detailed statistics about your followers, such as their geography and amount of social media impact, with Iconosquare. Your most influential followers will allow you to explore new prospects for influencer marketing and outreach as a result of recognizing them.

Iconosquare also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate your performance against that of your rivals, allowing you to obtain a better understanding of your place in your industry’s environment. Price:After a 14-day free trial, the Pro plan starts at $29/month after that.


Have you ever wondered whether any of your customers may be a Big Deal on social media and if you should be concerned? You can find out with the help of UserGems. This Shopify app pulls in social network information about your clients, allowing you to navigate through the data to locate exactly who you’re searching for. For example, you may use UserGems to determine which of your customers has more than 10,000 Instagram followers—or which of your customers uses the words “blogger” or “journalist” in their social media profiles—in order to assist in the development of an influencer marketing campaign.

Price:Free for up to 100 clients per month; starting at $19/month for the Starter plan, which supports up to 250 customers per month for the Pro plan.

Growing your business with Instagram

The moment has come for you to get out there and start capturing incredible images and films that truly demonstrate the genuine worth of your items! Any more questions concerning Instagram marketing that you’d want to ask? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram tools

Increase the number of followers and interactions with other accounts in your specialty on Instagram. Maintain a close eye on important hashtags and location tags, and keep track of which material is receiving the most attention. Create your own visual material and descriptions, as well as associated hashtags and geographical tags, then post them on social media.

What are the best apps to use for Instagram?

Boomerang, VSCO, the Instagram Shoppable Feed Shopify app, Sproutsocial, and Later are some of the most popular Instagram applications available. In this blog article, we’ll go through several more Instagram features and applications.

How much does Instagram promo cost?

According to one report, Instagram advertising cost between 20 cents and $2 per click, with a cost of $6.70 every 1,000 impressions. The more exact and competitive your targeting is, the more expensive it is to reach that audience.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

When it comes to posting on Instagram, the optimal moment is when your target audience is on the platform. This may vary based on where your consumers are situated in the world and what time zone they are in. Although many individuals who work from home use Instagram more frequently than they do when they are not at work, the majority of people use it in the morning, at lunch, and at night.

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