How To Use Live Video To Dominate The Competition?

Is live video catching up to pre-recorded video?

  • People are now watching billions of hours of video daily on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. While pre-recorded video still dominates the space, live video is catching up. In fact, people spend more time watching live videos than pre-recorded videos. You can’t risk waiting any longer to start using live video.

How do you make a live video interesting?

Here are a few tips for engaging with your audience:

  1. Be prepared to give some details into your personal life.
  2. Offer something of value (if you’re a chef, for example, teach a recipe live and respond to comments in between)
  3. Play a game or share a poll with your viewers.
  4. Give a funny reaction to people’s comments.

How do you make a live stream successful?

Live Streaming Tips – The Takeaways

  1. Keep your set up simple (with backups)
  2. Be mindful of audio and lighting.
  3. Do a test run.
  4. Look at the camera.
  5. Engage with your audience in real-time.
  6. Be consistent.
  7. Don’t aim for perfection.
  8. Consider your live stream source.

Are live streams effective?

Aside from these benefits, live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience. The live stream itself is inherently about community. It makes your customers feel inclusive and exclusive simultaneously. Live stream also allows businesses the opportunity to interconnect and inter-promote their platforms.

Can I promote a live video?

Boosting live videos on Facebook allows you to promote your Facebook Live videos to a larger audience. You can create an ad to promote your Facebook Live video during the broadcast or after the video ends. You can boost your live video from Ads Manager, directly from Live Producer or from your Facebook Page.

How do I market myself as a streamer?

Promoting Outside of Twitch. Set up social media accounts for your stream to promote yourself on. Make Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts that are dedicated to your stream. Then, post on them whenever you’re going live on Twitch so people know to watch you.

How do you keep a live stream interesting?

Top-notch fun live stream ideas:

  1. Plan a spontaneous live session.
  2. Show off your streaming setup (behind the scenes).
  3. Organize a Q&A session.
  4. Do a house tour.
  5. Share your expertise.
  6. Newsjacking is an awesome way to jump up in viewer ratings and enjoy more publicity.
  7. Create a brief tutorial of a tool you use.

What are the benefits of live video?

The True Benefits of Live Streaming Your Events

  • Live Streaming Internet Video Could Generate A Bigger Audience.
  • A Live Streamed Internet Video Gives Your Content Urgency.
  • Live Streaming Internet Video Can Whip Up Online Interaction.
  • A Live Streamed Internet Video Could Open Opportunities For New Revenue.

What are the disadvantages of live streaming?

Another potential drawback of live streaming an event is the increased bandwidth it requires. Live streaming requires a substantial amount of bandwidth, as video/audio data is transmitted in real time over the Internet. Netflix subscribers, for instance, need at least 5 Mbs to stream high-definition media.

What is the goal of live streaming?

Live streaming technology lets you watch, create and share videos in real time, a bit like live TV. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and a platform (such as a website or app) to live stream from.

How can I get more views on my livestream?

How to Get More Live Stream Viewers

  1. Promote the Broadcast. Before your live streams start, you’ve got to generate some excitement.
  2. Use Compelling Titles and Descriptions to Promote Your Live Stream.
  3. Tease Content.
  4. Reward Your Viewers.
  5. Lengthen Your Broadcast.
  6. Cross-Promote.
  7. Live Video SEO.

How do you promote a stream?

So in this article, we’ll show you how to promote your Twitch channel easily on multiple platforms.

  1. Set Clear Channel Goals.
  2. Blog About Your Twitch Stream.
  3. Run a Twitch Giveaway.
  4. Add Social Media Feeds to Your Website.
  5. Send Push Notification About New Streams.
  6. Put Your Stream in Your Sidebar.

Why a Live Streaming Strategy is a Must-Have for Marketing

When a design asks for it, it is acceptable to defy the rules. Even the most experienced designer would not explore many of the design options discussed above. This is what distinguishes exceptional designers from those who are only competent in their profession. Everyone notices those who are bold enough to challenge conventional wisdom. By Eli Penner, written specifically for World Design Day. is the domain name of his personal website. In your site design, do you defy any established rules?

Share your thoughts with us if you have them.

“If you don’t livestreamyour show you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that your competitors are going to pick up on.” – Digital Manager,Carolina Herrera

By 2024, live streaming will be utilized by 91 million customers. 47 percent of viewers are live streaming, which is an increase from a year ago. In 2019, live streaming surpassed 1.1 billion hours for the first time. Audiences would prefer watch a live video from a company than read a blog, according to research. In comparison to social media posts, 82 percent of people prefer live video from a company. Consumers are more likely to have an unfavorable opinion of a business if it distributes low-quality video content, according to a recent study.

  • The use of video on a landing page may raise conversion rates by as much as 80% or more.
  • The use of video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent.
  • Executives would prefer watch a video than read a text document, according to a recent survey.
  • Livestreaming has the potential to increase the viewership of an event attended by hundreds of people into the millions, to link worldwide workplaces, and to reach audiences on a never-before-seen scale for product launches, fashion displays, and exclusive fan releases, among other things.

Ready to explore a live streaming strategy for your brand’s video marketing?

We put up The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Events to help you out. because we understand that while events and live streaming are important components of any marketing plan, they are not without their challenges. It’s difficult to get a handle on nearly everything when it comes to event planning and live video – especially if you’re doing it for the first time. To ensure that your event and livestream are a success, we want to offer you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Information, statistics, and data on how the live event and video sector is developing and generating returns on investment
  • Best practices and suggestions for event planning from experienced large-scale event producers and marketers are provided. Our production team will provide you with step-by-step guidance and resources for getting online
  • How nine organizations are utilizing Vimeo’s live streaming technology to broaden the reach of their audience and enhance the return on their live events
  • This glossary contains all of the technical vocabulary and jargon you will need to understand live video production.

4 ways to use videos to dominate the competition

Information, statistics, and data on how the live event and video sector is developing and generating returns on investment. Best practices and hints for event planning from experienced large-scale event producers and marketers are provided here. Our production team will provide you with step-by-step guidance and resources to help you go live. This article describes how nine organizations utilize Vimeo’s live streaming technology to broaden their audience’s reach and boost the return on their live events.

Increase conversion with product videos

According to Insivia, website visitors who watch a product video are 64 percent to 85 percent more likely to convert after watching the video. Four out of every five viewers find this form of film to be beneficial at the same time. Online shop Advance Auto Parts posted instructional and how-to films on their Facebook page and website, which customers may view. The outcome was mind-boggling. When compared to visitors who did not view the video, those who did watch the video spent twice as much time on the website.

Increased conversions will not be achieved just by posting a product video on your website, YouTube channel, or social media.

There are a variety of ways that videos might assist you with this, including:

  • Almost half of online consumers say that their goods does not appear to be the same as it did when it is delivered. Create product films from a variety of perspectives, zoom in to highlight the most important aspects, and record the product in action to demonstrate it as realistically as possible
  • People prefer to learn about a product through viewing a video, according to 33% of those polled. Create product films that are both short and interesting. Customers or brand ambassadors may also be involved in these activities.
  • Product demonstrations, according to 69 percent of respondents, aid them in selecting whether or not to make a purchase. In a clear and concise manner, describe the characteristics and benefits of the product. Incorporate the video onto the sales page for the product, making sure that the “purchase now (CTA)” button is prominently displayed

How-to videos to sell more

Is it possible that you learned to utilize a product after seeing a video on how to do so? Almost certainly, the answer is yes. In fact, over a third of buyers claim to have purchased a product only as a result of watching a lesson or instructional video. Frequently, a prospect’s inability to understand how to utilize your product is the major reason they refrain from purchasing it. Assuming they don’t know how to utilize your website when they first arrive, they are unlikely to have any need for the goods you are selling.

  1. Adding photographs will not do credit to the product’s features and benefits.
  2. They assist clients with visualizing highly detailed items and their use in everyday life.
  3. Scheduling tool for social media posts Hootsuite often posts how-to videos of various functionalities to YouTube in order to demonstrate to customers what they are missing out on when they do not utilize their software.
  4. The following are the two primary advantages that how-to clips provide:
  • They demonstrate how to execute a task, hence adding value to the user’s experience. They demonstrate to the consumer the most effective method of alleviating a pain point through the use of your goods

The how-to type videos are not intended to be commercial or spammy. They are promoting your goods in a subtle way by being of assistance. Additionally, videos appear in 52 percent of keyword searches on Google and 82 percent of keyword searches on YouTube, demonstrating the value of SEO. This is why, once you have embedded your video on your post or landing page, you must optimize it using keywords for search engine optimization purposes.

Fill in the blanks with thorough descriptions of your video and transcripts of your narration to make them more accessible and easier to find in the future.

Video testimonials to build trust

Customers trust online reviews and personal referrals, according to BrightLocal, with 72 percent saying that favorable evaluations and assessments offer them more confidence in a company’s products or services. Social proof is one of the most secure methods of developing positive relationships with prospective customers and demonstrating that your brand is trustworthy. Therefore, having pleased customers speak positively about their great experiences in the film is a tried-and-tested method. The importance of authenticity cannot be overstated.

  • When possible, invite them to your company’s store or office so that you may film them in their environment.
  • You may also incorporate social evidence throughout the film as an alternative.
  • Additionally, you will receive a full how-to video that outlines the procedures you took to obtain the desired outcomes.
  • Real customers were utilized by Evernote to demonstrate how a certain target demographic may use the product.
  • In the video, the individuals illustrate how Evernote may be of use to pupils.
  • When we observe other individuals utilizing a technology effectively, we are more likely to want to use it ourselves.

Videos for customer support

Non-profit organizations may utilize videos to not only increase website conversions, but they can also use them to minimize the amount of customer care calls they receive from customers. You may replace the text in FAQs with videos that assist clients in resolving their problems and concerns. Zoho’s help page included videos to answer all of the frequently asked questions. These movies can be as lengthy or as short as is necessary depending on the situation. Alternatively, you may add the films to your FAQ page and distribute the URLs to everyone who calls, emails, or requests assistance.

3 Actionable tips to lift up website conversion

Video material is processed by the human brain at a rate of 60,000 times quicker than text. The utilization of videos to enhance brand recognition, leads, traffic, and eventually revenue can be accomplished in three simple steps.

1. Insert a lead generation form in the first 10 to 20 seconds of the video

You would not expect to be able to include a lead generating form in a video, but this is actually possible. In fact, because video is such an engaging content kind, it may be able to assist you in growing your mailable contact list. Wistia has a tool known as “turnstile,” which allows you to put an option or lead generating form anywhere on the video using a single click. You can request that your users provide their email addresses in order to get future material from your company and to have access to the remainder of the video.

When Wistia looked at over 15,000 movies featuring turnstiles, they found out that opt-in forms located in the top 10 to 20 percent of the video had the highest conversion rates, with a range of about 38 to 43 percent.

2. Custom thumbnail with a smiling face works best

Throughout the world, a smiling face is seen as a mark of openness and kindness. Adding a grin to a subject’s beauty boosts their appeal, which in turn increases their sales. An A/B split test was conducted by Wispond for five weeks, and the results revealed that persons who had a smile on their face boosted conversions by as much as 10.7 percent. Which of these two advertisements would you choose to click on? Using a thumbnail of a happy person can boost the amount of time people spend watching your video and converting by making your content and business appear more approachable.

3. The shorter, the better

If you want to obtain the best levels of engagement, you must keep your video as short as possible. Watch the one-minute video shown below to learn more. The video was initially well-received, with some individuals even re-watching some segments (in red). When the film became too lengthy, people began to leave, resulting in a significantly lower audience at the conclusion of the video than there was throughout the first half of the video. Wistia conducted an analysis of 564,710 videos in order to evaluate the audience engagement rate in various time orientations.

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Creating shorter, more informative films will help you keep people’s interest, even if you wind up having a succession of videos on the same topic, as seen above.


Everything is becoming dominated by videos. From attracting the attention of advertisers to being the preferred method of consuming material by users and so dominating the search results. If you want to increase the number of conversions and sales, you should concentrate on your company’s capabilities and look for methods to showcase them in films in order to better attract potential clients. BloggersIdeas was founded by Jitendra Vaswanii in 2007. A renowned internet marketer and award-winning digital marketing expert, he has been featured on YourStory, Payoneer, LifeHacker, and Business World, among other publications.

14 Ways Your Business Can Successfully Use Live-Streaming Video

Every time a new product, platform, or feature is introduced in today’s technologically oriented society, it can be intimidating and perplexing for users. It is necessary for marketers to quickly adapt and alter their plans, decide whether or not the new item is appropriate for their needs, and then identify the most effective strategy to use it all in a short period of time. While many projected that video content would see an increase in popularity in 2016, the visually-stimulating strategy went one step further with the addition of live-streaming capabilities on sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

This is why I’ve included 14 suggestions on how your company may successfully use live-streaming video to communicate with customers in the section below.

You can build a strategy that is both beneficial and entertaining for your audience regardless of whether you’re broadcasting on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, or even Snapchat Live Stories.

1) Broadcast Live Events

With the lifting of time restrictions, you may now broadcast live events on many channels at the same time. The DD Summer Soundtrack campaign, for example, was launched across eight different social media platforms (Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube. Twitter. Vine. Facebook. and Periscope) to reach its millennial target audience and promote iced coffee products, with the goal of reaching the millennial audience. The promotion consisted of five concerts, each of which featured a different musician who was webcast in real time.

2) Conduct an Interview

Conducting brief, live interviews with your customers will allow you to connect with them on a more human level. Speaking with workers will provide you with an inside look at your organization and corporate culture, while interviewing clients will provide you with another source for testimonials or case studies, respectively. You may also make an impression on your audience by inviting thought leaders to speak on current issues in your sector.

3) Show How Your Product is Created

Customers are often only exposed to the final product that you provide them. Allowing customers a glimpse inside the development process will encourage them to become more involved in your product. If you are able, live broadcast the whole process of creating your product from beginning to end. To demonstrate that your “product” is essentially a process, have members of your staff walk potential customers through the process.

4) Host Training Seminars or Courses

In the meanwhile, since we’re on the subject, could you provide an example of a “how-to” for a typical service at your firm, in which you lead consumers through the process step-by-step? Alternatively, might you offer a lecture or course to demonstrate your expertise? In either instance, offering to teach your users on areas they are interested in learning can only boost your engagement and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge. It is possible to spark interest even more by giving these trainings on a regular basis.

and shows viewers how to apply makeup using tips and tricks from the company.

Beneficial not only maintains viewer engagement in this manner, but the firm also gains valuable insight about their audience’s product preferences and trouble points.

5) Host a Critique

While we’re on the subject, can you provide an example of a “how-to” for a typical service provided by your business, in which you lead consumers through a step-by-step procedure. Alternatively, might you provide a lecture or a course to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities? In any instance, offering to teach your users on areas they are interested in learning will only boost your engagement and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. The availability of these trainings on a regular basis will help to increase interest.

and shows viewers how to apply makeup, is an excellent example of this.

The corporation not only maintains viewer engagement in this manner, but it also learns about the product preferences and pain areas of its target demographic.

6) Have a Q A Hour

It is nearly always the case that prospective buyers and current customers have queries about your product or service offering that they are unable to find answers to online. Spend the majority of your time focusing on a single part of your business and hosting a Question and Answer (Q A) session where people can ask questions and hear the replies in real time. The ability to communicate with your audience in real time and personalize your brand is provided by this kind of communication.

7) Show Your Sense of Humor

Don’t forget that work should be enjoyable as well! For the first Presidential Debate of 2016, Barstool Sports, a prominent sport-centric podcast firm, had many of its workers watch it live and offer a continuous commentary. People were physically watching other people watch the discussion, yet the video garnered more than 175,000 viewers because of its timeliness and the fact that the participants had comedic personalities like comedians.

8) Introduce New Products

When you are releasing a new product and want to include as many people as possible in the process, live streaming the launch is the ideal solution. When General Motors launched the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, the company made history by being the first vehicle brand to broadcast live on Facebook. The all-electric vehicle garnered a great deal of attention, garnering more than 56,000 views and roughly 850 comments from interested viewers.

9) Set Customer Expectations

Live-streaming video might be useful if your company has a physical location where consumers can come in and browse. This can help set expectations for your customers. Use live-streaming video to take them on a tour of your store or showroom, communicate with your floor managers, and demonstrate the type of experience they may expect when visiting your establishment. “Showing the consumer a live view of what is occurring can assist to create credibility and confidence, much more than what can be earned through paid methods,” argues Jeff Bullas.

10) Crowdsource Feedback

Have you lately introduced a new product to the market? (Perhaps stream it live on Facebook or Snapchat, as suggested by 8?) Make use of live-streaming videos to solicit input from a huge number of people. Keep track of their comments as they are sent, and even reply to them in real time if necessary. Alternatively, ask people to tweet or post using a specific hashtag so that you can look for their input both during and after the session. You may be hesitant because you fear that doing so may expose your company to unfavorable criticism.

You will be able to reply to any remark in real time if you receive input in real time.

11) Offer Customer Service or Troubleshooting

Do you have a bug or a broad problem that all of your customers may benefit from some assistance with? Consider using live-streaming video to diagnose the problem or to lead people through the solution to the problem. This will allow your audience to understand that you have taken note of their worries and that a real person has been working on a solution to their problems. In addition, live broadcasting in this manner provides your consumers with the opportunity to speak and engage with a real person representative rather than a bot or while waiting in a support line queue.

This may also help to make your brand more transparent and allow you to establish a more personal relationship with present and prospective consumers.

12) Give a Project Status Update

Projects that need a lengthy period of time to complete, such as real estate development or high-tech engineering, might benefit from the dissemination of project status updates over the internet. Show your prospective consumers where the product or project is currently located in order to maintain their interest. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games infrastructure, as well as the technology required for the event, was recently demonstrated to spectators by GE.

13) Run a Contest

Create an opportunity for interaction with your audience by holding a contest or promotion during your live streaming event. To enter a sweepstakes, you can ask viewers questions and have them comment on the live stream with their answers. You can also host a contest in person and stream it live to your outside audience, or you can simply announce a contest that is currently running and explain how people can enter. Participants in a contest run by Autumn Calabrese, a Beachbody fitness and health expert, can win a pantry raid and learn everything they need to know about what foods they should keep on hand and what foods they should get rid of.

14) Give a Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

Showing users something they normally wouldn’t have access to generates a lot of interest and participation. Take a tour of your production facility, or watch as a stream of retail shoppers grab the following season’s clothing off the racks. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; you may show an audience what a typical day looks like from your point of view. As part of his show, Cory Stark of KMOV Newsoften takes his audience behind the scenes in the studio, whether it is to preview upcoming episodes or to demonstrate some coworker camaraderie.

Eliminate FOMO!

Remove the feeling of FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, from your audience’s minds and hearts. Especially in today’s day and age when individuals can continually update others on what they are doing, where they are going, and the experiences they are having, this is quite popular. Others who aren’t participating in the process feel as like they are missing out on something because of this persistent phase of being “in the know.” Provide the possibility for folks who are interested in watching the Emmys or being present at a tradeshow to tune in to what you are experiencing.

Explore the many recommendations presented here and determine which ones are most effective for your company.

You might be interested in watching how a live stream video works in action.

How to Make Your Stream Viral By Adding a Contest?

If you just incorporate the Last Comment Game into your broadcast, you will be far ahead of the competition, with a great likelihood of it going viral and increasing your sales even more! What is the procedure for running a live contest? The timer (for example, 120 seconds) is ticking down and resetting after every new remark, and we display the Facebook names and photos of the three most recent commenters on the page. It is the final comment that wins the game if no one else comments inside the remaining 120 seconds.

By offering a tempting incentive, you may encourage your viewers to leave comments. Alternatively, you may embed a photo or video of the reward directly into the stream, or you can include a few sentences about it in the description of your broadcast. What causes it to go viral?

  • You receive a large number of comments since individuals frequently remark in order to be the last one standing and win
  • When people watch the live stream, they may see their own names and images, which can be highly intriguing and thrilling
  • As soon as a user posts a comment, his or her friends will see it in their newsfeed and are more likely to participate in the live game. When you broadcast a live video, it has a viral impact, and you might obtain much more views than you have followers on your page

Due to the fact that individuals frequently remark in order to be the last one standing and win, you receive a large number of comments. When people watch the live stream, they may see their own names and images, which can be incredibly enticing and thrilling. Any comments made by an individual are visible to all of that individual’s friends, who are therefore encouraged to participate in the live game. If your live video becomes viral, you may expect to receive much more views than you have followers on your page.

Want to rock at Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a fantastic tool for engaging with your audiences, and the greatest thing is that it’s completely free and simple to use! Regardless of the sector in which you operate, any firm may benefit from Facebook’s interactive feature. It does, however, need a little planning in order to do it correctly. Here are some recommended practices for creating high-quality, authentic, and engaging Facebook Live stream videos that will engage your audience. The issue is, “How can you take use of this powerful format to enhance engagement for your company’s brand?”

1. Build an authentic connection with your audience – be personable

Making a Facebook Live broadcast has several advantages, the most important of which is that it is real and does not require post-production work. As a result, consumers get a more authentic and humanized view of a business, which is precisely what they’re looking for in a world full of perfectly groomed photographs and films. You want to be open and honest, and you want to utilize humor and try to relax as much as possible. Consider how you can be personable and how you can establish a one-to-one relationship with your target audience.

  • Approximately 8,000 interactions and 209,000 views were produced by this post, making it the second most engaging Facebook Live video throughout the entire fashion business in 2017.
  • *Please keep in mind that full-screen viewing is recommended for a better viewing experience.
  • The woman who spoke was animated, cheerful, and personable, and the video seemed to have been recorded using a cell phone.
  • In a nutshell, it was straightforward, not excessively processed, and served a purpose.

2. Plan your Facebook Live stream before you broadcast

It’s critical that you clearly define the goals that you want to achieve with your Facebook Live stream before you begin. What are the essential messaging and fundamental brand objectives that you are attempting to communicate with your audience? Keep in mind who you’re speaking to and why you’re speaking to them. You must first determine what it means to be successful. Consider particular measurements and key performance indicators (KPIs). Do you wish to:

  • Instruct your viewers, boost engagement, create leads, and motivate them to take action, such as downloading an app or visiting your website.
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3. Practice your Facebook Live in advance

Yes, Facebook Live is less polished than a standard television newscast or documentary production with a large set of lighting and cameras, but it still needs careful assessment of the material before going live. After all, you are still the face of your company. Having identified the purpose of your Facebook Live stream, it’s time to dedicate your attention to the subject matter you’ll be discussing throughout your broadcast. We recommend that you conduct a practice run before beginning your Facebook Live broadcast.

Your ability to perform well on Facebook Live streaming will improve as you gain more experience, reducing the amount of practice you will require.

The purpose of practicing is to observe how the discussion with your visitor naturally flows and to determine where you should concentrate your efforts. You don’t want to overdo your practice runs and come across as scripted while you’re on live television.

4. Promote your Facebook Live to tease your audience

When you’re getting ready to go live on Facebook, it’s vital that you notify your followers that you’ll be going live on the platform. Keep your audience engaged by promoting it across several channels. This will increase the amount of views on your video. If you create excitement, it will offer them something to look forward to and will encourage them to tune in. If you are cooperating with an influencer, you will want them to promote the Facebook Live broadcast in before as well as during the broadcast.

5. If you make a mistake on camera, just keep going

Sometimes in the real world, we use the erroneous phrase or term, and this is perfectly normal; nonetheless, you will not be penalized for it. It goes without saying that you don’t want to make any blunders on camera or cause your video editor to lose her hair. However, in a Facebook Live feed, it seems to be completely normal and might provide useful discussion starters. Inevitably, mistakes are made, so don’t be disheartened if you make a misstep. Make use of it, make a joke with it, transform it into energy, but most importantly, keep going!

Due to the fact that it is not highly polished, Facebook Live is really effective and entertaining.

6. Get audiences to participate during your Facebook Live

During your Facebook Live stream, one approach to enhance engagement is to urge your viewers to contribute in various ways throughout the video. Produce a discussion between you and the people in your audience, but even better if it inspires a discourse between them. During the show, you will have the opportunity to react to those questions through video. Don’t forget to respond to any queries that may arise. If you didn’t have a chance to react to questions during the Facebook Live event, go back and contribute to the comment thread.

7. Think of a story – it has a strong beginning, middle, and end

Just like a story has a progression, videos should follow a logical path as well. First and foremost, bear in mind that you’ll need to allow your audience some time to join your Facebook Live stream, which might take a few minutes. So don’t get caught up in the heat of the debate just yet; remember that the vast majority of your audience is yet to arrive. Instead, think of an attention grabber that will attract your audience from the very beginning of your presentation. It might be a statistic, a personal anecdote about yourself, or the purpose for conducting the Facebook Live video – but whatever it is, be real and personable in your delivery and you will succeed.

Keep in mind that your Facebook Live stream will have a varying number of viewers who will join at various times.

Smith and talking.”.

Another important aspect of your tale is that it concludes in a meaningful way.

Begin by summarizing the most important points to remember, thanking your guest for participating (if it was an interview style), and thanking your audience for tuning in. Make a point of highlighting what your audience should have gained from viewing the video, and be sure to include your CTA.

8. Measure your performance and implement your best practices

After finishing your Facebook Live stream, you’re probably wondering about what you’ll do for your next one. Wrong! You must go back and examine how it performed in order to determine what succeeded, and then repeat the process using the best practices the following time. Take a look at what others were saying, and go back to the times when there were a lot of reactions and comments, for example. This can assist you in identifying what aspects of your presentation really connected with your audience, allowing you to focus your efforts on those aspects the next time.

If you truly want to step up your game, have a look at how your rivals and other sectors are utilizing Facebook Live streaming for their businesses.

How can you incorporate Live video analytics into your social media reporting scenario in order to bring value to your users’ experiences?

9. General tips while doing a Facebook Live

  • Take deep breaths because it’s easy to become frightened
  • Make eye contact with the camera in order to establish a real connection with your audience. Make light of the situation and attempt to relax
  • Mistakes will occur – learn from them
  • Convert apprehensive energy into a sense of excitement. Pause – it helps to draw attention to key areas while also demonstrating that you are considering your options
  • Prepare talking points or anything else you’ll need to say in the video beforehand.

The Takeaway

Facebook Live will become increasingly more significant for social media marketers in the future, as the trend toward video consumption continues to grow. In a nutshell, Facebook Live offers advertisers new ways to interact with their consumers in a world where live broadcasts are rapidly becoming increasingly popular. We’re witnessing an increase in demand for short-form and easily consumable material from viewers. The first step in creating excellent live video content is to observe and learn from others who have already achieved success.

Try it out right now.

Dominate Your Competition with Video Marketing – Infra Design

Businesses must incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing plan or risk being left behind, according to study. Videos are the most popular sort of content among consumers, according to the findings. Do not make the mistake of comparing video marketing material to television advertising. The advertisements that we are accustomed to seeing on television are transmitted to a large number of people, generally with a high level of production quality. Because contemporary technology targets the appropriate group, viewers develop a stronger emotional attachment to businesses through video marketing.

  • Different Types of Video Content for Online Marketing 1.
  • It allows you to be more creative in informing a new client or your regular followers about what you do and how you do it.
  • Explainer videos are available in two formats: In essence, they are video tutorials that are excellent for demonstrating how your product works and how customers can accomplish things more effectively using your service.
  • 3.
  • Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms.
  • Because it is packed with frank moments, it has a more authentic and intimate feel to it.
  • Testimonial Videos are available.
  • Because a testimonial video is one of the most personal kinds of online review available, new clients will have greater faith in your company.
  • Getting Your Video Marketing Campaign Started So you’ve chosen to make the switch to video?

According to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will account for 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic, representing a 15-fold increase over the previous year. To assist you in getting started, below is a high-level summary of the strategy:

  1. Find out who your target audience is
  2. Evaluate the resources you have at your disposal
  3. Select the most appropriate platform
  4. Look for collaborators, such as influencers, to collaborate with. Ads may be used to increase conversion rates.

Choosing the Most Effective Video Marketing Channels Once you have completed your film, it is time to share your work with the rest of the world! Your material should be made available in a location where your target audience will be able to see it. Make it simple for your viewers to locate your video by being smart and selective in your distribution. We’ll go through some of the greatest channels you may utilize to publish your video in this section: 1. The video-sharing website YouTube Around the world, there are 2 billion active users.

  1. The idea here is to use the channel to bring attention to your website and encourage users to return to your site.
  2. A word of caution: do not use the same title and description for both your YouTube and website videos because this will cause your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to be undermined.
  3. The use of social media When it comes to developing an effective digital marketing plan, social media is critical to success.
  4. One out of every four Instagram advertisements is now in video format.
  5. As soon as you’ve sparked their curiosity, you may present them with a relevant offer that includes a compelling call to action.
  6. Why are so many videos being produced by businesses?
  7. It is more likely that they are doing it because videos provide a more significant marketing boost than other types of material.
  8. By simply altering the atmosphere of your website, you may improve the overall user experience.
  9. It is indisputable that videos have the ability to attract, nurture, and sell to prospects.
  10. We can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly video-centric industry.
  11. Your initial consultation with Infra Design is completely free!

Facebook Training: Dominate With this Simple Strategy (Exclusive How-To Make Your Videos More Watchable)

Are you seeking for a straightforward method to help you conquer your competitors on Facebook?

If so, read on. Are you attempting to reach a significant chunk of your target audience while also engaging them with dynamic content? Then you should really consider using Facebook Live video to communicate with your audience.

Advantages of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature that allows you to broadcast “live” video on the social media network. Recently, the social media behemoth has decreased the reach of business sites on its platform. If you have 100 followers, for example, it is possible that just one to six of them may notice your postings. However, because the platform is attempting to encourage more video content, the reach of Live video is far greater. In fact, it receives more correspondence than any other sort of correspondence!

In this case, Facebook will notify your followers on your behalf, ensuring that your marketing messages are noticed.

For example, sharing a link to a YouTube video earns the smallest amount of attention.

However, if you need to publish a pre-produced video, it is recommended to upload the clip to your page rather than embed it.

Where to Go Live on Facebook

The social media behemoth has made it extremely simple for advertisers to utilize Live. Non-stop broadcasting is available not just from your personal profile, but also from your company page, an event, and even a group. Using groups strategically is a wonderful approach to engage with individuals of your target market who are not already fans of your page on social media. With Live in a group, you can take that strategy to a whole new level, letting your audience to get a better sense of who you are and what your business is all about.

Business Benefits of Live Streaming

Along with the increased reach, video is a wonderful tool for brand growth and interest creation, as well. It’s the next best thing to talking to someone in person. Humans are visual creatures, and when they are engaged in a subject, viewers form an emotional connection with it. Because purchasing is primarily an emotional decision rather than a rational one, employing video to establish an emotional connection is a wise marketing option. Having that emotional connection will also help to boost interaction, which will result in even greater reach for your Live video broadcast.

Top Tips for Live Streaming

Making sure you have something meaningful to say while conducting Live video is the most crucial thing to remember when performing Live video. The act of just picking up your smartphone and saying “Hello” to your target market is not considered effective marketing. Make sure your message has a clear beginning, middle, and finish, as well as a compelling call-to-action, so that your audience knows what to do next after they have seen it. If you have a group that you run, you can also share your video with the members so that they may watch your broadcast.

The video will have a longer shelf life on Facebook as a result of this.

Allow them to see your actual nature by letting it shine through. If you’re feeling nervous, stick at it until you get it. Every time you go Live, it will get less difficult.

Exclusive How-To For Making Videos More Watchable

While one of the major advantages of Live streaming is that it can be done at any time and from any location, the presentation should maintain a high degree of professionalism. People have grown up with television and have come to anticipate a certain degree of production quality. If it isn’t there, folks will be distracted by the defects and will not be able to hear your message. So, here are a few things to think about before you go live with your website. They will contribute to the watchability of your videos.

Be Heard

People have grown accustomed to hearing nice, clear audio with their video viewing experience. As a result, you may need to invest in a microphone that produces clear audio. The good news is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this project. On Amazon, you can find a list of the best smartphone microphones.

Keep it Steady

Handheld video can be effective on occasion, but it draws attention to itself, and you run the danger of someone’s attention being diverted away from you and away from your message. If you want to hold your smartphone or camera stable, consider investing in a selfie stick or atripodor. They are quite inexpensive, much like the microphone, and will make your films much more enjoyable to view.

Keep it on the Level

Check to see that your video is not slanting or tilting in one direction or the other. This is another another issue that will bring attention to itself in the future. Always double-check your photo to ensure that everything is aligned correctly. If you’re going to be utilizing a tripod, make sure you pick one that has a built-in bubble level. It will assist you in maintaining the quality of your photographs.

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Lighten Up

The final tip to remember is to make sure that your video is adequately lighted. Generally speaking, if you are outside on a sunny day, you should have no concerns. However, if you are planning to go Live inside, it is probable that you will not have sufficient lighting. You might also consider purchasing a lighting kit or even an LED ring. Additionally, you may make advantage of natural lighting to ensure that your face is adequately lighted. Face a window and position the camera so that it is between you and the window.

Wrapping it Up

Using Facebook Live video to attract a larger audience is an excellent method for reaching more people. Video is also an excellent tool for establishing relationships with others. Follow the suggestions above to ensure that you are as distraction-free as possible, and your Live broadcasts will be receiving likes, shares, and comments before you realize it. Chat Marketing may be reached on 0131 6189898 if you want any information on Facebook Live events. Alan Martin is a social media speaker and coach for Chat Marketing.

Because we’ve worked with customers from a variety of sectors, we’ve discovered that it’s often necessary to look outside the box in order to identify the most successful targeting alternatives.

Do you want to learn more about how we can assist you in using Facebook Live to advertise your company? To set up a meeting, please contact us here.

8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing [TRENDS]

The most recent update was made on by We just produced an infographic illustrating how powerful video will become in the near future. The future, on the other hand, has already come. In terms of marketing, this has been a year of full-on video upheaval. According to Wyzowl data, 63 percent of firms have begun to use video content marketing to promote their products or services. Out of those, 82 percent of firms believe video marketing is a vital aspect of their overall marketing plan. Video is advancing at a quick pace, and it will reach new heights sooner than we anticipate.

  1. The use of video marketing is unquestionably one of the most recent additions to your promotional toolkit.
  2. Explore the following: Is it truly worthwhile to consider utilizing videos to promote your business?
  3. The answer is straightforward: Yes, it is worthwhile.
  4. Here are eight compelling arguments for why you should begin using video marketing now.

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

The most recent revision was made on by In the recent past, we created an infographic about how strong video is going to be in the near future. The future, on the other hand, has already come. Among marketers, this has been a year of complete video revolution. Businesses have begun to use video content marketing, according to Wyzowl data, with 63 percent having done so already. Eighty-two percent of firms believe video marketing is a critical component of their overall strategy. Video is advancing at a quick pace and will reach new heights far sooner than we anticipate.

  1. Video marketing, without a question, is one of the most recent additions to your marketing toolkit.
  2. Investing in video marketing for your company’s promotion is a significant investment.
  3. Simply said, the answer is yes, it’s worth the effort.
  4. Here are eight compelling arguments for why you should start using video marketing immediately!

2. Video Shows Great ROI

To pique your interest even further, 83 percent of businessessay respondents believe that video delivers a decent return on investment. Despite the fact that video creation is not the simplest nor the most inexpensive activity, it pays off handsomely. Online video editing tools, on the other hand, are continually improving and becoming more economical to use. Even your smartphone, with its limited capabilities, can produce rather good films. Another piece of good news is that your videos are not need to be flawless.

According to the most recent study, videos that do not effectively describe the product or service are the most likely to turn people away.

Low-quality materials and shoddy design didn’t matter nearly as much as they did in the past. As a result, it is reasonable to claim that video is similar to pizza in that even when it is awful, it is still rather tasty!

I Learned All My Youtube Marketing from Epic Meal Time (and You Can Too!)

Yes, you read that correctly: “The title is right.” It was the staff from Epic Meal Time, who were completely out of their wits and somewhat inebriated, who were the first to tell me about YouTube marketing. As with other successful YouTube channels, they had to develop their own channel themselves. There was no support from a network, and there was no executive producer on hand to guide them through the process. There wasn’t even a single person present who had any real life experience!

Read the full story…

The title is correct; you did read it right! Epic Meal Time’s squad of out-of-their-mind, somewhat inebriated individuals were the first to introduce me to the world of YouTube advertising. They had to create their own YouTube channel, just like every other popular YouTube channel out there. No network was supporting them, and there was no executive producer on hand to guide them through the process. In fact, there wasn’t a single person present who had any real world experience.

4. Google Loves Videos

The use of videos allows you to improve the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. As a result, increased exposure over time fosters confidence and informs search engines that your site has valuable information. Moovly provides us with some impressive numbers: If you have a video integrated on your website, you are 53 times more likely to appear first in Google search results. Since Google acquired YouTube, there has been a considerable rise in the amount of influence that videos have on your search engine ranking, according to Search Engine Land.

  • Create titles and descriptions that are entertaining to read.
  • Provide potential consumers with clear instructions on how to proceed.
  • Not only that, but because Google owns YouTube, they take great pleasure in placing their own website as the number one search result for a variety of phrases.
  • So, unless we’re ready to create a video, we’re unlikely to be able to appear above the fold in search results.

5. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Video and mobile are inextricably linked. Consumers view videos on their mobile devices in 90 percent of cases. Since the third quarter of 2013, mobile video views have increased by more than 233 percent. Every year, according to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases by 100 percent. Because people like to view videos on the move, and because the number of smartphone users is increasing, your video audience is only rising in size. Additionally, according to Google, smartphone users are twice as likely as TV viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or advertisements on their devices, and 1.4 times more likely than desktop viewers to feel a sense of personal connection to brands that show video content or advertisements on their devices.

As mobile video continues to rise in popularity, marketers must be mindful to the unique personal experiences that individuals have when using their cellphones. Consider providing them with a greater selection of video stuff to watch.

6. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Do you have a new product or service that you want to introduce? Produce a video to demonstrate how it works. Explanation videos are popular among users, with 98 percent stating that they had viewed one to understand more about a product or service. In order to do this, 45 percent of organizations who utilize video marketing stated that they had an explanatory video on their main page. A whopping 83 percent of the firms surveyed felt that their homepage explainer video was beneficial. Are you attempting to convey a complicated concept?

  1. Animation has the ability to bring concepts to life in a way that neither text nor live video can.
  2. Entertainment, nostalgia, and simplicity are all combined in the best way possible in animated videos.
  3. Make certain that you are following a method that will yield outcomes.
  4. Learn how to create a product demo video by reviewing the main principles and examples of best practices provided below.

7. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Video content is not only an excellent learning tool, but it is also extremely easy to consume. Today’s life is far too hectic to devote time to reading lengthy product descriptions or delving into the details of services. The modern customer wants to see the product in action before making a purchase. One of the most important factors driving the use of video in content marketing is the preference for watching videos. Video marketing has the potential to reach a large number of people, and it works on several levels.

Consider targeting not only the eyes but also the ears of a potential client when developing your message.


8. Video Encourages Social Shares

A recent report by Michael Stelzner, author of the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, revealed that 60 percent of social marketers utilized video content in 2015, and that 73 percent of all respondents expected to use video content in 2016. And they certainly did. With their new capabilities, social media platforms are also encouraging the use of video content. Facebook has introduced 3600 Video, Live Video, and Lifestage to its platform (A Video-Centric App for Teenagers). Instagram introduced 60-Second Videos as a new feature.

YouTube, on the other hand, is the second most popular social network in the world.

If a brand’s video is amusing, 76 percent of consumers said they would share it with their friends and colleagues.

As a result, make interesting films that people will want to share on social media. The return on investment (ROI) from emotions is debatable; nonetheless, social sharing can enhance traffic to your website, which you can then leverage.

Bonus Tip 1: Video Ads Work Wonders

Take note of the following: the average click-through rate for video advertisements is 1.84 percent. That is the highest click-through rate of any digital ad type! Furthermore, the completion rate for a 15-second non-skippable YouTube video advertisement is 92 percent. The percentage for skippable video advertisements is 9 percent. On social media sites, video advertisements are also quite powerful. Facebook and Nielsen collaborated to estimate the value of video advertisements on its platform.

As a result, video advertisements may be used to combat banner blindness.

Bonus Tip 2: Video Is Rocking Email Campaigns

If you’ve already started generating videos, be sure to include them in your email marketing efforts as well. Increased click-through rates of 96% are achieved when an introductory email incorporates video content. That’s an excellent method to distinguish yourself from the competitors while also getting your point out.

11 Top Video Trends in 2018

1. Video material is preferred by the vast majority of customers over textual stuff. Video will become increasingly popular among consumers, resulting in an explosion of video content marketing. Video will be used more frequently for lead generation and conversion. A large number of prospective purchasers are reluctant to speak with salesmen. This is where video may have a positive impact on sales in the later phases — explainer films, video commercials, and other video content will be a crucial element of your marketing efforts if the objective is to convert visitors into customers.

  1. When it comes to B2C, it’s nearly a given.
  2. Audiences are more inclined to stay in their comfort zones when watching video material, and they are less likely to participate in system 2 thinking.
  3. 2.
  4. The production quality and technological aspects must be acceptable, but not world-beating.
  5. To summarize: as long as the content itself is interesting, Facebook Live videos, webinar recordings, and other video material with high enough production quality will be effective marketing tools.
  6. The acceptance of adequate production quality will result in a large volume of video material being made ad hoc and shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.
  7. As a result, businesses will begin to think more strategically about their video content.

Instructions on how to produce foundational video material that can be atomized, enlarged, and merged with various multimedia types.


People can read through a list of information or directions in an article, but if you provide that list or instructions in a video, you will lose your viewers.


When it comes to video material, there are no hard and fast guidelines to follow.

In different channels, there are long and short versions.

How to introduce yourself, attract your audience, and make a call to action in a video.

Videos must be customized for certain platforms and use cases, as well as for distinct audiences.

When there is no sound, subtitles or on-screen text are used to communicate the message.


When broadcasting in its original live format, as well as thereafter, advertising previously recorded material.

YouTube is the ninth option.

For independent video creators and companies looking to grow their audience, YouTube is a fantastic platform.

Facebook must devise a strategy for attracting popular YouTube personalities to its site.

Videos will also be used in personal sales and customer service interactions.

Using pre-recorded footage of sales or support representatives is the first and most scalable method available.

The Return on Investment (ROI) of video marketing.

Prospects will think less and respond more quickly as a result of video, which will shorten sales cycles.


In recent years, video advertising has become increasingly accessible and pervasive. Video usage is increasing, in part because to technological advancements, but also due to the fact that it is simple to distribute around the globe. Making marketing films for your company involves both imagination and a thorough understanding of human psychology. The combination of these elements allows for the creation of true advertising miracles at the lowest feasible cost. Video advertising that is emotionally charged and innovative may be distributed around the Internet in a couple of days, garnering millions of views.

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