How To Increase Your Sales 49% Faster By Using Youtube? (Question)

How to increase click-through rate of your YouTube videos?

  • Custom YouTube thumbnails always outperform the ones simply picked from a video. They help to increase your click-through rates, and therefore, boost the ranking of your content. To prove this point, simply enter some keywords in YouTube search and see which videos are showcased as the highest performing.

How do you speed up YouTube growth?

Let’s begin with strategy number 1.

  1. Simple and beautiful thumbnails can increase your engagement by 154%
  2. Add annotations to drive desirable actions from the user.
  3. Keep your videos short for happier viewers and higher user retention…
  4. Basic marketing and SEO principles also apply to YouTube.
  5. Conclusion.

How can I increase my sales quickly?

Business Know-How

  1. TARGET SPECIFIC NICHE MARKETS. Everyone may be a prospect for your product or service.
  2. PROMOTE YOUR OWN USP. USP is short for “Unique Selling Proposition”.

How can I increase my revenue on YouTube?

1. Improve your YouTube videos

  1. YouTube friendly videos.
  2. Have a schedule for your posts.
  3. What needs to happen in the video and during the upload process.
  4. A last point on your YouTube description.
  5. Create your own thumbnails.
  6. Do not display ads within your video.
  7. Vary how your videos are presented.
  8. Create a community.

How do you use YouTube for sales?

7 Ways to Use YouTube to Increase Online Sales [Infographic]

  1. Shoot short videos.
  2. Create a branded channel.
  3. Be consistent with content production.
  4. Use analytics to understand what works.
  5. Use annotations to engage your audience.
  6. Advertise with Google Ads.
  7. Promote your video.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?


  1. Put Your Audience, Rather Than Revenue, First.
  2. Break Your 1,000-Subscriber Goal Into Smaller Goals: 100, 250, 500, and So On
  3. Define Your Value Proposition on YouTube.
  4. Double Down on YouTube Content That Works.
  5. Identify Which Videos Attract the Most Subscribers.
  6. Create an Engaging YouTube Channel Trailer.

What are the 4 selling strategies?

The four Ps of marketing— product, price, place, promotion —are often referred to as the marketing mix. These are the key elements involved in marketing a good or service, and they interact significantly with each other. Considering all of these elements is one way to approach a holistic marketing strategy.

What are 4 general ways to increase sales?

If you want your business to bring in more money, there are only 4 Methods to Increase Revenue: increasing the number of customers, increasing average transaction size, increasing the frequency of transactions per customer, and raising your prices.

How can I get 100 customers?

21 ways to get your first 100 customers

  1. Treat them like royalty.
  2. Start out free, then go paid.
  3. Start out paid, then go free.
  4. Always fish for referrals.
  5. Annoy your friends and family.
  6. Exhaust your existing networks.
  7. Expand your existing networks.
  8. Form alliances.

How do I increase YouTube revenue 2021?

Table of Contents

  1. Offer Video Editing Services.
  2. Become An Affiliate And Review Products. Disclose Your Affiliate Relationships.
  3. Get Brands To Sponsor You.
  4. Sell Your Branded Merchandise.
  5. Sell Online Courses (And Other Informational Products…)
  6. Start A Paid Membership Program.
  7. Crowdfund Your Projects.

How much money do you get from YouTube for 1000 subscribers?

So you receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers) The estimated earnings that the average YouTube creator could expect to receive from ads on a new video on their channel if EVERYBODY watched the ad on their video and the advertiser paid the average $7.60 CPM is 55% x $7.60, equaling $4.18 per 1,000 views.

What is average CPM on YouTube?

For example, the YouTube average CPM is $2.

How do I promote my first YouTube video?

Quick Recap

  1. Create thumbnail images that draw viewers in.
  2. Give your videos irresistible titles.
  3. Use search keywords that show mostly video results from Google.
  4. Include calls to action.
  5. Make sure you’re allowing people to embed your videos.
  6. Cross promote your YouTube channel like a pro.
  7. Create playlists.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is a process of optimizing your YouTube videos and channel to increase its rankings via YouTube. YouTube SEO is the practice of optimizing your channel’s page, playlists, metadata, description and videos. You can optimize your videos for YouTube’s search engine as well as other search engines.

Is YouTube good for marketing?

Not only does YouTube allow a business to gain more exposure through video marketing, but the platform also helps connect businesses with current and potential customers through video comments. There’s no better time to utilize YouTube as a marketing tool to build more authority, trust and market reach, than right now.

5 YouTube Techniques to help you Grow Revenue 49% Faster

In 2020, the digital era, video is no longer a trend, and it is no more a ‘nice-to-have,’ but rather a’must-have’ in your marketing approach, according to experts. YouTube marketing has emerged as a critical aspect in the success of any modern business seeking to establish a strong online presence. As video material has grown increasingly important in our lives, it now accounts for 74 percent of all internet traffic we generate. There is no time to waste now that you know that investing in YouTube marketing is a proven win-win approach that takes use of the power of video content to boost your sales 49 percent quicker than traditional methods.

The social media platforms Facebook and YouTube have significant influence when it comes to driving additional purchases.

To put it another way, Facebook videos act as a megaphone, blasting material towards the audience, but YouTube videos act as a magnet, drawing people in.

Furthermore, as a result of the difference in view count tactics (YouTube’s 30-second view count standard against Facebook’s 3-second view count standard), YouTube receives more legitimate and, as a result, more valuable views.

This results in a longer shelf life, allowing you to generate leads for many years into the future.

Profit from YouTube’s 1.5 billion monthly active users by promoting your business!

1. Be branded

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of first impressions. Your YouTube channel serves the same purpose as a storefront, offering the appropriate appearance to showcase the spirit of your company. It is important to remember that branding is who you are, and it should always be obvious to your target audience. Being able to distinguish oneself from the crowd and be identified is made possible by having a distinct and synergetic style. Visual brand identity is a critical component of any branding strategy because it communicates to your audience what your brand stands for and what voice it has to speak for itself.

Throughout the whole channel, the color palette of white, black, grey, and neon green is maintained as a continuous mix.

The reason for this is because the organization has maintained consistency with its branding for a long enough period of time that it is now remembered on a subconscious level.

The fact of the matter is that selling is simpler when people are already aware of your existence. When you have a strong online brand presence, you can attract more quality traffic, which can then be more easily turned into sales.

Customize your thumbnail

On Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube account, you can see how he maintains a consistent branding design, particularly in respect to the video thumbnails that are featured. The simple act of selecting a shot from your video will not enough, since the result will be less effective. Why? Custom YouTube thumbnails consistently beat thumbnails that are merely selected from a video. They aid in increasing your click-through rates, which in turn aids in improving the ranking of your content on search engines. To demonstrate this idea, just type some terms into the YouTube search bar and watch which videos are highlighted as the most popular.

  • If you look closely, you will see that the videos at the top of the list have thumbnails that have been tailored and are quite distinctive.
  • Another option to put into action is to make your material more visible to individuals who are searching for it.
  • It may, for example, be implemented in the same way as BMW does it.
  • Make a statement by being unique and distinct!
  • Google has said that the YouTube thumbnail dimension should be precisely 1280720 pixels wide and tall (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • 2.
  • In the same way that you can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to boost the online visibility of your web pages, you can employ video optimization tactics to make your videos more visible on YouTube as well.
  • It is beneficial to utilize free tools such asKeyword Tool and Google Keyword Planner to locate a sweet spot when a keyword is widely searched yet not overly competitive.
  • Video content combined with effective keyword optimization will help you rank significantly better in search results.


Make use of your focus keywords in your title, favoring the ones that are most relevant to your business or a certain issue above the others. Another method is to include a colon after your first mentioned keywords and modify the title and description to make them more descriptive.

A good example of this would be “Affiliate Marketing: Leverage Winning Partnerships.” Furthermore, a suitable title length is often between 50 and 60 characters in length. Do you require other suggestions?

  1. If your video is a part of a series, include the episode number in the title, such as:Part 1 – Episode 3 – Season 4, and so on. This assists YouTube in making better recommendations for your videos and providing more relevant ideas for what to watch next. Incorporate some emotive wording. Were you intrigued by the title “These 6 ideas could work” and decided to watch the video? Most likely not. Instead, use your title to elicit greater emotional responses. For example, “The Top 6 Ideas for Creating a Successful Video” might be a good title to use. Another point to keep in mind is to avoid using headlines that are too enticing to click on. Such names can attract attention, but they can also lead to a high level of dissatisfaction if the video content is not well related. In connection with the preceding statement, numbers are effective! You’ve undoubtedly noticed this strategy being used a lot, and there’s a good reason for that: it actually works. Whatever the title is (for example, “5 Facts.”, “10 Ways.”, or “4 Things.”), it will draw the viewer’s attention to your video.


To begin, include a complete URL link to the page you want people to visit at the beginning of your YouTube video description. It may be a blog with a link to another blog, a subscription page, a FAQ, and so on. Don’t skimp on your keywords, though, and make sure to include both targeted and semantically related terms in your list. Additionally, external connections – such as affiliate links – can be included in your video description.


Make sure that your tags are always current and specific. Allow them to represent the issues on which your video material is centered. To avoid scaring away YouTube, keep the number of tags between 10 and 15 in number.

Closed captions (subtitles)

Closed captions enhance the likelihood of your video material being spotted, which is important if you want to ensure that your attempts to improve the ranking of your YouTube channel are successful. This strategy will expose your material to a much bigger audience, which will result in a significant increase in the number of views and ranking of your content. Closed captions are read and indexed by search engines like as Google and YouTube, which will help you become more discoverable.

3. Video length: important or not?

YouTube video duration is a topic that marketers have been arguing since the beginning of time. Yes, people nowadays have a very short attention span, but this does not imply that only short movies do the best on this platform, which is not the case. Please limit the length of your movie to the amount of time it is fascinating, and not a second longer. Whatever the length of time (a minute or half an hour), the only thing that counts is that people remain attentive, which brings us to another discovery.

Watch Time has been designated as a #1 ranking element by the YouTube Algorithm.

It was defined thus way by YouTube Creators: “Your content benefits when it encourages viewers to spend more time viewing videos – not just on your channel, but throughout the whole YouTube network.” The following guidelines for video length will help you to increase the amount of time people spend watching your videos.

The 2 and 7-13 minute marks

In the course of studying around 600.000 films, Wistia has come up with some fascinating conclusions. After 2 minutes of watching a video, they can plainly observe a significant reduction in audience engagement on their part. If you keep your short-form video under the recommended 2-minute threshold, a few more seconds won’t make much of a difference to its overall length. After 2 minutes, though, every second is critical to survival! The sweet spot2 for long-form videos is between 7 and 13 minutes in length.

So, what should we do?

However, make an effort to keep inside the 7 to 13-minute time restriction. The content will, without a doubt, be the most important component in your selection, but considering video length recommendations will assist you in your video creation process.

4. CTAs: Make viewers remember you

Using the CTA choices on YouTube is simple and quite successful. In-video call-to-actions (CTAs) offer a tremendous deal of promise for bringing viewers back to your site and turning them into paying clients. Someone has to be invited specifically if you want them to look at other videos on your channel, subscribe to your channel, “like” a video, or click a link on your website. It is vital to remind viewers of what you want them to do since they are too preoccupied with viewing your video to take action on your recommendation.

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End screensannotations

In order to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, you may include the element ‘Subscribe’ and place it at the appropriate time and location. Add the element “Video” if you want to direct viewers to another video or playlist that you want them to watch next. In the upper right corner of this video editor, YouTube presents the option “Use template.” with a suggestion of where your CTA components should be placed. Furthermore, there are two additional parts to include: “Channel” and “Link,” which may be used to advertise another channel or to direct the user to a link, respectively.


Add the card “Video or Playlist” to the video screen if you want to offer another video to a viewer who will be notified in the top right corner of the video screen. A brief survey on the same left-hand side may be created using the card feature “Poll,” which allows you to collect some data as well. Allow your call-to-action buttons to assist you in convincing and converting your readers!

5. Consistent content production

Many networks have benefited from maintaining consistent posting schedules in order to remain top of mind for their audience. If you are a pop-up entertainment channel or a long-established source of regular content, the technique you choose is entirely up to you. If you really want to build a dedicated and active group of supporters, you should go with the latter choice. Aside from providing an obvious advantage to your audience, consistency may have a significant impact on the YouTube search algorithm.

Are you still debating whether or not you should invest in video?

Video marketing is an absolute must-have for any modern organization.

Moovly not only assists you in the creation of quality videos, but it also gives actionable recommendations on how to be successful with your videos.

How to Increase Your Sales 49% Faster by Using YouTube

Video is something that practically every marketer is aware of. In fact, 69 percent of marketers report that their video-marketing spend is growing in the current year. Furthermore, mobile video advertising is predicted to account for 72 percent of all digital advertising expenditure by 2019. But, do you want to learn the most amazing statistic of them all? The utilization of videos by marketers increases their income by 49 percent compared to those who do not. Even my video gaming performance has improved as a result of this!

  • In other words, when it comes to identifying new avenues for increasing sales, we should leave no stone unturned.
  • However, we will miss out on the significant successes and opportunities that other platforms provide.
  • ), you must vary your marketing strategy.
  • People are increasingly preferring to watch videos instead of reading text.
  • What exactly does this mean?
  • And the stats for video success are unmistakable: Facebook’s video view count is increasing at an alarming rate on a daily basis.

And there’s no better place to accomplish this than on YouTube, which has millions of subscribers. Using YouTube, I was able to improve my sales. Here’s how you can replicate his success.

Why you should be using YouTube

No, YouTube is not the only medium for video marketing that can be used. Another excellent approach to increase sales is through Facebook video. You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, regardless of the situation. However, when it comes to landing sales and clients, YouTube’s viewership reigns supreme. YouTube is used by more than 1.3 billion individuals across the world. In addition, about 5 billion videos are watched every day. YouTube watching has a long-lasting effect. The average time spent watching on a mobile device is more than forty minutes!

  1. And, of all the social media platforms, YouTube has the most post-click engagement: YouTube also has the lowest bounce rate when a visitor clicks through to your site, as well as the longest average stay on site and the most pages per visit.
  2. When it comes to mobile viewing, YouTube videos are the clear leader, outpacing both Facebook and Netflix in terms of popularity.
  3. This already outstanding number is significantly greater in other nations, making it an even more astounding total.
  4. More individuals are turning to YouTube for their video-content requirements than they are turning to traditional television broadcasts.
  5. This implies that if you want to reach a large number of people and establish your brand, YouTube is the best location to start your search.
  6. Here’s how I went about it.

Tip1.Make custom thumbnails

Creating unique thumbnails was one of the first things I discovered that helped me improve clicks, views, and purchases on my website. While getting started on YouTube, I made the error of just using a portion from my video as the thumbnail for each of my videos. I chose the easy way out, assuming that a bespoke thumbnail would not increase engagement in any way. I was wrong. I was completely mistaken. In fact, it has been shown to enhance engagement by 154 percent. Simply taking a look at clickbait-style websites such asBuzzfeedcan demonstrate how effective these strategies may be.

  1. YouTube, on the other hand, is a search engine.
  2. As a result, the same SEO principles apply.
  3. People are more likely to click on your title, image, and brief description if they are appealing.
  4. It works in the same way that your meta description on a standard blog post does.
  5. I’m getting ahead of myself.
  6. What drew your attention to that particular page of results was the fact that practically every single video had a personalized image?
  7. As a result, while aiming to generate engagement and purchases through YouTube videos, the first step should be to create a visually appealing thumbnail.

To generate a custom thumbnail, just begin uploading your movie and choose “Custom thumbnail” from the drop-down menu during the upload stage: Here’s how to make your thumbnails interesting enough to get a large number of clicks and increase your click-through rate: Create a sense of anticipation and establish expectations.

Some of the most effective thumbnails are clickbait.

An excellent example from iJustine on how to generate excitement and create realistic expectations for your videos is provided below.

Even if you don’t care about the tattoo, it makes you wonder who it belongs to.

One of the most effective methods of creating a personalised thumbnail is via consistent branding. It makes it simple for you to distinguish yourself from the throng. Additionally, it assists your audience in recognizing your brand. … More information may be found by clicking here.

VOD Platform: why it’s a good choice to increase your sales

To say that the video on demand market is thriving at this moment would be a bit of an understatement at this point. The sector has already earned a staggering $15.5 billion in sales in 2018, according to a new report. This represents an increase of around 15.6 percent from the previous year. According to Nielsen, the overall number of users actively engaging with VOD content has increased to 173.3 million, representing an increase of around 11.8 percent year-over-year.”> However, what many people are unaware of is that video on demand (VOD) is no longer exclusive to streaming behemoths like YouTube and Netflix.

Launching your own VOD platform provides an excellent chance to accomplish both of these goals, both in terms of your overall marketing strategy and as a supplementary marketing stream.

The Power of OTT: Breaking It Down

When it comes to starting your own VOD platform, no debate would be complete without first bringing up the topic of OTT, or “over-the-top” distribution. It’s a word that refers to the transmission of filmed material via the Internet without the need for users to subscribe to a more traditional cable or satellite service, such as those offered by Verizon, Comcast, and other providers of such services. At the heart of Uscreen and comparable platforms is a simple notion that allows anybody – from tiny enterprises to giant corporations, and everyone in between – to broadcast and sell films over the internet.

For your possible marketing efforts, these sorts of over-the-top (OTT) platforms bring up a slew of options, including the following:

  • Developing your own video-on-demand platform in the vein of Netflix, where you may host any sort of material that is relevant to both your business and your audience Giving customers the option to subscribe to video content (such as instructional videos or classes), purchase it one-time, or even rent it
  • Moreover, they allow for the development and distribution of customized and customised streaming applications for all prominent mobile and television platforms.

So, if you want to create instructional videos that teach your customers how to get the most out of your products, not only can you do so, but you also have the option to monetize it in any way you see fit – including making it completely free if doing so is consistent with your long-term business objectives. As a result, many of these sorts of services have no user limitations or tiers of any kind – meaning you won’t have to worry about prices that climb inexorably as your user base grows in size.

There’s a reason why, according to one research, companies tend to experience an increase in sales of about 30% when they integrate OTT applications like these into their existing goods and services: they improve customer engagement.

OTT Apps have the potential to increase your company’s revenue by 30%.

All you have to do is provide the material and provide people with an opportunity to connect with it – and if you make it simple enough for them to do so through one of these platforms, you can be confident that they will do so.”

The Future of VOD Is Already Here

Video content, according to a recent survey, has already been identified as the sort of content that provides the highest return on investment by 51 percent of international marketing experts. Similarly, marketers that extensively rely on video tend to see their own income rise at a rate that is around 49 percent quicker than that of non-video consumers. Creating your own video-on-demand platform is more than simply a chance to cash in on the current trend. As a result, you will have total control over both the development and dissemination of your content, which will result in increased sales as well as the empowerment of an innovative new secondary marketing stream along the way.

Putting together your own VOD streaming platform today is the best chance you have to ensure that you are prepared for tomorrow.

• YouTube by the Numbers (2022): Stats, Demographics & Fun Facts

URL: Established in February 2005 Susan Wojcicki is the company’s CEO. San Bruno, California is the company’s headquarters. Employees:10,000+ (Source)

QuickYouTube Statistics

  • Men account for 56 percent of all YouTube users worldwide, while women account for 44 percent of all YouTube users worldwide. In the United States, 81 percent of adults use YouTube
  • 82 percent of U.S. male adults use YouTube
  • 80 percent of female adults in the United States use YouTube
  • YouTube is used by 95 percent of 18-29 year-olds in the United States, and 91 percent of 30-49 year-olds in the United States. YouTube is used by 49 percent of people over the age of 65 in the United States. 89 percent of YouTube users are located outside of the United States. YouTube users claim to visit the site on a daily basis, with 51% claiming to do so. 37 percent of Millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 binge-watch YouTube videos on a daily basis
  • YouTube’s services are available in more than 100 countries across the world.

YouTube’s annual number of users

Year Number of users
2012 0.8 billion
2013 1 billion
2014 1.1 billion
2015 1.2 billion
2016 1.4 billion
2017 1.5 billion
2018 1.8 billion
2019 2 billion
2020 2.3 billion

YouTube Usage Statistics

  • The United States accounts for 15.5 percent of all YouTube site visits. Mobile devices account for more than 70% of all YouTube viewing time. YouTube is available in a total of 80 different languages for navigation. YouTube is the second most viewed website in the world, after Google. YouTube is the second most popular social media network in the world, after Facebook. Each day, the typical YouTube viewer views 8.89 pages, according to statistics. Year on year, the number of channels with more than one million subscribers increased by more than 65 percent. The most popular genres seen by YouTube consumers are comedy (77 percent), thriller/crime/mystery (60 percent), and animation (40 percent). In 2020, people will have watched 100 billion hours of gaming on YouTube. With 225 million YouTube subscribers, India is the country with the biggest number of YouTube users.

YouTube Financial Statistics

  • YouTube generated $19.7 billion in revenue in 2020, a 30.4 percent increase year on year
  • YouTube generated $6 billion in revenue in Q1 2021, a 49 percent increase year on year
  • YouTube generated $19.7 billion in revenue in 2020, a 30.4 percent increase year on year
  • Over the past year, the number of YouTube channels generating five figures each year increased by more than 50%. Ryan Kaji was the highest-paid YouTube celebrity in 2020, collecting a total of $29.5 million in earnings. YouTube was purchased by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Video influencers with 500-5k followers on YouTube charge, on average, $315 for a single video
  • YouTube video influencers with 500k or more followers charge, on average, $3857 for a single video. The majority of YouTube channels get compensated $0.50 for 1000 video views. According to YouTube, it pays an average of $18 every 1,000 ad views. Over the previous five years, YouTube has paid out more than $2 billion to partners that have used the Content ID service.

YouTube annual revenue

Year Revenue in USD
2010 0.8 billion
2011 1.3 billion
2012 1.7 billion
2013 3.1 billion
2014 4.2 billion
2015 5.5 billion
2016 6.7 billion
2017 8.1 billion
2018 11.1 billion
2019 15.1 billion
2020 19.7 billion
Q1 2021 6 billion
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YouTube Premium paying subscribers

Year Number of subscribers
2015 1.5 million
2016 3 million
2017 2.8 million
2018* 10 million
2019 18 million
2020 30 million

*YouTube Premium was created in 2018 following the failure of YouTube Red.

YouTube Ad Statistics

  • YouTube is utilized by 55% of advertisers, and 70% of viewers have made a purchase after seeing a product or service advertised on YouTube. As of 2020, YouTube was the fifth most popular social media platform for marketers, trailing only Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Apple Inc. was the largest advertiser on YouTube in 2020, spending $237.15 million
  • And Google was the second largest advertiser on YouTube in 2020, spending $237.15 million. Pre-roll skippable YouTube video commercials are regarded to be the most effective advertising format on YouTube, according to 29 percent of marketing professionals.

Fun Facts

  • YouTube is the second most viewed website in the world, after Google. In terms of worldwide mobile traffic, YouTube accounts for 25% of all traffic. More than 70% of what users view on YouTube is decided by the algorithm that YouTube uses to make recommendations. The first video was uploaded by the San Diego Zoo in 2005
  • The second was uploaded by the San Diego Zoo in 2007. The song Gangnam Style became so popular that it caused YouTube’s video counter to crash. By 2025, it is predicted that 50 percent of viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to paid television services. If a video does not capture the attention of the viewer within the first 10 seconds, 20% of viewers will abandon the video. Anyone with more than 10,000 subscribers on YouTube may take advantage of free office space in Los Angeles. YouTube is theoretically the second largest search engine in the world
  • Nevertheless, it is not the most popular. In Germany, 61.5 percent of the most popular YouTube videos are unavailable for viewing
  • The most watched video on YouTube is Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Dance song, which has received 8.8 billion views. It is Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster (Episode 17) that has received the most views on YouTube, which has received 4.4 billion views. With 19 million dislikes (and rising), YouTube’s Rewind 2018 video is the most hated video on the platform. The live stream of Coachella’s first weekend on YouTube received more than 82 million live views
  • The video for Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” has received more than 12 million dislikes (and counting! )
  • YouTube’s most popular channel, T-Series, has 189 million subscribers, making it the most subscribed. In total, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels available. Content ID is used by more than 9,000 partners, including many major network broadcasters, movie studios, and record labels. Since the implementation of Content ID, YouTube’s partners have claimed more than 800 million videos. The first television commercials were broadcast in August 2007. YouTube had 1 billion monthly active users as of March 2013. It was a Nike advertisement starring Ronaldinho that became the first video on YouTube to receive one million views.

YouTube Statistics (Editor’s choice)

YouTube has more over 2 billion users, according to the most recent official statistics (YouTube, 2021). Further data are provided by the research company Statista, which reveals that the site has over 2.3 billion active users worldwide. In January 2021, the most popular social networks throughout the world were listed in order of the number of active users (In millions) While current estimates set the number of monthly active users on YouTube at about 2.3 billion, it is possible that the true number is significantly higher.

Although there are various ways for users to view videos, one of the most popular is the ability to watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp, which allows the platform’s reach to be expanded even further.

2. YouTube Demographics: Geography

India has the biggest number of active YouTube users of any country in the world. At least 225 million individuals in India use YouTube on a regular basis, accounting for around 16 percent of the country’s entire population. With around 197 million active YouTube users, the United States is in second place in terms of the number of YouTube users worldwide. Brazil (83 million users), Japan (60 million users), and Russia (58 million users) are the next three most populous nations in terms of YouTube users, behind the United States.

Country Number of YouTube users
India 225 million
USA 197 million
Brazil 83 million
Japan 60 million
Russia 58 million

While India has the highest overall number of YouTube users, the United States has a far greater proportion of the country’s population that uses the video-sharing site. YouTube is used by 81 percent of the whole adult population in the United States (Pew Research, 2021). Furthermore, the United States accounts for the majority of traffic to the site, accounting for 15.5 percent of all traffic at the moment. Image courtesy of Alexa At the moment, YouTube is available in more than 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 different languages (YouTube, 2021).

As of January 2021, Israel had the greatest YouTube penetration rate in the world, with approximately 93 percent of the population.

The Netherlands came in second place, with the United Arab Emirates coming in third place. Nigeria and Kenya, both African countries, have YouTube penetration rates of less than 30 percent (Statista, 2021). As of January 2021, YouTube had a significant presence in a number of nations.

3. YouTube Demographics: Gender

Hootsuite/WeAreSocial estimates that 56 percent of YouTube’s overall users are male, with 44 percent being female (Hootsuite/WeAreSocial, 2020). Currently, YouTube’s existing reporting system covers both genders (male and female) and users ranging in age from 16 to 64 years. Source:Hootsuite

4. YouTube Demographics: Age

YouTube’s use statistics for persons between the ages of 16 and 64 are available. As of 2021, 82 percent of all adult males in the United States are on YouTube, while 80 percent of all adult females do the same in the country (Pew Research, 2021). According to a Statista analysis from the third quarter of 2020, users between the ages of 15 and 35 account for the biggest proportion of all YouTube users by age, accounting for 77 percent. One in every three baby boomers goes to YouTube to learn more about a product or service, proving that the site is not only popular with the younger generation.

Baby Boomers are among the most frequent visitors to YouTube, according to the most recent Global Web Index survey.

5. YouTube’s Usage Statistics

YouTube is one of the most frequently used social media platforms (as well as a search engine) in the world, with around 122 million daily active users viewing more than a billion hours of video per day (YouTube, 2021). Users spend an average of 18 minutes a day on YouTube (Alexa, 2021), visiting at least eight distinct sites on the platform. All of this has grown simpler as a result of the diversity of information accessible on the social media platform, with more than 31 million YouTube channels from which to pick content to make decisions.

6. YouTube’s Popularity among Users

YouTube, in addition to being the only other major social media site with more than 2 billion subscribers (only Facebook has a larger user base), is the second-most popular social media platform in the world, behind only Facebook (Statista, 2021). In January 2021, the most popular social networks throughout the world were listed in order of the number of active users (In millions) The search engine is also the second-most popular search engine in the world, just after Google, with over a billion hours of views every day on average (YouTube, 2021).

Mobile devices account for 70 percent of all YouTube traffic, according to the company (YouTube, 2019).

7. YouTube’s Popularity among Marketers

Consider that the total number of social media users in the globe is only a hair under 4 billion individuals, to put things in perspective. YouTube has more than 2 billion users, which means that more than half of all social media users are on the platform. These metrics are extremely important for digital marketers that want to reach a broader audience. According to the most recent video marketing data, video content has dominated the world’s media landscape. In addition, what better place to sell your films than the world’s largest video search engine?

Despite the enormous potential of YouTube, many small company owners in the United States have yet to make effective use of it, with just 9 percent of small firms having a YouTube channel.

However, given the ubiquity of YouTube, it should come as no surprise that 50.9 percent of B2B decision-makers utilize the platform to research purchases.

YouTube has a strong persuasive effect with customers, boosting their buying intent, and according to statistics released by Google, 70 percent of viewers purchased from a business after seeing it advertised on YouTube in the first place.

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The Top 10 Video Marketing Benefits

Companies require a variety of factors in order to succeed: visionary leadership, a compelling offering, great service, and a host of other factors. However, in today’s crowded marketing environment, a compelling story is what your company actually needs. Stories are more effective marketing tools because they provoke emotional responses. They have the ability to affect who we trust, play on our nostalgic feelings, and assist us in making sense of complex facts and data. A truly excellent tale may express the complete personality of a brand in less than three minutes, and insightful stories can assist you in being particularly convincing in your communication.

Why Use Video Marketing?

As part of your content strategy, video is essential since it is bite-sized (snack-sized), memorable, and quantifiable. These aren’t simply the characteristics that make video ideal for reaching an audience that prefers short, engaging pieces; they’re also the characteristics that make video the medium of choice for any marketer. You may use video to educate hard topics (after all, what is the purpose of content if not to make things clearer for your audience? ), tell tales about your customers, and motivate marketing-specific activities because video is particularly visually appealing (things like demos, trials, subscriptions, and more).

This is due to the fact that you can track and quantify audience engagement with video in a very relevant manner.

In order to discover their most engaged prospects more quickly and demonstrate the impact of game-changing efforts, marketing absolutely needs this type of information.

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10 Video Marketing Benefits to Power Your Business

Aside from the fact that it is a visually appealing medium, there are other advantages to incorporating online video marketing into your digital strategy. To put it another way, the stats tell a compelling tale. These video marketing statistics demonstrate precisely why so many businesses across a wide range of sectors, both B2B and B2C, are taking use of this medium—and why video marketing should be a part of your company’s overall marketing strategy as well.

1. Grow Revenue

According to Aberdeen Group study, marketers that use video are boosting their company’s revenue 49 percent quicker year over year than those who do not.

2. Influence Buying Decisions

According toForbes, a staggering 90 percent of customers think that product videos assist them in making purchasing decisions, and according toAnimoto, 64 percent feel that seeing a video increases their likelihood of making a purchase.

Furthermore, according to HubSpot, 97 percent of marketers believe that video has aided in increasing consumer comprehension of their product or service.

3. Give the People What They Want

According to HubSpot statistics, users choose video content from businesses above other types of material such as emails, newsletters, social photos, social videos, blog posts, and downloadable information (such as PDFs). When consumers are considering purchasing anything and want to learn more about their alternatives, they employ a range of strategies. In addition to utilizing a search engine, some of the most effective strategies include visiting a company or product’s official website, browsing review websites, and viewing videos.

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4. Rank Higher in Search

Your website’s rating in search engine results pages can be improved by including video on your page (SERPs). A visitor’s time spent on your website after coming through a Google search can have an influence on how high you appear in search results. According to Backlinko, this metric, known as dwell time, is an important Google ranking factor.Video is an incredibly effective way to increase dwell time on your site, with 80 percent of marketers reporting that video has increased dwell time on their sites, according to HubSpot.But you don’t have to take their word for it.

Furthermore, according to HighIQ, websites that include video have a two-minute longer dwell time than websites that do not.

Finally, according to Search Metrics, 55 percent of search results for keyword searches in the United States contain at least one video.

5. Increase Traffic

According to Aberdeen Group study, video viewers receive 41 percent higher site traffic from search than non-video users.

6. Get More Backlinks

According to study conducted by Moz, embedding a video into a page or post increases the average number of linking domains by nearly thrice.

7. Bump Up Conversions

According to Aberdeen Group study, video viewers had 27 percent higher click-through rates and 34 percent greater online conversion rates than non-video users. Additionally, according to EyeView Digital, using video on a landing page can improve conversions by as much as 86 percent.

8. Reach Decision Makers

According to HighIQ, three-quarters of corporate leaders view work-related videos at least once a week. In addition, 54 percent of senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, 59 percent of senior executives agree that if text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they would prefer to watch the video.They aren’t alone, either: according to HubSpot, 72 percent of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service.

9. Crush Email Sends

According to Syndacast, using the term video in an email subject line increases open rates by 19 percent, click-through rates by 65 percent, and unsubscribe rates by 26 percent. According to MarTech Advisor, using video in an email may increase click-through rates by up to 300 percent. Essentially, video may be a very effective supplement to your email marketing campaign.

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10. Rack Up Shares

According to Small Business Trends, social video produces 1,200 percent more shares than text and photos combined on social media platforms. In a survey conducted by HubSpot, 83 percent of customers stated that they would consider sharing video content created by your company with their peers if the intended audience found it entertaining. Utilize Your Videos for Profit Create, host, manage, and distribute your videos with ease. Sign up is completely free. This piece was first published on December 3, 2018 and has since been updated.

2021 Marketing Statistics, Trends & Data — The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Stats

The marketing industry is dynamic and ever-changing – trends, technology, and methods are always evolving and becoming more effective. In order to avoid falling behind your competition, it’s vital that your company keeps up with new advancements in the industry. After all, the last thing you want is for your company to lag behind while your competitors remain on top of the latest trends. You want to be sure you’re keeping up with the times, but how can you be sure? Keeping an eye on marketing data is a wonderful method to stay current and up to date with the newest marketing trends in the industry.

  1. Using these statistics, you can connect with your customers, reach your target audience, and increase conversions.
  2. By implementing SEO methods into your marketing efforts, you will be able to improve the exposure and ranks of your website.
  3. The goal of content marketing is to generate and distribute relevant written, downloadable, and visual media so that your target audience may learn more about your brand, expertise, and products or services, among other things.
  4. Thus, you will be able to assess which strategies will be most effective for your organization, consumers and prospects.
  5. Learn how marketers are effectively expanding their reach, increasing brand recognition, and promoting their products and services with social media marketing statistics so that you may do the same by utilizing these platforms yourself.
  6. With the excellent video capabilities of today’s cellphones, it is also a cost-effective and simple technique to execute, regardless of the type of business or available resources.
  7. Email marketing continues to be one of the most significant and successful ways for your company to engage with consumers and develop long-lasting connections with them.

Lead generation is the process through which your company attracts and converts anyone who has an interest in your brand, goods, or services.

In addition to seeing how other marketers are utilizing lead generation data to achieve their goals of converting more prospects and leads into paying customers, you’ll get an understanding of how to improve your own marketing efforts.

These facts can assist you in understanding how today’s consumers see paid media and which advertising methods are most effective for businesses — such as yours — who are wanting to attract new clients to their products or services.

Marketing technology data and trends are presented in this section.

The goal of staying on top of the most recent marketing trends and practices may appear to be an impossible one, given how rapidly the industry changes and advances.

The latest statistics in each category are an excellent way to ensure your business and marketing tactics remain relevant.

This is how you will communicate with members of your audience and customers in order to convert more leads and increase conversions.

75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2021

Despite the evolution of digital marketing, we continue to find trends that prefer video content! The following are some fast and simple video marketing statistics that you may use to persuade your employer to invest in that video project or YouTube advertisements, or simply to justify your Snapchat addiction.

Video marketing statistics: the consumer side

  • Individuals watch an average of 16 hours of internet video every week, which represents a 52 percent growth over the previous two years. Compared to text and image material combined, social video produces 1200 times the number of shares. A message is retained by viewers 95 percent of the time when they see it in a video, compared to 10 percent when they read it in text An explainer video is seen by 96 percent of the population in order to understand more about a product or service. 86 percent of respondents said they would want to see more video from companies.

Consumers who view branded social videos are more likely to make a purchase (64 percent).

  • When it comes to learning about new goods or services, 68 percent of customers prefer viewing videos rather than reading articles, infographics, ebooks, or presentations
  • 82 percent would rather watch live video rather than scroll through social media postings. Note: This does not imply that blogging or social media updates are no longer relevant! Both of these types of content are essential components of any digital marketing plan, particularly in the context of SEO and reputation management. The ideal length for a video advertisement is between 6 and 10 seconds. The likelihood of consumers making a purchase after viewing a user-generated movie increases by 184 percent, and the likelihood of them spending more money increases by 45 percent. Google displays a video thumbnail next to a search result around 26% of the time, increasing the likelihood that consumers will click on that listing.

Take note of how video may quickly outrank organic results on the search engine results page (SERP).

Video marketing statistics: the business side

  • Video content is rated as having the highest return on investment (ROI) by 51 percent of marketing experts globally. A whopping 87 percent of web marketers employ video content. Explainer videos (72 percent), presentation videos (49 percent), testimonial videos (48 percent), sales videos and video advertisements (both 42 percent) are the most prevalent video kinds produced by marketers in 2021.

Marketers that utilize video generate money at a rate that is 49 percent quicker than marketers who do not use video.

  • When marketers add video into their efforts, their conversion rates increase by 34 percent. Shoppable video is beginning to demonstrate greater conversion and click-through rates than traditional display advertisements. According to 84 percent of marketers, video has assisted them in generating leads. 87 percent of video marketers claim that video has a favorable return on their investment.
  • Digital video advertising expenditures are likely to grow by 41.9 percent between 2017 and 2024, according to projections. The worldwide streaming market is expected to grow by 55 percent from 2019 to 2020 (from 104.11 billion to 161.37 billion).

YouTube video marketing statistics

  • YouTube has about 2.3 billion logged-in users per month (which indicates that the total number of users is likely to be far higher)
  • And 90% of consumers in the United States select YouTube as their digital video platform of choice, and A total of 1 billion hours of video are watched every day by users of YouTube. Seventy percent of YouTube viewing time is spent on mobile devices. Approximately 90% of individuals learn about new businesses or items through YouTube. YouTube users have spent an average of $700 on products as a result of seeing them advertised on the site. True Viewads are preferred by 80 percent of YouTube users over in-stream advertisements. YouTube is used by 50.9 percent of B2B decision-makers to investigate potential purchases. In order to upload videos, 62 percent of businesses choose YouTube as their platform.

YouTube is used by just 9% of all small companies in the United States.

  • The majority of advertising time on YouTube mobile garners audience attention, compared to only 45 percent of advertising time on television.

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Facebook video marketing statistics

  • In the spring of 2020, the number of people watching Facebook Live climbed by 50%. Facebook View has a global daily user base of 140 million people who watch video for an average of 26 minutes each day on the social media platform. Facebook is used by 84 percent of video marketers as one of their primary video marketing channels.

The average engagement rate for Facebook video postings is 0.26 percent, according to data from comScore (compared to the 0.15 percent overall engagement rate).

  • Video promotions are now on par with picture promotions in terms of popularity on Facebook
  • Native videos on Facebook have a reach that is ten times greater than links to YouTube videos. Do you want to reach even more people? Affordably reaching new prospects with display advertising is a fantastic strategy, and tools like our freeSmart Ads Creator make it easier than ever to do so.

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  • If a brand’s logo shows inside the first three seconds of a video advertisement, consumers are 23 percent more likely to recall the company behind the advertisement. Video advertisements are used by 75% of companies on Facebook. More than 75% of marketers have indicated that Facebook Live has assisted them in increasing sales for their company. Currently, just 25 percent of companies utilize Facebook Live on a weekly basis. 47 percent of the overall campaign value of a Facebook video ad is produced in less than three seconds, according to the company. Every day, more than 500 million (half a BILLION) users go onto Facebook to view video (according to Forbes)
  • The best conversion rates for Facebook video ads are seen in videos that are 16-20 seconds in length.

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Twitter video marketing statistics

  • 82 percent of Twitter users engage with video material on the social media platform
  • The majority of Twitter video views (90 percent) occur on mobile devices. The number of video views on Twitter grew by 62% between 2019 and 2020.

Tweets containing video receive ten times the amount of interaction as those without.

  • The amount of time spent watching videos on Twitter grew by 72% between 2019 and 2020. Every day, people on Twitter watch 2 billion videos, representing a 67 percent increase in video views year over year. Twitter Video Ads save more than 50% on cost per engagement when compared to other forms of advertising. Twitter Video Ads with Website Buttons provide a 2x greater click-through rate than normal mobile video ads and enhance user retention by more than 60% compared to standard mobile video ads. When compared to 2019, the amount of time spent watching Twitter videos grew in all categories in 2020.

the image’s source Do you want greater results from your advertisements? Get our all-star internet advertising playbook for free.

Instagram video marketing statistics

  • IGTV has been used by 77 percent of marketers to publish a video
  • By way of comments, Instagram video advertising generate three times the amount of interaction that picture ads do. Single video advertisements account for 25% of all Instagram ads.

79 percent of those polled think a video advertisement has persuaded them to purchase a product or piece of software.

  • The adoption of video marketing on Instagram was anticipated to reach 58 percent of marketers by 2021. On a daily basis, over 70% of Instagram users consume video material in the form of Stories
  • This figure is expected to rise. One in every four shoppers has made a purchase as a result of watching a story on Instagram
  • Stories advertising filmed on mobile devices outperform ads produced in a studio 63 percent of the time.

More video marketing statistics

  • Although 59 percent of executives think that when given the option to pick among two options on the same issue, they are more likely to prefer video
  • Organic traffic from search engine results pages has increased by 157 percent as a result of video. Videos that are less than 2 minutes in length receive the greatest interaction. Facebook videos are watched without sound in 85 percent of cases

The use of video on a landing page may improve conversions by as much as 80% or even more.

  • 4.8 percent is the average CVR for websites that include video content, compared to 2.9 percent for websites that do not use video content. Including a video on a landing page increases the likelihood that it will appear on page 1 of the search engine results page (SERP). The click-through rate on an initial email that includes a video is raised by 96%. The inclusion of a video in an email can result in a 200-300 percent boost in click-through rate. Opening rates increase by 19 percent, click-through rates increase by 65 percent, and the number of unsubscribes decreases by 26 percent when the subject line contains the word “video.” Emails featuring videos are preferred by 54 percent of email subscribers. Blog posts that include video receive three times the number of inbound links as blog articles that do not include video. Incorporating video with full-page advertisements increases engagement by 22 percent

Do you need more facts to aid in the development of your marketing strategy? Check out our social media marketing statistics, email marketing statistics, and other digital marketing data to help you plan your marketing strategy for the year ahead. Check out these 11 Legitimately Scary PPC Stats Every Advertiser Should Know for even more information. Please review our Comment Policy before posting a comment.

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