How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Agency? (Suits you)

The idea here is to hire an ad company that can help you meet your goals, and the best way to ensure this is to look for a diverse portfolio. Plus, the portfolio is the best way for the agency to show off their best work. This will help you get an idea of the type of work they do and the type of clients they choose.

  • Another way to vet Facebook ad agencies is by looking for specific characteristics that are relevant to the business and can understand your goals and desired outcomes. There are all sorts of ad agencies operating on the market today, with everyone claiming to be the best.

How do I choose an advertising agency?

Choose an advertising agency with a focus. Simply put, daily know-how reaches marketing goals faster. Also, keep an eye out for those specializing within industries. They can assist with a USP and distinguish you from the competitive landscape because of their familiarity.

How much does a Facebook ad agency charge?

Facebook ad management fees are $298 per month for ad spends under $2,300. Once ad spends reach $2,300, the management fee switches to 15% of your monthly ad spend.

What advertising agency does Facebook use?

The accounts. The mothership Facebook account will stay with longtime partner Wieden + Kennedy, the agency behind Facebook’s ‘More Together’ campaign. W+K will continue developing global creative for the social network.

Should I choose brand awareness or reach?

Brand awareness objectives are designed to show your ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them, and reach objective ads are for when you want to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience and control how often they see your ads.

How do I choose the right agency?

So, here is my recommended strategy for finding a digital marketing agency that can help your business grow.

  1. Understand your needs and your budget.
  2. Demand full transparency.
  3. Industry experience can be misleading.
  4. Consider the client, agency and technical sides.
  5. Give it the beer test.

How do I choose a creative agency?

How to Choose the Right Creative Agency

  1. Have clear objectives.
  2. Check out the agency’s financial background and past record.
  3. Don’t hire an agency, hire a partner.
  4. Location doesn’t matter too much.
  5. Search beyond Google.
  6. Evaluate the agency’s proposal.
  7. Ensure the agency offers comprehensive, integrated services.

How much should I charge a client for Facebook ads?

Percentage of Ad Spend – typically between 10-20% of the monthly ad budget. This is a fit for larger ad budgets. Flat Fee – if you have a focused campaign during a bounded time period then a flat fee makes sense. Hourly Rate – charge based on how long you spend doing the management and track your time.

Is Facebook an advertising agency?

A Facebook ad agency is an advertising agency that offers services to clients, assisting them with their social media ads on Facebook.

What does a Facebook ads consultant do?

The Facebook Marketing Consultants (FMC) program aims to drive value for Facebook advertisers by enabling them to discover vetted service providers who are experts in removing roadblocks and setting up optimal Facebook marketing, such as pixel deployments, product catalog setup and dynamic ads campaign setup.

Which campaign objective is best for Facebook ads?

“Conversions” is Facebook’s most popular campaign objective as it is optimized to deliver you new leads or purchases. Conversion ads are aimed to increase sales, sign-ups, purchases or other desired actions on your website, and Facebook’s auto-optimization works really well!

What is a Facebook Reach campaign?

The reach objective maximizes the number of people who see your ads and how often they see them. Choose this objective if you want to build brand awareness, change brand perception or show your ad to as many people in your audience as possible.

Is Awareness same as reach?

Conclusion. If you want more people to remember your brand, I recommend you choose the Brand Awareness objective. While if you want to reach the largest number of people, choose the Reach objective.

6 Best Facebook Ad Agencies for Lead Generation 2022

Facebook advertising firms are businesses that assist sellers in generating leads and achieving other marketing objectives, such as increased traffic or sales through the use of Facebook advertising. A tailored strategy is often used by the best Facebook ad companies, which develops individual ad campaigns for each client, which they then monitor, optimize, and report on, resulting in lead creation that seems to be automated for the customer. In order to assist you in making the best choice, we analyzed the finest Facebook ad firms.

  • Best for a bespoke campaign (call for a quotation), Hibu (the overall winner) is the best choice. Voy Media is the best option for a la carte services (beginning at $49.99). Marketing 360: The best all-in-one ad agency and marketing platform ($595 starting price)
  • MuteSix: The best for creative video and image Facebook ads ($23,000 starting price)
  • Disruptive Advertising: The best for long-term Facebook ad campaigns ($800 starting price)
  • Marketing 360: The best all-in-one ad agency and marketing platform ($595 starting price)
  • Marketing 360: Small companies can use LYFE Marketing as their best budget alternative (beginning at $1,150).

How We Evaluated the Best Facebook Ad Agencies

If you want to produce high-quality social media leads using Facebook advertisements, you need an agency that will create, manage, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns according to your specific needs and requirements. As a result, we placed the greatest focus on each agency’s primary capabilities, which are responsible for driving traffic to your website. Following that, we looked at pricing and access to agency data to confirm that the cost and transparency were appropriate. Additional capabilities, such as reporting and analytics, completed our review of the product.

Evaluation Criteria

Each of five weighted categories, each of which had a subset of weighted criteria, was used to determine our final ratings in our review. After that, we added up the points from each category to choose a winner. Access to Agency Advertising Data: 20% of the total reporting and analytics: 20% of the budget

Core Offerings Overview

Each of five weighted categories, each of which had a subset of weighted criteria, was used to determine our final ratings in this review. The results of each category were totaled, and the winner was determined. The ability to get advertising data from an agency: 20% reporting and analytics: 20% of total budget

Cost Overview

A basic ad management cost, a minimum monthly ad expenditure, the availability of a la carte choices, and any account setup fees were all taken into consideration. Winner based on criteria: Voy Media, Marketing 360

Access to Agency Ad Data Overview

This relates to the amount of advertising expenditure that each firm has handled since its beginning, the number of consumers that they have served, and the number of years that they have been in business. Hibu was the winner of the criteria.

Reporting and Analytics Overview

We looked at how frequently the organizations delivered performance reports and analytics, as well as how easily they made their performance data available. Marketing 360 was selected as the winner based on the criteria.

Additional Services Overview

We looked at whether or whether the firm provides extra services such as website optimization, Google advertising, or email marketing, among other things. Winner of the Criteria: LYFE Marketing Please keep in mind that unless otherwise stated, all costs are for a month-to-month commitment. Despite the fact that some solutions scored highly in one category or another, we discovered that Hibuoffers the greatest overall value, particularly for those looking for a Facebook advertising firm that focuses on personalizing ad campaigns to your objectives and target demographic.

Continue reading to find out how they compared in terms of key offerings, pricing, and primary use cases.

Bottom Line: Best Facebook Ad Agencies

Lead generation should be made easy for you by a competent Facebook advertising firm. It should learn about your objectives, whether they are lead generation or increased visitors to your website, and then develop an ad campaign that achieves these objectives successfully. A top-tier firm will watch your advertising on a continuous basis, test them, and change them in order to improve their success. All of the companies on our list will take care of this for you. Get on the phone with one of their representatives to find out more.

Facebook Ads Best Practices – Tips from a Advertising Agency

You are not alone if you find Facebook Ads to be perplexing. It may be difficult to set up Facebook ad campaigns without the assistance of a Facebook advertising firm, simply because there are so many alternatives available to choose from. Paid advertisements, on the other hand, are still a viable marketing tactic, especially given Facebook’s decreasing reach for organic content. Furthermore, Facebook continues to be the favored platform for sponsored advertisements for 97 percent of businesses.

Also noteworthy is the level of depth and usefulness with which their advertising is targeted.

Continue reading for advice from a Facebook advertising agency on how to find and target your ideal audience, write convincing ad text, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and other important topics.

Define Your Target Audience

Show your adverts to people who are ready to click through and complete a transaction. The first step is to determine who your target audience is. Who are you attempting to reach, and what should your conversion approach be for this audience?

Interest-based Audience

Consider the following scenario: you want to target an audience based on their interests. Let’s say that you’re conducting a campaign to attract folks who are seeking for workout equipment. Most likely, your target audience will consist of fitness instructors who have expressed an interest in material and groups linked to the question. Facebook will find people who share a user’s interest in your campaign and refer them to you as potential members of your target audience. The social media platform Facebook goes a step further and will show you how much reach and interaction you can expect based on certain parameters you provide.

Custom Audience

Created using your current customer list, a bespoke audience is used to retarget customers who have already visited your page or website.

User activity on Facebook will be tracked by your computer and they will be offered advertisements for your website, tempting them to come back and visit. It is your stored audience who is comprised of the client list that has been compiled from information obtained through a lead form or emails.

Lookalike Audience

To target other people who have the same interests as your stored audience, create a lookalike audience and target them as well. When targeting a lookalike audience, you are attempting to attract individuals who are similar to your top customers or those that engage with your content the most frequently. Customers from your rivals who are also interested in your industry are included in this category. These are particular methods in which you might segment your audience in order to reach people who are more receptive to your marketing message.

Ultimately, converting people that meet those criteria is made easier by targeting them specifically.

Picking the Right Type of Ad

To target more people that have the same interests as your stored audience, create a lookalike audience and target them directly. A lookalike audience is one that is designed to target individuals who are similar to your top customers or those who interact with your content the most. In addition, they include clients that are interested in your sector but do not work for you. In order to target consumers who are primed to accept your marketing message, you can segment your audience in the following ways: In the end, you want to establish a connection with people who are interested in learning more about your product, who are intrigued about how your product may assist them, and who are on the verge of making a buying choice.

Analytical tools may help you understand the demands of your target audience and develop ad text that is both relevant and helpful.

  • Increase your reach and awareness if you want to boost your brand recognition and recognition. Consider this: If you want to encourage individuals to connect with your marketing messaging, you should consider the following: If you want more individuals to take the desired action, you should consider conversion.

Examining what your rivals are doing is a good approach to find out what sort of advertisements to publish. What kinds of articles and offers are they making to persuade people to buy their products? In the event that they are employing video campaigns, various sorts of photo advertisements, such as slideshows and carousels, you may choose to follow suit. Have you ever tried something different with your advertisements? If not, you can run a series of trials to determine which characteristics are more effective than others.

  • When determining what type of material to upload, keep in mind where the advertisements will appear on a user’s screen.
  • In a user’s feed, sponsored posts display alongside other postings from their friends and family, allowing them to be seen immediately.
  • These advertisements show on the right-hand side of Facebook and are generally used for retargeting purposes.
  • Another key factor to consider is if your Facebook page is being accessed from a mobile device, a desktop computer, or both.

If they are using a mobile device, it is a good idea to design different ads to target consumers who are using a mobile device specifically. A Facebook advertising firm can assist you in the creation of a mobile marketing campaign.

Setting a Budget

Any Facebook advertising firm will tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to determining how much money to spend on Facebook advertisements. However, keep in mind that if you do not place limits on your spending, you will rapidly exhaust your financial resources. Set your budget according to the amount of money you wish to spend on displaying your advertisements to individuals. You may specify a budget to determine how much money you want to spend on a certain ad set or an entire campaign.

  • A daily budget is the amount of money you want to spend on an ad set or campaign each day, whereas a lifetime budget is the total amount of money you want to spend on your campaign over the course of its full duration.
  • A bid is the amount of money you are ready to spend in order to compel your target audience to do the required action.
  • Make use of this to get the most out of your financial resources.
  • A cost cap is more flexible than a bid cap since it is less restrictive.
  • If you absolutely must have complete control over the cost of each action in your campaign, this is the setting to choose.
  • How it works is that you will be able to select a single campaign budget for all of your ad sets, and Facebook will automatically allocate that money to your best-performing ad sets as a result of your performance.
  • It is most beneficial to marketers that wish to simplify campaign setup and save time when managing budgets to use campaign budget optimization.
  • This campaign optimization strategy helps companies to receive the best potential outcomes from their campaigns while also having the ability to be more flexible with how their advertising money is spent on their ad sets.
  • In order to accurately measure your campaign’s expenditures, Facebook suggests that you look at each optimization event in your campaign rather than at the level of the ad set.
  • In one ad set, the optimization event may be the number of link clicks, which falls inside the campaign’s conversion objective of a certain amount.
  • Determine first how much money you are willing to spend to attract an audience, and then if you want to spend a specific amount every day or throughout the full campaign to achieve your goals.

The optimization of campaign budgets can aid in the automation of the management process once the initial setup has been completed. An competent Facebook advertising firm can personalize campaigns for you, giving you additional alternatives when it comes to setting budgets for your campaign.

Writing Persuasive Copy

When it comes to Facebook advertising, the image is usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, an image alone will not retain a user’s attention if it is not accompanied with compelling language. A professional Facebook advertising firm understands that ad wording serves as a guide for their clients. It not only directs individuals to where they need to go, but it also persuades them to take action. Because you’ve previously identified and segmented your audience, it will be much easier to develop a message that is tailored to each category.

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When writing your ad content, think of it as if you are having a personal discussion with a single individual. Concentrate on them and establish a deep relationship with them so that you can persuade them. Provide them with the specific information they require in order to take action. Old Navy is showcasing the activewear it offers. The advertisement is directed at users who have shown a desire to be fit, allowing the advertiser to reduce their target demographic and provide the most appropriate product for the most appropriate people.


In order to compete for a user’s attention on their news feed, your ad must be visually compelling. By making your text amusing and one-of-a-kind, it may do as much as your image. This advertisement by Society6 makes use of a clever play on words to inform the consumer that they have them and their phones covered with their phone covers and other accessories.

Be Clear

However, avoid being overly concerned with making your advertisements visually appealing to the point where they cease to make sense. Keep in mind that your ultimate objective is to encourage the viewer to click on the advertising banner. Writing a clear message will assist them in achieving their objective. Align the language and graphics in your advertisement. The last thing you want to do is cause confusion among the individuals you are trying to reach. In this case, if the content and the image don’t match, they’ll be confused about what the ad is truly Here’s example of a Facebook advertisement for Twice, a website that sells old stuff.

Keep your wording basic and eliminate jargon whenever possible.

Also, avoid trying to sell all of your products or services at the same time.

As a result of your audience segmentation efforts, you can showcase the product that will resonate the most with each group.Anyone who sees your ad should have no difficulty understanding what you are offering, the benefits they will receive, and the action you want them to take.The easier it is to understand and connect with your Facebook ads, the greater the number of responses you will receive.

Creating a Clear Call to Action

Keep your calls-to-action, or CTAs, to a single, distinct one. Users on Facebook may view your advertisement, but they may be unsure about what to do next. How does your product benefit the user? What do you think they’ll get out of it? It is always more effective to focus on your customers’ needs than than simply promoting your brand and services. Make certain that you communicate the benefits in a succinct way. Start with the value that consumers receive, and then explain how your product can help them receive that value.

Keep it brief, and avoid trying to jam everything into it.

You have the option of selecting one of the following options:

Using Video Ads

Videos have the capability of demonstrating your product in action, therefore capturing viewers’ attention and raising their awareness. For example, Facebook pushes businesses to develop more video content in order to keep consumers on their platform for a longer period of time. Users of Facebook are increasingly consuming video material on a regular basis. Videos engage consumers who are skimming through their feeds and may be utilized by businesses in any sector to attract their attention. In spite of the fact that your product is not very visually appealing, you may still profit from producing behind-the-scenes movies starring your workers or an animated explainer video to introduce customers to your product.

  • Success stories and testimonials from our clients
  • When you are on camera, you are sharing your expertise and teaching the viewers. Providing people with instructions on how to get the most out of your product
  • Company culture should be displayed to offer a behind-the-scenes peek at your workplace. FAQs
  • A short greeting from your staff, as well as an introduction to your company

Users who have previously expressed an interest in your brand, product, or service will see your advertisements when they employ remarketing. This group might consist of former website visitors, previous customers/clients, and even current email subscribers, depending on your business needs. You may reconnect with these prospects on Facebook while they are still on the platform thanks to Facebook retargeting. The reason that these leads are important is that their likelihood of converting is significantly higher.

As a result, as compared to other leads who are unfamiliar with you, even a small nudge can result in a significant increase in sales.

Users are presented the identical product they were looking at on a website in Cole Haan’s remarketing advertisement, which appears on the right-hand side of Facebook.

This method gives the consumer an opportunity to make an additional purchase by providing them with a second chance to do so.

Test and Track Campaigns

You began your Facebook advertising campaign with certain objectives in mind; as a result, you must monitor the appropriate metrics to determine whether or not you are meeting those objectives.

Which metrics should I track?

Facebook’s ad center offers a variety of possibilities; all that is required is that you match the statistic to your aim. Fortunately, Facebook does an excellent job of segmenting data acquired from advertisements into specialized analytics. Let’s say you wanted to increase the number of clicks on your website – Facebook would teach you exactly how to do it.

How often should I test my campaigns?

The key is to never, ever stop trying new things! Targeting is the most difficult difficulty that anyone, including a Facebookmarketing firm, will encounter. It’s possible that you’ve written a fantastic content, but your audience isn’t responding to it. However, if your campaign isn’t garnering the engagement and clicks you desire, you should reconsider your approach. Increasing your campaign’s budget or adding additional content are two more options for modifying your campaigns. It’s possible that your budget is restricting your ability to reach your target clients, and providing additional dollars might help you reach them.

Here’s an example of AdEspresso experimenting with different types of content to see what their audience responds to.

What works for one set of users may not be effective for another group of users.

You’ll discover places where you may experiment if you keep track of how well your campaigns are performing.

Final Tips from a Facebook Advertising Agency

It is merely the initial stage in bringing prospective users into your sales funnel that your Facebook advertising serves. Have a long-term strategy for guiding them down the funnel after they have left Facebook. Make sure your company is prepared to nurture leads after they are generated, for example, if you want to produce more leads using Facebook advertisements. Another thing to bear in mind is that Facebook users are mostly there to scroll, rather than to search for products or services.

Having a long-term perspective will ensure that your efforts are not wasted and that you can optimize the return on your Facebook advertising investments.

Our experience as a Facebook advertising firm has allowed us to witness firsthand how these strategies may help companies improve their revenue.

Allow us to demonstrate where your company may go with the appropriate Facebook advertisements.

Newport Beach Facebook Ads Agency

When it comes to bringing interested individuals into your sales funnel, Facebook advertising is merely the first step. Plan ahead of time how you will guide them down the funnel once they have left Facebook. In the case of Facebook advertisements, for example, if you want to produce more leads, make sure your company is set up to nurture those prospects after they arrive. Another thing to bear in mind is that consumers on Facebook are mostly there to browse, rather than to search for items or services to purchase.

It is essential to have a long-term vision in order to ensure that your efforts are not wasted and that you can optimize the return on your Facebook advertising investments.

Our experience as a Facebook advertising firm has allowed us to witness firsthand how these strategies may help companies improve their revenues.

Contact us using our contact form or visit our Facebook marketing services page to receive a free marketing consultation from us now. Allow us to demonstrate how far your company can go with the appropriate Facebook advertisements for you.

  • Get more customers by generating traffic, increasing conversion rates, driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and increasing brand awareness.

Are you interested in learning more about Facebook Ads? Are you looking into Instagram advertisements? You may advertise on Instagram and reach their whole user base if you utilize Facebook Ads in conjunction with it. Instagram marketing will allow you to do more than simply advertise on Facebook: it will allow you to:

  • Be a part of one of the most rapidly expanding social media networks
  • Reach a larger audience than Facebook already has
  • Increase your number of followers
  • Make sure your items are clearly visible.

Become a thriving clientele member!

Newport Beach Facebook Ads Agency’s Services

When it comes to our services, our Newport Beach Facebook Ads agency offers a wide range of options to assist you with any of your company’s marketing needs, including: We attempt to deliver high-quality Facebook advertising services that are effective for your business. A few of the services that our Facebook advertising agency offers are listed below.

Audience Targeting

Finding the correct demographic may make a significant difference in how much income you generate and how much your Facebook advertisements cost. With our Facebook advertising solution, we optimize your audience targeting so that you can get the most out of your Facebook advertisements and increase your conversions.

Ad Copy Writing

It might be challenging to figure out the ideal method to compose your Facebook advertisements. Our Facebook Ads strategists, on the other hand, are specialists in copywriting and are well-versed in all of Facebook’s best practices. With our Facebook advertising services, you’ll see an increase in the number of individuals who respond to your social media advertisements.

Ad Design

It is critical to have an appealing ad creative (design) in order to capture the attention of Facebook users. In order to avoid working with dull photographs, our Facebook Advertising business has skilled producers that specialize in unique designs. Now is the time to get eye-catching creatives for your social media advertisements.

Landing Page

In order to capture the attention of Facebook users, it is necessary to have an appealing ad creative (design). In order to avoid working with dull photographs, our Facebook Advertising business employs producers who are well-versed in innovative design techniques. Make your social media advertisements more visually appealing by ordering them immediately.

A/B Testing

Not all Facebook advertisements are created equal. A different audience or a different creative approach may be more beneficial for some campaigns. With our Facebook advertising agency, you will benefit from the expertise of experienced marketers in the implementation of A/B testing and the discovery of which Facebook advertisements are effective and will enhance conversion rates at the lowest possible cost.


It is possible that consumers will interact with your Facebook ad or landing page but will not go to the next step. It is possible to remarket to them through the use of Facebook advertisements. Our Facebook advertising services assist you in implementing your company’s remarketing strategy so that you don’t lose out on any prospective customers.


Budgeting may be difficult, and if done incorrectly, it can result in an investment in Facebook advertising that is ineffective or even harmful.

Our Facebook advertising agency can assist your firm in allocating its budget to the most effective advertisements, allowing you to spend your money on the most effective advertisements.

Ad Placement

Despite the fact that Facebook Advertisements may be used to promote on a variety of platforms, certain ads are only successful on certain sites. We’ll work with you to identify the most effective ad placement for your Facebook advertisements, ensuring that your ads are displayed at the most appropriate location and at the most appropriate time for your target audience.

Facebook Pixel

Information about the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns is critical when determining their success. That information is provided by the Facebook Pixel. In addition to Facebook advertising services, we also provide setup and management of the Facebook Pixel. You’ll get access to data professionals who will analyse the data from your Facebook Advertisements and help you make your ads even better. Request Your No-Obligation Consultation Obtain a free proposal and take the first step toward your success in digital marketing.

Newport Beach Facebook Advertising For Your Industry

With our Facebook advertising firm in Newport Beach, we have marketers that have extensive expertise in using Facebook Ads for a variety of businesses. Because we recognize that every organization is unique, our marketers place a high priority on offering Facebook advertising services that are tailored to your specific needs. The following are some of the industries with which our agency is involved:

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

Whether you run a fashion eCommerce store, sell jewelry, or want to promote your furniture line, our Facebook Ads agency can supply you with Facebook advertising services that meet the marketing objectives of your ecommerce company. With Facebook Ads for eCommerce, your goods will begin to be noticed on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Is there anything more you want to do? With Facebook Ads for eCommerce businesses, you may start selling on the two most popular platforms right now.

Facebook Ads For Medical Clinics

Whether you’re a dentist, a chiropractor, a therapist, or even a surgeon, our Facebook advertising firm can help you focus on what you do best: giving excellent service to your patients. With Facebook Ads for medical clinics, our marketing professionals provide high-quality digital marketing services that assist doctors in making their services more widely recognized and attracting more customers to their local clinics as a result.

Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Local marketing is something that our Facebook Ads agency specializes in, and we offer services to fulfill the needs of any local companies that want marketing assistance. Our digital marketing specialists are ready to assist your organization, whether you are a small restaurant, hair salon, or even a legal practice. With Facebook Ads for local companies, more Facebook and Instagram users will be aware of the fantastic service you give or the delectable cuisine you prepare thanks to your marketing efforts.

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Common Facebook Advertising Questions

Facebook Ads are a type of paid advertisement that falls under the PPC umbrella that allows businesses to advertise promotions or items across Facebook’s many platforms.

As a result, you may promote on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and even Instagram using Facebook Ads, which is a huge advantage.

How does Facebook Ads work?

You may produce a post that is similar to one that would be shared on Facebook or Instagram in order to raise exposure for your business, product, or service. However, Facebook Ads offer a larger variety of targeting options and more complex targeting capabilities (which are far more successful than simply “raising a post”). The ability to effectively use Facebook marketing allows businesses to target their online adverts to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time, considerably increasing the likelihood of a purchase, appointment, or visit occurring.

Why are Facebook Ads important?

Facebook Ads may be a very effective tool for promoting your company’s growth and development. It has a significant following on social media. The fact that Facebook is still the most popular social media site in the world is something that many people overlook. Here are some facts regarding Facebook that you should be aware of: Every month, around 2.6 billion individuals across the world actively use Facebook. Facebook is used by seven out of ten adults in the United States. Every day, Facebook users spend at least 20 minutes on the social networking site.

Here are some Instagram statistics to consider: Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users, according to data from Statista.

The most popular social media network among teenagers in the United States is Facebook.

Instagram users spend an average of 28 minutes every day on the platform.

Why are Facebook ads effective?

One of the primary reasons that 86 percent of marketers utilize Facebook advertisements and that Facebook Ads accounted for 51 percent of total advertisement spending in the United States is due to one major factor. They are successful. Due to the excellent targeting possibilities of Facebook Ads, the wide reach of their audience, and their effect on people’s purchasing behavior, they have become so popular. Here are some social media statistics to which your firm may look forward in the future:

  • Customer purchasing decisions (both online and offline) were impacted by Facebook in around 52 percent of cases. Consumers in the United States will find items or services on Facebook in around 78 percent of cases. The social media platform Instagram is responsible for around 60% of all new product and service discovery. Approximately 26% of people who clicked on a Facebook advertisement made a purchase.

Why do people do Facebook ads versus boosting a post?

The ability to boost a post from your Facebook business page allows it to be viewed by individuals who are not members of your company page, which is beneficial for increasing brand awareness. Despite the fact that the option is there, it is not encouraged to enhance your article. Boosting a post has a number of restrictions as compared to creating Facebook ads in Facebook Ads Manager, for example. With Facebook Ads Manager, you may select the most appropriate campaign objective that corresponds to the marketing objectives of your company.

What are the different campaign objective?

Before you design a Facebook advertisement, you should think about the goal of your campaign.

This is determined by the marketing objective of your organization. Here are some examples of campaign objectives from which to choose:

  • Consider your marketing aim before you begin creating a Facebook advertisement. This is determined by the marketing objectives of your firm. Following are examples of campaign objectives from which to choose:

What’s better, Facebook ads vs Google ads?

Neither. It might vary depending on your circumstances and business. When possible, it is better to be able to perform both at the same time and receive visitors from both digital marketing channels. With Google Ads, you may target people based on a single keyword or set of keywords. Advertising to people who are actively looking for something helps firms to reach a more targeted audience. With Facebook adverts, you can sell your business on active social media channels to a specific audience with pinpoint accuracy.

How much does Facebook Ads cost?

It is dependent on the situation. The cost of Facebook advertisements might fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. Some examples are as follows:

  • Ad objective: Different KPIs are used to measure campaign objectives (CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA). Additionally, based on the ad goal you specify, Facebook Ads are presented to a specified target. For example, Type of bid and quantity of bid: The amount you bid can have an impact on whether or not your ad is visible on Facebook’s platforms, as well as the cost of your advertisements. Your monthly payment amount might also be influenced by the type of budget you use (daily budget vs. lifetime budget). Audience: The most important factor that might impact the cost of your Facebook Ads is the demographic of your target audience. If your target audience is either too wide or too restricted, you may find yourself spending more than you need to be for advertising. Finding the most appropriate target audience can assist you in obtaining the maximum return on your investment. Ads of high quality: It’s important to note that Facebook has the ability to be fussy and select how much you’ll spend for each of your company’s Facebook Ad campaigns. Facebook will consider if a post is relevant, intriguing, emotionally engaging, calls for action, and is one-of-a-kind. Increasing the quality of your advertisement might lower the cost of your advertisement. Industry and product: The industry and product that you view might also have an impact on the cost of your Facebook Ads. Advertising on Facebook for the car business will be more expensive than advertising for a restaurant.

However, the following are some average costs across all industries:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): $0.97
  • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM): $7.19
  • Cost-per-like (CPL): $1.07
  • Cost-per-action (CPA): $18.68

Facebook Pixel vs Google Analytics

Price per click (CPC) is $0.97; price per thousand impressions (CPM) is $7.19; price per like (CPL) is $1.07; and price per action (CPA) is $18.68. Price per thousand impressions (CPM) is $0.97; price per thousand impressions (CPM) is $7.19; price per thousand impressions (CPM) is $0.97; and price per thousand impressions (CPM) is $7.19.

Facebook Ad vs Instagram Ad

The use of Facebook Ads enables any firm to promote on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Thus, Instagram advertisements are effectively Facebook ads that have either an automated placement setting or a manual placement setting for Instagram, as opposed to the reverse. If you decide to run Instagram advertising, it’s important to understand your target demographic as well as the differences between the other social media networks. Facebook and Instagram have significantly distinct demographics, and their users interact with the two platforms in slightly different ways.

Instagram advertisements may provide excellent results for one firm, but they may not produce the same results for your company.

Why should I hire someone to do my Facebook Ads?

The majority of people are familiar with Facebook, but using Facebook Ads is a very different story. A digital marketing firm may be preferable than operating your own campaign in some cases. The following are the reasons behind this:

  • Improved return on investment
  • No need to be concerned about traffic to your firm
  • Hire a marketing professional that specializes in Facebook Ads to handle all of the setup and management
  • You will have more time for yourself and your company. Get quicker outcomes rather than wasting time attempting to figure things out. We will ensure that our social media marketers are familiar with Facebook Ads best practices and are up to speed on the company’s advertising policy.

Newport Beach’s Top Facebook Advertising Agency

Are you looking for a “Newport Beach Facebook Ads agency close to me?” We’re the digital marketing agency you’ve been looking for. In contrast to other Facebook ad firms. We are proficient in the usage of Facebook advertisements. This provides our Newport Beach clients with a significant competitive advantage by providing them with high-quality Facebook advertising services that result in the success of our clients. Now is the time to hire a team of Facebook Ads specialists that have a track record of success.

Explore your options for improving your company’s brand on Facebook while simultaneously increasing your revenue!

The provision of first-class service in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and paid online advertisement such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads is our specialization.

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Facebook Advertising Agency

Is Facebook an efficient advertising tool, or is it just a hype? If you are still on the fence about using Facebook advertising, here are five compelling arguments that may persuade you to take the plunge. Your customers are on Facebook, for starters. Facebook is the indisputable King of Social Media, with 2.45 billion monthly active users and 1.62 billion people using it on a daily basis, making it the most popular platform on the internet. Here are some other crucial figures that demonstrate Facebook’s dominance in the social media space:

  • According to statistics, Facebook reaches more than 60% of all internet users throughout the world. Approximately 18 million small companies in over 100 countries have signed up for a Facebook page in 2018. It is possible to communicate information about your company, as well as other vital information, through your Facebook Page. Facebook Pages have emerged as a valuable tool for companies seeking to increase their online visibility. The Pew Research Center found that 7 out of 10 adult Americans use Facebook, according to a poll conducted in the spring of 2019. Facebook, along with YouTube, is one of the most extensively utilized social media sites among adults in the United States. To the contrary of common assumption, Facebook continues to be the preferred social media platform for the vast majority of young adults. In the Facebook age group, 65 percent of users are under the age of 35, which includes members of the Generation Z and Millennial generations
  • One of the many reasons why Facebook has grown into a behemoth of a social network is the fact that it is accessible from any mobile device. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are used by 96 percent of all active Facebook users to access the social media platform. It should come as no surprise that Facebook is one of the most downloaded applications of all time, owing to the fact that it has a large mobile audience. When it comes to time spent on Facebook, users spend an average of 58.5 minutes on the social media platform. On the other hand, consumers spend an average of 53 minutes on Instagram and 49.5 minutes on Snapchat, according to data. Because the longer a user spends time on an app, the greater the likelihood that they will see an advertisement
  • Time spent is, thus, a critical measure for marketers. Facebook is also popular with marketers since it is the most widely used social media network on the planet. For example, 86 percent of marketers in the United States use Facebook to advertise their products and services. As it is, Facebook is an excellent tool for building your brand and interacting with your consumers.

So, as you can see, Facebook is the most popular social media network, and it is where marketers should be if they want to grow their brand. The majority of your consumers are on Facebook, and they’re spending a significant amount of time on the social media network. Second, setup is quick, and results are quick. One of the advantages of Facebook advertising is that it is easily accessible. Setting up an account is quick and simple, and it may provide impressive results in a short period of time.

  • Advertizing on Facebook has never been simpler, whether you’re a tiny local business or a huge multinational organization.
  • Traffic or conversions may even be generated on the same day if you have the correct service or product.
  • Advertising that is highly targeted Like we previously indicated, Facebook receives a large amount of information from its large user base, all of which is submitted willingly.
  • You may target users based on their location, age, demography, gender, behavior, relationships, and hobbies when you advertise on Facebook as a business.
  • Facebook also provides a plethora of targeting choices that allow you to target certain factors such as recent purchase activity, life events, or even hyper granular targeting.
  • Is it costly to run a Facebook advertisement?
  • In addition to what has already been said, the cost of Facebook advertising will be determined by the bidding type you choose: cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM) (CPM).

If you choose for the cost-per-click approach, you will pay around $0.97 each click.

There are several methods to improve your Facebook advertisements and lower your advertising expenditures, just as there are numerous ways to optimize your Google Ads.

For a little fee, you can hire a Facebook Advertising firm to assist you in optimizing your campaign and getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

Facebook advertisements are supported by a sophisticated infrastructure that enables advertisers to design the most effective ad experience for their target demographic.

This is due to the fact that there are so many different alternatives and formats to pick from when advertising on the Facebook platform.

This form of material may be used to describe the specifics and benefits of your product or service to your customers.

Aside from that, Facebook allows you to select from a variety of various advertising objectives. To mention a few options, you have complete control over your ad language and style as well as your landing pages, delivery optimization, and bidding.

Social Media Marketing

Budgets, demographics, and personalities should all be determined in order to determine our target audience. From there, we set goals for our team and build benchmarks for them.


Every day, we put in long hours to develop social media advertising strategies for our clients. Monitoring, optimizing, modifying, and enhancing performance are all part of the job.


Facebook today has over 2 billion monthly active users, therefore your target audience is almost certainly on the social media platform.

Audience Data

Learn important facts about your target audience that will assist you in increasing your sales.


Using Facebook’s powerful monitoring and analytics system, you can optimize and grow your marketing initiatives.

CRM Integration

In order to guarantee that all leads are tracked, we make use of Hubspot’s free CRM, which is available to all customers.

Facebook Ads Agency:How Does It Work?

With social media, you have a tremendous potential to expand your brand and raise your sales, or to generate more leads and improve your online presence. Local and global customers benefit from our team’s work in Stuart, Florida, which assists them in achieving their marketing objectives by targeting Facebook users in a scalable and cost-effective manner. Facebook can target your clients down to the most minute of data, including age, gender, marital status, income, kind of house, interests, purchasing histories, and a slew of other factors.

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What we can do is assist you in determining your target demographic and then run advertisements that generate business replies.

Targeting The Right Audience On FacebookInstagram With The Right SMM Company

There are several options for targeting your advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. As a fundamental technique, targeting audiences based on demographics like as age, gender, and hobbies can deliver positive results. However, to get the most out of your campaigns, it’s important to create unique audiences based on the sorts of people that generate the most revenue for your organization. You may upload a list of your leads or customer email addresses to expedite the process of creating a bespoke audience for your business.

The purpose of our Facebook advertising agency is to create traffic to your website that results in sales or lead generation for your organization.

  1. A well-defined methodology for testing and growing audiences is required. Testing creativity on a weekly basis to see which ad sets will be successful
  2. Working to reduce your company’s cost of goods sold and increase its return on investment. By testing different ad wording variations, you can better understand the demands of your clients.

Need Help Generating More Leads or Sales With Facebook Ads?Get In Touch

We have a great deal of expertise working with a diverse variety of customers across a wide range of sectors and industries that are using paid advertising to promote their businesses. We can assist your company in increasing interaction, generating leads, increasing sales, increasing app installations, and achieving any other goal that Facebook has to offer. On the world, Facebook has risen to become one of the most effective marketing platforms available. The capacity to target advertisements to the most appropriate audiences has never been more accessible than it is now thanks to the sheer volume of data, creativity, and scalability available.

With more than 13 years of industry expertise, we can help you expand your digital marketing reach while you concentrate on operating your business. Contact us now to learn more.

1 Business LearningsResearch

In order to begin working on your project, we spend the necessary time getting to know your company, your goods and services, your business objectives, and your target audience. We need to be comprehensive in creating your social media marketing approach. Using all of your accessible resources, prior campaigns, statistics, website traffic, and any other information we gather, we will design the most effective campaign possible for your company. We will next utilize Facebook’s Insights tools, as well as our own proprietary algorithms developed in-house at our Stuart office, to identify the most appropriate audiences to target on Facebook.

Every company is unique, which is why it’s critical that we take the time to determine the plan that will work best for you.

This might be anything from increasing revenue to generating leads to developing your following to gaining app installations or achieving any other of Facebook’s goals.

Looking To Increase Your Online Presence With Social Media?Get In Touch

In order to begin working on your project, we spend the necessary time getting to know your company, its goods and services, its business goals, and its target audience. When it comes to developing your social media marketing strategy, we must be meticulous. Using all of your accessible resources, prior campaigns, statistics, website traffic, and any other information we gather, we will design the most effective campaign possible for your organization. Afterwards, at our Stuart office, we will employ Facebook’s Insights tools, as well as strategies developed in-house, to identify the most appropriate audiences to target on Facebook.

It is critical that we take the time to understand your business and develop a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

This might be anything from increasing revenue to generating leads to developing your following to acquiring app installations or achieving any other of Facebook’s goals and objectives.

Making ensuring the campaign gets off to the greatest possible start and continues to be successful is critical throughout the planning and strategy phase.

Increase RevenueWith FacebookInstagram Ads

Website traffic and conversions are the two most important performance metrics that we track. It is our responsibility to determine how much traffic your website receives and how many of those visitors really convert into the desired outcome. The amount of traffic received will fluctuate from month to month. It is dependent on 1) how effective we make your campaign and 2) how much money you have to spend on advertising. The more petrol we have in the tank, the more results we will be able to provide for you in the future.

  1. We will be able to track the number of conversions generated by our advertisements.
  2. As a result of this, we anticipate that your conversion rate will continue to improve over time.
  3. This comprises the pricing, the product quality, the website destination, and the market in which you are fighting with your competitors.
  4. In general, we like to develop a full-funnel plan that includes landing pages, creative assets, and campaign management services.
  5. We expect a minimum of $5,000/month in Facebook ad expenditure for our national accounts, with the possibility of increasing the amount if more favorable results are obtained.

ServicesWorking Together

You will be allocated a dedicated social media manager to help you with your marketing efforts. This individual has received training in social media marketing and is likely to have previous experience working with customers in a similar sector to yours. This individual will serve as your primary point of contact. Aside from that, each social media manager reports to a Director, who examines all deliverables before they are forwarded to the client. This is done to ensure that you obtain high-quality service and that difficult problems are resolved.

  • Following completion of the questionnaire, we will schedule a kickoff call with you to go over the results and answer any more questions you may have regarding your company.
  • No, you are under no obligation to furnish us with material.
  • Your paid search manager may create customized adverts that are tailored to your company’s image.
  • We can utilize this information to create adverts that will engage your target audience.
  • However, if you have material, we would be delighted to incorporate it.
  • The resources we have available include stock images, easy design software, and news sources that are relevant to our work.

We can utilize this information to create content that will interest your target audience. Are you interested in utilizing social media marketing to help your company grow? Fill out the form below to schedule a phone call with us to learn more about how we may assist you in reaching your goals.

How to Provide Access to Your Facebook Ads Account to an Agency

The reading time is 5 minutes. Congratulations! You’ve enlisted the assistance of a seasoned team to help you take your Facebook marketing to the next level. Your business is about to embark on what is likely to be your most lucrative year to yet. BUT… Before you can begin to reap the benefits of all of that Facebook marketing magic, there is one thing you must first do: Allow your agency to have access to your account! While you may be scratching your brain as to how to go about it, the processes are actually rather straightforward.

If you want to grant access to your Facebook Ads account to your new digital marketing firm, there are two alternative methods you can use, as well as numerous degrees of access that you may grant.

Notice that we place a strong emphasis on utilizing a Facebook Ads Business Manager Account, since this is the most effective method of granting access.

At the conclusion of this essay, we’ll supply you with a sly backdoor method via which you may grant access to your organization.

But First…

Does your Facebook Ads account have a Business Manager account that you can use to manage your ads? Setting up a Business Manager account is strongly recommended since it allows you to do the following:

  • Organize and manage all your accounts, advertising, pages, and applications in a single place. You may manage several accounts at the same time. Provide several degrees of access privileges to your team/agency members based on their roles and requirements
  • Maintain a central repository for all reporting
  • Become more readily partnered

If you haven’t previously joined up for Business Manager, follow these steps to get started with this crucial tool: Sign up for Business Manager 2. Create an account by selectingCreate Account.3. 4. Enter the name of your Business Manager (also known as your company name). 5. Enter your name and your company’s email address. Identify the principal Page you’ll be utilizing for your Business Manager by putting its name into the Search box and selecting the relevant page from the drop-down menu.6 Finally, you’ll want to add a Facebook Ads account to your Business Manager by putting the name of your Ads account in the Search box and clicking on it when it shows in the search results.

It has been successful for you to set up your Business Manager, add your company Page and Ads account, and you are ready to share access with your agency partner.

Now That You’ve Created Your Business Manager…

Now that you’ve completed the creation of your Business Manager, it’s time to get down to business with the rest of this post! So let’s get this party started!

  • To begin, go to and fill up the necessary information. Upon clicking on this, you will be sent to your Business Manager page
  • Business Settings may be found in the top right corner of the screen.
  • When you scroll over the menu icons (the blue “people” icon and the grey icons underneath it), the Settings menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. To assign a partner, selectAd Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be sent to the Settings menu when you scroll over the menu icons (the blue “people” icon and the grey icons below it). To assign a partner, click onAd Accounts.
  • Select Assign Partner from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • This will open a new panel in which you may add the details about your spouse

In most cases, you’ll want to provide the function of Admin to your digital marketing firm, because they’ll require it in order to efficiently manage your advertising. If you’re interested about what each of the jobs gives you access to, let’s take a short look at what each of them enables you to do: The role of administrator gives you complete control over your advertising account. They’ll be allowed to make changes to your billing information, add advertisements, and even post and control content on your fan page.

Advertiser – If you have a marketing staff in-house, you may want to go with this selection.

Consequently, you will be responsible for maintaining this information, and if a problem arises, your campaigns may be halted until you have resolved the problem.

This is the amount of access you may grant before employing a marketing agency or if you were teaching a member of your in-house staff who was inexperienced with Facebook advertising strategies.

  • Once you’ve decided on a Role for your spouse, you’ll be given a link that you can send to them to complete the process. This is one of the methods through which you can provide access. To provide access, click on the blue words that read, “Connect your business account using your partner’s company ID instead.” The second method is to send an email to the recipient.
  • When you click on this blue link, a new popup window will appear, prompting you to enter your agency’s partner ID. When you contact your agency, they will offer you with their ID (which can be found at the end of their Business Manager URL).

For example, clients of Uhuru can input the number 934536449904542. This is the moment at which both you and your advertising agency will get an email confirming that they have been granted access to your account and can begin managing your advertising.

Providing Access to Your Page(s)

You’ll also want to grant your agency full access to your Page(s) so that they can properly handle your advertising campaigns on your behalf. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Start up your Business Manager. Select “Business Settings” from the drop-down menu. To completely access the Settings Menu, move your cursor over the icons on the left. Pages can be accessed by clicking on them.
  • This will open a new panel in which you may add the details about your spouse

Note:Again, you’ll normally want to assign the job of Page Advertiser to your advertising agency because they’ll require it in order to successfully manage your advertising.

  • Once you’ve decided on a Role for your spouse, you’ll be given a link that you can send to them to complete the process. This is one of the methods through which you can provide access. To provide access, click on the blue words that read, “Connect your business account using your partner’s company ID instead.” The second method is to send an email to the recipient.
  • When you click on this blue link, a new popup window will appear, prompting you to enter your agency’s partner ID. A unique ID (found at the end of the agency’s Business Manager URL) will be provided to you by your agency.

For example, clients of Uhuru can input the number 934536449904542. This is the moment at which both you and your advertising agency will get an email confirming that they have been granted access to your account and can begin managing your advertising.

If You Don’t Have and Don’t Want a Business Manager…

Remember when we promised you that we would show you a clever backdoor method of gaining access to Business Manager without having to join up for the service? Here it is, at long last. To be honest, you should just have Business Manager installed on your computer. It’s simple and beneficial!)

  • Keep in mind that we promised you that we would show you a clever backdoor method of granting access to Business Manager without requiring you to join up? It’s finally here! To be honest, you should simply get Business Manager installed on your computer. You will find it to be simple and beneficial.
  • Hover your cursor over All Tools to see what they are. to completely open the menu, selectAd Account Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Click on Add User (Note: They must first be a friend of yours in order to be added)
  • Enter their name in the search box and choose your agency from the results
  • Choose their role (Administrator, Advertiser, or Analyst)

At this point, your advertising agency will receive notification that you have granted them access, and they will be able to begin administering your advertising campaigns.

Final Thoughts…

The next steps will walk you through the process of giving your digital marketing agency access to Facebook Ads, but if you get lost, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Your agency will be able to assist you in overcoming any barriers that you may encounter during your search. Cheers to making this year your most profitable ever using Facebook advertising!

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