5 Ways To Turn A 404 Error Into A Sale? (Perfect answer)

Here are five ways to turn those pesky 404 error pages into sales fast.

  1. Turn it into a search box. On-site search is a popular method that people still use to discover content.
  2. Turn it into a lead magnet.
  3. Offer coupons as exit intent.
  4. Direct users to your products or homepage.
  5. Leave an impression.

What is the solution for 404 error?

The simplest and easiest way to fix your 404 error code is to redirect the page to another one. You can perform this task using a 301 redirect. What’s 301, you may ask? It’s a redirect response code that signals a browser that the content has been transferred to another URL.

How do I redirect error 404?

How to redirect 404 error page to homepage in WordPress

  1. In Tools > Redirection > Add new redirection.
  2. In the Source URL box, type or paste the broken/old/altered URL.
  3. In the Target URL box, type or paste the new URL.
  4. Opt for URL and referrer in the match drop down.
  5. In the Action box, chose Redirect to URL.

Where do I find 404 errors in Google Analytics?

To find your 404 error pages, all you need to do is log in to your Analytics account and then go to Behavior » Site Content » Content Drilldown and look for 404.

Is 404 Bad for SEO?

404 error pages don’t really hurt your SEO, but there’s definitely a lot you can miss out if you don’t fix them. If you have backlinks pointing to pages on your website that return a 404, try to fix those backlinks and 301 redirect your broken URLs to relevant location.

How do I redirect a WordPress page without Plugin 404?

2 Answers

  1. Crate 404page in the admin.
  2. create a custom page template for that page.
  3. add your custom 404 content.
  4. open 404. php file in your theme.
  5. add this below code at the top of that file.
  6. try to find something that not found and you will be redirected to your custom 404 page.

How do I create a 404 website?

How to Create a Great Custom 404 Error Page

  1. Step 1: Design the Page. At the start of your design process, you need to decide how funny and creative you want your custom 404 page to be.
  2. Step 2: Configure the Server.
  3. Step 3: Test Your Configuration.
  4. Step 4: Track 404 Sessions in Google Analytics.

Should you redirect 404 pages?

404s should not always be redirected. 404s should not be redirected globally to the home page. 404s should only be redirected to a category or parent page if that’s the most relevant user experience available. It’s okay to serve a 404 when the page doesn’t exist anymore (crazy, I know).

How can I see 404 errors on my website?

To find the list of all 404 pages, you can log in to the Google search console account and click on Crawl errors under diagnostics. Click on not found, and you will see a list of all the links resulting in the 404 error. Click on any URL, and you will find all the pages where the broken link is linked.

How do I access a 404 page?

Note: you’ll need access to Google Analytics.

  1. Go to any 404 page and check its title tag.
  2. Log in to Google Analytics and navigate to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.
  3. Search for the 404 page’s title you found in the first step.
  4. Click on the found Title tag to explore all the URLs that return a 404 status code.

Does Google crawl links on 404 pages?

Google Remembers 404 Pages. Although Google may not keep a web page in its index, if the page used to exist, Google will remember that a web page used to exist at that URL and will crawl that old URL to see if it returned.

How do I fix 404 SEO?

Redirect the 404 error: Redirecting users to another relevant page is the easiest way to fix 404 errors on your site. Just make sure you redirect them to something relevant — don’t just send them back to your homepage.

How do I remove 404 pages from Google index?

Go to www.google.com/webmasters/tools, and make sure your domain is set up. Go to Google Index – Remove URL’s and copy paste in the URL, and tell Google the site has been removed completely. It will send in the information, and let Google approve the changes you’ve made.

How do I redirect a 404 page in HTML?

How to Redirect 404 to Homepage using. htaccess

  1. Open.htaccess file. You will typically find.htaccess file in your site’s root folder (e.g /var/www/html/).
  2. Redirect 404 to Homepage using. htaccess.
  3. Restart Apache Server. Restart Apache Server to apply changes $ sudo service apache2 restart.

5 ways to turn a 404 Error into a sale

Digital Group published an article on June 12th, 2020. If you’ve ever searched the internet, you’ve probably seen a 404 Error page, which means the link you clicked didn’t go anywhere. Not expecting to come on a website crammed with important information rather than a warning indicating that you are not allowed to enter is really aggravating. You then press the back button and never return to that page, causing the owner of that website to lose out on a possible sale since you visited another website instead of the original.

If you’re an owner of a website, why does this matter?

Published on June 12th, 2020 by Digital Group If you’ve ever searched the internet, you’ve probably seen a 404 Error page, which means the link you visited was broken. Not expecting to come on a website crammed with important information rather than a warning indicating that you are not allowed to enter is really aggravating. You then press the back button and never return to that page, causing the owner of that website to lose out on a possible sale since you visited another website instead of returning to the original one.

1. Turn your 404 Error page into a search facility

Give visitors who get on your 404 Error page an incentive to stay on your website in order to prevent them from leaving immediately. Incorporating a search box onto the page and including some nice language encourages visitors to return to your website, hence lowering the bounce rate from that page and increasing sales. By capturing data with Google Analytics, you may become even more intelligent. Keep track of the most frequently used search phrases and the paths that your visitors take. You may also include direct links to those common search phrases on the 404 Error page to make it more user-friendly.

2. Turn your 404 Error page into a lead magnet

Allowing visitors to your 404 Error page to remain on your website will reduce the likelihood of them leaving. Incorporating a search box onto the page and including some nice content encourages visitors to return to your website, hence minimizing the bounce rate from the page. If you use Google analytics to collect data, you may become even more intelligent. Keep track of the most frequently used search phrases and the paths that your visitors take across your website. Direct links to those popular search phrases can also be included in your custom 404 Error page.

3. Offer coupons as exit intent

When it comes to enticing potential customers, giving them coupons or discounts is a very effective strategy. When you give a coupon or discount to clients who are ready to leave your website, you may find that they remain longer to browse and perhaps even buy anything! Despite the fact that profit margins might be lower in some cases, discounts frequently encourage repeat purchases from existing consumers as well as the acquisition of new clients.

4. Direct your visitors to products or the homepage

We all know that 404 Error pages do not give visitors with the information they are searching for, but you can still use this as a chance to communicate with them in other ways. Do not make this page appear to be your homepage – it should be used as a directing tool only, otherwise visitors will become disoriented and leave.

Good design and layout are crucial, as is the inclusion of text that describes what your company stands for. Also, a clear connection to your products or services will help to keep their interest and direct them to your website.

5. Make a lasting impression

Make your 404 page work for you instead of against you. Maintain consistency in the style and branding of the page with the rest of your website, and include visually attractive pictures. Visitors should be informed that they have arrived to the wrong webpage, and they should be gently guided back to the main website. Incorporate sympathetic wording into your message, such as: “Oops! We apologize for the inconvenience, but you have arrived at this page by mistake. You may correct it by clicking the Fix It button, which will make a prominent button appear on the screen.

Reinforce your brand and lead visitors who come on that page on a trip via your website’s internal navigation.

Post navigation

Everyone has experienced the following scenario: you click on a referral link or a link from a Google search engine results page, but you are confronted by a “404 error.” Yes, when this occurs, we frequently bounce because we are unable to locate the relevant information. At some point, every website will experience difficulties with this problem. Despite the fact that you may have left your visitors perplexed and stranded, you may convert them into leads and perhaps devoted clients. In this post, we’ll show you how to take use of a 404 error on your website to your advantage.

Let’s get started!

Why does a 404 error mean?

A 404 error is frequently used to inform visitors that the page they were seeking for does not exist or that the URL they were using was wrong. This is a typical representation of what it looks like. It is not a good idea to just state “The page could not be found.” A standard 404 error page causes your visitors to become dissatisfied. In the unlikely event that they identify that they have arrived on such a page on your website, there is a very low likelihood that they will continue their trip with you.

Don’t give your guests the impression that they are trapped.

The majority of businesses examine the prospect that the error page might serve as a source of new leads and clients in the future.

1. Add Search Box

In many cases, a 404 error is used to inform visitors that the page they are seeking for does not exist or that the URL they entered was wrong. Typically, this is how it appears. Using the phrase “The page could not be found” is a terrible tactic. When your visitors encounter a standard 404 error page, they are likely to become annoyed. If they identify that they have arrived on such a page on your website, the likelihood that they will continue their trip with you is quite low. Another consequence of having a page like this is that it has a greater bounce rate and consequently worse website rankings.

Increase your conversions and transform a 404 page into a sale by utilizing it.

The majority of businesses examine the prospect that the error page might serve as a lead or client generator. Check out these top 5 techniques to enhance conversions and provide a better customer experience on the error page by following the instructions.

2. Invite visitors to check other pages or products

In order to convert visitors into buyers, you should also consider directing them to other sites or providing them with other items on your 404 error page. Using a standard message such as “The page does not exist” does not provide any assistance to visitors. Instead of leaving them frustrated, assist them in gathering further information. Visitors that arrive at your 404-page might be sent to the location you choose. A lot of the time, website owners direct users to the homepage of the site.

For example, visitors may be directed to a new product page or a deal.

Image source: Behance, which was used as inspiration.

3. Offer discount or coupons as exit intent

In order to convert visitors into buyers, you should also consider directing them to other sites or offering them other items on your 404 error page. Your visitors will not be helped by a standard message such as “This page does not exist.” Instead of leaving them upset, assist them in checking additional information. 404-page visitors can be sent to the location you choose. Frequently, website owners direct them to the front page of their site. However, keep your eyes peeled for alternative possibilities.

In order to avoid losing visitors, the purpose of 404 pages is to reroute them.

4. Turn the page into a lead magnet

It’s one of my favorite methods for converting 404 errors into conversions, and it’s simple. For example, have a look at the UI Movementerror page. They market their weekly newsletter in a really effective and inspiring manner. So, does it actually work? All you have to do is direct your visitor to take action. For example, you may advise that they sign up for your blog or email, attend a free webinar, download an eBook, or get anything useful that they could find interesting and useful. As a consequence, everyone benefits from the scenario.

Consider what you can provide to your visitors and incorporate lead magnets into your 404 error page to increase conversions.

5. Use your competitors’ 404 errors for your link building

404 errors are not necessarily detrimental to your computer’s performance. You can earn additional backlinks to your website as a result of this, which will be beneficial to you. The fact of the matter is that such mistakes are quite prevalent. Various websites have experienced a similar problem from time to time. In addition to your competition. All you have to do is look for such ties among your opponents. Everything is as straightforward as that. Make use of SEO tools and site analyzers to find out who your competitors are.

When you filter the data, you’ll see that some of the links are displaying with a 404 error message.

Gather these types of links and examine the domain authority of the sources.

So, for example, there is a link from a reputable blog on the page. It takes you to your competitor’s website, and you see that the link is no longer functional. Contact the website owner or editors and explain the problem. Provide a link to your resource despite the fact that it is now unavailable.


In certain cases, 404 errors are beneficial. You can earn additional backlinks to your website as a result of this, which is beneficial to you. This is a regular occurrence, and it is important to note. From time to time, different websites have a similar issue. You should also be aware of your rivals. All you have to do now is look for similar links among your competitors’ websites. It really is that straightforward. Check your competitor’s domain using SEO tools and site analyzers. You may simply locate sources that connect to competing websites by going to the analyzing backlinks page.

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Take advantage of this opportunity!

Websites having a high domain rate are possible to come across.

As a result, you discover that the link connects to your competitor’s site.

3 Ways to Turn Your 404 Error Page Into a Marketing Asset

An ideal world would be one in which you never had to deal with an unexpected 404 error page. If your links were never broken, resources would always be in the same place, and users could fluidly browse about your website by clicking on links, you’d be in good shape. Visitors to your website will occasionally see the dreaded 404 error page, which is as follows: In addition to the 404 error code, there are several other error codes that may be sent by a web server. However, the 404 error code is the most typical error code that visitors to your site will see.

It is possible that the page has been relocated to a different URL or that it has been deleted from the website entirely.

Making Marketing Focused 404 Pages

1. Search Box- Having a search box that is clearly displayed on the website is a fantastic feature. A fast search should point them in the correct way if they weren’t able to find what they were looking for on their last visit. You will almost certainly want to include a site navigation section as well, so that visitors can continue exploring your site without having to navigate back to a previous page. 3. Having a good time- Some websites like including amusing apologies in their 404 pages. Even while these aren’t absolutely necessary from a usability standpoint, they may go a long way toward calming a visitor who would otherwise be agitated or upset.

Marketing Focused 404 Page Examples

1. Smashing Magazine- This 404 page is both entertaining and functional, thanks to an apologetic image and simple navigation. 2. Cut and Taste- This is a fantastic 404 page that rapidly redirects the user to the page they were originally looking for. Three-point-zero (404) error page created by Psyked that explains what happened and provides some simple ideas to encourage visitors to continue navigating around the site. While we, as marketers, wish that visitors never encounter error pages, the reality is that this does occur on a limited basis.

It is essential to put some thought into them and to ensure that your visitors are able to locate what they are searching for on your website. What is the most creative 404 error page that you have ever seen or heard about?

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5 ways to get benefit out of 404 error page

Whenever someone visits your website using a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they anticipate to land on a specific post where they will get the information they are looking for. The question is, what happens if the page isn’t accessible for any reason? But what exactly occurs when a historical404 error pagewelcomes them rather than the precise post they were looking for? Basically, to put it bluntly, the visitor will frequently abandon your website without giving it a second consideration.

  1. It is typical for any website to experience problems with the 404 page.
  2. This does not imply that you should remain inactive and let 404 to wreck your business, resulting in a loss of conversions and potential money.
  3. Otherwise, you will leave a negative impression on them, which is not desirable.
  4. We’re all eager to get our hands on the necessary information as soon as possible.
  5. The likelihood that your visitors will not return a second time increases if they notice that they have landed on a 404 error page increases.
  6. Hopefully, there are certain ways you may leverage the 404 error page to your advantage in order to increase purchases.
  7. This post contains those same ideas, along with the greatest examples, that can help you transform your 404 error page into a profitable one for you.

What is 404 error page and why is it a matter of concern?

A “404 error page” is precisely what it sounds like, and it has a significant impact on your website’s traffic. In general, a 404 error is an HTTP status code that indicates that the server was unable to discover the page you were expecting to be sent to. In essence, the page does not exist on the specified website. As a result, when a person accesses it (maybe through a typographical error or a broken link), an error page welcomes them. “OOps, page not found” is the most likely error message you’ll get when you arrive at that particular page.

  • Typically, the very first thing a visitor would do is dismiss the browser window and navigate to another site.
  • It is possible that you may lose sales and visitors as a result of leaving your 404 page in this condition.
  • When connecting back to someone, it’s incredibly easy to make a typographical error.
  • The removal of outdated web pages or blog posts from your site without implementing a 301 redirect is another probable source of the problem.

This occurs in a variety of ways, and a few easy assumptions might result in an increase in the number of sales on your website.

Here are 5 unique tricksto turn those annoying 404 error into profitable opportunity.

Among the several methods by which users prefer to conduct searches, the On-site search technique continues to be a popular choice among them. When you’re perusing a blog site, it might be difficult to figure out what you’re searching for in particular. In such instance, an on-site search is a convenient feature that can be used to explore for the appropriate information to view. It assists you in reducing the length of your visit and completing the task in less time. Additionally, it functions in a same manner for a 404 error page.

2: Turn it into a Lead Magnet:

Lead magnets are critical components of any internet business’s marketing strategy. It’s almost guaranteed that many consumers will not convert on their first visit to your website. They simply aren’t ready to make a purchase from you. People may find you through a blog post, and even if they enjoy your material, they may choose not to provide you with any personal information. That suggests that you will need to employ a lead magnet at some point in order to collect email addresses. On our website, we employ similar methods on a regular basis.

And, guess what?

A lead magnet might be anything as long as it is of value to your visitors’ interests.

Using your 404 error page to create lead magnets is a sure-fire technique to grab emails and convert those visits into simple purchases for your business.

3: Offer Discount Coupons on Exit:

Lead magnets are critical components of any internet business’s marketing strategy. On their first visit, it’s almost clear that many individuals will not convert. The simple fact is that they are not prepared to purchase from you. Even if people find you through a blog article, they may not provide you with any personal information while like your material. Because of this, you’ll need to employ a lead magnet at some point in order to collect email addresses. On our website, we employ such tactics on a regular basis.

You might be surprised to learn that it is available in a variety of sizes.

In the case of an e-book, it may be a fantastic lead magnet for people who are interested in learning about SEO, or a video instruction, or free games/software, or a variety of other things to the appropriate individuals.

4: Direct visitors to your Product or Homepage:

Redirecting users to your product’s or website’s homepage is another excellent usage of the 404 page. A user who encounters a frequent 404 error page may become irritated and abandon the site quickly. A simple notice stating “The page you were seeking for does not exist” would not assist you in your endeavors, as selling is not a piece of cake for most people. It is possible that adding easy navigation may improve the game in terms of sales because it will give related ideas rather than leaving them in frustration.

Make certain that your users who have arrived at the 404 error page have a sufficient number of options. As a consequence, consumers will spend more time on your website, boosting the odds of making a transaction. Take, for example, the example provided by Planscope.

5: Leave an Impression:

It is possible to adopt a little less marketing-focused approach to 404 errors if your site does not receive a large number of them. Lead magnets, exit intent, and a search box are all excellent additions to a 404 page. In the event that you do not have enough, there are still other possibilities available, and one of the most fascinating ones is to make a positive impression on your customers. You have the ability to make their visit on your site delightful. It just takes a fraction of a second to make an impact on the internet.

Blizzard Entertainment has done it in a creative and innovative way.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below with us.

  • When you click on a link, you are taken to a 404 error page, which indicates that the page you requested does not exist on the site you are visiting. We’ve all been there at one point or another.and it may be really inconvenient at times. With the amount of time I spend on the internet on a daily basis, I quickly run out of fingers while attempting to tally how many times I have found myself on a website’s 404 error page. In fact, I recently visited more than 30 websites to check how they created their 404 error pages, which I found to be rather interesting. Despite the fact that some brands appeared to have worked out how to make their error pages work to their benefit, I was surprised by the large number of companies that failed to capitalize on this opportunity. Because, after all, when someone visits your 404 pages, isn’t it a sign that they were interested in what you had to offer? Why not transform a terrible experience into a positive one? Remember that achieving success online and increasing revenue boils down to one crucial factor: providing a positive client experience. So with that in mind, let me to show you a few instances of 404 pages that may transform a moment of stress into a chance to make your business stand out from the crowd

What is a 404 page and why should it be optimized?

To begin, let’s define exactly what a 404 error page is and why it matters to your website’s users. In a nutshell, a 404 error page is an HTTP status code that indicates that the server was unable to locate the page you attempted to access. The most common reason for receiving an error 404 notice is when website content has been deleted or relocated to a different location. However, there are several more factors that might result in the creation of a 404 page, including:

  • The URL or its content (such as files or pictures) has been either removed or relocated (without changing any internal links to reflect this)
  • And
  • The URL was wrongly written (during the construction process or during a redesign), the link was incorrectly connected, or the URL was incorrectly input into the browser
  • The website is not accessible because the server that hosts it is not operational or because the connection has been lost. The domain name system (DNS) is unable to translate the requested domain name to an IP address
  • As a result, The domain name you typed does not exist (any more)
  • When a user puts in or clicks on an outdated link, they may receive a 404 (user error) error message as a result.

Given this background, let’s attempt to address the second part of the question: Why should it be optimized? You may not always be aware of the entry point via which your visitors enter your website. So give it some thought. A 404 page might serve as a visitor’s first exposure to your complete company’s operations. Someone may get an email with a link to your website prior to the URL structure being altered. When users attempt to access that particular page on your website, they may be sent to a 404 error page instead.

In addition to being optimized in accordance with the brand strategy, the best404 pages also serve as a means of telling a company’s narrative.

Understanding what brought a visitor to your site is the first step in optimizing a 404 error page.

  • In order to understand what they are attempting to do, what they are seeking for, and what your organization solves,

In order to personalize or rather optimize your 404 pages in a way that does not frustrate clients, you should conduct JTBD interviews to learn about their intentions.

8 Ideas on How to Increase Conversions on 404 Error Pages

In the next part, I’d like to share with you a variety of ideas that are both fascinating and unique. 404 error page experiences should be unique to you and your company, but they should also be informed by consumer interviews, so keep that in mind at all times.

This will assist you in addressing the negative influences (customers’ concerns and habits) that may be preventing your consumers from completing the conversion process successfully. Let’s now have a look at several instances of 404 error pages, starting with the most basic one.

1. Display Some Of Your Products

If a visitor gets up on an error page of an e-commerce website, it is likely that they were seeking for a specific product to purchase. A possible transaction of this nature shouldn’t be thrown away without a fight. There is something that may be done to convert that dissatisfied visitor into a paying customer, though. Showcase the most popular searches or goods on your site. WhatSteve Maddendoes is precisely what you would expect: A creative technique to capture clients’ attention to your items and influence their purchasing decisions, this is a great strategy.

  1. A high-resolution photo or video is one of the features that an eCommerce website should have in order to remain relevant and competitive, according to Search Engine Journal.
  2. But I was taken aback when I saw this from Soft Surroundings: “Soft Surroundings has squandered a golden chance.” I’m referring to the fact that photos sell, not content, in the world of eCommerce, which is an unwritten rule.
  3. People want to see the actual thing, not a replica.
  4. They are very certainly losing a significant amount of revenues as a result of this oversight.
  5. Make it simple for your consumers to choose you by showing what you have to offer when they arrive at your 404 error page.
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2. Turn it into a search box

There is no need to emphasize the significance of a search box on an eCommerce website. If your eCommerce shop contains hundreds of pages that are all categorised, it may be tough for consumers to discover what they’re searching for simply by scrolling or browsing around. Customers will be able to complete their objectives more quickly if they have a search box. What’s more, it works the same way for a 404 error page. Making it possible for your website visitors to search for the product they’re looking for is (nearly) a sure strategy to assist them in finding exactly what they’re looking for.

This is an example of a website that has transformed their site into a search bar: Etsy

3. Add user reviews of your products

During my investigation of 404 pages on various websites, I was unable to locate any that included customer evaluations on their error pages.

That, in my opinion, is a squandered opportunity, especially given the importance of user feedback. User reviews were the subject of one of our own research projects, titled “The Importance of Customer Reviews,” which revealed the following:

  • Consumers place the same amount of faith in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. Positive customer ratings, according to 72 percent of respondents, increase their trust in a company. A product with four or more stars will be purchased by about ninety percent of buyers

As you can see from the data presented above, including user reviews on your 404 error pages has a great likelihood of raising your conversion rate. Once again, user-generated evaluations might persuade prospects who arrive on your error page that your items or services are worth their time. Give them a shot.

4. Use it as a lead magnet

Every page on your website should, from the standpoint of conversion rate optimization, move a visitor farther down the sales funnel in the hopes that they will make a purchase. When it comes to developing your 404 error pages, this is something that should be etched into your memory. If you want to increase the conversion rate of your 404 error pages, one method to do it is to put a lead magnet on each page. Alead magnetis basically an incentive that you provide to website visitors in exchange for their providing you with their name and contact information.

  1. However, the fact is that visitors do not always convert on their first visit, particularly if they get on the incorrect page.
  2. You’ll need to utilize a lead magnet to get their email addresses, which you can find here.
  3. It might be in the form of an ebook, a checklist, or a video recording of a previously recorded webinar.
  4. Does this imply that you should pass up the opportunity to capture prospects’ email addresses?
  5. You may just request your clients’ email addresses in the same way thatBan.dodoes does: Given that the prospect is likely to be in a state of irritation, it is always preferable to provide something in return for a prospect’s contact information.
  6. In general, if you want individuals to provide you with their personal information, you will need to incentivize them to do so.

5. Leave an impression

When you have a well-established brand, it is OK to take a more conservative marketing approach from time to time. It is possible for your consumers to form positive impressions of your brand by including some lightheartedness on your 404 error pages. Attempting to make people laugh during an unpleasant situation might help them forget about the inconvenience of landing on the incorrect website. Amazon decided to go for a more personal touch on its 404 error pages in order to create a lasting impression: Amazon’s 404 error pages include random staff dogs, and a link to a website titled “Meet the dogs of Amazon” directs you to a page dedicated to the company’s canines.

Instead of relying on their products or services, Unsplash appeals to consumers’ positive emotions and sense of humor in order to establish a connection with them and create an entertaining experience that distinguishes the business.

The average person forms an opinion about someone online in two to three seconds, according to numerous research. As a result, when a visitor arrives on your error page, make the experience worthwhile.

6. Guide your visitors

When you have a well-established brand, it is OK to take a more conservative marketing strategy at times. It is possible for your users to form positive impressions of your brand by including some lightheartedness in their 404 error pages. Try to make consumers chuckle while they are experiencing frustration to help them forget about the inconvenience of arriving on the incorrect page. Amazon went for a more human touch on its 404 error pages in an attempt to create a lasting impression. Amazon’s 404 error pages include random staff dogs, and a link to a website titled “Meet the dogs of Amazon” directs you to a page where you may learn more about them.

The brand Unsplash does not rely on its products or services to form a relationship with people; instead, they rely on positive emotions and humor to create an engaging experience that distinguishes the brand.

The average person forms an impression of someone online in two to three seconds, according to several research.

7. Add a human touch

Any online page that lacks a human touch will fail to develop relationships with visitors. This includes any 404 error pages that you may have. The love and concern that you pour into your error page will help you create stronger relationships with people that go there by accident. Your error page should be as human as possible. This increases the likelihood that visitors will be more understanding and forgiving of the error. It’s not a bad idea to include a human face, your name, and information about your company’s operations on your 404 pages.

Take a look at this fantastic example from Mint: Visitors that arrive at the Mint error page will be given a brief introduction to Justin, the man who created the brand in the first place.

In addition to Email Center UK, which has an unusual personal touch to its 404 error page, there is another wonderful example of a 404 error page: Email Center UK put a personal touch to their 404 page in a way that was both engaging and entertaining.

The addition of such a personality will dramatically increase the retention of visitors’ interest and lower the bounce rate of the site.

8. Use exit-intent popups

When a visitor is ready to leave your site because they have arrived on the incorrect page, there is something that can be done to halt them in their tracks. Create a popup with the goal of exiting. Including an exit-intent popup on an error page that has been well-designed may provide value and offer users an incentive to stay on a website. Despite the fact that it is commonly stated that people do not like pop-ups in general, I believe that it is dependent on what you are saying in that pop-up.

One method is to provide a voucher or a discount to the customer.

In order to give a 10 percent discount on their 404 error page, Electric Family employs an exit-intent pop up: Knowing how much happiness coupons and discounts can provide, it’s reasonable to infer that the Electric Family may have avoided losing more guests and experiencing higher bounce rates by using this strategy.

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the concept of exit-intent popups on 404 pages – my only concern is that they may be used as a first impression by offering a discount.

Once your consumers have experienced your discounts, it is possible that they may never purchase a product at full price again.

The other method you can utilize an exit-intent pop up on your 404 error pages is to give something that will encourage customers to enter their email addresses into your database.

Watch the video below to learn more about how SEO Copywriting implements this strategy:They also deploy a progress bar that informs viewers that they are just 25% away from downloading the “10 SEO Copywriting Hacks” report.


  • Your 404 page is a component of your website, which means it should be optimized because it may lead to an increase in conversions as well as a drop in bounce rate when properly designed. There are a variety of things you can do to prevent a visitor from leaving your website after appearing on your 404 error page. If you make certain that your page provides a solution that will assist visitors in getting out of this bind, you will never go wrong
  • Nonetheless,

Simba Dube is the Growth Marketing Manager at Invesp. He has over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry. A marketing strategist by profession, he has a strong interest in digital marketing, content marketing, and customer experience optimization. View All of Simba Dube’s Blog Posts

» 5 Ways to Turn Your 404 Page from Blah to Aha!

Tuesday, November 15th, 201113FlaresFilament.io – 13FlaresFilament.io Made with 13Flares (see “FlareMore Info” for further information). The recommendations provided in the following article can be implemented on your website. At the present moment, Nexternal does not provide customized 404 pages. In the event that you click on a broken link or type in an erroneous URL, you will be directed to a “404 Page Not Found” page. What a person sees on this page is determined by the website being visited.

  1. In most cases, when you visit a 404 page, you will receive an unattractive “Not Found” notice with variable degrees of seeming nonsense, depending on which browser you are using.
  2. It is important not to leave anything to chance.
  3. Here are some suggestions about how to make the most of this mistake page that many visitors find themselves on by chance: Make a coupon available.
  4. Make certain that it is clickable and that it is not crowded with content.
  5. Make a suggestion as to where the guest should go.
  6. Afterwards, in the main content box, you may include links to popular goods or sections of your website.
  7. Allow them to conduct their search.


A good sense of humour.

At the very least, mark it with your logo.

The default error page is absolutely devoid of any sort of design or color, and it appears to be quite amateurish in appearance.

It happens more frequently than you may imagine!

Here’s how to accomplish it: Notice that the following steps are based on regular paid web hosting with FTP access and the use of an Apache server.) Customizing the 404 page or gaining access to the FTP server may be prohibited by certain web providers.

  1. Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) are both good plain text editors to start with. Copy and paste the following text into the text editor of your choice: error document 404 /page-not-found.html
  2. 404 page not found
  3. Save the file with the extension.htaccess.txt. Make careful to include the dot at the beginning of the file name
  4. Otherwise, it will not work. This file should be uploaded to the main root directory of your website through FTP. Rename the file on your web server so that it is now named.htaccess, and remove the.txt extension from the name of the file on your web server. In order for your new 404 page to function properly, you must first create an entirely new web page with the filename filepage-not-found.html. This new page should be uploaded to your website’s main root directory using FTP software

That should take care of it! For anyone looking for further inspiration or ideas for your website, here are 60 creative 404 pages to consider. The 15th of November, 2011 is a Tuesday. Zoe works as a web designer during the day and as a cape-wearing super-hero at night. Though not literally, her job title at Nexternal as a web designer is true. She has over 14 years of experience coding HTML, CSS, and other mysterious web things. She also takes pleasure in assisting others, which she describes as “channeling her inner hero.” Profile on Google+

21 Stunning 404 Pages to Convert Lost Visitors [2021]

Was it possible that your 404 error page may really help you enhance your conversions and profits? We understand that it appears to be too wonderful to be true. However, with a little time and work put into creating the ideal 404 page design and good SEO, you may convert lost visitors into returning clients. In this piece, we’ll go through 21 of the most creative 404 pages we’ve come across. In addition, we’ll explain why they’re effective. 404 pages are important for your digital marketing plan, but before we get into the specifics of the list, let’s define what they are and why they are important.

What Is a 404 Page (Why They Matter)

404 pages are pre-determined pages that your visitors will arrive to if they input or click on a problematic URL that is associated with your site’s domain. In the event that you were looking for a certain page on OptinMonster but mistyped the URL, you would end up on this page: name misspelled.html The user would be alerted immediately that they have arrived at the incorrect location and offered alternatives on where to go instead. In the above example, the user may either navigate to the Homepage or the Contact Uspage, or they could utilize the navigational search box to get what they were searching for.

  1. As your website grows, it is possible that your links will alter or break over time.
  2. If your website does not have a 404 page, you may most certainly say goodbye to that prospective lead for good at this point.
  3. From there, you may direct them through your sales funnel, increasing the likelihood of them becoming repeat clients and increasing sales.
  4. It is simple to get started and does not necessitate the use of any code.
  5. It is literally anyone’s dream to develop professional and high-converting 404 pages that reroute people while also improving the user experience.
  6. When working with SeedProd, you are not need to be a professional designer (or even “tech-savvy,” for that matter).

Do you want to give it a go for yourself? Please click here to open a completely risk-free SeedProd account right away! In addition, we’ll take a look at 21 of the greatest 404 error page examples we can locate to provide some further inspiration.

Best 404 Page Examples

Why it works is as follows: Prior to this, we had previously received a look of OptinMonster’s 404 page in another post. However, because it is such a clear example, we will begin the list with it. The fact that this page is so useful is once again the key selling point. There are three alternatives available to the users. They can choose to do one of the following:

  • Back to the Homepage
  • Back to the Contact Uspage
  • Navigational search bar
  • Back to the Homepage
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However, the end aim is always the same: to keep people on the OptinMonster website as long as possible. And we can state from personal experience that this page accomplishes the goals for which it was created.

2. WPForms

This is yet another example of a 404 error page that is as simple as possible to understand why it works. The page makes use of humorous language (“whoops”) and invites users to navigate the site using their search bar.Users aren’t given a plethora of options because that can be overwhelming, and they can still navigate the site using their main header menu at the top of the page.One thing we might improve, however, is the addition of a CTA button or link to give users easier access back to the homepage.

3. Pixar

Why It Is Effective When it comes to innovation, Pixar is head and shoulders above the competition. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they have created an entertaining, creative, and engaging 404 page as an example. Interesting to note is that they do not provide a search bar for users to use when navigating to find what they’re looking for on the site. OptinMonster and WPForms, for example, have superior 404 pages than other sites in this category. Pixar’s page, on the other hand, is intended to make the user smile, and they certainly succeed in doing so.

After then, visitors may go back across the site via the main menu at the top of the page.

4. Disney

Why It Is Effective As we witnessed with Pixar, Disney’s 404 page is a fantastic representation of the company’s identity. It also includes animation from their blockbuster film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, as you can see in the image above. It’s an excellent method of re-engaging consumers with the Disney Universe. Additionally, they offer a navigational search box (unlike Pixar) to assist their viewers in finding what they’re seeking for on their website.

5. Netflix

Why It Is Effective Netflix has a humorous page from one of the films they have available, Lost in Space, which you can view here. It’s a terrific fit, especially when you consider the reason people are visiting the website. The most important thing to notice about this page is the large CTA button in the middle that says Netflix Home. This returns viewers back to the Netflix site, allowing them to find the page or movie they’re seeking for more easily. Once again, something as easy as providing a link back to the homepage is more than sufficient to improve the user experience on a 404 error page.

6. Hulu

Why It Is Effective Another example of a 404 page can be seen on the website of Netflix’s competitor, Hulu. What’s noteworthy about this page is how minimal it is in terms of design. There are no colors, and the only button that says “OK” is the one that says “OK.” While clicking on this button returns users to the homepage, it is not immediately evident from the copywriting that this is the destination the user is seeking.

However, if a mega-brand such as Hulu is doing something, the chances are that it is because it is effective.

7. Nerf

Why It Is Effective Nerf has a well-designed 404 page that includes a humorous image and a prominent call-to-action button that says “Go to Brands.” It also provides an explanation on how the visitor ended up on this page (“the link is either obsolete or has changed,” for example). This explanation is beneficial to their intended audience, who is older children. This is significant since that age group is likely to be less familiar with a 404 page and will most likely be unaware of what it is when they see one.

8. Tripadvisor

Why It Is Effective Tripadvisor has a 404 page that is both entertaining and dynamic. The copywriting team makes light of the fact that they have misplaced the page but not your bags. As a result, it is absolutely on-brand for the travel website and urges the visitor to click to the following four primary parts of their site:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • There are things to do
  • Rentals for vacations

This is a wonderful method of re-engaging the consumer and assisting them in their further planning of their future trip.

9. Constant Contact

Why It Is Effective Constant Contact communicates with their target demographic in a more casual manner, which appeals to them (younger startups and digital marketers). “Things are no longer amazing anymore,” says the not-so-buttoned-down phrase, which gets the point out swiftly. There is a short link back to the homepage provided by them after that. Among the things we’d change is the rhetoric around the call to action. “You may either go back to the previous page or try one of the links below.” However, following that, the customer is only given the option of selecting one of two links.

10. Slack

Why It Is Effective Slack created a completely animated backdrop for their 404 error page, which you can see below. This is an excellent method of keeping users interested and allowing them to spend a bit more time on your site. A link to the Help Center is also provided, albeit there is no button to return to the main page. The company does, however, give a number of links in the footer menu that might assist consumers in returning to the page they were looking for.

11. Lego

Why it works is as follows: Not only is Lego’s 404 page completely consistent with the brand, but it’s also entertaining and simple to navigate. There is no technical jargon, and there is no mention of a “404 error,” which some people may find difficult to comprehend. All your visitor needs to know is that they didn’t get to the page they were looking for on your website. They aren’t very concerned with the reasons; all they want is a solution.

12. Email Center UK

It works because Email Center UK employs a two-part 404 page that removes all of the blame from the visitor, allowing them to enjoy themselves while working out their 404 frustrations.You’ll notice that this page does not blame the user for the problem.Instead, they’re apologetic.They turn the page into a game in which the user is held responsible for a development mistake You’ll see something like this after clicking on the name of the individual you’d like to fire:This is a technique to convert your 404 page into a small game that promotes engagement while also improving the user experience.

13. List25

Why it works: This 404 error page from List25 is so well-designed and on-brand that it hurts your eyes. When presenting an error message, one of the most important user experience design best practices is to include an explanation of what went wrong. List25 provides 25 explanations, some of which are serious and others of which are humorous. While they feature a search option at the top of the page to save users from scrolling all the way down the list, we’re certain that the vast majority of List25 visitors will do so anyway.

14. Brett Terpstra

Why it works is as follows: One of the most irritating aspects about 404 error pages is that they might indicate that a page has reached a dead end. Depending on how effectively the website is built, you may find yourself with nowhere to proceed from where you are currently. Brett Terpstra’s 404 page displays a list of blog articles that include keywords that are connected to the URL you were attempting to reach. Because the postings are hyperlinked, it is simple and quick to get to them. The page isn’t particularly eye-catching, but it is quite useful.

15. Steve Madden

Why it works is as follows: Visitors who arrive at Steve Madden’s 404 page are given many alternatives. The search box is a terrific addition to any 404 error and having a few various options of seeking help lets visitors know that they’re listening. They also add links to other popular items in order to divert visitors’ attention away from what could otherwise be a highly stressful encounter. It’s deceptive and effective. Your 404 error notice language and design might assist you in regaining the attention of your lost visitors.

Some elements to add in your 404 page design are as follows:

  • Menu navigation
  • A link to the homepage
  • And a contact form. Incorporate a link to your sitemap. The presence of a search bar
  • Links to widely read articles

Back-to-the-home page link in the navigation menu; Inclusion of a link to your sitemap Input field for searching; Hyperlinks to widely read articles;

16. 9gag

Why it works is as follows: The sole goal of 9gag’s 404 page is to get you to download their app. They don’t even bother to pretend to be interested in anything else. An amusing finishing touch is to include an entire page of the iconic Pulp Fiction Travolta gif in the backdrop. The aim here is to keep things as simple as possible. It is true that we just discussed providing strategies to keep your visitors browsing, but we did not suggest that you overburden them with too many alternatives.

17. Path

Why it works:404 Path’s page is plain and easy to understand. To avoid having broken links and missing pages, they provide users with the opportunity to contact Path support and get it fixed as soon as possible. It’s important to note that Path includes a navigation footer in case the visitor decides not to report the problem and instead choose to browse around instead. This offers the visitor the ability to make decisions for themselves and helps to alleviate their frustration.

The purpose of this page is to provide visitors with an opportunity to report an issue. There are a few different methods to go about it. For example, you could make it as basic as Path and only give the option to contact support. Another alternative is to fill out a feedback form on the website.

18. IMDB

Why it works is as follows: On its 404 page, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) displays a movie quotation. The branding is kept to a minimum here. Neither movie posters nor trailers are displayed to compete for the attention of visitors. IMDB provides little more than a movie quotation, a link to the site’s homepage, and a link to the movie in question. When creating your 404 error page, be sure to keep your brand’s recognition in mind. Instead of being unsettling, your users will find it reassuring to continue to interact with the same brand that they have grown to know and love.

19. Everipedia

For the most part, it works since Everipedia’s 404 page is what a user would expect from an online encyclopedia. This serves to remind visitors why they enjoy the site and why they keep returning. In the words of TED speaker and marketer Renny Gleeson, “A little mistake may tell me what you aren’t,” when it comes to the 404 error page. “Alternatively, remind me why I adore you.” Make use of your 404 page to remind visitors of the reasons they adore your company. What is your one-of-a-kind selling proposition?

If you can swiftly respond to that question on your 404 pages, you’ll be well on your way to converting your lost visitors into paying clients.

20. Heyzap

Why it works: Who doesn’t enjoy playing video games? Adding an interactive feature to Heyzap’s 404 page ensures that visitors will be amused and engaged on the site for an extended period of time. Perhaps even long enough for them to get over their disappointment at having ended up on an error page in the first place! No, you are not required to create a video game. However, you should think about including an interactive feature on your page. Visitors to your site will have something to do if they get a 404 error page if you include an interactive feature.

21. Amazon

Why It Is Effective If a firm like Amazon is having a good time with its 404 page, it stands to reason that you should as well. Amazon begins by apologizing emphatically in large, bold characters. It then returns them to Amazon’s site or invites them to meet “the dogs of Amazon,” depending on their preference. This playful redirect is a terrific strategy for businesses to retain visitors on their website for extended periods of time. After all, who doesn’t like the company of dogs? And that’s all there is to it for today!

We hope you found this article interesting.

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These articles will provide you with all you need to know in order to design better and more conversion-optimized landing pages for your websites.

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