4 Best Tools For Social Listening? (Suits you)

Best Social Media Listening and Tracking Tools

  • HubSpot Social Media Management Software.
  • Sprout Social.
  • Falcon.io.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Buffer.
  • TweetReach.
  • BuzzSumo.
  • Keyhole.

What are social listening tools?

So first, what is social listening? A social media listening tool is a software that monitors and analyzes online conversations about your brand, a specific topic, your competitors or anything else that’s relevant to your company. It pulls in mentions of specified keywords and helps marketers analyze these mentions.

What makes a good social listening tool?

Good social listening is all about choosing the most relevant keywords for your brand. The keywords and topics you monitor will likely evolve over time. Using social listening tools, you will learn what kinds of words people tend to use when they talk about your business and your industry.

How do you make a social listening tool?

Track Every Important Conversation: 6 Simple Ways to Build a Social Listening Dashboard

  1. Monitoring sees trees; listening sees the forest.
  2. Step 1: Build keyword phrase alerts in Mention.
  3. Step 2: Import Your Mention updates into Feedly.
  4. What social listening tips have you found to be most useful for you?

What are the best tools for social media monitoring and why?

12 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Consider

  • Keyhole. Keyhole helps you monitor your Twitter and Instagram accounts – you can look at keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames.
  • Hootsuite.
  • Twitter Counter.
  • Digimind.
  • TweetReach.
  • Sprout Social.
  • Klout.
  • Buzzlogix.

What are social listening strategies?

16 Social Listening Strategies:

  • Develop Leads by Pinpointing Prospects.
  • Develop Leads through Dissatisfied Competitor Customers.
  • Learn Your Audience’s Language.
  • Identify Influencers.
  • Find Feedback.
  • Start Conversations with Users Who Don’t Tag You.
  • Keep Tabs on Industry News and Developing Trends.

What is the best social media monitoring tool?

8 social media monitoring tools

  • Hootsuite.
  • Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch.
  • Talkwalker.
  • Nexalogy.
  • Mentionlytics.
  • Reputology.
  • Tweepsmap.
  • Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro.

What is social listening?

Social Listening is the process of understanding the online conversation about a company or brand, as well as its products and services. Social listening allows you to understand what your customers are talking about, what they think, how they feel and what they need from your business.

Is buffer a social listening tool?

Buffer is a great social media management platform for any small business with limited time or money to spend on social media. And with their new engagement tools, they’ve patched up one of their biggest weaknesses, making them a pretty solid all-rounder in the social media management industry.

How can I listen to my audience?

9 Ways to Listen to Your Audience (And Not Just Hear Them)

  1. Audience Surveys. Obviously, one of the best ways to find out what your audience wants is to ask them.
  2. Analytics.
  3. Blog Comments.
  4. Intent Data.
  5. Crowdsourcing.
  6. Social Listening.
  7. Your Sales Team.
  8. Your Support Team and Account Reps.

How do you do social monitoring?

8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Social Media Monitoring

  1. Think beyond your handle.
  2. Monitor keywords important to your industry.
  3. Keep an eye on your competitors.
  4. Identify power users on social networks.
  5. Include your customer support team.
  6. Have a crisis plan in place.
  7. Listen to more than just Twitter.

What is the best tool of public relations?

Top 9 Tools of Public Relations

  • Fact Sheets:
  • Press Kits:
  • Video News Releases:
  • Employee/Member Relation Programme:
  • Community Relations Programme:
  • Financial Relations Programme:
  • Events:
  • Publications: Companies rely on extensively on published materials to reach and influence their target markets.

What is online monitoring tools?

The system compiles all relevant information about every project in one system. These data can then be accessed by different users (beneficiaries, committees, controllers, the Joint Secretariat etc.) depending on the user rights of each user and what they need to know.

What is the best social media monitoring tool for Facebook?

1. Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of the best free social media listening tools available and covers multiple social networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare and Google+. It is well known for its social media management functions.

8 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Save You Time

Social media monitoring tools are the most effective approach to find out what people are saying about your company on social media platforms. As well as what they’re saying about your product, your rivals, your industry, your Super Bowl ad, your pandemic response, your customer service wait times, your new mascot, or anything else on which your target audience could have an opinion. Who is to say, social media monitoring software collects and provides audience and competition insights for firms that wish to pay attention.

First and foremost, here is an outline of how we at Hootsuite do social media monitoring (and listening!) : Bonus: Download a free guide to discover how to utilize social media monitoring to increase sales and conversions as soon as possible.

The practice of following hashtags, keywords, and mentions that are important to your business in order to keep updated about your audience and the industry is referred to as social media monitoring.

You’ll receive information that can assist you in determining things such as:

  • (i.e., what percentage of the conversation is about you, as opposed to what percentage of the conversation is about your rivals)
  • Social share of voice Mood of the talk (i.e., how is everyone’s mood in the chat)
  • Social Return on Investment (i.e., how much money your dollar investment in social is earning back)
  • Hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your content (for example, which Instagram hashtags or YouTube keywords you might wish to employ in the future to broaden your audience reach)
  • (For example, what is your audience discussing, what new ideas, aesthetics, or memes are cropping up, are the platforms giving new tools and services, etc.) Trends

For brands, social monitoring is a critical component of being a good social citizen and, more broadly, of being successful on social media. A new client who has just stepped through the door, for example, would not be subjected to a high-pressure sales pitch (or instructional lecture, or, for that matter, a stand-up act). You’d start by listening to them and trying to find out what they’re searching for or why they’re at your office in the first place. In the same way, paying attention to what others are saying on social media is vital in order to remain current and interesting, as well as to avoid making off-key errors.

  1. Is it possible to just cancel the LimitedEdition of the firecracker?
  2. 2020 is in desperate need of some positive news!
  3. Try to attract some clients who will adore you in the same way that Johnsonville Sausage’s customers adore them.
  4. Social listening is more than just collecting and evaluating metrics; it also entails taking action.
  5. You may learn more about social listening by reading our article.

The reason for this is that we’ve put up this list of our favorite tools for making the work faster, easier, and—dare we say it—more enjoyable. (It’s fine, you don’t have to give me that expression.)


What platforms does it monitor? All of the main social media networks. In addition to being perhaps the most straightforward social monitoring tool on our list, Hootsuite’s customized search streams will monitor any social platform you want so that you can see what’s going on at a quick look. Focus on the most important subjects, trends, and social profiles by using keywords, hashtags, places, and particular persons to narrow your search.

2.Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch

What platforms does it monitor? All of the main social media networks. Are you ready to get down to the meat of the discussion? Hootsuite Insights is powerful enough to qualify as more of a social listening app than a social monitoring app, but it will provide you with an instant overview of millions of online conversations taking place in real time. Search for any topic or keyword, and filter by date, demographics, location, and more. You’ll be able to identify thought leaders or brand advocates, gain a better understanding of how your brand is perceived in the market, and receive immediate notifications if and when your mentions increase (for good or for bad.)


What exactly does it monitor? The majority of major social media networks, as well as the wider web. With more than 50 filters, Talkwalker can monitor conversations across 150 million data sources, including blogs, forums, videos, news sites, review sites, and social networking sites. Engagement, reach, comments, and brand sentiment can all be readily tracked and analyzed. Bonus: Watch our AMA with Talkwalker to learn more about the subject.

4. Nexalogy

In what areas does it monitor? : most key platforms plus the larger webNexalogy’s top-tier data visualizations distinguish it from the competition: interactive timelines, geolocation-based heat maps, and lexical cluster maps that indicate common trends in subject. In addition, there is the “basic” information that would take a human being weeks to figure out, such as the most popular terms and the most active accounts.


What exactly does it monitor? All social media sites as well as the wider web. This tool for professional-grade social media monitoring records mentions, keywords, and sentiment across many languages using Mentionlytics’ proprietary technology.


What exactly does it monitor? Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other review sites, among others. When it comes to customer-facing enterprises, a negative review may be devastating if it isn’t handled with properly and promptly. You can monitor key review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews from a single dashboard thanks to Reputology’s integration. With fast connections, you can keep track of activity across numerous stores and locations and respond to it quickly.


What does it keep an eye on? Twitter. Using this combo analytics/social monitoring tool, Twitter power users can see how hashtags and topics migrate around the network, allowing you to tune in to what your target audience is talking about.

8.Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro

What does it keep an eye on? Reddit Reddit, with its 430 million average monthly active users, is a social media network that is sometimes underestimated, but where debate is often in-depth and honest.

This feature allows you to keep an eye on the site’s 138,000 active communities to see if any of the talks you’re interested in are taking place.

Step 1: Choose the best social media monitoring tool for your purposes.

If you haven’t narrowed it down yet, refer back to the list you created before.

Step 2: Brainstorm your search terms.

What terms or names do people use to refer to your company when they talk about it? If you own a fast food restaurant, it’s possible that your vegetarian burgers may be mentioned far more frequently than your CEO. If you’re a 5-person AI firm, on the other hand, the name of that renowned investor can be the first point of contact for potential customers. Here are some suggestions about where to begin:

  • @MoodyBlooms andMoodyBlooms are examples of brand or business names that may be used as both a handle and a mention. Products’ names (for example, PeekFreansMoonPie)
  • Thought leaders, CEOs, spokesmen, and others are identified. Slogans or catchphrases
  • Branded hashtags (e.g., optoutside, playinside, etc.)
  • And other creative expressions

You’ll also want to repeat the process for each of your top rivals, as described above. Following that, broaden your sightlines to encompass your industry, sector, or specialty market.

  • Industry hashtags or keywords (e.g., inboundmarketing, SEO,)
  • Community or group hashtags or keywords (e.g., banffcentreartist)
  • Individual hashtags or keywords Hashtags or terms that are peculiar to a certain platform (e.g., containergardenersofinstagram, YouTubers)
  • The use of location hashtags or keywords (e.g., MileEnd, JasperNationalParkQueenWestWest)

Watch our latest webinar with Brandwatch to get a full breakdown of the most popular searches that brands are conducting right now.

Step 3: Set up your searches in your social media monitoring software.

This will be determined by the instrument that you pick. In our humble view, the greater the number of simultaneous and stored searches that a tool can provide, the better it is. (Inserting your main competitor’s name into the Instagram search bar on a daily basis is simply too gloomy). Bonus: Download a free guide to discover how to utilize social media monitoring to increase sales and conversions as soon as possible. There are no gimmicks or stale advice here; just straightforward, easy-to-follow directions that actually work.

In case you’re interested in learning more about how Hootsuite’s stream feature works, here’s a little how-to video that walks you through the process:

Step 4: Check your streams regularly.

If you’re the brains and the thumbs behind the corporate Instagram, you’ll be monitoring your streams on a regular basis, if not hourly, and you may not be able to stop yourself from checking them at all. If, on the other hand, shaking hands and kissing infants on social media is not your job description (for example, if your job description is cutting bouquets or training horses), then try creating a reminder for yourself to go through your search results. Trust us, you’ll be grateful to us afterwards.

Step 5: Remember to revisit your search terms and adjust accordingly every so often.

Social media monitoring is never truly completed, as is the case with all professions that incorporate social media. As soon as you’ve set up your search and have been monitoring it for a few weeks, you should take another look to make sure that your search is capturing everything you want while filtering out anything you don’t. If you’re obtaining an excessive number of results, particularly those that aren’t relevant, you might consider narrowing your search parameters. If you’re not seeing a lot of pop ups, try widening your browser window.

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Monitor in all the languages your customers speak.

For North Americans who are accustomed to working in a single language, this one may be simple to ignore. However, if your firm has recently bought a start-up in Montreal, be sure to set up searches that include terms and phrases in both French and English (and perhaps Franglais?). If your new customer conducts much of his or her business in a language that you do not understand, work with the local team to learn how they spell “love it” in Vietnamese or “the worst” in Russian, among other things.

Crowd Analyzer, for example, is very good at social monitoring in Arabic.

The ability to share permissions with team members is built into many social media monitoring platforms (for example, Hootsuite) so that you may receive assistance from colleagues who speak a different language, such as your French or Spanish colleagues.

Feed your hashtag and keyword strategy while you’re monitoring.

Whether you’ve ever been perplexed about which hashtag to use on an Instagram post or halted in fear as you considered what might happen to your views if you didn’t discover the correct term for your YouTube video, social monitoring may be quite beneficial. If you use Hootsuite insights, for example, you might get ideas for new keywords or hashtags to include in your continuing monitoring operations by looking at the word cloud in Hootsuite insights. As part of your overall hashtag strategy, it may also give you with keywords and hashtags that you can include in the content you create on your own site.

Identify influencers and brand advocates you might want to partner with.

Another wise strategy to level-up your social monitoring is to keep an eye out for those who are known to repeat their offenses. While you’re watching over the unending scroll, pay close attention to those who connect with or discuss your company on a regular basis. If they’re always praising or cheerleading and have a large following of their own, you might want to consider integrating them in your influencer marketing approach. Making the decision to choose a technology that can perform the complex arithmetic necessary to determine who your top admirers are is a no-brainer.

Set alerts for unusual activity.

If your company’s reputation suffers as a result of a new television commercial or a terrifyingly innovative new product launched by a competitor, the social team should be the first to know. At any time, a social media crisis (or even a typical public relations issue) can occur. The use of social media monitoring can notify you if the amount of mentions increases, or if the social sentiment meters begin to tip over to the red all the way down the board. The right technology will not only alert you to an issue, but it will also ensure that you have real-time information at your disposal to assist you in making decisions about how to resolve it.

Share your results.

If you’re going to share something, make sure the rest of your team (or firm) knows what you’re looking at. Occasionally, social media managers, being the modest individuals that we are, forget that we have an unrivaled perspective on our organization’s reputation and standing throughout the world. Are you willing to wager that your sales staff, much alone your CEO, has the time, know-how, or resources to filter through the torrent of thoughts and sentiments that the world’s 4.5 billion social media users are disseminating in real time online?

First and foremost, you must demonstrate that your work is worth 24 percent of the marketing budget (I’m not blaming anyone, but sometimes people need to be reminded of this), and second, you must ensure that your insights about your customers and potential customers reach the people who make decisions.

Using Hootsuite, you can simply identify and monitor conversations on social media that are relevant to your company’s interests.

Save a significant amount of time while improving performance. Today is the first day to try it for free! Now is the time to save time. With Hootsuite, you can easily manage all of your social media accounts in one location and save time. Try it risk-free for 30 days.

15 Best Social Listening Tools in 2021

When it comes to social listening, it is the process of automatically discovering and gathering discussions on the internet that are related to your business or product at a large scale. It goes without saying that social listening technologies are crucial when it comes to doing audience research and understanding – they give correct answers to queries such as what does our audience think about this brand/product/industry? Similarly to community management, listening technologies are essential in customer service since they enable for immediate connection with consumers and audiences who are demanding assistance or simply wanting to connect with their favorite companies.

  1. By enabling marketers to recognize and handle negative sentiment before it spirals out of control, they help to minimize risk and avert brand crises. They also enable organizations to communicate with audiences and customers rapidly and at scale, which is critical when it comes to customer care and support. Good listening tools filter out the noise and enable brands to respond to relevant, actionable posts quickly, which can result in immediate positive results because, contrary to popular belief, many consumers are more likely to leave positive reviews than negative ones
  2. They provide invaluable insights into the sentiment of audiences and how they feel about specific products, features, competitors, and other topics. They can also be used to identify trends in the market and identify opportunities for growth. It is possible for social listening technologies to become important components of a marketing plan.

By enabling marketers to recognize and handle negative sentiment before it spirals out of control, they help to minimize risk and avert brand crises. They also enable businesses to communicate with audiences and customers rapidly and at scale, which is essential when it comes to customer service and support. Good listening tools filter out the noise and enable brands to respond to relevant, actionable posts quickly, which can result in immediate positive results because, contrary to popular belief, many consumers are more likely to leave positive reviews than negative reviews; they provide invaluable insights into the sentiment of audiences and how they feel about specific products, features, competitors, and other topics.

They can also be used to identify trends in the market and identify opportunities for growth.

  1. Find and contact sales prospects who are qualified for your product or service. Whichever type of business you’re in (mainly B2B) or consumer (primarily B2C) you can identify the platforms where your audience and potential audience congregates and keep track of interactions between firms and important persons. Some indications that a prospect may be a viable lead include: posting about your main competitor
  2. Creating industry-related content that you can support with your own service
  3. Expressing interest in products related to your niche
  4. Or asking questions about achieving certain outcomes that your offer can fill
  5. And expressing interest in products related to your niche Identify brand influencers and evangelists who can help your company grow. Influencers on social media, particularly on Instagram, who are impersonating real people frequently pay for bots to answer to their posts and increase their engagement rate. However, social listening tools can tell if the engagement and responses to an influencer’s post are genuine or not. Social listening also allows you to discover which consumers are your brand evangelists, or individuals who are enthusiastic about your company and have a large number of followers. As a result, you may pick and select which influencers to collaborate with who can effectively represent your business to a genuine audience.

As is always the case, we consider a good tool to be one that does not sacrifice functionality for the sake of simplicity. Listed here are 15 of the top social listening platforms that are both simple and quick to use, while still providing extensive features and functionality. These platforms are as follows:

  • Brandwatch
  • Digimind
  • Sprout Social
  • Falcon.io
  • Sprinklr
  • YouScan
  • BuzzSumo
  • Mention
  • BrandsEye
  • Agorapulse
  • Brand24
  • Buffer
  • Khoros
  • Sysomos Listen (now Meltwater Social)
  • Socialbakers
  • Brandwatch
  • Agor

The Socialbakers platform makes use of artificial intelligence to create a solution that is both simple and effective in addressing all three of the aforementioned processes. When used as a complete end-to-end solution, Socialbakers’ listening tool is designed to be simple and strong enough to handle all of the diverse use cases necessary in a system that may play a critical part in every phase of the customer journey. The use of social listening in marketing and pre-sale activities is made simple by Socialbakers, which makes it simple to get the intelligence you need for competition and audience research as well as content development and other activities.


A social listening tool that is hyper-focused on consumer and competitor information, Brandwatch is an excellent choice. Brandwatch is a company that is completely focused on delivering high level insights into consumer sentiments and trends in the quickest possible time (i.e. before the competition). They do this by parsing millions of conversations that take place online every day and delivering distilled insights to their users. Brandwatch also offers its consumers access to a wealth of historical data, and the company is significantly investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

It is a wonderful tool for individuals who are searching for a consumer intelligence and trendspotting solution that is cutting-edge.


Real-time social listening and brand monitoring are provided by Digimind’s technology, which places a strong focus on sentiment analysis over community management and customer service. The service provided by Digimind, as a result, is primarily focused on informing strategy rather than really engaging with the target audience. The platform’s functionality and design are influenced by the platform’s concentration on audience research and analysis: This platform, which interacts with millions of online sources (rather than simply major social media sites), has a sophisticated dashboard that places an emphasis on the development of insights in real time.

Sprout Social provides a comprehensive approach to social listening and is an excellent tool for marketing teams who do not have a formal social media plan in place.

Owing to the absence of sophisticated capabilities and automations in Sprout’s solution, larger teams may have difficulty scaling the solution due to its ease of use but limited capability.

It offers a 30-day free trial period, with monthly subscription prices ranging from $99 to $249.


Falcon.io is a social media marketing tool that is both comprehensive and easy to use. According to the company, its listening component extends beyond social media platforms, with over two million web sites reportedly being monitored for keywords and brand references. Falcon.io has an excellent user experience, with plenty of analytics presented in a straightforward and consumable manner. As a result, Falcon.io sees each listening query as a separate “Listening Project,” each of which has its own dashboard displaying a range of information connected to the search.

Therefore, when it comes to continuous, “always-on” listening, Falcon.io isn’t as powerful as some of the other alternatives.


Falcon.io is a social media marketing tool that is comprehensive in its capabilities. Although it is touted as monitoring more than two million internet sources for keywords and brand mentions, its listening component extends beyond social media networks. There are lots of analytics presented in a straightforward and consumable format on Falcon.io’s UI, which is well-designed. In Falcon.io, each listening query is treated as a separate “Listening Project,” which has its own dashboard that displays a number of metrics connected to the search.


YouScanoffers five different thorough searches for themes across all of its plans and subscriptions. Because each search is input using a Boolean operator, it is possible that some more training will be required. YouScan then offers you with a page including all of the mentions of your brand based on your search parameters, which you can further refine using the filtering options. YouScan also provides visual insights, which are based on an artificial intelligence engine that searches through photographs.

You may utilize these features to have a better understanding of the individuals who are interacting with your brand and your business.


BuzzSumo is a tool that is often used for content marketing analytics, as well as social media monitoring. It collects information about material and maintains track of how well your content performs, particularly in terms of sharing and distribution. Because it tracks the number of times an item is shared online, BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for doing content research and audits. It has a content analyzer that gives keyword search and content engagement statistics, as well as metrics production for question-based websites such as Reddit and Quora, as well as engagement figures for the most popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Mention is a search engine that focuses on real-time searches. It creates an alert that will provide you with results based on the last 24 hours of activity. Custom plans, on the other hand, allow you to request historical data as well. You may also hunt for influencers on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram by conducting a simple keyword search. You may also keep track of these influencers and even import them into the CRM software that you are already using. You may produce bespoke reports regarding the performance of your content by utilizing Mention’s insights area.

In addition to blogs and YouTube, it works with all of the main social networking networks out there. Mention provides a free trial plan, and premium plans ranging from $29 to $99 per month, with a bespoke plan available upon request. Mention also offers a trial plan.


BrandsEye uses a combination of crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to filter out themessy feedback and replies on social media. Using its customer care solution on social media platforms, you may reply to the most critical and urgent client contacts as rapidly as possible. In addition, the application gives insights into consumer experiences, allowing you to choose the most effective way to handle the issue.

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Agorapulse is a social media management platform that also includes simple monitoring functions. On Twitter, you may look for mentions of your brand by utilizing keyword searches to find them. You may also use this tool to determine the top social media influencers for your company’s products or services. You may delegate the responsibility of keeping track of chats to your team members. Despite the fact that it does not include online monitoring, Agorapulse may be used for tracking social media remarks.


Brand24 collects social insights about what people are saying about your brand on the internet. In order to respond on opportunities and handle challenges in real time, the tool displays a chronological timeline of brand references. The conversation volume chart displays a graphical depiction of the number of times your brand has been mentioned, allowing for easy tracking and analysis. They also offer an influencer score for each of your brand’s top social media influencers, allowing you to engage with them even more effectively.

Small and new businesses can benefit from Brand24’s $49 per month plan for small and new enterprises.


Bufferprovides marketers with a seamless omnichannel management experience. By utilizing Buffer’s shared inbox, you will be able to upload content and immediately interact in the replies from a single centralized interface. You can simply locate and participate in the most significant conversations about your brand, as well as listen in on talks about your rivals. Buffer, like the other tools on our list, includes reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to watch stories on Facebook and Instagram.


According to Khoros’ marketing and promotional materials, their listening solution is particularly insight-focused, with use cases such as competition and audience research frequently referenced in their marketing and promotional materials. Khoros delivers typical multi-channel listening data, with a price approach that does not charge based on the amount of queries that are done on a particular channel. A user-friendly and efficient interface, as well as on-demand access to “live” social listening data, are provided by Khoros.

Sysomos Listen (now Meltwater Social)

Sysomos Listen, currently known as Meltwater Social, is a social monitoring tool that is less concerned with providing high-level strategic insights and more concerned with monitoring and tracking crucial metrics relating to brand health and competition performance, among other things. When it comes to brand monitoring, Sysomos is a good choice because of its clear and straightforward display of information as well as the surfacing of important warnings.

The product Sysomos is not the ideal choice for individuals seeking for a tool that can help them uncover new trends and insights because the product’s capabilities are in monitoring and alerting users to more precise keywords and metrics that have been manually set.

The Takeaway

Using social listening technologies, you may get the information you need to understand your brand, your market, and your viewers. When it comes to producing great customer experiences across all potential touchpoints – from marketing (pre-sale) to community management and customer care – the ability to listen to and analyze the discussions that happen around your brand is important. It’s time to get started with social listening tools now that you’re aware of the many possibilities available to you.

15 Social Listening Tools Every Marketer Should Know

It is common knowledge among marketers that it is critical to measure social media performance, monitor mentions, and respond to client comments and inquiries. It comes with the territory to be able to react rapidly. However, there is a more proactive method that marketers may take: one that is performed upstream of social monitoring and allows them to get insight into the thoughts of their target audiences. It’s referred to as social listening. The goal of social listening is to shine a light on the discussions, trends, and keywords that are relevant to your company’s brand.

Overall, social listening allows brands to monitor their reputation, anticipate and respond to potential crises, identify viral content and gather information on the trends and topics that their customers are interested in — all of which can be integrated into their larger marketing campaigns and business strategies.

Here are 15 things you should be aware of.

Social Listening Tools

  • Sprout Social, Agorapulse, Awario, Buzzsumo, Digimind, Falcon.io, Hootsuite, Keyhole, Mention, Sentione, Social Bakers, Sprout Social, Synthesio, Talkwalker, and others.


Image courtesy of AgorapulseAgorapulse, like many other social media applications, allows you to create, schedule, and publish articles, as well as manage comments and messages. Aside from that, it features social listening capabilities, which allow you to set up notifications for trending topics, hashtags, and influential people on social media. It also has the capability of generating brand-related search results, therefore uncovering conversations in which you may be interested in participating.

There is a free trial period of 28 days available.


Image courtesy of Awario Through web scanning for relevant keywords, mentions, and discussion threads, this social listening platform provides companies with valuable information about their consumers, rivals, and popular online conversations. Using boolean search, Awario also allows you to build up extremely targeted keyword notifications. You may also assess share of voice and compare your brand’s buzz with that of rivals across a variety of demographics and geographic regions.

Price:Awario offers three different price packages, each with the option of monthly or annual invoicing. Prices range from $24 per month to $249 per month. You may give it a try for free for one week by signing up for an account.


Image courtesy of Brand24 Managing online reputations, tracking competition, and monitoring the media are all things that companies utilize Brand24 to do. Customer sentiment analysis is performed automatically by the tool on social media mentions, allowing you to get a rapid read on how customers feel about your business in seconds. It also allows you to set up alerts for keywords (and other businesses as well), as well as track hashtags, which might be beneficial for influencer finding purposes.

Allows you a free trial period of 14 days.


Photograph courtesy of Brand24.com Managing online reputations, tracking competition, and monitoring the media are all things that companies utilize Brand24 to do. Automatic sentiment analysis of social media mentions is performed by the program, offering a rapid read on how consumers feel about your company. Moreover, it allows you to set up alerts for keywords (and other businesses, if desired) and track hashtags, which might be valuable for influencer sourcing purposes. Monthly fees are $49, $99, and $199 depending on the tier selected.


Image courtesy of Buzzsumo Buzzsumogives marketers the tools they need to carry out competitive analysis, obtain current industry updates, attend to brand mentions and assess customer sentiment. Features include customisable feeds for different themes as well as the ability to set up alerts for keywords and journalists and bloggers that are related to a certain topic or issue. Buzzsumo also provides tools to assist in the identification of influencers across a variety of social media channels.

Custom solutions might cost up to $499 or more.


Image courtesy of Digimind With Digimind, you can remain up to date on relevant conversations that are going place on social media and in online publications that you follow. Furthermore, you can see all of your social mentions, with user emotion automatically assigned to each one of them. Digmind also provides you with insight into what people are searching for on Google in relation to relevant themes, your brand, and your rivals, among other things. Additionally, it has data visualization capabilities for easy analysis, as well as the option to build customized reports.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?


Falcon.io is the source of this image. “The platform for any sort of social media marketer,” according to the company that created this adaptable social listening tool. If you see any odd behavior or particular mentions, you can set up alerts and email notifications for them. You can also use Falcon.io to execute hyper-specific search searches to gather useful chatter and delve deep into consumer sentiment to influence future marketing initiatives. You may also monitor talks on certain topics and use Falcon.io’s “influencer tab,” which automatically generates a list of the most influential people on each topic.

Price:Single individuals and small teams may get started for as little as $129 per month. For bigger organizations and teams with specialized requirements, you may request a quotation. Users who are interested can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.


Image courtesy of Hootsuite While Hootsuite is most typically used for scheduling and posting social media posts, it also has capabilities for social listening that are useful in this context. Consider the following examples: it keeps a close eye on customer comments, notifying you of any unusual spikes in brand sentiment; it notifies you of the online activities of your competitors; and it provides you with a personal AI sidekick to assist you in spotting emerging trends, pre-viral hashtags, and relevant conversations among different customer segments.

You may join up for a free 30-day trial to see how it works.


Illustrations: Keyhole As its name implies, Keyholeprovides marketers with a concentrated perspective of the conversations that they need to keep track of in order to be successful. Crawling and collecting data from social media platforms is made possible by this platform, which organizes the information into easy-to-read dashboards that provide insights into audiences, sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, and influential people. You may use it to learn all you need to know about your followers — as well as the followers of your rivals — and then apply your findings into future campaigns and promotions.

The basic suite is available for $59 per month, while the professional package is available for $124 per month.

Anyone may join up for a free seven-day trial of the service.


Image: Make a mention Marketers can use Mention to develop customised dashboards and data visualizations that will help them streamline all of their social listening initiatives. They may use filters to uncover significant discussions and measure audience attitudes, and they can sign up to get notifications when particular terms are referenced on review websites, blogs, social feeds, and discussion forums. Mention also enables users to easily develop insights and reports from all of the data that it collects, making it simple to share them with other team members and collaborators.

Mention provides a 14-day risk-free trial period.


Mention the image Marketers can use Mention to develop customised dashboards and data visualizations that will help them streamline all of their social listening efforts. Using filters, they may find and evaluate audience attitudes on important topics and receive notifications when particular phrases are referenced on review websites or in blogs, social feeds, or forums. It also allows users to develop insights and reports from the data that Mention collects, making it simple to share this information with other team members.

Price: Pro, which costs $25/month ($29/month if billed monthly), pro plus ($83/$99), and corporate ($450+), are the three options available. You can try Mention for free for 14 days.


Image courtesy of Socialbakers It is a social intelligence platform that provides marketers with an overview of what people are saying about their brands and how they feel about them as well as how their rivals compare in those areas. In order to accomplish this, it automatically performs sentiment analysis on brand mentions and conversations on social media. Furthermore, the firm claims that its AI-powered assistant assists in the construction of marketing personas, identifying the kind of content and goods that your target audience enjoys — as well as the influencers that they have grown to rely on (and whom you should probably be reaching out to).

To obtain full, customized access to the platform — which is required in order to use the social listening capabilities — you must first contact the firm and request a price.

Sprout Social

Image courtesy of Sprout Social Consumer preferences and opinions may be explored, and discussions with consumers can be tracked over time, thanks to the tools provided by Sprout Social, which marketers utilize to do audience analysis. Besides that, it provides information about target audiences and possible influencers that astute marketers may wish to consider using in future campaigns. Additionally, Sprout Social allows you to keep track of your brand’s share of voice in key industry conversations as well as the topics that your consumers are interested in learning more about.

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Professional includes access to all of the company’s listening tools, while advanced includes access to all of the company’s listening tools.


Image courtesy of Synthesio Synthesio is an audience intelligence platform that provides marketers with tools to “keep pace with the ongoing shifts in consumer dialogue surrounding your brand.” Synthesio is a platform that provides audience insight for marketers. An algorithm known as a trend detector is used to do this. This tool detects popular viral material and draws attention to significant consumer interests and associations. The BERT technology developed by Google can filter away irrelevant mentions (such as spam and job posts) from your data collection, ensuring that you are only exposed to brand mentions that should have an impact on your decision-making.

The price is not listed on the webpage.


Images courtesy of Talkwalker With Talkwalker, you can keep track of brand mentions across virtually every social media network, as well as pertinent talk that’s taking place on blogs, forums, and new websites. The tool allows you to assess the overall health of your brand as well as the emotional temperature of your target audience. The tool also includes features like trend prediction charts, virality maps, crisis dashboards, and image recognition capabilities, which means that if someone publishes a post on Instagram that includes your logo, even if they don’t mention your business name, you’ll be alerted to the incident.

Price: The most basic option, which according to the company’s website is intended for emerging companies and agencies, costs $9,000 per year. You must contact the firm directly in order to obtain higher-tier pricing. Read more about How to Make Use of Lookalike Audiences.

Top 10 Social Media Listening Tools: Best Social Analytics

Listening to your consumers on social media is the most dependable approach to obtain their pulse on your company. Natural language processing tasks, which are done alongside text analytics and sentiment analysis algorithms on machine learning platforms, are used to undertake social media measurement and analytics. These social media listening tools can assist you in growing your business by providing you with metrics that can be used to improve the consumer experience you provide to them. Additionally, social listening is critical in helping companies preserve their online image by identifying and preventing any bad remarks that might escalate into a public relations problem.

But first, we’ll take a brief detour to examine the characteristics that distinguish a truly effective social listening tool from the others.

Let’s find out why this is happening.

1. Video AI

TikTok has emerged as a game-changing marketing tool. What was formerly thought to be inappropriate for business is now at the top of the list when it comes to brand amplification and promotion. Take a look at this innovative method that user-generated videos are being used to increase brand awareness. It goes without saying that video content analysis is one of the most crucial capabilities that a social listening tool should have.

2. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

User-generated videos may take various forms, but product reviews are the most frequent type of video that can be found on channels such as YouTube. It is possible to identify any additional company logos that appear in the video, including those on clothing or in the backdrop – for example, on a poster – using an image recognition capability in a social media listening tool. When it comes to machine learning tasks, Named Entity Recognition is a task that detects and categorizes information that is deemed essential by the user.

Entities include things like names of individuals, corporations, brands, goods, and locations, among other things.

The social mention extraction tool can assist a corporation in determining the context in which an entity was mentioned in association with them on social media.

4. Multilingual capability

A wide variety of user-generated videos are available on many platforms, but product reviews are the most popular type that can be seen on sites such as YouTube. It is possible to identify any additional company logos that appear in the video, including those on clothing or in the backdrop – for example, on a poster – using image recognition features in a social media listening tool. Machine learning activity that detects and categorizes information deemed essential by the user is known as Named Entity Recognition (NER).

Examples of entities are people’s and business’s names as well as brands, goods, and geographic places.

This is a critical characteristic. This function can assist a corporation in determining the context in which an entity has been mentioned in connection with them on social media. As a result, people may see how they compare to one another.

5. Hashtags recognition

This functionality is especially essential in a social listening tool since hashtags are used to identify stories that are currently trending. The natural language processing code in a text analytics API that is included in the tool is designed particularly to distinguish between ordinary words, phrases, and hashtags, and it is based on this understanding.

Take a quick tour of Repustate’s Social media listening solution.

Similar to this, the tool must be able to discern between emojis and special characters when they are displayed. The majority of social media listening platforms do not provide this explicit functionality. Because it is unable to interpret emojis, the tool may provide false positives or false negatives when a statement is truly negative, causing confusion. “Yeah, that’s right,” for example. Without the emoji indicating that the statement is sarcastic, it seems to be positive. However, without the emoji indicating that the comment is negative, it appears to be positive.

7. Emotion Analysis

Emotion analysis and opinion mining are at the heart of the social listening process, which is used to get customer insights. A very sensitive sentiment analysis component is required in a social media listening tool for the most effective results. Sentiment analysis is what allows a brand to have a deeper understanding of its consumers and business environment. Brands may learn a great deal about many areas of their business by accumulating aggregate ratings on features such as “design,” “ambiance,” “ease-of-use,” “robustness,” “cleanliness,” and other similar factors.

8. Real-time metrics

The ability to deliver real-time analytics at any point in time is essential for a social listening platform. During an advertising campaign, this is extremely crucial to remember. You can respond promptly to a negative remark or a sudden surge in your social mentions, and you can also keep an eye on what’s currently trending on social media.

9. SpeedAccuracy

A social media listening tool’s response time is crucial since the sooner you receive data, the more time you have to plan your action approach. Additionally, accuracy in sentiment analysis is critical since erroneous data can lead to the waste of valuable resources on a plan that may be superfluous and ineffective.

10. Visualisation Dashboard

This tool helps you to acquire insights into the data in the form of charts, graphs, and tables, allowing you to better comprehend the information. You can evaluate what components of your business are working in your favor and which aspects require more attention, and you may examine past and present patterns in consumer behavior to improve your business. Learn more about the recommended practices for social listening in this article.

Take a quick tour of Repustate’s Social listening solution.

The following are the top ten social listening tools, which are listed in no particular order. With its built-in features, this is an all-encompassing social media listening solution that allows for social listening as well as social CRM tools, as well as communication across teams in real time. You may use the app to reply to social media mentions, repost material, and filter your email inbox by keywords and hashtags, among other things. You can track brands and narrow your searches with the program, which is also included.

Sprout Social is a platform that is utilized by huge corporations as well as medium-sized businesses because of the numerous capabilities that can be integrated into your workflow, which is particularly valuable for large corporations.

Repustate has developed an artificial intelligence-driven social listening platform that includes video AI. It detects more than 20 languages without the need for translations and does it with pinpoint accuracy across every social media outlet. With this tool, you can evaluate millions of postings and delete those that aren’t relevant to you, while still assigning sentiment scores to the ones that are. Whatever the channel is (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram live, DouYu, or another), the application pulls all of the social mentions, hashtags, and emojis.

You may collaborate as a team and exchange ideas, which can be either historical or current in nature.

Agora Pulse is an easy social listening application that allows you to do social listening with filters.

On Twitter, you may limit your results by location or language, and you can also perform activities like as clicking on a monitored item, retweeting, replying, or responding in private mode.

Read enough? See Repustate’s Sentiment Analysis API in action with a LIVE DEMO of REAL DATA

This is a social media listening tool that is primarily aimed at businesses and other large organizations. The suite enables you to interact in social media in order to improve your social branding. The program, which is intended for huge enterprises, reads numerous social media platforms. You can track rival activity using a user-friendly customer dashboard, which provides real-time data and allows you to see what others are doing. The program allows you to investigate vast volumes of data by manually writing the queries that are necessary, and it also provides templates if that is what you prefer.

  • Check out this social listening technology that gives straightforward and unambiguous observations.
  • It automatically analyzes posts and videos, as well as does sentiment analysis.
  • The application allows you to maintain track of your social media performance, to activate search queries based on your requirements, and to identify areas that demand your immediate attention.
  • Multilingual social media listening software with customisable dashboards that can display massive volumes of data is offered by this company.

This platform, like other social listening platforms, allows you to export pre-filtered data sets using an API and compare your social listening metrics to actual performance data in order to make informed decisions.

In order to keep an eye on how your business is functioning in real time, this social listening tool analyzes social media networks for relevant remarks and notifies you when anything happens. Emotion mining is also available, as is the ability to search for keywords that may be used to include competition brands in order to keep an eye on how the trends are moving forward. It sends you link notifications so that you are aware of any references of your name as soon as they occur, if feasible.

  1. Emotion mining is also available, as is the ability to search for keywords that may be used to include competition brands in order to maintain tabs on how the trends are shifting over time.
  2. With its basic package, this is a social media listening tool that is inexpensive and simple to use for small businesses.
  3. It is similar to the others in that it does not analyze videos from TikTok, Vimeo, and other channels in a unique way, but it does evaluate comments that may be associated with them.
  4. This is an additional entry on our list.
  5. There aren’t many features, but it includes a team-oriented dashboard and allows you to upload material and communicate with others straight from the dashboard, which is helpful for social engagement.

Making The Right Call

To be sure, each of the tools described above is exceptional in its own way. You must select a social listening solution that best serves your needs and provides you with the most value for your money. Being on top of shifting trends in customer perceptions and expectations is the most important factor in determining whether a brand will succeed or fail. Brands are striving to be recognized, and despite the fact that videos dominate the social media landscape, not all social listening systems have video analytic capabilities.

Repustate stands out in this regard since its social media listeningtool allows you to effortlessly examine videos as well as text-based social discussions from sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Such precision-driven, NLP-based social conversation listening is particularly valuable in the areas of consumer experience, patient experience, and staff experience, among other things.

A tool like this is unlike any other in that it allows you to identify brand influencers and maintain track of your online performance and reputation in real time. Take advantage of a Free Trial to learn more about the social listening platform. For further information, please contact us.

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