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Tips For Playing Lightning Roulette

Playing roulette is one of the most widespread pastimes among casino players. Whether in physical or virtual casinos, roulette is always one of the games that most attracts players and allows you to enjoy the game in moderation.

This means that gaming operators are constantly looking for new formulas to reach roulette lovers. First was the appearance in live casinos of virtual roulettes, that is, of roulette games in which a meat and bone dealer participates and which allows chatting and interacting with other players as if one were in a real casino, but from the comfort of playing from anywhere.

Now comes lightning roulette, an option for roulette fans that offers more excitement and more prizes, but without losing the essence of traditional gaming. It is a roulette game in which, in addition to betting on our lucky numbers, outdoor games, or some of the most common roulette strategies, we can be lucky with lightning numbers.

The great novelty of this game is that, in each hand, the system randomly chooses between 1 and 5 lightning numbers: they are numbers that will multiply the money invested by a much higher amount than normal, between 50 and 500 times, so It offers the possibility of making big profits to the players. And all with the traditional roulette game that also runs at high speed so as not to get bored.

How Do You Play Lightning Roulette?

Playing lightning roulette is as simple as doing traditional roulette: when the bets are open we can choose any number on the table to make our move, or opt for external luck, that is, red or black, odd or even, missing or passing, columns, dozens, etc.

Once the bets have been completed, and as the ball spins, the system selects the blitz numbers. Randomly, several numbers (between 1 and 5 numbers in each move) will light up and show the multiplier assigned by the system: it can be x50, x100, x150, x200, x300, x400 and up to x500.

That means that if the number that we have chosen lights up, we do not charge the normal amount of hitting a plenary session, but we will multiply our investment by the amount that the lightning number marks, and that will always be a minimum of 50 times the money played.

Those possibilities of winning more money than normal also have a consideration: in case of making a plenary session that is not lit, the lightning roulette pays 30 times the amount wagered, instead of multiplying 35 times what is invested as is traditional. However, horses, corners, outside bets, and all other bets pay the usual fees.

In total, lightning roulette gives the player 97.30 percent of the money played, one of the highest percentages of all casino games, so deciding on this game is very interesting, from the point of view of return from the investment. In addition, it uses European roulette with a single 0, so the chances of winning improve compared to American roulette.